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Monday, October 24, 2016

Once ‘Progressive,’ Romney Allies Himself With Angry Extremists

Once ‘Progressive,’ Romney Allies Himself With Angry Extremists

One of the more disturbing symptoms of Mitt Romney’s evolution from a supposed moderate whose “views are progressive” to a “severely conservative” presidential candidate has been his close alliance with such right-wing extremists as Tony Perkins.

Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its incendiary, inaccurate attacks against gays and lesbians. Perkins has a long and disturbing record of racism and homophobia; among other lowlights, he has paid $82,500 for a mailing list from former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, delivered multiple speeches to the outrageously racist Council of Conservative Citizens, praised a Ugandan law that would make “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by death, and argued that the Senate would have “blood on their hands” for voting to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy against homosexual soldiers and sailors.

Perkins is also a close adviser to Romney. As he told reporters ahead of the Family Research Council’s annual Value Voter Summit, he regularly consults with Romney’s campaign on “issues of faith,” such as the campaign’s recently adopted position that promoting heterosexual marriage will fix the economy.

“Republicans are not going to connect with voters just based on the mechanics of how to get the economy moving,” Perkins said.

According to Perkins, “I talked to Mitt Romney after he selected Paul Ryan.” He added that he was “somewhat surprised that [Romney] chose Paul Ryan because that was a pretty bold choice, in my view.” Perkins clearly approves of the pick; despite the fact that Ryan’s intellectual hero was a devoted atheist, Ryan will address the Value Voter Summit this week.

Ann Romney also appeared on the Value Voters schedule of events, but — perhaps sensing that giving a speech to a hate group that labeled Mormonism as a “cult” at their 2011 gathering runs counter to her mission of “humanizing” her husband — she will not attend the summit.

The reason for Romney’s close partnership with Perkins is obvious as it is troubling. As Greg Sargent points out in The Plum Line, the central strategy behind Romney’s campaign — hammering away on the economy, and waiting for voters to conclude that re-electing President Obama is simply not an option in this economic climate — has not been working. That leaves Romney desperate for other methods of attracting voters, which has meant pandering on social issues.

So the next time that a conservative tries to defend Romney’s core values, remember this: The man who once claimed that he would be more progressive on gay rights than Ted Kennedy now relies on the leader of an anti-gay hate group to help save his faltering pursuit of the presidency.

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  • bcarreiro

    I wonder how our military feels about romney when they are overseas and the only thing being talked about is this arrogant fool and his money on tv. We need to amplify our mission is for freedom and peace.

    • I also wonder how they feel about a party that ignored them completely during their convention in Tampa. It is becoming increasingly evident that our troops are nothing more than expendable pawns in the GOP chess game.

  • One of the most bizarre claims made by Republicans is calling President Obama, and Democrats in general, socialists. Since that is not new, I dismissed it initially as typical political rhetoric voiced by isolated partisans and by people who have no idea what socialism is; but when I learned that members of my own family believe it, I decided to dig deeper into this issue in an effort to better understand the logic of their conclusion, and whether or not there is any link between the policies we espouse and the socio-economic philosophies advanced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
    The first thing that came to mind was the Affordable Care Act and its mandate. While ACA is, indeed, funded mostly by the Federal and State governments, it also relies on taxpayers and for profit insurance companies to make it work. Moreover, and as opposed to countries with truly socialized medical systems our physicians, nurses, radiologists and other specialists are private practice professionals; most of our hospitals and labs are either state government owned or private institution; and our healthcare system is administered by for-profit insurance companies, hospital administrators, and other private practice professionals, not government bureaucrats as the GOP suggests. The ultimate manifestation of capitalism is the ACA mandate, which calls for all Americans to get medical coverage from for profit insurance companies, which makes it the anti-thesis of socialism, a socio-economic philosophy that has as its centerpiece the transfer of services and jobs from the private to the public sector.
    I then looked at the number of Federal government employees during George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s tenures and what I found was nothing short of amazing. The number of government employees when Bush was in office increased dramatically, and it has dropped to its lowest level in decades during Obama’s tenure. Another interesting finding was that the exact same thing happened when Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were in office. So much for the champions of small government!
    I also considered increases in the national debt, which the GOP blame on President Obama even though he can only be held responsible for the $1T stimulus package. After some thought I wondered if what Republicans object to, and the reason for all the name calling and hysteria, is the existence of programs such as Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, and public education; but since they have been in place since before President Obama was born, or long before he became President, that can’t possibly be the reason for the overt hatred that so many people exhibit towards Barack Obama. Their claims regarding social programs approach ridiculous proportions when we consider that Republican Presidents, including Ronald Reagan, defended the safety net that is now being demonized by the Tea Party.
    Another travesty are the allegations about high salaries and benefits paid to civil servants, which are inconsistent with reality when we compare apples to apples. If anything, civil servants make less than their counterparts in private industry when qualifications, job requirements and functional responsibilities are taken into consideration.
    The most outlandish claim, however, is the assertion that we were better off four years ago than we are today. Only someone suffering from amnesia would consider the near collapse of our economy and financial institutions, the fact that we were losing 700,000 jobs a month, that some of our largest corporations were on the brink of bankruptcy, that foreclosures were the order of the day, the stock market (Dow Jones) was at 6,500 points, and that the unemployment rate was 7.8% and climbing rapidly on Inauguration Day, morning in America! Alas, considering how well most stock market investors are doing now, the number of job vacancies that are available (3 million according to the Labor Department), the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are no longer denied medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions or caps, the fact that corporations and cities like Orlando are reporting record revenues, that the availability of Pell grants and student loan repayments have been expanded, female workers can now earn the same as their male counterparts, government spending is rising at its slowest pace since the Eisenhower era, cruise lines are booked to capacity, my neighbors are buying new cars, and houses are finally selling, suggest that the GOP claims must be based on the fact that they all majored in negative logic.
    The only conclusion that can be reached based not only on analysis of policies and measurable results, but on the fact that the only thing we hear from the GOP are immature name calling and promises that are never backed up with facts or viable solutions, is that their rhetoric and decisions are influenced by ideology, religion, intolerance, a sense of entitlement, a rejection of social responsibility, unrealistic expectations, by social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and whatever happens to be the issue of the day if it is packaged the right way in a 30-second political ad by savvy campaign strategists and advertisers, rather than determination of what is best for us as individuals and what is best for our country.

    • frivolous01

      Well, one thing I have learned about the right is that they have one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else. I live in Florida and our ‘governor’ Rick Scott is a perfect example of this. One of the first things he did when he took office was to give all state employees a 3% pay cut (which, while it goes into a retirement account this came after 5 years of no raises and was recently declared unconstituitional by the court). He also cut 6,000 state jobs and I’m not talking about ‘fat’ but rather jobs like teachers and prison guards. At the same time he increased his staff and paid 25 year-old college graduates $100,000+ a year for ‘public relations’ to make sure that 1) staff at all of the agencies were supporting him and 2) that press releases went out constantly praising him.

      • I live in Florida and I was sickened when the founder and CEO of Coumbia HCA, the company found guilty of fraud and given the largest fine in U.S. history was elected Governor. I agree with you and would add that his decision to decline Federal funds to pay for ACA, which by default means Floridians will not have access to affordable healthcare coverage, is a reflection of the mentality of the bigots supported by the Tea Party.

        • frivolous01

          Exactly. I felt like crying when he was elected and now I look back and realize that I had no idea how bad it could be.

        • Wait a minute. There are bigots in the Tea Party? Say it aint so.
          (Yesterday, someone from OH, who I have never met, texted me a picture of the President with a caption that read: “Don’t re-nig in 2012.” ) And they wonder why they aren’t respected.

          • timeforchange321

            My father told me about this about a month ago. We support Democrats and always will. My father is retired Navy and Government DOD. We were shocked by this and especially since my grandkids and family are African American too. How shoddy the GOP . They are not for the people, we the people of all races. They are out for themselves and would sell the USA if there was enought money to be made. Obama/Biden

          • What we have to do as a Nation is get the vote out, it’s time to get picture ID if you don’t have one before the election, and if you need to help people do that, then that’s what we have to do to get these racist, no good, politicians out of office, we all need to VOTE BLUE!

        • 13observer

          Is everyone a bigot or a racist that doesn’t agree with you?

    • SaneJane

      Bravo. Excellent, comprehensive post, wish I could get my friends and relatives to read it. I live in Alabama and everyone I know is voting for Romney. Just yesterday my own sister posted her support for Romney on Facebook. Sometimes I feel as if I were under siege. You must feel the same down there in Florida.

      • neece00

        It is sad, I live in Tennessee and I am afraid to tell anyone that I support Obama. The Bible Belt has no idea what the true concerns are and how this election will effect them.

        • highpckts

          Well I live in Ohio and my whole family is filled with hate for Obama! We can’t even discuss one issue!

          • awklause

            I have the same issue with both my sisters. One lives in Wisconsin, the other in North Carolina. They have no clue of the issues. They are just full of hatred.

    • 13observer

      As you stated in this blob the ACA is funded by taxpayers. So why the fu*k would I want to pay for illegal aliens to BREED LIKE FLIES just because they can, They are only breeding POVERTY! I’ll bet you my last nickel that should Obama be re-elected that he won’t do sh*t for organized labor (like his first term) but instead create more welfare programs and try his best to get AMNESTY for the criminal aliens in our country today! He doesn’t give a fu*k about the middle class only a socialist class of food stamp bottom dwellers each with a vote the democrats need to survive.

      • Language was introduced in ACA for the specific purpose of ensuring benefits are not extended to illegal immigrants and there is no funding for abortion.
        I support President Obama’s tough stand on illegal immigration and the need to enforce and respect our laws, but you better reflect on what you said and have a clear understanding of what would happen if our 21st century pseudo slaves were booted out of the country. The main reason our produce and other goods are so much cheaper than in other industrialized nations is because of the ability of our agri-business to use cheap labor. That, by the way, is the reason our government has not corrected our immigration laws. Minimum wage does not apply to farm hands, regardless of residency status, and in the case of illegal immigrants they make less than the $3 an hour or 25 cents a bushel farm owners generally pay their workers. Without those illegal immigrants inflation will sky rocket. Think about it.

      • phantomoftheopera

        when i taught, it was the whites in our school who were on welfare for the long term and used every trick in the book to get money they didn’t deserve. they also didn’t want their children ‘inconvenienced’ by homework or discipline

        on the other hand, our minority parents were working 2 and 3 jobs (both of them) and supporting the school. they were moving out of poverty at a great rate–buying homes, moving to better neighborhoods, etc.

        in regards to breeding like flies–isn’t that what no birth control is all about? that or no sex!

        so get a grip and visit the real world. you’ll find it a tad different than you expect.

        • highpckts


      • You want to change that, the only place to do it is within the Constitution, this ongoing blame the Democrats proves how many people in this country don’t have a clue how the Federal Government OR the laws of this country actually work.

      • highpckts

        Well aren’t you just the greatest example of American values! I am shamed for you!

    • timeforchange321

      thank you Dominick, well done.

  • Teddy Parker

    The decision will be left to the voters…

    • I get the feeling the decision is made and getting more clear every day. Mittins is already polling worse than Macain and dropping fast and remember ..this is our chant….THE DEBATES ARE COMING…..THE DEBATES ARE COMING!! Every time mittens opens his mouth he jumps in with both feet, this is going to be an absolutely priceless display of a blundering hopeless moron with nothing to lean on but a pack of lies.

      My greatest epiphany yet, and the best and brightest hope for a sustainable future is that the bigotted republican base is dying fast, this is the last election they can even compete in by using that old lets go back to the fifyies stump. Mitt will lose in a landslide and in 4 more years there won’t be enough old crusty repubs left to appeal to. Racism is quite literally dying out. almost everyone under 50 knows we need to move on. Just wait til 2016 they will either change their tune or be completely decimated. We need to work very hard to solidify the 18-35 base and educate all the tweens about where there education and opportunities are coming from, then it’s over for the crusties.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be able to get the House back, and it would not surprise me if we lose a couple of seats in the Senate. If Congress remains split, President Obama will continue to face obstacles, and obstructionism will prevail until the next midterm election when many Tea Party zealots will be running for re-election and we can give boot them out.

  • howa4x

    Romney is an oppurtunist pure and simple. When he was gov of a blue state is was moderate to liberal. Running for senate against the liberal lion Kennedy he stated he was a progressive in an interview. Now he senses the base has shifted to way to the right, so he is now severely conservative. He is Zelig the character Woddy Allen created who could assume a new idenity matching whoever he was with. Romney of course says he is just evolving. Well does a Cro magnon evolve into a neanderthal? Or do we all evolve into being modern people that have a sense of community, where our strength is not measured by military might, but how we take care of our sick, young and elderly. This is the strength that is talked about in the bible that the right wing shakes at everyone. They only took the vengeful aspects of it and missed the true love of all living things. This evolution has brought the dark side back out of Romney. He didn’t care if he outsourced an american job, or piled so much debt on a company it closed, as long as he and his partners were enriched. A selfesh man, who sees the accumulation of wealth as the goal. He claims he tiths to his religion but who else? Did he ever help the homeless, or single mothers he wants to create? Did he ever see poverty up close or just from a window in a limo?

    This election is about character. Do we want someone who fought his way up and was not guaranteed anyting in life, or do we want someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who never had to struggle a day in his life for anything. Someone who stays true to his beliefs or Zelig?

  • 13observer

    Ok, so tell me then WHY we would even think about giving them AMNESTY or LEGAL STATUS? Because you know as well as I do that they would receive FREE health insurance, earned income tax credits, food stamps and the whole social welfare basket….so what the fu*k are the supposed savings then? If we are to USE them as “cheap labor” then fine, but don’t give me this sh*t about how unfair they are being treated. Remember, they are not just picking lettuce anymore! Unless you are a Union organizer like me, you don’t understand fully how they are in direct CONFLICT with our “standard of living” as the undermine all organized labor has fought for by creating a surplus of labor hence the huge unemployment problem we face today!

    • Guys I hate to admit it but in the construction fields 130 is right this time. I do think making them legal citizens and making them participate in the system they use is a better idea than kicking them out and losing the only labor force keeping food prices down.

      I lived in a mostly Mexican town in CA for years and I do see that they are doing all the jobs white kids won’t do, but the main problem is they consider themselves Mexican even if they have been here 20 years. If we made them Americans they could join the community and promote the community and feel responsible for the community etc. I also want to debunk the idea that they are lazy, they are not! They work all the time and so do most of their kids. They do feel unwelcome and disrespected though. It’s a tough question.

      But 130 Finally added a tiny bit of topical pith to the discussion. Well done man there is hope for you. Now look up some actual facts about the economy and reallity and you are well on your way to being a respected thinker. Just leave out the unsubstantiated invective and I welcome your opinion.

    • awakenaustin

      I remember the “Good Ol’ Days” when it was primarily working class black folks and working class white folks against whom this divide and conquer strategy was used.

      Maybe more people would be attracted to these jobs if they paid more and you got a little respect for doing them. The GOP has set about destroying Unions in this nation. Maybe you have a legitimate complaint that Democrats haven’t done enough to remedy the situation, but I am not sure you should expect relief from the Republicans.

      Despite my leftist inclinations I find it amusing when Union fellows object to socialism and accuse of others of being socialists. Especially given the history of unions and socialism in the nation and the fact Republicans are always accusing Unions of promoting socialism and being socialists.

      So there wouldn’t be any problems with wages, etc. in the nation if it weren’t for those pesky “illegals” who keep coming in and messing stuff up.

  • 13observer

    Wow, how “racist” of you to assume that I was talking about a particular race of people when I mentioned welfare and Obama’s agenda. So you think he is about taking care of his race specifically? I said “socialist agenda” and it knows no race! Your perception is a little skewed, but you have a right to your opinion!

  • 13observer

    What is within the Constitution? Enforcing immigration laws are Obama’s duties as he is sworn to uphold our Constitution and the laws of the land…..and hello……illegal immigration is breking the law! You don’t have to amend the Constitution……..just enforce the law!

  • 13observer

    I believe in a strong work ethic, paying taxes (within reason), respecting OUR AMERICAN heritage, personal responsibility, our Constitution, racial equality, gender equality, sexual preference, the rule of law, FREE CHOICE (employee free choice) abortion rights, the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS (per the Constitution interperated by the Supreme Court) human rights (LEGAL CITIZENS) and religious freedom. If a MAJORITY of workers in America would organize a UNION in their workplace, most of the economic problems would be solved. If Americans were forced to do the jobs illegals are taking, they would soon realize that only by organizing could they find their way to a better life. As for the illegals….. all they bring is poverty and sending their money back to Mexico doesn’t help us a bit. For all they cost us, if we had to pay a hundred times the price for vegetables and fruit, we would be far ahead and taking better care of our own! The biggest problem is their IRRESPONSIBLE REPRODUCTION…… and they NEVER STOP COMING.

  • 13observer

    I’m sorry but by giving legal status to illegal aliens only encourages more illegal immigration and puts a huge strain on our welfare system all the while they send their earnings back to Mexico. They like lots of children that they can’t afford so taxpayers end up paying all the bills as they don’t make an income enough to pay any taxes!

  • timeforchange321

    Robme is a threat to everything we call American. Thank God, yes, I am a democrat, he will not be elected….

  • 13observer

    Somebody has to be, thanks!

  • timeforchange321

    That’s too bad. Hate is a strong word for one man.

  • timeforchange321

    I post to FB all the time with specific factual information all the time and no one in my family even bothers to comment or talk to me.other than my father .it will be interesting to see if they post to me after the election. some in my family are Retards too and they dont read anything about the parties..they just care about themselves, just like the tards.

  • timeforchange321

    I second the Bravo.. As a hispanic woman whos grandparents were living in Prescott prior to the territories, I find 13’s remarks pretty ignorant. It is unfortunate that media and news broadcasts that are pro GOP have led most Americans who don’t read to believe that all mexican people have alot of children that they cannot care for. Everyone Mexican that I know pays CASH for the hospital bills and owns several vehicles that they OWN, and own businesses that they WORK at. 13Observer you are mistaken and I can only hope that you will put your hateful and biased energy into educating yourself on the true colors of those on welfare, having babies, and are will be surprised at the color of the numbers.

  • timeforchange321

    Unfortunately Dominick you are right. I live in AZ.. I understand this circumstance for the illegals..they are persecuted yet offered jobs.. It is the owners of business that still get away with abusing the farmhands..Do you all know that it is common for a farmer to work them then promise to pay them all at a certain location…then call immigration on them so the farmer does not have to pay them…This has gone on for generations, yet they are denied citizenship for the very purpose to provide profit to businesses/owners. AZ is Retardican, by the way. no me…Obama/Biden

  • Let lil dink mitt and the republicKKKans scream war it won’t be their problem it will be our son’s and daughter’s our economic dollars! OUR RECOVERY! buyer beware! WE are NOT in the RR PLAN = WAKE UP! Obama 2012.

  • onedonewong

    As barak embraces the black panthers, the rev wright, the communist and socialist parties, moooslim brotherhood, Tailban,

  • sisterH

    Mitt Romney must win if America is to stand. We have seen so much destruction under Obama.
    God Bless Mitt Romney. May the people wake up and see how the world depends on us and how Obama is a failure.

  • Those of you on the side of Romney probably need some mental help. How on earth do you think an ex-KGB officer will not recognize a fool on site?

  • I am amazed at all the smart liberal people and the comments you contribute t0 this country.

  • On November 6 the re-election of Obama and in addition the ousting of many Republicans from both houses controlling the same by the Democratic Party, will lead the GOP, Tea Party to the probability of closing the party through their own blinded racial anger which impairs their reasoning. And I truly hope that Cantor, McDonell, Boehner and the secret clan that took an oath to block all of Presidents Obamas bills will be replaced by the Democratic Party.

  • aljeff

    Why is it that Romney beats Obama hands down in the polls by the successful and educated?

    Because the president’s agenda of increasing the taxes on those who make more (and employ more) will not change the real problem: the deficit spending spree by this current president. A president who promised to cut the national debt in half, but then insisted that Congress increase the debt ceiling. A president whose Budget Plan was completely rejected by Congress (not a single congressman or congresswomen voted for it!).

    Because killing Osama Bin Laden does not solve the problems in the Middle East. Getting the world to reject Islamic Extremism is the key. We cannot sympathize with the extremists: we reject them.

    Because we do not have a transparent government. President Obama said that would be the HALLMARK of his presidency! Let me see, did he tell us about the email (sent by the top government intellegence office) to the White House Situation room within hours of the Libya attack. No, he did not. He perpetuated a lie, even many days after at the United Nations.

    Because he said we could see what was in Obama Care by watching the Congressional hearings on C-span. When that didn’t happen, Nancy Pelosi said, well, we just have to pass it to see what’s in it–how intelligent is that!

    And the list goes on and on. Immigration Reform not passed in the first year or at all, Gitmo closed (or not!)…..promises, promises….

  • aljeff

    You must be an angry extremist!