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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

May 11 (Bloomberg) — We can already see the next six months in American politics: Tit for tat. Blow for blow. You’re Richie Rich. You’re Jimmy Carter. This is what presidential elections have been about since 1800. The only difference is that we have YouTube instead of the Pony Express, so the noise is louder and more constant.

But discerning voters need to understand the deep philosophical distinctions between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama even if they don’t lend themselves to campaign slogans or barbs.

Labels such as “conservative” and “liberal” are worn out. “Right-wing” doesn’t fit Romney, who describes himself as “severely conservative” but isn’t a wing nut. “Left-wing” is an inaccurate description of the president, whose most “leftist” initiative — Obamacare — is modeled on plans proposed by those noted Bolsheviks Bob Dole and Howard Baker.

A more useful distinction may be between venture capitalists and human capitalists.

Romney came up as a private-equity investor. Like his party, he believes in his heart that the way forward for the U.S. is to slash taxes for the wealthy even further so that they have more venture capital to invest in businesses.

Obama came up as a community organizer. Like his party, he believes in his heart that a great nation must invest in human capital through education, health care and infrastructure.

The distinctions get more interesting when it comes to their strategies for creating jobs. Republicans are right that the U.S. needs to lower the corporate income tax rate, which in 2012 was the highest in the developed world. But cutting individual rates in 2001 did nothing for job creation; and by keeping taxes low on dividends, the Bush tax cuts inadvertently helped bring about a crisis of capital investment in U.S. manufacturing, the kind of investment that Republicans claim to champion.

Investment by U.S. companies in new plant and equipment for manufacturing was the lowest in the 2000s of any decade since records were first kept in the 1940s. The net stock of fixed assets in manufacturing grew by only 1.8 percent in the 2000s, versus 25.7 percent in the 1990s.

The venture-capital answer is to just cut taxes further and hope that the market will self-correct and this trend will reverse itself. The human-capital answer is to use the tax code to incentivize investment not just in plant and equipment, but in research and development and workforce training (where companies in the U.S. are investing about half as much as a share of gross domestic product as they did a decade ago).

Who can argue with R&D spending, the main engine of innovation? Both Obama and Romney are for making the R&D tax credit permanent. But Congress, after letting the R&D tax credit expire at the end of 2011, has yet to renew it. In 1992, the credit was the world’s most generous; by 2008, it was only the 24th most generous, and the rate of growth in business R&D spending has lagged that of many national competitors.

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37 responses to “Obama Versus Romney Offers Clash Of Capitalisms”

  1. There is not much difference in real life between Obama and Romney since both are catering to large fossil corporations, insurance business, pharma/hos;pitals industry and millitary/industrial/congressional complex, rather then encouraging small business development and free markets which would level the playing field rather than allowing corporate behemoth to game the system, as they have been doing since Eisenhower left the office and warned about the industrial/military/congressional complex. Now we have added insurance/pharma/hospital/university industrial complex beasts that are preventing free markets of ideas and small business development

    During Truman and Eisenhower time, the tax rate on the top millionaires was over 90% and thus people were not as greedy as they are now when they can keep most of the money that they DON’T earn, since they are only good in gaming the system, which allows legal thievery.

    Both Obama and Romney stink, when it comes to dealing with our legal corruption in which the super rich had rigged the markets. Obama has an additional handicap of bowing to Saudi King, whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 and the ideologists of genocidal supremacy of Islam that he promotes by catering to Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is endangering not only US soldiers and US but entire Western civilization by extolling Islam and Koran while dissing Bible and America.

    • Ialso understand that during the 90% era if you showed USE for your money–the tax rate decreased. REAL growth took place at that time(I also assume use for the money was done in the U.S. Not in the world)

    • rustingdreams says:

      I agree with much of what you say, but you’re way off base in your comment about President Obama extolling Islam and Koran & dissing Bible and America. The primary difference between the two is that Obama is inclined to compromise, which perhaps is where your thoughts come from, and Romney will say anything he thinks you’d like to hear.

    • Bowing is very common in cultures other than our own here. If you knew anything about Indonesia or Japan or China or well just about any other land but America you would understand the cultural significance. It is very similar to what the hand salute was to knights of old or the simple hand wave which followed. It shows respect not what you are twisting it to mean from your Biblical days, It is not the same as bowing to the gods etc. To put it in that perspective is for YOU to give it meaning it does not have. In Indonesian culture the younger person would also take the hand offered to them and press it against their forehead while offering a greeting. It shoes respect for one’s elders and is given to ALL elders not just State Officials or government officials.

  2. jagmcc says:

    I think that the point made about lowering the corporate tax rate requires elaboration. If taxes were actually paid at that rate it might well reduce competitiveness and, very marginally, reduce incentives to expand (if there is profit to be made it is irrational not to pursue it, whatever the tax rate). Any reduction in the nominal tax rate accompanied by rationalization of loopholes and perverse incentives might well lead to higher real tax payments. Also, as corporations are ‘people’ their overseas earnings should be taxed in the same way as those of individuals, removing the incentive to game the system by assigning profits to low-tax havens.

  3. William Deutschlander says:

    A very, very worthy article expressing the true objectives of the Democratic and Republican parties. Should be read and understood by more of our citizens. Perhaps it would open some minds and eyes.

  4. Elsa says:

    I like the comparison between venture capitalist and human capitalist – it speaks volumes about what each of them stands for and expresses exactly why I could never vote for Romney.

    • grannyk8 says:

      Romney has no conscience about creating “collateral damage”; the problem is that people often don’t consider that it might just be them.

      • Judith M says:

        This comment speaks volumes in itself. Since the history of our country began, the less fortunate, the “odd” people have always been considered collateral damage by the richer, the more beautiful etc. It happened with slavery, simply because of the color of a people’s skin, it happened with the holocaust because a whole nation of people were despised by Hitler and his followers, the mentally and physically handicapped were ostracized at the expense of “normal” people. The decision we make at the polls this November will decide if we, as a Nation, seek to retain a true humane approach to all peoples or whether we want to consider anyone who isn’t truly self-supporting and self-contained in this ever changing global economy as disposable, collateral damage, i.e. if you can’t help yourself then die and decrease the surplus population.

  5. dljones says:

    This dismays me to respond to the obvious but it’s short and true. STAY OUT OF THE FREE ENTERPRISE! In our ravaged economy, you neither have the knowledge or the ambition.

  6. ace says:

    Obama has taken control like a Dictator and has told one lie after another and is just not a very good person honest wise .

    • joyscarbo says:

      You need to stop watching so much Fox News. Really…what is the republican platform?! You can’t!!! All we hear is:

      Make same sex marriage illegal (violate basic human rights)
      Refuse to make insurance companies pay for a simple thing like birth control for women (deny coverage for something that is BASIC healthcare.)
      Overturn Roe vs Wade (violate right to self determine a woman’s reproduction.)
      Double the interest that college students (attack on making education affordable to all)
      Make us all pay MORE taxes than the richest and wealthiest (this doesn’t make sense to any person with a brain or a basic sense of fairness!)
      Get us into a war with Iran (diplomacy is better than sacrificing more lives. Where’s the money coming from to fund this bs?)
      Continue to allow insurance companies to charge higher and higher premiums for shitty care and allow drug companies to charge more and more for drugs. (Keep allowing big companies to make crazy ass bank for nothing?)
      Deregulate huge corporate rules so that they can screw us all again with unethical business practices. (I guess none of us should be able to afford a home or keep the home we’ve worked so hard to get.)
      Get rid of illegal immigrants by any means necessary (“Self-deportation-REALLY?!)
      Kill unions so that huge businesses can they can treat Americans like 3rd world workers and pay for even LESS benefits than they already do. (Like benefits? Like a safe workplace? Like regular pay increases? Like that someone just can’t fire you at will? Unions do that for employees. People don’t have to work for businesses with unions. If you don’t like unions, don’t work in a unionized company.)

      Where is the economy in this? Where is the welfare of the citizens?
      Religious leaders condemn the Ryan Budget as fatally detrimental to those who live in poverty. All I hear from republicans is that we must make our rich MORE wealthier and allow the citizens to do what Mitty thought we should have done with the auto industry- go bankrupt and see it’s ultimate demise.
      How can you support this??!!! You can’t be serious.

  7. ace says:

    If you want Dictator ship then vote Obama but if you want more freedom like we have always had then vote for mitt i am not a Romney fan but he is so much better than this what ever you want to call him but i won’t say .

    • joyscarbo says:

      There can be NO freedom if the right wingnuts get into office. Mitt Romney and the republicans isn’t a fan of you either if you’re a hardworking, middle income American. If you’re struggling right now and living paycheck to paycheck, Mitt and his gang could care less about you. He only cares about making himself and his machine of republican asses more wealthy. How does he do that? On the sweat of us working class and the backs of the majority who pay as much as double the taxes that Mitt and his republicans pay. How in the hell do you think this will help anyone?

  8. wayneonly says:

    Great article bringing up the difference between venture capitalists and human capitalists. Oh, if it were only true and the Democrats were truly human capitalists. But that is not so. Both parties (Democrats and Republicans) are venture capitalists in that they are both “bought and paid for” by the “Too Big to Fail” banks and big business. They have little concern for the middle class of America. After all, we are only votes and can be easily fooled.

    What should government do? I believe government should work for the good of the people, ALL the people, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, but ultimately the MAJORITY. Special interests have NO place in government. Government should protect the environment, build a strong infrastructure, a strong defense, a strong economy, a stong education system, and security for the elderly. It should not be used as a vehicle for making big banks and big business richer and more powerful.

    Three good books that every voter should read: Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer And Turned It’s Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. They will open your eyes to the real corruption in Congress. These books will show you the real agenda of Congress and why big banks and big business is so willing to spend billions of dollars to get their candidates elected to office. Congress is BIG BUSINESS , both for the candidates and big money.

    Congress (with the help of the voter) has set themselves up as the PERMANENT POLITICAL PARTY. They believe they are the “elite” class and are “entitled” to special privileges and are “above the law(s)” that govern the rest of us. And we (the voter) have fostered this belief by electing them to office term after term. We need to get smarter. We need to examine their voting records, their financial dealings, and who contributes to their election campaigns. And we need to examine what lobbies are buying their votes.

    We (the voter) need to resolve that we WILL change Congress by voting EVERY incumbent Congressperson out of office until we get a Congress that is more responsive to the real American people and less influenced by lobbies and big banks and big business. We need to set aside party propaganda and misplaced loyalties and vote for a Congress that is truly “of the people, for the people, by the people”. Maybe then we can get big money out of politics and back into the business of building a stronger American economy.

    • One simple question for you if you please, How many poor people have you ever seen in Congress since the birth of this nation? The laws of this land have always been made by the rich FOR the rich. A poor honest man can not get elected. All politicians have to sell their souls to the devil.

      • CPANY says:

        The closest that we came to electing an honest, poor person to Congress was Davy Crockett, but I’m not sure just how “poor” he really was. He was high principled, but paid for his high principles with his Congressional seat.

        He was of Andrew Jackson’s party, but he opposed Jackson’s policy of persecuting indians. Jackson and the party considered Crockett to be a traitor and failed to support him in his try for re-election.

  9. ELSA You just want a Marxist in office! He has taken rights and freedom a way from us pushed his agenda in which is unconstitutional like his healthcare, racist comment, class warfare; in which he and his buddies do not give their fare share. pushes more tax;s on the working class. more income on us IN WHICH HIS BUDDIES DO NOT PAY THEY OWE MILLIONS THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL!! IF I OWED I WOULD BE!!!!! HE never liked America in which she stands for !! ALWAYS PUTTING HER DOWN! FLIP FLOPS ON EVERYTHING TELLS ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER , ALWAYS BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE FOR HIS FAILURES!! SHOULD I GO ON?AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU JUST KEEP BELIEVING EVERYTHING HE SAID ! JUST TOO GET YOUR OS CALLED FREEBEES IN WHICH YOU MORON OUR NOT FREE!

    • Oh my god! get in the bomb shelter before the rest of the sky falls. If Obama had an (R) after his name instead of a (D), the people who form your opinions for you would be telling you he is the greatest president since Reagan, or even Lincoln.

    • you must base your opinions on all those cute e-mails you get from all your ill advised and ill informed friends and relatives, try some critical thinking if it’s at all possible for you and if you open your mind just a little, perhaps a degree of truth and reality with imprint upon your thought process and a little intelligence will spring forth from your postings so as not to earn the scorn and ridicule from everybody with more than a third grade education.

  10. Curtis says:

    It is too bad that this article is NOT main stream, front and center on the nightly news, on the have a good day programs in the morning, or better yet, on the “front page” of your favorate web home page for everybody to see…of coarse, getting them to READ it is another chore.

  11. What can we expect from the Chamber of Commerce Agenda! As Alex and the Tea Party laid deformation and demonizing against the up right heart of the common good and honest living. For sake of profiteering and out sourcing. You know the insidious little brain of the Old Right A little bit of history. tell all of us a Great Deal.

    “The Insidious Little Brain”

    Economist Mundell-Tobin effect, is a theory that became a Divine Inspiration. It states.
    In manipulating or exploiting the normal interest rate! The interest rate would rise slower in the Creating of Inflation! In understanding the buying power of those affect. Would loose their prosperity. [the common good and Honest living]. In the attempt, to protect their basic needs. As it creates the undesirable affect of a lower interest rate. Driving it down. That is to say. Any form of extortion or manipulating of a monetary system. Will always devalue the normal interest rate and the prosperity of the common good and honest living! As it accelerates and devalues a monetary system! It came to composition through the Conservative Agenda of “Protectionism”.

    Mundell-Tobin effect and its precursor
    With the North victorious in the War Between the States, Republican dominance was assured over the Southern Democrats. Although a combination of former Whigs, Moderate Republicans, Northern and Southern Democrats looked to lower tariffs, the Radical Republicans managed to eject the Southern delegations, arrest their opponents, overthrow Southern states, establish military despotism and overawe their opponents for the next ten years. The Lincoln era high tariffs remained in place for the next decade. The economic policy of Protectionism continued to dominate American politics until around the early 20th century. For the remainder of the century the issue was not as much about the “Level of Protectionism” as it was about the growth of Corporations and the Centralization of Capitalism and the subsequent issues regarding Labor Rights. Although the beneficiaries of Robber Barons, the GOP at first succeeded in forestalling the issues of corporate capital centralization and increasing “degradation of labor” by pointing to the success of Protectionism as the source for protecting American jobs. President William McKinley stated the United States’ stance under the Republican Party is thus:
    “Under free trade the trader is the “master” and the “creator” the slave. Protection is but the law of preservation. Too “survive” is but the law of nature, securing the highest and best destiny of the race of man. [It is said] that protectionism is immoral…. Why, if protection builds up and elevates 63,000,000 of people [the U.S. population], the influence of those 63,000,000 people elevates the rest of the world. We cannot take a step in the pathway of progress without benefiting mankind everywhere. Well, they say, ‘Buy where you can buy the cheapest’…. Of course cheap, applies to labor as to everything else. Let me give you a maxim. That is a thousand times better than that. And it is the protectionism maxim: ‘Buy where you can pay the easiest.’ And that place of earth is where “the master” wins its highest rewards.” [That is to say, as “creator” became a slave through devaluation. As the master of the vineyard, comes to legal ownership and exploits the creator. In the degradation of common good and honest living on principal Through Socialization.]
    President Ulysses S. Grant further echoes that in his quote here:
    For centuries England has relied on protectionism, and has carried it to extremes and has obtained satisfactory results from it. There is no doubt that it is to this system that it owes its present strength. After two centuries, England has found it convenient to adopt free trade because it thinks that protectionism can no longer offer it world domination. Very well then, Gentlemen, my knowledge of our country leads me to believe that within 200 years. When America has gotten out of protectionism all it had offer it. It too, will espouse free trade.

    [That is! Through the deformation and taking advantage of govern. Too commercialize and privatize Our Constitution. That is. As Liberalism seeks to protect ”Creator”. The laboring of Family! The Common Good and Honest Living through “Protectionism”! As Conservatism seeks to demonizes Protectionism as a very “Immoral” thing. That is. The Love and Nurturing of Life is a “Great Sin”. In order too privatize, exploit and disavow “our basic needs” on principal. As the precursor of the “American Liberty League”! In the egocentric, that it is “Immoral” to triumph over the Natural Law of Survival, for the very wellbeing of the Common Good. As the Deformation of Govern brought into policy the Mundell-Tobin effect. Don’t ever consider a depression an “accident” or even a “conspiracy”. As it came into play through the Agenda! Through the deformation and deregulating of policy as a controlling force through the Greater Liberty. That is through the deformation and demonizing of Conservatism versus Liberalism.]
    After the depression in 1937 this brought into being the Conservative Manifesto. While the GOP managed to “convince” small businesses and labor of its “altruistic support” for their interests and wellbeing. Yet the increasing dominance of large corporations pushed out of the market. Small manufacturers, artisans, craftsmen, and tradesmen As they ultimately came to called into question the GOP’s true allegiance. In reply, Southern Democrats gradually rebuilt their party, restored a modicum of small industries in the South. And allied themselves with Northern Progressives. That were, both Republican and Democrat that opposed to the Big Business Domination over the GOP. This coalition had many differences. But it was staunchly opposed to the “great corporate trusts” that had built up. A marriage of convenience that came to face a common enemy reinvigorated the Democratic Party, which catapulted back into power. Realizing the great proclivity Big Business had over the GOP, Northern Progressives sought free trade as a means of undermining the power brokers that came to corrupt conservative values. Woodrow Wilson would admit as much in a speech to Congress. Woodrow Wilson’s ideological understudy of Franklin Roosevelt would essentially blame the Great Depression upon the protectionist policies exemplified by the previous Republican President, Herbert Hoover. However, these rhetorical attacks were more “political talking points” required to differentiate the Democrats from Republicans, than real and deep ideological contrasts. Regardless of which party was in power, tariffs and other protectionist policies remained in place, with arguments over their rates and amounts being the issues defining the two parties. Consequently, Protectionism remained a policy of the government throughout the 20th century until it was finally totally abandoned by the US in 1973. Through the peer pressures of the American Liberty League. What today is called the Chamber of Commerce.
    [This carried the agenda of “governing and policy” into the captivity of Big Business as free trade set Proclivity too the Mundell-Tobin effect. The “by whatever means necessary” of what the market can extort! As the GOP Agenda, deregulated the Banks and the Stock Markets of today. At the discarding of human decency! Through policy and deregulation! That aiding and supporting the basic needs of the common good and honest living! Is a Great Sin laid against the Law of Survival! As we look at what was abandoned within the “Conservative Manifesto” today!]

    The statements called for;
    1. Lowering taxes on capital gains and undistributed profits, As the absolute.
    2. Reducing government spending and balancing budgets. The devaluation laid against the wellbeing of the common good and the honest need.
    3. Restoring peace to the relationship between labor and industry – Abandoned
    4. Resisting government competition with private enterprise – Abandoned through lobbing and special interest for the Agenda of the Chamber of Commerce!
    5. Recognizing the importance of profit in private enterprise – The Out Sourcing of our Jobs for foreign profiteering today. As the banks out sourced our Checking and Saving Account through the speculators of the stock market.
    6. Protecting collateral as a prerequisite for credit- Exploitation through the Credit Card! Borrowing to survive on the future of our family and child. Through the policies attributed to the Mundell-Tobin effect. Inflation and the cost of living and borrowing. Through the Chamber of Commerce.
    7. Reducing taxes- through special interest and bribery given unto profiteering.
    8. Maintaining states’ rights – abandoned through the shutting down of “bargaining rights” and the impediment our “voting rights” today.
    9. Aiding the unemployed in an economical and locally responsible manner – being abandoned today. In the Bigoted Ideology of the “Lazy Bum” and a “Free Loader”.
    10. Relying on American free enterprise. – As the deformation and exploiting of the Conservative Manifesto today is taking over governing and Our Constitutional Rights! As the American Liberty League was the precursor that set in place the chamber of commerce. Of today.
    [As we see the statement the Old Right demonized Roosevelt of, “ Promoting “socialism” and being a “traitor to his “upper class”. A social group defined as the Existentialist in the greater liberty of Exclusive right! Because The New Deal strongly supported “labor unions” which became the main target of conservatives. Laid against the mothering and fathering of the good and honest living today. When Roosevelt tried to bring the country out of “the great depression” and ease the plight of the unemployed. That is the wellbeing of the common good and honest living through the “New Deal”. Conservatives fought him “every inch” of the way. Sound familiar? The counterattack first came from conservative Democrats, led by presidential nominees John W. Davis (1924) and Al Smith (1928), who mobilized businessmen into the American Liberty League. That is! Those possessing the “greater economic advantage” set in the greater liberty of the few. In total opposition to the New Deal.]
    What came from the sophistic of the Old Right. A group of conservative free-market anti-interventionists, originally associated with Midwestern Republicans led by Hoover and Robert A. Taft, the son of former President William Howard Taft. That is the philosophy, “to aid and protect the good and honest living in their basic needs is “Immoral”! That is, The Preservation of Life is a “Great Sin”. As we see in our present now the on going plight of “extremism and insatiable”. While it’s all said to be “the Divine Will and Providence of Our Forefathers in the Name of Jesus Christ”! As we see the deformation and demonizing of the “past” laid against Our President of Today. That is! The Agenda! The Soul Intent that “The Preservation of the good and honest living” is a very “evil” thing. “A Great Sin”! According to the Conservative Manifesto set to “Overt and Profiteering” today. Set in a the War of Nerves and the mind-altering games of George W. Bush. “If you say it enough! It must be true”! Perforcing, the Governing and Proclivity of a new world-view. Dare I say! The manufacturing and fabricating of Anti-Christ The Rise of Anti-Family! Because a Self-fulfilling Prophecy is only the “good” of what the Agenda comes to “love”!
    Resources from The Free Encyclopedia – Wikipedia and revised

  12. Please observe that whining about the U.S. corporate tax rate being higher that some other countries is specious, an attempt to deceive. Whatever the official rates may be, NO corporation ever pays anything close to it, and the biggest ones pay nothing while we give them many billions of dollars in “incentives” for which we get back not one single job.

    In non-fascist countries, SOME tax rates may be lower but they are actually collected. Now there’s a concept.

  13. Rummy, what a bully.

  14. Letseducateourkidsfirst says:

    Wonderful and insightful article. Best political piece I have seen in a while. Thanks Jonathan for something a little deeper than the harsh and meaningless fluff of opinion that dominates this and most other political writing.

  15. Both have no christian faith…
    To say… faithless…
    Even Muslim Arabs and Persian
    recognize our Genocide
    2600 Churches were vanished in Turkey and 1,5 million lost their lives
    including my grandfather and his family our homes lands were confiscated
    with no return still no one will recognize the First genocide…
    Two …I repeat Two million Armenian live in Turkey…All Tukified…
    They can’t open their mouth
    to say we were born Armenians…
    We are Christian
    We have noble civilization…
    We lost all…
    I like to hear your comments…


  16. Gosh I didn’t realize those poor corporation were doing so badly that we must pour all our wealth on those lucky few of us that understand they and only they have the reason and wherewithal to save those poor bastions of capitalism with their investments. Certainly every penny we can give them will go to rescuing corporations. I mean these lucky few would never subvert any of that money just to make themselves richer.

  17. hubydoll166 says:

    Tax incentives should have from day one been tied to doemstic should of been contingent on business inversting in america..I dont see why it wasnt to begin with…it can still be done that way and there would be no arguement..would the GOP defend a tax cut specifically to invest oversea? maybe…congress can pass lefislation today to give those tax breaks to companies that keep money in america and create jobs the so called “job creators” even more money without strings attached is like giving candy to a baby..what do you think will happen?

  18. hubydoll166 says:

    We seen first hand that less investment in human capitol is bad and should have learned our lesson. Its time to put some capitol in our people..I personally believe that both can be implemented but there is something more soinister going on here..some people want complete power and control..its a by product of having more than a person could ever need in a thousand life times..bad bad thing..

  19. anosova says:

    I had an impression that MR.Alter is a serious journalist,but , after reading this article, in my opinion all Democratic Party supportive writers (C. Mattews,G. Stefanopoulos,R. Maddow,Ed…..) are closing their eyes on american reality and not raising the global questions about current achievements of Obama Presidency which are minimum minimorum….how low our country needs to get that they stop wrighting their feeric articles…

  20. howa4x says:

    Both parties support the same economic system so the differences are not a mile wide. Each have bailied out industry and will seed ones they think are beneficial, or friends. Democrats favor more regulation and Republicans want none. Dems will protect worker rights and Reps are union busters. One will protect the enviornment and the other will protect profits. The main difference is the social agenda where Republicans are captives of the religious rightwing and want to take away freedoms of others in the name of freedom of their own. So if you’re a woman, or Latino, or Gay, or independent, or person of color who do you think will protect your interests better?

  21. what if 95% of the available work force was employed?

  22. Thepiedpirate says:

    isn’t amazing how few comments this rag generates…. how long till they can’t afford electricity to run IPAD’s?

  23. ObozoMustGo says:

    Democratic National Convention Schedule released by WikiLeaks!

    Democratic National Convention Schedule
    4:00 PM – Opening Flag Burning Ceremony
    4:05 PM – Singing of “G_D___ America” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
    4:10 PM – Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
    4:15 PM – Ceremonial ‘I hate America’ led by Michelle Obama
    4:30 PM – Tips on Dodging Sniper Fire – Hillary Clinton
    4:45 PM –Al Sharpton Leads Castrati Choir in Singing “Great Balls of Fire”
    5:00 PM – UFO Abduction Survival – Joe Biden
    5:30 PM – Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite
    5:45 PM – Tribute to All 57 States
    6:00 PM – Joe Biden Delivers 100,000-Word Speech Featuring 23-Minute Question and 2- Hour Answer
    8:30 PM – Airing of Grievances by the Clintons
    9:00 PM – Bill Clinton Delivers Rousing Endorsement of Obama Girl
    9:15 PM – Tribute Film to Freedom Fighters at Gitmo – Michael Moore
    9:45 PM – Personal Finance Seminar – Charlie Rangell
    10:00 PM – Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners
    10:30 PM – Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ, & Afghanistan
    11:00 PM – Obama Energy Plan Symposium /Tire Gauge Demonstration
    11:15 PM – Free Gov. Blagojevich rally
    11:30 PM – Obama Accepts Tony and Latin Grammy Awards
    11:45 PM – Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish – Obama Presiding
    12:00 AM – Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Mahre
    12:01 AM – Obama Accepts Nomination, declares that the Kenyan thing was a distraction, he was really born in Bethelehem
    12:05 AM – Celestial Choirs Sing
    3:00 AM – Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech
    OPTION: Closing with a Declaration of War on the rich To be decided just before the Convention

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