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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • amazonfan

    What a horribly screwed up misrepresentation of the Palestinian people.

  • While a long time and strong supporter of Israel, I am aware that the U.N. didn’t just roust them from their homes in 1948. A section of the region known at the time as Trans Jordan was divided based on property ownership. At the same time a place was made for the Israelis, a state was outlined for the Palestinians. For me the question has always been why the Palestinians were so angry about Israel when it was the King of Jordan who denied them their home.

    In the beginning Israel was willing to allow the Palestinians to maintain and live in the new nation but at the urging of Jordan they were encouraged to resist and refuse to recognize Israels existence. This always seemed to place the Arabs to blame for the whole conflict. I also could never understand why the mandate for a Palestinian state was never forced on Jordan like so many other U.N. mandates are forced on the unwilling.

    • jarheadgene

      All about Power and Oil in the Arabic states like Jordan. And a hatred for Jews that goes back to Ishmael an Isaac. I also always thought what a simple solution the Palestinians had so many Arab brother nations that could have easily welcomed them but chose not to. Starting especially with Jordan.

  • patuxant

    Don’t begin to understand the intricacies of this debacle but only know one thing. These people better learn to get along and stop the hatred for each other NOW!

    • CPANewYork

      They won’t do that.

  • syed salamah ali mahdi

    Can I ask the cartoonist to tell me who bombed the buildings on the both sides of the not very convincing Palestinian Freedom Fighter? He won’t because he would lose his ‘job’. Even the congress of baboons (that’s exactly what a congregation of baboons is called in the English language) at Capitol Hill lose their jobs if they displease the powers that be in the United States of A(IPAC). Hence, I sympathize with this poor cartoonist but can never get myself to pardon him. To say the least, his cartoon was pathetic!

    • ralphkr

      What makes you think that those buildings were bombed? Israel often sends in bulldozers to knock down buildings in order to widen the street for easier access by their tanks. You are correct that it is a poor depiction of a Palestinian Freedom Fighter since his face is not covered the way the majority Middle-Eastern assassins do to maintain their anonymity.

  • commserver

    A state in name only. PLO and HAMAS aren’t really governing and providing basic services as would be expected by governments in real states.

    • ralphkr

      Hmmm, you just described the dream government as envisioned by Ryan and his fellow super-patriot conservative. No handouts (services) for the citizens but lots of services (money) for big businesses & military (face it, military is the BIGGEST business in Palestine). I still feel that Israel’s biggest error was in not taking over the entire Palestinian area but they did not realize that the other Arab states would not allow the people living in the part not taken over by Israel to emigrate to their countries so there would be this huge pocket of future terrorists trapped next to Israel.