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Monday, October 24, 2016

Can You Trump Trump?

Donald Trump is promising a HUGE October “surprise.” Let’s beat him to it. Put your prediction of what his surprise will be in the comments of this page, then get your friends to “like” it.

The post with the most likes when when Trump makes his dopey announcement will be included in our Thursday newsletter. Include your Twitter name if you want a Follow Friday from @NationalMemo and @LOLGOP.

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  • Divertissement

    Obama used to have hair just like mine..

  • President Obama is going to trump Donald’s hairdo!

    • 1bythebrooks2

      Dominick, he will shave his head on Fox news and then reprise the Coneheads on SNL!

  • Donald Trump please take that mop of your head so your brain can get some oxygen it your not thinking right you have the mind of an (((((( IDIOT ))))))

    • It’s Not A Toupee It’s A Bad Hair Comb Over!!! With All That Money You Would Think The Donald Could Find A Better Hair Dresser!! Cause That Bird Nest On Top Of His Head Is Not Working!!!

    • WomanPresident

      Amen to that he is soooo insecure it’s a shame to the human hair race. Everytime there is a media concentration on something he wants his insecure face and name in it. No wonder he has had 3 wives, dah. Donald Go practicing being GRANDPA, they will need you eventually, but sorry, it is all about YOU.

    • alum1989

      So I guess you feel that the President has delivered on his campaign promises of 4 years ago and you are better off now. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. he needs to go away. he lied to get elected and has trashed this country for our kids, who have no chance of paying down the debt with an administration that does not balance the budget

      • patuxant

        How completely stupid are you? You are making a fool out of yourself. Lied about what to get elected? More of your birther crap –soicalist commie crap—etc etc etc. Face it. The admin doesn’t balance the budget fool! Got back to school and learn something besides bigotry.

        • metrognome3830

          No, I don’t think that’s Trump’s big surprise . . . but I’m just guessing.

          • Truimph big surprise is that he plans to revise and endorse the President.

        • alum1989

          I guess this shows your ture colors. There is nothing in my commentary about bigotry, it is about the facts. Go look up QE 1, QE2 and then tell me where? The jobs he promised, yeh right those materialized ( maybe on the planet you are from – but certainly not here) and the fact is look at the raw unemployment rate and include those who no longer even are looking for work and adjusting for the fudge factor that the government always adds and then retracts when they adjust the numbers down 3 months later) and reality may come to you. Notice you cannot refute any of these facts- I never mentioned birther issues and race has nothing to do with it, so pull your head out of your — and look at the facts. Oh yeh I get it be like Obama and attack my view on issues I never said, great approach. It shows your background and educational credibility is non existant.

          • patuxant

            Let’s see. Do you remember a guy by the name of GWBush???? Before you go dumping your crap on Obama, take a look who caused this cluster to begin with.

        • alum1989,You sir, seem to live in Oppositeland.

        • Or better yet, get your face out of FOX news and learn what is really go on in the world – a Romney supporter should never ever even mention the word lie – Romney doesn’t know how to tell the truth, wonder if the Mormon religion thinks thats OK

      • wesley rasmussen

        All candidates make promises that may or may not be fulfilled – both parties. However, he is NOT lying with every other word to be elected, as all of the prominent GOTP candidates are, from POTUS to local dog catcher. Bachmann lied about her citizenship while screaming for a birth certificate. Romney lied about shipping jobs overseas while moving Delphi to China. All of the Republicans seem to embrace the “Rape children are God’s will” and women can shut down legitimate rape pregnancy.

        That is what YOU think is a better option? How many people need to be put into poverty to prove you wrong? Even Karl Rove has a definition for a Republican with an education. Do you know what that is?

        A Democrat.

      • Jim Lou

        I don’t see much in the honesty from Mitt. He seems to say what you want to hear.

    • But after it’s been inside Donnie’s head all this time, the idiot has refused to take it back.

    • When told where it had been, the idiot refused to take it back.

  • Frankinwa

    I predict that “The Donald” will reveal that Michelle Obama is actually Barack’s first cousin…

    No wait, he’ll reveal that he, “The Donald”, has had a 3 year affair with Michelle since Barack was innaugurated…

    Oh no…of course he’ll reveal that he “fired” Barry on The Apprentice…so the poor guy, needing a job…decided to run for President….

    And won! 😉

    • Sorry, Michelle has better taste and is too smart for Mittens who prefers the overpaid finishing school type who is all style, no substance so is relegated to being nothing more than a brood mare.

      • Frankinwa

        Hi Shari,

        Hope you caught the sarcasm in my comment…

        I am an 60 year old, 100% supporter of President Obama who voted for him in 2008 and will do so again…

        No respect what-so-ever in my household for Mitt Romney…

        I could not envision the Republicans choosing a more repugnant, self obsessed, serial liar as their standard bearer…

        Unless they had nominated the Donald or the reigning titular head of their party…Rush Limbaugh! 😉

        Cherish the day (and your family),


  • The Big announcement from Trump- Since he’ll need a job after this election Governor Romney is one of the new participants in the celebrity apprentice show.

  • genodoc

    President Obama is really bald, but uses Rogaine!!!!

  • who cares???

  • Bud

    Trump will reveal a student ID Photo which states that Obama is a Foreign Exchange student … of course it was photo-shopped but to him it’s the real deal…what happened to the birth certificate…? what did ur source find there?

    • Bud ,I think the surprise is that Trump has joined the Mormons and has been promised many wives.

  • Here is Trump’s October surprise: Obama planned that attack on the Lybian Embassy.

    • They tried that already

      • Yes, they will try anything: Remember, they believe a lie repeated often enough, will be believed. Is that a quote from Goebbels?

  • nobsartist

    Trump and willard are gay lovers and neither is a citizen of the United States.

    • A Couple Of Boogie Bandits Huh???

    • Marcy

      Is that really true about Romney and Trump being lovers? Nothing surprises me these days, but that one I can’t believe. I did hear that Karl Rove of Citizens United was a closet homosexual, but who knows!

      • TZToronto

        You mean Turd Blossom? (Don’t blame me. That’s what Dubya called him.)

      • M_Deane

        Really, Marcy, you don’t think the gay community would welcome, let alone tolerate and acknowledge, Willard Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and Karl Rove. These three major UnAmericans are viewed by the LBGT community (excluding the self-hating gay members of the Republican Log Cabin Club) as creatures to be cast into outer darkness, there to weep and wail and gnash their teeth.

        • Mickey vondervor

          I still like the DONALD.

          • alumahead

            What is there to like about Donald? Ugh.

        • Marcy

          I have learned that when people attack or bully a certain group of people or person, it is because they have a hard time accepting themselves. How many times do we hear individuals anti rhetoric only to learn later that the individual usually got caught in the very same act they were opposed too?

          • Kestrel’s Eye

            Every day. My paraphrase of something I’m sure others have said before: “What is left unresolved within ourselves becomes the filter through which we see the world.” Actually, Jesus of Nazareth may have been one of the first (of Western cultural record, that is) to make reference to this idea — you know, the quote about plucking the mote from your own eye first…?

          • Grover Norquist is the head of GOProud, an LGBT group of Republicans, and they all sign pledges to him.

          • lkreu

            I agree. I always say those who protest too much feel guilty because of their sexual orientation. I am weary of Santorum, talks way too much about homosexuals.

          • I’m not exactly sure what you are ‘weary’ of.

          • lkreu

            I think he protests too much and he himself is a homosexual.

          • adler56

            That’s now knopwn as the wide stance effect.

          • kdisg

            Yes but they lose all sympathy because of the hate they spew, if they learned how to be HUMAN about other folks situations, when they have a situaton we would all be MUCH more understanding but they just hate thats all they do now. Imagine wanting to kick grandma off medicare, whatever happened to fixing it with Obama, he tried but they hated gim so much they forgot all about us hard working, family raising americans, UN-AMERICAN is what the repubican party has become. e pay our taxes, fact checking as I did, Romney onl paid 14% on 20 million, I dont ever remember paying only 14% EVER!!!

      • I once read an article about Carl Rove that said his father was openly homosexual while carl was growing up and he hated him for it. Dont know if it is true.

      • Polly

        No Rove is also a Mormon…

      • Kestrel’s Eye

        Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rove turned out to be a self-repressed closet homosexual. (Apologies to all my LGBT friends.) Have you noticed? In most of his photos where he’s not wearing make-up, his facial skin has that greasy sheen of the inauthentic…

        • Kestrel’s Eye

          Course, he DOES have an awful lot to hide… ~;)

      • adler56

        It seems obvious to me- do you know ANY woman that would want to be with roly poly turd blossum?

        • Del WS

          Hard to tell on that one. Rush Limbaugh actually got somebody. Desperation on her part or did the money have something to do with it?!

          • adler56

            That’s limpbaugh’s 3rd or 4th attempt. I’m surprised the current Mrs.
            Blowhard hasn’t filed already- his prenup must have had a time requirement to get some money.

          • GOP_NYC

            BTW, you’re a f#cking NIGG#R!!!!! And I’d rip your f#cking throat out if I could.

    • nob artist, you are probably right, he is a big Mormon, and wouldnt they like men in Romney’s and Trumps stable instead of all the wifes they usually have.

    • I could deal with a gay President, I hate a liar….

    • widowed1

      I thought Willard was a rat! Oops, guess I was right after all.

  • Trump gives up and moves to Iran to be their leader. They deserve each other, and good riddance

  • Obama is my brother from another mother.

  • Trump is going to be the vice-president to Romney…lol he thinks that will help

  • UrantiaJim

    How about news concerning the deschedualization of marijuana which
    would boost alternative medicine. be taxed and regulated, rivive the
    textile, and paper industries, high quality submarine oil, hemp nuts superfood
    and revitalized trade in these goods with over 150 countries who were
    economically pressured into to following misguided policies for over
    60 years. The announcement would be Vegas style casinos with vapor
    rooms and in house dispensary, health food store and natural foods resturante.
    Add a nightclub and legal brothel rooms and indoor gun ranges. No alcohol
    or tobacco allowed, nor anyone under 21.

  • Trump has to make something up because his ego needs the attention. He should just think about his bankruptcies and ex-wives.

  • laybetorres

    Donald Trump is nothing but a low scum bug who does not like black people !!!!

  • Trump must answer those who suspect he’s the product of a reptilian birth before making new birther charges against the President.

  • Paz

    Donald you are fired! With all those millions and you can not fix your hair…how do you think you can fix Romney? You guys are unfixable…Despedido!

    It is an Obama Nation!

  • nyallie1

    The trash publication, The Globe, says it’s about his birth certificate being falsified.

    • darkagesbegin

      trump’s? romney’s?

      • nyallie1

        Obama’s!! You’re kidding, right?

  • I don’t have one, if it was any good I would have said it in 2008 before the election of OBAMA. No. Ok, how about this one. I have a sex tape about Michelle. Yes, I know the tape shows a black woman looking like her but it is her, really. I know she’s lighter in color, very petite. less hair, ok, its curly but its her, really. Yes the tape is of a 5 foot 3 inch woman but have you seen the high heels on Michelle, she looks 5 foot 11 inches but is really 5 foot 3 inches.

  • zoom1818

    Trump offers to tell truth on how he and Romney avoided the draft (dad’s paid off draft board members) when many thousands could not — if Obama releases his college grades.

  • Trump is going to tell us that he started life as a Woman and that his hair is just a side effect of the gender re-assignment

  • pjosa

    His big annoucement would be that he is getting a new wig.

  • pjosa

    Get a life Trump

  • Trump’s October surprise? He and Ann Coulter are twins separated at birth!

  • I think it’s about President Obama’s stocks, but it’s nothing compared to Romney’s

  • Thomas_2012

    There is credible evidence (and maybe a live witness) that President Obama’s father was not from Kenya but actually a visitor from Mars and the alien from Mars did not have a green card to be in the U.S. of A. , an alien alien if you will. Making the president a non human. According to our constitution you must be an American citizen born in the United States and of a certain age, and since mars takes longer to go around the Sun, he cannot possibly be of age. The worst part is that the President (and his wife) have known this all along, she having cardinal knowledge and all, and have been hiding it from the world for the purpose of. . . . . . well I will let Mr. Trump fill you in that part since he has paid the live witness enough money to live in luxery for the rest of his life for coming forward and saving the Republic.

    • darkagesbegin

      this is what I am thinking that the Republicans and Rove will have to resort to saying about the Democratic nominee in the next presidential election. I mean, they have already used up Socialist and Communist in their attacks on Obama. Rhetorically, they don’t have much more wiggle room.

  • Jessa_J

    Beginning in 1966, Mitt Romney spent 30 months actively promoting a racist institution. Don’t worry, they changed their policy in 1978.

  • Matt5750

    Trump has uncovered that while in the Boy Scouts, Barack Obama was helping an elderly woman cross a street when he spotted a kitten up a tree. Leaving the woman to get across the street on her own.

  • Romney went to France in 1967 as a missionary but likely to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war. He has no military experience or foreign diplomatic experience unless you count sending American jobs overseas. Yea he’ll balance the budget by cutting the military, cutting social security, and Medicare.
    Romney used every dirty political trick and over 200 million dollars to smear his republican rivals to get the nomination now he crying when the Democrat’s bring the truth out on him. Romney is just another rich lying crook who sent American jobs out of the country then keeps his money overseas so he does not pay taxes. This guy should be charged with a felony for lying on legal documents to the SEC about his company.

  • His “October Surprise” is that Romney will be accepting a “key endorsement” from the makers of ‘Just For Men’ gel.

  • Something pathetic that has to do with his Obama’s college records or something that has to do with Reverend White from the 2008 election. Or Breitbart’s “lost tapes” – In other words, Trump’s birther arguments will not go away.

  • that is his real hair he needs to grow some real hair

  • That if Obama is elected, everyone in Trump’s employ will be fired.

  • madmacsent

    I think he has irrefutable proof that Barack Obama shot JR!

  • The Trumpity Trump will reveal that President Obama did not call the Libya attack a terrorist attack. . . No, no, wait. . . Trumpity Trump will reveal the President Obama went on an apology tour. . . Hold up, wait, I got it! . . Trumpity Trump will reveal that he loves President Obama and wants to have his baby. . . No, that was over the top. Let me regroup. . . Trumpity Trump will reveal that President Obama is his daddy—- No, that’s not right. Trumpity is older than— wait a minute. Oh, snap! Hell no! NOOOOOOOOO!

  • Donald Trump’s “big news” will be that Mitt Romney will be on the upcoming season of All-Star Apprentice (since he wil not win the election). Included in the cast are past winners Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Brandy Kuentzel, John Rich, and Arsenio Hall. Each week Mitt is put on the chopping block to get fired by the Donald, but, the Donald can’t bring himself to fire him. In the finals, it is Arsenio Hall against Mitt, Mitt wins and then in a shocking moment, he fires the Donald and takes over his companies, then chops them all up and sells them. That is my guess on the Donald’s “big” news!

  • that sheriff Joe had scientists determine that he is half white and was not the first black president. Clinton was

  • Mitt referred to it quickly in the third debate but Obama blew it off. Mitt had said Obama also has money in the Camion Islands tax free account. Obama said you are way off topic and the time was up for the question so the Narrator moved on to the next topic.

  • Uhave2laff

    “I found Obama’s ‘real’ birth certificate! It was stuck in the paper feed at Kinko’s.” @thebluenevadan

  • Moonwalker58

    He’s going to tell us that HE has finally uncovered Obama’s real birth certificate, which proves that Obama was born in Kenya. But wait, there will be a cliffhanger to his annoucement as he’s showing off the document, he won’t explain to us why the ink is still wet!

  • Now even he is voting Obama @uberfreude

  • Somebody already broke the story. A Hawaiian school buddy revealed that O used to sell and use cocaine! … and he’s willing to take a poly… and write a book, etc. about their hippy school days! Gee, I hope he’s not mysteriously killed like the gay guys from Wright’s Trinity Church in Chicago who also had the diggs on O!

  • Trump will reveal that President Obama, working with Ayers and his two fathers, Barack, Sr and Frank Marshall Davis (through secret experiments conducted by Stalin, Hitler, and the clone of Mohammed, which combined their DNA, in a lab in Kenya) is going to find an economic system that somehow combines both Sharia law and communism and through some form of Executive Order voodoo, will inflict it on the public, and NOBODY WILL NOTICE.

  • oldgoat7

    Trump is more full of bull the a herd of buls

  • The Big Announcement is that he & his family are going to go live on their own private island to never be heard from again.

  • rosebartok

    Trump has a mega-casino that isn’t filing backruptcy to avoid paying contractors and
    banks (and taxpayers) which will add so much money back into the U S coffers that a significant
    portion of the huge deficit will be eliminated. This will make Obama a national hero and leave
    Romney so thunderstruck he announces his immediate withdrawal promoting the V P to the
    first spot where he will become the first candidate who does not vote for himself.


  • xxx

  • He’ll probably be bagging on Rosie again. In all seriousness though, he probably has some forged documents about Obama’s birth certificate because Trump has never been known to accept facts as they are if they don’t pertain to attention grabbing

  • His big news will be that it was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick.

    But seriously, if he had anything that devastating, chances are that the President would have already called a press conference to tell the story and do damage control.

    Trump’s ego needs to be deflated, once and for all.

  • Trump has stated he will sell all his assets/companies, etc if Obama is re-elected and move to Syria to help the Iranians get to the Ocean. @liberaldiane

    • GREAT!! I Hope All These Money Hoarding Bastards Live The Country They Will Not Me Missed Maybe Then Everybody Will Have A Chance To Make More Money With These Assholes Gone!!!

  • IckySandpiper

    Trump’s a brony.



  • Trump is scum. He thinks he has news because Obama’s once considered divorce. WHO HASN”T ? ? ? That is proof of citizenship for sure. WHO has been married & divorced multiple times besides TRUMP, NEWT, McCAIN, REAGAN, GRAHAM , etc etc etc

    • Trumpetmouth not only considered divorce, he did it twice for a newer version of a trophy wife–the defining characteristic of Trump’s value system, style over substance.

  • I ONLY have an IQ of 146. SURE I CAN’T one up Trump. Actually, it would be too easy…Ugh, my dog could do this with 3 paws tied behind his back!

  • That after President Obama second term that the Donald will build a memorial of his Presidency on the planet Golob

  • pizzmoe

    Trump is getting a Wigectomy?


    trump is going to give billons to starving childern in the usa how do you like thatbig joke?

  • dre

    Donald Trump is a bald head mess. He is such a ignorant moron. If you ignore stupidity it will go away!!!

  • Aaron Leavy

    Trump is launching his own line of engagement rings to be sold at Sam’s Club. Buying in bulk is the ultimate sign of class.

  • BonnieMama

    OUTWARDLY: The President has a fraudulent SSN, he is operating under a stolen identity, and is an African terrorist with a wife and children, blah, blah blah.
    INWARDLY as in Secret Motive: Too long a time has gone by without this idiot’s share of the spotlight – he just has to make an even bigger fool of himself, never mind the means. Shows-to-go-ya, money can’t buy either brains or simple good sense.

  • maybe he is going to become a mormon

  • Aaron Leavy

    Trump to reveal he’s actually Andy Kaufman, in his most incredible role ever. #trumpsbigsurprise

  • His hair is really a dead Slow Loris (international endangered species) and he will be facing charges in the Hague…

  • ken

    trump will anounce that he has achieved a miracle. He now has a full head of his own hair thanks to the Chinese in return for paying the U S debt to China. No more combovers.

  • Dustybunsnelson

    Donald will release information that Obama is actually a woman, pretending to be a man! How does Donald know this? Because female Obama use to style his hair and is actually responsible for Donald’s tsunami comb over!

  • Trump will announce :Not only is Barack Obama not American he is an alien from another planet

  • Trump has decided to run again ahead of Nov 6th under the party of carnival barkers, bayonets, battleships, and horses

  • BonnieMama

    Ooh, too funny. Love-love-love it! Unfortunately, too imaginative (not to mention literate) for that fool.

  • It is rumored that he found a President Obama look alike and fires him on his show! What an idiot!!! I think his wig is suffocating his brain! He should try “Don King’s” hair stylist!
    At least his hair will go all one direction……”UP!” (LOL!)


    Trump Dump

    Put Trump in the same trash can as Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, and Gingrich. These are the clowns the Old, Old GOP wants us to vote for.

    Trump is stinky, hot air that hasn’t stated factual information for the past five years.

    Trump, you a–hole, you’re FIRED.

  • Now that Mitt has officially lost the election, he will be starring in this year’s Celebrity Apprentice!!!

    • TZToronto

      And Romney will get fired! That’s Trump’s ultimate payback.

  • Big surprise may have something to do with Obama’s past in Chi or College. Maybe regards to Rev Wright.

  • alum1989

    I Barack OBama do hereby announce that I will not accept the presidency if I win on November 6.

  • Landsende

    Who cares what he has to say. The man is an egomaniac who will do anything, including lying, feuding, cheating and declaring bankruptcy, to stay in the spotlight. He needs to slither back under a rock and stay there.

  • bck2yu

    Trump will announce he’s broke…again…and blame it on ‘Obamanomics’



    A loving home for the family of rats that live on top of my head.

    A small re-homing fee will apply.

    TRUMP 2012

  • You mean the $10 trillion debt he inherited from W?

  • Victoria Dodds

    I’m going to say, Trump will announce he has a source of a source that Barack Obama did cocaine in college and also sold it. I’m more interested in what Gloria Allred is attempting to have unsealed regarding Romney. Is it a woman who had a child w/ Mitt? I hope it’s really dicey.

  • its about where he was born again…….but you know what i wonder if he ever looks in the mirror, that hair in those duck lips, anyone who would climb into bed with him has got to be so desperate…..hes an idiot who thinks hes GODS gift, he gags me,,,,,whatever he says about obama hope it backfires on him……karma….

  • He is dropping Romney and is going to support Obama.

  • He has people who are claiming to be Barack’s real parents

  • Trump will announce that he found Obama’s college transcripts in his comb-over. @prosediva

  • metrognome3830

    Donald is joining the Hair Force?

  • He is going to marry Ann Coulter.

  • Big Trump announcement: He’s really the 6,000 year old man!

  • Trump will announce he shot his barber.

  • Romney will take over on the Apprentice after the fiasco of running for President…
    As if the American people are STUPID enough to actually vote for this QUACK

  • pogo_patti

    It actually could be anything. The Birth Certificate item was one of their brain stormers. To tell you the truth, the GOP at this point, will try anything. This is the reason I told Trump to go back to doing what he does best (building) that he would never make a good President of the nation. This latest item, is the reason. The man cannot stand to not win. Drives him crazy! He has guts enough to do or say anything and the money to make it real! Put that on a National level and it is dangerous. I don’t dislike the man and I don’t care how he wears his hair. Best to sit back and wait until it blows. Obama would probably have a better idea of what is coming next from Trump. He figures out people pretty damn well and how they think. No one is perfect, not Obama, not Trump, not you and definitely not me. Just keep the ball rolling. It makes them nervous, they do crazy things, they say crazy things and then, “OOPS” when they realize their are wrong. Have you ever noticed that even when they are wrong (GOP) they are sure they are right….Last thing we need in the Presidential Suite at the Whitehouse. The worse thing I have really heard about any one that is running is about Mitt’s bullying kids. Sad, but true. Does this make a difference in having him as President? You Bet!

  • I watched the debate last night and Obama stated that the most important thing to help the economy is for businesses to put more into R&D and he is right also right after that Romney Pooh Pooh that idea as being wrong. The research and development has been put off for too long and a lot of companies layed off workers to boost their bottom line and get fat bonuses for the top people. Had those bonuses been put to use as R&D we would be a lot farther along the recovery route and a lot more people would have had jobs all along and would have been spending a lot of that money on goods that would have kept our own economy going. all thos people who lost their jobs from downsizing had to downsize their own budget and so weren’t buying at the same rate they would have been if they had their jobs. The businesses lost and so did the workers.LHW

  • October Big Announcement: Trump will pony up a billion dollars to blast ads on radio/TV with GOP misinformation – a.k.a. lies.

  • greghilbert

    Trump will announce he donated $1 million to Romney’s campaign in return for a 100-year lease on the Whitehouse and option to buy the Pennsylvania Ave lot it sits on for $1. The later allows for treatment of rental profits as capital gains, and depreciation deductions exceeding those capital gains, plus a non-taxable reverse-mortgage payout to Romney in 2015 based on the value of the White House and lot in 2112, plus a leveraged buyout by Trump’s of his 20% commission on that value.

    “It’s a sweet deal for both of us,” Trump crowed, “but the kicker is that I get half of Mitt’s proceeds
    if I can get $100 million from Cheney for giving the Sec of Defense appointment to Bush.”

    “Sweet,” Romney was heard to counter, “I’ve got an option to buy 10% of Halliburton for a buck a share, and if I exercise it before 2016, I don’t have to repay the loan China gave me to buy the option!”.

  • yeahrightguy

    I am getting so tired of Donald Trump & his stupid public comments. Why would anyone care what he says. He is becoming a joke, even more than he has been for the last few years. Maybe he is going to announce a line of “mens hair pieces”, so we can all look like him…

  • fiveleaf

    I’ll finance the US Military for 16 seconds in return for naming rights to the next aircraft carrier. @KeithWLogan

  • there is no hawaii, that explains the birth certificate question

    • There is no brain in that birds nest and that explains the Donald problem.

  • October Big Announcement from Trump: Trump will pony up a billion to blast GOP misinformation–a.k.a. as lies on radio/TV.

  • He is voting for OB.

  • trump will announce a secret gay marriage between his hair and the Obama familly dog

  • Trump is so compromised with the crime money that uses him as a front. Given his reputation its unlikely to be other than a slightly less than boring accusation that has defined
    the opposition critiques during this election campaign!

  • Jack Wormer

    The Donald will get a hair-implant from The Mittens…

  • He’s decided to vote for Obama. Why does anyone even listen to Trump? He is full of himself.

  • Big news is probably another lame Trump reality show. Trump Fights the Fed.

  • I predict Trump will Join Jimmy Hoffa shortly after he opens up his fool mouth once more.

  • Ray Cunneff

    Trump’s big announcement: Obama stole the golden plates from Romney’s home planet Kolob and sold them at a garage sale.

  • “I have uncovered clear, hard evidence that proves President Obama is black.”

  • Uh, are you talking about either Bush? Neither balanced the budget. But George W. surely did spend it like no tomorrow leaving the United States with an empty wallet. So if you are mad alum1989, you need to lay it all at Bush’s feet. Oh, and Bush lied about our going to war in Iran for MMD’s. So who is delusional now?

  • reesepalley

    Trump has discovered that Obama died in 2009 and that the man we see today in the White House is a construct made of specially treated chocolate pudding

    • A racially insensitive remark, so typical of Republicans. Shame on you.

  • foxyk9

    Who’s Willard?

  • Donald Trump, should only reveal what he is..and probably has been even when he cheated on his wives..being the gay character he is..that shows you..he staddles both sides of the fence..he still can’t let go…of his obession about, Obama…it will not do any good…because people are not this late of the game, he is drumming up so awesome lies once again…about, will not come across as he plans it is going to do…he is another narcissistic personality..a con-artist…one of the biggest liars ever…and a swindler like someone else we know and he cannot let go..of his wanting to keep hurting others..he is a very mentally ill person…

  • Trump’s becoming handicaped of his head

  • foxyk9

    Trump has decided to mind his own business and quit making an ass of himself.

  • When this is all over, this guy is going to look like an asswipe,and nobody to blame but hjmself.

  • GSP

    Donald you are an apprentice in politics so you get fired before you can announce your big surprise.

  • patuxant

    Might be he is hot for Joe and is leaving Michelle and the kids if he doesn’t get re-elected!


  • concerned2012_citizen

    Donald Trump is a fame and media whore. He needs to stay out of the race. He is not running for President, nor could he. Where is HIS birth certificate? He needs to concentrate of his marriage , since he is a 2 times cheater and leave others alone. He needs to shave his head or get a new, professional hair do. His fly away hair style is totally discusting, his bluging belly also. He is not even in shape to talk about others. he is laughable, and we all are lauging at him. He has a wierdo deformed mouth, especailly when he talks. Wihtout his business partners in all of his business deals he would not have any wealth at all. He surgery for a new face. It may help you. Donald Dump!! SHUT UP!!!!!

  • doctorskillet

    ” Mein Fuehrer, I can walk!”

  • patuxant

    Or the Donald has photoshopped the President getting it on in an orgy in Kenya with his tribal relatives….

  • He’s going to fire himself.

  • SnowKen

    He will say that he has uncovered old divorce papers indicating that Barack and Michele Obama once planned to end their marriage.

  • arthur gatti

    Relying on his trumped-up image of being a financial genius and financial “insider”, Trump will say he has irrefutable evidence from sources inside the administration, etc., that the president has trumped up all recent upbeat financial indicators. (Then he will de-pants, light his Zippo, and moon the audience while he blasts blue smoke up our…)

  • Marcy

    Is that really true about Romney and Trump being lovers? Nothing surprises me these days, but that one I can’t believe. I did hear that Karl Rove of Citizens United was a closet homosexual, but who knows!

  • Melvin Chatman

    Trump’s a HATER – it’ll be about Citizenship or a “Trumped Up Affair” with a Child in Kenya!!

  • Trump says..”As you can tell by my bouffant ‘do’, I’m really the Shaggy Dog and there is no announcement..I was just feeling starved for attention”!

  • ChristoD

    The surprise of surprises is that ole Donald is not an American citizen. He was born a poor black GIRL in Haiti, had a sex change operation at 12 years old and Michael Jackson treatments to lighten the color of his skin and is broke.

  • Please Trump just wants more attention from the media He is a pathetic blowhard similar to Limbaugh

  • He’s going to announce the plans uncovered by a group of anti Muslims showing that President Obama is working for radical Islam.

  • rvogelri

    he will accuse president obama of having fathered two african american children in wedlock!

  • Liliana1951

    From him we can expect any stupid thing. Who cares? Everybody now his ego

  • he is an alien from the planet that the mormons god came from. he is the anti-anti-christ!

  • Liliana1951

    Mr. Obama as President of the United States and Mrs. Obama deserve and must have private life, what happen between them as a marriage it must not be of the concern of the people. It is not a political issue.

  • That’s what the news says. Romney went around telling employer’s to tell their employee’s to vote for him, and then the employer’s CEO’s threat to fire their employee’s if Romney don’t win. Another thing, do you all know that Romensia, his wife, son, and brother own some of the voting machines we have to vote on for the election in Ohio?

  • apache52

    That he is leaving his young wife for a younger wife!

  • trump: i am going bald and i am going to auction my hair, strand by strand to give all the money to be made, to support romney ‘s candidancy… and then he will annonce to the world that he is bipolar!!!

  • nobsartist

    willard is dropping out of the race.

  • He will announce that he will no longer wear that hair piece; that he has decided go bald and aims to look just like James Bond!!!! Trump is crass and gross. Like Romney, he is not to be trusted!! A couple of millionaires/billioniares whose only concern is THEMSELVES and how much more money they can add to their coffers by squeezing and stealing from the middleclass!!

  • bcarreiro

    Mr. Obama, Stump the Trump with your BIRTH ABSTRACT. We the people weren’t born yesterday.


  • trump: i’ll bet all my hair to romney… i’ll auction all my hair, strand by strand, to support the romney campaign… i’ll be so bald of course…and then i’ll announce to the world that i am bipolar!!!

  • elimanning51

    romney will be his janitor at trump towers

  • Donald is secretly the president of the Willie Wonka UMPA LOOMPA Union, I often wondered why he looked orange at times…things that make you go hmmm!!!

  • Found that Barack Obama started out as a child.

    • And that he knew he was going to be a President some day, so he had to find a way to show he was born in Hawaii back in the 60s. Trump is a self-promoting, egotistical, maniac and just can’t stand to be out of the spotlight for more than a day or two. Just like Sarah Palin. If you figured up Trump’s debt vs. assets, I’ll bet you I’d be worth more than he is.

  • WND is reporting that trumps big surprise is that the Obama’s filed divorce paperwork in the past. Doesn’t say how far in the past, but if it’s true I think it actually helps Obama look more human, especially since they worked it out.

    • Jim Lou

      It is known that Obama had marital problems in the past.

  • he willsay things just to sound possible but with no proof


  • what missinformation will he deliver?

  • “Trumped” up “proof” that Obama is not an American and is a Muslim.

  • TZToronto

    Obama’s half white!

  • a love child?

  • Suddenly, I get it! “Turd Blossom” Rove is his lovely, pickable flower emerging from predictable gop shit – Dubya was a ‘reglur’ folk poet – only Blossom could make him behave in his campaign.(get out there, recite despite questions)

  • solver04

    I saw on a tabloid cover about a year ago (GLOBE, I think) that read : “OBAMA HAS GAY AFFAIR WITH WHITE HOUSE STAFFER” – As far as I trust these 1%er PlutoTerds Iwouldn’t put it past them to find a gay staff member and pay him a couple of million bucks to say whatever THEY wanted. That’s about the felonious depths these greed, power hungry toxated POS’ would go to in order to hurt Obama. If the American people had the smarts they would figure this out – Alas, I listen to some of them interviewed, they really are STOOPID, FOXwashed, imbeciles that could be led to believe in Wizards if said Wizards claimed “I can fix the economy, cut taxes, and create jobs” -BUT- “All I need to do is sacrifice your EVIL Entitlements and have you look into my eyes and TRUST ME”

  • M_Deane

    On Halloween, Donald Trump is to announce he is to undergo a sex change, enabling him to fully complement the gender conveyed by his existing head of hair.

  • TZToronto

    Whatever crazy announcement he makes, Fox “”News” will run with it and milk it for all it’s worth–which will be nothing.

  • Donald Trump will pull his head out of his own ass and replace it with his dick!

  • Sam

    He’s going to dye his hair candy-floss pink, announce he’s gay, and help kick-start the economy by donating a billion dollars to a new reality TV show, “You’re hired!”.

  • Trumps desire is to ignite fear among the ‘commoners’ that he is actually powerful enough to influence the election. Trump is trumped when he is laughed at and disreguarded as the bloviating baffoon he truly is.

  • No doubt it’s old news. We’re going to hear it and say, “Huh?”

  • best way to beat him is to ignore him, ande no media turn up for his big announcement. Do not not publicize whatever he has come up with this time. He the most devious human being around, next to his buddy.

  • Trump will admit he’s been wearing a live marmot on his head.

  • Romney is actually a citizen of China and Trump is a member of the Russian Mafia.

  • Oh let’s see. Divorce? Pot calling the kettle black. Drug Deals? Bush was one of the biggest stoners in college. Birth Certificate? Been there, done that? Does it really matter what this blowhard has to say? He, Limbaugh, Romnut and Lyin’ need to hop on one of Romnuts non existing naval ships and sail off into the sunset together, stopping along the way to roll in all their billions while the rest of us continue to unbury ourselves along with our president, from the Bush regime! He just talks to hear himself talk. Blah, blah, blah………….

  • jackiejan

    Trump is going to tell us Obama did not take his SAT test.

  • I think Trump will say that President Obama is the illegitimate son of a Ugandan head hunter and a alien from planets unknown. As proof Trump will produced Obama’s intergalactic birth certificate. AL

  • Fehndrix

    He’s selling off his collection of vintagae toupees and other assorted hairpieces?

  • Trump will pull Seth Rogan’s head out of a bowling ball bag and scream, “Who’s the joke now, son!?”

  • pamgwhite

    I don’t think we can begin to imagine whatever Trump has in store, except as usual the story will be all about HIM! He can’t be taken seriously, and anyone who would do that probably qualifies for getting a decent amount of sympathy for being a fool.

  • jackiejan

    Trump is going to have a picture of Obamas grandmother, and she is WHITE!

  • Trump will pull Seth Rogan’s head out of a bowling ball bag and scream, “Who’s the joke now, son!?”

  • jpking2012

    He’s gonna release Romney’s tax returns!

  • Trump Has to have the smallest penis ever!!!

  • The big prediction – Obama is really a blatant anti-colonialist who is the embodiment of his father’s beliefs. Trump figured this out by watching Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s America”

  • Think Trump will announce that Obama is actually the love child of Oprah and Bush Sr. and both were born in Africa. Whatever his puts out there will be for one purpose, Trumpism!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bcarreiro

    obama loves surprises………your fired trump.

  • In exchange for his endorsement Romney, if elected, has promised to change the name of the White House to The Trump Dump which will be lit up in neon lights on the roof/cocktail lounge/casino.

  • He found OJ’s wife’s killer and Obama’s real Hawaiian birth certificate

  • Probably something about Obama’s birth certificate. He’s been harping on that 4ever!!!!!

  • DurdyDawg

    I think he’ll announce that come November 1st, his apprentice show will be moving to Saturdays at 8:00 pm EDT.. Remember, it’s ALWAYS been about the donut mouth.

  • “My hair’s a *RUG*!!!!

  • Trump is a balooney. Those who give any importance to his absurdities are wasting their effort. He is best ignored as he is irrelevent. He is good at shafting investors and creditors by repeatedly bankrupting companies he floats and walks out with millions. There are many suckers who get sucked in and they deserve to lose, for they are suckers. I am he will come out with some cock and bull surprise. Set Meyers, Jon Stewart, Colbert all will have fodder to make Trump a grump.

    As for his surprise it will be Bernard Shaw surprise. The surprise is that there is NO SURPRISE.

  • mini123noego

    Big ego !!!

  • Luvpud

    The Donald is going to reveal that he knows that “Binders full of women” were brought into the Lincoln bedroom and he has photographic evidence!

  • Trump is a phoney like Romney, however Trumps hair is terrible and he could never be handsome even with hair plugs, gee with all his money and he has an ugly head of hair and face. Trump, go away with your boyfriend Romney and your show girls who only stay with you for your borrowed money…….

  • I know who Donald Duck is, but who is Donald Trump? Or is it Frump?

  • Donald Trump is a horse’s ass. He could care less about Romney, all he wants is attention.
    No doubt he will bring up the Birth certificate B.S. again, since he has nothing else to whine about. Where is his birth certificate. And where is his Salon worker’s certificate showing it is ok to give him a rediculous haircut? Good grief, shut the cameras and microphones off, and hopefully he will “just fade away” as someone else as rediculous said back in the early 50’s.

  • truthisreal

    Trump is just a cheap haircut that shares a similar trait with Mitt..a narcistic sociopath that manufactures lies to get attention

  • truthisreal

    recently Mitt gave the Don a new pair of magical mormon underwear that were manufactured in a Bain Capital sweat shop in China. Unfortunately the disgruntled workers in China infected them with a foot and mouth virus and Trump has a serious case of verbal diarreha from his mystical undies. He will self destruct using these vodoo undies..and will be known in the future as the haircut that got contaminated with Cultic Itch from Jockey Flip Flopper

  • Donald Trump going Endorse Obama now after last night lol Trump what a joke lol

  • Barrack Obama, as a youngster on his way back to the USA from Indonesia, fathered a child out of wedlock in Afghanistan. she was photograghed by a National Geographic photojournalist in a refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984 and made the cover in June 1985. How else can anyone explain those strange colorations, if not a mixture of Exotic flowers from Hawawii and Indonesia, with a smattering of Kansas sunflowers? the evidence is too clear cut to dismiss. he will undoubtably attempt to hush this matter by having one of his surogates from a super-pac buy the photo at the upcoming Christie’s auction. but we, The american People, will not be fooled. I have an orginal of the implicating magazine and it would not at all suprise me when the NSA, CIA, FBI, HSA and various other agencies (no doubt the NCIS, on account of they have no boats) storm my door a’la Seal Team 6 and confiscate said proof. But I offer even more irrefutable proof! she has a facebook page under the non-de-plume ‘Sharbat Gula’, which in an ancient language means: “Daughter of Barack”. So there you have it folks! Proof positive that our President is a philanderer and has been since puberty. If anyone needs more proof, the afterbirth is sitting on top of my head all these years.

  • rothgar

    Just so long as he announces it on November 7th. : < )

  • Barack has gay lovers??

  • Bain Inc. announces its’ purchase of Trump Towers ! Rumor has it that Romney’s inauguration will also take place at the ‘Towers’ as that little white house of ‘them peoples’ is just too…well, you know.

  • Trump, the Pimp.

  • He is going to say he has proof that the birth certificate Obama showed is a fake and he has the real one. Just guessing, but I can’t imagine him giving up the birther movement. He has nothing else.

    Go Obama!

  • Politrics2012

    Trump will most-likely drudge up a fallacious report concerning President Onama’s ‘supposed’ foreign nationality. Trump and Arpaio have been hard at it for the better part of the last four years and their ego will not allow them to walk away without one last attempt at their blaze of glory.


  • Donald Trump needs to grow up. Just because he doesn’t like Obama because the
    president does not play favorites when it comes to taxes or whatever else Trump
    holds against him does not give him the right to act like an ass for one thing. Trump
    does not give a damn about anyone else. So not only is he an ass but he is also
    very irresponsible in his thoughts, words, and actions. Money does not get you
    everything. I have no intention of paying attention to anything he says about the
    president I am not going to vote for anyone else.

  • He is supporting Obama!

  • ridemybroom

    i think the big surprise is that trump would like to start a harem with the romney boys…all that free love and sex mormon style…not to mention he will do a celeb apprent show with all of them…can you imagine trump having sex with anyone….ewwwwww wwwwwwww…..tell me i didnt go there….ewwwwwwww….LOL

  • The president will announce that he will pardon Donald Trump for shooting an animal on the endangered species list and wearing it on his head.

  • ernin1

    The thing on his head is a rat and my president knew about it.

  • Athatheyankee

    Trump is going to announce that Obama has been, for years, his closet hair stylist.

  • Marcy

    I know Rove he has had one or two divorces. Maybe, he should just come out and be for real.

  • barbarahugh

    This Donald Trump is worst then a nagging woman **don’t take it to heart the woman part pls..But it seems he is a very bored man , an unhappy bitter man who thinks people have to ask how high when he saids jump!!I just wish ALL DEMOCRATS just stop going to his CASINOS ..This man showed his pent house on TV once and it was all painted in Gold!! Yes Trump that is as close to heaven as you will ever get !! The surprise I wonder but what ever it is that will not STOP me from voting for PRESIDENT OBAMA ..I do not care if PRESIDENT OBAMA just bought the whole CHINA and ITs WALL!!!!! Nor will my family nor my friends!!!!!!!!

  • That thing on Donald Trumps head? His real hair.

  • barbarahugh

    I just remember Trump is a Romney he likes to fire people , I guess his buddy Romney
    got the phrase of I like firing people from the Donald??? ( You’re Fired ) I am just waiting for his wife to say I WANT A DIVORCE DONALD !!!

  • Since Trump is stuck as a die-hard Birther, I’d guess it’s that “You won’t believe what my people have found in Hawaii” meme, only this time it’s Obama attended Columbia as a foreign student. But Obama’s mother was American, so no matter where Obama was born, he has right to US citizenship as naturalized citizen, correct?

  • the_dorf

    Romney gets his hair styling tips from him.

  • ayayaboy

    Forget about Donald Trump with his bizzare personality. Why pay attention to Trump’s irrelevant loquacity. Maybe, only ABC Rick Kline could surrogate for and cover Romney and Trump.

  • Whatever Donald Trump says, you can be sure it will be idiotic. He probably thinks that he is going to tell Obama “You’re Fired”, like he does to the other young people who are unfortunate enough to be invited on to his show. If he’s so concerned about jobs, why doesn’t he give them a job, instead of firing them. and to think that he was running for President-good grief.

  • Donald Trump is just another nut like Mitt Romney. Trump and Romney the only thing they know how to do is lie. the old saying is if a man word is no good , there no good.. both of them need to be put away, Romney is not going to the white house , he going to the nut house , and Trump is going with him, Ihope they dont forget Ryan.

  • kfreed

    Trump’s October Surpirise: Obama tortures small furry animals – I should know, note the dead cat on my head.

  • Trump: Carl Rove is going to benefit from a hair transplant from none other than ME!

  • AKBarb4u

    Obama donated his hair for Trumps wig!!

  • trump=chump or dump

  • Please NO NO. rommey has had too much TV time, who wants to watch him

  • I wish he, rommey and ryam would buy and live in gingrich’s moon colony

  • He’s going to produce a birth certificate for his hair?

  • No if that’s not a very good reason to vote for President Obama I dont know what is

  • Hope it is not an other rommey, there is too many now

  • SO!

  • Trump will finally announce that his hair piece was manufactured overseas by Bain Capitol.

  • He can prove that his hair was born out of the country and was originally on Obama’s head.

  • GSP

    Donald is a young apprentice himself in politics so he got fired before he can announce his big surprise.

  • The Donald will announce that the third debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney was rigged. He will tell the world that the figure sitting next to Obama was really not Mitt, but, in fact, a dummy that agreed with Obama on almost every point. You see, Obama is a ventriloquist so skilled in his art that you could not even tell his lips were moving. Obama used a button concealed under the debate table top to manipulate the Romney dummy’s movements, to lift his heavy eyebrows, and even to make the dummy sweat. Shockingly the real Mitt Romney was never in the building during the fake debate, his whereabouts unknown.

  • DurdyDawg

    Actually it’s already been revealed (by a close source). This idiot is going to crow about the Obamas’ divorce attempt in 2002 (I think that’s the date). Michelle even went so far as to sign the papers but, as you can see they’re still together and seem as happy as Bill and Hilary.. (he should be so dedicated). If he also brings up drugs (ancient history) and the revised birther farce (ho! hum!) then he will surely become the head dork of stupidity.. Rich, but still a dork.

  • Coming soon from Trump Productions a major motion picture that will shock America and the world. It is “The Obamonster.” Nothing can stop this creature imported from Kenya. He is scarier than King Kong, more frightening than Godzilla, more dangerous than the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. He will march through the South like Sherman doing the Civil War, wreaking havoc in his path of destruction. The only hope for civilization will be a new superhero from the planet TrumpDump, a being from another galaxy and the only force capable of handling “The Obamonster.” He is Ego Man, more powerful than Bain Capital, faster than a speeding falsehood, able to leap the Truth in a single bound. Coming soon to a theater near you.

  • rob

    Mr Oblamea on tape saying how he fully intended to go to work each day at 10:30 and leave by 4, take more days off to play gold then the past TWO term Presidents combined, destroy our credit rating with TWO downgrades, attempt to divide the country into groups? Maybe that’s it?

  • He just wants the tax breaks Romney is proposing for the wealthy. Greedy old man, I suppose he thinks he can take it with him when he goes to _____.

  • trump is a dump flushed in the bowl

  • HopeforAmerica

    I lost All respect for Trump a few years ago when he was professing the birther thing. Trump is dirt.

  • Trump has a new poll that shows the President lost the unicorn vote when he made the “horses and bayonets” quip.

  • Those three Satans, there is a special place that awaits them. (It’s beyond hell)

  • d2convert

    He’s shaving his head ala Daddy Warbucks

  • If this asshat wants to be relevant he should run for office.

  • The “Donald” (duck) Will Announce his conversion to Mormonism to avoid that postmortum baptizing thing

  • While in high school, bully Mitt’s date rape victim got an abortion, but it was all part of God’s plan.

  • CaptCaribbean

    October Surprise : The Donald hires Mitt as his new ” Barber”.

  • alumahead

    The Donald will unveil his all new “Crown of Trump” hair care products along with a disclaimer stating the chemicals used may lower IQ and turn you conservative.

  • lkreu

    I’m going with either a drug dealer or gay married. The gay married one has been making the rounds lately.

  • Hes moving to China !!!!!

  • you clearly failed Civics 101 Alum. It is NOT THE PRESIDENT who creates the pathways for Governmental Spending – it is the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES who holds the purse strings to spending. If you have a problem with a balanced budget – you should pin it on those who actually WRITE the budged. The PRESIDENT only has an AGENDA that he puts forth to the American People. He does not write LAW nor does his do anything budget wise but to send an outline of what he wants to see money spent on.
    Oh honey, it’s called “Picking up a book with FACTS printed in it” – please learn to do it.

  • Vivian – they actually call it “Lying for the Lord”, it’s written right into their doctrine.

  • Alum1989 You of course ARE AWARE that those Unemployment numbers are so high because we’ve pulled troops out of Iraq, they have FINALLY been able to go back to their lives, AND no one hires vets. you’re aware of all that right? AND you are also aware that the COUNTLESS jobs bills that have been sent by the president to the GOP controlled House of Reps (the ones who can SPEND the money) have been voted down over and over right?

  • adler56

    The guy with the worst hair in the world and the biggest ego will soon announce that President Obama is really a black man. Trump assures his fan that this devastating information can be proven and will result in the refeat of Obama. Trump also announced that he has discovered that Dunkin Donuts sells coffee.

  • Trump has commissioned the world’s greatest team of statisticians to create the most awesome polling company TP (TRUMP POLLING). TP has found that Romney has a insurmountable lead and will most definitely be the next President. TP has also found that a majority of the inhabitants of the Milky Way universe find The Apprentice to be most definitely, the most awesome show that has ever existed.

  • Trump is a very lonely person with an inadequate personality. He is totally unable to modulate his grandiosity. No one or almost no one responds to him as a person. They respond to him as the “warrior” plastic toy he projects himself to be.

  • that his hair is shaved from his balls ,taint,and ass then glued to his head

  • irishgirl1224

    I heard through the grapevine that he has a copy of divorce papers for the Obama’s. Watch out Trump, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This man is evil and when the media gives him time they only play into his hands. The best revenge we can give “the hair piece and friends at FOX”, is to elect a good man namely Barrack Obama.

  • sam_ta_boot

    I don’t know..what… the Pres has a few illegitimate children somewhere, because the Birth Certificate craze was just DUMB!

  • It is a matter of projection; when you point your finger at someone else your big finger is always point at you. Donald Trump should take a good look at the man in the mirror but if you looked like Trump physically or morally you probably would not want to do that so you project what is wrong with you onto someone else. I am not concerned about Donald Trump he has never done anything great for this country. What bothers me is: Why is the media so downright irrelevant that they are taking into account what Donald Trump has to say. What about stories of the great heroes who have served this country and given their lives? The media can’t find one of these great stories to report on? If the media had done their job we would have recognized that the weapons of mass destruction did not exist” Shame on the American Media!

  • Donald Trump is a big Fat Joke who lacks credibility

  • Trump will reveal to the world that President Obama is the anti-christ and that if we don’t elect Willard, the world will be destroyed by the Mormon God.

  • How about the Donald wants to finally endorse President Obama. Of course if it were me, I’d run from it.

  • October surprise is that he is cutting his hair and has decided to become a Demoncrat.

  • Barack Obama’s real birth certificate shows his birth name is Shirley Jackson.

  • gagaiam2

    Another birth certificate, of course.

  • pat

    Trum;p is swinging his support to Obama:-)

  • Trump will probably hire some people to say they have proof Obama was born overseas or he’s been having an affair and they found some women who will say she’s been sleeping with Obama and they have a love child. If I had the money I’d uncover Trump’s skeletons and hit him were it would hurt the most his kids and wife. Had Obama been white the GOP wouldn’t be hell bent on destroying the man.

  • Obama caused Trump’s hair to fall out and he also invented the bad comb over look.

    • Rump is still pissed off that Obama handed him is ass on a platter while he killed OBL!
      Yep it will be something “birfer”. Hawaii is not “REALLY” a state or something stupid.
      I can’t bevel people listen to this fool. My bet is on Allred! She took down “The herman Cain” and “NutMeg”. 🙂

  • Four out of five Romney’s support Obama….

  • In a shocking discover, Trump will reveal that Hawaii is really NOT a U.S. state due to a technicality regarding a missing signature from the statehood documents, finally proving Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen as originally claimed. Hawaiian separatists rejoice and immediately confiscate prime Maui real estate, leaving hordes of white people huddling for shelter in Haleakala National Park.

  • well, the last 2 comments are true to all exstent, they both lie in the same bed…..
    I believe he will Propose him self as a ( Write In Canidate ) Or will and Has beeen Researching Dirt on Obama, And wants to tarnish his Fame for the Election, In a Tell All Trump Produced Production……. Thats What Im Thinking it will be …….

  • ObozoMustGo

    Another distraction brought to you courtesy of the useful idiots at The Memo. This is nothing more than an attempt to distract all of you leftist freaks and fools from the real issues at hand. What is the real issue of the day? Obozo’s lies and cover up about Benghazi.

    The truth about Benghazi is coming out. Just like I said it would. The Ambassador was the point man on Obozo’s scheme to deliver weapons to the terrorist rebels (Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda) in Syria from Libya through Turkey. Obozo LIED to the world when he and his staff of fools paraded in front of TV cameras blaming the incident on a protest gone bad that was over a 2-bit YouTube trailer that no one had seen before. He perpetuated that lie so that no one would know that he was giving weapons to terrorist organizations. Russian news is now reporting that Syrian rebels (hear terrorists) are now in possession of American Stinger missiles. Those weapons were run from Libya to Turkey and then into Syria. This is what Obozo is hiding.


    It’s that simple!

    Obozo should be impeached and imprisoned for these crimes. He is a sociopathic liar and a scumbag that must be thrown out NOW!

    Have a nice day!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • Stop watching FOX news! Its rotting your brain. You sound like a retard.
      Who made the movie “innocence of Muslims”? Romney? He met with Anti-Muslims in Aug. Chew on that and quit spewing Bs. Please. Or just breitbart yourself.

      • ObozoMustGo

        wolfy… the truth about Benghazi is:

        1) that Obozo was running weapons to terrorist organizations in Libya.
        2) Obozo knew the terrorist attacks on the consulate were planned
        3) Obozo knew within 2 hours of the 7 hour attack on the consulate that they were in trouble.
        4) Obozo knowingly chose to let them get attacked and went to bed without ordering in quick strike task forces to save them from being killed.



        Go back to your crack pipe, you leftist freak!

        Have a nice day!

        “Tell Vladimir, after my next election, I will have more flexibility.” – Barack Hussein Obozo caught on microphone promising Vladimir he will screw America after he does not have to worry about the stupid voters again.

  • ayayaboy

    Trump is a bogie-bogie. Why worry about his recalcitrancy? Trump is the kind of people that romney hangout with.

  • dandee59

    That thing on top of his head is really a “rug”. He’ll finally come clean.

  • Either Trump has fallen for the Kenyan birth certificate / dual citizenship hoax, or he’s going to announce that “ex-president Obama” has been approved for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

  • jd

    Donald Trump has discovered that Barrack Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii. He’s really a space alien from the planet Amabo sent here to destroy our military, leave earth without defense and take over our planet. A Mormon, Bill and Ted’s best friend, and an idiot from a rich village are our only hope of survival!

  • Fairplay4

    The surprise is that while looking for the President’s birth certificate, Trump realized that he had lost his senses.

  • ObozoMustGo


    Here is more proof. Emails from Libya to the White House during the terrorist attack on the Consulate have come out. It is proof that Obozo knew it was a terrorist attack within 2 hours that it started. OBOZO LIED TO THE WORLD ABOUT THE STUPID VIDEO.

    Here is a link to the actual emails obtained from the White House during the attacks. Replace the word “dot” with a period when you paste it into your address bar.

    theblaze dot com/stories/emails-white-house-informed-within-two-hours-of-benghazi-attack-that-radical-islamic-group-claimed-responsibility/


    WAKE UP you leftist freaks!

    Have a nice day!

    “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

  • This election is not about Donald Trump, it’s about hard working people who just want to go to work and support their family. Trump has been in more bad deals that the government and hard working citizens have bailed him out of. If President Obama was a young white President with his accomplishment he has done, he would be a Super Star. How do we tell other countries we are about equality and democracy and one of the most violent nations in the world. When you go into other people’s country, do you think they are just going to lay down and not defend, that’s an idiot if you think that.

    Trump is no christian, a cheater and a liar. I support President Obama and appreciate every thing he has done to turn around a mess left by the Republicans. They destroyed our system and racism is why they hate on this President. My nephew died in Iraq and my niece serve in Afghanistan as I type this about and idiot like Donald Trump and his GANG OF THEIVES!

  • gjay

    Romney offers Trump a newly created position in his cabinet “SECRETARY OF CHECKING DEMOCRATES BIRTH CERTIFICATES” (That’s after Trump donates another billion dollars to the campaign. Is that a bribe/payoff or just a “friendly exchange of cash??)

  • Trump made millions off the housing market, he hosted those million dollar condos that the government had to buy because of bankruptcies. Guaranteed loans by the government. The Real estate agency is as responsible as wall street, they all made millions.

  • Both Trump and Palin need to BE QUIET.. they have Nothing of any Importance to say. They just love to hear Themselves TALK. Both are like fingernails on a Blackboard to me !

  • gvaz2008

    There is nothing he could say that would change my vote for Pres. Obama. However, I have it on good authority that he uses Botox, thus his bloated face, that and his alcohol abuse, plus, the reason for his ‘comb over’ is that he has hair plugs from his pubic area, and he combs over to hide the kinky hair. Also, he takes Viagra intraveniously to keep up with his young wife!

  • What? Did Obama buy himself a wife, like Dumbo Trunk?

  • Back to the Brith certif..

  • Jeff Devens

    The Donald is going to shave his fat head and dress up as Daddy Warbucks for Halloween.
    — JD in SA

  • RE Trump’s surprise announcement in October~please like~Ok I admit it~I’m an “hair-head”~

  • Why is the “Casino Boy” even in the NEWS? The orange-haired clown needs to go to work in one of his hotels cleaning restrooms or something!

  • He is the worst type of Bullshit artist in the world. A spoil BRAT who’s father left him millions
    and never did anything for our Country just BS BS and more BS. He is also a disgusting self loving
    being. I have more respect for a RAT then this trash.

  • Dana Garvey

    My bet is that the “Surprise” is along the lines of the Birther Movement initiative. Given the fact that Donald Trump has t.v. shows that are so dependent on viewers, my advice to him is to stay out of politics! A nonpartisan approach is always best.

  • There is a movie involving men against Obama, using his half brother to tell that Obama wasn’t born in US? This is a conspiracy by the half brother because he was offered to go to school for a education, he decided not to go? Obama went and parents were very happy and this created a disagreement between the half brother and Obama? This is leading to Trump’s investigation of Obama’s birth certificate?

  • ellieolsen

    Anything that comes out of his mouth can be viewed as the trash it is because that is all he ever spews out of his mouth like vomit.

  • A bat that has been hiding under his hair for years will come flying out just in time for Halloween.

  • Cairndance

    Trump just announced that he would give 5 Million Dollars to a charity of the Presidents choice, if he will release all of his college applications and records by October 31st at 5:00pm!
    How about if Romney releases the same 10 years of tax returns that he gave to McCain, when he was in the running for his VP (and caused McCain to feel that Sarah Palin was the better choice)?
    We want the tax returns by October 31st too.

  • Trump will announce that he has given birth to the 3rd horseman of the apocalypse.

  • Trump is pregnant or he bought a more ridiculous toupee.

  • Donald Trump, is letting every body know he have the aids virus, form having to many
    women in his life.

  • rossaimer

    That he and Romney are partners in tribadism!

  • Don’t care what Trump’s surprise is We need to not pay attention to any of it. Trump is an adulterer, womanizer and has been trying to destroy President Obama from the very begining. He is not a credibal human being. We need to keep him off the air period

  • Jim

    The Donald is coming out that he is actually an Albino African American and Mitt Romney’s twin brother.

  • Mitt d0es walk like something is going on with the buttie. Gay I don’t know.

  • don1010

    The Donald used to be Donna.

  • Sal Blakey

    He is SO FAKE!! It’s (and he) are pathetic!

  • Ozboy

    The bloviating ignoramus will announce in October that if elected, Romney will appoint his hair piece as Secretary of State.

  • montanabill

    How about: Obama is a really bad President.

    This will come as a shock to Democrats who been lulled into thinking everything was going along swimmingly and that HOPE and CHANGE had already occurred such that we are in nirvana. If not, never fear, we will go FORWARD with more of the same to get there.

  • northroader1775

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE……………….President Obama is not a kenyan terrorist…He is from Kolab and will be taking over the Morman church. They will now be required to wear the magic undies on the outside of their baggy pants and missionaries will go to strictly bow ties plus they will be required to RAP their messages in thee and thou style sound bites.

    After the announcement Trump distances himself from his new found love of Mitt’s cult as there is no way for him to dance hip hop and keep his toupee in place.

  • mbethind

    Trump is such a blowhard, all-about-me person (and I use the terms “person” lightly). He’s still pushing that O’bama is not a citizen, and I don’t put it past him to “trump-up” something against O’bama. Who in their right mind would believe ANYTHING he has to say.

  • supercarp

    Trump is going to let out a hearsay type of article about Obama almost getting divorced years ago. He is waiting because he thinks the closer it is to the election, the more likely no one will be able to thoroughly check it out and debunk it.

  • Trump needs to keep his eyes and hands in his pocket. He is pointing at somebody who is trying to keep his life in order, and Trump is the LAST one to bring up DIRT on anybody. HIS life is not a great nice book. So the Bible says he who is “without sin” cast the first stone. His stone CANNOT be the first, according to the Bible. If he wants to act like the devil, he already has in his past life against his first wife and children – I really liked her. He is acting like the devil now, being a HATER on Obama. IS he racist?

  • foxyk9

    He’s going to admit that he’s been getting into the middle of other peoples’ business way too much, he’s sorry and he’s not going to make a public ass out of himself anymore. He’s going to keep his mouth shut and stop putting everyone else down just because he can’t agree with them on anything. I hope that is his anoucement, that would be wonderful to hear.

  • Even though trump and willard are lovers they don’t want to stay together because they are both Bottoms. They Both like it up the B*^T

  • Trump has done this before and as before and will be some horrid crap and trivial banter that will be nothing. We’ve feeding into this now.

  • foxyk9

    I’m sure it will be something about President Obama.
    Trump’s the biggest racist I’ve ever heard of and he’s hated more than any black person I know.

  • A gorilla from the jungle is going to donate some hair for trumps new hair piece!!!!!

  • The World will end 21st of December 2012.

  • Maybe if Willard got the plastic surgical created mean look like Trump had cut into his already ugly face, he could have scared me and millions of others to vote for the dumb looking Republican. Or maybe he should wear a Hollywood rubber mask to look like Trump to beat the good looking man, Obama.
    Also then Trump could have sex with the only person he loves in this world; himself!

  • highpckts

    Someone give me a scissors!!

  • Why don’t Donald Trump keep his nose to himself. Expose his history and record and not his money. Where he got it not all honest just follow the drugs. He made money by housing Gadaffi once plus other evil things. Why he don’t offer Mitt tomney the same deal. So all put it on the line. this man is really hubing HATE!

  • bcountry

    Trump and other bigoted right wingers are upset that Romney is now flipping toward the center, that they will finally start showing their distaste for the Morman religion and their belief in the book of morman. Their threat is to tell Romney if he does not swing back right, they will expose the religion as a cult, as it truely is.

  • widowed1

    Trumps big announcement:
    I did not jump into that dumpster after my credit card, he pushed me !

  • What Trump needs to do is tell how many violations he has received from the Government in the past for the property he rented to minorities and charging them higher rates than non-minorities. The amazing part is that it has been told that his father was just the opposite, a humanitarian and went out of his way to help the underprivileged. It’s too bad that his son learned nothing positive from his father and I understand that Trump’s children are just like him; greedy and uncaring . However, a lot of people forget that when you put out negative, negative comes back to you. When you put out positive, positive will come back to you. You will reap what you sow.

  • dljones

    When you have got to offer 5MM dollars to get the truth, especially from one that was elected with the Coran in hand, his boastful record of success should immediately surface. Truthfully, would you expect less?

  • Trump think his all that…..I mean seriously I can’t stand him….because of the power of money he think that his above everyone..all of the things that you have Trump are vanity.. vanity…you came to this world with nothing and you are leaving this world with nothing….your money cannot buy your way to Heaven …the only thing your money can buy you is your way to hell with lucifer..unless you repent …in fact you won’t have a the time to repent…because satan have been keeping you busy with all of your richest…but at the end my friend, when God call us all for judgement day ,you’re gonna wish that you were never behave in such a terrible manner

  • I will give Trump a name….Dump Trump…

  • joceandre

    Trump probably would not know how to read a college transcript, led alone understand it.

  • After 5 bankruptcies he should be deported

  • Give them a few drinks and they are all GAY. Then they will have an excuse.


    If you look back over the last ten years, you’ll find that more repubicans (intentional) were caugth in the closet. would that be trapped in the closet????