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Monday, February 18, 2019

Dear Joe,

Sorry, if your name isn’t actually Joe, Joe. But that’s what we call anyone who isn’t in the top 1 percent. “Joe the Plumber” liked it so much that he still lets us call him that, even though his first name is Samuel. “Samuel the Plumber” sounds like a character from kids’ book about a precocious yet handy mouse. Joe got that. He’s a good Joe and so are you, Joe.

Anyway, we just wanted to say a quick thanks for voting for Donald Trump without paying nearly any attention to what his actual policies would be. It’s the least we can do, given that you’ve already done so much for us.

Whether we enjoy restoring natural coal-flavoring to river water or seeing the cabinet stocked with our fellow billionaires and buddies from Goldman Sachs, it’s the little things — like being allowed to destroy the climate so we can be a tiny bit richer — that we appreciate so very much.

We get it, Trump voters. It’s not easy to be a minority, as our housekeepers might insist if we let them learn English. But you approximately 70,000 voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan deserve a big thanks and a tiny tax break that will ultimately make sure you never get to retire.

Well played, as our caddies say, each and every hole.

Now we have to make a confession, even though confession is a tool we generally use to keep the powerless indebted to us: We didn’t think you’d actually do it.

We knew the problem with Romney was that he was too poor, too nice to Mexicans and actually paid some taxes? Mitt got crap for his binders full of women, so we never imagined that the solution was nominate a beauty pageant owner known for “wandering” in on Miss Teen USA contestants while they were changing.

As our new Secretary of Energy Rick Perry would say, “Oops.”

We spent decades and hundreds of millions of dollars spreading the idea that rich people are geniuses who if left unmolested would make you a working-class millionaire or at least protect you from the government, which only cares about helping “them.” But we thought we needed a smiling Reagan or a cuddle-bug Rubio who didn’t inherit his life or brag about grabbing women in their baby spot to pull it off.

You may know that Trump never quite fit in with us billionaires. He always stood out like a sore thumb, which is the name of the toner he uses to get that unusual skin color. But we didn’t think that his penchant for stiffing contractors and workers, and trading in a wife each decade, as if there were some sort of lease, would make him more relatable to you.

We honestly thought that Trump’s dependence on government bailouts, and his refusal to pay taxes or veterans’ charities, would end up costing us the House. Little did we know that if we put a rich guy at a board-room-table TV set, and let him fire Flavor Flav, he would look like a genius, at least compared to Mike Pence.

Now look what we have: a delicious tax break for us, dressed up as a health care reform plan. We billionaires in the richest/best 400 families get a $7 million a year tax break. You? You get a chance to pay more for worse health insurance!

We admire your willingness to sacrifice so that our service animals never have to worry about flying anything but private.

Trump and the GOP figured out that the reason you hate the individual mandate is that the tax penalty goes to the government and too few people pay it. So very soon 30 million Americans will be able to pay a mandate penalty directly to the insurance companies (which will make us richer, too).

And that’s not all!

AARP estimates that a 64-year-old who makes $15,000 a year could see an $8,400 hike in premiums, before you add in copays. That and a chance to deport immigrants who want to pay taxes, and ban Muslims who want to flee ISIS,  is what your generation gets for backing Trump by a nine percent margin!

Your generosity toward us, the billionaires who need it least, will not be forgotten. In fact, we’re going to put a fair share of this tax break and the other tax breaks Trump is planning for us right back into the system. We’re going to invest in elections in all 50 states until we’ve made it so hard to vote that only seniors — the good kind with IDs — who have all day to wait in line (and people with limo drivers to hold their place) can do it.

Then as we’re gutting Medicaid and later Medicare, we’re going to show our appreciation by not laying a finger on Social Security, until Trump’s second term or late in his first — depending how this Russia stuff pans out.

You believed in Trump, despite his willingness to lie about his crowd size, his anatomy, and anything else that could possibly be considered phallic. So now we know that anything is possible.

You thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall? Uh, no.

You thought Trump would punish China? Instead he’s opening the door for it to dominate the Western hemisphere.

You thought he cared about you? Well, he could! Just pay Mar-A-Lago’s $200,000 annual membership fee.

So thanks again, Joe. If there’s ever anything we billionaires can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let Donald Trump know about it. Surely, he’ll get to it after he releases his tax returns and finishes suing the women who accused him of sexual assault.


The Real Billionaires

IMAGE: President Donald Trump (L) watches as Vice President Mike Pence (R) swears in Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary in the Oval Office, February 13, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas


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107 responses to “An Open Letter Of Thanks To Trump Voters From The Billionaires”

  1. dbtheonly says:


    But, regrettably, far too true.

    But the time for fighting back is now.

    • dpaano says:

      Maybe the GOP shouldn’t be so anxious to allow us to carry weapons!!! This may end up biting them in the butt someday!

      • dbtheonly says:

        Depending on the color of our skin; we’re not allowed to carry guns.

        • dpaano says:

          You’ve got a point there! But the stupidest thing of all is that we ALL have African DNA in our blood from our first ancestor, who was born and raised in Africa! That should cause the racists to go totally batshit crazy! But, if they check their mitochondrial DNA….it’s there for them to see! This is why it always amazes me that some people in this country are racists! They apparently don’t know their ancestry! I’m obviously a white woman, but I’m just as proud of that little bit of African ancestry as I am of my German, Russian, and Irish ancestry on my parent’s sides.

          • dbtheonly says:

            It’s nowhere near my field, are there uniquely “black” genes?

            I find the term, “African-American” to be absurd. We’re all Africans if you go back far enough. Then there are Australian Aboriginals, Micro, and Melanesians who are equally black but don’t have any direct connection to Africa.

            But white, black, the’re just labels & you know what I think of labels.

          • dpaano says:

            I don’t think you can call it a “gene,” but it is a link on the mitochondrial DNA (from a mother and passed down through the ages) from the first “Eve,” who was African. The African stock emigrated throughout Europe, the Middle East, etc., due to weather conditions. Africa used to be quite green, but when a dry spell took over the African plains, they migrated towards greener pastures. This is where it all started, believe it or not! As I said, the racists in this country will go batshit if you tell them they have African DNA in their mitochondrial strands!!!!

  2. A most appropriate letter, covering all the low points not only of a Party dedicated to some dark, depressing, and unjust ideology, but also throwing into sharp relief the profound level of mental lethargy that enervates every Trump supporter.
    As the letter, in facetious yet balanced sarcastic tones, points out, Americans were willing to raise hell just because they would benefit from healthcare which many Republican voters never had, were able to get covered, then bartered that away for uncertain healthcare. Is that what they expected when chanting mindlessly and like trained hamsters “Make America Great Again”?

    Rather than greatness, Trump’s supporters showed the opposite of greatness, and instead, eagerly vouched for a show of an epic empty-headed state of mind, quite happy to display such a pathetic nature for the whole world to see. The GOP, in what now is an ingrained deplorable character as a group, has shown a perverse sense of pleasure in making life for the average American as difficult as possible, while rewarding the rich in an inverse proportion to the ever-worsening condition of the poorer members of society.

    And to add insult to the new injuries, the GOP wishes to inflict additional harm on America by further diminishing the ability of the ecosystems across the country to maintain what fragile hope remains for them to survive intact. Any hostile entity wishing to conquer the country couldn’t wish for a better internal enemy to weaken and finally eliminate America than the GOP in a cheerful willingness to destroy America, all for short-term benefits of wealth for themselves. No plutocracy in the history of humankind has been so rewarded as the plutocrats in America today, and Trump supporters deserve full credit for this perverse sense of largesse they’re all to happy to bestow on the wealthy.

    No flock of ordinary sheep would willingly go to the slaughter like Trump supporters have opted for.

    • dpaano says:

      See my earlier note……it was from an article in the TIME Magazine this week and goes along quite well with what you’ve said! Bannon and 45 have one aim in life and that’s to cause destruction of our democracy! This is their goal and they will get away with it until someone gets smart and stops them!

  3. Buford2k11 says:

    How do you get these folks out of our politics? they want to force us to live by their policies, represented by the republicans, and supported by trump, and his sixty three million morons…? Can’t round ’em up and shoot them…a little much…but that may be the last resort, as they hire folks to kill us…the rich, wealthy, well off, etc..should start to worry about their safety….as we are now worried about our own safety…our own health, our own security…this may sound bad, but it is our new reality….the gop refuses to honor their oaths they swore to us, as a nation…they are the problem, more so than trump…they can stop this madness, but they will not…they can right the wrongs, but they will not…they only represent the very small group of rich and wealthy of our nation…this must end….we are going to face an armed force, of trumpers, who will be trying to consolidate their permanent hold on our government…before this is all done….

  4. FireBaron says:

    Let’s be realistic, folks. After being demonized since 1992, there was little chance that Hillary would carry Red or Purple states. The Great Lord Jehovah could have come down from on high and said “This is my beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased.” and they still would not have voted for her! Now, add in the racist, Tea Bag contingent being “promised” they could do whatever they want to “those people” and you have a mandate in states that have become so dependent on Government handouts that they could not survive without them, while, at the same time being told that same government was the fount of all evil, and Hillary was the Devil Incarnate!

    • dbtheonly says:

      Say FB,

      Not real comfortable knowing we were doomed from the first. Besides, I’m already tired of picking the “Bernie wooda won” guys out of my teeth.

  5. Phil Christensen says:

    Well, after crying wolf so long about every Republican candidate – decades of caterwauling about racism, sexism, homophobia – the hysteria is now falling on deaf ears. Congratulations, “Progressives” You invented Trump, and now he’s your president.

    • Sam the Sham says:

      Sorry to intrude on your fact-free diatribe, but no. Trump is the result of years and years of Republican lies and demonization of their opposition. Congratulations yourself, wacko.

      • Phil Christensen says:

        Actually, that was a paragraph. A diatribe has considerably more length to it. Let’s see what else? Lies… demonization… ah the usual Leftist projection. Congratulations? Oh, I don’t think that’s necessary in my case. My functional life is simply based on a serious of good decisions. You know, sound budgeting, majoring in something useful, building equity, etc.

        • In other words, you’re simply a myrmidon responding to the drumbeat of a numbing materialism.

          Take a look at a snippet of what you wrote: “…My functional life is simply based on a serious of good decisions. You know, sound budgeting, majoring in something useful, building equity, etc.”

          Now, take a moment, reflect on each word you typed in this segment, and ask yourself—“Is this the meaning of life, and how I should focus my energies—acquiring sound budgeting habits, building equity—do you get the point? Your life can be summed up as living only in a material existence with nary a concern for doing anything of benefit for your fellow human beings. As with Trump, your question is “How do I acquire, and attend to my own well-being?”
          It’s meritorious to have a budget and build equity, but that shouldn’t be presented as a cornerstone of your existence in this life.

          “O Son of Being! Bring thyself to account each day, ere thou art summoned to a reckoning. For death unheralded shall come upon thee, and thou shalt be called to account for thy deeds.” (From ‘The Hidden Words’ of Baha’u’llah).

          So, how will you, Trump, and other self-centered people, account for yourselves? By offering to the Creator that your deeds centered on building equity?

          I too try to be within norms as far as spending, like to add savings to my account, but far more important to me and others like me, is to sacrifice myself on behalf of others when needed, and to go out of my way to assist others. That is what I value—more so than having equity.

          “O YE THAT PRIDE YOURSELVES ON MORTAL RICHES! Know ye in truth that wealth is a mighty barrier between the seeker and his desire, the lover and his beloved. The rich, but for a few, shall in no wise attain the court of His presence nor enter the city of content and resignation. Well is it then with him, who, being rich, is not hindered by his riches from the eternal kingdom, nor deprived by them of imperishable dominion. By the Most Great Name! The splendor of such a wealthy man shall illuminate the dwellers of heaven even as the sun enlightens the people of the earth!”
          (another aphorism from ‘The Hidden Words’)

          • dbtheonly says:

            There’s an old cartoon. The wealthy in hell, flames everywhere. The Devil carrying away bags of money. He turns and says, “I said you could take it with you. I didn’t say you could keep it.”

          • Phil Christensen says:

            …look at a snippet of what you wrote… A snippet. And you wrote my bio on it. Seriously, THAT’s what you got out of it? Says more about you than it ever will about me.

          • My Baha’u’llah is your Baha’u’llah as well. But you failed to address the import of His Message which I took pains to acquaint you with. Rather than think deeply about the meaning in that quotation, which is addressed to you and to me by the way, you decided it better to skim the matter, react as though your very essence and life depended on a defensive response, and blithely ignored the implication of what I wrote.
            This happens once a person becomes sucked into the death spiral of partisan politics, as you clearly have allowed yourself to do.
            When Jesus appeared, He appeared for the entire world—not just white people, Europeans, or some small segment of humanity. The same purpose applied to Muhammad, Moses, and now, Baha’u’llah. Once you allow yourself to let this fact soak into your soul, you’ll be lifted up from the banality and mediocrity of material comfort, and one’s exclusive concern for one’s safety, and soar to heights of fellowship with all humanity and develop a connection with all. Then, and only then, will you be able to comment in a manner that doesn’t give off the noisome smell of a self-centered approach.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Your concern is admirable, if a bit mis-placed. Looking forward to your book.

          • Looks like the message is still over your head. My book? What manner of balderdash is that? When you take the time for once in your life to look around you, the book of life and of humanity is manifestly open for all to read.
            My book? Why wait to read a book to be written, when Baha’u’llah has already, with His own handwriting, written the equivalent of dozens of Books, relating to the human experience, past and present, and about humanity’s duty to address its current plight. So, given the volumes of Books already revealed and readily available in your library, some in bookstores, and certainly on-line, why should you want to tarry and wait for a book from me?

            Such nonsense is beneath your station, Phil.

          • dpaano says:

            So true…’s a proven fact that Democrats donate more to charities than Republicans, even though many of us have less money!

        • Sand_Cat says:

          All of your “comments” are the usual right-wing projection.

    • pisces63 says:

      Not true. the cries were genuine and worked. NOW the ones who practiced a lot of this realized they were left behind while their targeted hated groups used their new found freedoms to do something for themselves and their families. The others did not and are now the 45% who are opiate users, wife beaters, jobless and jealous because they can see black, gay, women thriving. So. try again. We invented nothing. Bigots united invented Trump and republicans lied through their teeth about Obama, Hillary and anyone else liberal. I know as a black 68 year old woman whose husband lost his job in 1982 when it moved. He got another, we bought a home and put our three children through college. No drugs. Wife beatings, nope!! Tell It to the marines. My dad served in WWII navy!!

      • dbtheonly says:

        The WWII Navy was still segregated wasn’t it? Still more credit to your Dad, fighting both the Japs & the Crackers.

    • Gerry Francis says:

      WRONG! Regrettably……no wait! Make that EMBARRASSINGLY, he’s the President of all of us. Love the satire of the article – just too bad it’s true.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        So Gerry Francis admits he voted for Trump and approves of Trump’s collusion in business with Russia? Another guy who loves corruption like Trump. And you know what Gerry? I live in NJ. I can prove Trump’s ass is grass and all those he never paid to whom he owed millions would love to mow him down. What you call satire is so typical of your anti American BS attitude. How many houses did you flip and leave homeowners holding the bag? How many jobs did you pull off where you never paid those illegals you hired?

        • Gerry Francis says:

          Eleanore – I think you misread my response. The author wrote “You invented Trump, and now he’s your president” to which I posted “he is the president of all of us”. Simply meaning – he’s going to screw everyone irrespective of party……… unless you’re a billionaire. The article is satire and I wrote that it’s just too bad that it’s true – which I feel it is. I am repulsed by his cabinet choices and plans for what is already the greatest country on the planet.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I apologize if I misunderstood. But, paying higher taxes in NJ thanks to Trump dumping his 6 corporate bankruptcies on taxpayers here has a way of making us see through all of the Trump “charm” in ways a lot of those outside of the Metro area have never seen.

            You know? When you look at it right? At not other time in history were we ever the sole support of billionaires. Think about it. They pay less taxes than we do. Offshore their profits earned by we, their employees and then use some of those profits to keep Republican Big Business politicians in office.

            We are their sole support now because Trump has more billionaires in his cabinet he knows will never trickle down one damn dime they are making from using their government positions to enrich their bank accounts.

            If our tax dollars keep these billionaires in business, help them pay less taxes and now to add salt to our wounds, live of government healthcare, how are they not criminal grifters?

          • Gerry Francis says:

            I agree! There would be a lot more money available if the govt. would stop corporate welfare and billionaire tax breaks. Google: “How much money do oil companies get in subsidies” and you’ll get this -” Taxpayers currently subsidize the oil industry by as much as $4.8 billion a year, with about half of that going to the big five oil companies—ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, BP, and ConocoPhillips—which get an average tax break of $3.34 on every barrel of domestic crude they produce – Apr 14, 2014″. Now Google: ‘Mobil Oil profits’ and you get; “Exxon reported fourth-quarter earnings of $3.7 billion, or 90 cents a share. In the period a year ago, it reported earnings of $2.8 billion, or 67 cents a share. Revenues for the most recent quarter were $61.01 billion, compared with expectations of $62.28 billion. – Jan 31, 2017”. And yet they all claim that lowering the taxes on the rich will create jobs. HELLO! The only thing that creates jobs is demand. Keep taking from the middle class and see how much demand there is as we struggle to keep a roof over our heads. Still, with all their wealth, the powers that be begrudge aid to the less fortunate. Disgusting.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Actually, according to the Government Accountability Office which Trump is after axing, Big Oil received $17 billion last year as a result of the Republican House Majority passing that piece of funding legislation.

            But here is a thought: Now that we know that Big Oil under Tillerson is heavily involved in “business” with the Russians who need access to more oil sources according to Putin’s own admission in his last “government” speech, this puts all funding for Big Oil directly in the hands of Putin.

          • dpaano says:

            And the really SAD part is that our hard-earned tax dollars go to pay their salaries, along with the salaries of the Congress, the House, and the Senate!! It almost makes me sick to write that check to the IRS! If I could get away with it, I’d tell them all to f….k off! After all, I could certainly use the money for much better things than paying for jerks that aren’t doing their jobs!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Want to hear a great one? The whispers in NY City are that the St. Patrick’s Day parade will include protestors in front of Trump Tower.

            Trump simply cannot be honest or truthful. Neither can the Republicans. That Paul Ryan could stand in front of Congress and lie about the “benefits” of his slash and burn Trumpcare only proves how low the right and Republicans are willing to go to line their pockets.

          • dpaano says:

            From what I have read, it will not pass the House or the Senate as it stands now. Ryan can whine, lie, and whatever else he wants to do, most Republicans will not vote for it as it is now……remember, many of their seats are up for re-election in 2018, and they KNOW that if any of their constituents lose their healthcare because of this…..they stand an excellent chance of being replaced by a Democrat!!! I think they’re more afraid of that then they are of 45 and Ryan!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            It is almost a foregone conclusion that in the Senate 10 seats will flip. As for the House, there too the numbers are going in the Dem direction. This assumes of course that the GOP won’t rig these elections with more of their illegal gerrymandering and redistricting of voting maps like they got caught doing in TX and NC.

            The really big surprise is the number of women running in both parties. Can you see it now? Men in the Senate and House “outnumbered” by women and there Trump will be looking to grab their genitals. roflmao

          • dpaano says:

            I think I read somewhere that some of the groups that were setting up the Women’s March have been having classes for women to teach them how to run for office, so a lot of them are going to make the leap!! I wish them all the best of luck, and I’ll be voting for any woman with the guts that will run!!!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            That’s actually true. These women are part of the “Indivisible” group that is teaching them how to run for office. So far 122 women decided to run for local, county and state office.

            The women in Texas have had it with the men running their lives. So, look for a lot of TX women to run counter to what the bossy cowboys in that state call their “platform.”

            When it comes to government, these bossy men don’t get it. Women will throw out the “fishing line” only far enough, but when it comes to make life miserable for our kids, these guys are in for the fight of their lives.

    • dpaano says:

      True, but unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer for their idiocy!!!

      • Phil Christensen says:

        D, as usual you are able to articulate your positions with focus and coherence. You ask, what can we do? One, internalize that elections don’t determine your happiness. Two, we can all minimize the role government plays in our lives. Finally, we can all maintain our perspective regardless of who is in the Oval. Regardless of who wins, the other side is always going to declare that its the end of the Republic. Left or Right, don’t be one of that guy.

        • pisces63 says:

          Therefore it does not suffice for the party to be an elite, a minority which is bound together in unity. The party has rather the task of accomplishing the political education and the political unification of the German Volk. It accordingly is charged also with the leadership of its associated organizations. In the course of this leadership the party fulfills its primary task: the ideological conquest of the German Volk and the creation of the “Organization of the Volk.” The state is a technical instrument to assist in the creation of this community of the people. It is the instrument for the realization of the ideology. The party is, therefore, the primary which constantly refills dead material with life and the will to life…. From Nazi rules. Scary.

    • Your delusion increases in synch with Trump’s. Are you two hooked up to the same neural network contraption, operated by Mr. Hyde? By the way, in case you didn’t know, Trump’s father, Trump’s associates, and Trump himself, are solely responsible for Trump. Our less informed voters allowed the Frankenstein monster to assume the Presidency—-NO ONE ELSE!!!

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      Actually economic injustice coupled with ignorance, Fox News, paranoia, race-baiting, and fear created a group of Americans who were told that their country was being destroyed by Liberals and brown people, and they should listen to only Fox News (and Alex Jones, and Breitbart) because only the news organisations who said things that “felt” right… and matched their hate and anger and fear… were telling them the “truth”.

      The elite Republicans used this group for votes so they could enact their plutocratic policies, lower taxes on themselves, off-shore their companies, and generally screw the poor to pay the wealthy… distracting them with social conservative screaming about gays, trans people, abortion and fears about crime, ISIS, and brown people.

      All these people could tell their lives were being destroyed. The Republicans just lied about who was doing the destroying, and redirected that anger in to natural channels of racism and fear.

      Then Trump the conman came along, multiplying the Republican “Talk Radio” strategy by 100x… and the Republicans lost control of their “useful idiot” base to the guy who isn’t even a conservative. Proof? Watch them all bending over for his ideas that are things they have hated for years.
      It’s hilarious.

      This is the GOP’s bed.
      They created it with the help of Fox News.
      Now they get to lie in it.
      With the Pu$$y-grabber in Chief.

      • pisces63 says:

        Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Now he throws out phony tax returns and lies on Obama and they have the unmitigated gall to ‘give them time’ to come up with proof he wiretapped the pathological liar in chief.

    • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

      Haha yeah how dare liberals care about the country, no wonder the Republicans had to commit treason.

      • Phil Christensen says:

        Whatever gets you to the afterglow, Princess.

        • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

          OK traitor.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Words and opinions are treasonous? How very Bolshevik of you.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Nah, just actions, traitor.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Actions? Like breathing? You’re so sad. Please, continue to torture the english language. Guess you forgot the internet is forever.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Sorry, I don’t speak Russian, KKKomrade

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            It’s hilarious that you just admitted your words and opinions are seditious, though. Nobody will ever accuse you of being too smart for your own good, at least.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Just smarter than you. You’ve given me gold here, thanks. Going to take a screen shot and share your dis-function this before you can delete your comments.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Yes, you are so much smarter than me, Nazi. Of course, I have multiple degrees and have made millions of dollars, but you – you are the smartest inbred shut-in in the world. I can’t compete with that!

          • Phil Christensen says:

            Cool. I hope you and your imaginary boyfriend enjoy your imaginary “millions.” Night.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Ah, a homophobe too. Who would have thought a woman-hating coward was one of those too.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Anyway, let me know what your fellow Stormfront posters think of you getting owned.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            PS: It’s “dysfunction”, not “dis-function”, guy who claims to be smart.

          • Phil Christensen says:

            And that ladies and gentlemen is how a Leftist concedes the debate. Thank you and good night.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Yes, this “Leftist” insists on pointing out where you’ve been hilariously stupid while bragging about how smart you are. Sorry you made an idiot out of yourself, Nazi bootlicker dude.

        • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

          (It’s not a surprise to see that you hate women also).

  6. I of John says:

    This is why there was a French Revolution.

  7. pisces63 says:

    Bravo!! Bravo!! The worse part? They still do not get it and never will. Just an attack on their beloved, lying leader. He of no morals.

    • Hugh Everett says:

      Here’s a little reality check for those who still can’t figure out what happened in November: 90% of the people who vote in the key battleground states of IA, MN, WI, OH, PA, MI, NH are non-minority citizens. Look it up!

      They’ve been hearing for eight years how the borders are being purposefully kept wide open for future democrat voters. They’ve been hearing Democrat politicians laugh-out-loud-openly about the changing demographics in America. They’ve been watching manufacturing jobs disappear because of democrat policies related to trade and the environment. They’ve been suffering while political correctness is crammed down their throats every day.

      If you thought 2016 was bad for Democrats in the key battleground states of the Midwest, just wait until you see what happens in 2020. You have lost these states forever.

      • Thoughtopsy says:

        Dude… you are so deluded it’s just f**king sad.
        Every day 2 more Republicans die than Democrats. (Your base is OLD people)
        Every day 3 more Democrats are born than Republicans. (Young people tend to be liberal and progressive)
        Every day there are less white people proportionally speaking (immigrants and minorities tend to vote against the old white guy party that hates them).

        Fatuous Orange Julius required the help of the Russians, the alt-Right, the Trolls, the KKK, racism, James Comey’s appalling press favoritism at the last minute, and a 20 year effort at tarring, feathering and demeaning Clinton… just to squeak in with 70K votes in the exact right three states to win.
        … while losing the popular vote by the largest margin ever.

        The latest research also shows that Democrat voters largely didn’t show up after the last Comey preemptive strike. So F**kface Von Clownstick finally “won” through getting 50% DISAPPROVAL RATING… while also slowly being outed as a traitor to America who personally collaborated with the Russians to hack his political opponent and help obtain his victory.

        If you remotely think this combination of events means the next elections are going to automatically result in a larger margin for racist, white, homophobic, confederate-flag-waving, male, pickup-driving Americans… you are insane.

        Just wait until Trumpcare kills a whole bunch of Trumptards in rural states, and forces up the costs of healthcare for all the survivors… who also got to watch their mother, brother, sister, cousin, or friend die because they couldn’t afford medical care.

        I bet they are going to love him after that…. right?

        • Hugh Everett says:

          Democrats have 0.0 political power because they’re crammed into urban centers, so it’s very easy to draw circles around congressional districts that are 100% democrat, thereby wasting their votes. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if they get 100% of the vote in states like NY, CA, MA, VT, thanks to the electoral college. So, democrats might continue to win more popular votes for the House and White House, but they will continue to lose. It’s called mathematics, and it feels good.

          Scientific analysis shows that without massive immigration, the Democrat Party will essentially go extinct.

          • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

            Yes, only white people count. You are a sack of crap.

          • dpaano says:

            And that’s why I have blocked ol’ Hugh…..he’s just another alt right racist who has been brainwashed by Breitbart and Fox! His comments are ridiculous, and it shows that he is just another GOP parrot!

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            So your counter arguments are:
            – We rig the electoral districts to win by wasting Democratic votes.
            – Only white rural Americans matter.
            – Political Party affiliation is either genetic or instilled in a child through their upbringing?

            Well thanks for crowing about your own racism, and explaining why the Republicans cheat in elections. It saves me a lot of typing.

            Must feel so mathematically good to know that Republicans can only win elections now when you rig the districts, and suppress the Democratic vote with ID Laws. Nothing says “landslide victory” like slanting elections in your favor then barely scraping over the line with the assistance of Russia and the KKK. So strong!

            As for your other idiocy…

            You do realise that the article you posted may be correct on birth rate (since traditionalists in rural areas tend to be conservative and have more children) but that the rest of it’s stupid argument hinges on the false assumption that if you are the child of a Republican, then you are also a Republican….

            While there have been a few studies that show political leaning has a small genetic basis (a higher “disgust index” tends to predict conservative political leanings), this is far from a sane or proven argument.

            So if Conservatives are having many more children than Liberals…. why have the 18-25 demographics been voting so extremely progressively?


            You’re a moron.

            And your “scientific article” is a joke.
            The birthrate may well be correct… but the ridiculously unscientific follow-on assumption is click-bait for gullible knuckle-draggers who fear they will soon live in a country where they can’t be openly racist and bigoted any more.

          • Hugh Everett says:

            When Democrats live crammed like sardines into major metropolitan sections of the country, that’s not the fault of Republicans.

            When Democrat lawmakers in California, New York, Illinois, Washington draw congressional districts in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Seattle where Democrat congressional representatives win 95% of the vote, that’s not the fault of Republicans.

            When Democrat presidential candidates win the popular vote with overwhelming majorities in CA, NY, IL, MA, VT, and then lose the electoral college by losing battleground states like MI, WI, OH, PA, FL, NC, IA, that’s not the fault of Republicans.

            When Democrat voters choose lifestyles that don’t involve child rearing, that’s not the fault of Republicans.

            When Democrats promote open borders, mass immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens, mass refugees, sanctuary cities, global trade agreements, that’s not the fault of Republicans.

          • pisces63 says:

            Reagan gave them amnesty. We’ve always had open borders until of late. Never needed a passport like in Europe and I understand why, there. People have always come and go from South America, to North America. Now, all of a sudden it is oooohhhh scary. You allow every Russian and eastern European in with their crime and people trafficking but you speak of Mexicans. Considering everything from California to Texas in the south used to be theirs and Spain’s and lot of those ‘Mexicans’ have been here centuries longer than most of you, get a grip. No democrat that I know or heard promotes open borders, kind of redundant, mass immigrations, nothing. They wanted comprehensive immigration reform but since the president was black refused to speak on it. We have had global trade agreements from day one. One, I believe, led to a tea party and thus a revolution but it did not curtail international trade. Curing the civil war, the south practiced international trade with England. Cotton for goods if it could get through the Union blockade. There has always been international trade. From ancient times to today.

          • Hugh Everett says:

            We have 320 million people in this country, and that’s too many. Non-citizens must return to their homeland, before they start voting democrat,

          • pisces63 says:

            314,165,191 and 340 million by 2042. NOT illegals. So, do we start to build the concentration camps? We’re already on the road to poorly paid or free labor, AGAIN!!

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Obvious troll is obvious.
            Is that you Otto? It seems like something only you would be stupid enough to say out loud.

          • pisces63 says:

            Top two California and Texas and over 80% of the population resides in the cities and suburbia in America. Try again.

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Oh I never said those things were your fault.

            What is your fault is criminally undermining the Constitution to rig districts in your favor (commonly known as Gerrymandering) and introducing multiple laws in multiple states to suppress the vote from minorities and poorer people who typically vote for Democrats in much higher proportions.

            For example: North Carolina, under Republican control, is rated as “No Longer a Democracy”

            These things are most definitely your fault.
            These things are being done deliberately and under the cover of lies. Occasionally senior Republicans even admit to them.
            These things are being done to rig elections.

            This strategy is weak, because it starts from the assumption that you would lose if you didn’t cheat.

            I’d suggest you stop inventing straw men and answer my points… or admit your obvious failings.

        • dpaano says:

          I agree….it’s going to be interesting to watch how the Rust Belt Trump followers react when they figure out that he lied to them about getting more benefits for less money…..when, in actuality, the plan as it stands now will do the exact opposite! And, I wonder how they’ll feel when their water sources are polluted because our illustrious minority president decided that it’s okay to pollute the streams and rivers with coal ash (because a few of his billionaire buddies own coal mines), or when they realize that the cost of cars, fruits, vegetables, etc. go up significantly because farmers can’t find people to pick their crops….OR when farmers actually go bankrupt and have to sell the farms because their crops rot in the fields! And, how wonderful will they feel when our president takes us to war with North Korea or China? It should be very interesting, and I seriously doubt if it will make Republicans look good in 2018 OR 2020! Things aren’t looking good for Republicans nowadays, so don’t hold your breath, Hugh!

          • Tereese says:

            dpaano, that was never my understanding – and probably not all the Trump voters ( I did not vote for President Trump – but I support him). In any case, no one with half a brain thought he would be giving anyone more benefits for less money. He never said that and everyone I know, knew he’d be cutting benefits and shrinking the government. Now people are mad (and I bet that is why Antifa is out there rioting) because they aren’t getting their food stamps. And Oh guess what – Trump breathes the same air and water we do, so it makes sense that he’d want to pollute it right? And that Coal Ash??? Go to China ma’aam – you will understand then what Coal Ash is all about and how much money we were giving and gave the Chinese to start cleaning up their coal production by 2027 – while we already had a clean air industry in place. North Korea is a threat to the world now and Trump stood up to that maniac – now a bunch of countries are behind Trump – He nor we want war – but if it comes, it comes. I gotta wonder where you get your information and if its only from the MSM – then you are like a friend of mine who came to my house and told me I was washing the dishes on the wrong side of the sink. C’mon!

      • ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ says:

        TL;DR they’re racist and they believe incredibly dumb lies told to them by billionaires.

      • pisces63 says:

        That’s a joke, right? The demographics have been changing consistently since 1492. Spain, France, England, Portugal AFTER the Sioux, Comanche, Apache, Arapahoe, Caribes who are effectively extinct thanks to Columbus and his merry men. I have no sympathy. I am a black woman and most of you have made it abundantly clear, though we’ve been here since before the Civil War, we are still not welcome. This country has been losing manufacturing jobs since right after WWII. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My husband lost 2 jobs from the time we met, foundries that closed in the 70’s and another that moved due to the oil embargo in 1982. Most jobs moved due to fuel costs, we were told by the oil industry to get a job at McDonald’s, laughingly. Over half manufacturing jobs like cars and steel are now done by robots. I remember when Ford retooled after the Japanese invasion of the 80’s when they became masters of the auto world and there was no NAFTA, they needed less than half the staff but those people took classes to get those jobs. Trump’s buildings use Chinese Steel. Really? Most of you people cannot get or keep a job because one, you cannot pass the security check or drug test. They also do not qualify for tech jobs. Whine on your own time. My husband let nothing stop him and we put three children through college. I have been at my job 30 years. I was a housewife the first 14 years of our marriage due to his great jobs and when that changed, I COULD and DID use my education and get a job within a month through a temp agency and been here ever since. WE have always been told we live on the dole and want hand me downs. Sorry. My Children are third generation college grads. No one has given us a thing and while your bigots worried we were getting anything, they forgot to look out for themselves. Like a house on fire on your street and you ring the alarm but ignore your own.
        Another thing, all our cars in my immediate family, are American. If I can buy American, I do. I do NOT shop Wal-Mart and price is not a barrier. I look for sales but NEVER buy cheap. YOU??

        • Hugh Everett says:

          I’m the guy responsible for the resurgence in the U.S. Economy. Energy prices are down significantly because of the miracle of directional shale drilling and fracking. This also creates low feedstock costs in ethane-ethylene, which causes manufacturing in plastics, fibers, polymeric materials to come back from Asia and the Middle East.

          • pisces63 says:

            Well, I am in Ohio and the resurgence of, fracking, is not paying off as it had due to the lower need for the product. I believe they should come back and believe me I want it to but it will not. reality tells me this. I look at Cleveland. I was born here. I remember you could walk down certain streets and there was someone asking if you need a job at LTV, ALCOA, USSTeel and god only know how many smaller foundries. Ford, Chevrolet, etc. I work for an insurance company. 30 years ago these places had so many employees, here and around the country, we had dedicated units. At one time LTV had over 100 employees just in that unit. Why won’t they come back? Pay. We already make less, today compared to 30 years ago for the same job. How much lower should it go? The owners care more about their bottom line and not the employee as they once did. I can tell the difference here. When I first came here, I could get up to 10% raise yearly, taking into account attendance, performance, etc. It rated downward to 4% on the weakest level. Now it is less than that period and you have to take classes, courses, jump through hoops which actually have nothing to do with your actual job.

          • dpaano says:

            Gee, and fracking also causes earthquakes. You may want to check out Oklahoma and the preponderance of earthquakes they’ve been having in the areas where fracking has been occurring! Energy prices are down because we are using more economical ways to heat our homes (solar) and light our homes (wind power). If you’re the guy who’s responsible, then you need to check the facts!

          • Hugh Everett says:

            President Trump, Secretary of State T Rex Tillerson, EPA Director Scott Pruitt, President Putin plan to drill every square inch of the planet. The world is now awash in cheap oil and gas.

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Obvious troll is obvious.

  8. says:

    brain dead DONNY DUMP followers you will see and know that the DUMPSTERS free clown show was anything but free and it is and WILL COST you and every one around the world dearly

  9. says:

    this DONNY DUMP clown show is like him NUTS . its just a type of EGO boosting for the clown . more to feed the DUMPSTERS addiction . the needs attention for his junky fix . doing this only makes the world think the clown has some kind of plan to attacking some one or place . already the USA has the best armed forces in the world . the clown want to take away from every thing else for what ever stupid thing he has running around in his pea brain empty head . all this is are things he is making up . he all ready has a paranoid Schizophrenia issue’s . and he badly needs for the sake of the country the people and the world a full VERY FULL mental psychological evaluation examination for his schizophrenic plus all the other issues the clown has going on in his pea brain . check the DUMPSTER out before its too late . as for DONNY DUMP’s taxes and him being under Odette . how did thy catch AL Capone ? isn’t it the IRS’s responsibility when thy check out ones taxes bring to light any type of wrong doings ? . the DUMPSTER is trying to lock down the whole government under himself . there has to be laws to protect the country from this kind of thing from happening

  10. Rain says:

    Read History of the Great American Fortunes (several volumes) by Gustavus Myers and you’ll understand exactly where we are in 2017 under the Trumps administration. The worst of human avarice, myopia and greed.

  11. dpaano says:

    That letter is probably more truthful than most people would think!

    • I agree. It is humorous in its composition, but accurate in addressing the gross inequities allowed for by the less informed on behalf of the extremely rich.

    • says:

      Trump lied THREE TIMES in this single Tweet alone:
      LIE: “Obamacare is imploding.”
      FACT: Obamacare has allowed 20 million Americans to gain health insurance — a historic achievement in the fight for universal coverage.[1]
      LIE: “2017 will be the worst year yet.”
      FACT: Enrollment for Obamacare in 2017 was 9.2 million, and is projected to jump to 13 million in the next 10 years.[2]
      LIE: “Republicans will come together and save the day.”
      FACT: This is LAUGHABLE! The Republican healthcare plan is such a mess that even Republicans are denouncing it.

      This disaster healthcare plan — or Trumpcare — will strip health care from millions and directly result in the death of 43,000 people every year.[3]

      We can’t let Trump’s LIES about Obamacare unravel this life-saving legislation.

  12. says:

    Donald Trump is a flake and a fraud this was a post seem thy was being nice to DONNY DUMP thy forgot a CON & A scammer the new GOP gang of pinheads healthcare plan says thy will save in 10 years $337 billion of the country’s debt. but thy seem to be giving the greedy rich over $500 billion to start off tax breaks how dose this figure out even in a short run ? the issue seem always to be is the USA debt. well you know if the 1&2 % of the greedy rich was to pay a fair share of a percentage in taxes no more no less then every one else the debt. would be paid down in like 10 to 20 years if even that long . and also we wouldn’t have 14 million people loseing their health care in a year in 2018 that’s the plan and by 2026 over what 30 million . all this just because the GOP gang of pinheads don’t care about no one but the greedy 1 & 2 percent of the rich . what’s needed in the house and in office are ones that will work for all the people not just the very little of them . and the ones that are to help all the people surly isn’t the GOP gang of pinheads . the country needs a full DEM party in charge with this the country can be cleaned up and a lot better off . not some DEMS in office . do it right and have all them in office . get rid of the ones that don’t want to help all the people . ITS WE ALL THE PEOPLE . what is so hard to see and understand here ?

  13. says:

    do the BRAIN DEAD Donny dump FOLLOWERS see this and do thy know what the DUMPSTER IS DOING ? more likely not for brains too dead >>Trump lied THREE TIMES in this single Tweet alone:
    LIE: “Obamacare is imploding.”
    FACT: Obamacare has allowed 20 million Americans to gain health insurance — a historic achievement in the fight for universal coverage.[1]
    LIE: “2017 will be the worst year yet.”
    FACT: Enrollment for Obamacare in 2017 was 9.2 million, and is projected to jump to 13 million in the next 10 years.[2]
    LIE: “Republicans will come together and save the day.”
    FACT: This is LAUGHABLE! The Republican healthcare plan is such a mess that even Republicans are denouncing it.

    This disaster healthcare plan — or Trumpcare — will strip health care from millions and directly result in the death of 43,000 people every year.[3]

    We can’t let Trump’s LIES about Obamacare unravel this life-saving legislation.

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