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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

IMAGE: Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines. Sputnik/Kremlin/Alexei Druzhinin/via REUTERS

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25 responses to “How Obama Officials Fought To Preserve Evidence Of Russian Election Influence”

  1. I Am Helpy says:

    This ends with multiple members of Trump’s team – if not Trump himself – in prison. Who could have guessed, aside from anyone who ever read a single story about Trump’s business dealings?

    • dbtheonly says:

      Sorry Helpy, I see the Presidential Pardons flowing like water.

      • I Am Helpy says:

        Maybe for Trump. Nobody likes the weasels, though – I doubt there will be the blanket pardons of Iran Contra.

    • InformedVoter says:

      Hey HELLpy, the Poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”. Obozo’s EO, that opened the flood gates, that was secretly implemented, will get some of Obozo’s team charged with acts of sabotage! So far, there is ZERO evidence to support that Russia was involved in our elections. ALL members of the FBI, etc who are on the team, have stated “there is no evidence of any influence”.
      Hence, once more you made a post that is inaccurate: no one from President Trump’s team will be charged; no one, save for Obozo’s moles, will be indicted.

      • owmarly says:

        Okay, well that’s not true.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Sorry marly but no iintel agency can prove that Russia did the hacking. They think it, but can’t prove it. ALL intel agencies openly state that the Russians did NOT influence the election with hacking or any other method of cyber technology. Oh, you may claim that they spent time and money to influence, but that is not illegal. Obozo spent some outrageous amount trying the buy influence in the Israel elections to oust the leader he hated. Was this illegal?

          • You’re still being a juvenile in forming your ideas. Rather than resort to childish name-calling, act and think like a grown man for a change. That is, if it’s still possible so late in your life.

          • InformedVoter says:

            Oh I get it, it’s OK for you low information lefties to call President Trump a racist, sexist, etc, WITHOUT one shred of proof, but it’s wrong for me to out a racist and bigot after they personally used racial slurs.
            Yup, typical left low information, bigoted, brainwashed, close-minded logic. And you wonder why you got clobbered so badly in the election.

      • sharkbait4711 says:

        …and here you are again – not so informedvoter – with your ‘fake news facts’ rambling on about how there is no proof of Russian involvement in the last election. You are obviously a Trump paid troll.
        You really need to find another news source other than agent orange’s twitter feed… just say’n…

        • dpaano says:

          He probably listens 24/7 to FAUX News, which is the known purveyor of false news EVER!!!

          • InformedVoter says:

            Hello racist and bigot; I have never watched FOX news. More than likely, i will turn on MSNBC. Most of my information comes from foreign sources. They didn’t treat Obozo as kindly as the FAKE MSM did. They are not afraid to tell the truth.

          • Still too lazy to look up the word. If you want to know what racism looks like, then take a look in mirror, or just look at the poster boy for racism “Richard Spencer”. Either you are a fan and member of Richard Spencer’s club of racists, and in his employ being paid, OR you’re just too lazy to get your facts straight and rid yourself of the ignorance that has totally consumed you.

          • InformedVoter says:

            I see you’re still the king of wordy, meaningless drivel!
            Using a phrase or word that lowers a group or person is included in the definition of racist.
            Time for you to seek out a collegiate safe room and join dpaano and have a good cry.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Sorry sharky but once more you are wrong. You will NEVER be able to produce one document that states clearly that Russia influenced the election. All you have are opinions. Hell, the US intel agencies can’t prove that Russia did the hacking either.
          EVERY US intel agency is on record stating that the Russians did NOT influence the election. If you have proof, not opinion, you may wish to contact the US intel agencies.

      • I Am Helpy says:

        Uh huh. So still no quote, huh.

        • InformedVoter says:

          Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the titel “usually inaccurate”. Still think the polls are correct and that HilLIARy is going to win in a landslide?

          • I Am Helpy says:

            So still no quote, huh.

          • You have a warped sense of who’s a liar. Despite Trump issuing lies everyday, and which millions of now well aware, you remain in the dark, clueless of this fact.

          • InformedVoter says:

            HilLIARy lied more than President Trump during the election cycle. She CERTAINLY lied under oath during the Benghazi and email hearings. President Trump has NOT lied under oath.
            HELLpy has consistently lied about his denial stating that Deb W-S didn’t resign because of the leaks and several other well known issues.
            Be careful trying to defend a liar, you usually get caught up in their web of lies. No worry about my defending President Trump, because it’s just your FAKE MSM that claims his statements are lies.

      • How much do you get paid by Trump and/or Putin? You’re so loyal and steadfast in your lamentable and pathetic quest to revive the era of the Czars. It isn’t going to happen. The age of Russian expansionism died long ago when the Czar Alexander II received his Tablet addressed specifically to Alexander. Shortly thereafter, Russia expansionist dreams and the lineage of Czars effectively ended with Alexander.


        • InformedVoter says:

          Your FAKE religion had you constantly defending obozo’s illegal EOs, but you wer OK with that.
          Just about 100% of the FAKE MSM has hammered President Trump, just like they did GW, but GW put up with it. What really riles you and the FAKE MSM is that President Trump is pushing back and destroying your lies.
          You low information folks just aren’t prepared to handle the truth.

    • sharkbait4711 says:

      Let’s hope this is the case! Democracy and the truth must prevail!

  2. dpaano says:

    Spicer is such an idiot…..he’d believe ANYTHING that 45 told him, even if it’s proven totally wrong (in fact, that’s happened numerous times). What a wuss! He’s totally useless!

  3. The evidence that Trump supporters vehemently deny exists will be forthcoming. In the meantime, Trump sycophants like Spicer, and myrmidons like “InformedVoter” try there best in shrill tones to call for the investigation of Trump to be halted.
    These servile servants of Putin, and Spicer as well, are unable to produce evidence to the contrary, except the flimsy excuse of “The FBI has not yet determined that there are records of Russia/Trump collusion”.
    The absence of anything definitive thus far presented can’t be ipso facto presumed to mean that evidence is nonexistent. Any school child can come to the conclusion that there is more to Putin and Trump collaboration than meets the eye of what has been disclosed thus far, and given Trump’s extensive dealings with Putin, Russian officials, and with those Russians with known criminal ties, this should lead one to presume that there is some kind of linkage. The circumstantial evidence alone is quite compelling, but we’ll have to wait for the appropriate time for everything to be laid out on the table.

    Trump may need to get a visa to Russia for himself and the family, or face unrelenting pressure if he remains in the US.

  4. InformedVoter says:

    Poor Aaron is full of meansingless drivel. There is not one shred of evident from any of the intel agencies that Russia influenced the election.

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