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Thursday, October 19, 2017

President Obama answered Donald Trump’s dangerous, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim post-Orlando message today in a remarkably forceful speech, saying that Donald Trump’s insistence on calling the Orlando shooting and other domestic terror attacks “radical Islamic terrorism” is a political maneuver that doesn’t make Americans safer.

“For a while now, the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle … in the fight against ISIL is to criticize this administration and me for not using the phrase ‘radical Islam.’

“‘That’s the key,’ they tell us. ‘We can’t beat ISIL unless we call them ‘radical Islamists.’

“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change? Would it make ISIL less committed to trying to kill Americans? Would it bring in more allies? Is there a military strategy that is served by this? The answer is, ‘None of the above.’

“Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”

“There has not been a moment in my seven-and-a-half years as president where we have not been able to pursue a strategy because we didn’t use the label ‘radical Islam.’ Not once has an advisor of mine said, ‘Man, if we really used that phrase, we’re going to turn this whole thing around.’ Not once!”

President Obama went on to eviscerate Trump, without referring the Republican nominee by name, for his race-baiting and Islamophobic presidential campaign. “That’s their propaganda! That’s how they recruit!” Obama said of ISIS’s attempt to paint their military and terrorist acts as part of a larger eschatological war between Islam and the West.

“We now have proposals from the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States to bar all Muslims from immigrating to America. We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence. Where does this stop?

“The Orlando killer, one of the San Bernardino killers, the Fort Hood killer — they were all U.S. citizens. Are we going to start treating all Muslim Americans differently? Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to start discriminating against them because of their faith? We’ve heard these suggestions during the course of this campaign!

“Do Republican officials actually agree with this? Because that’s not the America we want. It doesn’t reflect our Democratic ideals.”

Watch the full speech below. Obama’s remarks about “radical Islamic extremism” and Donald Trump start at 13 minutes.

Photo: U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement accompanied by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (R) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford after a meeting with Obama’s national security team at the Treasury Department in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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147 Responses to #EndorseThis: Obama Hits Back At Trump: Meaningless ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Debate ‘Is A Political Distraction’

  1. all this DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER clown want to do is try to cause more problems any way he can stating that Obama dosent want to use a term or some other B/S what he seeks is trouble of any and all kinds he would let the Pres. use a term and then this child minded clown would say see what trouble he started by using this term . ifs all part of his act to his clown show he will keep putting his feet up his butt for that’s where his mouth is and where he talks out of . after its all over he will have a show on tv THE BIGGEST LOSER STANDING and it will be him with a patch of hair hanging from his hand from his first wife he raped and beat

  2. Lets think about who is using Trump to recruit members. We have ISIL and the KKK both using Trump as a poster child. The only world leaders that support him are Putin and Kim Jong Un. Way to go Trump.

      • So Trump is the poster boy for ISIS and the KKK. What difference does it make? He is adding hate groups. That’s the point.

        • Obama & Hillary are the poster people for appeasement, more worried about the “rights” of radical Islam, refugees, & ILLEGAL ALIEN TRESPASSERS than the American Citizens they are Sworn to protect, their #1 Priority & responsibility. They allow hate into OUR Country, and the responsible Citizens that try to stop it are NOT the ones filled with hate, only the well-being & safety of Americans.

          • Under our constitution anyone in our country has legal rights. They have sworn to defend the constitution and protect the rights of everyone. The hate in our country is home grown and well tended by those that attack the office of the president. Where is the hate speech coming from? Who in our country is attacking others in a war of words and some time even more then words. What group is promoting the idea that the LGBT folks shouldn’t be treated the same as straights. Who is attacking people because the have patents from other countries or worse are from another country themselves. who is promoting hate for a religion by spreading lies about what they believe. This isn’t the first time these things have happened. Once it was “No Dogs or Irish Allowed”. How quickly people forget that they come from unwelcome guests in this country. Our hate is home grown and it’s not coming from the White House.

          • Home grown hate mostly from Middle-Eastern immigrants, as well as Illegal Alien Trespassers & failed inner cities. These are the problems that need to be addressed.

          • I don’t remember any mass killing that were done buy illegals. If you are born here you are not an immigrant. Over half the terrorist were not even from the middle east. Republicans don’t care about the inner cities. The congress doesn’t solve problems anymore, not since the republicans took the house.

    • p.s. It has been proven “another” Hillary lie about ISIS, (not ISIL), using Trump to recruit more terrorists. You are another naive sound-bite , headline reader.

  3. propaganda! he love this so much because his I wanna be histler (Hitler) used so much of and he says it don’t bother him to be compared to Hitler he likes it the sick child minded POS his wife now could be charged now for molestation . for having sex with a deranged mental child minded clown . if it isn’t bad enough in the first place having sex with this POS she has to do it with a CHILD BY MIND

      • ok here check the Irish Scottish history and you may learn what gender I am as to getting my butt to any psych ward . what ever for ? im one of the most sane people on here . but if you have use them your self can you tell me witch one you liked better. and I can share your info with other that seem like you and really could use all the help thy can get . you know like you . have a nice day and helmets help from banging your head against any walls I hear .

        • Your original post was so disjointed that it was impossible to understand you your point was. I thought maybe you had been drinking or were high on drugs when you posted it.

  4. The fraud in our W.H. doesn’t know what side to be on…..the Muslim or the Gay side…o wait the chose the Muslim side.

      • jmprint: He chose the Muslim over the American, simply because that is what he is….non American and a Muslim…he did say that he had nothing to lose because he wasn’t running again….he’ll just Martial Law to stay in Office.

          • King of America: Why don’t you ck out Jade Helm 15,mass graves,FEMA Camps and stock piles of Ammo in 5 different dept. within our government….you just might learn the truth about Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama…Wake Up!

          • OK I checked them out, they are all paranoid delusions invented by racist gun-humpers.

          • Jade Helm, a train exercise went off with out a hitch and there were no bodies. FEMA Camps are for emergencies like Katrina and not jails, check Fox News since even they debunked that one.You really need to get your tin foil hat checked, I think it’s to tight.How many guns has Obama taken away, non. What’s he waiting for?

          • 8 years later, and your still stuck in the same drivel. Be a man stop hanging with losers. Talk about mentally ill, you sound mentally challenged, might want to have yourself checked before you use that AK on someone besides yourself.

          • OMG, stop sipping on the booze this afternoon. SO did Alex Jones call you up and ask you to “go forth” with this laughable and insane fantasy for dupes like you to promote with his completely made-up conspiratorial insanity i.e., Jade Helm, which by the way was to have happened LAST July, 2015 ( news alert…..never happened) all for the real purpose which is to enrich Alex Jones, the worst possible motive for anything, to make a buck!? And you can’t wait to spew it here on TNM……do you have any idea how stupid you clearly appear to be??!!

          • Irishgrammy: Jade Helm did happen in the southwest part of the U.S.. last June-July of last yr. The. government stop the news people from showen what was happen. The military train on city street … not what the military does.

          • All this inbreeding has done so much damage to this country. My advise to game50: get fixed, we don’t need anymore of your and Dump types.

          • Sure, and he will invade Texas all by himself. So watch out , tomorrow is the day, fox news Said so! Get your guns and an extra pair of underwear, you need it.

          • Not Texas! What will the US do without, uh… whatever it is they do in Texas??!?

        • Talk about no backbone and consumed by the fear mongers. That’s one good thing you guys are good at, cry, cry, baby. The monster is lurking under the bed, don’t wet on yourself now.

          • jmprint: You can’t handle the Truth about the Muslim fraud in Our W.H….and stop wetting on yourself.

          • You really need to stop believing the RWNJ talking heads. President Obama, elected twice and the leader of the free world doesn’t happen to be a Muslim but even if he was he would still be the elected President. By disrespecting the President you are disrespecting our form of government.and our country. If you don’t respect the man at least respect the office and the country that elected him.

          • That’s because it’s not the truth game50. The definition of fraud is Trump. He is a fraud in using assumed name, ie John, he is a fraud in business, ie, Trump University, he is a fraud as a Christian, ie, he promotes hate and racism, he is a fraud in his hair, those are implants…oh game50 I could go on and on, but you can’t name one thing that is a fact about President Obama being a fraud.

            Three reasons a person would vote for Trump.

            1) you are a member of KKK
            2) you are white and think supremacy rules.
            3) too stupid to know better.

            Which one are you?

          • The reason a person would vote for H. Clinton.

            1) You resent your own country and want it to sink even further than what it did under Obama. It needs to be punished!
            2)You resent (economic jealousy) your neighbor’s new car…how dare he?
            3)You’re stupid…..but that is a given if you are a liberal.
            4) You have an unhealthy attraction to women criminals in tacky and poorly fitting pant suits.
            5)You believe BIll when he said: “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky….I never told anyone to lie, not one time.”
            (And you still deny he was later impeached.)

            Which one are you?

        • For YOU game 50 there are no meds on the planet for the kind of twisted and sick delusion and utter ignorance you are clearly suffering with!!!

        • For the last time, the President is Christian not Muslim. And so what if he is. You are no better than anyone else. Go away fool.

    • He’s on the American side. And he’s right. It doesn’t matter what you call it, American citizens decided to kill other American citizens. Just like 12000 other Americans are murdered every year by their friends and neighbors.

    • @game50…..Would you please explain then how it happened that Mr. Obama has taken out countless Muslim terrorist leaders since he became president. For example, Dubya clearly said that taking out bin Laden was not high on his priority list. Mr. Obama promised that if elected, he’d get bin Laden. HE DID!
      Not to be forgotten is the fact that the Bush family has been cahoots with the bin Laden family for decades. They were….may still be….actual business partners in several oil entities. That stinks to high heaven.

      • Boy have you gotten the facts wrong! Obama got bin Laden only because of all the leg work the Bush team did before leaving office.

          • What he meant was that he wasn’t wrapped up in obsessing over one man but was concerned with crushing the overall organization of Al Qaeda……a sound approach. You libs are more concerned with photo opps and symbolic events which is why we are in the sad shape we are today.

          • @AgLander…What he “meant” is your interpretation. I’m going by exactly what he said. In any case, he didn’t do anything about any of it. So he blamed Saddam for it when he knew damn well that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
            Remember, his family, including Dubya, were at one time in a business partnership with the bin Laden family. Also remember that the day after 9/11, while there was a strict no-fly edict in effect, Dubya had the bin Laden family members who were living in the USA at the time, flown out of the country and back to Saudi Arabia. That whole thing stunk to high heaven.

          • You have to be dumber than dirt. Did you even watch the video? Bush claimed bin Laden was living in a cave, on the run, had his contacts destroyed, and to focus on one person was not productive. GW still had his intel sources working on finding bin Laden. There is strong information that GW’s team actually found bin Laden, but elected to let him operate in a reduced capacity, ie. they had his actions contained. They knew if they took him out, someone would replace him and they’d have to start all over. This was proven when, to bolster his sagging ratings, Obama played the trump card GW gave him and took out bin Laden. Well, that really took care of the terrorists problem didn’t it?

          • Did YOU even watch the video. Dubya said “who knows if he’s hiding in a cave somewhere?” Dubya did NOT say he WAS hiding in a cave. Dubya said he didn’t even know if bin Laden was alive or not.
            For god’s sake, if you’re going to criticize, please get your story straight.
            Bottom line was that Dubya shrugged and said, “I just don’t spend that much time on it.” He couldn’t be bothered to try to find the person responsible for thousands of deaths in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania???? What a loser he was.
            Now, go back and watch that video thoroughly. It’s only 1 minute and 34 seconds and try the best you can to assimilate what Dubya said. His whole demeanor was that he was completely befuddled by the question in the first place.
            Mr. Obama promised during his first campaign that one of his priorities was to get bin Laden. One of the few politicians who actually kept a promise.

          • Befuddled? No F’n way! You obviously look at a POSITIVE for GW, “he’s in a cave, and on the run, and without support” etc. The video showed that GW had run bin Laden into hiding and had lost his financial support. Only a low information dummy like you would view the video as a negative towards GW.
            Again, GW was playing it cool all the while knowing that his intel guys were hampering bin Laden’s activities. GW intentionally let bin Laden operate in a greatly reduced capacity. In fact, many foreign political analysts predicted that Obama would use taking bin Laden out trying to prop up his sagging numbers. Look at how much more damage was done after bin Laden was killed. Obama’s an idiot and you seem to be following along the same lines.

          • Dubya couldn’t get out of his own way. Did you ever see his hilarious attempt at the “Fool me once” statement. He was totally befuddled. That’s why he rarely held press conferences. He couldn’t even read a teleprompter correctly. When it came to attempting to speak without notes, he was completely lost.

            No doubt in my mind that Cheney, Rummy, and Wolfowitz actually ran that administration. And run it they did….right into the ground.

            You’re welcome to believe whatever you wish about Dubya. But if you Google some of his press conferences, you’ll see a man who is pathetic at speaking without notes or a prompter.


        • You are such a joke. W claimed he didn’t even know where Bin Laden was. He even stated he didn’t care about OBL. As usual you have some made up facts that you present. National Memo should make you change your alias to “misinformedvoter”.

    • game50 that is not only an astoundingly ignorant comment, it is outrageously untrue evidenced by the Presidents own remarks. If in this weak and sorry attempt are implying, in the usually predictable behavior of right wing nut jobs, that the President of the United States is a “Muslim”, then take you ridiculously ignorant, insipid schtick back to the sites that enjoy that over-used hyperbolic insanity!

    • The President is for equal rights for all, not just one group. Get your facts straight before you respond fool.

  5. President Dwight David Eisenhower was of German heritage.
    Did that stop him from smashing Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL?
    Ever hear of Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were part of the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, return!

  6. Insinuating that President Obama is on the side of Muslim terrorists because a homophobic murderer, who frequented the Pulse nightclub, committed a horrendous mass murder, highlights how vicious and irresponsible Donald Trump, the man, is.
    Omar Mateen did not enter the USA to commit an act of terrorism because of President Obama’s immigration laws, or because he has been too lax when it comes to fighting terrorism. Omar Mateen was born in New York City in 1986, the son of Afghan parents who sought asylum in the USA when their country was invaded by the Soviet Union. President Reagan granted them, and many other Afghans, asylum in the USA consistent with our history, values, and traditions.
    Mr. Trump should familiarize himself with the issues he articulates before he open his little big trap. Honestly, the tele-prompter, and Mr. Manafort’s efforts to educate and control this loose cannon, is not bearing fruit. Trump is as hateful, narcissistic, arrogant, and irresponsible as ever. His “thank yous” in response to the applause from his adoring fans, his awkward smirk, and an incoherent rhetoric, reminiscent of the days of Bushism, indicate that little has changed since the Curiel fiasco. His discourse has been tempered, ever so slightly, but what is in his heart and mind remains the same. A bigot, always a bigot.

    • You missed some important issues. The killer was radicalized as far back as 2001 (he cheered the WTC attack and fellow employees complained about his constant preaching). The FBI interviewed him twice yet claimed he was no threat. So how can Obama’s plans to let thousands more into the country with only a limited vetting be considered doing his job. Obama needs to man-up.

      • to what, to the fact he republicans didn’t pass a bill, that might have triggered a flag. You guys would rather be cry babies about your toys being taken away, when if fact, we are only looking for control on these guns of war.

      • According to what I have heard on TV, Omar Mateen praised Al Qaeda and ISIS when fellow workers taunted him, and insulted his religion. I have not heard anything about him cheering what happened on 9/11 when he was 14 years old.
        First and foremost, Mateen, like all the other domestic terrorists that have attacked us since 9/11, with the exception of the female terrorist in San Bernardino, were all born and raised in the USA. Their crimes have absolutely nothing to do with President Obama or his policies. Most of them were in their late 20’s or early 30’s when they carried out their acts of terrorism.
        Retroactive blame may be acceptable to you, it is not for me.
        BTW, the asylum laws used to accept Muslims, including Afghans trying to survive during the Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan, that were in place when President Reagan allowed the parents of some of these domestic terrorists to enter the USA legally, have been strengthened, not only by President Obama, but by President Bush as well.

        • Not a very smart deduction that just because he was born in America makes him an assimilated American. He never accepted the American culture as evidenced from his anti-American behavior going back 15 years ago. That’s called non-assimilation. Just because he was born here avoids the issue of a Muslim who never adopted the country whose air he was breathing.

          • Sure he accepted the American culture, he bought a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle because that is the right of all Americans. Isn’t it?

          • Typical non-reply from a troll. Isn’t part of the American culture to be a gun owner? Isn’t that stated in the 2nd amendment that is always referred to or quoted by right wing trolls? Didn’t Mateen purchase 2 guns about a week before the mass shooting? Can always tell when you trolls have no response, you write a short reply that states nothing.

          • What being born here means is that he had the same rights as the rest of us, which means that in the absence of tangible evidence, he could not be arrested, and could not be denied the right to bear arms. That is the dilemma our law enforcement agencies have in dealing with domestic terrorism.
            In any case, my comment about the citizenship of 4 of the 5 terrorists that caused us harm since 9/11, refers to the claims made by Trump, and by some posters in this website, who are desperately trying to link immigration policies, that they blame President Obama for, with the domestic incidences of terrorism perpetrated by American born citizens. Think about it, how is President Obama responsible for what Omar Mateen did? Barack Obama was not even a Senator when this guy was born. The U.S. President when Mateen was born, and his parents sought and were granted asylum in the USA was President Reagan.
            BTW, an aspect of this tragedy that has not yet attracted the attention it deserves is that the shooter was a frequent visitor to the Pulse nightclub for 3 years…

          • You are right…..the FBI and law enforcement needs “probable cause” and even if he was on their watch list there was no evidence that would have allowed them to move on him.

          • Yes, he did. He had freedom of choice Freedom of religion. Vote. Get SS. Every right of an American. So do I and my family but we have NOT been accepted as Americans. Not once in my life have I felt like an American. Not since a 6th grader When a white teacher called me the n word. The beatings, bombings, etc., were not committed by any Muslim. They were committed by white Christian terrorists. You say they were mentally ill. I say they were right wig Christian jihadists. WE have dealt with them for over 400 yeas and not a Muslim among them.

        • Then you have been looking at the wrong TV stations. His former classmates clearly indicated that he cheered the 9-11 attack.
          Obama, with his horrible foreign policies, have encouraged attacks like this. Even Hillary’s PR team is trying to distance her from Obama’s foreign policies.
          As to his fellow workers, several complained to their employer that he was always ranting and they feared for their safety. A couple even quit with their reason being they thought he was radical. No evidence that he was being taunted. His former employer can look forward to being sued by those that quit as they didn’t protect the safety of their own workforce.
          This is what I mean when I claim you guys are low information. You didn’t have any info on these important facts because your news source of choice is censoring your information and trust that you’re weak enough to just accept the baby food they’re spooning out to you.

  7. Why hasn’t The Donald emphasized the fact that Mr. Obama has quietly(in the case of bin Laden, not so quietly) been wiping out terrorist leaders right and left. If Mr. Obama were a secret Muslim, does The Donald really believe that this would have happened?
    The Donald is so full of $hit that his eyes are turning brown.
    The people who wind up voting for The Donald have no real clue as to how America is supposed to work.
    So many American, supposedly Christian, right wingers have complained that Christians in Syria and other basically Muslim countries are being persecuted. Yet those same Christians? want to do the very same thing to Muslims in this country. It’s absurd on it’s face and I doubt seriously that these folks are smart enough to see the abject irony in their thinking.

    • What a bunch of garbage! The Christians in Syria are killing their fellow citizens. The number of attacks by Muslims since ISIS was formed has tripled in the past two years. We have a president (almost) who is not doing his job to protect the US population. Your ability to mix two different scenarios and claim they’re identical shows how low information Obama’s followers are.

      • Just how many attack from Muslim have we had in the last two years in the US since that is the only country Obama has any say in, if the number is tripled it must be high. How many non Muslim attacks have we had. I’m sure there are non since it’s the Muslim that are the problem. Just what are the numbers. Educate use.

        • Well, let’s see…
          The muslime Boston Marathon attack;
          The muslime attack at the cartoon convention in Garland, Texas;
          The muslime attack on the teacher in Oklahoma;
          The muslime attack at the Navy yard in Washington, D.C..;
          The muslime attack on Marine recruiters in Murfreesburo, Tenn.;
          The muslime attack on the deputy sheriff in Houston, Texas;
          The muslime attack on the Masonic Lodge in Michigan;
          The muslime attack in San Bernadino; and,
          The muslime attack in Orlando. There are more.
          Islam — the religion of peace.

          • Very good, The Boston booming was over two years a go but. OK., Now how many were done by non Americans? People who did not grow up in the US? How many came into the country from Mexico illegally? In that same time how many other mass murders did we have in the US? If you check you will see that we create our own terrorist and don’t import them. They buy there guns legally. The Great Wall of Trump will do nothing to stop them, They are not coming in a refuges. One third of the people on earth are Muslim. 8 million live in the US. A very small number cause problems but you want to paint them all as evil because of 16 people, This latest one was done by a mentally ill man who had been bullied and pushed out of society He went looking for a group and tried them all. No one wanted him, Even the gay community didn’t except him. You have got to be pretty far gone for the gays to reject you. The main point here is nothing that Trump wants to do will change anything or make us safer and in fact most would make things worse. Calling these people anything you want will not help stop the problem and taking a large group and calling them evil will not make the world any safer.

          • How many of the murderers wore jockey shorts v. boxers? How many combed their hair to the left? How many wore glasses or used contacts? The point is that they were muslimes fulfilling the twisted belief that we infidels should die. Really? Sorry ragheads, molon labe!

          • With all the murders in our country, you like attacking Muslims. not because they are any more violent but because they are a small enough group that they can’t fight back. We loose 85 people per day to gun violence. Very few to Muslims, Go on an hate them for being different and a easy target. You fear what you don’t know. You know nothing about Islam and except a twisted view feed to you by your over lords. Live in fear, follow the goat to your own demise. Hitler had his Jews, Trump has his Muslims. They both got the sheep to follow them.

          • First, you are semi-literate. It is “lose”, not “loose”. Secondly, “85 people per day to gun violence.” None of those are suicides are they? Get the actual figures on homicides, Einstein. Next, Muslimes can fight back. Just ask ISIS. Oh wait…we aren’t supposed to talk about “radical Islam” are we? Finally, as a combat veteran, I don’t fear those ragheads. People like you piss in your pants. Molon labe!

          • My point is it’s not people dying that you care about. You would shoot them yourself if given the chance. I sure don’t fear Muslims. My chances of being killed by a Muslim is less then by having a vending machine fall on me. I know a number of Muslims and count them as friends. I even took the time to understand their faith. It’s your hate that will hurt you. Just for the record ISIS is now losing,

          • No reply that your figures include suicides? Not surprised. If you really took the time to understand they revere a pedophile and want us dead, you would recognize how despicable muslimes are.

          • Thank you. All it takes is to read about what they worship. How is banning semi-auto weapons going to affect the suicide rate?

          • Who has said anything about banning all semi-auto weapons? Not the President. You like believing what any Tom Dick or Harry tell you as long as it fits into you world view. Find a direct quote from Obama saying he is taking guns away.

          • First, apparently you recognize that the “gun deaths” you refer to include suicides. Secondly, he talks about “semi-automatic assault weapons” needing to be banned and that they are “weapons of war”. Hey, he doesn’t REALLY want to disarm us! If you like your doctor…

          • Find a quote from the President where he says taking a way any guns. Limiting sales of these guns is not taking them away. limiting the size of the clip is not taking them away. Every word the President says in on record so you should have no problem finding a quote.

          • In the first place, it is not a “clip”, it is a “magazine”. Secondly, he has made it clear what his position is on the private ownership of guns. Had he said, outright, he wishes to take them? No. But, look at what he has said. Now, you don’t seriously believe he is a proponent of the 2nd Amendment, do you?

  8. Me thinks Obama doth protest too much. Today’s petulant display is the result of his frustration boiling over in his mismanagement of the war against “radical Islam”….two words he has refused to say ever, Now that it’s abundantly clear that his approach is not working and ISIS is upping the ante with bold moves in Europe and now in America, the frustration has caused this man-boy to snap and go on a misdirected screed against Trump. Mr. Obama….your problem is not Donald Trump. Your problem is Barack Hussein Obama. Trump is bold. You are weak. Trump will show strength where you show nothing but capitulation. Trump is a leader. You are a follower. So please, get out of the way because you have long ago proven that you aren’t up to the job. Even an early resignation should be considered. Just think; you can get even more golfing days in with your chum bus buddies and relax instead of getting all worked up over a job you aren’t up too and haven’t been from day #1.

    • If ISIS being defeated in Iraq is mismanagement, I will take it. ISIS is breathing their breath and taking desperate moves. They are bankrupted and loosing followers. Read the news. Trump isn’t bold, he has no plan to deal with ISIS he just has a big mouth. Trump would be going it alone since non of our allies respect him. That’s not strength.

      • Claiming ISIS is being defeated in Iraq is so rich, considering that Barack Hussein Obama is the founding father of ISIS after he withdrew, against all recommendations from military commanders, the U.S troops stationed there and protecting the peace after the war was won. That vacuum created the environment that spawned the evil that rose up and that we are paying the price for today. Yeah, right…..the founder of ISIS (Obama) is defeating ISIS! Priceless comment! I have doubts this country can survive with such an ill informed group of people like you who understand nothing, yet claim to know everything… tragically sad.

        • Here is a good history of ISIS, They started before Obama or even GW.

          We had agreed on the date to withdraw before Obama came into office and had we stayed we would have violated that agreement and international law. Also our troops would be under local law. Iraq wanted us out and it is their country. They are the ones paying the price. Not our dog, not our fight. If you are going to make statements about ISIS you should know the history. The Muslims are retaking their country with our help but this time it’s their blood being spilled not ours. Check the news reports, ISIS is loosing.

          • Of course the seeds were there, militant Islam has been around for centuries……but Obama’s feckless withdrawal gave them free run of the country and both their numbers and boldness exploded. All courtesy of Barack Obama who was only thinking of his own legacy but destroyed a country while wasting the blood and treasure previously invested by our military. History will not be kind in judging his inept actions.

          • I remember Obama trying to negotiate and agreement to stay but the legally elected government said no.The military would not stay without an agreement. Had Bush not set a date we could have work something out but our hands were tied. Had we stayed for fifty years it would have made no difference. They have to solve their own problem.When the United States was founded we had a rocky start to, in our first seventy years we had two civil wars and one invasion. We also had two different constitutions if you remember. It takes time for a country to be established and it hardly ever goes smoothly.If history blames anyone it will be Bush not Obama. We don’t blame Nixon for Vietnam do we. It LBJ that gets the blame.


            This is the events that I remember of why we left. He is basicly the same thing in the Times but at the very end.

            Gen. Austin today is in charge of U.S. Central Command and, as such, directs the new war in Iraq.

            Why was the Bush administration’s 2008 status of forces agreement allowed to take final effect in Dec. 2011 as military leaders recommended a continued American commitment? It is fair to say that then-Prime Minister al-Maliki, his relations with Washington going from bad to worse, was not greatly
            interested in rewriting the agreement. Mr. Obama was not either, and made no diplomatic push to iron out differences.

            “In the end, the Iraqi leadership did not try to get an agreement through their parliament that would have made possible a continued U.S. military presence after Dec. 3,” Robert M. Gates, the defense secretary during the troop surge, wrote in his memoir, “Duty.” “Maliki was just too fearful of the political consequences. Most Iraqis wanted us gone. It was a regrettable turn of events for our future influence in
            Iraq and our strategic position in the region. And a win for Iran.”

          • No, the Iraqi were trained and had an arsenal to combat ISIS. They ran and left the arsenal we gave them.

          • He is not going to accept your challenge to read. His mind is made up and he doesn’t want to be confused with facts.

          • When we continue to send arms to Israel, the Mideastern countries continue to distrust us as they think Israel is at war against them, i.e., Israel’s holy book. When we dropped bombs on Iraq, it fomented a whole lot of anger. Yes, there are Islamic countries that are fighting ISIS.

        • AgLander an complete IGNORAMOUS!!! Nothing worse than a purposely ignorant human being using outrageous epic lying to make a weak argument, despicable! Throwing stones and insults at those who see your blather for what it is, is truly chutzpha on steroids ………. always a loosing method to make a salient point which you are clearly intellectually incapable of doing……..Along with Otto T. Goat another racist/bigot that I will gladly FLAG, or maybe you AgLander and Otto are one in the same…….hummmm!?

        • Considering it was formed in 2006, say again, idiot. He was not in office. They are defeating ISIS. They have lost over 1/3 of the territories they first held. I know reading is fundamental and I know you have yet to meet that standard. When they call white terrorists like Brandon Routh, the PPH murderer, etc., white Christian jihadists or white Christian extremists, I’ll listen. Until then take a flying leap.

          • President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld won the war………president obama lost the piece. What three leaders and our military accomplished was all squandered away by just one loser, barack obama!

          • lost the piece of what? The evil trio started a war with lies about weapons of mass destruction and chemical warfare. $4000 American lives were lost and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens were killed. bush, cheney and Rumsfeld were tried in absentia n Malaysia. They were found guilty of war crimes You ideologues
            don’t want truth. You would vote for Charles Manson if he ran on the Republican ticket and vote against Jesus if he ran on the Democrat ticket. Your sources are lies.

          • ….so says the sycophant! You and your walking hypnotized pals are hilarious and oh so predictable!

    • Oh please Ag, go paddle your insecure bull$hit somewhere else, nobody cares what YOU think. Same old BS, lies, lies. Trump is an orange orangutan, the best he can do is $hit and throw it at someone, and you, well you are just a meek follower.

  9. Leaning to a particular ideology? Funny thing Islam and right wing Christians ideology is identical;
    *They’re anti-abortion
    * They support the death penalty
    *They oppose the separation of church and state
    *They believe religion doctrine should be taught in school
    *The believe women should have fewer rights than men
    *They oppose multiculturalism
    They believe homosexuality is evil and gay marriage should be outlawed.
    Pay particular attention to the last one.
    So which ideology was he following when the two are identical. The FBI stated he made 2 calls to 911 pledging allegiance to ISIL and another group in Iraq who opposes ISIS.

    • Other than missing #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 on the Christians you got ’em all right. Is that your normal average, Einstein?

        • You missed the boat. ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart. With all your strength. And, with all your soul. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ Quite a difference!

          • Jesus said, “love thy enemies as you love yourselves. Oh, yes, those so-called Christians like the Southern Baptists have shown a whole lot of love in the past when they bombed homes and churches, assassinated people, lynched people, made them step off the sidewalk, denied them a good living, burned crosses and beat them. Proselytize not by word but by example.

        • So-called-Christians, in my state, put up a bill to teach the Bible, as history, in the schools. The governor vetoed it. The state has lawsuits against the Federal Government to eliminate the marriage equality act, and abortion rights. Three of them walked out on a Hindu prayer because “this is a Christian nation”. We have White identity Christians. So, yes, #s 2,3,and 4 identify so Called Christians who had their turn violently opposing anyone who did not worship as they did.

  10. Most of the post on this feed enlightened the complete ignorance of the trump supporter. Disgraceful, and unacceptable!

  11. That is my president and I am so proud of him for standing against that orange haired pile and all his anti-government, bigoted Trumpbots. I do not for one minute believe Trumpbots hold decent American values. They are trolls for the murdeous NRA. Some of the more literate say they are constitutionalists, but then condemn the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 19th amendments. What they are really for is not the constitution, of course, but their interpretation of the 2nd amendment so they can stockpile assault weapons for the armegeddon they are trying to cause.

  12. Obama looks and sounds presidential.
    That no doubt impresses, but beware America!
    That is not going to solve the crisis the US and the rest of the western world finds itself in presently.
    There has to be a paradigm shift, and Hillary Clinton is going the wrong way!

  13. The Muslim JV Team is certainly becoming a thorn in BO’s side, just can’t get himself to criticize them. BO gives speeches about their civil rights, wants unvetted refugees here, & of course, Executive Order Amnesty, & the release of thousands of criminal Illegals. Remember: Al Quaida is DEAD, G.M. is Alive!

    • And the moron JV team like you should be, but isn’t, a thorn in the side of Republicans. In fact, you’re the best they’ve got! (You’re welcome).

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