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Saturday, March 23, 2019

To the extent that he ever believed much, if any, of his own soaring rhetoric about a transformative, post-partisan presidency during the 2008 campaign, President Obama would have to be judged a failure. Even after the election, his Inaugural Address called for “an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.”

Was it really possible, I wondered, that Obama had mistaken the U.S. government for the Harvard Law Review, where the emollient balm of his personality persuaded rival factions to reason together? Did he actually believe that the political battles of the Clinton and Bush years could be laughed off as “the psychodrama of the Baby Boom generation,” easily transcended by an Ivy League raisonneur like him?

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8 responses to “Obama's Long Game”

  1. says:


  2. freethinker says:

    It appears ‘intransigence’ is in the eye of the beholder. Just who is holding up the bills passed by the House? There is lots of gnashing of teeth and calls for ‘fairness’ on the issue of taxation, but not a single rational explanation of just what it would accomplish. Oh, if you have listened to calls for more taxation, you would have to believe it would eliminate the deficit, pay off the debt, rebuild our infrastructure, pay for healthcare for all, boost everyone back into the middle class…etc. A tax increase on the rich would do…none of the above.
    It’s real purpose: a campaign gimmick for the President. Maybe he really is an ‘opportunistic shape-shifter’ and his proposals, “now seem not just naïve but delusional.”

  3. ewentprises says:

    It speaks volumes of the Obama bashers addicted to vehemence and negativity that their love to classify this president as a failure. In contrast to this immensely intelligent president whose main focus as the No. 1 leader of the free world is the people of his country and not making the rich more obscenely wealthy than they are, I find these right wing bashers childish, irrational and unreasonable.

    They don’t provide answers to the problems they created. Just more bashing. Their bash fest is now 4 years old and legend among the most high-minded Americans like President Obama, who leads by basic values taught to him: do your fair share, play fair and share what you have.

    Now contrast that with what Republicans and today’s subversive right wingers addicted to their negativity: Play their way or the highway. Delegate the dirty work at salaries that can’t be called living wages and keep it all up to and including hoarding, for themselves. This is their values?

    Whenever a group of narcissist, self-important lunatic fringe subversives mistake helping others, sharing your prosperity for the common good with elevating themselves to an American Aristocracy, it’s time to knock them off those pedestals they’ve placed themselves on.

    Let’s not fool ourselves that if given the opportunity, they’d be the only ones with ANY equal opportunity. This is why Governor Christie (R-NJ), Karl Rove, Steve Lonigan are suddenly espousing placing “civil rights” on the ballot. How close does that come to the powerful and mighty deciding what’s civilly fair and equitable when they have no such right to such judgments?

    Obama bashers are incensed that a ultra capable leader like this president can come from humble beginnings and seek to do what’s right for ALL Americans. This is why you hear the caterwalling from the richest who want the games always in their favor. This is also true of those in the Too Big To Fail, Too Rich To Change games.

    So..bash away all you like you fools of the right. Come 2012, President Obama will still be president. Those of us fed up with your whining will begin our Tar and Feather parties to shut your always negative yaps.

  4. fordneri says:

    You don’t have to be a great strategist to wait for your opponents to destroy them selves with insatiable greed. Our elected government changed it’s focus from serving the public citizen to serving the private money handlers who create nothing but protected ptofits for them selves and misery for the common man. Bills were passed that made legal promises, benefits, subsidies, tax breaks and bailouts to entities and individuals in exchange for pipe dreams and unenforceable good faith promises that have not and will not be kept. We don’t need to blame irresponsible politicians for serving their own interests. It is not irresponsible to benefit yourself legally. We need to blame an irresponsible electorate that continues to vote away their future.

  5. mikeinwaco says:

    Again, Obama’s opponents create their usual straw man, attributing policies or administration goals to him which are so exaggerated or ficticious as to be absurd. Obama has NEVER said or even implied that our defict or debt problems can be solved by tax increases alone. During the recent battles with the conservative ideologues in the House, he has continually called for a balance between budget cuts AND tax increases on the wealthiest segment of society…those folks who have benefitted the most from the Republicans’ highly prized free enterprise system. If fact, he has even proposed a formula which would have been very top heavy on the budget cut side, a formula which, if agreed to by the Tea Party element in the House, would have given them a big victory they could have taken to the coming presidential election. It would also have prevented the current polling which illustrates that the Republican brand is hurting right now because of their well-deserved image as ideoogical obstructionists. That image, when added to the viscious traveling medicine show among the aspirants for the GOP nomination, could conceivably overcome the damage the economy is doing to Obama’s chances for re-election.

  6. Charles Higgins says:

    He has to have a long game.Its almost impossible to get anything done when the Republicans main goal is to see him fail.In a time of high unemployment and crushing debt they should be working together for the good of the country.Instead they whould rather see the country go down the toilet while scoring political points.Obama has done what he can under these difficult cicumstances.Until both sides decide to work together for the good of the country and compromise on some issues we will be stuck with what we have…dysfunction junction!!!

  7. rustacus21 says:

    … the star wants the ball!!! Football. Basketball (which the President, by all accounts, was no slouch!!!). Baseball. Hockey. Golf. It’s crunch time! The ref’s are even cheating in order to rob the home team, or at the very least, keep it close, in case a “call” by the ref’s has to be made (OMG – can anybody say election theft 2000!?), to decide the game. But the home (Democrats) team has been playing like literal CRAP!!! No blocking or blocking out, too many penalties, boggies, strikeouts & fouls!!! But the star QB plays above a BS supporting cast, making even their screwups look like it was intentional, as he ran the last 4 years w/out blocking, screens or receivers that can catch!!! W/all this, if it happens, it’s b/c President Obama did it virtually on his own & the entire Democratic party should be ashamed for NOT rallying around him from day ONE, bludoggin & sandbaggin & making the President, the party & the nation look BAD as Conservatives on their BEST DAY (& that in itself is pretty D#@n SAD. But the game ain’t over yet, so FANS, keep cheering!!! We’re going to win, as long as the coach (WE the PEOPLE) keep whispering encouragement to the SUPERSTAR of the team…

  8. Marli says:

    Marvelous,marvelous….how else to “clean up the mess” ! Washington politicos (some) have become hoarders…beefing up their benefits at taxpayer expense. Now the filth (corruption/greed) has been somewhat exposed…Obama and team have to sort,stack,decide what is usable,what is junk,when and where for “green” disposal.
    All, as quickly as possible w/o adding to “invironmental polutiuon” Would you want that job?!? As for Romney and the entitlement programs he mentioned…what’s his beef?! White boys have always been first in that line. Call it the protectionist movement , where poor US ” citizens ” were indentured, AGAIN, when coming to the new land as servants to their masters, the stolen African citizen,enslaved…and so on. The big boys” who depend on gathering STUFF to define themselves ;those without a spiritual connection in their core, those who feel the terrible weight of living with fear of exposure as they spend their decades building a set of O.P. manuals, that is rules of procedure/engagement,so outsiders can only peer at the STUFF.
    When you think about it, while things seem to change they often remain the same.
    Who in this society has been assigned the fix up,cleanup?!? Women,people of color.
    Some of the poor white boys who don’t fit into a Romney fraternity have traditonally been assigned the enforcer role, both legally and illegally. They are merely cheap insurance for the status quo.

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