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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Whether Newt Gingrich ever wins another primary after South Carolina or not, he has performed an important service to American voters in this election. Not in the self-important way that he imagines, of course. But Gingrich’s mocking assault on Mitt Romney, his career at Bain Capital and reluctance to disclose his tax returns has driven a national discussion of economic unfairness, tax avoidance, and abuse of financial power that might never have occurred without the Gingrich intervention. The angry intensity of the former Speaker has overcome the usual timidity of the mainstream media – which hesitate to address such matters forthrightly or to offend Republican sensibilities — forcing the salient questions about Romney into the spotlight.

In the final hours of the South Carolina primary campaign, Gingrich verbally flayed his main rival in terms that the Obama White House would probably hesitate to repeat. “Don’t you sort of admire the arrogance and dishonesty of the Romney campaign?” he asked with typical rhetorical flair. “They can’t release their tax records. They’re hiding. He can’t even answer coherently (at) a debate. … Until he files his tax returns, I’m not going to take anything he says seriously about being open.”

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23 responses to “The True Importance Of Being Newt”

  1. ziraba10 says:

    He has been doing that to others to hurt them and now it is his turn to feel the heat from the Media! I do support Mr King for asking him the “Open Marriage” question because – Newt has been married thrice so he is a FORNICATOR pointing fingers at others while his hands are NOT CLEAN. If I were to vote today, no matter the high unemployment, I will definitely vote for OBAMA. At least he does not use FOUL language like NEWT!

  2. concerned about equity says:

    The stress of campaigning reveals the basic character of the opponents. Obama was revealed as a man of honor who could inspire. He is still learning ‘leadership’ while on the job, and is finally committed to using his power to actually do something, even when congress won’t act.

    Newt is a cunning and smart manipulator with not as much self-control as we would like. Most telling, to me, is his public scathing remarks about Clinton’s infidelity, while engaging in the same, or more, behavior himself.

    Romney is a child of privilege, a man who believes in using any strategy he can get away with to improve his financial accumulation. Why? Why would anyone want to be remembered for being ‘Romney’ when they could use their wealth in a way, like Buffett, that people would want to look back on fondly, sometime down the road.

  3. VlastaMolak says:

    While I do not care for Newt 3 wives (2 of which helped him cheat on the previous wive), his desire to be a paycheck rather than welfare President is a sound one, if he persuades Americans to stop their non-sustainable habits of shop-till-you-drop and buying stuff and houses that they cannot afford.

    We need to go totally greem into renewable energy (solar, wind and geothermal) diffused harvesting at our roofs and back yards rather then depending on the large power plants and grid distribution.

    I also like that Newt had guts to talk about “invented” people and that he will finally move US Embassy to Jerusalem, and thus put an end to claims of Arabs whose only goal is to murder Jews around the world, rather then improvement of the lives of their people.

    After all, since Islam extolls “eternal” life in Paradise with 72 virgins, this is the main incentive to horny young Muslims to blow themseleves up while murdering Jews and Americans. When their corrupt politicians turn all of their countries into basket case economies, they blame the Jews and the West and emigrate to Europe and Americaz where they want to impose the same medieval evil sharia as they have in their home countries. Obama is cavorting with Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban and thus endangering America and Europe even more.

  4. cpnoles1 says:

    Romney has done nothing wrong or illegal! For the media to call him out on not releasing information while at the same time ignoring Obama sealing all of his records, is hypocricy at ita best! Obama promised to be the most transparent president ever, and has been just the opposite!

  5. freethinker says:

    ‘Timidity of the mainstream press’ in attacking conservatives? Why would mainstream journalists have written about Bain, they haven’t done any real reporting in a generation. They still haven’t explored the President’s background, even after all this time. As for Gingrich being responsible for the ‘ugly tenor’ of politics, surely you jest. How about journalists actually learning to be reporters so that we get real, non-embellished facts instead of fawning or mud slinging? Don’t count Newt out. He has proven that those who take him lightly will rue that position. Quite frankly, I think the American people are ready for a man who can actually make decisions. They may not all be the correct decisions, but infinity better than those of a man who has made of career of voting ‘present’.
    And Newt does have a record of accomplishment with government that no contemporary can match. It is one thing to run a company where you have the ultimate authority and quite another herding the cats of Congress with an opposing President.

  6. SandyJ says:

    . . . our “patriot” blogger when we need him?

  7. Peter Rosenwald says:

    Gingrich is so extremely unlikable that without your perceptive comments Joe, we might have missed this important point. Romney’s problem is that he appears to be totally lacking in backbone, a wind-up ‘what’s in it for me today’ short term player who unfortunately characterizes much of the vocal electorate today. Where oh where are the big ideas and big leaders who can articulate them and carry them out?

  8. SandyJ says:

    “Unlikeable” doesn’t begin to describe the Gingrich I’ve seen, but I do appreciate that he’s forced the media to consider what lots of folks are extremely concerned about, but what the media tippy-toes around. What I can’t figure out is why they avoid information about these front-runners that would be BIG NEWS compared to the boring stuff they spend time and big bucks reporting.

  9. pmk says:

    What an affront? Here we have the US in debt up to its eyeballs and brave fallen and wounded soldiers who were supposed to fight the good fight to rid Iraq and Afghanistan from extremism when the variety found in South Carolina is not much different in mind set. These religious fanatics are prepared to throw their light weight behind a crook, a deeply flawed immoral fellow that has a terrible record. If this fellow isn’t stopped, the dummies in the Republican party are handing Obama with a huge gift for his reelection.

    What a mess!

  10. oldgeezer says:

    I’ll hold my nose and agree with NEWT’S condemnation of the media’s propensity to ride the horse of death until the horse is labeled as “also ran”! But any TRUE-AMERICAN and PATRIOT of Our Republic who is interested in the Constitution for self-government ought to trace THE COMPREHENSIVE CRIME CONTROL BILL from its inception by Senator(s) TED KENNEDY and STROM THURMOND in 1975 through the bill’s veto by President REAGAN on January 14, 1983, to its enactment into Public Law: 98:473 on October 12, 1984. You will see and read a class-room demonstration of the corruption and TREASON to the Constitution’s Mandates for “making law” by both parties and Our “servants” in their enactment of Major Legislation to take-away the People’s Fifth and Sixth Amendment ‘rights’ Guaranteed by the Original Ten Articles of Amendments thereto; then ask yourself, perhaps it’s about time that “WE, the people” joined hands as Americans and go shoulder to shoulder to take Our flag back from these hypocrites and demigods of “I’m gonna get mine”?. First things first, and then, perhaps, “WE” could continue trashing each other and arguing over trivia that all together, don’t amount “to a hill of beans”!

  11. Freddy says:

    Congratulations Republican Party . . . we’re finally getting to see the real personalities behind your bold, brave, honest men. Hmmm . . . Mitt “I didn’t make much consulting last yeqr . . . and I won’t show my tax return . . “(only $370,000 last year . . oh yeah and bunches of hidden off shore accounts – perhaps legal but avoid paying off our 4 trillion dollar, 10 year war debt. Let those with less do it . . so Mitt can reinvest in another take-over) Newt: “The liberal media should be ashamed . . . ” (Yeah, yeah, the media made Newt cheat on two wives and lie to congress and all US citizens about it and why he was expelled from Congress). Rick: “I’m the only steady consistent candidate . . . ” (It’s true, and according to Rick, his god should rule the land and less fortunate, needy people should not seek help from anyone, unless it’s Rick’s church of course). Ron: “I’m for Liberty”. Who the hell isn’t, Ron, but look what Wall Street and the banks “Liberty” did to this country. Ron doesn’t think we need any regulations . . let’s just have people do whatever they want and screw everyone . . . and not worry about it. There are no crooks in the world.

    Have fun Republicans. Can’t wait for Obama Care to be fully implemented . . as it will and should be . . . so our children and citizen have equal “access” to a quality of life.

    And, bye, bye Mitt, Newt, Rick and Ron. We will miss your comedy show next year.

  12. imabrummie says:

    So, the slimy amphibian (Newt) has won one by slinging mud at one of his opponents. Is that the best the RePUBIC-clown party has to offer . . . no real solutions to the plethora of problems this country has, debt up to its neck, millions of regular folk who cannot afford to see a doctor, put a roof over their heads and/or food on the table? What’s the old saying about those in glass houses? Are any of these clowns really deservant of the honor of our votes?

  13. oldgeezer says:

    The last President I voted “FOR” was President “IKE” and every since then, I have been forced to vote “AGAINST” someone! When are “WE” going to stop running Our Elections like the AMERICAN IDOL?

  14. akrologos says:

    I become weary of hearing so many “football fans” (conservatives, republicans, whatever) chanting the mantra of Obama voting “present” during his term in the Senate. I’d not wish to vote anything other than present, at best, at the shoddy, ill-conceived, poorly written legislation that has come out of Congress so far this century, e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act, your choice of tax legislation. There’s not a member of the legislative branch in office who’ll confess to have actually read any of the legislation passed. First of all none of it is intelligible, a statement corroborated by the two-plus year, on average, hiatus it takes between passage of an act and the time it takes regulators to interpret it, work their way among all the contradictions, and finally publish regulations to support the nonsense. Important legislation appears to be written by lobbyists and trade associations; a situation similar to medical salespeople performing surgery. Obama’s refusal to take a position on something that was non-sensical to begin with can only be interpreted as the action of an honest man, another rarity in politics.

  15. EATHERICH says:

    if a country gets the government it deserves, then we will get more tweedle dumber than a box of cat litter.seems to me anywhere someone like newt, twit or a g.w.butcher can even run, let alone get elected and live, is the most frightining.

  16. oldgeezer says:

    AKROLOGOS and EARTERICH have scored a goal! Right on Patriots, either “WE” are close to correct, or the elephant’s stampede to the destruction of the America “WE” used to know is correct! Let’s hope “WE” are correct!

  17. kurt.lorentzen says:

    First, it’s not fair to compare what campaign opponents report to what is reported in the “unbiased” media. Of course contestants in a political campaign are going to point out the shortcomings of their opponents. That’s a fair and proper tactic as long as what they say is true. The idea that a campaign with the sole purpose being to win should in any way be compared to journalism is ridiculous. As far as most Americans admiring Obama more than Newt, that’s absolutely true. I voted for Obama and respected his expressed views on open government and foreign policy. I respect him less as his policy of openness has failed to materialize, but I still admire his sticking to his guns on major issues. In the case of Newt vs. Romney however, I respect Newt more. OK, he’s been guilty of some sexual indiscretions. And there’s the ethics thing (all but one charge was dropped) that he sould have learned from. In short, Romney leans which ever way the wind blows, has no shame in exploiting every tax shelter and loophole in order to enrichen himself, doesn’t seem to care who he runs over or puts out of work to accomplish his personal enrichment, and is the poster boy for the old-guard Republican dogma that is largely responsible for the mess we’re currently in. Newt might leave a bad taste at times, but Romney is poison.

  18. SandyJ says:

    I see you replaced Newt’s post-primary photo from this morning. You know the one of him with the Heath Ledger perfected, hideously evil Joker smile? Mr. Ledger and his make-up artists produced that smile awesomely so as to totally creep out the audience. But the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I saw this morning’s piece. Newt comes by it honestly . . . Surprised no one else has mentioned it.

  19. Cwalter says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    My first comment on Newt Gingrich (aka Fig Newton)is that his moral compass has been tossed overboard. The hypocracy of “The Fig” attacking Clinton for adultery while at the same time abandoning a wife who is suffering cancer for another woman is reprehensible. Amazing how the Evangelical voters of South Carolina overlooked this? I guess in their minds being an adulter is better than being a Mormon? So Mr. Romney’s family values did not count?

    As for President Obama being the welfare president? Remember, our “Not So Great Depression” began under the deregulated leadership of George W. Bush. We were already in financial crisis before President Obama took over. In fact, if one digs deeper George W. added fuel to fire, the real fire began when a Republican Congress overturned the “Glass-Steagal Act”. This Roosevelt Era legislation kept the banks and insurance companies apart so that they would not do what they did that led to the Great Depression. This is a classic piece where history repeats itself. If you do not believe me read Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz’s “A Monetary History of the United States”. As a lecturer in Economics and a market trader one’s living is determined how well you understand the economic currents.

    The final result of the Republican policies was the “Not So Great Depression”. Add to this catastrophy an un-needed war in Iraq. A tab of four trillion or so, a where is the surplus tax cut you have all the fuel you need toward heading the economy to a Greek styled tragedy.

    Now pegging the president with something that he did not create has the attitude of let the (n-word)clean up the mess (in extremely bad taste), or “The Fig” playing Bart Simpson in the episode where Bart claims “I did not do it!”

    My fellow readers, it took nine years from the time Glass-Steagal’s repeal to collapse the economy. Back them my forecast was for ten, but George W’s policies accelerated the process. Can one realistically expect any administration to turn around the mess in less than two terms? My forecast was that by the end of the first term the economy would stabilize and start growing. Then by the end of the second term we should be enjoying a more normal economy.

    So far, the markets have bottomed and are very slowly moving upward. The unemployment rate has begun to fall. This is alwars a lagging indicator.

    This is in far contrast to Angela Merkel’s Europe and Cameron’s England. The policy of austerity has crippled growth and economic disaster is still at the doorstep. Now S&P down graded several European country’s credit rating specifically because of the austerity policy. This is the same policy that the Tea Party would like us to adopt.

    These so called common sense people who flaunt their business prowess fail to realize what is taught in an introductory economics course: “The Fallacy of Composition Argument”. Paraphrased: “What is rational for the individual business or individual does not work for the macro economy. For example, an individual or business when it goes into a loss position will cut employees or expenditures. This makes sense. But what happens to the economy at large? If all business lay off, or if all individuals cut spending what do you get? Recession or as it was called in the past depression. The conclusion is that the policy that is appropriate for the individual or individual business is not when it comes to the economy as a whole.

    Next chapter will be to examine the business practices of Mitt at Bain, or shall we call him by his real name? Willard.

  20. oldgeezer says:

    I’m a high school drop-out of some 65-years ago, but I wish I had the education to write like Cwalter. H/she nailed it perfectly! I think the President would be well advised to announce that if re-elected, he would ask the top FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES to contribute ONE EFFICIENCY EXPERT APIECE and support them with all the funding and personnel required to “time-study” every single position, department, and agency in the federal government! The President don’t have to “FIRE” anyone, just don’t fill the position, department, or agency that is flagged as “NOT COST EFFECTIVE” and attrition will take care of the problem! When private sector businesses are cutting back by virtue of “new-technology”, why is it that the central government’s employment figures grow? NEPOTISM among other things!

  21. rustacus21 says:

    … & stupidity define this years’ political debates? Yes, sadly. There are bigger issues, but small minds cannot climb out of the hole conservatives have dug for the nation & the world, so we bcome primitives as a result. & so we now have racists advocating the presidents murder (see:, racists calling Obama a “food-stamp” president (see:, when it is continuing conservative ideology & policies depressing opportunities for Whites, but Blacks more insidiously (it’s not about work ethic, but rather, conservative economic policies that make work unavailable for more Americans – period!… Per –, resulting in few job opportunities for ALL demographics under $100,000/yr, along w/conservative/corp media which confuses news consumers whose ignorance of issues handicaps them in ANY policy debate. So of course vlasmolak, cpnoles1, etc., who vote conservative (but may deny it w/the world ignites as a result), ARE responsible 4 the resulting disaster, but blame Progressive/Liberals coming to their rescue b/c NOW & only NOW, can they see what we Progressive/Liberals warned them about 12 yrs ago! U didn’t get it then. U don’t get it now. Conservative politicians think U voters 4 fools. Idiots. Bafoons. & they’re CORRECT, if U think “debt” & “spending” bcame issues in ’09! Thats the moment U awoke & realized an AfricanAmerican was voted as president. U’r “conservative” perceptions of AfricanAmericans are all wrong!!! But U depend on Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, or any other conservative w/a mic, to fill gray-matter vacancy’s. So sad… So pathetic… & a tragedy in a modern age when knowledge, information & wisdom are rite at 1’s fingertips… We are a nation in trouble & only Progressives/Liberals know/have what it takes to (like FDR/JFK/Carter/Clinton/Obama) guide the nation back to solvency & prosperity… As the RECORD/HISTORY shows. Please, READ & for God’s sake, pay ATTENTION!!!!!!!

  22. oldgeezer says:

    I agree with everything you wrote but you left out one essential element . . . GREED! Greed hits Republicans and Democrats alike and until “WE, the people”, take the BIG MONEY interests out of the game,and quit running OUR national elections like AMERICAN IDOL, nothing will change, ever!!

  23. rustacus21 says:

    … pointing out the positive virtues of Progressives/Liberals fortunate enuff to make a difference after making to the W.H. Oddly enuff, xactly 100 yrs ago, we were going thru this same “debate” w/greed, the vile influence of $$$ in politics, just & fair compensation for workers (remember, there was NO Middle Class in 1912, but almost; that was delivered by another Roosevelt 20 years later…) & leveling the playing field between mega-wealthy corporations (& their monopolistic owners) & small/medium sized businesses. “Progressive” means just that, as does “Conservative” link to its definitions. Which is the superior policy model? An unbiased evaluation says all 1 needs to know. Ideological biases aside, racism underlies 99% of the opposition to President Obama. W.E.B. DuBois was correct (110 years ago), when he said (& I’m paraphrasing), until we come to terms w/that (racism), it will infect the whole of race, social, political, “intellectual” & economic relations in America, until we resolve said affliction(s). America isn’t a nation descended from cowards. We should have no problem, therefore, confronting the realities that make us “uncomfortable.” Maybe we should, as a nation, try that, B4 this next election…

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