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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Obama Should Go Big And Bold For State Of Union

Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — The news media won’t learn what’s in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address until a few hours before he delivers it Tuesday night. But we know one thing: If the president doesn’t give us specific ideas of what he wants to do in a second term, he’ll have a harder time winning one.

Obama articulated new themes for his domestic presidency in an important speech on Dec. 6 in Osawatomie, Kansas, where former President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, had unveiled his “New Nationalism” in 1910. Obama described the struggle to “restore growth and prosperity, restore balance, restore fairness” as “the defining issue of our time” and called this “a make-or-break moment for the middle class.”

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29 responses to “Obama Should Go Big And Bold For State Of Union”

  1. Fire Baron says:

    One thing I always find amusing regardless of who occupies the Oval Office is the “Official Opposition Response”. First of all, where did this bit of idiocy come form? If my memory serves me correctly, it was either during George H. W. Bush or Bill Clinton’s Presidency. But more realisticly – if the text of the speech is not available until just a couple of hours before the address, how can any “opposition figure” properly compose a legitimate rebuttal?
    Now, let’s add to the current idiocy of the “Republican Response” the further inanity of the “Tea Party Response”. For a group of people that cannot put two clues together to come up with a legitimate idea, how can they come up with a Response of any sort that does not pander to the lowest common denominator of their movement.

  2. bbarrett49 says:

    cant wait to hear what the prez has to say. i love wealth redistribution from the likes of romney and others that are filthy stinking rich like buffet. that way i dont have to ever work. thanks pres. it’s about time the success of the soviet union was brought to america

  3. cpnoles1 says:

    Nothing this man has to say could convince me to make the same mistake twice! If you vote for this man, you must have your head in your posterior!

  4. Freddy says:

    Perhaps the nay sayers to Obama need to read Jan 30th Time Magazine ( The argument is compelling that Obama’s leadership has brought us out of the recession which was brought on by the Bush administration policies and the greed of Wall Street and the banks. Obama has been strong on foreign policy (good bye Osama) and despite efforts to compromise on numerous issues he is stonewalled by a Republican leadership group that will do anything for him and this country to fail. After all, should the country succeed, Obama will have another 4 years. That is the “conservative rights” only real agenda.

    Ask yourself why we let Bush create over 4 trillion in debt and few said boo or were labeled “UnAmerican”. Bush gave everyone a tax break and started two wars but no way to pay for them? Obama is getting us out of those messes. Sure Bin Laden needed to be eliminated . . but Bush took his eye of the target and failed. It was only Cheney, Haliburton and their buddies who benefited from the wars. Just ask Colin Powell. Why did we have to lose over 4000 American soldiers in a country that did nothing to us? Why were 30,000 American men and women maimed for life? Where were the tea party conservatives then? Where were the evangelicals promoting the sanctity of life – the life of innocent Iragi’s and Americans?

    So, if you don’t read the article in Time Magazine . . shame on you for being close minded and only believing in the rhetoric of the right.

    Obama will have another 4 years because the American public is smart enough to see a good man helping this country move forward. They do not want someone who is buying his way into the election and tells lies or a guy who was booted from Congress and marriages for being a “cheater”. If you want one of them, think twice.

    A “former” Republican.

  5. LAWRENCEW says:

    Sorry,but people don’t care about how the President will”reduce income equality”.It can’t be done unless we go Socialist,or communist.Which would be the kiss of death for the US.This is America,you can work to make as much money as you want,or not.The issue of “income equality ” is a farce.

  6. oneofus says:

    Having watched the republican primaries I don’t see anyone equal too, much less superior to Obama. Newt–pompous egomaniac with no moral base. Romney– a deer in the headlights who flip flops like a pancake and has no inner core. Santorum, not ready, too far right. Paul, interesting but too far out there, like a kooky professor. Obama is steady and intelligent. He inherited a devastatingly bad hand of economic cards, and could have done much more if he had had a House that would work with him. He’s done a great job of using the armed forces to attack and eliminate important Al-Qaeda members without calling a lot of attention to himself. He has talked quietly and carried a big stick. The economy is slowly improving, albeit not fast enough for those without a job. The author is correct in that many of the jobs out there require skills many job seekers do not have. Obama is the only hope of the poor and the middle class. The GOP only serves the well-to-do and those who made it before eight years of Bush deregulation allowed Wall Street to rape our economy.

  7. demopatti says:

    To Freddy and Oneofus—I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I am a Dem, I have voted Republican if I felt it would serve our country better…but there is NO WAY I would vote for any of the Repubs that are running. And Obama is trying to better this country. The SuperPac and Big Oil are running the Republicans around with a ring in their nose…so if you want Corporations to tell you what to do and take everything from you – your job, your wealth, your security – then by all means vote a Republican (Corporation) into office. But if you have any intelligence at all then please give Obama the next four years to complete all his promises to make this USA a good place to live again!

  8. Minnie The Mouse InTheRoom says:

    The State Of The Union is in a Frightful,Shameful and Absolutely Shattered Mess, after the passage of the Republican Rule. The famous Bush eight years of Greed and Corruption, unnecessary Wars and unnecessary Deaths and Trillions of needed Dollars Wasted and Spent. All this mess and confusion was left for President Obama to clean up, Osama Bin Laden ect. included. Now the same crooked culprits using Lies and Gangster Politics to get over on the people. They are out campaigning and playing the American Voters for fools as if we all have amnesia….
    But we know that it is the Republican Party, G.O.P. that is indeed suffering from a very bad case of AMNESIA and ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE !!!

  9. Freddy says:

    The “right wing” folks are making this “income equality” thing up. NO ONE, not Obama or anyone is the middle is suggesting “income equality”. They want FAIRNESS . .that is NOT income equality. Work hard and get a fair shake is what Obama wants.

    How can we live in a country where if you work a full time job, often with no benefits, you are still living in poverty? That is just wrong. How can we live in a country where those who make millions or even a few hundred grand can’t understand or support the idea that if all Americans had Health Care we’d all be better off financially and morally. Who would deny anyone (think family or friends) coverage for cancer treatment because for no fault of their own they lost their job and therefore health insurance? Why do the Republicans want to eliminate “Obama Care”? Perhaps because its a really good idea (many of their own republican ideas by the way) and because then society might have to help all the citizens of this country have equal and fair “access” to a healthy life. IThose who would deny that for others are meerly being selfish in attempting to protect what they think will diminish their health care . . which it won’t.

    Greed is the biggest problem we have. I’m all for capitalism . . but not when the big guys do it on the backs of American citizens. Everyone is entitled to make a reasonable “profit” for a worthwhile product or service but not to the detriment of those who do the work or the public in general.

  10. Dax says:

    There’s no such thing as fair. Life ain’t fair, get over it, deal with it.

  11. valszy says:

    The best way to fairer distribution of wealth (call it redistribution if you like) is to provide equal opportunity — meaning investing as much treasure and talent in the schools of the inner city and poorer rural areas as we do in the richer neighborhoods. A truly great nation provides the means (schools, infrastructure, health care, safe streets etc) to allow ALL its citizens to contribute as much as their talent allows.

  12. freethinker says:

    I love those who are throwing the ‘greed and corruption’ words at the Republicans but have totally missed George Soros, Solyndra and the $50,000 a plate dinners for Obama. Get real people. Does anyone really think that another speech by Obama will be listened to? How many of those grandiose, conflicting and hollow words can you listen to and still believe? Do you really think the economy got worse for the last three years because of Republicans? Are you that blind? I have no doubt that Democrats do not want a Republican to win the Presidency, but can you honestly say that Barack deserves another term? If they wanted to keep Republicans from winning the White House, Democrats should have put up a challenge to Obama. Not all Democrats are far left socialists, and that group will not prevail this time.

  13. smdvmx says:

    “Under Emanuel’s plan, industries (e.g. health care, IT, hospitality) will adopt a college, design the curriculum and train students.”
    Alter seems to think this is a good idea. One should point out though that vocational training was never the purpose of colleges and higher learning. And in this case it looks like a scam whereby corporations can get the ‘student’ and the locality to pay for quasi in-house training with no obligation to the ‘trainees’ [students].

  14. Jim Groom says:

    All of this twaddle about Obama wanting to turn the country into Russia or make us socialist and or communist would be comical if not so disingenious. Any attempt to ‘reduce income equality’ does not in itself require the country going red. Repeating talking points and inventing such freightening outcomes begs the question of economic inbalance in our nation. The gap between rich in poor hasn’t been so great in a century. The President is not suggesting putting the wealth of the nation in a big pile and dividing up the spoils equally among the citizens. If you read various postings and listen to the GOP shills of the moneyed elite running for his job you just might believe such garbage. Of course that would require that one suspend all ties to reality and logic. This now decades old class warfare inflicted upon the majority by the special interest and corporate oligarchs has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. The creation of their think tanks and the rise of talking heads has convinced the ill informed voters to continue to buy into the ideas put forth by those spin-doctors. There are no easy fixes to the problems facing the country today, but continually pounding down the working man and woman certainly isn’t work helping. Protecting the few gains accomplished since the great depression is job one along with creating jobs for Americans. Let’s get to work instead of buying into the divide-and-conquer narrative being put forth to ensure the status quo.

  15. scareygary says:

    It’s very interesting to me that this cute catch phrase has been invented by the right who is great at simplistic and misleading syntax. Where were their voices as the top tax rate has been CUT from 90% to 70% and now down to 35%, or capital gains taxes CUT to 15%, lower than what most all of us WORKER BEE folks pay? Some big corporations now pay 0 in income tax as they waltz away with BILLIONS in profits. CEO pay has increased dramatically while workers jobs and benefits have been cut over the last few decades since “trickle down” became the ideology of the GOP. It’s ‘trickled” to the TOP…and, of course, to China. There’s been tons of ‘redistribution of wealth’ for some time now. I’m ready for some FAIRNESS in it, and for the so called “patriots” to spend a little cash on OUR country’s future and a lot less in the Caymans….

  16. Dax says:

    @Jim Groom……
    Whenever there is a lacbk of leadership, a lack of a clear direction, the resultant vacuum leaves room for the twaddle to which you refer. I don’t agree or disagree with everything the President does, but the lack of leadership is frustrating as Hell.

  17. Jim Groom says:

    I agree with the direction of your comment. I do wish to point out that the twaddle over socialism and income inequality started decades ago. I some respects it has been with us since the 1930’s. The leadership, or lack of same, that began the downward spiral for the majority of our citizens started long before anyone heard of the Chicago community organizer and future President. I share your frustration with Obama, but more importantly I can’t abide the obstruction, obfuscation and dishonesty of the vocal minority in Congress who’ve frustrated attempts to improve the lives of so many of my fellow citizens.

  18. jimackermann says:

    I’m a based on results kind of guy. If Obama runs on his record, he will get killed. Guess he will have to run on his ability to trash the common sense of those that can do a better job.

  19. jimmyags says:

    For 30 years we have been fed an illusion called trickle down economics. The facts are clear, workers have lost wages compared to inflation,lost benefits,lost jobs and lost any real chance to advance. I think we can all see what has trickled down.

  20. jimackermann says:

    I am still a based on results kind of guy. “Trickle Down Economics” did work. I would pay $1000.00 to have Regan back.

  21. jimackermann says:

    And I would pay $500.00 to have Clinton back.

  22. kurt.lorentzen says:

    The general consensus in comments here is that wealth is evil, business is evil (but workers are good) and government programs that pay for everything every individual can’t afford for themselves are good. And I agree, it sounds great! But you make no mention of how to pay for all this stuff. “Tax the rich” is your single battle cry. But if you do the math you’ll find that taxing the rich, and let’s add corporations – even at 90% of every dollar earned through any avenue including those capital gains and offshore holdings, won’t even begin to offset the spending. So instead of bashing people for offering no solutions, let’s here you come up with some of your own. Not just rhetoric, but real, substantial ideas backed up by arithmetic. Which part of “the debt exceeds the entire domestic output of of the country” are you unclear on? Republicans blame Democrats for unrestrained spending (and that’s a fair criticism). Democrats blame Republicans for channelling the wealth to the wealthy (and that also is fair). The problem is that the whole thing is self-perpetuating. You can’t fix one without fixing the other. At this point, Republcans are right to curtail spending even if their motives for doing so are wrong. Democrats want to spend because they know that it influences votes more than any campaign ad ever could. What we need is an end to “free trade”. That’s just a corporate sponsored ploy to permit American business to ship jobs and manufacturing offshore and get the double benefit of avoidig the cost of American labor while marketing their foreign-produced products without import tarriffs. If we could rectify that one thing, everything else would begin to come together. There are two MAIN parts to that and some smaller but significant ones: First, tarriff the crap out of imported products – whether built by Chinese companies or American companies in China. Second, Unions will have to cave on salaries and benefits to make those real American-made products affordable – not just by Americans, but by foreign consumers (turn the trade deficit into a trade surplus). Also, one last corporate tax break – US corporations get to repatriate all their Cayman Islands holdings tax free. Unfair? Absolutely. But it will infuse billions and billions of dollars into the economy WITHOUT increasing the debt or taking from tax revenues (and they were never going to pay taxes on it anyway). Once that’s done we can work toward a tax code that eliminates those loopholes that permit people like Mitt Romney to pay little in taxes and shelter his personal wealth in those Cayman Islands (and if that weren’t the case he’d release his tax returns). The result of all that are good, but there will be some compromises as well. Americans would go back to work, making a bit less and spending a bit more for American made stuff. The tax base would increase without relying on artificial trickle-down strategies (that were never designed to trickle down anyway). Government program costs would fall as people no longer required them. Then, finally, pass a balanced budget amendment and begin the long process of repaying the national debt. It could happen if Republicans and Democrats would put common sense ahead of political doctrine.

  23. jimackermann says:


  24. jimackermann says:

    Amen again.

  25. wilfrid says:

    Obama in his state of the union speech must ask the wealthy americans to by-pass Norquist and his republican congress, and to yield revenue in order to reduce the deficit and help create jobs. Income inequality and the republican obstructionism must be the core of his address. The republican congresss deliberately stall the economy to stop Obama from getting re-elected( power before country). 30 years ago Reagan established policies specifically to benefit only the rich and left the middle class americans to fan for themselves. Just take a look at the chart from 1980 to 2011. You’ll see that it speaks for itself. So sad!

  26. Andrew Hockaday says:

    Obama will surely be in his element wtih the State of the Union Address; I look forward to it.

    I would like to comment on Freddy’s comments, they were dead on the money and I fully concur with everything he said. If I were a good writer, I could only have enhanced his remarks slightly. All I can say is thank you Freddy for a well written summation of politics as it now stands.

  27. Inquiring Lynn says:

    Jonathon, right! Scandinavia has income equality and still has its super rich.The mixed economy- the regulated free market- is the known moral ideal. Laissez-faire is the known dysopia, the result of the road to serfdom! No to Spencer-Ransism!
    Yes to Tina Fey!

  28. Dean May says:

    Next time don’t hold back — use a big word or two. But we get what we vote for – sign petitions for – contribute for – at least until Citizens United & the money is speech decision – these were a kick in the teeth to the people. But we allowed a conservative court to develop.
    It is we the people – if you are arrested it is the people who prosecute you. The biggest weapon the Right (the 1% guardians – the job creators – yea when?)is to convince us that government is a they a them – THEY are coming for your THEY are going to make you buy insurance (be responsible for your own health care). If they can convince you Government is a them they make you fear it & manipulate you to vote against your own best interest & they been doing a damn good job of it for years.

  29. rustacus21 says:

    … behind the curtain was saying, “pay no attention…” to the admirable, noble, ambitious agenda, b/c the nearly impervious wall of money has been reinforced now, to the degree that “hypothetically”, not even Democracy can penetrate it! & we, the people, the American voting public, are to blame. We were warned, however. Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, even George Washington, who was nobody’s bureaucrat, saw the insidious, vile & sinister power money had upon the citizenry of a young American nation. Federalist #10 spoke of the strength of a diligent majority, knowledgeable of issues & determined in spirit, to “guide” popular “sentiments” away from “prejudices” and schemes of “injustice.” As the nation’s ideological majority, Progressive Liberals are as guilty of the “sleep-walk” as Conservatives (between 2001-2008) – as the most enlightened, we were suppose to be above such… Speaking boldly on taxation, Hamilton also made clear, as did Jefferson, the necessity there of, yet the nation of 1789 reflects similar divisions, in that “schemes” to “manipulate” (tax) laws & “evade” collections due, have plagued the nation, allowing the rich & corporations to influence the very laws & philosophies defining such an “essential” means of institutional economic support. “…A nation cannot…” and will NOT “…long exist without revenue…”, are words from one possessing more wisdom than we may collectively hope for. Hamilton, an ingenious economist, foresaw many of the problems we suffer 2day, yet no contemporary official dare speak these words in public, least the citizenry put them to work at the polls. Now, w/challenges multiplying, solutions are becoming fewer, as we witnessed in the State of the Union. Had the voters possessed the will, wilted bluedog Democrats would have been immediately replaced (via recall) – b4 the 2010 election, to get a solid progressive majority to counter the oppressive push of money influence during the health care, housing crisis & bank & investors influence on the economic crash of ’08 – issues still unresolved, but plenty referenced in vain. The Constitution names us individually, in the collective, as being intimately responsible for all the above. President Obama, unlike his predecessor, hears & understands, but is immobilized, under threat of harm – actual, physical HARM!!! Could YOU be as industrious, vigilant or ambitious, under conditions similar to that of Meridian, Mississippi, Selma or Montgomery Alabama of the mid-1960’s? Read some of those chronicles, to understand what African Americans – AND Anglo Americans endured, to get a feel for what our president is currently up against! & no, these aren’t overt threats, but that’s the nature of cowards, sneaking & slithering serpents. We allowed them cover. Now they’ve taken a measure of control we have to fight 2wice as hard to reverse. it didn’t have to be this hard. It doesn’t have to be difficult to correct. The will of the MAJORITY must be heard & obeyed. Recall. RECALL! It is the ONLY solution to OUR (Liberal/Progressive) challenges. We have to show how it’s done… Since they don’t seem to know on their own. We are, after all, those being represented. Minus OUR agenda… It can only be in their face in order to be seen…

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