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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Not Your Grandfather's Social Security Office

Q: I would like you to comment on the attached email. In it, you’ll see a photo that shows a waiting room in a typical Social Security office. I’ve seen similar scenes in my own local office. No wonder Social Security is in trouble if these kinds of people are ripping off the system!

A: Who are “these kinds of people”? To answer the question, let me describe the photo for the rest of my readers. Labeled “Our tax dollars at work: Social Security office waiting room — Austin, Texas,” the image shows a room full of chairs. Sitting in those chairs is a collection of mostly young to middle-aged people. Almost everyone in the picture is African-American or Hispanic. Above the picture is this question: “Do you see any gray or white haired retired folks?”

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  • Ken Beiner

    The need to make assumptions and spread racism is so strong for some people. As the articale points out- the majority of people go to the office for admistrative needs, such as replacing a Social Security card. Ironic that the person making the wrong assumption doesn;t even get the implication of their own comment ” My friend went to his Social Security office to get a Medicare card. He took a picture of the waiting room. Please tell me if you can find a retired person in the place!!!!” So, the person making the assumption was there to get a ‘card’ but no one else could have been? Geeze… what distorted thinking.

  • Paul Neymeyr

    In every age people have not based their opions on facts but what the latest rumor is. It would be so nice if people would include reliable statistics/evidence to back up their view, rather than trashing people or ideas with “facts created in someone imagination or nightmares.