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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Newt Gingrich is the Jimmy Swaggart of American politics, a confidence man so transparent as to test the faith even of True Believers. Paradoxically, that’s precisely why the disgraced former Speaker looks a good bet to secure the GOP presidential nomination.

Not seeing through Gingrich’s bare-faced mendacity requires an effort of the will so profound it can only be accomplished with the aid of strong countervailing emotions—essentially the envy, resentment and fear which right-wing media have fomented among the faithful ever since the election of President Clinton and the 1994 “Contract with America.”

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26 responses to “Newt Gingrich, Victorious Con Man”

  1. dpj1249 says:

    I almost wish Newt would win the primaries so he could get thoroughly trounced in the general election. Unfortunately his having even a amall chance of winning that also makes that thought too repulsive

  2. cpnoles1 says:

    “Traitors” was at the top, also some that sound particularly ironic today: “waste,” “corruption,” “self-serving,” “greed,” “cynicism,” “cheat,” “steal,” and “patronage.”

    When reding this disgusting article, the above words “came to mind”!

  3. parrotman1940 says:

    PPL who would vote for Newt must have their heads in the sand.


  4. greenidpr52 says:

    It’s disgusting that Newt, with all his past history, has the audacity to even think about holding the prestigious role of President of the U.S.A. America wake up! Republicans should be scrambling to find a decent candidate because ALL the clowns currently up are a joke.

  5. RodgerMitchell says:

    Newt Gingrich is President Obama’s dream Tea/Republican opponent. But then, who do the Tea/Republicans offer? Have you ever seen a worse bunch of candidates? Devoid of ideas or morals, they appeal to Tea/Republicans for only one reason: They are anti-Obama. Otherwise, they have nothing positive to offer.

  6. BrianJ.Gould says:

    Hmmm…the rabid right wing zealots are remaining abnormally silent on this one. Can you imagine one of them trying to defend this? Bravo to the author for this little dose of reality so repugnant a brainwashed fox devotee can’t even find something like a conspiracy to denounce in it. I’m posting this one!

  7. carolcook says:

    Are you serious? The worst of the worst in the Republican party. No values, ethics, morals! If this is the best the party can offer I do believe this Republican will be voting for Obama! This is a bad joke!

  8. Hankk says:

    Newt is nothing but a bigot and adulterate evil person that is following in GW Bushs tracks, become a born again christian and zap your a new man. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the same face standing in his audience every where he goes. You know he doesn’t stay married (to one women) to long. hankk,MI

  9. freethinker says:

    Wow, Newt has really got the name callers exorcised. I doubt that it would be too fanciful to imagine that more of the flame throwers would like to go back 12 years to Clinton’s time. A time with a balanced budget, diminishing national debt, fairly low unemployment and general prosperity. That’s Newt’s legacy, like it or not.

  10. BrianJ.Gould says:

    Some fact challenged and deluded right winger managed to come to Newt’s rescue. But it just underscores their incredible ability to lie to themselves. But kudos for the astounding gravity defying spin!

  11. Archangel says:

    There are many politically conservative AMERICAN’S who do not endorse Mr. Gingrich and find his sophistry and licentious behavior thoroughly disgusting and realize Mr. Gingrich is no remedy for the audacious rhetoric, sophistry and Marxist sociopolitical ideologies of Mr. Obama! Both offer remedies that are worse than the malady!

  12. NSV says:

    It’s all about sales jobs, and it just goes to show ya, if you package a turd on a wafer cone, you can sell it to the gullible as ice cream, no problem. Americans will by a pair of jeans torn everywhere, if they can be convinced it’s fashion, at $80.00 a pop! Advertising is an amazing science! “There’s a sucker born every day!” Just don’t be one.

  13. Ms. Teresa C says:

    I’ve been a supportive Republican all of my adult life as my parents and their parents were but I swear if Newt if the candidate, I just won’t vote. My husband says no vote is a vote for Obama . . . Oh well!

  14. JoanUpchurch says:

    i do not trust this man Newt Gingrich because he does not have any morels, and he is after power and money, god help us if he gets in he will be another Hoover. he is going to eat with the miser the donald trump. read proverbs chapter 23.

  15. j_berry50 says:

    As much as I am not a Newt fan, I can’t stand socialist Obama.We are right back to who would hurt America the least ;and Obama has done the worst job as I’ve experienced in 61 years!!!!! More Obama equals no freedom.

  16. dawnowens says:

    There are two candidates who have been given such short shrift by the MSM that it’s becoming obvious that there’s a conspiracy to silence them.

    Gary Johnson, a successful 2 term governor of New Mexico and Buddy Roemer are both also running, for now, on the Republican ticket. Gov. Johnson is reportedly seriously considering changing over to a Libertarian ticket so he can at least start getting some traction there. You would do well to look at both men’s position statements. Newt or Romney are not our only options, and both of these other men are serious candidates with serious positions, who have not been implicated in either ethics violations by the score, or ‘flip-flopping’ when deemed necessary.

  17. pk9 says:

    I am a democrat who voted for Obama. I did so because I couldn’t bring myself to even consider McCain once he seemingly lost his mind and then he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Those two things convinced me he was unfit for the office. I would have preferred Hillary to be the democratic nominee. I think we would be in a much better position if she had been. But, the ONLY republican who has announced that might sway me into voting for him is Buddy Roemer. I have listened to him many times and I agree with almost every word he says. Gary Johnson and I have very different views about this country. The only thing I agree with him on is legalizing marijuana. Buddy Roemer should have a place in the debates. He would open a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that they keep bouncing from one circus clown to the next while there is an actual statesman in their midst. I could also consider supporting Jon Huntsman. Obviously though, neither one of those will be the nominee so I imagine I will, once again, vote for Obama. I believe he has done good things and the country is beginning to turn around. However, he has been spineless when it comes to standing up to the republicans. THAT is my biggest complaint with him. Hillary would have told them to stuff it, shamed them publicly and then proceeded to get exactly what she wanted all along. Obama should borrow her cajones every now and then!

  18. 4u2bwith says:

    Neither a Senate nor Congress can agree on a compromise; for the common good. Growing up my Democratic parents allowed me to study and learn how our Great Nation works. The Republicans made the Cash and the Democrats run the country based on what, my Savior Jesus Christ told us to do; take care of those who could not care for themselves, the children, disabled and older wornout and our military. In the beginning the Wealthy paid all the taxes and were Proud to do it the workers did their best and built this United States of Americans. My last Republican president Taxed the Wealthy and started something that would have made our nation the greatest ever , then he lost sight of the common good idear closing the Mental Health Compounds was a Mistake and down the shoot we went. I travel the web in serch of my fellow Republicans but they must have died and the Democrats can not count anymore. President Obama is a Scolar he knew the Old Testiment Law and had to finish the job GW started but listened to the WRONG advisors. On the other hand Mrs.Clinton should have been president; look at what she did. After 8 years of law suits they were all but broke and in 4 years she told her husband to get back to work now they are wealthy again. Newt, NO I would vote for you. The world will be better off for the USA not to have a President, but we the people need a NEW Congress and Senate thats a FACT.

  19. ManuelLittle says:

    all sorts of reading between the lines. Thus the critic shows he/she has nothing to criticize on. Get ready. Gingrich is, in my opinion, to be our next USA President. Many things will be solved by a clear headed, honest ex-Speaker of the House. Democrats know he is very dangerous to their cause, but will stumble over themselves to find some sort of error to put Gingrich out of line. Gingrich is like a tank pointed towards the White House.

  20. Hankk says:

    The republicans only offense is a good defense, and they have been using swift boat tactics now since 2003. Check out this little story test. On a football field,the GOP owners brought in back-hoes/wealthy and bulldozers/corporations and dug a hole 150ft deep in 29 years, and then handed the project over to the new owner’s and gave them shovels to fill the hole in, after only a few months on the job, the old owners started with their swift boat lies once again and blamed their hole on the new owners. Now I ask you with all the good paying jobs exported by the back-hoes and bulldozers, who do you think is really responsible for this huge hole? hankk,MI

  21. jdhcs says:

    I find it incomprehensible that Republicans can label Gingrich honest. Perhaps they practice the same kind of “honesty” as the Newt does. There is a need for introspection concerning labels so that one might correctly call a spade a spade.

  22. cherylpet says:

    BRAVO, Mr Lyons! What an insightful, articulate, witty MASTERPIECE! It was a delight to read! I am reveling in it still, and sharing it with others! Well done!!

  23. rustacus21 says:

    … that’s been observed, said & written, and while “some” Americans, in their obsession w/fantasy, are even more than willing to reject what’s real, we can understand a bit better, what the cumulative impact of, going on 10 consecutive years of Republican governmental “theory” in action, the damage done to “those” Americans. For those familiar, Conservative voters who currently support the candidacy of Newt G., display all the signs of a PTSD (PostTraumaticStressDisorder)-afflicted mind, in that they’re unable to grasp either the complexities & the concrete nature of Newt G’s “realities.” Gingrich’s own inability to similarly embrace his own psychological malformations, points to his – AND his supporters, deeply apparent pathologies, which automatically make him unfit for elective office. However, there’s a Black (whether by 1/2 or otherwise!) man in the White House. The utter irrationality of racism is clearly on display here, when seemingly rational adult individuals can suspend reality & perception to such a degree that they would risk, once again, a repeat of even ONE DAY more of the administration preceding our current executive. This is both hilarious AND obscenely tragic, that racism still carries w/it a power which overcomes reason, self-determination, even dignity & self-respect! These are people who don’t care what others think or say about them – deferring instead to the psychotic, in supporting an individual who is clearly, deeply, a sociopath. How the nation would “prosper” (since Conservatives are similarly money/budget/deficit obsessed), “beneath” the heel of an individual unable to restrain himself from, oh, say, yielding to a wife who knows no (personal) consumptive boundaries, is the real question. Not that this has anything to do w/anything else, but the nation is already under budgetary & fiscal strains. The promises of personal enrichment aside, Gingrich hasn’t the ability of rational constrain. Read into that what U will. Still, Conservatives probably don’t read here anyway. Let alone comprehend things in this “arena” of contexts… Sadly…

  24. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    Gingrich sure did look presidential, didn’t he? The reason he looked so presidential is because we Americans have become accustomed to voting for shrewd liars for political office. Santorum is looking pretty good, but overstresses family, but only by a little. Ron Paul stood out as a gentleman and a scholar, as conservative as can be. He reminds me of Eisenhower who was one of the best presidents we ever had, but more voiciferous, yet subtle at times. Ron Paul always makes his point clearly. No lying about anything. Rick Perry showed some of the fire that he breathes at times, he is a forceful leader, great trait. I think mexicans may all run for home if he is elected….but then we’ll have a worse housing bust than we currently have, wouldn’t you say? Mitt was willing to gamble 10G on a stupid bet, we are already in debt far enough, don’t need someone to sling our money around on a whim. My choices? Newt as presidential advisor, and between Santorum, Perry, and Ron Paul, for the top three. Bachman had a hard time with one of the questions and didn’t address it as well as Paul and Santorum, but it was a difficult question to answer with only a soundbite.She is a really intelligent (and may I add, attractive?) woman. One of the main problems with these debates is the soundbite-timing situation, I think a sit-down 2 hour interview with each candidate sold for a reasonable fee in DVD format would make a lot of sense, save their campaign money, even make a little money for their future. Let’s face it, only one will be president, and only one will be vice-president.A DVD pooled in equal dividends to each candidate, would deny wall street influence in this truly critical election. I really can’t envision any of these candidates losing to Obama, he has stuffed his foot in his mouth so many times, he’ll have to create new lies to cover up the old ones. Last but not least, saw a good bumper sticker the other day, it said SUPPORT A REAL NAFTA. ELECT MEXICANS TO CONGRESS. nuff said?

  25. rustacus21 says:

    … wouldn’t have spent more than 5 minutes on any “debate” consisting of last nite’s individuals, where their skewered, narrow, 1/2 formulated “thoughts” go unchallenged by “real” intellectuals, w/facts & knowledge to “share.” Ron Paul has no idea what he’s talking about, when he says reductions in taxes & govt are essential to the survival of America (that’s a paraphrase, of course). This is NOT America of 1789 & he needs to understand which “America” he exists in NOW. The same w/Bachman, Gingrich, Rommney & Perry, all of whom “see” America as some monogenous, all-Caucasian suburban world, on the verge of being “over-run” by “those” people. Whoever “they” are… Each & every candidate in the Republican field has proven themselves as small-minded, unsophisticated, jaded and insulated from “real” world America. The best president in our lifetimes – Bill Clinton, was a product of world-class public education. His exposure to a newly multiculturated community tho, allowed him to be inspired, driven & enlighened enuff to have the ambition to change the world. He did so. Our failures as voters was being divided by “representatives” such a Nixon, Reagan, the Bushs’ & others, who lacked an all-American “experience”. THIS was the reason Clinton was worthy of the majority American vote. There was NO such candidate on stage (last nite) or on par w/Clinton. Or Obama. Or Carter. Or Kennedy. I will go so far as to even include Eisenhower, as he was obedient to the will of the voter & the word & intent of the Constitution & structured the environment necessary to produce the very capably skilled President Clinton! The current Republican field misunderstands, mis-quotes & disfigures the Constitution for the express purpose of dividing the nation, in the mode of pre-Civil War hostilities. This isn’t what’s needed. Now or ever again. The nation missed its opportunity in last years mid-terms, to give support to a president being buried under the influence of the same money betting on a Conservative election win in ’12. The power of money resulted in the demise of the nation between 2001-2009, after voters mandated an executive capable of the miraculous heights achieved from 1993-2000. As a nation, we don’t have the luxury of missing many more “opportunities”. Squandering votes on the likes of those on stage last nite, means there’s more hazard ahead than behind, if voters are seriously considering any 1 of them…

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