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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “will not be releasing” his tax returns due to a federal audit, his campaign manager said on Wednesday, despite pressure to release them and provide a window into his finances before the Nov. 8 election.

“Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit, and he will not be releasing them,” campaign manager Paul Manafort said in an interview with CBS on Wednesday. “That issue will be dealt with when the audits are done.”

His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has released tax returns and called on Trump to put out his. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee, has called it “disqualifying” for a party’s White House nominee not to make tax returns public.

Trump has come under new pressure to release financial information and show whether he has any ties to Russia. That came after U.S. officials this week said there was evidence that Russia was involved in the recent release of sensitive Democratic Party emails, potentially to influence the U.S. election.

Trump has often praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “strong leader,” but on Tuesday he said it was “crazy” for Democrats to suggest Russia would try to help his election bid.

“For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Manafort said on CBS on Wednesday that Trump’s hesitance to release his tax returns has nothing to do with Russia. Asked to clarify that Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs, Manafort responded, “That’s what he said. … That’s obviously what our position is.”


(Reporting by Emily Stephenson; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)

Photo: Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort looks down from the wings of the stage as Trump celebrates below after his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

21 Responses to No Plans To Release Tax Returns As Pressure Mounts, Trump Aide Says

  1. President Nixon disclosed his tax returns while under IRS audit. There was no suggestion that his disclosure had an impact on the audit. Trump is hiding something that he does not want disclosed.

  2. In view of his refusal to release his tx returns, his campaign manager’s business deals in Russia, and the candidate himself inviting Russia to perform a cyber attack on the country he hopes to lead—-can the House of Representatives impeach the Donald before the election? What would they do to Hillary with a remark like this?

    • As they are calling for her public execution it is an alternative universe they live in…Despite fact in front of face, FROM real first line sources-they still engage in the adjectival name calling. Trump, is in your face with his ignorant and empty ravings. And tax returns? Can’t Americans see what this man really IS; innuendo isn’t needed-he is a walking ad for everything this country abhors.

      • There was not even a pretense of innuendo when he told a female journalist to sit down and be quiet earlier today.
        Encouraging a foreign power to spy on the USA, bullying women, insulting ethnic minorities, threatening Muslims, and almost everything that comes out of The Donald’s mouth indicates that the man is either in desperate need of professional help, or a strong candidate to spend the rest of his life in Fort Leavenworth.

        • Dominick, you are 1000% right on the mental health issue. He is the very definition of the designated psychiatric illness: [Acute] Narcissistic Personality Disorder and possibly also Anti-Social Personality Disorder. You can read the definitions on any of numerous medical websites.
          By the way in successful 70-year olds, these psychiatric illnesses are incurable.

  3. Incredible. He’s always under audit because of his sketchy business dealings and he’s trying to weaponize that to avoid releasing his financials?

    • Being under audit does NOT prohibit the release of the tax returns. That’s another made-up excuse by Trump for not releasing them.

        • You remind me so much of Karl Rove stomping off the set of Fox “news” in a panic when the mittster lost Ohio and therefore the U.S. election to Obama in 2012. Rove was sure the fix was in and the voting machines they had purchased were set to flip votes to the mitty, but it didn’t work, and the votes kept rolling in for the president. So Rove started fuming, his face got red, and he stormed off to the stat room where the computers were receiving the feeds from precincts and counties.

          You will no doubt wake up the day after Hillary’s election with all caps in your little head going “TRUMP IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. TRUMP WON.” And for the next four years you’ll live in your cave full of hatred for the first woman president.

          I guess old white guys’ time is past, GBRA. Too bad, isn’t it?!

          Oh, and PLEASE save up some money so you can buy a remedial English class and learn our language.

          • You remind me so much of a Liberal Democrackhead racist thug stomping off the set of Media bIas Network CNN & Msnbc “news” in a pathetic way!!! Obama is a disgrace and a loser…he will go down in History and the worst jive talkin President Ever!!! Obama is a Globalist and a hater of Real America! He is a traitor! . You are one Liberal wacko did some conservative knock the common sense outta that Liberal pea brain???

            You will no doubt wake up the day after TRUMP election with sadness, bitterness and leaving the country like a liberal baby with the Hollywood psycho…I ll pay for your ticket one way to Saudi Arabia you Moron! little head going “Crooked evil lying IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. IN YOU DREAMS SHE WON.” You are one sick, vile , evil Liberal pig!!!

            CROOKED HILLARY be proud lol

          • You’re better than anything on Fox, and they have some pretty good comedies.

            I’d love to see you on “Are you smarter than a third-grader?” It would be a hoot.

            Then again, I try not to take too much pleasure in the tribulations of others. I got 1520 on my SATs and disappointed myself, since my sister got 1600; but I did learn that gloating over others’ inadequacy was not good behavior.

            On the other hand, it is fun to read your diatribes, rants, and screeds. Makes Sunday evening lively!

          • We speak truth unlike CNN. MSNBC, CBS, HUFF POST, LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS!!! You are one lgnorant liberal thug! Wow you are an

  4. “That’s what he said. That’s what our position is.”

    So says Paul Manafort. He can’t say “That’s the truth,” or “Those are the facts,” because in fact they are flat out lies. So instead he reiterates what Trump claimed (a lie) and asserted only that he’s not going to admit anything else.

    Yet the media lets Manafort, Trump. and all of them get away with this BS day after day after day.

    It’s time for the Obama Administration to publiciize the fact — in law — that being under audit has no effect on the right of the candidate to release his tax returns; and if that doesn’t work, and if the media continues to fail in their job, for the Administration to announce that the audit is finished, the returns are no longer being audited, and therefore the returns are free to be released.

    The Donald will then come up with yet another excuse not to leak them, at which point it’s time for the Democrats to turn to Wikileaks to hack the IRS.

  5. The devil is in the details of Trump Taxes. It will show that Trump is a liar, a fake and a phony. That’s why he is fighting hard not to release them. He is going as far as soliciting Russia’s help to discredit Hillary Trump. He would not mind committing treason in order to win. And when he wins, he will not hesitate to bring down our institutions in order to make money for himself. His supporters are oblivious! The GOP is oblivious! One can now wonder if Ted Cruz is the only man on the GOP side to be commended for standing for his principles.

  6. Jesus Christ. Will some reporter get a brain and ask Trump to release the letter from the IRS that says he is being audited? I know he can’t because he isn’t. This is the same man that hounded President Obama for years over his birth certificate. Wake up media and do your job. The next question would be, “Ok, how about releasing the years that aren’t being audited?” The IRS only can go back 5-7 years.

  7. Donald Trump will never release his tax returns (which we all knew anyway) because they will be devastatingly harmful. Anyone with common sense knows this.
    Donald Trump is a tax cheat, has unsavory business connections, contributes virtually nothing to charity. And may have grossly lied about his incomer and assets.
    Donald Trump is a fascist and would-be dictator with more contempt for ordinary Americans than anyone since our one-time chief of state, King George III. So why should someone like that release his tax returns?
    Personally I think as of today at least he’ll lose in November.
    If he wins, he will eventually be impeached, convicted or removed; impeached, convicted and refuse to be removed and provoke a total constitutional crisis, or be assassinated or at the least have numerous assassination attempts against him.
    That’s my 2 cents.

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  9. In that case his refusal will be used to pummel him continually. The IRS has already said that there’s no problems with releasing returns under audit. Nixon released his returns which were being audited back in ’68. EVERY presidential candidate since Nixon has released their tax returns. And you just KNOW that this is going to be brought up in the debate(s). You just KNOW that there are going to be SuperPAC attack ads beating this drumpf.

    And yet . . . he can’t. Because if he does, not only will his scampaign crash & burn, but his entire image and name brand empire will crash & burn as well. If the world ever found out what a fraud, what a phony, what a fake, puffed up bloviating poser he is, he wouldn’t be able to sell his brand name to a used car lot.

    So he’s screwed either way . . . and I’m just lovin’ it!

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