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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Reprinted by permission from Alternet.

As protests of Trump-endorsed products continue apace, researchers are finding that a majority of Americans are losing their appetite for Trump’s brand.

According to a new consumer survey, nearly half the population is less likely to use a product endorsed by President Trump, and nearly a third would boycott it entirely.

“We know Trump is a very polarizing figure, but these data suggest that the people who don’t like Trump feel much more strongly about it than the people who do like him,” said Steven Millman, Simmons’ chief scientist.

The NBC News/Simmons Research survey asked respondents three questions:

  • Would you be more likely to use a product endorsed by President Trump?
  • Would you be less likely to use a product endorsed by President Trump?
  • Would you actively boycott a product endorsed by President Trump?

While partisanship plays a big role, self-described Republicans appeared fairly neutral, showing a mere 8-point difference between “more likely” and “less likely.” Independents performed much like Democrats, who predictably reported strong opposition to Trump-endorsed products — a 61-point difference.

While conservative-leaning brands like Cracker Barrel, Hobby Lobby or NASCAR might stand to benefit from a presidential endorsement, the opposite is just as likely to occur. Case in point: CEOs and founders like Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus continue to face backlash for supporting Trump.

33 Responses to New Poll Suggests Donald Trump’s Brand Is Going Right Down The Tubes

  1. Politics and business do not mix well. Smart business people shut up about their personal politics. Someone is bound to be offended. Unless the positives out weigh the negatives and standing up helps in the long run, it is usually best to avoid loud displays. The same is true for actors because that too involves a bottom line.

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    • Flagged the spam for you.

      “Unless the positives out weigh the negatives and standing up helps in the long run, it is usually best to avoid loud displays.”

      But isn’t that the very question and isn’t that where things go afoul?

  2. So, let’s see. Third-rate schlock made in Asian Sweatshops and sold in “high-end” marketing venues.
    First of all, most Americans can’t afford to shop in those places unless they run a pre-inventory clearance sale.
    Second, the quality of the schlock they sell in Wal-Mart usually exceeds that which bears Teflon Donnie’s “brand”, and costs less!

  3. If there is one downside to leadership, it is its ability to show warts, cankers and cancers. The reason is simple: If you choose to lead, you choose to be scrutinized down to your DNA. It’s the way of human instinct to define leaders as those who have striven for the ultimate goals and then to place their past experience, skills and talents under a microscope. Generally, the first individuals who do this are the greatest competitors.

    However, in Trump’s case he believes he has NO competitor. Huge mistake. He may have had the advantage in Trump Organization of covering his flaws and his weaknesses. No such advantage exists in the tiny fishbowl of government.

    As we saw with President Obama, those who did the most scrutinizing were those who considered themselves his greatest competitors. Unfortunately, in those 8 years they failed at every attempt to uncover a side of President Obama that married with their own approval of corruption.

    Donald Trump is not now nor ever has been more than an expensive brand name plastered over in 14K gold to make the emptiness inside appear to be valuable enough for “bigly” ROI. This was one stock that was bound to fail. It was based on a foundation of falsehoods. It just is NEVER possible to prove a negative when truth is the worst despot of humankind.

    • My daughter says it is because I do not belong to a party, that I get e-mails from all of them. Paul Ryan’ s e-mails merely justifies his ignorance and greed. Trump’s on the other hand is unbelievable. It advertises like a cheap site. Get cups, hats, and the like, as they will be valuable some day. Still, now, even as a president or at least a pretend president. It merely reinforces the sleeze that he is.

      • Ironically, when Daddy Fred Trump wanted to be rid of his wayward Mommy’s Boy son, he handed him $235 million back in the 70s. A pretty cheap price to pay to be rid of a son who never learned when to shut his mouth.

        Ryan on the other hand suffers from being a bully. You can bet he was thrilled when his father died because that left Paulie the Boss of Momma. Paul Ryan is like so many noveau riche. They get a little bit of wealth and imagine it is autonomous power.

        Strangely enough, Trump thought he had power until he lusted for WORLD Power. The only way he could get that as he once told his 2nd wife Marla Maples was to be president.

        She threatened to out him if he “ever ran for president.” Why didn’t she? How does a prenup that bought her silence for $2 million a month in alimony sound? rofl.

        • If I were her….I’d live in my car rather than take a dime from him…..and I’d tell the world EVERYTHING that I know!!!

          • Ivana is under the same gag order but she never had a prenup. That was the reason when Marla threatened divorce, Trump demanded she get a paternity test to prove Tiffany was his daughter. To show how stupid that was, he impregnated Marla in the 18 months he was courting her while still married to Ivana.

            It isn’t that I know a lot about Trump. It’s that he was always in our Metro Media nearly every week.

          • That could be a wonderful soap opera, including the presidency. You cannot make this man up!!!

          • Every week for nearly 18 months, The “Ivana/Marla” cat fight was on the front pages of either the NY Post or the NY Daily News. It was “in your face” media even back in the “Donald as the Most Sought After Man in the Country” days.

            And there he would be, Marla on his arm like a dripping platinum bottle blonde showing off her “Trump rewards” in dazzling Cartier gems head to toe. All while wife Ivana was left with the kids in her Trump palace to complain to anyone who’d listen in the media.

            Ivana Trump once told journalist Liz Smith the reason “The Donald” was dumping her was because once she became a mother, he lost his “interest in her sexually.”

            So what does this nut do? He impregnates his Georgia Peach while still married to Ivana. Then, 7 years later when the Georgia Peach files for divorce because he was already onto another of his Ruskie “models” he demanded Marla take a paternity test to prove his then 7 year old daughter, Tiffany, was his.

            Trump tried to blame Tiffany on some “fitness coach” he claimed Marla had an eye for.

      • I wouldn’t buy a damned thing from him, especially anything with his name on it! He’s cheated so many people out of so much money with his purported “condos” in Baja California and Florida…..not sure how ANYONE could give him credence!

    • Well, let’s see. Trump Organization offers a line of Men’s Clothing which “were” manufactured in Mexico until his falling out with Presidente Fox. Then, he helps his daughter by linking Trump Organization to her clothing, shoes and jewelry collections. And in terms of non-manufactured products, nothing is as prominent as Trump Tower where is leases to numerous tenants and by using it as his NY White House along with Mar-a-Lago, his Florida resort both of which are commercial properties, he endorses his name, most of all.

      • And, less we not forget, there are his forgotten condos in Baja and Florida that he “put his name on,” that lost money to the primary investors and people who bought them thinking that Trump was the developer (per the advertisements), there’s his steaks, his vodka, etc. His name is on many things, but that’s about all that he’s involved in…..he “sells” his name and people who don’t know any better buy it thinking that it’s actually a development by Trump himself!

        • Yep…I did forget about those. Remember when Ivanka Trump stayed over in a Middle Eastern hotel and tried to palm it off as the view from Daddy’s half built hotel in Azerbajhan? She went on and on in that video about how wonderful the “view was” when she wasn’t within miles of that never to be built hotel.

          Trump ran out of money. He can’t borrow from any American bank because he doesn’t pay back what he owes and they won’t give him credit. The only reason he got anything out of Deutschebank is because they are a foreign exchange bank. Now, due to his constant episodes of money laundering that bank is being investigated.

          • Actually, that hotel in Azerbaijan is still standing, but it’s empty. Ivanka apparently went there because she was in charge of doing the exterior. They ran out of money and Trump and his gang backed out, leaving an empty hotel sitting in a rather bad part of town! That’s happened a couple of other times too, but I can’t name exactly. I know they wanted to build one in Dubai on the so-called “palm tree islands,” but that never seemed to pan out either.

          • When Trump marched himself into Atlantic City, it was another “get even” tactic. He was considered vexed that Steve Wynn, a close friend of Republican Governor, Christine Todd Whitman, was getting so many state perks for his A/C casinos. Trump, as usual, just had to outdo Wynn.

            So, he immediately brokered a deal to buy up a piece of the boardwalk for his private heliport and also had the then mayor of Atlantic City and the Zoning Board, cite the area where he wanted to build his casino, “Blighted” and taken by eminent domain for “the good of the public.”

            This included homes of residents who lived there for more than 3 generations. But, Trump got what he wanted…more than a mile and a half of homes were bulldozed to build the Taj Mahal.

            He had less trouble with the hotel and casino he built on the Marina because it was land that was vacant for a while. But, he did have trouble with the NJDEP over how he would control the pollution into the water all around his marina buildings. Then, it all went silent. We all assumed Trump money paid for what he wanted.

            I’ve always believed that most of the corruption he pulled off occurred in his hotels and casinos where laundering money is easiest to do.

  4. It is not possible to hide truth forever. Sooner or later, whether on a death bed or before a penal execution, the truth comes out.

    Trump’s lies are his legacy. So, LWP (Lying While President) only magnified his corruption 1,000 times more.

    What most people in NJ knew was how Trump sells (read prostitutes) the Trump name. Sure, you saw it on 12 Atlantic Buildings. But, not all of them were actually “owned” by Trump. The owners bought the “TRUMP” name to draw more business.

    Clearly, a name that is smeared with evidence of corruption and foul play as Trump’s name is, would naturally become as worthless as stock in an Edsel.

      • One of the reasons The Donald would rather be hung upside down in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan than have that MI6 agent, Christopher Steele’s dossier on him outed is due to his “legendary” behavior in Europe where the name Trump and Sex are synonyms. Not that people in Manhattan didn’t know this since his entry into the “business” world in the 70s.

        His obession with wealth and limitless excess has more to do with an ego that has not exactly been considered a Knickerbocker “blue nose” among the NOCD crowd. Every time he and his beefy thug retinue with the arm candy hanging off his arms entered a posh club, he was turned away.

        That’s why he gravitates to Hustler Magazine where Melania posed nude, radio shock jocks and right wing pundits like O’Reilly. Trump swims in the sleaze comfort zone he is most accustomed to. A modern day Caligula! rofl

        • Everything is for show. I can thing of lots of words to associate trump with: Vulgar, greedy, vain, stupid, thug, bully, liar, dangerous, uncivilized, sexual assault, creepy, ugly, loud, selfish, dishonest, crook. Did I miss any?

          • When you think about it? This Rock Star disease comes from being overloaded with commercials, ads and total loss of silence and quiet time to breathe and think.

            Trump is as you posted: a world class showman. But, that doesn’t work in government when international issues require a clear head and one without profit or sales ads in mind.

  5. I think intelligent Americans realize Trump is nothing but a huckster who considers the presidency nothing but a path to greater wealth. And I think intelligent Americans find that highly offensive.

  6. I would find it hard to purchase anything that has to do with Trump, especially when I’ve seen the many times that people have purchased condos in developments that he’s sponsored only to lose their money in the end. And, the fact that he refuses to take the blame for this happening, stating that he was only “giving them his name” and was NOT the actual developer (despite the advertisements showing otherwise). People who tend to get involved with the Trump product always seem to get screwed in the end!

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