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Saturday, April 29, 2017

On Chicken Sandwiches, Pro Football And Human Rights

On Chicken Sandwiches, Pro Football And Human Rights

We are gathered here today to discuss two recent controversies about same-sex marriage. One comes from the world of pigskin, the other from the world of chicken fat.

You are surely familiar with the latter. It unfolded a few weeks ago over comments by Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A. In interviews with the Biblical Recorder newspaper and radio host Ken Coleman, he confirmed his opposition to same-sex marriage. “Guilty as charged,” he told the paper.

Cathy’s comments kicked off one of those only-in-America firestorms. Gay rights groups denounced the fast-food chain. Conservatives responded with a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, which reportedly drove the company to record sales. Gay rights activists held a “kiss-in” that was less successful. The mayors of San Francisco, Chicago and Boston criticized Dan Cathy’s views. Conservative pundits noted, correctly, that an elected official who seeks to punish an unpopular opinion tramples the First Amendment. The Jim Henson Co. withdrew its toys and merchandise from promotional deals with the restaurant chain.

And, oh yeah, some idiot carrying a bag filled with Chick-fil-A sandwiches walked into the Washington offices of the conservative Family Research Council where he shot and wounded a guard. “I don’t like your politics,” he reportedly said.

That’s a lot of furor over one man’s opinion. And you have to wonder why Dan Cathy’s views were news. Chick-fil-A’s conservative Christian orientation has been known for years — it supports groups like the FRC and even closes on Sundays. So Cathy’s comments, objectionable as they are to supporters of marriage equality, did not really tell us anything new.

Which brings us to pigskin. It seems one Emmett C. Burns Jr., a Maryland state lawmaker, recently wrote Steve Bisciotti, owner of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, insisting that he “inhibit” one of his players, Brendon Ayanbadejo, who has been working in support of gay marriage. The Ravens refused, and Burns’ letter brought him a ton of condemnation, most notably from another player, Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings, who penned a profane, yet cogent reply online.

23 Responses to On Chicken Sandwiches, Pro Football And Human Rights

  1. The Chic-fil-A people have every right to their opinion, I defend our freedom of speech! Now gays want to shove this sh*t down our throats while there is no tolerence for GOD in our schools or anywhere else in the democratic party…..WTF?

    • 1) How is gay marriage being forced down anyone’s throat? No one is forcing you to marry a gay person. It’s a civil rights issue, period.

      2) If you want God in your schools, send your kids to private religious schools. There is separation of church and state here.

      3) There is no reason for God to be in the platform of any party that is seriously thinking of running for public office in this country. Again, there’s that separation of church and state thing here, too. You want God, go to your church. Or bring God into your home. Just don’t force YOUR God on others who may not share your view.

      • E-T; a quick question; I’ve never understood how school systems actually rise to the level of “state” in this context. Generally speaking they are supported by local revenues so even the largest school districts can only cover municipal or county areas.

        The constitutional bar is based on the Federal level – it’s only through the nonsense of a federal department of “Education” that this is even remotely applicable by federal fiat.

        Logically if a school district is primarily one sect or religion then the local majority can determine and set their own policy and boundaries. Those that object should have other options like vouchers or home schooling. What doesn’t make sense is for a majority to bend to a vocal minority’s views – all in the name of fairness!

          • Cute. Is any topic that you equate with moral ascendancy suitable for responding to something on a different moral plane?

            Besides slavery was originally legal and then it’s legality was restricted to certain states, which continued to embrace the practice until the Civil War. Jim Crow was, of course the result of different judicial decisions based as an overall concept on segregation; none of which relates to religious teachings, except in the case of the DRC and Apartheid (which isn’t even American.

            Is the implication that one is to take from your upper-cased response that you equate religious rights to slavery? Or conversely that the atheistic, anti-religious tenor of current union-dominated primary education can be equated to slavery?

        • UH, tokoloshi27, have you ever considered looking at the US Constitution and First Amendment. Article VI of the Constitution states that no religious test shall EVER be required to hold any office or public trust under the United States (any thinking person can easily see that this applies to all government employees, whether elected or hired, at every level of government and definitely would include teachers at state funded schools). The First Amendment goes even further by banning the establishment of an official religion. (requiring students to worship would certainly be considered establishing an official religion by the government)

        • Public schools are funded by state and federal funding. We live in a mult-icultural and multi-religious society. If public schools allowed time for the christian kids to have formal prayer, then we have to allow the muslim kids to spend time praying during school hours as well, Buddhist kids to meditate…etc..etc… When do schools get to the business of what they are intended to do–EDUCATING CHILDREN??!!

          Formal religious activities, teachings and rituals are best left to their places of worship and/or private homes. That doesn’t mean that a christian child can’t wear a cross or silently pray before they eat lunch or take a test. It doesn’t mean that a muslim girl must remove her headscarf.

          In reality, all of this claptrap about religion and schools is only really concerned with one religion’s “rights”- christianity. Christianity does NOT define the USA whether you like it or not. Christianity isn’t even the most prolific religion in the world- Islam is.

          I just want my state and country to restore our public schools to the great EDUCATORS that they no longer are. Our kids are lagging behind globally and that is tragic. Education should be a critical discussion of how WELL and COMPREHENSIVELY we educate our children and prepare them to take their place in our country’s history. We are NOT doing a great job of it and all we can talk about is prayer in school?! We need more reading, writing and -like Bill Clinton- arithmatic!!! Our kids deserve the best and they are getting a bunch of smoke and mirrors from religion.

          And before you call me some heretical demon of Satan…I’m a christian. I love God. My husband, myself and the church were in charge of helping to shape our children’s ethics, morals and values- NOT public school.

  2. Sorry but they do want to shove it down our throats….having a “kiss in” because a private company disagrees with their lifestyle is pure bullsh*t! The gay family wants to PUNISH all who are not tolerent of their behavior…well…they can go to hell! I never ate a Chic- fil-A sandwich before but now I will dine there at least twice a week now! God isn’t pushed on anyone it happens to be a huge part of our heritage…on our currency, in our pledge…where did that all come from? We are so worried about honoring the heritage of all the illegal aliens running around our country and don’t give a sh*t about our own! What the fu*k do you think got all this “Tea Party” business started? Attacks on our people from the left…more taxes to pay for the illegals or the LAZY. The hunger for more gun control, and lack of enforcement of our immigration laws. THATS WHAT!

    • Strange you conservatives are only concerned about freedom if it fits into what you deem to be proper. True liberterianism should mean the rights of gays to wed, legal prostitution, legal drugs, poligimy, and womens right to control their own reproduction system. Instead conservatives want government to intervene to restrict or curtail all these activities, as long as they leave their guns alone.This is really allowing religion to control freedom, and a contridiction with the founding fathers view of a complete seperation of church and state. You can’t have it both ways and yell on one hand that the govt requiring you to buy insurance is tyranny, but you denying people to marry who they love is not. Or jailing peope because they want to have more than one wife.This is government interference in the rights and freedom of people you disagee with. You think your religion is the only way and condemn others that practice something else. The owner of Chick-a fil has a right to say whatever he wants to since we allow free speech, and gays and others have a right to bouycott his restaurant since he is using it as a platform to express himself. It shows me you don’t really understand what the signers of the constitution really meant. Freedom is freedom and that means for everybody not just white Christians.

    • Someone sure has a problem with homosexuals….AND poor people….AND foreign people!

      Why does someone else being gay bother you so much? Exactly HOW do gay families “punish” people? Your church (if you even go to church) isn’t compelled by any government agency to accept any homosexual. Homosexuals do exactly what any other couple does- what any other family does. The only thing they ask for is to NOT be discriminated against.

      Did you know that migrant farm workers are hired by American farmers? They’re aren’t being forced to hire illegal aliens- they do it because most Americans think they’re too good for that kind of “low class work.”
      And when was the last time you saw a white guy standing around Lowes or Home Depot looking for work?? NEVER. You’ll find white guys hanging around busy intersections, downtown city streets and freeway off ramps with signs begging for handouts. I drive by my neighborhood Lowes every day and see hispanic men just waiting for American businessmen and homeowners just waiting to give them a day of work for money- it’s called EARNING a living.

      People who are poor, disadvantaged and disabled exist in every single society on earth. As long as man has walked earth, there are those who hold greater and less stations in life. With great power and wealth comes equal responsibility. For those who are given much, much is expected. The greatness of any nation is how they treat their most vulnerable populations.

      If you don’t gay people, don’t associate with them (they wouldn’t want to associate with you either). If you don’t like illegal aliens, don’t give them a job (if you happen to have the power to do that, which I doubt.). If you don’t like poor people, don’t be one (and pay your fair share of taxes, ass!)

  3. Wow – I heard about this but only on the periphery. Indeed, the NFL is about manly men doing manly things and as a child, I aspired to be one of them. And now an even better reason to hold up this institution and its members as a role model. Kudos to Ayanbedejo and the NFL – these are men doing manly things and a manly thing was done. Sticking to their beliefs in the face of bigotry and small-mindedness is what men do.

    The issue hit us in my city too and I admit to going to Chik-Fil-A for a sandwich that day – but that wasn’t an action against gay marriage (I am a strong supporter of gay marriage), mine was a statement for freedom of speech. I didn’t like the fact that Government officials were looking to “censor” Dan Cathy, no matter how much I disagreed with him – limiting opposing speech is a slippery slope into tyranny. That being said, I made my stand for free speech – but that was the last time I will ever eat there knowing now what he does with his profits. I believe in Mr. Cathy’s freedom to spend his money where he pleases… and I will exercise my right to same by not ever eating there again.

  4. If you are truely talking about freedom then why does our government DEMAND that wealthy people pay for the poor and illegals through taxation? The rich pay more tax in a year than you and I pay in a lifetime! The rich did not make poor people poor! You demand of those that have to pay for the difficiency of others. Don’t give me that “fair share” bullsh*t? What more of the government services do rich people use than you or I? Answer; LESS!

    • “What more of the government services do rich people use … ?” I suggest that “They” do use more of the “services” than I do. Afterall, They tax the Air Traffic Control System, what with their G-5’s soaring all over the country, going from Chick-Fil-A’s store to store, supporting Mr. Cathy, or to the next Romney fest, to create all those job’s, that the best Government, “Dark Money” can buy, will offer.

  5. This article seems directed at trying to get new verbiage into the ‘discussion’; look at the terms it is using on this range of subjects, “same-sex marriage”, “gay-marriage” and now this “marriage equality”.

    By couching this as a “human rights” issue, am I alone in thinking that as soon as a same-sex marriage can technically arrange for direct offspring then that would be a “proof of concept” that would actually rise to the level of meeting an “equality” threshold.

    Until then however, my opinion is that the legal side of the issue is satisfied by acceptance of formalized “unions” not “marriages”.

  6. 13ovbserver…13 must stand for your IQ? What the hell are you talking about/ Quit watching faux nooz and listening to limbaugh and quit swallowing whole all of the bullshit the repugnican party is throwing out at you. Man…they have you right where they want you…it is ok for them to be mega, mega rich and hide their money in foreign banks, and out source their jobs and make you believe they do it for your betterment and the betterment of the country. The rethuglican, tea baggin (kkk), American taliban party is out to destroy the middle class, out to destroy unions, because they collectively stand up to them, and putzes like you make it easy for them. God…educate yourself man…get out of the south…or whatever it takes. Oh, and by the way…the discussion was about gays and changing perceptions…something you fun dumb a mentalists are against and trying to stop. And you probably don’t even know why. Your talibangelicals cite some “phoney” biblical passage that you all take out of context, and your “lords” tell you to fight against it and being the compliant serfs that you are, you do it. You had better hope nit wit mitler and lyin’ ryan, the koch whores, don’t get elected, because you will see what it is like to live in a 3rd world country. Educate yourself and quit being a limbaugh stooge!!

    • Hide their money in foreign banks? Oh, you mean like the illegal aliens do when they steal jobs here….live off our welfare…….and send most of their INCOME BACK TO MEXICO! Isn’t that kind of the same thing?

      • Woth every comment you make, you confirm my first impression of you as either an ignorant low info faux/rush/beck devotee or a clever clone trying to show how stupid such folks are.

        I have finally and reluctantly concluded you are as honest man saying what your version of reality is and that you are so deep into that right wingnut pit, you are beyond any effort to make you look at reality. I feel sorry for you.

  7. Blame the jobs problem on Obama! He just gave AMNESTY and WORK VISAS to 1.3 million illegal aliens who won’t just be scrubbing toilets, mowing your grass and wiping asses at the nursing home, but rather cometing for good jobs while living off the U.S. taxpayer and sending their money home!

  8. I have yet to figure out what do the lives of two people hetero/homo/bi or other wise has to do with me. Some might go the Bible route, but somehow if God is big enough to take out the dinosaurs, if He finds something repulsive about the lifestyle of two persons who are not ‘hetero’ He can take care of that too. Not to say that He actually had something against the dinosaurs of course. I’ve read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and who ever wrote that story way back when can be liken to the Limbaughs and the Becks of today. At the end of the day, that’sa their lives and they didn’t ask for my help in supporting them. They love each other and they want to live in peace and harmony. If someone finds it to be ‘disgusting’ your heads can turn….so TURN IT!

  9. Oh, “say it aint so” Ronny! If there is no problem with illegal immigration….then you must also believe that corporations are not trying to hust working families! Who the fu*k are you really trying ti kid?

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