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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

According to The New York Times, former President George W. Bush is preparing to publish a book “outlining strategies for economic growth.”

This is roughly equivalent to John Edwards publishing a book on marital fidelity, or Ron Paul publishing a book on racial tolerance. Indeed, Justin Fox — the current editorial director of the Harvard Business Review —  noted in Time three years ago that Bush “stacks up as probably the least-successful President on the economic front since Herbert Hoover.”

Think Progress’ Pat Garofalo has a good rundown of the many reasons that nobody should be taking Bush’s advice on the economy:

That Bush believes the country needs his thoughts on how to create economic growth is laughable. After all, under his watch, “growth in investment, GDP, and employment all posted their worst performance of any post-war expansion,” while “overall monthly job growth was the worst of any cycle since at least February 1945, and household income growth was negative for the first cycle since tracking began in 1967.” As the Economic Policy Institute found, “between the end of the 2001 recession (2001Q4) and the peak of that expansion (2007Q4), the U.S. economy experienced the worst economic expansion of the post-war era.”

The planned book is just the most recent step in Bush’s slow political rehabilitation; after staying out of the limelight for the first years of the Obama administration, the 43rd president publicly defended his much derided tax cuts last month, and endorsed Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

Instead of spending money on Bush’s book, anyone curious about his economic strategies could just read Mitt Romney’s economic plan; as former President Bill Clinton put it, it is essentially Bush’s plan “on steroids.”

Or you could go ahead and spend $24.95 on Bush’s book…just don’t expect that money to trickle back down to you.

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185 Responses to Not A Joke: Bush To Publish Book On Economic Growth

    • Rhonda you are 100% correct! Obama is the worst president ever.Oops maybe you’re a pinhead liberal and meant G.W. Bush?

      • Really? Want to show me exactly how the Obama administration is screwing up the economy anywhere nearly as bad as Bush? Saved the auto industry, jobs on the rise, taxes down, wall street under conytol, etc. Keep drinking the koolaide and chanting the mantra: “Obama sucks, Obama sucks…” without *any* numbers to back you up. Have you seen the latest numbers that Obama’s economic numbers are far better than Reagan’s were? No, I didn’t expect you to. You’d have have reading comprehension for that.

        • Of course all this is conjecture until he actually produces a budget, which he will not do until October 31st, by which time it will take too long for most of Americans like you to move your fingers and lips and try to understand it.

          • Is it? Really? Conjecture? Saved the auto industry, jobs on the rise, taxes down, wall street under control? All conjecture? So, a president’s worth is only shown by his final budget proposal? How did Bush do on that one? So, we should go back to his policies? Keep doing the Republican facts shuffle. Never let the facts get in the way of a good tea party rant.

          • It really isn’t worth talking to people like you. You must have money and not need to work as that can only be the reason for the mantra. Final budget proposal or first budget proposal? Who saved the auto industry? Jobs have never been on the rise in this country while Obama has been president. Taxes are down, but about to skyrocket. Wall Street in under control, you poor fool. Did you see the recent JP Morgan report? Your last four sentences are so banal you could probably just have written, Demo 1, 2, 3, 4. Remind me, this is till America, right?

      • peteserb – you unquestionably are a generational serf of the conservative bacteria that is eating the life out of the USA.
        Your ignorance is intolerable!

      • Well Obama certainly isn’t the one who drove the country into the ditch – he’s spent the last 3 1/2 years cleaning up Bush’s unprecedented disaster. And don’t try that absurd righty thing of blaming it on Obama, either – the very worst of the mess was in the last months of ’08 through ’09, as any pinhead can easily verify.

        • What the Hell do these right wing jack asses think he (Obama) is supposed to do…wave a magic wand and poof the economy train is back on the rails? They need to pull their heads out of their butts. Romney wants to push all the “poor” programs back down to the state level and repeal the health care bill (so he said in his speech in St.Petersburg, FL today), which WILL NOT work-dumb ass (Romney), there is NO MONEY and there won’t be any because the state governments are standing there, now, with their pocket liners hanging out, and no one wants to pay any more taxes! Yeah, it makes the national debt look better, but the state budgets and debts are in the tank…Their (the GOP) stance on the matter is “…let them eat cake…”

      • Your only 50% right! Jimmy Carter was not a great president. But you are greater than 50% wrong about President Obama. He just got a bad rap because of the A-hole that left office before he entered. He is still working to clean up that jerks 8 year mess!

        • Now, now…

          We all know the best President was Nixon.

          What? He was in office for one term and did more than any other President in the 20th Century often did in 2 terms.

          Too bad he screwed up and committed that crime.

        • Do you still have a job? 23% of your fellow Americans don’t and most of them did until BHO came to office.

          • No tiger…most of them didn’t….Bush did such a great job of screwing up the econmy that we were losing jobs, mine was one that got cut, faster than McDonalds makes hamburgers. Recheck your facts, then maybe we can talk.

          • Where I live it is about 7.2% who are out of work. Many who are working are working at U.S. Government installations, which have pumped billions into the local economy over a number of decades and these installations have created many thousands of jobs including spinoff jobs in the private sector. Let us know where you got the 23% number, or how you invented it. If the reactionaries had had their way, GM job holdders and the spinoffs would all be in the dole lines now.

            P.S. You can’t count pe0ple who have quit looking because that is always a factor. The numbers have to be reported consistently, not politically.

          • Why did bush only have a 2million job growth over his 8 years in office? This brilliant president couldn’t support the new workers coming into the work force with his jobs program if he ever had one.

          • It would help if you had any idea what you were talking about, but then as LWI that is more than is expected of you. I suggest you read the nonsense you have written then try and look up some neutral site and get the information you need. (neutral in this case means neither right or left of centre. Bush being right, Obama being as far left as it is to go without falling off the edge.)

          • Joseph is simply being generous. He didn’t want 2 hurt U’r feelings by mentioning that under Bush, job growth was actually a negative 13 million, as 15 million Americans LOST jobs between 2001-2009…

          • I am not going to run a defense of a two term President of the USA. After 911 there is nobody alive that could have stopped what happened to business and optimism. So the figures have to be skewed for quite a period. The real estate problem was started in 1977, when Redlining was abolished and loans were underwritten and sold to the secondary market when it was know the risk of default was as much as 10 times higher than under the previous underwriting guidelines. Bush W. just happened to be President when the bubble burst. Frankly, pick on somebody you can beat, Bush is way to big for you to handle and you are just adding to your beetroot exterior by the way you parrot Goreisms and Obamaisms.

          • But that’s STILL no xcuse. B/c it seems to always happen 2 conservatives, doesn’t it? As horrible as the conditions were for Prez’s Roosevelt, Clinton & now – Obama, things didn’t get worse. That says all about Bush, Bush, Reagan & now, Romney, per his rhetoric/parroting, so far…

          • Do U remember when the job ‘LOSSES’ began? I do & how they continued, during ALL of 2002-2009, when I was laid off in January & have pieced 2gether part-time work & entrepreneurship opportunities, but nothing comparable 2 my post-college Clinton-era employment years, where I virtually worked more hours a week than I generally had time to sleep, due to the abundance of work OPPORTUNITIES!!! By 2002, I lost the 1st of 3 very well paying jobs & by 2009, was reduced to part-time & eventually eliminated due to being ‘DOWNSIZed’ out of work. Conservatives standing in President Obama’s way aren’t hurting him. But they are hurting the 23% unemployed (or nearly 33% counting those who stopped looking) that U mention, who R still being victimized by the most vicious, cruel & corrupt American administration (from 2001-2009, 2 B sure!!!) in American history. Please check U’r facts & while @it, the realm U call ‘reality’…

          • Well let’s get corrections before I start. Obama says 8.2% are unemployed, I raised it to 23%, you to 33%. So you reckon Obama is lying to the tune of 25%. That makes this administration the most corrupt EVER. My facts don’t need checking, you need to stop being a died in the wool leftie and look at life, not through red tinted lenses but through clear ones.The only ones standing in BHO’s way are the American People. He will never do anything to help the majority of Americans. He will divide and award, always a minority every time. The least able to fight back first always and progressively upwards. He has no policy except keep going left. He will keep on being the same all things to all people he was during his electioneering to become President. This champion of women today, remember what he did to Hillary Clinton? I’m sure not, he counts on you lefties forgetting as soon as he evolves. That’s the same as he calls other people flip flopping. It only took him 4 days to evolve into being for gay rights this time around having been for gay rights first time around in 1996. I know, you forgot about this. The Abbott and Costello routine he and Biden did was shameful, how could even you lefties put up with it? It’s not hard to be like him if he knows his audience is so brainwashed that if he says OK folks pee in your pants, the only questions raised would be “can we do it sitting”. Go through the comments here and see how many you would be happy to own as your own. If you can in reality say most of them, you are a true Democrat, unthinking, conned into believing every Obamism that is uttered. If you suddenly feel sick at some of the people that you are standing alongside, keep going until you are standing behind your own thoughts, then look at the American Flag and remember how it got to be what it is.

          • I was using U’r figures & added 10%, due to an ACKNOWLEDGED number we’re ALL aware has simply stopped looking. “Dyed” in the wool is the correct, ‘LITERATE’ description & I challenge U to qualify U’r lies about some ‘special’ accomadations xtended to non-Whites, comparable to the xtension of position to Whites during the Bush administration who essentially, unequivially ran the nation, the world, in fact, in2 the garbage heap. In stead of ‘T-baggers remembering that this NEW administration needed the same 4 years (well, actually 3, since Prez Clinton was given the benefit of the doubt, due 2 his race) it took Clinton to set the nation back on track. In his 1st month, conservatives were declaring the Obama administration a ‘failure’! How was such determined?! I challenge U to respond w/truth & real FACTS. He’s simply no more, no less a representative than GWB in the same role & look where we’ve degenerated to? R U saying the Bush econ policies were valid, legitimate & successful? If so, I seriously pity U. This administration has NEVER had a chance to make any changes b/c of Bluedog defections & conservative opposition, as well as maintaining nearly ALL the policies of his predecessor. If U’r saying he’s wrong 4 doing that, I AGREE & rest my case that the previous administration was the ABSOLUTE WORST in American history, of which, per U’r comments, U whole-heartedly AGREE…

          • I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are saying or asking. What non-Whites and Whites, what are they, people? If you would rewrite this in understandable English I will try and reply, but having read it 5 times I am still no closer to understanding it.

          • It’s simple 1, 2, 3; A, B, C. U probably can’t dance either, w/out counting out loud can U? The simplest way to put this is do U prefer – as U’r defending the ‘presence’ in the W.H. – Bush over Obama? U made ‘accusations’ that President Obama ‘won’t’ do anything 4 the ‘majority’, when Bush ONLY did for the minority 1%. So does the ‘same’ majority factor only ‘there’ (w/Bush) or ‘here’ (w/Obama)? Did U just not read the post or pick & choose what to pay attn to? If the fox is doing both ‘brainwashing’ & ‘dividing’, who’s brainwashed more if U’r blinded by it? Is Romney is U’r consensus choice thus far? W/his record of ‘raping’ businesses & putting Middle Class families into destitution (just like Bush), all for a buck, there are 3 terms that come to mind – ‘brainwashed’ & ‘sucker’, but the 3rd is a bit profane, so I won’t go there. But that being the problem w/watching too much fox – repetition ‘retards’ the thinking process… Pick up the pace U conservatives. The world moves fast but common?!!?

          • Well I didn’t think I was talking to you, but since you have responded I will attempt to do the same. Drop the invective or this becomes a futile exercise. I liked Bush, I totally dislike Obama, and at this at a level of just being a human being. My comment about Obama that sums up my feelings is “would you sell your used car to this man?” Of course Bush did not just do it for one percent, he actually achieved much more than that. But then you are in the 50% that started out disliking him as much as I dislike Obama. By the way, I don’t watch anything on Fox except soccer and rugby. Whether or not Romney did what you suggest, and I don’t for one minute think he did, it is a consequence of business that some businesses are not viable, so you strip the assets, pay off the shareholders and move on. As to Bush doing the same, he did not and his final act was to take care of a huge part of America far into the future. OK, the big boys made money, but it went a long way into starting America to be self sufficient in oil and gas. Obama has not yet found a way to make this his success, but he will, don’t fret. As to my comment about Obama not doing anything for the majority, I suggest you stop thinking Leftie and read it as normally as you can. I said he selects minorities starting with the bottom end a deals with them piecemeal. If this is too difficult to understand, that’s OK. I don’t think any president since Truman, really followed through on his promises and actions. But then he retired poor without millions of dollars suckers give to the hopefuls now and went in almost seclusion in his retirement.
            You ask if I am blinded by it, no you are. Obamacare does nothing for the majority. Obama’s handling of China is abysmal and it is too late for anything to be done about it now. You don’t pick a fight with the strongest guy on the block that it happens you also owe almost your whole annual budget to, especially if you know he can call it in at any time he chooses and that means goodbye to life as America knows it. Obama and Geithner’s biggest problem is that they can’r print money fast enough. I am surprised they haven’t brought back the $500 and $1000 dollar bills to help in that process. The expectation for this year was $2.3 trillion spending and they have exceeded that by 50% and now are gearing up for the fight they will have getting it passed. The Reps will say you have to balance it, spend an extra buck save an extra buck from somewhere. Who will suffer first, well who are the weakest, the retired population, so Medicare will get cut first since who gives a shit for them. The fact that they paid for this most of their working lives is something Obama et al have never even mentioned. As a second job, I work for the USA and only take $1 a year in return, since I love this country and regardless of who is in power, I keep on doing what I do for the same return. Is really quite simple as A,B,C, 1,2,3. It’s my way of saying thanks for living here.

        • Wow – Jim, you are super naive!!! Still working to clean it up? How ignorant can one be???

          if you had any economic sense – you would know that it takes 8 to 10 years for an economy to catch up to a president – at the end of Bushs’ term is the fault Clinton’s policies. Bush was a far better president than obama. Obama has spent more in 3 years than Bush did in 8 years — fighting two wars! Bush has a bad name because the biased media portrayed him as a villain. The true villain is Obama. He hides behind his past, he is far from transparent – he is only good at speaking – and the only people that like him (unless they are ignorant with no economic sense) are unemployed!

          • Chrisy is the worst case of self-delusion we’re likely to see in a long time. Rarely does anyone seriously attempt to rationalize the failings of George Bush — unless its part of a joke. I have wondered for a long time how those who voted for this clown could look themselves in the mirror. Clearly Chrisy — you have no self-respect to write the ridiculous dribble in your comment. Sad!

          • Chrisy sounds like an episode of the cartoon Duddly Dooright…

            What shows me you’re a parroting Fox News bird are these catch phrases…

            “Bush was a far better president than obama…” please don’t say anything about my man dubbyuuu!
            “Obama spent more in 3 years than Bush did in 8 years….fighting two wars!….Oh..No….whatever will we do??
            (My fave) “Bush has a bad name because the biased media portrayed him a villain.” (excuse me while I wipe the tear from chrisy’s eye for her Bush!) He’s really a wonderful man!!! Waaahh!!
            “The true villain is Obama”..wooo!….scarey….
            What could dubyah to save us all??

          • The 2 wars were not paid for. The bush tax cuts to the wealthy were not paid for. The senior prescription drug program was not paid for. Who inherited this mess?

          • B/c the fox network does such a masterful job of brainwashing, SOME Americans have forgotten what a magnificent job President Clinton did – not just in playing a delicate balance between bringing prosperity to the nations working class, the wealthy & corporations – COMBINED, but creating strategies to bring prosperity & subsequently, Democracy, to a world conservatives laid waste to between 1981 – 1993. But no need debating U, since U REFUSE 2 even acknowledge reality, that conservatives are in a concerted conspiracy to prevent THIS President from bringing prosperity BACK to levels provided by President Clinton, while simultaneously slandering his record of ‘failures’ that CONSERVATIVES orchestrated via their obstructionist refusal to cooperate on behalf of an American public victimized by the 2001-2009 CONSERVATIVE executive. I understand, therefore, U are saying U PREFER George Bush 2 President Clinton? 4get the rest – is this what U mean? If so, U should re-evaluate U’r understanding of Democracy, a ‘people’s’ government & the role our elected representatives play, w/in the context of that ‘people-owned’ Democracy…

        • Are you kidding Jim?!!

          Jimmy Carter was a decent, honest president who worked TIRELESSLY devoted to finding peace in the middle east. Our country was in a recession and he simply couldn’t do anything to fix it. He also tried to get our American hostages back from Iran. He attempted the same type of covert operation that Obama did but, unfortunately, the mission failed but was an honorable effort. Jimmy Carter is a great humanitarian and his work with charitable groups like Habitat for Humanity is selfless. Jimmy Carter was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.
          The “greatness” of man is found in the great works he does, not in how “popular” he is. No matter what YOU think, this man is well respected internationally.

          • I can’t argue with the truth, joy.. Unfortunately, the majority of people in this Country for some reason just can not tolerate an honest President.. Far from being president, the majority today are shunning and ignoring possibly the most honest politicians since Carter.. They will simply not have anything to do with them. Tells volumes about hidden bozos trying to manipulate, doesn’t it.

          • If you mean that Obama is getting a bad rap, I agree. If you think it is because of what he inherited, I agree.

            If it is that the Republicans could not run on the Bush record and waited to see what narrative hit after the immediate start of hate, apparently on inauguration day 2009, in cowardice that was empty of even rhetoric, and to be double-downed on non-compromise when they saw opposition narrowlly worked and policy didnt (to the non-patriotic pain of the nation–and the shame of the Right)–then I agree.

          • I think it started out that way and will not ease up until the GOP gets their wish.. In 2008 – 2009 one of their majority leaders (I think) stated that the GOP would not pass anything this Democratic president submitted.. Shortly thereafter jobs started to shut down, pay frozen, mandatory overtime initiated (instead of hiring).. In my opinion, once Obama is gone (be it now or in 4 years) jobs will all of a sudden pop up, not from new or expanding industry but by eliminating over time, putting the workers back on a 40 hour week (or even a 30 hour week) then filling the gap with new workers (like they should have done at the get-go).. It will make the sleepers think that a Pub got us back on track when it was already there in the waiting.. and this is just one of the many GOP manipulations to get this president out of office, not because he’s guilty of all the accusations tossed at him, not even because he’s black but because THEY’RE not standing on the hill spewing their rhetoric and salivating over more wars.

          • It sure, does, Durdy. Obama has also proven himself as a president who has worked endlessly trying to bring both parties to the table to solve our countries multiple problems. He’s only been met with defiance and a resistance that has only further damaged our country! The nature of the republican party is one of disdain for those who are in need. I am flabbergasted by the hateful messages and policies put forth by the right! How is it that Americans are falling for this?! Aren’t we smarter and more kindhearted than this?

          • If we had listened to Jimmy Carter’s warnings about fossil fuels and continued the polices he put in place, the US would be leading the world in renewable fuel energy production. Not to mention that the Carter Administration was the last administration in which we did not go to war with anyone.

          • You’re absolutely right, Debbie…remember waiting in huge, long lines for gas back then?? Jimmy Carter was a very wise man. It amazes me that people don’t see him differently.

          • Yes Jimmy Carter was a good president and a decent man. And like President Obama, he took over a big mess left by the previous administration and the Republicans were constantly trying to make him look inept, similar to how they try to foil President Obama’s plans.

          • A GREAT round of cheers to U Debby B & Joy S., 4 pointing out what many Americans know & KNOWINGLY ignore about 1 of America’s BEST & most UNDER RATED Presidents. List his (Carter’s) accomplishments in OR out of office to ANY of his predecessors OR successors & U have a man who allows GOD – NOT GREED, to guide his EVERY step. What, then, do American’s want, considering the pro-Bush, anti-Liberal/Progressive commentary HERE? That America fails?! From HISTORY, all I can see is ONLY Liberal/Progressives WORKING HARD to create & re-create an America ALL American’s (as WELL AS citizens world-wide!!!) can prosper from!!! Conservatives MUST answer 4 Bush, Reagan & Nixon, but can’t b/c they’re all SHAMEFUL chapters in our nations history!!! Which is why they hate so disgracefully against Obama, Clinton, Carter, Kennedy, FDR, etc…

          • Debbie, Let’s not forget that Jimmy Carter has done far more than anyother president since leaving office to make this world a better place to live in.

          • You only made accusations of “bad presidents.” You give no proof as to why they’re bad so you’re “opinion” isn’t based on any substance whatsoever.
            You right-wingnuts come to this website and all you can do is make statements like, “Uhhhh….Obama is bad…he’s not an American, he’s a muslim…uhh…he’s just the worst….” but you have ZERO substance/facts/statistics…etc to validate what you’re saying.
            Go back to The Blaze, where you’re in the most excellent of company…with Mitty and the whole gang. Good luck and have a nice day!

          • Joy, U’ve just proven Lioness kills ‘tiger’ every time!!! LOVE those ‘CLAWS’!!!

          • Hey JERK pell-pull. We Liberals only do the name calling when someone is so disinformed . So, I profer an apology. All one has to do is read your slanted drivel to know beyond doubt that you are a totally brainwashed right wing nut case.

            Have a great day.

          • Perhaps if you’d have stayed in school past the 2nd grade, you might understand something.

          • … & if the shoe fits, what is a Liberal/Progressive 2 do? Self-delusion doesn’t fit US as well as conservatives… 2 B sure…

      • JERKpell
        I seriously doubt you can name all th ePresidents much less study their tenure and objectively grade their strength and weakness. But – what else can one expect from a right wing nut job Idiot?

      • Jerprll, You must not have been alive or paying attention when Carter was in office. The Arabs cut off our oil and things went to hell quickly. How would Bush have handled that? His admin. was the worst ever. He got over 3,000 Americans killed for no reason at all during a war of naked aggression. No different from Hitler invading Poland.

      • You should be proud of your lies, and you liars should start to know that we are not STUPID anymore, this is not white lies and not even black lie. How can a President come into office with plus and leave office with not millions or billions but trillions and tell the world that he is going to advice on how to spend or how to save. He will be or Mitt Romney has shown every sign he will be like Bush jnr. if he is voted to power. fight wars and spend money and say you are saving….

      • Both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama were, and are better Preesidents than any republican president since Eisenhour.

        • I guess you meant to say Eisenhower. Jimmy Carter all but finished America. Interest rates were approaching 30% when he was in office, Osama, oops Obama is destroying any hope of any of our kids ever achieving the American Dream. I don’t know what Barack Hussein Obama’s dream is, but it sure is a nightmare for most Americans.

      • Jerpell, you have been totally brainwashed! Yoga Berra said it succinctly, “It ain’t what you don’t know that will really hurt you, It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” You sir, have been smokin’ too much Republican Weed, laced with a lot of misinformation and other bullshit!

      • You might want to brush up on your history, ’cause you’re wrong on both counts. You don’t like Obama? Then you must not like America, because he is trying to make things better, not destroy the country for the benefit of a few rich folk. Romney seems to think Switzerland is a good country, all his money is there, why don’t you try living there instead? Oh, can you afford it? Then shut up and show a little respect for the man that is trying to help your ungrateful ass.

        • I’m one of those people who collected unemployment for 3 years. Now I’m allowed to abuse the welfare system along with food stamps and I also get my heating oil and cell phone fully subsidized. Your darn right I’m voting for Obama, I don’t want to be forced to look for a job. Now I’m fully and completely dependent on the Government. Now I’ve joined an army of entitlement voters that don’t want to lose their goodies, Obama bought my vote, I like my free goody bag of handouts!

    • Bushs’ failures as President (economic policy) were initiated by Clinton. What took jobs overseas? Free trade act. Whose watch? Clinton’s.

      Liar loans were starting around 1993 in the hands of Obama (AKA Barry Sotero). He filed a lawsuit so “poor” people could buy housing – to get the loans – the Feds had to change the rules of the game to qualify. The lending went out of hand – but the liar loans started on Clinton’s watch partially due to a lawsuit pushed through by people Obama worked for (but not as a lawyer – a background check would have been necessary).

      The wars? Did you forget that Al Queada flew planes into our buildings. Yes, the economy collapsed at the end of his presidency – however, there were the most years of successive, continuous economic growth!

      Also, him writing a book makes a lot of sense. He could have done things differently – threw a temper tantrum to the American people with regards to the TWENTY letters he wrote to congress about Fannie and Freddie getting out of control. but wait, the media won’t listen to him!

      I think he is the perfect person to write a book on economics. He would know first hand what he could have done differently – lessons learned. Similar to a teenage pregnancy or a drug addict – who knows better than having first hand experience.

      What we do know is that Obama has added to the debt significantly and has worsened it dramatically!

      • The definition of NAFTA: The agreement, implemented on January 1, 1994, is based on the premise that removing as many tariffs as possible between these North American countries will increase trade within the region and benefit each country’s economy. This has NOTHING to do with sending our jobs overseas. Big business took advantage of cheap overseas labor so they could increase their bottom line at the expense of the American worker. Under Bush, we’ve seen him deregulate big business to the point that millions of people lost their pensions that they’d paid into for YEARS!!! Employers don’t supply affordable healthcare and millions go without any kind of healthcare at all. You call that success?

        The American financial industry was regulated from 1940 to 1980, followed by a long period of deregulation. At the end of the 1980s, (Reagan/Bush era) a savings and loan crisis cost taxpayers about $124 billion (Bush, Sr.). In the late 1990s, the financial sector had consolidated into a few giant firms. In 2001, (“W”‘s era) the Internet Stock Bubble burst because investment banks promoted Internet companies that they knew would fail, resulting in $5 trillion in investor losses. In the 1990s, (Clinton era) derivatives became popular in the industry and added instability. Efforts by Democrats to regulate derivatives were thwarted by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, (Bush era) backed by several key officials. In the 2000s, (“W” era)the industry was dominated by five investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns), two financial conglomerates (Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase), three securitized insurance companies (AIG, MBIA, AMBAC) and the three rating agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poors, Fitch). Investment banks bundled mortgages with other loans and debts into collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), which they sold to investors. Rating agencies gave many CDOs AAA ratings. Subprime loans led to predatory lending. Many home owners were given loans they could never repay.

        Bush has no business talking about economic growth. Regardless of party affiliations the national debt doubles about every 9 years. When times are tough, spending to promote the general welfare rises. This is NOT a characteristic unique to only President Obama. Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt did the same.

      • If the ‘bad’ loans began during 1993, why did it take 12 years for the housing market to feel the strain from citizens going to a mortgage broker & ‘sticking them up’ & forcing mortgage originators to authorize loans they didn’t ‘qualify’ 4? I remember things differently, that those same people were affording quite nicely, thank U very much, their mortgages, but starting in 2002, the market beginning to buckle. Oddly enuff, that was also the same year that unemployment began spiking. U don’t think there’s any correlation there AT ALL do U?! Just curious… Unprovoked WARS, unleashing a confederacy of criminals to destroy our government, stealing the near entirety of the nations treasure in the process, sounds more like ‘junior’ NEEDS 2 B reading President FDR’s 1933 book ‘Looking Forward’. Better yet, he obviously missed reading President Bill Clinton’s 1992 book ‘Putting People First’. But b4 he decides 2 make a complete laughing stock out of himself, he may want to read ‘Back To Work’, again, by President Bill Clinton, so he can @least ‘SEEM’ he has a grip (on reality)…

    • As I said in response to Philip Weigelm, this is the blind leading the blind. What is sad is that campaign fianance laws as so screwed uo now all of the rich folks who are overwhelmingly republicans are able to contibute unlimited amounts to PAC organizations established to try to buy elections that will put politicians into office that will reduce the amount of taxes that they have to pay, putting more tax burden on the common less eaarning folks most of are.

  1. OK. At least we know for sure now that he really needs us to believe what he did was the right thing to do. This is how narcissistic malignancy manifests in politics. He is so ashamed of his performance as president he feels compelled to write a book on a subject he has no grasp of to explain away his decimation of the US economy while in office. Go away George you are not needed or wanted..

    • Hey !
      We have a Psychiatrist in our midst. But you are sorely misinformed. You must be speaking of the tenure of President Cheney. Dumbo was just Dick’s good “gofer”. Dumbo never Georgetook the reins as President until the last year of the Cheney era. But in fairness – I met George W. at the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas and then again when he led a 100 mile bike trek through Palo Duro Canyon with injured warriors. Psychotic Dick Cheney was absolutely the worst excuse for a President we ever had. I think old George did a pretty credible job in 2008 in many areas – he was just in over his head. But -as a civilian he’s a pretty good likeable person. And he is in one heck of physical condition for a 66 year old. Gets over those rough bike trails like a 20 year old. Also a good horseman. I think he was hand picked by the Republican Party and played on his Fathers name and achievements. As a President I would rate him on par with Warren G. Harding.

      • Wouldn’t it be great if everybody was as nice as the last person who screwed you over? Let’s say Cheney was the real president and the GOP picked GWB for his name recognition and he was a fun guy and great bycicle rider. Bush was still a fraud foisted on the American people by greedy criminals who brought this nation to it’s knees. The way I can tell if I am dealing with a criminal is that they keep on doing their crimes while denying the result evan as the evidence mounts.

  2. How anyone can possibly believe that the republicans know anything about economic is comical at best. EVERY recession in my lifetime (50 years) happened during republican presidencies. This was not just a coincidence.

    • Watch CNBC, or any financial show or news publication, the general consensus is that republicans’ strong point is on the economy.

      Why is that? Because that’s the view the news media propagates. Why is that? Because people who run the news media are rich and don’t like taxes.

      G W Bush should write, he’s earned it. After all, as he explained a few years ago while still in office, he already had his “accountability moment.”

    • Not a coincidence….They’ve all had the Democrats controlling both houses, and we all know that is where the county is run from!

      • Wrong Jerpell for most of Bush 2’s time in office he had a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate and they rubber stamped everything he wanted passed. Also there have been Other Republican Presidents that had majority control of both the house and the Senate when we had depressions. I got laid off from work twice in the over
        50 years I worked and both times it was because of Republican Presidents, Reagan and Bush2, economic policies. Reagan got smart and he reversed his economic policies but Bush2 never did reverse any of his policies, and that is what put this country in the 2nd worst depressionn we have ever been in.
        The people that lived thru the Depression in the 20’s and 3o’ always said if you want another depression elect the Republicans and put them in the White House and Congress, you will have a depression before they leave office or right after they leave, because they and their wealthy pals make money off causing depressions. They are right especially as far as Bush2 is concerned.

          • Of course, but either you can’t count or the length of some of my answers is too long for you to read moving your lips and fingers in sync.

      • Ah JERK pell

        You are truely and totally over your head. But then again thats whats to be expected from a RWNC

  3. “Hey,” know this or not you will have the joe donuts people who will buy it. You know the type. The ones with the short momerys, and blame President Obama for this mess.

  4. How like GW. He is simply tone deaf as far as to his own bizzare behavior goes. He would be well served to just slink off into the night and that would also be the right thing for him to do in the interest of our party., But, we never expect him to live up to his Father’s values. Something trerribly disgusting about his behavior and it does nto bode well for our party at all!

  5. Economics is a study of allocation of Scarce Resources. Bush who instilled fear in all of us during his term has mistaken it to be a study of “scared” resources..

  6. Well, he’s got balls. Admit it, you have to give the the lil’ buzzard credit for having balls, and a gigantic ego.
    But alas, like so many other aspects of his Presidency, this is one more thing that just doesn’t pass the “straight-face” test.
    Should this surprise us?
    His Presidency gave us our biggest budget deficit in history our country. Now, all Republicans—to a man, woman, & child—are screaming about (you guessed it) The Deficit. And after W. & Reagan,isn’t it now clear that Republicans speak of deficit reduction as Junkies speak of clean living?
    I can’t on board with people who are disingenuous by definition.

  7. A history beautification project in the making. What an ego? Or is it more stupidity? Instead Pres. Bush should plant a few trees in an industrial neighborhood affected by his policies.

  8. I don’t think he has ever read a book much less capable of writing one. The nuts out there of course will line up to get an autograph copy.

  9. 16 straight quarters of growth, an American record….If Dodd and Franks didn’t try and get people who couldn’t afford homes into homes, we would still be in a growth pattern….Oh yea and 4.3% unemployment, it can’t get lower than that, 5 % of our population just won’t work!

  10. Correct Problem is a few huge corps run- own- control our news media … first and foremost for max profit. They decide how stories are covered How much time is given to each story. Media chooses the words to convey that ‘ news’ . They are all powerful and Answer to few surely not to the public I prefer PBS or C span . I read books to educate myself but only those from authors without an ax to grind and who will tell us the whole story- not their edited version.

  11. The problem with former President George W. Bush is not lack of leadership. Certainly not! If you have any doubt, take time to read his former Secretary of state’s book: ‘No Higher Honor’, by the erudite Prof. Condoleezza Rice. Again and again, he showed great leadership in the face of testy days of his administration. A war president as a result of 9/11 episode; yet, you cannot but identified many instances of rare leadership traits that sometimes beats Madam Secretary. The George W. Bush Think Tank Policy Institute at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX is another great example of leadership. The task before the American society is to always scrutinize any leader’s policies including economic or political policies that are being formulated right now or in the past in order to guide our society in the right path. George W. Bush who was acclaimed as one of the best Governors in Texas before he was elected as the 43 US President because of his ability to reach bipartisan consensus, might have suffered from his privileged family status thereby yielding to large ego sometimes, but most importantly, he may have suffered from hardcore hard-liner advisors in some of his cabinet members during his presidential administration. Unfortunately, a true leader must be responsible for any mistake of his team. I believe that a deeper walker with the Almighty God would make George W. Bush a much, more refine leader for America and the world at large.

    • It wasn’t G. W. Bush who messed up the world, it was the 9/11 hijackers. They provided the perfect storm of fear in the American public, an incompetent man elected to a second presidential term and a basis for a call to arms. T.

  12. Latest book on Supply and Demand
    From G.W.Bush who was in command
    If it were up to me
    Won’t even give it free
    Instead – have it banned

  13. I think you guys are full of it, and 60-80% in your head ; there is no free lunch on planet earth.
    that doesn’t mean you dont do a good or great job on other things,

    Bush did most things well relating to the Economy, but the dismantling of the UP TICK Rule in 1998-1999, 9/11 energy and the Cole attack energy already had happened, or the energy was set when Bush Came in.

    Remember” What you see in others , you have in yourself.”
    Roberto Conrad, WDC and DES MOINES IA.

  14. That’s pretty wild… Bush giving ideas on the economy. Why not ask Ronald McDonald to write a new diet 😀

  15. Now this is a GREAT article.. How is it some people are put on this Earth too act so STUPID as GEORGE W. Bush. This guy has to have a FERN for a Brain. The World and especially the U.S.A. should never allow such people to run for Political Office.

  16. The worst president of all Time has to be G.W. Bush and the three best presidents are Clinton,Carter and President Obama ! Would you vote for a moron I mean mormon ?
    Obama is going to win again !

  17. When can a non-elected politician, know anything about anything? That “bush” B.S.
    is rearing its ugly head again. He screwed this country twice and some book publisher is
    willing to give him Billions to screw everybody over. The rich get richer the poor get poorer.

    I’m proud to be the 99% because of my right to really critizise the 1% .

  18. Don’t worry, Obama is going to co-author it. His part is going to tell how to finally send a nation down the river after Bush. He promised that four years was what he needed to set things right, but that was a politician’s lie. No one did all this on his own, but Obama doubled in his four years what Bush did in eight.

  19. OMG! What a joke! The book will sell to the droves of neanderthal’s and help Bush live his life style he is accustomed too. That and his rich man welfare he gets for being President. What a joke. But to have him Speaking on a subject he knows nothing about and suckering his minions into believing him yet again. Outragous.
    The guy has never and I mean NEVER had a successful business venture.
    They were all disasters. And he became president and it was par with everything he has ever done.
    A disaster.
    His whole life was nothing but one big failure. And a dark time and black eye on America.
    I couldn’t believe he was elected. And I am probebly right on this. He was never elected but stole the White House via fixed elections.
    Stealing Florida anyone?
    Just hearing his name makes me want to vomit.
    Same with Romney.
    The best part of the Republican Gene pool ran down their Mama’s legs.
    There are no more good Republicans. Not since Barry Goldwater.
    It is a facist party now full of evil and greed.

  20. dunno! Seems Bush is as qualified as any other member of the GOP. I mean…what he’d have to say makes as much sense as anything else we’ve heard from Republicans

  21. I am LMAO!!! Who wrote a book? A book? Hell, can he even write his name. I know he can’t deliver a speech. Any 5th grader could deliver a speech better. George, are you smarter than a 5th grader?

  22. Stop blame Bush it is not his fault I know he contribute to but look at democrats and Obama what is doing with country you are joke keep telling us you want to save us problems are all over the world and Obama want to sale us to Europe . I am not Republican or democrat because what I see all you are crazy all lie after lie and blame each others like bunch a kids and use our money to travel over the world I do not know how you have courage to tell us you want to change something in good .The only think I see you want to change is to put more money in your pocket , another think Democrats tell us how you want to save us but this president go over the place play golf and have fun in Hollywood have a dinner for $40,000 how is working that for me if I want to see him I have pay that much money in this case what I have to say he is the worst and arrogant president in entire world , I t is a shame

    • I have no idea what you just said, but that just proves the GOP’s plan to eliminate the Department of Education would be horrible. To think, everyone would type like you… THAT is the true shame.

  23. Hey Henry Decker you are joke too we are not stupid you liberals use media to tell us jokes and lie after lie please stop this non sense talking to us

  24. A bunch of democrats practicing their invective for Ken and Barbie websites. Just remember you are talking about a President of this country, not one of your leftie friends. It is sad to see the tripe our schools turn out now, especially the ones that think syntax is something Obama misspelled. Of course the thing that makes the whole thing laughable, is ” according to the New York Times”, that’s the same newspaper that had to print a retraction about the lies they published about soon to be President Romney. Get a life guys and dolls!

  25. Goerge Bush as an expert on Economics is a joke. Look at the shpe this country is in. He knows as much about Economics as Hitler did about Human Rights.

  26. Actually Ronald Regan was the best moderen day President. Everyone afterward rode the fruits of his encomoic policies. George Bush came in with a declining encomoy and did absolutly nothing to try to prevent the disaster that has followed. Obama has done nothing but try to socialize the country thus destroying free enterprise.

  27. I am not sure but I think I heard Rush say that the economy crashed because everyone knew Obama was going to be elected. I know Rush had a hard time all through the Bush years because he was forced to blame everything on the Clintons until it became apparent that Obama would be elected, then Rush was able to project the blame on to the future president. Thank god a democrat was elected, or Rush would still be blaming the Clintons for everything that happened in the Bush years.

  28. Every president has problems they can’t solve. They have no control over gas prices for one, and they are emboldened to the Fed. The Fed tells them what to do with the economy. They are told what policies they are to follow, and not the other way around. Where Bush really went wrong was when he lied about the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam had, and used that lie to start a war, so he could stay in power. He had a huge opportunity after 9/11 to really do some great things, and instead, he used it as a pretense to start a war that kept him in power for two terms.

    This also kept the Military Industrial Complex running and expanding. Who made all the money? Rich stock holders of various companies that make war products. Not us! Obama is trying to clean up the mess Bush left behind, and he did a fairly good job of keeping us from going into a full blown depression. It is going to take a very long time to get out of this recession. Maybe longer than he will be in office.

    A very big consideration to take into account is that we are moving from a manufacturing society into one that is a more information society. A lot of people are being hurt because the manufacturing jobs went overseas, and they are going to have to adapt to a new system. This started long before Obama. Corporations have been shipping jobs overseas to cut costs, and they are who we should be mad at. We should be mad at the laws that let this happen.

    I could say so much more about what is going on, but presidents don’t have as much control over jobs as we like to think they do. They can’t tell corporations what to do, and therein lies the problem. Only Congress can make the laws. We should direct our anger at Congress, and not necessarily the president. I guarantee you that it doesn’t matter if it is a Dem or Repub president, there will still be problems. Clinton signed NAFTA and got rid of Glass-Steagle. He did more to wreck our economy and its protections that any president from the last 80 years.

  29. Let him publish. Whatever. He’s fighting against Alzheimer’s like his mentor. Two neurones may fire something else than pure platitude. Something that we can laugh at it.

  30. For all the “Right Wingers”, just a thought. Why do you suppose Obama won the election in the first place? The answer is that the Nation was sick of an Administration that managed to Bankrupt all 50 States AND The United States. And George the Second managed to do it in only 8 years. That will likely go down in history as a record that will never be broken. At least, I pray that it will never be broken. Jim Myers

  31. I think funkifized has drank the koolaid! Show me how “he” saved the auto industry. First, that was Bushs’ doing, not Obama’s. Oh, and the “auto industry” paid it back? The government filtered money into the auto industry through other avenues (take a look at their expenditures) and the auto industry paid it back with subsidies by the u.s. government! Can you explain why obama is giving 4.3 billion dollars to education as an incentive for schools that hold teachers accountable for test scores?? What about the inner city schools with ESL learners? What about parental involvement? 4.3 billion dollars can easily be spent in education – but not by holding teachers accountable to some stupid standardized exam where they spend weeks on end teaching kids HOW to take exams – not practical in the real world! Obama is by far the worst president – far worse that Carter. Reagan’s economic policies? He had to battle Jimmy Carter — and that, my friend, was a far worse economy than Obama “inherited” and made infinitely worse!

  32. Let’s see if he wins this time – remember he lost in 2010 due to congressional candidates opposing his policies. Just because he “inherited” a mess – caused mostly from Clintons’ policies — doesn’t mean he had to continue the mess. If the media would put the real numbers up for the ignorant – he would have zero votes in November. Why won’t your man release his transcripts? What does he have to hide?

  33. Wow, dolphin767 — this is the first common sense – facts to back up your argument post I’ve seen! Thank goodness someone understands what really went on in the bush administration – don’t forget the liar loans started under clinton with the help of obama as well.

  34. Just because one cannot deliver a speech does not mean he cannot write a book! And, I have heard him speak post presidency – and he was actually really good! I wish I could speak as well as Bush! Obama is a better speaker – IF he has a teleprompter. Take the teleprompter away – he is WORTHLESS!!! bush is far superior at one-on-one conversations

  35. Wow – Carter is one of the best presidents ever? Ethically, perhaps, but no economic sense, no leadership ability —

    Clinton one of the best presidents? When does being able to speak make you a good president? Have you heard of the NAFTA? What did that do? It outsourced jobs! That, my friend, was CLINTON’s watch!! When did the liar loans start? CLINTON”S watch! What two events collapsed our economy? Liar loans and Nafta – both initiated under CLINTON’S WATCH! Do you homework before you sound more ignorant!

  36. “W” was the WORST leader EVER- not just here in the US, but the worst leader ANYWHERE!!! I don’t understand how any person with a normally functioning brain and a second grade education would think “W” was anything but stupid- so stupid that he actually was dangerous. He’s an outright criminal…him and his corrupt administration. I challenge anyone to do a wikipedia search of the scandals of the “W” presidency. There are so many scandals and illegal activities that they have to alphabetize them to organize them!!! He used fake intellegence and led our country into a war that killed thousands of our own and disabled many, many more! He put our economy into a death spiral and put millions out of work. He lined his pockets and couldn’t even get Osama Bin Laden…the greatest threat to our nation’s safety. But then, why would he? He made sure the Bin Laden family got out of the US on 9/11/2001 without so much as a question to any of them, like, “Have you seen Osama?” NOTHING. I could go on and on…but there are sooo many examples of his hoodwinking the American people and destroying our country, it’s pathetic and wrong that no one in the world has made him and his administration responsible for anything.

  37. They, also, start a war to get things going again…war makes money. Not to mention all this crap they spew about the creation of jobs…I have been waiting for 10 years or so, for the “creation” to happen…well, it did happen…in China, India, etc. and all of our “factory” jobs went over seas and the GOP rich made money on the good people of China…which I might add, give us poisoned (lead paint) toys, sulphur riddened dry wall which rots the copper pipes and wiring in our homes, poisoned pet foods which killed or sickened our pets, and so on, and not to mention our IPhones made in China where the people are paid about $2.35 per hr (USD) with no benifits, and are sold to us at $400.00+/-, who “made” the money…not OUR (the keyword here is our) hard working people?

    • Typical invective showing you have no idea what you are talking about. China gave “us” green paint, that was all that was specified on the order. Steve Jobs was a Democrat, so get on your bike to a spiritualist and take it up with him. The specification of the dry wall did not go into detail and China does not use copper pipes. Hollywood is full of Democrats, why aren’t you complaining about the millions they make off the poor Americans with crap movies and even worse DVD’s which the cheat and lie about. One day the last Democrat will die then America can switch it lights on again.

  38. I am sure this will be a BEST SELLER. Boner and McConnell should read this!!!! Bush makes Obama look like a HIGH ROLLER AT THE CRAP TABLE along with NOT A DIMON IN THE ROUGH JUST A CHUNK OF COAL, JAMIE. I NEED 23 MILLION/YEAR TO DO THIS.

  39. Bush is more qualified than Obama to write a book on this subject. Even though both were under the global economic system problem which is collapsing around the world, the difference is that Bush did not waste the economic bailout, the Obama admisnistration did, and after 3 years, two of which the Democrats had full control of both houses, Obama has not been able to do a thing to improve the economy in spite of the federal bailout. While we were being told the 10 largest financial institutions borrowed about $160 billion from the Treasury Department, we were not told that the same firms were also borrowing from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) $ 700 billion in emergency funds. Those borrowers included Morgan Stanley ($107 billion), Citicorp. ($99.5 billion) and Bank of America ($91.4 billion), the bailout of insurance giant American International Group ($85 billion), plus support pledged in the merger of Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Chase ($29 billion). And to prove the point of a global crisis almost half of the Fed’s top 30 borrowers were European firms, not Americans, which included Royal Bank of Scotland ($84.5 billion) and UBS AG ($77.2 billion). After mishandling all that money, we are far from being out of the woods, Greece is about to pull out of the Euro disaster, with Spain and Italy close to economic meltdown. The Feds and the Corporations behind the Global Economy fiasco are the culprits here so it does not matter if we as a country are fiscally responsible and economically sound, because in that system you are only as good as the weakest link. Let us face the fact that the USA can not maintain the entire economy of the world nor can we save it.
    As far as Jimmy Carter is concern the man was inept as a president in spite of his many sterling personal qualities. His administrarion was more concerned in getting him nominated for the Nobel Peace award. During his tenure we turned our back on most of our political allies and the final year of his term arguably was his worst. It was dominated by the Iran Hostage Crisis, during which the U. S. struggled to rescue diplomats and American citizens held hostage in Tehran, paving the way for the rise of Radical Islam now threatening the free world.

  40. Who in the world is dumb enough to buy his book? Isn’t he the guy that had the banner on the aircraft carrier saying “Mission Accomplished?” Case closed!

  41. This is roughly equivalent to Obama writing a book on Economic Growth…. except Bush had better growth. So funny how people defend Jimmy Carter because he tried – and I guess results don’t matter. Obama tried, but his sucky results aren’t his fault. C’mon, Bush stunk and Obama is worse.

  42. Who is dumb enough to get his book? Remember “Mission Accomplished” in a flight suit in 2003 I believe it was and other disasters, like leaving a mess for Obama to clean up…..Obama stopped the war just recently by the way. Now do you still want his book?

  43. HEY! We should listen to him.. It’ll only cost us 25 bucks. Nim nods like him just loves to play with everyone else’s money, I mean.. Look at all the fun he had during the majority of the last decade.

  44. I don’t care what the naysayers say. I’m going to buy that book. As long as I can color outside the lines I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth. Does it come with crayons or should I use my Bank of China credit card and give the bill to my grandson?

  45. Two illegal wars put on the national credit card and a tax cut for the wealthy that turned a inherited budget surplus into the biggest deficit in history. Yeah I’m going to listen to this moron tell us how to manage the economy.

  46. Romney is actually writing the forward? Doesn’t sound like a wise strategy to me, then again he would have it ghost written, but why would Romney want to be associated with Bush? I thought we were finished with that–didn’t Romney clean out the defense advisors also?

  47. That is irresponsible, the economy is today of what Obama inherited coupled with the Right refusal to pass the stimulus measures needed–and known to work from past experience–if anything, the magnitude of the inherience was underestimated.

  48. This is excellent . He may give insight of the economic hell that he created. All the failed Presidents and Generals who lost wars write outstanding account of their experiences. Despite this I like President Bush, am a fan of his

  49. Once you have inherited such disastrous economic situation, you wouldn’t be able create a magic .Have told him in the beginning of his election, you can not have spring with one Tulip, sadly he is surrebuttal with plenty of undesirable Sen’s ,1/4 of American children live under poverty line yet previous administration wasted Billions during unnecessary war just filling up Warmongers and armoury suppliers pocket. is it necessary to pile up inhuman Government of Mid-East, to occupy natural owners of lands and build up new invasion , definitely not, spent that credit for your own people not to allow them to sleep in the street hungry, as they have lost everything .
    Difficulties are you do not prosecute offenders of own, but are eager to bully defenceless nations.

  50. What so hard about understanding the Agenda of the Old Right Philosophy! As it set in place the American Liberty League. And through time took over the Chamber of Commerce for lobbing and special interest. In the agenda that created a depression to devalue labor and the living standards of the common good and honest living. Its all apart of the The Bush Economic Plan.You know the 1% over the 99%. We can never say the “agenda” is a “conspiracy”. No even a depression.When it comes to0 the Mundell-Tobin Affect. Here is a little history in the course and direction of the GOP.
    Mundell-Tobin effect and its precursor

    With the North victorious in the War Between the States, Republican dominance was assured over the Southern Democrats. Although a combination of former Whigs, Moderate Republicans, Northern and Southern Democrats looked to lower tariffs, the Old Right Republicans managed to eject the Southern delegations, arrest their opponents, overthrow Southern states, establish military despotism and overawe their opponents for the next ten years. The Lincoln era high tariffs remained in place for the next decade. The economic policy of Protectionism continued to dominate American politics until around the early 20th century. For the remainder of the century the issue was not as much about the “Level of Protectionism” as it was about the growth of Corporations and the Centralism of Capitalism and the subsequent issues regarding Labor Rights. Although the beneficiaries of Robber Barons, the GOP at first succeeded in forestalling the issues of corporate capital centralization and increasing “degradation of labor” by pointing to the success of Protectionism as the source for protecting American jobs.
    President William McKinley stated the United States’ stance under the Republican Party is thus: “Under free trade the trader is the “master” and the “creator” the slave. To control the basic need is to control creator! Protection is but the law of preservation. Too “survive” is but the law of nature, securing the highest and best destiny of the race of man. [That is! A breed of man! A credence of Philosophy! It’s the survival of the species that counts.]
    [It is said] that “protection” is immoral…. Why, if protection builds up and elevates 63,000,000 of people [the U.S. population], the influence of those 63,000,000 people supports the rest of the world. We cannot take a step in the proclivity of progress without benefiting the parasitism the weak and poor everywhere. Well, they say, ‘Buy where you can buy the cheapest’…. Of course cheap, applies to labor as to everything else. Let me give you a maxim. That is a thousand times better than that. And it is the protection maxim: ‘Buy where you can pay the easiest.’ And that place of earth is where “the master” wins its highest rewards.”
    [That is to say, as “creator of the labor force” became a slave to devaluation. As the master of the vineyard, comes to legal ownership and exploits creator on principal. In the “degradation of the common good and honest living. Through centralization of governing. That is special interest and lobbing]
    President Ulysses S. Grant further echoes that in his quote here: For centuries England has relied on protection. And has carried protectionism to extremes obtained satisfactory results from it.
    There is no doubt. That it is to this system. It owes its posterity too. After two centuries, England has found it convenient to adopt free trade because it thinks that protectionism can no longer offer it “Master”. Very well then, Gentlemen, my knowledge of our country leads me to believe that within 200 years. When America has gotten out of protectionism all it had offer. It too, will espouse to free trade.
    [That is! Through the deformation and centralizing of govern. Too commercialize and privatize Our Constitution. That is. As Liberalism seeks to protect ”Creator”. The laboring and family of “We the People and All Men are Created Equal! As Conservatism seeks to demonizes Protectionism/Protection as a very “Immoral” thing. That is. The Love and Nurturing of Life and Well-being is a “Great Sin”laid against the natural Law of Survival. In order too privatize, exploit and disavow “our basic needs” on principal. As the “American Liberty League” became the precursor! In the egocentric, that it is “Immoral” to triumph over the Natural Law of Survival, for the very well-being of all Mankind. As the Deformation of Govern brought into policy the Mundell-Tobin effect came into being. Don’t ever consider a depression an “accident” or even a “conspiracy”. As it came into play through the Agenda! Through the deformation and deregulating of policy as a perforce through the Greater Liberty. That is. Through the deformation and demonizing of Conservatism versus Liberalism.] The Bigoted Ideology of Master laid against the well-being of creator.
    The Mundell-Tobin effect states.
    In manipulating or exploiting the normal interest rate! The interest rate would rise slower in the Creating of Inflation! In understanding the buying power of those affected. Would loose their prosperity. [That is the common good and honest living]. And attempt, to protect their basic needs. As it creates the undesirable affect of a lower interest rate. Driving it down. That is to say. Any form of circumstance a monetary system. Will always devalue the normal interest rate and the prosperity of the common good and honest living! As it accelerates and devalues a monetary system! It came to composition through the Conservative Agenda of “Protectionism”. Too protect industry. The through tariffs.After the depression in 1937 this brought into being the Conservative Manifesto. While the GOP managed to “convince small businesses and labor” of its “altruistic support” for their interests and well-being. Yet the increasing dominance of centralization and large corporations pushed out of the market. Small manufacturers, artisans, craftsmen, and tradesmen As they ultimately came to called into question the GOP’s true allegiance.

  51. as i remember, economy at its’ top in 2000, the end of Presi. Clinton, and first time in hystory, US budget surplus 392 billion, Bush took over in 2001, the twin towers were distroyed, Irag and Afganistan wars shot things up, included oil, economy was turn around since then, 2008 was a mess when he lelt the office!

  52. If this IS a JOKE it’s NOT funny 1 BIT!!! JerPell mentions 2 Presidents that the nation ‘could have’ & definately ‘ARE’ benefiting from, but offers NOTHING in the way of comparisons! Typical conservative cowardice!!! President Carter assumed office, AGAIN, on the heels of the 1st of 4 SUCCESSIVE conservative abominations @the executive, but was able to manage careful guidance out of the disasters left by Nixon – even pointing US 2 a future we’re STILL needing to make our way to – AWAY from fossil fuels. Reagan & the Bush’s behave as if loyalists to enemies of the state – destroying opportunity, economic mobility options, as well as crucial human/physical infrastructure components of our Democracy & where ONLY the wealthy & corporations PROSPERED!!! & now we’re going to be ‘lectured’ 2 on economic matters by some guy, installed in2 an office which he had no competence, about matters he knows absolutely, positively & unequivically NOTHING? After turning a $500 billion – plus budgetary/government SURPLUS, in2 a deficit of $2 trillion & NOW wanting to WRITE ABOUT IT?!!? How much more insulting & cruel can 1 person be, being responsible for the largest imposition of misfortune upon America’s working class, since the Republican Great DEPRESSION of 1929?! President Obama’s hands & feet were tied from the start – by both circumstance & CONSPIRACY! Conservatives determined on 1/21/09, that THIS President would NOT repeat any successes comparable to President Clinton & they’ve been successful – 2 a degree. But in spite of conservative efforts to make the final push over the abyss which Bush placed the nation, President Obama has, if nothing else, pulled us from the edge, in spite of being deserted by his own party & w/the entirety of conservative opposition pushing against him w/all their (& corporate media’s) might!!! Here’s a suggestion, however – 4 those who didn’t, buy President Bill Clinton’s ‘Putting People First’ & compare his successes spotlited in his latest book ‘Back To Work’, BOTH of which address the B4 & after economic ‘REALITIES’ positive consequences of his time in office, instead of/compared 2 the mad science fiction Bush is guaranteed to elaborate on…

  53. Please be sure to mention that President Carter INHERITED (again!!!) a CONSERVATIVE post-war economy, which means it – AGAIN – put the nation in the untenable position of digging itself out of a hole created by (AGAIN) conservatives (this DOES include LBJ, who did the bidding of TX corporations providing weaponry 4 the war, but was mortified upon learning of the carnage being wrought & the fact that, like American patriots, the Vietnamese ‘patriots’ only wanted to run their country ‘their’ way, w/out U.S. AND/OR Soviet/Chinese interference). This is why LBJ didn’t run 4 re-election. Nixon was a racist, immoral sociopath, who lied to get elected (that he would negotiate in ‘good faith’, to end the war asap after being elected) & continued lying up 2 the very end… In the meantime, HIS & OUR nation suffered greatly. President Carter, as virtuous a man U could ever desire for a president, would NOT lie & paid the price… Being repudiated by his own fellow Americans… 4 trying to do what’s right 4 HIS & OUR nation’s future…

  54. What a joke, Everything he has touch went in the toilet. Look at his past records.
    Now the United States is in the toilet.
    We’re giving 1million a day to our supposed Ally ( HAHA)
    And the Americans who could realy use it! Has to pay with no reward.

  55. roger madore the worst president by far george w bush give obama 4 more years and he will clean up the mess he inherited

  56. Remember he was not even able to speak one sentence correctly and fluently. So how can he write? He has not shame, give him some more drinks…. maybe he will come to his senses ….

  57. Well, he will just blame his failures on the Democrats. If it weren’t for them blocking his plans things would have been great! NOT!

  58. So George W. Bush, I don’t like to refer to him as former president George W. Bush for all the aforementioned reasons, is going into the equivalent of comedy writing. He’ll have some folksy stories about the ranch in Texas that he bought to look more like a Texan and some examples somebody clued him in on when he didn’t have any idea what he was doing himself and even said he WASN’T an economist during the collapse. George W. Bush presenting himself as an expert on economic growth is like him saying he was a war hero during the Vietnam War. Preach it brother! …and see if you get an Amen

  59. There seems to be an intellectual unwillingness to admit what started the decline in the US economy. The fact is oil prices began rising dramatically. People who were living far distances from their work-place could no longer afford to drive to work. They began abandoning their homes and moving closer to their workplace. That is if they could find accommodation nearer. The house market began taking a beating;’ there were more sellers than buyers. The reality is that the technology guys were now considered to be the rich guys. The oil guys wanted to regain their position as the richest. In the economic crisis no one mentions the greed of the oil guys because people like the President Bushes are involved in oil and of course a member of Congress from Texas would not dare mention about oil rich greed which has affected the US economy. To make matters worse, the oil producing countries, other than the US wanted to maximize their wealth and were hell bent on maintaining and in many cases increasing their prices.

  60. Jimmy Carter was an excellent president. Remember he brokered the Camp David accord with Israel, Egypt etc. He influenced peace throughout the world. Unfortunately his brother Billy gave him a bad image because of Billys drinking habits. President Carter will be recorded as one of the most intelligent US presidents. After leaving office he has written more books than any other US president. He has done more for the homeless in several countries than any other US president. He has influenced free and fair election in more countries than any other US president. It is time that US citizens begin to uplift President Carter rather than decrying him as a result of rumors. Jimmy Carter has only looked bad because he was replaced by the well loved movie star Ronald Reagan who had the whole Hollywood crowd behind him and also all ardent movie goers. As for President George W. Bush he was a man for his time. It will be quite interesting to read his book and to examine his solutions. Sometimes in hindsight his vision may be much clearer than when the buck stopped with him.

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