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Saturday, February 16, 2019

HONOLULU (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast on Monday that he would have won most Americans’ support if he had been able to run against Donald Trump for a third term.

“No way!” Trump countered in a tweet, citing as liabilities U.S. companies taking jobs overseas, the fight against Islamic State militants and Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Barred by the U.S. Constitution from seeking a third four-year-term, the president told his former adviser David Axelrod in a podcast that Americans would have backed Obama’s vision.

“I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama said, referring to his 2008 campaign message of hope and change.

A wealthy businessman, the Republican Trump will assume his first public office when he succeeds Obama on January 20. He defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton on November 8 with a promise to clean up Washington.

In a tweet, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said Obama would have beaten Trump and Clinton would have won if not for an FBI statement shortly before the election disclosing new material on Clinton’s email practices as secretary of state.

Clinton’s aides have said FBI Director James Comey’s announcement, which led to no charges, swung the election, a charge Trump’s team has dismissed.

Obama said Clinton “performed wonderfully under really tough circumstances.” He said she focused on Trump’s flaws and could have argued more that the Democratic Party agenda helped working people.

Trump garnered more than 270 of the 538 state-by-state electoral votes to win the presidency. Clinton won 48.2 percent of the popular vote compared with 46.1 percent for Trump, according to the Associated Press.

(Reporting and writing by Emily Stephenson with Obama in Hawaii; Additional reporting by Susan Heavey in Washington; Editing by Howard Goller)

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22 responses to “In Podcast, Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump – Who Tweets “No Way!””

  1. rednekokie says:

    He certainly would have gotten my vote!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Mine too. At present, however, Americans must demand to know who in the Republican Party knew about the Russians hacking into our elections. There is a WSJ report that shines a light on Paul Ryan and McConnell who knew a month before the election about the Russian hacking. The effect it had was to throw the election to Trump. But what’s worse is that now all Clinton and the one Republican who left that party voter data is in Russian hands for good. They rigged the voting tally machines.

      The Republicans cannot be allowed to shove this under the rug. They are so guilty that McConnell refused to allow an investigation. That’s like the 9/11 Terrorists refusing to allow the 9/11 Independent Investigation.

  2. Dan S says:

    Of course President Obama would’ve easily won a 3rd term. Naturally Republicans are thrilled he is barred from the constitution to seeking reelection again. With an approval rating of 57 percent and Trump with low approval ratings starting his stint in the Oval Office it would’ve been a crushing defeat for him. Too bad we couldn’t have a 3rd term for President Obama who’s also 15 years younger than old man Trump ????

    • kep says:

      Americans do not want our country “fundamentally transformed ” into a communist regime, as liberals are trying to do. Emperor Obama is a fraud, has not abided by his oath to defend the Constitution, and should be tried for treason, then publicly executed.

      • elw says:

        And yet you are happy the man who got in considers Putin a hero. Do you get that???? Trumps hero is a Communist.

        • kep says:

          Liberals follow a soviet style communist doctrine. So who’s the communist, Comrade?

          • elw says:

            You make no sense. “Liberals follow a soviet style communist doctrine” – how than do you explain why they consider Russia, a communist country and their enemy. How do explain Trump support and praise of the leader of that Communist Country.

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Yes all that soviet doctrine that definitely exists and isn’t something made up by someone SO STUPID that they STILL think Obama is a Secret Muslim™ who was secretly born overseas.

      • I Am Helpy says:

        And yet you elected a child-molester puppet who is doing the bidding of Putin, last of the Communists. Weird!

    • InformedVoter says:

      The voters have grown weary of hearing all the lies about how good the economy is doing; about the cooked unemployment number (really over 11%, the same as the past 10-12 years), about who should be using what bathroom, etc.
      As Obama said in 2014, “I’m not on the ballot, but my policies are” and how did that work out for you guys. Since Obama won in 2008, the Dems have lost over 1000 seats in the Federal and State governments. And you just reelected Pelosi! Ha, ha.
      Obama popularity of 57%, and that’s with the MSM bolstering him up. Let’s do a look see here: Clinton, during his last month was at 66%; Reagan, during his last month was 69%. So Obama is more popular than Carter and GW, but in GW’s case, the MSM ragged all over him for 8 years. So, NO, it would not be accurate to say that Obama would have won. But then again, you lefties have never been big on being accurate.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    President Obama knows how thin skinned Trump is. He is merely goading this old goat like many of us are doing. If he can’t take the heat, it is time to get out of the frying pan. The President of the US has the least right to prevent criticism. Heaven knows Obama had enough of it. Now the wingers are pulling out their “victim” card and getting their noses out of joint because people are criticizing Trump.

    When KellyAnn Conway makes a threat like “Those criticizing Trump need to be careful what they say,” it is time to call her bluff.

    And, everyone knows that Trump owed Russian loan sharks money after his mess of debt from 1995 and the subsequent 151 bankruptcies, endless lawsuits and government fines.

    I give Trump 30 days before his first screw up.

    • robin.dial says:

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    • elw says:

      30 days, you are being generous.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        rofl…Note the cover ups they are planning? Indict Hillary to cover up the fact that Trump could go to jail for his fraudulent charity all while he bashed the legal Clinton Foundation? The coverup of their Obama birth certificate redoux to hide that Melania Trump was an illegal with ties to the Russian loan sharks?

        They forget their endless Benghazi and EmailGate investigations now make us realize that too was the Republican coverup to keep us distracted from their election rigging. They’ve shot their load this

  4. itsfun says:

    President Obama should have not been campaigning and telling everyone that he would be insulted if Hillary got beat. He campaigned for Hillary instead of being President and now wants to ignore President-elect Trump and try to insult him. If you believe Obama about being insulted if Hillary lost, then you should believe he would have lost to President-elect Trump.

  5. Godzilla says:

    Obama is just as mentally ill as every other Liberal. His delusions are priceless in there audacity, but telling of a man that can’t handle failure. His Presidency will go down in history as a disaster and rank him as one of the worst in history.

  6. elw says:

    It is so easy to make Trump jump – just say something anything that does not match his over estimated opinion of himself. He is already referring to his Presidency as 8 years, as if it is a sure thing he will win again in four years. Hell for all we know he might get so mad at something someone says about him before then that he nukes his own Country.

  7. jakenhyde says:

    Of course Obama would have defeated Donnie. Hillary beat him by nearly three million votes. Obama would have wiped up the floor with Trump.

  8. Apostol Pappas says:

    Still cannot accept defeat! What a lame statement.
    What about the defeat of the Democrats in the senate and congress? Pity that Pres. Obama is so out of touch with the American public. He may have beaten Romney, but Trump would have been a different matter altogether.

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