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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Obama: Republicans Appeasing ‘Extremists’ On Shutdown

Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama Monday accused Republicans of pandering to the “extreme right wing” of their party and holding Americans hostage in a budget dispute threatening to shutter the U.S. government.

Just over six hours before government services grind to a halt and thousands of federal workers are furloughed, Obama said time was running out for a last-minute compromise.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are seeking to force Obama to delay or defund his signature health insurance reform law in return for funding government operations.

They are using a similar tactic as Obama also asks Congress for a lifting of the $16.7 trillion U.S. debt ceiling. If no deal is reached, the United States may begin defaulting on its debts by the middle of October.

“One faction of one party in one house of Congress in one branch of government doesn’t get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election,” Obama said.

He added: “Congress needs to keep our government open, needs to pay our bills on time, and never, ever threaten the full faith and credit of the United States of America.Time is running out. My hope and expectation is that in the 11th hour once again, that Congress will choose to do the right thing and that the House of Representatives in particular will choose the right thing. Unfortunately, right now, House Republicans continue to tie funding of the government to ideological demands like limiting a woman’s access to contraception or delaying the Affordable Care Act, all to save face after making some impossible promises to the extreme right wing of their party.”

Obama also warned that the imminent shutdown would have real and dramatic economic consequences for thousands of Americans and said it was not fair that people who had dug out of the worst recession in decades were again facing economic uncertainty.

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2 responses to “Obama: Republicans Appeasing ‘Extremists’ On Shutdown”

  1. John Pigg says:

    It’s absolutely inexcusable that upper level Party leaders are not taking the House to task for shutting down the government

    It’s high time for some true GOP leadership.

  2. jnsgraphic says:

    Boehner and the GOPTs ‘Group of Plutocratic Terrorists’ are bitches to the Koch Bros and their main objective is to destroy the government, they have sold their dignity and moral compass to billionaires no matter who gets hurt in exchange for power. Until the GOPT is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to in support of the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interest. They are a bunch of greedy, losers who are only looking out for their donors and their own re-election chances, and all deserve to get their asses handed to them by voters next fall. A government shutdown will be the death of the GOPT… JUST SHUT IT DOWN NOW!

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