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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Obama Warns Congress On Sequester: ‘People Will Lose Their Jobs’

President Barack Obama urged Congress to make a deal to avert the upcoming sequestration cuts on Tuesday, sternly warning that taking a “meat-cleaver” approach to the budget “won’t help the economy, won’t create jobs, and will mean hardship for a whole lot of people.”

Speaking before dozens of first responders in the White House, President Obama reminded Congress that it deliberately designed the $85 billion in immediate cuts to be so painful that they would force legislators to negotiate a broad budget deal to avoid them.  He then laid out some of the specific consequences if the cuts take effect starting next Friday, warning that sequestration “will jeopardize our military readiness” and “eviscerate jobs and energy and medical research.”

“Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off,” Obama continued. “Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find childcare for their kids. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care, like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings.” He also singled out border patrol, FBI agents, and federal prosecutors as certain victims of the severe cuts.

“These cuts are not smart, they are not fair,” Obama said. “This is not an abstraction; people will lose their jobs.”

Obama then called on Congress to avoid sequestration, but warned that he would only sign a balanced deal.

“I am willing to cut more spending,” Obama said, but “I will not sign a plan that harms the middle class.”

The statement was a clear rebuke of congressional Republicans, whose position on the cuts — as articulated by House Speaker John Boehner — is that “the sequester will be in effect until there are cuts and reforms that put us on a path to balance the budget in the next 10 years.” Combined with the GOP’s refusal to consider new revenues in a deal, Boehner’s position would necessarily result in cuts totaling between one-sixth to one-third of the federal government.

“Are you willing to see a bunch of emergency responders lose their jobs because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole?” Obama asked Republicans.

The president’s more aggressive tone does not appear to have moved Republicans closer to his position. Before Obama had even concluded his remarks, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement saying “Today’s event at the White House proves … Obama still prefers campaign events to common-sense, bipartisan action.”

Photo credit: AP/Charles Dharapak

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132 responses to “Obama Warns Congress On Sequester: ‘People Will Lose Their Jobs’”

  1. old_blu says:

    They should start at the top like congress when they start cutting and work their way down.

    • You are right. Theey should set an example by cutting their salaries and joining Social Security/MEDICARE. Demanding sacrifices from others while they enjoy the benefits of wealth makes every single member of Congress a hypocrite. I believe several agencies could withstand a measured budget cut, but those that are struggling to provide critical services now would be crippled if their budgets are cut more than they alreadt have. Not surprisingly, the ones that will be impacted the most are social programs that help the middle class and the poor, and some that provide critical services, including education, the Center of Disease Control, the border patrol, etc. I believe spending reductions are necessary, but they must be implemented carefully to avoid impacting services that are critical to our national security, our economy, and our standard of living.
      I believe the intent for some members of Congress, besides their vendetta and the hatred they feel towards our President, is to undermine the effectiveness of all social programs, and distracting the American people with non-existent crises to hide the fact that they don’t have any new ideas to solve our fiscal problems without the old trickle down economics and cutting social programs.
      Most importantly, they want to take credit for the budget deficit reductions that are already taking place as a result of lower unemployment and higher corporate profits by claiming that the lower deficits were the result of their austerity measures. Unfortunately, for us, those austerity measures are likely to derail the economic recovery and put us right back in a recession.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Just the other day I read that some representatives were seriously nagging and protesting because congress suggested temporary pay cuts across the board.. They’re argument? They deserve what they receive (big time lie).. Will it happen? Not in this reality.

  2. nobsartist says:

    Obama should have thought of that when HE made the deal. Getting that tax break was a lot more important than jobs then to him and still is.

    Anything to pass the buck.

    • AdamMos says:

      Only the House and Senate can pass legislation and the Prez signs it. It is the responsibility of congress to put a bill on his desk to sign.

      • nobsartist says:

        Yes that is clear. However if you remember this is a result of a deal that obama made with boner.

        obama wanted that millionaires tax break so he decided to fuck the jobless.

        case closed. time to pay the piper.

        • AdamMos says:

          I have no idea what you are talking about. Obama wanted a tax break for millionaires?

          He screws the jobless by proposing infrastructure spending and a plan to increase manufacturing jobs ? He wants to give new tax breaks for business that bring jobs back to the US? He wants to invest in green energy like China which will also create jobs and limit our dependence on oil which enriches our enemies and pollutes our planet? He wants to give more money to the states to help them balance their budgets and allow them to maintain and/or increase their public sector job force like Reagan did.

          You must have fallen on your head! I hope you get better. Thx

          • nobsartist says:

            Another moron that forgets that Obama extended the bush tax cuts based on the sequester deal. pull your head out of your ass and clean out your ears.

          • AdamMos says:

            No need for name calling or obscenties. You are demonstrating your lack of knowledge on the subject and the weakness of your position. Obama only extended the tax cuts in order to extend unemployment benefits for the jobless. At the time he stated he was against extending tax cuts for millionaires and that he would not do it again which he did not. He did what he had to do given the situation and allowed many unemployed to eat and live with some dignity as he did everything in his power to improve the economy which the Republicans obstructed at every chance.6 million new private sector jobs created since the recession is a good start without any help from the opposition party.

        • cpbis says:

          Your language shows your ignorance. Please refrain from such abuse of our great country.

        • Didi Paano says:

          nobsartist: You apparently have NO idea what you’re talking about NOR have you actually read the article. Congress was the one that “pushed” for this so they could kick the can down the road thinking that President Obama would change his mind (either that, or Romney would be president) and get this done. Unfortunately, they apparently haven’t figured out that President Obama WON the presidency, and if they continue their current obstructionist ways, they will NEVER have a Republican president in the White House again! People are getting SICK AND TIRED of their constant obstruction…..if the President puts something forward, they will vote it down with NO concern of how it’ll affect their constituents!

          • nobsartist says:

            Thanks for your opinion, half wit. If you could remember anything that happened earlier than 5 minutes ago, you would remember that Obama put this deal together and at the time was quite proud of it.

            Then again, some people will do anything for a buck.

        • Countrybumpkin says:

          Have you been hiding out on a secret moon colony for the past 12 years, or has the FOX/Limbaugh/Drudge/Newsmax propaganda arm of your party so clogged your small brain that you can’t think for yourself anymore?

        • hilandar1000 says:

          It’s rough when knowledgeable people start piling on you with the facts, isn’t it Nobs? I would suggest, however, that you go use your foul language and childish name-calling on the people who gave you the bad info, instead of trying to make your senseless arguments with people who have the facts on their side.

          • nobsartist says:

            Obviously, you are not one of them.

            I presume that you are a big supporter of the “patriot act” also.

            Now anytime you would care to present your “facts”, I am all ears.

            By the way, no one is forcing you to read anything I write so fuck off.

          • plc97477 says:

            thank you I am glad I have your permission

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Poor Nobs, You don’t read very well, either, do you? I have presented some facts. Anything further would echo what the others who have presented facts have written.

    • Didi Paano says:

      It was Congress that made the deal, NOT President Obama. Read the 2nd paragraph…..”… reminded Congress that it deliberately designed the $85 billion in immediate cuts to be so painful that they would force legislators to negotiate a broad budget deal to avoid them.” The president didn’t do this all by himself!

      • nobsartist says:

        It was Obama that made the deal with boner.


        • That’s pure BS and you know it!! It was the GOP nitwits in the House Special Committee that was suppose to figure out how to implement drastic spending cuts that came up with the Sequester – Boehner had nothing to do with it!!!!!!

      • nobsartist says:

        Obama negotiated the deal with boner. it was a shitty deal so like everything else, he passes the buck.

        Its just like clinton signing NAFTA. the republiCONs proposed it, he signed it.

        Obama wanted that bush tax cut for himself so he put together a deal with boner and now regrets it.

        I have not heard Obama offer to give back any money HE made from the bush tax cuts.

        Sorry but it looks to me like you have been duped if you think the republiCONs came up with this all by themselves.

        Now it looks to me like Obama’s plan to make the republiCONs own the sequester has failed just like almost everything else he has done.

    • Countrybumpkin says:

      What “tax break” are you talking about? President Obama agreed to the sequester because the Repugs under Boener’s leadership, held this country’s credit and credit ratings hostage, just because they could. The President agreed to the sequester because the alternative would have meant doom for our fragile economy and hurt those the most who could least afford it. I would recommend to do some research on the subject you want to post about – before you post.

  3. whodatbob says:

    The Repukes would rather destroy the country then compromise! President Oboma thought he had a compromise when he signed on to this,but now the Repukes are again holding America hostage to get their way.

    • Charles says:


      • Vazir Mukhtar says:

        Charles, what percent of the income of the top 1% would you like those people to pay? I don’t disagree that the marginal rate for such individuals should be higher than that for those earning $50,000 – $75,000, for example.

        But I believe we might get closer to that goal if there were a concrete figure to get hold of instead of a will-of-the wisp.

        Would you sign on to a 65% marginal tax rate for the top 1%? If not, please suggest another rate. But may we stop repeating the mantra “rich people ought to pay more in taxes.” Or have we been made captives of a cult which believes that the more times one repeats something, the more likely the sentiment expressed in it will come true?

        • DurdyDawg says:

          the statement; ” the more times one repeats something, the more likely the sentiment expressed in it will come true?” has been the pubs mantra for as long as I can remember, so, just who are you referring to?

          When we say, “rich people ought to pay more in taxes.”.. we’re not referring to raising their rent but rather gutting unfair loopholes and paying their dues. You make it sound as if we are jealous and wish the wealthy become the poor, far from it.. We realize and understand that the job creators are wealthy and wish them to continue being job creators, but sitting on their profits, refusing to kick start the economy, bucking the law with tax loopholes and bailouts and NOT paying their fair share is the point.. Make those millions, those billions but remember how you acquired those riches and (like tithing) pay what is expected of you just as we pay what is expected of us. That most lower class (as you refer to us) hardly pay their share is because we do not make excess profits that could warrant it.. If we did receive a living wage, we certainly would pay what is expected of us without creating lobbyist enacted loopholes to shun our responsibilities.

    • I agree. The GOP reneged on their own proposal as soon as the President went along with it. Most importantly, we should make an effort to remember where we were In January 2001. The budget surplus that George W. Bush inherited did not evaporate overnight because new government programs were created or eliminated. They came to an end as soon as irresponsible tax breaks were put in place without accompanying spending reductions to offset the revenue losses. The resulting resumption in deficit spending became a crisis when the GOP engaged the USA in two crusades without appropriations to pay for them, and wholesale deregulation that contributed to the worst recession and widespread fraud since the Great Depression.
      Instead of using the Clinton model to restore fiscal sanity and economic growth, the GOP insists on more of the same old medicine they used persistently since the Reagan era, with identical results. To make matters worse, they now propose an Angela Merkel style solution that involves the deployment of an austerity program that will result in mass layoffs, increases in unemployment and unemployment benefits, reduced revenues, and misery for the middle class and the poor.
      Why worry about Al Qaeda and the Taliban when the Grand Old Party is doing such a wonderful job at destroying the United States from within?

      • whodatbob says:

        Thanks for agreeing and all the added info. In 4th grade history I was tought about futal system and that we were past that in USA. The repucks would like it bacb.

        • Vazir Mukhtar says:

          The word is “feudal.” Had you written “futile,” the result would have been a pun. We never had a feudal system in the US, but certainly have a futile system when it comes to getting sensible legislation through Congress.

          • Capt. John Smith ran a very tight ship, using 9 OMG!) a Marxist model…no work, no food. Send this message to Congress. The elite could not survive, without the peons…

      • kanawah says:

        Right on target Dominick

      • emadis41 says:

        You ‘re right Dominik, that what happened in germay and The UK, both suffered unecessary recessions because of austerity measures applied by the so called conservatives. I hope that every conservative understand that the economy is whole and not piecemeal, the government spending makes a big chunk of the GDP and cutting the government spending will result in not only job losses, but in an overall shrinking in the GDP and will cascade down the ladder into more jobs lost.
        There is also a big issue regarding SS and Medicare cuts.. as we old folks will face cuts into what is already fixed income (with minimum inflation increases) that will be devastating to many who will not be able to pay for their medicines and perhapse there meals. Is that is fair? We worked over 45 years paying for our SS and now they want to scrap it after all, while keeping tax loopholes for the big Co. and the rich!

      • RobertCHastings says:

        Two things W at least started, even prior to 9-11, was a pathway to the tax cuts for the wealthy, and a concurrent returning to the wealthy of the Clinton surpluses to the wealthy in the form of tax cuts. It may not have evaporated overnight, but it was pretty close to the first year. Where the Bush administration deviated from more reasonable Republican predecessors, he mixed tax cuts with increasing unfunded spending, a prescription for disaster in an economy that was already in a slide. Even Herbert Hoover, bless his soul, tried to counter the devastation of the Depression with increased government spending, albeit on a much-too-small scale.

  4. Sequestration was Obama’s and his regimes Idea to get the debt limit increased . Obama didn’t listen to Simpson Boles and his regime and the DEM Senate havent passed a budget . The reason they haven’t passed a budget should be clear even to Messiah Worshipping Liberals ..They know if they passed a budget and showed America how badly they have screwed us up NO ONE ..not even Sheeple would evere vote DEm again …Think about what you did to your kids and grand kids by voting for this inept clown and think about it when you make feeble attempt to defend him and his Socialist Policies …then remember one day you will have to explain to your kids why all of their earnings are being confiscated to pay the bill for what Obama has passed …Oh and please try not to embarass yourselves by blameing it in Bush just make yourselves look small and impotent

    • nobsartist says:

      You should put the blame for our countries finances where they belong. the lying republiCON bush supporters, biden and shumer included. lets not forget hillary.

      any dem that supported any of bush’s proposals should quit as soon as possible.

    • Sorry, you’re clueless too!! The Sequestrian was created and named by the GOP House members when they couldn’t agree on how to cut spending two years ago. They purposely set the date after the 2012 election thinking they’d win the presidency and be able to slash spending wherever they wanted. Wake up!! Stop being the second clueless poster here!!!

    • awakenaustin says:

      People keep spouting this passing a budget inanity as if it means anything. The President may propose a budget. He can not pass one. The Senate may propose a budget and they may pass some form of budget and send it to the House for approval. House may propose a budget and send it to the Senate for consideration. All appropriations bills must originate in the House. Most of the time Congress uses the White House budget as a organizing, beginning model. In order to become law a budget must be passed by both houses in identical form and then signed by the President. The President can propose a budget but he can’t “pass” one without Congressional action.
      The President proposes and Congress disposes. Although the FY 2014 budget will be delayed, each year he has been in office the President has sent to Congress a proposed budget, i.e., what he thinks money should be spend on and where he proposes to get the money to pay for it. Congress may approve that budget, amend it, or neglect to do anything. If no budget has been passed it is because Congress has not acted. If you wish to see the President’s proposed budget for FY 2013 you may see it and read it at the OMG’s website. Soon you will be able to see and read the FY 2014 proposed budget at that site.The budget/legislation which emerges from Congress and is signed by the President is some mash-up of his proposals and Congressional amendments, additions, deletions, and agreed compromises. Historically, the greater portion of the budget each year has passed each year without a lot of hou-hah. Both parties have generally accepted there were many things which needed to be done and they agreed on the money needed to do those things. For political gain, of late, the last 15-20 years, some people have made all kinds of inane, ignorant, ridiculous and self – serving claims about the budget.
      You should probably try actually reading the U.S. Constitution some day and then pick a couple of used textbooks on the U.S. Government and on U.S. History. I suggest High School level rather than college. A little basic knowledge of your government and history rather than ideas based rumor, delusion and fantasy would do wonders for grounding you in reality.
      It isn’t any big deal to disagree about ideas, policies and philosophies but there is no justification for just plain ignorance about your government and the promotion of paranoid fantasies.

    • You’re actually more clueless than I originally thought: just for your demented mind; Every GOP president since Eisenhower has governed with drunken sailor spending, running up our deficits like crazy; And despite that, Every, and I repeat Every, Dem president that has inherited a deficit spending budget from the preceding GOPpresident has actually cut the deficit spending. That can be shown clearly by Clinton, in that, having been left in office 8 years, he actually cut deficit spending enough over the 1st 5 years he was in office to run surplus budgets for his last 3 years in office. Obama, far in away, inherited the worst deficit spending budget of any president in American history, Bush’s 10/1/08 to 9/30/09 budget that included 1.6 trillion in deficit spending; which, Obama has managed to whittledown to 1.1 trillion in deficit spending over 3 years. You may say, hey, that’s not a lot, but sorry, but Obama has reduced spending faster over the past 3 years than any president in history; and he’s done it for 3 years – which is the first time any president has reduced spending for 3 straight years since Truman did it right after WWII. And by the way, when you’re talking about budgets, you need to be aware that every budget the GOP has submitted since Reagan came to office, has been a SHAM!!! Reagan started the practice of keeping ‘special projects’ out of his budgets. So every budget the GOP has submitted over the past 30 years has only been a shadow of the truth; in fact, virtually all of GWB’s budgets didn’t include 30-50% of the spending that he was doing. Obama has discontinued that practice, so the 1.1 trillion in deficit spending in his budget is a TRUE 1.1 trillion in deficit spending. Not putting special projects like two wars, two unfunded tax cuts, a drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry and much more into his budgets, allowed Bush to run up our deficits over 7 trillion dollars in his 8 disasterours years.; AND for Reagan and the two Bushes to be responsible for more than 90% of our current 16.4 trillion in debts. Not a pretty picture huh!!!!

      • robert says:

        Republican/Tea Bags set up the scenario for Round Two of the Fiscal Cliff by compromising at the last minute with a half-assed budget in the knowledge that the economy would face sequestration in March. They could use the severity of sequestration as leverage to force President Obama to agree to the middle and lower class butchery they want to do to social aide programs, health care, education, and mental health. But, President Obama isn’t having it. He’s laying the blame where it should be. This sequestration is some serious business. Not only does it automatically cut social aide safety nets, health care, education, and mental health, it cuts military, police, firemen, prisons, emergency, hospitals, and infrastructure. This is the hand these republican/Tea Bags are playing, and they are using us, the people who pay for and need these things the most. . . We should have gotten them out of there last Nov. 6th. Now look at what we’re facing.

  5. jcurtis595 says:

    The idea of trying in one year to corral the Bush deficit created by two unnecessary wars and hyped military spending is idiotic even in a year when the economy is steam rolling forward. High unemployment and an economy treading water makes these cuts definite to wreck the economy and punish the poor and middle class. Sequestration was a Republican idea no matter what others on here state. As a nation we should be spending more to rebuild our infrastructure, bridges, roads, airports, etc. Spending will stimulate consumption, which will pull our economy up by its boot straps. Higher taxes on the wealthy (a decline in private jet and yacht purchases) will do no harm the economy and a general contraction of our WWII military commitment (closing a lot of foreign bases) will allow a reduction to our military budget.

    Think about it? Why do we need a military that costs more than the next six largest countries in the world combined. Answer is we don’t.

    • Ed says:

      Hell, if we just got rid of the bands, the aides, the pr people, shut down the Pentagon Channel, reduce the clerks by half, reduce the size of the military academies, Do away with the private jets, disband the congressional liaison, the savings would be enormous!

    • The spending on infrastructure, schools and more that you’re trying to describe is all part of Obama’s ‘American Jobs Bill’ that the GOP House has been sitting on for 2 years. That’s a good bit of what’s kept the economy from reving up – the GOP sitting on a jobs bill. They don’t care about the country, they only care about their own party agenda – rob the poor to feed the rich!!!

  6. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    Marco Rubio could change party affiliation. Republican party is at the verge of collapse. People like Hannity, Karl Rove, Michelle Bachman and Limbaugh see things with mysterous eyes but not the same eyes like other humans. Best advise for Republican party will be to hire James Carville from Democratic Party as new strategist to revive Republican party for them.

    • tobewan says:

      Marco Rubio, even tho he back-stabbed the Presidents agenda, if he became a Democrat quickly, he might be the next President in 2016

      • What?? Rubio doesn’t have enough brains to manage an outhouse. Why would the Dems want someone as extremist and clueless as he is???

      • robert says:

        Even the tooth of a dead snake is poisonous for decades until it is completely calcified. There is no way in heaven or hell Rubio could become President. The majority of Latinos in America would not vote for him, mainly because they remember his earlier stance against immigration reform that was largely secular and anti-immigration. Just because he and his brother has popularity in Florida among fellow anti-Castro Cubans, ultra-conservative retirees, and are Florida Republican/Tea Bag little darlin’s. On a national scale, they would hold up with the fortitude of a snowball on a hot Florida sidewalk.

    • robert says:

      The Republican/Tea Bags could have Carville. He’s nothing but a Yelllow Dog Democrat with a streak up his back anyway, a republican/Tea bag sympathizer who is more dangerous to the Democratic Party than any extremist Republican/Tea Bag. That ol’ embryo headed Carville has no worth to his party anymore. He’s only in it now for himself. He’s a worthless Yellow Dog.

  7. latebloomingrandma says:

    So MConnell want s a bipartisan approach? That means each side gives a little. What are the republicans willing to give? They’re still into Obama smackdown mode.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      The same amount that Boner was satisfied in giving.. 5%.. Remember a few months ago when the Pubs came out of a (closed door) meeting with the weakling Dems and the Bone head bragged, “We got our 95% .. I’m happy”.. McConnell would try to beat those numbers..

  8. Since “sequestration” was Obama’s idea, maybe he should put something down on paper to propose solutions that achieve the same debt reduction instead of what he has proposed so far, nothing

    • KarenJ says:

      Actually, it wasn’t Obama’s idea. It was Jack Lew’s idea, and the Gang of 12 (3 House GOP, 3 House Dems, 3 Senate GOP, 3 Senate Dems) took the idea back to Congress, which voted for it and sent it back to Obama to sign it into law.

      “Put something down on paper”: you mean like all the measures the Senate has voted on and the House refuses even to discuss in committee? And how can POTUS lead when half the Congress refuses to follow or even acknowledge he’s their leader?

    • Where did you get the notion it was Obama’s idea?? You been watching too much Faux News?? The sequestrian was a creation of the GOP House of Representatives who couldn’t figure out how to fix the budget problems during the special committees and created the Sequestrian thinking they’d win the 2012 elections and that whichever GOP guy was president could preside over the budget cuts THEY WANTED TO MAKE!! Get you’re facts straight!! You can’t be that clueless!!!

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Sequestration is a fiscal policy procedure adopted by Congress to deal with the federal budget deficit. It first appeared in the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Deficit Reduction Act of 1985. If you recall, Obama was not the president at that time. A super committee was formed in Congress during the autumn of 2011. The super committee was supposed to come to an agreement on expenditures. They could not come to such an agreement. The president has no control over it. Congress has to vote on it and send it to the President — who can either veto it or sign it. The president has made proposals. As with anything the president proposes, the GOP rejects it. The body that is supposed to deliberate and come up with solutions has failed in their duties. Are you blaming the president for not doing the job of Congress? Sure sounds that way to me.

    • AdamMos says:

      Actually Obama has put a proposal in writing. Boehner rejected it because it had revenues. $3 in spending cuts for every $1 in new revenues. You may want to watch something other than Fox News once in awhile.

    • No, it wasn’t; it is the teabaggers trying to run the train…without consensus…Tell them to do their jobs, and release the allocated funds, for the JOBS Bill.

  9. Pamby50 says:

    They should start with congress. The senate has been in session for only 19 days. The should only get paid for days they are in the capital doing business on behalf of we the people. If not, no paycheck.

    The republicans are going to try to wrap this around The President. The don’t care who gets hurt in the process. Just remember the budget that protects our counselets & embassies is being cut by sequestration. With the way the republicans are going on about Bengazzi in these confirmation hearings, you would think they would do everything to prevent another one from happening.

    • Ed says:

      Any recess longer than 3 days is a violation of the constitution!

    • plc97477 says:

      everything but raise taxes on their benefactors

    • Stella53 says:

      It’s up to us to make sure the people know what the republicans are up to. Yes, they are going to blame Obama, but we know better.

    • kanawah says:

      Pamby 50,
      you got the scenario right, but you got the parties backward.
      The president has repeatedly tried to work with the RepubliSkunks and the Transylvania tea bags, and every time he has got his hand slapped, and the creeps moved the goal line back on him.

      It is the RepubliSkunks and the Transylvania tea bags that do not care if the middle class and low income people get hurt. They are only interested in protecting their rich donors tax cuts.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        … And their only interested in doing THAT because THEIR part of the wealthy tax cutters.. Has anyone ever checked their tax returns and compared them before then after being in office? I didn’t think so.

    • Pamby, you just touched on a great idea that, if implemented, would transform our do nothing Congress into a functional and effective branch of government. Turn all congressmen and senators into hourly workers. If they are in session and produce something measurable, they get paid. If they spend their time playing golf, they are off the clock and out of luck when it comes to getting a paycheck.

      • Kick backs and dirty deals are the mainstay, of their incomes. Our election process needs a meaningful update.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        I really think all politicians should get paid according to quota.. They have a job to do (otherwise why even have an opening?).. Serve one term then go home (with re-elections for the highly proven).. eliminate the political pension program and instigate benefits through personal investing like 401k, then receive it and s.s. AFTER reaching retirement age (just like the worker). Supposedly, public service is a privilege and NOT a career.. Taking one’s abilities and helping expand progress throughout the nation then step down so that other innovators might continue the trend in accordance to the era in effect.. It should never be considered a personal working life expectation.

    • Vazir Mukhtar says:

      Remember who has the majority in the Senate and who the majority leader is. If Senator Reid can’t cut a deal with Sen. McConnell, perhaps the Vice President can work out something.

      I have no suggestions about the House, but please remember that the Republican majority were elected by the people, just as was President Obama.

      To account for the Republican House, three options come to mind.

      (1) People wanted their views represented in Congress and voted for the Republican candidates. They’re relatively happy with their representatives’ positions and voting records.

      (2) People wanted a Republican Congress, but whereas the Republican candidates for the House were elected, some of the Republican candidates for the Senate were defeated by Democrats.

      (3) Some of those who voted for Republican candidates for the House were deceived by those candidates. The voters thought they were getting responsible legislators who would vote, on some issues at least, in the interests of the nation, not just the district whose parochial interests they were elected to represent.

      Choose one of these options or suggest one of your own. The important thing, IMO, is to get the president off the hustings and back in DC, where he can put his rhetoric to work on members of the House. Those citizens outside the beltway who’ve been cheering the president will be about as effective in influencing the way the House votes as a paper shirt in a bear fight.

    • Bengazi was a great loss, but no one their, would have blamed our President. Hill gave the best information she had; but McCain, and Lindsey (DYKE) Graham made bold faced lies, when it came to WOMDs. Prosecute them, as they helped the bush white house move forward with their illegal wars. Then start at the top of the administration and prosecute them all.

  10. Charles says:

    lte all the cuts come. The rupeblictians want that . Let them have it. What will happened in return. In the year 2014 elecation time. Rupeblications will then lose the house of congress for sure. SO LET THE COCK SUCKING . MOTHER FUCKER , SHIT HOLE RUPEBLICATIONS HAVE THERE FUCKING WAY.So let sequestration cuts come and go.For sure the no good rupeblications will lose the house . In the 2014 elecation. Dem .will take the house back.LAST 2 YEARS OF obama AS PRESIDENT …………..WELL HAVE THE HOUSE AND SENEATE AS DEM. AS IT SHOULD BE. ………………………………….WE WOULD FINALLY BE RID OF THOSE cock sucking,mother fucking , DICK SUCKING , RUPBLICATIONS FOR GOOD.

    • ceverettham says:

      You are to funny. Can you remember the first two years of President Obama’s presidency when Democtrats had control of the House and Senate? The whole Congress needs to be cleaned out. Both sides have issues.

      • A little correction, the Democrats never had control of the House and Senate for two years; they got filibuster free control of the Senate on 1/1/09 which lasted for about 9 months until Scott Brown replaced Ted Kennedy who died in August of 2009. The Dems having two years of control of the Senate are a famous myth by many.

      • Stella53 says:

        The republicans are obstructionists; they want Obama to fail (not that it worked the first term). The republican side of Congress MUST go!

  11. Ed says:

    “People willlose their jobs”. Just what the GOP wants.

  12. tobewan says:

    The Repugs want to cut the needy people’s paycheck and livelyhood – Lets start with their fatcat paychecks, begin with lowering Boehner’s to $50,000 a year and let him see what its like to have to CUTBACK on his lifestyle.

    Why not the fatcats in Congress doing without?

    WHY should it be US? Lets start with THEM!!!

    Its good to have a President fighting for US for a change!

    • Cutting their pay is a moot reaction, as they receive, most, of their money through kick-backs, dirty deals, and the money, from CPAC., The Koch Bros., Norquist, FOX NEWS, et al.
      Truth will be revelved, and the republican’ts will lose the house, for another 50 years.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        If ONLY that were true (about the 50 years).. As we speak, their already pruning another Pubasaur for 2016, memorizing new scripted lies while so-called ‘anonymous’ millions are being collected for 2016.. It won’t be over until we get these damned uncontrolled contributions out of politics. Like what Romney had to face with his backers after his failure, we need to make the nation realize that corporations are NOT people and anonymous contributions are NOT business investments..

  13. Kei Yuuki says:

    Campaign Events? WTF is McConnell smoking? Why do Republicans want to destroy a Nation this badly!?!? I think an Executive Privileged is in order to Censure and punish
    the United States Congress.

    • BDC_57 says:

      Cause they dont like the black guy they are racist.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      ” Why do Republicans want to destroy a Nation this badly!?!? “..

      .. Because in their ‘pea’ brains they have determined that they can re-establish what they destroy once they get rid of the sitting president.. That he’s black (and don’t gimme that ‘half-white’ crap) is a boil on their collective asses but most importantly, that it’s a democratic leadership is what they really hate. This can be proven by all the impeachment proceedings that they attempted every time a Dem won office.. That they haven’t targeted Obama (yet) is because they can’t find anything in his personal life that they can exploit (making things up like being Muslim, birthing and hidden agenda is not enough) they need calibration, you know.. like a female who likes to keep a dirty soiled dress hanging in their closet.

  14. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    When obama forces the minimum wage UP by 25% PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS and their hard-earned pay! Think about it….who holds minimum wage jobs now? Examples are Supermarket workers & Gas station attendants….when THEIR minimum salaries increase by 25%, FOOD prices INCREASE as well as GASOLINE prices…and WHO will be hit hardest by these two increases? The poor, who have to eat & need gas to get to work….Great ideas obama!!!??? What else will you do to HELP citizens, low-wage earners & the poor????

    • Has it occured to any of you less than common sense individuals that raising the minimum wage would drive up buying power for millions of lower income Americans. These are people that are starving to spend money they’ve never had. They’re not going to put it in the bank, including overseas, like the rich who get tax cuts; these are hard working people who need to buy things. My common sense tells me that if businesses raised the minimum wage by 2-3 dollars, their businesses would increase in a magnitude that would far exceed the extra dollars they’d be paying their employees. Demands for goods and services would skyrocket if the people who have been living on poverty level incomes suddenly had a few thousand more dollars a year to spend. When are companies going to realize that they’re their own worst enemy by holding down a large customer base – their own employees?????

      • middleclasstaxpayer says:

        Here’s what “common sense” will tell you, if you studied math (and passed it): When a business is forced to pay 25% MORE to its workers, the business will ADD the extra expense INTO its prices…..first look at where low income workers are employed…..a supermarket is a good example. When ALL supermarkets experience a 25% INCREASE in their LABOR costs, the cost of food will rise accordingly. A “rich” person can absorb the increase, but a poor person, who spends a very large portion of his/her income on “necessities” like food CANNOT! So, raising the minimum wage drastically (25% IS drastic), you simply punish the same folks you were trying to help. Does that make COMMON SENSE to you?????

        • robert says:

          The point you’re missing is inflation has already encumbered a number of people. Why do you think small businesses are losing business? People ae buying their own food and cooking at home. People don’t celebrate anymore. Who are the consumers in America? THE PEOPLE. Retail, commercial, and industrial business make their money from who? THE PEOPLE. The tax breaks and subsidies these business-people get to keep their businesses propped up comes from who? THE PEOPLE. Wages are increased and has always been increased to keep up with inflation, the cost of living. Remember when a weekly salary was damned good at $25.00 per week? Now, we complain if we’re offered $25.00 an hour! Inflation is 20% production and 80% greed. The sorry desire for wealth drive prices up more than the production in relation to pricing. It won’t hurt small businesses or or any other business because people with more money will spend it on rents, utilities, food, and fuel. An increase in the cost of living would bump up raises in high earning jobs and Social Security as well. The only person who won’t get a raise are self employed people who can give themselves raises by increasing their services. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Increases to the wealthy will only give them more money to horde in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts, sitting on that money in order to create generational wealth for the next generation of 1% percenters to seek loopholes and shelters to cheat their government off the back of who? THE PEOPLE. This has to end now more than anyother time. There has always been cost of living increases. Reagan issued two cost of living increases in 8 years. Why is it a problem now? . . Oh, I forgot. It’s to make President Obama fail. My bad.

        • roguerunners says:

          They vote to give themselves a pay raise without skipping a beat but NO, NO NOT the minimum wage! Does that make COMMON SENSE to you?????

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            President could have vetoed the pay raises of congress, but since a majority of those providing themselves with more money for less results were democrat liberals, obama looked the other way. And obama & family are also benefiting with lavish vacations, rock-star concerts in WH and other goodies, while he tells us to settle for less & do without. What a “hero” to the downtrodden he is!

      • They have to spend money to make money, and have happier, more productive employees.
        Just like our country needs to do, but the republican’ts have blocked, The Jobs Bill, for two years, and they want to know, why umemployment is rampant.
        They need to get on , the “Short Bus” and go back to their backwater existences, and let the adults speak.

    • You will not lose your jobs, if the republican’t business owners will give up, a miniscule part of their profits. They have not conceded to pay their part, for the profits they make. Hiring is off, because many have vowed, not to hire; while President Obama is in office. They are not willing to pay a proper percentage of that profit, on their employees. They say regulations are job stifling actions, but they merely even the playing field for the workers. It IS, after all, it is your workers, who make your business happen.

  15. clarenceswinney says:

    The Deficit increased from the Great Recession of 2008.
    Revenues declined and stimulus spending increased.
    The 2014 projected deficit is $767 Billion down from $1400B in 2009.
    Deficit 2012 was $1100B—2012 projected $901B—2014 projected $767B
    We can very easily balance our budget just increase taxes on Wealth and Hi Incomes.
    Eliminate tax havens. Loopholes. Stop out sourcing our good paying jobs.
    We did it 1945-1980. We can 2012-2020. Fair Tax is a Must. It is a disgrace that we rank 3rd as Least taxed in OECD nations just above Chile and Mexico.
    All the screams about corp tax highest on world is self serving junk talk.
    In 2011, Corp paid 12.1% Tax Rate.
    No one can honestly debate anti the current degree of Inequality in America.
    We rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations.
    It is not 1%. It is 10% own us. 73% Net wealth—83% financial wealth—Get 50% individual income.
    It is action time. Pay our way. Build industries and jobs in America unlike General Electric which has more employees on foreign soil than in America. Our huge GE plant vacant. Shame.

    • Congress should inact a surtax on companies like GE for having outsourced so much of their manufacturing; and a tax credit (as I believe Obama has alluded to) for companies that do in fact bring jobs back to America. In my mind, there also needs to be some kind of restriction placed on corporate pirating companies like Bain, that would preclude them from being able to buyout companies in distress during difficult times – like the takeover of, Delphi: the Americn company that was the auto industy’s major small parts maker which got bought out by a group that partnered with Mitt Romney during the auto industry downturn and had its 25,000 jobs shipped to China.

      • clarenceswinney says:

        Im with you—-Individual Income is where big money is located. 12,000B to 2000B for Corporate. We MUST raise taxes on Estates and Top incomes —– Original Message —–
        From: Disqus
        Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 11:11 PM
        Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Obama Warns Congress On Sequester: ‘ People Will Lose Their Jobs’

        Independent1 wrote, in response to clarenceswinney:

        Congress should inact a surtax on companies like GE for having outsourced so much of their manufacturing; and a tax credit (as I believe Obama has alluded to) for companies that do in fact bring jobs back to America. In my mind, there also needs to be some kind of restriction placed on corporate pirating companies like Bain, that would preclude them from being able to buyout companies in distress during difficult times – like the takeover of, Delphi: the Americn company that was the auto industy’s major small parts maker which got bought out by a group that partnered with Mitt Romney during the auto industry downturn and had its 25,000 jobs shipped to China.
        User’s website

        Link to comment

  16. 14hei says:

    The president has put forth so common sense ideas to move the economy forward. What I don’t understand is the Republicans insistence on cuts to programs that take services from the elderly and the poor. These actions will only impoverish individuals and in doing so damage the local economies in which they live. This will slow down or eliminate growth in these communities, which in turn will drive the nation’s economy as a whole down. Which in turn will bring on a national recession or worse.

    • Stella53 says:

      Don’t you get what the GOP is trying to do? This isn’t about the middle class or the poor. This is about Obama. The GOP could care less about people becoming impoverished; but they will blame Obama for those impoverished people. They already blame Obama for people being on food stamps and collecting welfare (as though a large majority of the GOP base isn’t on public assistance). The GOP thinks the average American is stupid and they think we suffer from amnesia.

      • alsoavietnamvet says:

        The republicans, and talk show pudits say Obama is the food stamp president; they ignore the fact that the states the elected a Republican governor had an increase of food stamp apllicants (the Republican austerity plans CUT the state workers jobs and increased the unemployed ranks).

      • White trash teabaggers need to understand, that their ranks receive the most aide…just sayin’…

    • They are paralyzed, with fear, that Pres. Obama will succeed.

  17. robert says:

    We knew sequestration was coming from the fiscal cliff charades. Republican/Tea Bags only compromised then in order to hold sequestration as leverage over the president. Republicans/Tea Bags want cuts either way they can get them, on a federal, state, or from sequestrartion. They don’t give a damn, as long as the upper 1% can go unscathe, and would blame President Obama for the oppression cuts will place on the American people. We have only one more year left of this obstructionist crap. Hurry 2014!

  18. montanabill says:

    Who is he trying kid? The cuts are to growth, not to current spending and they don’t even cut the growth to zero. This is all demonization for extremely low information voters. He’s the one who suggested it. He’s the one who signed it into law. The only change that needs to be made is to allow each affected department to decide for themselves what in their departments needs cuts.

    Those of you who think the Republicans suggested this, better pay better attention.

    And if you think any of the ‘woe is us’ claims he made is real, wise up!

  19. Lisztman says:

    Mitch McConnell says, “Today’s event at the White House proves … Obama still prefers campaign events to common-sense, bipartisan action.”

    Like there was anything REMOTELY bipartisan coming out of the 112th Congress. And the 113th isn’t shaping up to be much better. Mr. McConnell seems to forget that the policies of Mr. Obama and Congressional Democrats (as reflected in their gains in both the Senate and the House) were endorsed this past November. This does not mean that the GOP should bend over and let the left run rampant. But it DOES mean that the nation, as a whole, prefers the attitude of the left to that of the right.

    Mr. McConnell. Have you learned nothing? What are YOU offering at the table. Put on your big-boy pants and do some serious negotiating.

  20. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    This is welcome news to the Republicans. They want pain. They think it’s good for you. They think that if the American people feel enough pain, they will take it out on President Obama. And that’s the plan; hurt people, and point their fingers at Obama and say “See what HE’S doing to you? It’s HIS fault! HE’S the President, and can just wave his Magic Presidential Wand (patent pending) and cure EVERYTHING, but refuses to do so because he hates you and is a commie just like we told you he was!!”

    They have no intention of agreeing with or cooperating with the President under any circumstances. They don’t care about the nation, they don’t care about the economy, they don’t care about the American people, all they care about is blocking President Obama in every way they can.

    What’s really sad, though, is that they really, seriously don’t think that anyone can see what they’re doing to everyone because they only listen to the voices inside their echo chamber. No one else matters. Anything that conflicts with those voices is all part of the evil, liberal Obama loving MSM plot who only tell lies about them because they’re all gay atheist socialist muslims who hate America. Their base buys it, and that’s all that matters. Only people who agree with them matter to them. If you don’t, you’re just an Obamabot who probably doesn’t have a job anyway and doesn’t want one.

    So they proceed with their blindly destructive ways, and delude themselves that they’re winning. Then when they lose elections, they tell themselves that they didn’t lose, they were cheated. Voter fraud. Vote buying. Dark plots. Biased polls. It wasn’t their fault, the liberals stole it from them. So they cannot examine what went wrong, because nothing went wrong. Except that they lost. And that wasn’t their fault.

    But the country still bleeds, and the people hurt. And they’re not fooled – thy know who’s on their side, and they know who’s hurting them. And they will take it out on the ones who are hurting them. And it’s not Obama . . .

  21. Charles2051 says:

    I’ve never send so call leader cry so much, Always blaming someone other than himself, be someone and run this country and dam, stop crying about everything, that’s kids job.

  22. bchrista says:

    Middleclasstaxpayer and MontanaBill you guys think your so slick crying the poor mouth business bullshit meanwhile your stuffing your pockets with money off the backs of those less able to provide for themselves, you claim to be thinking about the poor and that an increase in the minimum wage would hurt the very people that they are trying to help, well sports fan tell that to the Oil Company who keep increasing their price of gas at the pump, meanwhile those poor CEO only get those Hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses like the CEO of Mobil a few years back received 400 million in bonus money in one year and the CEO who last year only got 11 million last year because he messed up on a deal, I wonder what he would have gotten if he hadn’t messed up, meanwhile your Republican buddies in Congress are trying to get tthe President to cut any increase in the COLA that they are suppose to get to offset the raise in consumer prices, that really makes sense $21.00 dollars a month as opposed to $400 Million for one year tax free sell that bullshit to someone else. What really needs to happen is someone needs to form a group to deal with all your well off assholes, a good start would be to pick you up and after a good ass whipping to tar and feathers all you Republican assholes and run you out of the country because you cerntainly aren’t American and if you get your way I’m pretty sure that’s what you have in mind for us in the end, just answer me this one question when you have gotten rid of all of us who is going to do all the dirty work for you guys.

    • Do not forget, the worst bankrupting culprit…Health Care. Insurance companies (Therefore Big oil, their owners) have spent more, than Itty Bitty Romney paid, for his LOSING campaign, to influence you to beleive they care about your health. Paid to teabaggers, Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, and that eyebrow-less governor, of Wisconsin, for spreading the influence, of insurance companies, and protecting their right to fleece, the American People. Thank you for Obama Care.

  23. bchrista says:

    All you Obama bashers need a lesson in up to date history, if you listened to Newt Gingrich on a talk show last week you might just get an inkling of what is going on, the Republican Party is just hanging on hoping they can out last the President so they can instill their will and have things their way, and until that time President Obama will not get anything he proposes passed and this was straight out of the horses mouth, they will do whatever they have to to delay, obstruct, or what they can dream up to avoid passing the budget the President wants so you can talk all the bullshit you want unless someone can figure out how to bypass the Reps in the House you can forget anything getting done to move the country forward. and you can take that to the bank and cash it.

  24. bchrista says:

    Hopfully you people will now understand the problem you face in trying to get all those people who voted Republican to change their minds, no matter how many facts you have presented to nobsartist and his buddies and they still disagree with your facts because they are either hardheaded or just plain stupid and no I don’t mind the lovely words they love to hurl at you I am pretty good at it myself. But the only thing that counts is that you know the truth and it’s printed in black and white for all the world to see and read and no amount of lies can change that, so don’t lose any sleep over what nobsartist and his buddies want to write here you know the truth and that’s all that counts.

  25. As long as the people losing their jobs are the people building & developing those weapons of mass destruction we absolutely do not need.

    Come’on people. If the US is invaded by a foriegn power all the NRA membership will rise up to protect US.

  26. RobertCHastings says:

    In less than two weeks, when Sequestration comes into effect and all the budget cuts kick in that Congress agreed to only a few months ago, what we feared at the precipice of the fiscal cliff will become economic reality. The job gains of the past 40 months will be wiped out, taking with it the gains in income for the Federal government, the gains for social programs, the gains made in re-employing so many people who lost their jobs over the eight years prior to Obama’s election – even the military, a traditionally conservative bunch of folks, realize the ax will fall, and it will fall hard. Public servants on the local, state, and federal level will feel the pinch immediately. The USPS will lose thousands, the military will lose hundreds of thousands, around the country hundreds of thousands of teachers, police, and firmen will lose their jobs, leaving the country and our communities in jeopardy. Forget about any investing in our future, to get us back on our feet after the Bush Recession – any plans for that pipe dream will vanish in a puff of smoke. Our credit rating? The major rating agencies have already said sequestration will make us lose our AA rating (down from AAA because of the debt limit fiasco last year), and the Fed will no longer be able to hold inflation at bay. Recession? We may well hope that is ALL we will see. Thank you John Boehner and Mitch McConnell – oh, and don’t let me leave out Grover Norquist, the chief architect of all of this, even though he doesn’t like to take credit.

  27. Samuel says:

    Wow Dumbo’s are so confused and lost it is amazingly just entertainment at this point. Hell no America should never compromise with Obama’s idiotic policies. Toss them all out. And when repubs retake the White House I hope they reverse all of his failing policies with “executive orders” and put this country back on prosperity course.

    • Samuel,You, sir, are a dreamer. I didn’t think consevatives were allowed, by Grover Norquist, to dream…too, liberal, and progressive.
      No, America, is waking up to the crimes, that the Bush Regime enacted. They will not forget how the baggers, and the republican’ts tried to kill America’s economy and soul…and we will not forget, that the republican’ts allowed, 911, to happen, and blocked our Jobs Bill.

  28. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    That may eventually be what it comes down to, but that’s the ‘Nuclear Option’ . . . and he’d BETTER make sure the American people have his back if / when he uses it. There would be huge political fallout, so I think that would be a last resort option.

  29. Vazir Mukhtar says:

    Was President Obama so naive that when he signed the legislation providing for sequestration he believed there wouldn’t be a crisis when it came for Congress to deal with it?

    Does he truly believe that haranguing the public about the consequences of sequestration is a more effective tactic than using what influence he has with members of Congress?

  30. Vazir Mukhtar says:

    Mantra: “Rich people should pay their fair share.” If only those of us not chanting the mantra knew how much a “fair share” is. What makes 65%, say, “fairer” than 55%? No one will champion the rich paying an “unfair” share, which is what the mantra implies, so let’s get a concrete proposal on the table. Castigating the ultra-rich gets us nowhere. Persuading Congress may.
    May we look at the total tax obligations of the ultra-rich, instead of ignoring state and local taxes. We’re looking for a “fair” share, not confiscation, right?
    Loopholes: (1) Let’s eliminate the deduction of mortgage interest. It favors the rich because they have larger mortgages than the middle class. (2) Let’s review all other provisions of the tax code to find out from which only the ultra-rich may benefit; let’s eliminate those not see as in the national interest.
    Let’s review the federal subsidies for various activities (Not all of the following may receive subsidies. I list them only as examples. Listing or omission does not imply approval or disapproval.): farming in general, various individual crops: sugar, peanuts, etc.; oil exploration; other fossil fuels; alternative energy. Eliminate those that favor the ultra-rich or are not generally seen to be in the national interest.
    Envy: I believe there are better words: begrudge and covet come readily to mind. Much of the clamor for the rich to pay their fair share comes across as begrudging their success at making money and as coveting their wealth for someone else’s use.
    Let’s leave a discussion of what constitutes a living wage for another series of comments. Meanwhile, think about what percent of the poverty level as reflected in a person’s adjusted gross income should be considered a living wage. That’s another term that would be improved by being defined.

  31. Antonio says:

    Bush ran a MUCK ! And nobody said not one THANG, DAM SAME. And the republicans are doing the same, no respect for PRESIDENT TWO TERMS OBAMA.CLEAN HOUSE.

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