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Friday, March 22, 2019

Not Just Mitt: Other Police Impersonators In Recent History

National Memo editor-in-chief Joe Conason reported today that yet another witness is coming out of the woodwork and saying that Mitt Romney had an illegal, youthful habit of impersonating police officers. But he’s not the only man who enjoys himself in uniform.

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27 responses to “Not Just Mitt: Other Police Impersonators In Recent History”

  1. There are quite a few impersonators, and the only one that I can think of offhand is Obama. Has there ever been another president that doesn’t have the real documents and birth certificate that is needed to even think about being president? Obama has no draft card, no REAL birth certificate, a social security card that belongs to another man that happens to be deceased for many years, no law degree, ( He had to let it go or be charged with using fraudulent names on it.) No college records, no high school records, no friends that will say they went to any school with him, and he was born In Kenya Africa, by his own admission. I could go much farther, but I think by now you have gotten the idea, unless you are stupid, like the congress and senate are pleading, so they don’t have to confront the illegal Obama. In November, hopefully, we will be rid of the garbage in the “white house” starting with the most rancid piece….Obama.

    • darkagesbegin says:

      Maybe he got off the same spaceship you came on?

      • awakenaustin says:

        The Dark Ages courtesy of the GOP. Do you believe he wasn’t born in Hawaii? Do you believe the world is only 6000 years old? Do you believe men walked with dinosaurs? Do you believe in fairy tales? How about the Easter Bunny? The tooth fairy? But I digress.
        The whole uniform thing is probably a silly issue and not worthy of a lot of attention. The problem isn’t that Mitt Romney pulls pranks, the problem is that he is a prank. And, as with most pranks not very funny and likely harmful.

    • EdC says:

      Once again someone who is convinced that Obama is the boogie Man, I would how you got this way, but because of your lack of mentality, you couldn’t possibly know. Now about papers please. How did both Thexas Rangers and The United States Air Force, according to Bush lose his papers. He told TimRusset onMeet the Press that Air force lost his records at the Georgia Air Guard Base, just as he told the Texas News Papers that The rangers lost his booking of position of a illegal substance. So Cutsail show us your birth Certificate, no the one that states that you were born in LaLa Land.

    • joyscarbo says:

      Wow…this crap has been settled a long time ago. You can see his long form birth certificate online which has been verified many times because of crack-pot people like you. All you birthers are just the new form of digusting racists!!! Go climb back into your bombshelter and wait for the zombies, idiot!

      • Soldier64 says:

        Anyone for Obama this go around is a @#%$^& idiot. I’m a registered Democrat and I voted for him the first time, but I WILL NOT make that mistake again. I don’t like Romney either; however, he will be better for America to get us on the right road to recovery. I don’t give a flip what rock Obama crawled out from under, we need him gone for our own salvation!!!

        • joyscarbo says:

          Why?! Watcha gonna do, repube, neandrathal conservative, tea bagger…what the hell are you gonna do??!! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Repubes are the mose spineless jackholes that ever had the arrogance to walk uprights and be called “humans.” You’ll take any man as long as he aint Obama color!!! Leftie Mitt could go back to his old tricks at any givn time. He’s already shown that the clearly doesn’t give shit what his own supporters thing about him, muchless the Dems.
          I work hurting and screwed up war vets. You do everything you can for them but there isn’t nearly enough to get them. Military telling soldiers, “You don’t have ADHS or PTSD!” Your claim for disability is DENIED!!!!
          Mitty may sale to the left~~~~~

        • Postman27 says:

          Are you kidding? What’s your idea of a road to recovery? If President Obama had a working, non-partisan, Congress, we’d be well on the way to recovery. Vote Romney, it’s you personal call, but know this: “his road to recovery is controlled by the monied power brokers and consists of a u-turn and back to what started our downfall in the first place”. I again ask: “Are you kidding?”

    • Lorraine says:

      Ms. Birther please think. With all of this birther BS and the way the Republican party HATES this man, do you not think that McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Walsh, Norquist and Rove for a few did not have this checked out. If this were true they would have had him thrown out 1/21/09. Now please start being the good christian you profess to be and remember the commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.

    • Bunny says:

      This is hearsay . Where is the proof ?

    • reinaldok says:

      And I thought that Orly Taitz had given up. Very fortunately very few of you so called birthers remain. Don’t you even realize that these simply idiotic comments are hurting any remote chance than Romney might have to win. Any competent analyst will tell you that your very foolish comments are aiding Obama’s chances for reelection.

    • LVSUNSHINE says:

      Norman, I would be embarassed to be so STUPID!!!!!

    • Ed says:

      Gee, some freind you are. I am sure Oboma told you all those things in strict confidence. You have betrayed his trust.

    • Landsende says:

      You have been listening to to much Faux News and that egomaniac Donald Trump who will do or say anything to stay in front of the media. Mitt Romney showed his birth certificate which was clearly marked “copy” and his father was born in Mexico. Does this disqualify him to be president. By your reasoning it does.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      You do a great impersonation of an idiot.

    • Postman27 says:

      Tsk, tsk Norman – Did you proof read your comments? Do you really believe that if any of this were true that President Obama would still be in office and even running for a second term. If the Republicans can trump up such flimsy charges to impeach President Clinton; it would be a piece of cake to charge President Obama. Just throw stuff out there and see what sticks? And, without corroboration of anything. I would say “Google it”, but that can’t be trusted anymore, as all you’ll see is a rehash of like minded simpletons making the same unverified claims. I suppose you adhere to the concept of multiple wrongs make it right? I might recommend you get a v-chip for your TV and block FOX News (just a title, not actually true) and roll your AM radio dial past the Limbaugh hate fest; I personally would look for a country music station and reruns of NCIS.

  2. frida says:

    Those who call themselves birthers should not be allowed to cast any vote. It looks like their capability of thinking is very, very low. If one can not reason out, why their votes should be counted while they don’t mean anything.

    • Soldier64 says:

      Socialists repress people from voting!! Are you guilty??

      • metrognome3830 says:

        And some people who impersonate a police officer get sent to prison. They can also be repressed from voting.

      • darkagesbegin says:

        you mean to tell me these republican governors in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin are actually socialists? who knew?

    • Ed says:

      Sorry frida,our system of government permits every citizen to vote, no matter how stupid. Even the mentally ill.

      • frida says:

        You mean so long as one knows what name to pick is enough?

      • Postman27 says:

        Unless you happen to be in Florida or a few other states that are either taking away your vote or making it more difficult to vote. Also, there are other issues that can keep a citizen from voting; like being a convicted felon.

  3. SOunds like an Arlington County pig I used to know. Thank Gawd he is not family.

  4. michael says:

    i think mitt romney should just forget about being our next president.the last thing we need is a president who has a past of pulling pranks on students especially tying a poor dog onto the roof of a station wagon & letting it get during a long car trip.besides who in the hell wants a mormon as president? i sure in the hell don’t he might as well quit romney in the white would spell disaster for the whole country.

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