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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Special nominee for the Darwin Awards, handed out each year to exceptionally un-evolved members of the human species: Florida House Rep. Richard L. Steinberg, a Miami Beach Democrat, in whose primitive cranium the following idea was hatched:

“Hey, I know what would be really fun! I’ll get on the Internet and send suggestive text messages to a married woman who just had a baby and also happens to be a federal prosecutor. To be clever, I’ll use a fake screen name so she’ll never, ever figure out at that it’s me.”

  • itsadogslife

    I am not sure this guy deserves a Darwin aware, he pushed unwanted attention on woman who never agreed to or invited it, and point blank asked him to leave her alone. He is an abuser in every sense of the word. He is a criminal who deserves some time in jail. I would say the men you compared him to are more likely candidates for your aware.
    There is a big difference between forcing your sexual attention on someone and participating in sexual behaviors with a willing partner. Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Mark Foley and even Larry Craig were playing sexual games with willing participants. Their attentions were forced on no one. Call it stupid, because it was; call it immoral if you want. However, just because they got caught does not make what they did a crime; so your comparisons don’t work. However, your assessment does; “knuckleheads who’ve given their lives in an accident of spectacular stupidity.”

  • Voroshilov

    So, this is America AD 2012? The most civilized and technologically sophisticated country around? Gimme a break, please. Indeed, these sorry lot doesn’t seem to be a sliver better than our cave dwelling ancestors, snatching women belonging to neighboring tribes, as well as whole hosts of livestock. Talk about evolution, indeed!!!

  • dianejoymarks

    Did you ever notice that almost all sexual predators are male. Hmm, must be something in their genes! More reasons to elect females to positions of power in the USA!

  • dawnowens

    Surely this kind of behavior, repeated past the point of being a ‘joke’, combined with the money it cost the government to investigate, should warrant jail time and a huge fine to pay back the money? What the hell is it with Florida? Seems to be one of the best states for electing idiots.

  • mathilda

    Too bad that these freaks with all those toys to play with don’t have the brain of a goose. They should have to take a class and sign a pledge in order to use one. I have a cell phone that I seldom use, but I dearly love my old land line the best. It works when the power is off, and I never have to recharge it.