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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Obama Talks Taxes, Benghazi At First Post-Election Press Conference

Obama Talks Taxes, Benghazi At First Post-Election Press Conference

President Obama reiterated that he intends to raise taxes on the wealthy, angrily denounced the Republican senators attacking U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and also discussed his plans on immigration reform, climate change, and foreign policy during his first press conference since being re-elected as president.

Discussing the so-called “fiscal cliff,” the president reiterated that he will not accept any deal that does not ask the top two percent of earners to pay more in taxes. While he stopped short of declaring that he would reject proposals that do not return tax rates to their Clinton administration-era levels, Obama made it clear that “what I’m not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don’t need it, which would cost close to a trillion dollars.”

Obama also shot down the Republican alternative to his tax plan, noting that “it’s very difficult to see how you make up that trillion dollars, if we’re serious about deficit reduction, just by closing loopholes in deductions. You know, the math tends not to work.”

As the president points out, “if there was one thing that everybody understood was a big difference between myself and [Mitt] Romney,” it was their positions on taxing the wealthy.

Ultimately, Obama argued that “more voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me” — not the words of a man who’s planning to cede the issue any time soon.

Obama also reiterated his longstanding request that the House of Representatives act now to extend tax cuts for the 98 percent of Americans making less than $250,000 annually, urging John Boehner and his caucus to “not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy.”

In the most heated moment of the press conference, President Obama slammed senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham for promising to block Susan Rice’s potential nomination as Secretary of State over her public comments regarding the September 11th attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Noting that Rice “has represented the United States and our interests in the United Nations with skill and professionalism and toughness and grace,” President Obama declared that “If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me.”

“But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador, who had nothing to do with Benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received, and to besmirch her reputation, is outrageous,” Obama said in a tone bordering on anger. “[W]hen they go after the U.N. ambassador, apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got a problem with me.”

The president then said that he would nominate Rice as Secretary of State if he decides that she would be the best candidate for the job, potentially setting up a dramatic confirmation hearing.

Obama also answered a question on immigration reform, saying that “my expectation is that we get a bill introduced and we begin the process in Congress very soon after my inauguration.” Noting that many Republicans had supported a comprehensive reform deal in the past, Obama speculated that the next immigration reform bill would look very similar to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, which ultimately stalled in Congress.

When asked about climate change, a topic that rarely came up on the campaign trail, Obama responded that “I am a firm believer that climate change is real, that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions,” and that “I think we’ve got an obligation to future generations to do something about it.” Despite this acknowledgement, however, Obama admitted that he didn’t know what a bipartisan solution to the issue would look like, and suggested that jobs and economic growth are higher priorities for his administration.

The president also addressed the David Petraeus scandal — declining to comment on the ongoing investigation, aside from saying that there’s no evidence that Petraeus jeopardized national security — and answered questions on foreign policy, where he reiterated his opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria and his desire to see a diplomatic end to Iran’s nuclear program.

A full transcript of President Obama’s press conference can be read here.

Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster

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187 responses to “Obama Talks Taxes, Benghazi At First Post-Election Press Conference”

  1. At last the real Barack Obama shows up. And for this I am thankful. They call it hard ball for a reason.


      • ehershon says:

        Speaking about “Trickle Down”, I’d really like to know where all of that money that the banks lost trickled off to! Billions of dollars were lost and unaccounted for. That money had to end up somewhere as someone’s income. For every loser theres also a winner! Kinda seems like someone should have had to pay income tax on that money. Needs to be looked into!

        • As You Can See From Earlier This Year The Banks Were Playing With The Money At The Wall Street Casino’s!!! LOL Chase My Bank Was One Of These Gamblers And Lost Big Time!!!!

        • dsand1445 says:

          Well Ehershon some of the money went to the banksters in bonuses and some went to their retirement packages. I mean it’s hard out here for a bankster lawyer fees Jet fuel is not cheap they barely getting by with yacht maintenance

      • onedonewong says:

        Yea that trickle up govt has worked so well just added $10 Trillion in new debt and keeps 23 million unemployed YEP that’s success

        • One more repeated lie from an idiot, who does not know when to keep his mouth shut.

        • Shut Your Dumb Ass Up!! TROLL!!!

        • Well, you’ve been around long enough to know who got it all started !

        • Jer says:

          If many of you are unaware of it, the Republicans are mainly composed of prejudice whites, fueled by Mitt Romney , Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Speaker Boeyner, Senetor John McCain and many others that are prejudice whites, that think this is White America and that the “White House is self inherited to them for being White”. After condoring up a large majority of Prejudice Whites and drumming up lies on President Obama, they figured the election was theirs. Thier data base consisted of the prejudice base and they will be forever questioning how they lost, from their calculations? The reason for thier loss is because the young people over all, black, white, hispanics, chinese and so forth voted for change and they out numbered the prejudice whites.

          • onedonewong says:

            The only racists running was the Messiah, Barak spent the past 4 years dividing the country to the point that it won’t be reunited until he leaves.
            Watch as he are hurled over the cliff by this megalomaniac

          • faxt42 says:

            Please change your name to alwaysdonewrong…blind and please stay in cave , dont get out until you can see some light, for sure , your skin will look more lighter.

            Thanks to many friends who are white and wise as many who are light and bright, and those who are darker in skin color but not at their heart who fill with logical and good thought .

          • Lynda says:

            Sour grapes always create the sweetest whines? Get over it, Obama will be President for 4 more years no matter the tears.

          • onedonewong says:

            the bookies are laying odds 3 to 1 that he will be impeached before he leaves

          • Don’t Forget The Leader Of The Racist Thugs Jabba The Thug Rush Limdick!!! Plus The Fact The Leader Of The KKK David Duke Is Hiding In Their Party Of Terrorists!! Cause When We Hit His Ass With All The Lawsuits For Always Marching Here In Chicago With His Hate Crap He Hid In The Folds Of The GOP/Tea Party!!!

        • Robert says:

          Ask yourself why need the Gop loose let it go,

        • northroader1775 says:

          go away…you are an underinformed delusional imbecile.

        • Paul Clow says:

          You fool!!!!!
          Get your head out of the sand ………we had a national debt before you was born……..and we will continue to have it after you are long gone to the great blue yander……….So……stop tripping……:)

          • onedonewong says:

            Have we had a national debt sure have but its never reached the epic proportion that is has now. It now as a % of GDP equals the debt load during WW2. And what have we to show for it ? new roads NO, New bridges NO, less poverty NO, better healthcare NO, a higher standard of living NO.
            In short after $10 Trillion of spending all we have to show for it is a tshirt

          • Landsende says:

            Who increased the national debt according to the Congressional Budget Office.
            Reagan 189%
            Bush 55%
            Clinton 37%
            GWB 115%
            Obama 16%

          • onedonewong says:

            Of course you left out who controlled congress ad passed all that spending. Lets remember that Reagan and Bush both cut deals with the Dem’s to raise taxes and cut spending. In Reagan case it was $3 in cuts for every $1 in tax increases. In Bushes case case it was $2 i cuts for every $1 in taxes. What happened??? Spending went UP.
            Time to understand what you read rather than just parrot numbers

          • Landsende says:

            You hold President Obama responsible for the fact that a jobs bill was not passed even though it was the teathuglicans who blocked the legislation yet you don’t hold Reagan and the two Bush’s responsible when they added to the deficit. And let’s not forget that GWB was warned about an Al Quaida attack two months before 9-11 yet did nothing to prevent it then lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to invade Iraq causing thousands of deaths and injuries to our troops and running up the deficit by not raising taxes to pay for it because all the teathuglicans signed a pledge to Grover Norquist to not raise taxes and anyone with half a brain knows you can’t wage two wars without paying for it. You seem to only disapprove of deficits and attacks when there’s a democrat president. Now you know how we felt under eight years of GWB destructive presidency we just didn’t whine and bitch like you teathuglicans do.

          • onedonewong says:

            The only jobs bill that barak offered up was one to export even MORE jobs overseas to match the 3Million he had already sent to Mexico and China and Japan and Korea and Brazil

          • Landsende says:

            The President tried to get a jobs bill passed that would repair our aging bridges and highways that would have provided jobs for thousands of people but the teathuglicans voted against it while loudly proclaiming the unemployment figures. Just more of their hypocrisy. The President doesn’t export jobs overseas, companies do, so if you feel the need to blame someone get it right and blame the companies that put profit over their employees and country.

          • onedonewong says:

            Barak TALKED a lot about a jobs bill but never offered up one. All the $$ appropriated for shovel ready jobs was sent to other countries not the US. Barak has sent MORE jobs over seas than any previous president except Clinton.
            No he exported thousands of jobs. Look at all the jobs he sent to japan and Korea with his $7500 car credit, look at the jobs he sent to Finland to manufacture electric vehicles there with a $500M taxpayer donation. He sent $1 B to Brazil to drill for oil, while refusing to allow drilling and pipelines here.
            Do you need more examples???? They are endless

          • Landsende says:

            You really need to quit listening to Faux News and Rush Limpdick. Try checking out the facts on Fact Check or maybe you’re like Romney who couldn’t be bothered with the facts (truth).

          • onedonewong says:

            Even the well know conservative Chuch Schumer verified it and Joe Biteme concurred that Barak did a number o the middle class exporting millions of jobs

          • lindablue says:

            Are you kidding he offered up a jobs bill even went right to John Boehner’s back yard and the House held it up and kept people unemployed. If you don’t know that you have been living in a right wing bubble. Funny since the guy you supported for President is China’s biggest job creator. Typical Republican projecting on others what their party is doing.

          • onedonewong says:

            No the largest exporter of jobs overseas is your messiah and he did it with taxpayers $$$. He shipped 10’s of thousands of green jobs to China who got the contract for solar cells and turbine motors.. He shipped 20,000 jobs to Japan and Korea with his $7500 car credit. He shipped 2,000 to Finland with Telsar, He shipped 15,000 to Brazil paying for their deep sea drilling. he shipped 30,000 to Mexico in the auto and manufacturing jobs. as well as sending $50 Billion to them in the way of food stamps.

          • lindablue says:

            Your wrong as usual. The largest job exporter was your Messiah President Ronald Reagan that sold the country a false Bill of goods on global economy. As the unions came out at the time and fore warned the workers in this country that it would harm them but the Republicans were better salesmen of a bad deal for the American work force. The second largest exporter of American jobs was the guy you tried to stick the country with as our next President Mitt Romney who was the Godfather of shipping good paying American jobs to sweat shops in China. In fact Mitt and Bain is the largest job providers in China and second largest job deniers in the U.S. The Biggest Food Stamp President was George Bush who left office as his economic policies where catching up to the country and he caused over 14 million job loses and all those people ended up on food stamps because he just could not stand our countries Treasury having balanced books so he through away the surplus and put in a tax policy that would bankrupt the largest economy in the world. what a looser. All the things you blame our current President for can be traced back to a Republican policy. Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 7:58 PM
            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Obama Talks Taxes, Benghazi At First Post-Election Press Conference

            onedonewong wrote, in response to lindablue:

            No the largest exporter of jobs overseas is your messiah and he did it with taxpayers $$$. He shipped 10’s of thousands of green jobs to China who got the contract for solar cells and turbine motors.. He shipped 20,000 jobs to Japan and Korea with his $7500 car credit. He shipped 2,000 to Finland with Telsar, He shipped 15,000 to Brazil paying for their deep sea drilling. he shipped 30,000 to Mexico in the auto and manufacturing jobs. as well as sending $50 Billion to them in the way of food stamps.
            Link to comment

          • onedonewong says:

            Have you ever read a newspaper?? Obviously not since you can’t relate to history or facts. Clinton forced legislation that created millions of jobs in Mexico and had the full support of the unions who was his buddy.
            Barak has shipped 100 times more jobs overseas with taxpayers $$$ than Romney or Bain ever though of. Romney save 10’s of thousands of jobs by investing in businesses to keep them solvent from Staples to Burger King to name a couple.
            Barak has over 23 Million to lose their jobs per the most recent unemployment numbers and he has doubled the number of foodstamps. Barak has added $10 Trillion to the US debt with nothing but trillion deficits on the horizon until 2017l

          • lindablue says:

            Excuse me but it was Reagan and the Republicans that started the global economy. Why don’t your read history since your obviously to young to know the history of how our country became a global economy unlike other countries that were smart enough to protect their manufacturing base that keeps a middle class in their country and allow companies and workers to prosper equally. The fact that Bill Clinton bought into the the Republican drum beat on global economy was due to negotiations to get other things that were needed at the time like re-educating the workers whose jobs were lost due the the Recession he inherited from George Walker Bush. I know it’s easy to spread half truths when your obviously too partisan to understand complex negotiations that keep the government running or too stupid to care what the real fact are.

          • onedonewong says:

            Your quite a story teller, Using your logic than FDR was the greatest exporter of jobs ever and that Clinton’s recession was the off shoot from Jimmy Carter. Clinton wanted reeducation camps ala China, VietNam and Laos

          • lindablue says:

            Talk about someone who listen to BS you’re the king of being mind controlled. Rush listener aye.

          • lindablue says:

            You most certainly are talking about the Republican job strategy send all American jobs oversea’s and all the riches money too.

          • onedonewong says:

            No I just described the Barak jobs plan, PS barak also had $$ in off shore accounts and companies

          • lindablue says:

            Prove it.

          • lindablue says:

            Your are so dunce your job will be gone and you’ll happily go to Wal Mart to work for minimum wage. But hey that is more than your opinion is worth.

          • When You Get Thru Digging In Your Ass, Whining, Moaning , Lying Crying, Having The Hissy Fits, Pissing On Yourself And Throwing Tantrums, When All That Stupid Acting A Fool Is Over , Barack H. Obama Will Still Be The President Of These United States!!! Get Over It And Move On!!

          • onedonewong says:

            Once all the tainted votes in PA, OH and FL are removed Romney will be declared the winner

          • Lynda says:

            Under Bush..Two massive tax cuts, two wars on the credit card (we pay from the budget interest each and every year) the Medicare Drug Bill increase not paid for and the second worst financial collapse in the countries history. Toss in the resulting recession and you just might start to understand economics and deficits.

          • onedonewong says:

            W inherited a recession from Clinton , attacked on 9/11 by Mooslims, a hollow military and a senior population demanding more benefits.
            Barak and his demorats spent $10T more than we had starting in 2007, an obamacare that will add another $1Trillion a year to the deficit, 23 million unemployed 56 million on welfare…and there you have barak’s socialism

          • johninPCFL says:

            “Er…ah…where’s the VETO stamp, Nancy?” “Ronny, you know we don’t veto SPENDING bills! Deficits don’t matter.”

            “Er…ah…where’s the VETO stamp, Dick?” “Godammit George, I’ve TOLD you we don’t veto SPENDING bills!! How many times I gotta learn you that!! Deficits don’t matter!!”

          • onedonewong says:

            elections have consequences and we are going to party like there is no tomorrow with new spending give aways….I approve this message Peeelosi

          • johninPCFL says:

            Yep. As long as the teabaggers remain in control in the House, the spending will continue unabated.

          • onedonewong says:

            Problem is no matter what congress appropriates barak then spends it as he see’s fit. laws mean nothing to him he’s the Messiah you know

          • johninPCFL says:

            Sure. You are so full of shit your eyes are brown.

          • onedonewong says:

            Surly your not contending that isn’t what he has done are you??/

          • johninPCFL says:

            Double negatives and misspelling in the same sentence? Wow. Red stater, right?

            Go back to middle school, brown eyes.

        • snickers413 says:

          President Obama hasn’t added hardly any of that money to the deficit, he just put all of Bush’s bills on paper finally, and we’re stuck paying the interest. Where were all you people crying about the deficit when Bubba double it while he was in office. No one seemed to notice til a democrat got into office. If you were smart enough to look things up for yourself instead of listening to Fox entertainment all day you could see your party always spends more than the Democrats. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to get smart. Like good ole Ben Franklin said” We’re all born stupid, but you have to work hard to remain ignorant!”

        • Romney Can Thank Dumb Ass Racist Assholes Like You The Reason Why He Lost!!!! Keep Talking Little Nasty Ass Bitch We Going Get Rid Of The Rest Of Your Stinky Low Life Racist Party Members Come 2014!! Just Keep On Flapping Your Toothless Ass Mouth!! Help In Getting Rid Of The American Taliban!!! And Just Keep On Sucking Those Unprotected Dicks You Will Soon Be The Death Of Your Own Damn Ass!! Now STFU Talking To Me You Cock Sucking Bitch!!!

        • Lynda says:

          When Bush left office the debt was approx $10 trillion and today it is approx $16 trillion. Where did you get the $10 trillion from? There are not 23 million unemployed…they are underemployed (part-time) and unemployed. Big difference.

          • johninPCFL says:

            According to “debt to the dollar”, at the end of GWBs last budget on 10/1/2009 the debt was $12.8T.

          • onedonewong says:

            The deomrats took over congress in 2007 peelosi and hilary and barak went on a drunken spending spree and increased the red ink by $4T in those 2 years

    • I hope he kicks butt on this issue. Ms. Rice, our UN Ambassador, is not a member of the National Security team and was not in any way involved in the ongoing investigations into the Benghazi terrorist attack. She was simply making a presentation on behalf of the administration based on the intelligence that was available at the time. It seems a bit rich for people who sat on their butts when Bill Clinton, the CIA, FBI and NSA warned the Bush administration of the Fatwa issued by Osama bin Laden promising an attack against the USA – and did nothing to preclude or at least warn the nation – to suddenly become enraged because nobody knew our consulate was going to be attacked and four Americans died. Like Clinton said, it is all a matter of arithmetic and it seems McCain and Graham flunked elementary school. Then again, using traditional Republican negative logic I reckon 3,000 victims is a small price to pay when compared to 4.
      Perhaps our illustrious Republican leaders, who appear to know something nobody else knows, can share their findings with the rest of us. Should we assume they – or the benefactors, the Koch brother, have an inside track with terrorists in Lybia? Should we assume the Iranian Ayatollahs they have been doing business with tipped them off? Surely, they are not ganging up on a woman for having the audacity of briefing them based on what little she knew at the time…
      These suckers need to get a life.

      • onedonewong says:

        Then why did she lie to the UN and all the talk shows??/ She cut a deal to cover for barak and now he’s attempting to pay her back.
        Just more Chicago style politics just ask Ruzuka and Blagovich all doing time protecting barak

        • RudyBlue says:

          Why can’t you understand she did not lie; she merely shared the intelligence provided to her? What’s your beef? BTW, look up how many American’s died in Embassies during Reagan’s presidency.

          • onedonewong says:

            She didn’t lie?? Well some one did since the truth was know the day after the incident. She agreed to take one for the team to save barak. One thing is for sure she will NEVER be Sec of State.
            Far fewer americans have dies under Reagan Bush and W than under barak

        • Dianna S says:

          Since when are you on first name basis with THE PRESIDENT. I doubt that you have any information that the rest of us don’t have. So before you accuse anyone of lying, make sure you have validity.

          • onedonewong says:

            If you have the same information as me then why aren’t you demanding her resignation and barak’s impeachment??
            As for the 1st name basis barak works for ME not the other way around. He’s a rank amateur and the needless murders in Benghazi are his fault. Of course you notice that today he didn’t take any blame for this disaster. Why because he’s not a man he’s a BOY

        • Yappy2 says:

          Look at how many Americans were killed or maimed in the Iraq war. A needless war and an unfunded war. Cut taxes on the wealthy and start a war.Duh!

          • onedonewong says:

            No question that were thousands killed and maimed in the 2 wars. Yet it was Barak and his rules of engagement that cause the MAJORITY of those KIA and wounded.
            Taxes were cut= for EVERY American to stop the recession that W inherited from clinton

          • Yappy2 says:

            George W Bush did not inherit a recession, he inherited a surplus that he quickly ran into a deficit. Bush started a war and cut taxes for the wealthy. By the way the Presidents first name is Barack. I know I know you will have some stupid answer for why you spell it Barak.

          • onedonewong says:

            Guess you need to read some history, he in fact inherit a recession with a huge job losses. He used the budegt to end the recession and rebuild a hollow military that he also inherited.
            His 1st name is Barry an his real last name is Soeto

    • onedonewong says:

      Yea the Facist guess he thinks that he’s King

      • RudyBlue says:

        Oh, please, One, grow up. And if you can’t do that, then go to the board and write 100 times: President Obama won the election; Romney did not. Obama is our PRESIDENT.

        • onedonewong says:

          Yes he won now its time for him to read the constitution an learn what the role of the President is in the US. Far different than the govt of Kenya that he’s familiar with

  2. Canadiangirl57 says:

    Sweet! The POTUS isn’t backing down considering on Nov 6th, the electorate sent him back to Whit House to watch their back. Voting is sweet revenge!

  3. oldtack says:

    Hooray to The President for calling out McCain and Graham. The GOP is resorting to their old habit of diversion when faced with solutions of problems such as the impending tax increases and cuts which is nothing more than the fulfillment the Bill they forced on the Senate and President as a settlement of increasing the Debt limit. The same Bill they were given the opportunity ot review and alter if they so desired.

    Hold them Accountable for their actions and force them to the conference table. That is the only language they understand.

  4. Canadiangirl57 says:

    I’m wondering if the repubs realize they lost or are they still in a state of recount because this could not be happening? I know they have a problem accepting their loss, so let’s remind them that they did lose and not by a small margin as they’d like to believe.

  5. WE Must Make It Our Life Goal To NEVER Have Another 2010 Election Again In Life!!! I Voted Like I Always Do And The Voting Place Was EMPTY That’s How The Terrorists Got In Office A Lot Of People Did Not Vote!!! Remember This Till The Day You Die, Every Election Is Important And ALL VOTES COUNTS!!!! Now Still The American Taliban Have Not Learn Nothing They Seem To Think We The American People Didn’t Vote For Our President And They Still Trying To Push Their Bullshit Polices On Us!!! Senator Nina Turner Say Their Still Trying To Stop Plan Parenthood There In Ohio!! Nina Turner Has A Tee Shirt That Reads GOP Stand For G et O ut Of My P anties!!! LOL

  6. That is the President I voted for

  7. Here, here. Enough of the BS – it may be time for Americans to do away with the GOP if they continue this no taxes for the ultra rich. Hopefully, they get some guts and tell this Noquist to sit on it. It is time for America to compromise for the sake of the country.

    • oldtack says:

      I wonder about Norquiat. His wife is a devout MUSLIM – could it be that he is a Muslim also and is working from within to destroy this Nation?

  8. Lindsey Graham was the one who voted to impeach Clinton for sex. Now he’s trying to sabotage President Obama. Graham is really a little namby-pamby who is the poster girl for the sneaky, weasely part of the GOP in SC. Nikki Haley has more spunk that Graham.

    Then there’s the other part of the dyspeptic duo: John McPain–oops, McCain. He’s the guy who broke his arms bailing out of his plane and then got a cushy deal in Vietnam because he was the son of the CINCPAC. How many guys died because you ratted on them, Johnny boy? McCain doesn’t deserve the loyalty his wife has shown him; he’s a blot on the traditions of the US military.

    • oldtack says:

      According to a fellow Cadet – McCain would have never made it out of Pensacola if his Dad had not been a Navy Admiral. Further, McCain would have never been caught with his head up his butt if he had bothered to learn combat maneuvers . How many troops languished in the Hanoi Hilton other than the Admiral’s pampered son?
      How many were beaten just like he alleges he was beaten. These warriors returned to their private lives and kept Vietnam buried inside?

      Then there is John Boy. He has worn his war record like a bloody badge and played on the Sympathy of every gullible fool he could find. I wonder also about how many troops died in the Hanoi Hilton because McCain ratted on them.

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        There is PLENTY to criticize about John McCain, but his war record is not one of them. The reason I didn’t think he would be a good President is his bad, hair-trigger temper. I felt that since he has already been to hell and back, he feared nothing and no one. That could lead to really bad decisions. He seemed always ready to consider a military solutiion. Secondly, his first major decision as a Presidential candidate was to pick Sarah Palin. Clearly, not putting country first. It’s pretty disingenuous to label Susan Rice as not competent and not very smart after he foisted Palin on this country . Personally, I think he’s becoming more irrational and crotchety as he gets older, and it’s unbecoming and transparent that he loathes Obama.

  9. billy says:

    “Stand your ground for[ all ]of America”, Mr. President! The greed and selfishness of the elite few will never make [all] of America strong again. The votes that you received for re-election proves that the majority have your back and confidence. Follow your heart and the hearten will follow you.

  10. a80a says:

    can this appointment of rice be made in recess of congress as bush sometimes did? if not then the old guard of repubicians should be called to task and every bill they offer vetoed they lost the election and Obama is still the president of the united states. what has McC ain or Graham done anyway? make arizona and south carolina remember who is in charge.

  11. adriancrutch says:

    I was attacked on the yahoo page for the conference! I noticed the repubs so I spelled bad and generally shot down their lying rectumic bleatings! They so much can’t take a joke!

  12. sj adams says:

    I’m waiting for the Roosevelt response to the plutocrats and so-called “job creators”: “And I welcome their hatred!”

  13. Greg F King says:

    I just wish someone would have asked him about his position on the two states legalizing marijuana.. and the potential to save gazillions fighting the biggest losing battle we’ve ever fought.. the drug war.

  14. joujou228 says:

    McCain needs to get over 2008!

  15. AZ85283 says:


  16. Wilbur Moore says:

    I think most Americans are unaware of the GOP cutting funds for security in Libya, and now trying to blame the President for it! John McCain has PTSD from being a POW in Vietnam, he is also an asshole always has been! Last in his class from the Naval Academy! Floated on his dad and grandfathers coat tails in the Navy, his grand dad and father where Admirals. Graham and McConnell are closet racist,they just hide their hoods with politics!!!!

  17. ChristoD says:

    My guess is that if President Obama doesn’t get stuff done in the first 90 – 120 days, he will start to see the same old obstructionist BS from the House and filibuster BS from McConnell. It is high time to play hardball with Boehner and O’Connell and to target them at reelection time using high hard one tactics called FACTS and SMEAR just like the Republicans have been doing for 20 plus years. It is called WINNING.

  18. solver04 says:

    I am SOOOO Happy to hear the POTUS put Mcain and Graham in their place. Mcain is an old fart that can’t hold a thought and GRAHAM (I live in SC, we have two P’Baggers for Sen’s and this POS is one of them) He thinks because he went to law school on the ARMY dime he’s some kind of military expert ? What a pant load from a PANTYWASTE, he NOR Mcain should be involved with anything that even smells of military OR intelligence. Mcain is a military expert? Hero? He spent almost the entire Vietnam war in a POW camp because he DISOBEYED orders and flew too low into enemy AA fire. Graham snotted back at the POTUS on TWITTER (the social media aptly named for “guys” like him) saying HE holds the President responsible for Benghazi – HUH. Again, I live in SC, a state where we have 9.6% unemployment, A FELON for a Governor, have just had ALL of the citizens tax returns and personal info. HACKED, have one of the WORST educational systems in the U.S. cuts to Medicaid to the bone, acroos the board one of the most politically screwed up states in the Union and this jackass has nothing better to do for the PEOLE of SC than create conspiracy theories and ficticious crap with Mcain and FOX about Benghazzi. The stupid thing is the moron voters in this state will vote for him again, I have lived here since he became a Sen. (Dumint too) and neither one of them has done anything but write books and go on Sunday AM talking head shows and piss and moan that everything is WRONG in the world. All these P’ Baggers and NeoCons bitch about whats wrong or conjure up conspiracys – But – There ain’t- a- one of them smart or talented enough to come up with a solution. The whole Right wing should be disbanded and told to come back when they fix their PARTY(s) reputation and Plutocratic ideas.

  19. William says:


  20. Robert W says:

    It’s really a shame when the wealthiest people in this country can’t depart with some of their of the countries taxes, instead of paying a mere 15% like Mr. Romney, what a shame, I guess it’s time for them to go out and add car # 5 or 6 to their garages, and let the middle class just wither away, typical of them.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Remember, his 14% rate occured only because he didn’t take all of the deductions he could. He will file an amended return soon, and his tax rate will be closer to 9%.

  21. earagon says:

    HOORAY! This is the Commander in Chief we all need–kick butt and take names. We deserve a fighter and I am glad to side with President Obama. The chicken hawks wanted a red line on the sand, well…take that!!!

  22. pnllsprkf says:

    like I said before Mr nice -lets be friends is gone-the gloves are off- Mr. Busineness President IS IN THE HOUSE–REPUBS BEWARE—-thank you thank you now we’ll get some work done or the fur will surely fly next election and it will all be repubs being skinned and hung out to dry

  23. NO MORE ELECTIONS…THE GOP is in troubleeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  24. patuxant says:

    In case anyone forgot, McCain dumped wife#1 because she was disfigured as a result of a horrible accident while he was a POW. He had his own physical issues but that didn’t stop him from having an affair with the current wife and them ultimately leaving #1. He also cost the govt billions because he crashed a number of jet fighters while hotdogging over the Pacific. He just needs to shut up!

  25. nurselaidoff says:

    Obama hardly put McCain and Graham in their places…..The White House is responsible for putting Susan Rice in such a compromising position. Point #1: The White House threw Susan Rice out on the talk shows with a false narrative, 5 days after they had determined that the video had nothing to do with the Benghazi attack. Point #2, why put Susan Rice out as the spokesperson there when multiple people from the State Department that were available and would have been the appropriate choice for speaking out on the talk shows? Hillary Clinton should have been the person to go to the talk shows that morning, or at least have a spokesperson that knew what was going on in the Benghazi fiasco….She was in DC that morning and the excuse that she “doesn’t do Sunday morning talk shows” is pretty bizarre.
    3rd point: Obama stated that “The Republicans should go after me on Libya” instead of Susan Rice. What does he think that the Republicans have been trying to do the last several months? They have been trying to get answers from Obama and the White House. Instead they have been given excuses that don’t hold up to the facts and with total stone walling. The question of why the White House took the video narrative instead of calling it a terrorist attack, still hasn’t been answered. For 2 weeks, the white house pushed the video theory well after those facts had been determined to be incorrect.
    The bottom line is that Obama compromised Susan Rice’s chance to take over Department of State. Obama mishandled this entire Benghazi response….If he had been honest and transparent to begin with, this portion of Benghazi would not have been an issue. This issue isn’t going away and Americans deserve to have the truth come out on this entire sad affair.

    • patuxant says:

      Go back to 2003 when we got false information (deliberately so) about WMDs in Iraq. Trillions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of people dead. Do I hear the word “cover-up” used against Bush? No. But then again why would there be? He is a WASP! Beware of looking for an ant on the back of an elephant. Apparently, the majority of people in the country re-elected the President but some people persist in diversionary tactics such as the one described in this post. Americans also deserve to know the truth about the attack in Iraq and the notice the WH got before the attack on the Twin Towers and the 3000 killed there.

  26. gphillimo says:

    His 2nd term will be great. He no longer has to worry about getting re-elected or pandering to republicans. Now he can tell them to shove it, and get some good things done for this country.

  27. jcurtis595 says:

    Its time to end the filibuster in the Senate. One Senator should not hold up the nation. Majority rule is paramount. Who the hell came up with the filibuster rule in the first place. Its lame. Further, for every filibuster the parties holding up the legislation from being voted upon should have to occupy the floor for the entire time until he drops (hopefully dead)

    • Cairndance says:

      The filibuster must stop being anonymous! If they want to stop legislation, they should be required to “occupy the floor” and actually filibuster, not just threaten!
      Either stand up or shut up and go home, and allow others to get something done!

  28. hsally59 says:

    Yeahhhhh !!! The president we need is here !!! It’s about time the complainers move on to the 21st century and get on with the buisness of the people.

  29. batavier says:

    McConnell, Graham, McCaine, Dement, and others of their ilk represent the INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT part of the GOP – hence, their infantile pronunciations!

    As for McCain, there comes a time when even so-called “Heroes” have to submit to Father Time and learn to fade from the national and world stage before they truly become sad laughingstocks…

  30. Bob Williams says:

    I would have felt better if Obama would have said something like “Susan is a pathological liar – just like me!”

    And maybe he wanted to meet with McCain to discuss their military service. Oh, wait – Obama didn’t serve.

    Never mind.

  31. Lynda says:

    I’m proud of the President for calling out the Senators on their obsession with Benghazi and their distain for Ms Rice. The President made them look small…which is true, and he protected those serving him. That was presidential and overdue.

    Of course the mouth from the south had to come back with a macho comment. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when Lindsey comes off all manly I feel so much safer. LOL

  32. Gary says:

    john mccain is irrevelement and grahm who is this sore loser these as—-es should lick there egos and return to irrelevents lifes.

  33. Hutchbilly says:

    McCain is a tired old man who makes sense 1 day and then is a whack job the next, and you have no idea which McCain will show up. He is doing the Senate a disservice, and is obviously still bitter about losing to Obama, as if his own choices had nothing to do with him losing

  34. Dukester says:

    The best I’ve heard the Prez in a long time. On all the issues he was clear, confident and correct. Amazing what winning a second term can do!

  35. So what is the President gonna say 30 years from now when he’s in his rocking chair on an elevated spot in Hawaii while the sreets of DC, NY City, and Honolulu are under water? “Yeah, but we finally got unemployment under 5%! The issue just can’t wait any longer if we are to have any chance of sparing our grandkids, heck, maybe even our OWN kids, a ton of irreversible grief. This is no longer speculative over the top melodrama to provide material for disaster movies and cable shows about how the world will end. Too many mainstream, down to earth scientists are coming to the same conclusion that we are perilously close to the point of no return if we’re not there already. I understand there may be little the President can do unilaterally. I also understand that making global warming a campaign issue would have likely been political suicide. But the election is over. He’s morally obligated to do his best to turn the titanic. I know he’s done alot to push for non carbon based energy. But this is one of those cases when “we gave it a good try” just won’t cut it. For one thing, he has the tallest, biggest, loudest and most watched and listened to soapbox in the world. Use it. Use it often.

  36. ExPAVIC says:

    Not Real Smart

    McCain and Graham are showing how stupid they really happen to be. So they want to piss off Obama from the outset to demonstrate how they want to conduct themselves with the second term POTUS and levy outlandish accusations from the get go.

    Both should start walking a thin line or see capable opponents for them in the next election. With the financial backing of the Democrat Party which has amassed a fair war chest, unlike the GOP which spent (wasted) all of theirs, McCain and Graham could be facing serious threats in their next electoral challenges.

    In case you haven’t noticed, neither of these old, white GOP guys would be missed very much.

  37. sickofconflict says:

    Can President Obama ask senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham for their resignations? McCain and Graham are like turds on the birthday cake of life!

  38. onedonewong says:

    They did go after you Barak and you blamed it on a anti muslim movie and that you had no idea that the embassy asked for help not once but 4 different and then 4 hours after they were attacked and your response was to do NOTHING.
    The State Run Media allowed you to hide but guess what you were elected president not King.
    As for the bud where is your plan?? For 4 years you have offered up nothing but ever larger deficits

  39. Nancy says:

    good for obama way to go show the idiots u cant b messed with u r tired of all the repugnants crap they must go and they had better accept the fact the democrats kicked the repugnants butt

  40. Nancy says:

    i am with u too good for obama

  41. RonaldS says:

    The GOP is grasping at straws again as they have nothing substantive to contribute.

  42. ivory69690 says:

    McCain and Graham are a pair that swing in a bulls sack

  43. lindablue says:

    Way to go Mr. President I’m so sick of the vulture party making hey of Ms. Susan Rice while taking no responsiblitlity for the 5 Billion dollars they took from the State Department during their austerity budget cuts and continueing to allow Wall Street to go free. Did they go after the other Ms. Rice under President Bush who lied to the American people to get us into a unwarrented war? Get real McCain and Graham.

  44. bcarreiro says:

    The bald eagle needs both wings to fly………………both parties need to come together to help end the war as well as create a fair and balanced way of life for all of us.

  45. Jer says:

    If many of you are unaware of it, the Republicans are mainly composed of prejudice whites, fueled by Mitt Romney , Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Speaker Boeyner, Senetor John McCain and many others that are prejudice whites, that think this is White America and that the “White House is self inherited to them for being White”. After condoring up a large majority of Prejudice Whites and drumming up lies on President Obama, they figured the election was theirs. Thier data base consisted of the prejudice base and they will be forever questioning how they lost, from their calculations? The reason for thier loss is because the young people over all, black, white, hispanics, chinese and so forth voted for change and they out numbered the prejudice whites.

  46. Jer says:

    If many of you are unaware of it, the Republicans are mainly composed of prejudice whites, fueled by Mitt Romney , Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Speaker Boeyner, Senetor John McCain and many others that are prejudice whites, that think this is White America and that the “White House is self inherited to them for being White”. After condoring up a large majority of Prejudice Whites and drumming up lies on President Obama, they figured the election was theirs. Thier data base consisted of the prejudice base and they will be forever questioning how they lost, from their calculations? The reason for thier loss is because the young people over all, black, white, hispanics, chinese and so forth voted for change and they out numbered the prejudice whites.

  47. Jer says:

    Notice the people doing the attacking are white folks. This just like the election is not about the issues, its about getting the blacks out of the “White House”.If many of you are unaware of it, the Republicans are mainly composed of prejudice whites, fueled by Mitt Romney , Karl Rove, Donald Trump, Speaker Boeyner, Senetor John McCain and many others that are prejudice whites, that think this is White America and that the “White House is self inherited to them for being White”. After condoring up a large majority of Prejudice Whites and drumming up lies on President Obama, they figured the election was theirs. Thier data base consisted of the prejudice base and they will be forever questioning how they lost, from their calculations? The reason for thier loss is because the young people over all, black, white, hispanics, chinese and so forth voted for change and they out numbered the prejudice whites.

  48. 4 years a gp the GOP starting doing the same thing that they are doing now. You lost get ovet it. If you have fact that Obama has done something demand impeacement until then I am tired of listening to this. For what seams for ever I have had to listen to both parties saying a bunch of bs misstating facts and I am tired of this. Obama said taxes would go up on the 1 nad 2 per cent only.
    I am waiting for spending cuts if with in 2 years Obama says we need to tax everone you can impeach him for lieing to the tax payers. I voted for Obama because Mitt would not explain his plan and I believe as bad as Obama is on the debt Mitt would be worse. Congress need to stop spending stop giving a way money that they do not have. Bring the military back home. Close down all US goverment that is working outside the US. There need to be a war tax to pay for the cost of the Bush wars and in this one it states the taxes collected form the Tax is for the war debt and ever year an aduit of what has been colleted and what is left to pay need left on the war debt.
    Part D of Bush medicare need to go a way because it wan not funded. No new spending programs until there is a surplus. Cut military spending if there is no war you will not need as large of military so the cost should be lower. Everone need to write congress and say no more raising the debt limit if you can give a way money you have too much

    • johninPCFL says:

      You said it corectly: “Congress needs to stop spending”. The teabaggers are in control of the checkbook and haven’t even slowed it down.

  49. Americkan says:

    Google: abolish congress.

  50. June says:

    I’m confident all will work out in the end. John McCain and Lindsey Graham attitude in not working with the President on this matter is the reason why Republican will continue to lose. John McCain still hold ill for his loss and Lindsey Graham has a hate towards the President. In their comments today they are not willing to compromise at all. It is time for these two old goats to retire. Same goes for Romney blaming Blacks and Hispanics for his loss because they are getting government gifts. No Romney, it is because of you as to why you lost.

  51. snickers413 says:

    Wow, it’s starting to look like he grew some this term. I sure hope this man stays on track!

  52. JORAM says:

    yes they should pay.go hard on them prezido

  53. June says:

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham, these two old goats need to retire. As I heard them say today they are not willing to work with their President. Keep it up boys. That is why the republican party lost and will lose in the next elections. Same goes for Romney blaming Blacks and Hispanics for his lost because they get government gifts. No, No Romney, it is because of YOU that you lost. Go chat with your Joseph Smith as to why your Mormon “White Horse Prophecy” didn’t come to pass. My God knew and saw all your lies!

  54. onetop66 says:

    I watched the entire press conference. POTUS did not address the Benghazi debacle. Why did they not withdraw or re-inforce the consulate when the British and Red Cross pulled out? Where was he during the attack? Was it because there no “photo op” available. What units were ordered to help? Why was the UN Ambassador sent as the spokesman for Barack? It was obvious she was the sacrificial lamb for this POTUS. This POTUS will throw someone to the wolves whenever something goes wrong, no matter what the issue. If his party is willing to solve the problems we now face, he needs to talk to Senator Reid about working with those on the other side of the isle. I’m waiting to see if he backs up his words to being willing to cooperate with the GOP. He has to drop the “my way or the highway” attitude.

    • Danceroflife says:

      The truth is that right now, Benghazi is one of the small fish in a big pond.

      It is your right to devote large blocks of your time focused upon this horrific incident. Or, you can practice patience by waiting until the investigative report is completed and released which may have answers to your currently unanswerable questions.


  56. ridemybroom says:

    Lindsey Graham of South Carolina….from one native to another….you are one rotten dirty bastard of a sore loser…go cram your garbage up someones else’s behind and resign…..!!!!

  57. hooray for obama —-all you jerks who dont like it —-there is a ship leaving tonite —bye

  58. Congress votes on spending and the President always is in the minority. I love when people put all on the President who in the long run is only a cog in the machinery that runs the country. If I make 500,000 a year I guarantee I would not miss paying 28% Income tax that most middle class Americans pay! Equal taxation for all and we will get out of the Hole.

  59. miggy52 says:


  60. oldtack says:

    I agree with your assessment except I still Criticize his War record. According to his classmate Cadet – he was coddled at Pensacola,he was a mediocre Pilot and he failed to learn in Combat Training. He disobeyed orders by flying too low and his disregard for orders got his butt shot down. He should have faced charges for dis obeying orders and for getting a good plane destroyed.

    McCain was not the only person to spend five years as a POW. There were many more that ended up at Hanoi Hilton. They received the same treatment as did John McCain. They came back – many with PSTD but the quietly went back into Society and coped with their experience. Not so with John McCain. He has worn his “terrible” years as a POW like a bloody badge for the world to see and feel pain for John McCain. As a Veteran I consider such behavior despicable.

    I commend him for his Service but I hold him in contempt for the way he has exploited his POW time as a Political ploy.

    BUT- I am in agreement with all of your other comments.

  61. McCain’s claims about Susan Rice’s comments on the Libya attack”
    “Susan .
    “Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified. She should have known better”.

    “John McCain should have known better when he was taken captive in Vietnam” If he didn’t know he was not qualified to be sent to the battle field” McCain the hollier than thou has never made mistakes. Those who make mistakes are the least knowledgeable according to McCain. If McCain knows everything why did he allow himself to be captured in Vietnam? Why does McCain expect higher standards from other people than he has been able to demonstrate in his careers over the years? McCain swears that he will do everything in his powers to prevent Susan Rice from being appointed Secretary of State. Susan Rice is a young lady half McCain’s age. What sense does it make for an old rusty man to make such swearing about a young lady/person half his age? Has McCain become senile? Has he lost the capacity to think and to differentiate sense from nonsense? Was McCain elected to the Senate to be an obstructionist on everything from economic issues, to budget issues to the appointment of staff by the President? We can understand from McCain’s own statement. Perhaps McCain is being an obstructionist for losing the elections in 2008 and his party’s nominee in 2012. But how does this political posturing help McCain and his friends such as Lindsey Graham and others? Even at age 76 years old, McCain has not matured enough to mellow on his bitterness over everything? Susan Rice has a long future a head of her. McCain is in his twilight years now. So for McCain to swear that he will do everything in his powers to block Susan Rice from being appointed Secretary of State only highlights McCain’s foolishness, lack of understanding and lack of foresight too

  62. LS says:

    McCain couldn’t block Obama from winning an election 2008. H e couldn’t even block his party when Sara Palin was imposed on him as a running mate in 2008. And now he tells us he has got his mojo working against Susan Rice? Well, let’s see what you’ve got Mr. big! We all remember when your job #1 in congress was making Obama a one-term president. Keep on pissing us off and we shall vote you out of office in a few.

  63. GMAannie says:

    Mr. Graham and Mr. McCain need to remember that we have a big day looming shortly that will cost all of us plenty so they need to quit trying to build a smokescreen about an incident that, while horrible, happens every day to our boots-on-the-ground troops in those places. This nonsense must stop. There are much bigger issues this country needs to deal with and it is patently obvious they are both trying to divert attention. BTW–where was the call for a “Watergate-style” investigation into who knew what about the 9/11 attack. Much more tragic, I think.

    • lindablue says:

      Hey they whine about 4 honorable men being killed in Benghazi but never uttered a word about the 3000 honorable men and women killed by faulty information that took our troops into Iraq. They are nothing but two political blow hearts with not one bit of integrity.

  64. 4realdude says:

    “not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy.”

  65. 4realdude says:

    “not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy.”

  66. montanabill says:

    By his own admission, Susan Rice had nothing to do with Benghazi. By the time he sent her out, he either knew that story was bogus or had enough counter information to certainly question it. So why did he send her out with a phony story?

    By his own admission, “I can tell you that immediately upon finding out that our folks were in danger, that my orders to my national security team were, do whatever we need to do to make sure they’re safe.” Who did he give the order to, and why were his orders disobeyed?

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Well, you’re back! A strange silence there for a few days. We all missed you though. How can one get through the a day in these times without a hearty laugh, even if it must be at the expense of some poor mentally disturbed individual?

      Keep penning these wonderfully-entertaining fantasies in between changes to your diaper.

      • montanabill says:

        Couldn’t answer the questions, could you?
        I guess throwing out insults will then make you feel better.
        Usually, though, when anything comes up that questions Obama’s veracity, the responder usually points to something from the Bush years. You know, like your little brother saying, “he did too!”

    • ExPAVIC says:


      The old, old, used up GOP just lost (blew) the election. Get over it with your horse crap comments.

  67. Plznnn says:

    FINALLY, a Press Conference, but “After” the election of course, and a very short press conference without giving any answers on Benghazi, saying, it’s under investigation, how convienient. The truth will come out, and why can’t you liberals admit there were very serious incommpetence and falsehoods about this mess that cost outstanding Americans their lives. Instead you keep making this political. Even Sen. Feinstein and many other Senators & Congressmen on both sides know there is a cover-up.

    The President is NOT the Supreme Power, we do have a balance of power, and when Congress asks for information, it has to be given, would you want it any other way if the President was a Republican? Actually, the Congress is a much more representation of our Country, with 535 reps. from the ENTIRE country, not just 1 man, or 9 like the Supreme Court. The Congress MAKES our Laws, the Executive is just supposed to carry out these Laws with his Cabinet, and the Supreme Court is only to see if these Laws are Constitutional, simple as that.

    • lindablue says:

      Okay Rush why the hell doesn’t the President come out and tell you a bunch of bullshit before the investigation is complete? Because he is not a Republican…..that’s why.

  68. Shrapnel5 says:

    The question should be asked why Paul Ryan pushed a bill through the House that cut funds for more security at the embassy, oh yeah he is Republican and that is why the question is not being asked, because the GOP has to take some responsibility for the people that were killed in Libya.

    • lindablue says:

      That is why they haven’t held hearing on the Benghazi killings. They denied 4 billion dollars in Embassy funding in the 2011 budget cuts and an additional 1 billion in Embassy funding in the 2012 budget cuts. Austerity has consequences GOP.

  69. George W Bush showed leadership just after the sept 11 attacks. Of course, as we saw in Michael Moore’s film, W could have helped prevented it to. So while he showed leadership, it was short lived, and continued to make moves that ended in recession. I believe the tasks at hand for Pres Obama were impossible to resolve in 4 yrs, and he did say “things will get worse before they get better” and he was so correct. I am so happy he won. Now he is well on track…Mr.President. do not give in to Boehner and his sidekick Cantor, Kick butt and stand your ground. Look. The Bush tax cuts were around for ages. It did not do anything to change job growth, just gave millionaires and the like a tax credit. Us middle class and see right through the shenanigans.

    This is going to be a better and stronger 4 years for Pres Obama!

  70. June says:

    Wow, a lot of good comments, but I’m curious as to why most all are flagged. I don’t read bad language in them, just the truth.

  71. Opie Bigay says:

    This is the President i been waiting for no more nice guy give the gop hell.


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