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Thursday, March 22, 2018

When France’s prime minister Manuel Valls said after last Friday’s attacks in Paris, “nous sommes en guerre” – we are at war – there could be no doubt that the rest of the civilized world, including the United States and NATO, will stand beside our oldest ally in a common struggle to extirpate the barbaric ISIS.

But as this conflict deepens and national emotions surge, it is vital to keep minds clear and principles intact.

Sadly the Republican candidates for president, and too many in their party, will seek to use this crisis as a partisan weapon against President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic presidential contender. They will charge the Obama administration with “weakness” even as American warplanes fly thousands of sorties against ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria. Such political attacks sound ridiculous to anyone familiar with the recent history of the Mideast. As a product of Al Qaeda in Iraq, ISIS rose directly from the ill-conceived invasion and occupation of that unfortunate country – and the fact that Clinton mistakenly voted to give George W. Bush the conditional authority to wage that war in no way makes her (or Obama) responsible for its botched execution.

The social chaos, religious strife, and massive bloodshed resulting from the US invasion created fertile ground for a new terrorist movement. And as Washington Post reporter Joby Warrick explains in Black Flags, his authoritative new history of the rise of ISIS, the Bush administration elevated its founder, a minor Jordanian gangster named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, into an international terrorist celebrity with its bogus claim that he represented a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

So when historians someday apportion blame, that process won’t flatter the Republicans and their neoconservative advisers, who assured us that “regime change” in Iraq would reshape the region at very little cost to us. Few national security predictions have ever been so confident and so wrong, with such enormous and enduring consequences. Influenced by those advisers, the Bush White House failed to address the terrorist threat before 9/11, and later used it to build a fraudulent justification for invading Iraq.

We might thus hesitate before continuing to follow the counsel of such figures – from William Kristol to Dick Cheney to Jeb Bush, one of the original members of the Project for the New American Century, a powerful lobbying outfit formed 15 years ago to promote war in Iraq, among other misguided ideas. These are the same characters who fought more recently to kill the Iran nuclear deal. Had they succeeded, we now would have no chance of even minimal cooperation with Tehran against ISIS, which is vital.

We would do better instead to reject their ill-conceived notions – and especially their mindless hostility toward Muslims and Islam.

Consider the latest instance: Along with Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and too many other Republicans, “moderate” Jeb Bush today articulates a response to ISIS that includes ominous anti-Muslim overtones. Specifically, he and Cruz urge the government to accept Christian but not Muslim refugees from Syria — and this is merely the most recent in a wave of remarks and statements offensive to Muslims from Republican elected officials and political hopefuls. Whenever a Republican candidate — or any other American — endorses bigotry against Islam and its billion-plus believers, he or she becomes a “useful idiot” serving the cause of terrorist jihad.

As George W. Bush said in his finest hour, our cause is not a war against Islam or the overwhelming majority of Muslims who live peacefully and loyally in the United States and in scores of other nations, from Europe to Malaysia. Indeed, the destruction of ISIS will require an unbreakable alliance with Islam’s true followers, not only in Syria and Iraq but in every place that jihadi terrorists may target. We cannot rely on military, police, and intelligence cooperation from people demonized and demeaned by political leaders and media outlets.

Every imbecile who threatens Muslims is an unwitting agent of ISIS; in fact, it would be unsurprising to learn that ISIS itself is covertly promoting such messages in order to intensify enmity between the peoples of the Quran and the rest of the world. Certainly that is among the primary objectives of attacks like last week’s atrocities in Paris.

What we need now is a diplomatic solution for Syria, which may at last be on the horizon if the Russians are serious about bringing down ISIS. We need a smart, careful, and focused military strategy that builds on recent advances by Kurdish and Shiite forces on the ground. And we need to assure Muslims everywhere – as President Obama has wisely insisted — that they have a place of security and honor in the world we hope to build.

Photo: The Eiffel Tower is lit with the blue, white and red colours of the French flag in Paris, France, November 16, 2015, to pay tribute to the victims of a series of deadly attacks on Friday. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

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135 Responses to Paris Terror: Why ISIS Needs The ‘Useful Idiots’ Who Demonize Muslims

  1. And that is the opposite of the Republican message! Alienate regular Muslims and help ISIS against the Democrats is the Republican mantra.

    • Useful idiots….yup, that’s the liberals for ya!

      The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupidd liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

      You will often find useful idiots (aka liberals) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

      Useful Idiot Liberals aren’t necessarily bad people, and in many cases, are exceptionally warm and kind hearted. Many have high IQ’s and hold advanced degrees. They can hold files full of factoids in their brains, but lack the capacity to weave them together to find a coherent pattern. Though they fancy themselves as “free thinkers”, they are actually the most authority worshipping (politically correct) and servile creatures you will ever meet. When it comes to independent critical thought, they are astonishingly stupid …..and very dangerous! Liberals are “the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists.”

        • You insult Joe, call names, etc. How can you talk about our educational system failed in his case, when you post those childish, remarks. Must be just a weak mind trying to express itself.

          • Apparently you haven’t read many of Josie posts or you would
            know that “he” is a she and she is not reticent about handing out insults. Of course her gender is of no consequence but it does show that you like to shoot from the hip with little if any background about what you are addressing. But sure name calling accomplishes nothing and is maybe childish but I tend to
            respond in kind. Present opinions or information without insult or innuendo and I will respond likewise. Offer nothing but hate speech and BS and I will ridicule you, just for the $hits and giggles.

          • Background. trust me. I have plenty:) I’m not stuck in my little American box that doesn’t go beyond American media. LOL

          • Trust you??? Nothing you have ever posted here indicates you
            should be trusted about anything. If the relatives you claim are feeding you information are as biased as you are then yes you are still stuck in your little jingoistic American box.

          • LOL, just too funny! You people are now making me laugh out loud. No, sorry. I come from a highly educated family. Some even worked in government… Our family is not full of a bunch of dummies. I can assure you of that. In fact, as much as I hate communism, one of my great great great uncles had a philosophy degree and wrote a book that greatly influenced Karl Marx…

          • “You people”? I’m just one person, like you, presenting my
            opinion and nothing more, like you. So if you come from a highly educated family then apparently you are the black sheep and where did you get the idea that educated people aren’t biased? BTW I don’t mean to imply that your family is a bunch of dummies, just you.

          • It does seem that Schmuck sometimes claims to be a woman, there was at least one posting that she/he (?) stated she was married for 30 years. In other posting I believe she/he claimed to be a male. Either way the schmuck writes some of the inaccurate and illogical comments. Her/his comment above is an example of how she/he generalizes about Liberals specifically and other people in general.

          • No I don’t care if you are a woman, a man, he/she or amoeba. We re laughing at you not with you twit. It’s your delusional embellishment of yourself that is the funniest.

          • 28th out of 30 in the world. Last in reading, 27th in math. 23rd in science. Not lookin so good is it?

            I know what I got from my primary and secondary education and it was bad in the 70’s. I can only imagine what it is like now! I’m so glad I got out of college earlier. Colleges are now just brainwash institutions indoctrinating the ignorant and innocent.

          • Did you actually read Joe Schmo’s comment. It’s full of generalizations, mischaracterizations and out & out bullshit. He calls Liberals “useful idiots” who lounge in Starbucks over a Frappuccino. She/he is in love with hers/his writings even though they are generally nonsensical and outright biased. So it seems that it’s ok for Schmo to label people but no one else?

          • Really, and what you have stated makes sense? Liberals don’t deal in facts. Just delusional empty statements. My spouse and I call liberals ‘aliens.’ We don’t think they really can be from this world.

          • Let’s start with when you stated that the US Dollar was tanking when I pointed out to you that is actually as and still I increasing in value (check any financial sources twit). When you stated that investing in the stock market was foolish and gold & silver were better. Well since 1/21/2009 the DJIA is up 113%, S&P 500 is up 144%, Nasdaq is up 231% while gold is up an astounding 39% & silver is up even better at 47%. Looks like your daddy is not an astute investor. One last fact is you claimed that under W the U6 unemployment rate averaged 5% which according to my calculation would be impossible since the lowest U6 rate was 6.9%.
            In very simple and plain (I want to make sure you both can grasp this) no one on this site gives a crap what you or your he/she thinks. AS for delusional statements just read some of you beyond belief comments.

      • You know Josie I’ve seen quite a few of your posts and have yet to see an example of “independent critical thought” in any of them. It’s obvious you have only contempt for education and intellectual pursuits. In a way I don’t blame you since it is obvious that our educational system failed abysmally in your case.

        BTW you seem to be pretty good at dispensing propaganda yourself.

        Oh right, when you repeat rumors and hearsay it’s God’s honest truth but when something disagrees with your hateful views it is just a “factoid”.

        • Independent critical thought? It’s called common sense not common core.

          Rumors and here say? Much of what I state comes from sources other than the media. I’m not part of the collective. I can actually think for myself.

        • Josie/Joe is the little punk whose first thought to write about after the Paris attacks was to bash Liberals. She/he will spout whatever crap she/he hears or reads about on the right wing media. When it comes to facts she/he is a bantam weight.

          • LOL, I am French, German and English. You’re an idiot! My family is deeply ingrained in Europe. Most still live there. I hear from FAMILY and FRIENDS in Europe. As usual you are wrong!

          • You keep having to boast about yourself and denigrate others, leads everyone to believe you suffer from low esteem. Was I wrong about your Friday comment about thrashing Liberals without even a hint of sympathy for those who were killed or injured? Now you starting lie, your are so pitiful. You know you don’t have friends, at least visible ones.

  2. The Republican tendency to blame all Muslims for the hateful actions of a tiny minority does, indeed, help terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda by alienating people who would otherwise be on our side. Interestingly, and in spite of the constant insults and threats we direct at moderate Muslims, they continue to denounce the crimes committed by ISIS and other religious fanatics. The latest example of this is a new movement, composed mostly of young Muslims, who use the metaphor “Not In My Name” to denounce the attacks in Paris and other examples of barbarism.
    One of the keys to end terrorism is to get moderate Muslims on our side. Let’s not forget that the main targets of organizations such as ISIS are fellow Muslims. Driving moderate Muslims away encourages even the most moderate to condone, or at least tolerate, the fanaticism and barbarism they deplore.

    • Greed overpowers and is the root of all evil. Why we and our allies our targets. Americans in the eyes of hate are the cause of their demise and nothing is going to change. Looking at commenting on social media just shows more ignorance than intelligence. We all have a heart just some let hate consume it.

    • Obama’s strategy is a complete failure and you find a way to blame the Republicans. This so-called tiny minority is not only growing, but they are murdering people at will. Obama said he will get us out of all wars. How’s that working out? ISIS is a murdering group of Muslims that will not be stopped by anything less then killing them. Why aren’t the “moderate Muslims” helping to get rid of the murderers? How can you defend the rights of both women and Muslims when all Muslims treat women like crap?

      • “Obama said he will get us out of all wars. How’s that working out?” Note that it is easier to create a war than to end one. That is particularly true when the war starter, that would be Bush-Cheney in case you forgot, had no exit plan going in.

        • Their exit plan was to win, which they did. Obama is the one that allowed the terrorists back in. Besides what does Bush have to do with the promise Obama made?

          • Odd the GWB signed the exit paperwork (with the exit date) and Obama gets the blame for implementing it. Or maybe you’d just prefer the Trump plan: “ignore treaties and agreements that I personally disagree with”.

          • Odd that Obama has had 7 years to fix problems, yet you still blame GWB. We have a treaty with France (NATO) to protect and help them. Why isn’t Obama doing just that?

          • Win??? You’re kidding right unless you use body count to
            keep score then yes there were more Iraqis killed than Americans. You must consider ISIS as a victory because it was our pointless war based on lies that created the ground they grew out of.

          • Wrong. Our withdrawal from Iraq followed the timetable negotiated by W. We made a huge mistake invading Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein from power. We made a major strategic mistake replacing Saddam’s Baathist members from military and government positions and replacing them with Shias aligned to Iran. We are now paying the consequences for the decisions we made.
            I think it is also important to point out that Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey have been in a state of almost constant turmoil since the days of Mesopotamia, the Sumerians; the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires, the days of the Caliph of Damascus, and the days of the British mandate. Pretending that we can go to that part of the world, promise them American-style freedoms and opportunities, and expect them to lay down their arms, abandon ancient animosities, and coexist in peace is beyond laughable.
            At a time when oil is not as valuable a commodity as it used to be, we should rethink our strategy, reduce our presence in that part of the world, invest in developing countries where our presence is welcome, and let the Sunnis and Shia settle their scores without interference. Do you remember what Reagan said after almost 300 U.S. Marines were slaughtered at the Beirut airport? That’s not our war!

      • If President Obama’s strategy were a complete failure, you wouldn’t have the privilege of pecking at your key board. You haven’t been attacked by radicals. I feel safe with President Obama at the helm. The US has been safe under his watch, the turmoil in the ME is still in the ME.

      • Yes, it is kind of an oxymoron for these people. They fought so hard for women’s and gay rights yet, they support murderers who respect neither. What’s wrong with this picture. Shows you how out of touch with reality they really are. Granted there most likely are those Muslims who are civil, but since most don’t have the proper paperwork, how do we know who they are. Too risky

      • There are 1.5B Muslims in the world. ISIS has between 25,000 and 30,000 members. That, in my opinion, is a tiny minority. The country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia, a peaceful country. Large Muslim population coexist with members of other religions in India and Russia. The fact that there are some radicals among them does not mean that most of them are not contributing to the society in the countries they live in. The same goes for the alleged mistreatment of women. Don’t confuse some backwards religious zealot in places like Afghanistan with people in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, or India, to name a few. The fact that women dress modestly is not an affront on their rights, inasmuch as most of them want to dress that way.
        As for how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going, I think they are going much better than they did when 4,500 American soldiers were killed and tens of thousands were maimed. Then again, I would not be surprised if Republicans claim that one U.S. casualty in 3 years is much worse than what happened in the W days.
        As for Muslim countries not helping us fight ISIS, I would like to remind you that Turkey has launched air strikes against ISIS, and that Iran has two battalions fighting ISIS on the ground in Syria. Why isn’t Saudi Arabia helping? Because W’s beloved Saudi Sunni allies are unwilling to fight their ISIS Sunni brothers.

    • &%$$&*%(&%&*^*&)^!@!!

      Not all Americans are Republican murder-addict racist know nothings.

      Not all Muslims are ISIL.

      Make the connection!


      • Seriously! You deserve to be attacked by terrorists. Until it is in your own backyard and happens to your family you will continue to live in LaLaLand.

        We don’t care if all Muslims are not ‘ISIS.’ We don’t know who are. That’s the problem. Religions don’t mix and they DON’T want to mix. They just want to take over. I can’t believe you people. You fought so hard for Women’s and gay rights. Neither which the Muslim’s except. They do not want to assimilate. They want to change. In Europe my family has already felt the repercussion. My family member who is a teacher is getting forcefully retired because the Muslim population taunts her and they don’t want to learn from a woman. Women volunteers must be accompanied by a man because they feel the handing out of food by women infidels is ‘unclean.’ Women must accompany men to camps so they won’t get raped. The government is requesting that the EU take the migrants into their homes. You think that is just?

        By the way, the ‘Trojan Horse’ is coming here. Your Alice in Wonderland existence will end and just maybe you will come to your senses when you family is attacked. Just remember. I told you so.

        • I have close relatives in Spain, the UK, Sweden, and France. None of them has been affected by the influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, North African, and Sub-Saharan countries.
          Instead of xenophobic claims you should consider the dangers of ignoring the abilities and capabilities of the ISIS terrorists, before they carry out attacks in the USA. At least one of the Paris terrorists participated in a terrorist attack in Brussels over a year ago. The leader of the attack is from Morocco. One was from Algiers, and another was a French national. Most of them participated in “combat” and got training in Raqqa, Syria. We are dealing with a sophisticated, well trained, and organized murderous organization that moves its operatives with relative freedom throughout the Western world. I would not be surprised if there are ISIS cells in the USA waiting for orders to act. We are not going to defeat this scum by taking advantage of the unfortunate situations that contribute to large human migrations to hide the distinct probability of ISIS agents entering Western countries via our international airports, the same way the Al Qaeda 9/11 terrorists did. We must stay focused, remember the 9/11 lessons learned, and fight our common enemy without distractions used to facilitate policy making designed to pursue xenophobic goals.

          • I don’t believe Joe Schmo’s intelligence quotient is sufficiently elevated to allow his mind to absorb those points. Or, to put it in terms even a Repugnican can understand, you’re kicking a dead horse, my friend.

          • Dude, I have a master’s. I’m not ignorant like you! American colleges are being so indoctrinated. Liberals prey on the innocent and ignorant. I rest my case.

          • Just like you morons, I won’t quit. I know how liberals are. They think their way is the only way. You forget that we live in America too. You think we have become aggressive towards you. Boohoohoo. Well, I guess this is what you get when you push people against the wall. We have had a very long fuse. Your president has been the most divisive in history and will not have much of a legacy. It has become apparent, when viewing Donald Trumps rallies, that many Americans feel the same way.

          • Just like folks who say “I’m not racist”, if you have to post ‘I’m smart’, it pretty much means, you are a dumba$$. We can tell if you are educated by what you write, and you are not.

            Josie girl, you are a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Where in brief: dumb folks are too stupid to realize their own incompetence.


          • Paul, you prove your ignorance time and time again by demeaning me. I feel compelled to stand up against tyrants like yourself. Obviously, your education level proves to me that most over-educated liberal buffoons no longer have any common sense. Quite the contrary is true of educated conservatives who actually know how to think outside of the ‘collective,’ and who are justifiably not ‘useful idiots.’

          • Yup, really thinking outside the Fox collective josie girl, being their “useful idiot” all along.
            “There are two kinds of Republicans, millionaires and fools”, and which are you?

          • Well, MSNBC isn’t really doing you much justice is it? Nah, my family comes from Europe. I know all about the atrocities there. My father lived through several regimes. I was in communist Europe when I was a child. My family was very political. Wasn’t Fox that made me think the way I do. Sorry to inform, it was life experience. It was my families experience and those of people I know.

          • Great comment, Josie/Joe loves to state how intelligent, wealthy and tough she/he is. When challenged with facts she/he pulls a Houdini!

          • Hey Dominick. again, how do we know who is and who isn’t. At the moment, it’s too much of a risk. I also have family in Europe. They say it is chaos and they don’t even know each other.

        • Nobody deserves to get attacked for their opinion. Not even you, as block headed as you are. Evil people wish bad things on others, say a lot about you. You are right about religions just want to take over, we have that prime example in our GOP party, they use the christianity religion against God’s children that are different. Did you miss the 9/11 trojan horse, they have already been here and will back again if our intelligence doesn’t impede.

          • Obviously, Print, you are missing the mark, again. You can’t even tolerate Christianity (something your media has blatantly boinked you on the head with), yet you tolerate the Koran. Geez!

  3. The embarrassing thing about America’s radical Right, is they have actually became kindred spirits in thought, if not in deed, with the radicals on the Islamic Right. Whereas the extremists in the Middle East have made no distinction between Westerners, and Christians. The American Right likewise insists on seeing no differences, or making any distinction among Middle Easterners, or those of the Muslim Faith. And it is sadly fact, that for both conservative, hardline factions here, or Islam-o-Facists there. Be they Irish, or Arab, Christian, or Muslim-ideological extremist all. So, people are summarily divided up. Not by who they are, but by fear or hatred of them. By where they came from, or how they choose to worship their God. And so then may be demonized, deemed more “the other,” than human. And suddenly the regular norms of human decency no longer apply. No longer make sense they say. And of course, each justify their glaring failures to follow the fundamental tenets of their own respective Faiths, and contentions of being upright, in very similar ways. Based on their unshakable belief that they are right, and therefore it must be that everyone with a differing opinion is wrong. And how successful we the civilized World will eventually be in defeating that will determine in no small part our eventual success in defeating the plague of international terrorism that confronts us today.

    • We reap what we sow. Imagine how much further along we could be today had we been able to hear the minority of voices that predicted the situation we face today before the decision to invade Iraq took place. And still we learn nothing from hindsight.

      • I’ve said a number of times that just about any cultural anthropologist could have predicted what would happen when Saddam Hussein was deposed. I wouldn’t doubt that someone in the Bush 43 administration did say that chaos and factional war would be the result, but the chief decision maker and his puppetmaster weren’t interested since that prediction didn’t mesh with their (Cheney’s) goal.

  4. Here is the succinct version of the beliefs of most religious:

    My invisible god in the sky is better than yours, and I’m going to kill you for it.

      • It’s Muslims.
        OH, No, how about the Crusades? the Spanish Inquisition? the Salem with trails? The Mr. Jones “koolaid” christians? Kim Davis in TN? Did Muslims start WWI ? Did the Muslims start WWII?

        Sorry the christians are not immune to religious intolerance, you are just showing your bigotry with such a statement.

        • You are talking about things that happened hundreds of years ago. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. The Quran teaches the Muslimes to kill the infidel.
          My bigotry? Ask the French about how peaceful the Muslimes are.

          • Kim Davis? WWI? WWII? Jones’ “koolaid” murders? All of these are current. Or how about the hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi that the Americans (christians) “accidentally” killed in our recent war there?
            All except one of those Paris killers were French citizens. So no again christians/westerners are just as guilty of being religious bigots, you don’t get that pass.

          • We fought political wars, idiot. We need to let the military do their jobs….Believe me, they DO NOT assimilate nor do they want to. Their intention is to change Europe. Give us a break!

          • Hilter was a christian, he was fighting a “christian” war of cleansing.
            Christians are even more a war mongering group than Muslims, and for you to think otherwise is just ignoring MOST ALL of history, congrats.

            Those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

          • Are you truly that ignorant? Bottom line — read the Bible and read the Koran. The Bible teaches to love. The Koran to kill. You don’t see Christian extremists attacking non-Christians in Paris or other cities in the world. Where are the protests and the outrage of the “peaceful” muslimes?

          • Also, Hitler was NOT a Christian. If you truly think so, read “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

          • Right!! How do left wing idiots somehow equate what happened 1000 years ago with what the muslimes are doing now?

          • Yes, as former radical Islamist, “Morten Storm” stated today. They will fight until the last man is standing.

      • Not Muslims per se my friend. It is ALL Religionist Idiots that read and pervert their religious writings.
        Jewish Faith – persecution and death to ALL that dared challenge the Faith. There were the Zealots and the Sicarri and also Saul of Tarsus, later to be known as the Apostle Paul of the Christian Movement, who went into Damascus and other areas to round up the “Christians” and bring them back to Jerusalem to be killed. In his own words Paul says, “I held the cloaks of those that stoned Stephen to death. The dissenter, Jeshua, better known as Jesus was put to death for his challenge to the Judaic Faith.
        Paris, France Aug 23,24, 1562 Catherine De Medici, with approval of the Pope attacked the Huguenots because they were followers of John Calvin and thus dissenters of the Holy Catholic Church. Estimate of deaths in the ensuing months range from 5000 to 50,000 throughout the Country by the Catholics. Pizarro went in into Peru with his Army and a Catholic Priest. When the Inca Chief rejected the Priest he was imprisoned and subsequently killed and his people were slain by the hundreds “In the Name of God and the King -Amen! Why? Because they were “Godless Heathens”

        Naveau Illinois – God Fearing Radical Christians attacked the members of the new formed “Religion” Latter Day Saints((Mormon) Killing the Leader, Joseph Smith, among many more in the name of GOD.
        Our good Puritan forefathers in Massachusetts systematically killed off the Pequot Indians for land and justified it by proclaiming it was done to rid the area of Godless Heathen “In the name of GOD and the King (on file in the Archives in England)

        It is not Muslims but the radical idiots of the Muslim Faith. It is not Christians, it is the idiot faction of the Christian Faith. Not all Catholics but the idiot faction..Not all Jews but the idiot faction.

        I am in agreement with you on one point.

        Anytime any radical group gets so twisted as to think ALL must adhere to their particular GOD or die then that GROUP needs to be sought out and destroyed no matter what faith or religion they profess.

        The Quran is a bloody book in some references but lest you think it is unique I invite you to read the Torah (Jewish) and other Old Testament books. They are every bit as bloody as the Quran and they also advocate death to unbelievers.

        It’s not ALL – it is the Radical Idiots.

  5. The author of this article is a simpering a–wipe. Hello? Their Quran calls for the killing of infidels who won’t convert. They are our enemy!

      • Paul, you are a complete idiot. You know religions never mix well. We are not Mecca. I have family in Europe. It is chaos. Women are getting pushed out of jobs because the demographics have changed so much that Muslims do not want to be taught by women. Female volunteers (infidels) are not allowed to feed the Migrants because they believe it is ‘unclean.’ Women need to be accompanied by men for fear of being raped. The government is asking locals to bring these people into their homes. They are also kicking out EU and putting the migrants in their place. How stupid are you. They don’t want to live among Christians peacefully, they want to take us back to the dark ages.

        I believe once the Europeans have a leader, there will be civil war, they will kick out the migrants and the EU will be toast. That goes to show you that the ‘Global’ experiment did not work and we humans are not ready to live in the same space.

          • Well, you don’t have to believe me moron! It doesn’t come from the collective media that you all so worship. The news comes from people who actually are living it! As for racist, I don’t see your party employing any ethnic candidate. Just an old lying beeach.,

          • Of course I won’t believe you josie, a troll who won’t admit her own gender.

            I’ve actually been to Europe and met Muslims, guess what? They are normal peaceful people, generally without hate, unlike you.

          • Hey, jerko! Who cares what I am. I could be a Blue elephant for all it’s worth. My ideology does not change.

            Well, you’ve obviously not lived there all your life. I hear horrid stories from different family members who are not related. They ALL say the same thing.

            Those so called peaceful people, need to stay in their homeland. There is a reason Isreal has a ‘wall.’

          • Yes, your ideology remains one of a racists bigot, congrats, proved my point.

            Your personal anecdotes do not make generalities, but I know that is a difficult concept for you…

          • Really, I guess that’s why I like Carson, Rubio and Cruz:) Makes me a racist and a bigot doesn’t it? You haven’t proved squat!

            Your critical thought process has not allowed you to deduce the forethought that perhaps some of those migrants that you so want in this country have no background information. We don’t know who is a radical and who is not. Your deduction has also not allowed you to begin to think that some of the ILLEGALS coming from the south are drug cartel and criminals. You would rather live in a bubble and believe everyone is good. Huh! That open-minded premise is an illusion and very dangerous. I think I would rather be overly safe. Until it happens to you, your life will be a psuedo Alice in Wonderland existence. Something many Americans with the forethought to protect their families don’t want nor have. Why do you think Donald Trump has 1000’s at his rallies… The proof is in the pudding.

          • He’s a crook. I voted for him in 2008 but when I saw what a dictator and communist he was, I changed my opinion. He is the racist and bigot. He hates the white side of himself. He is an anti-colonial Marxist. A divider. Someone who’s sees anarchy as an answer to conquering a once great nation. I can’t wait to see what mayhem will befall America in the next year.

            All I can say is that, American’s are so tired of this buffoon doesn’t matter what his affiliation is. As for the term racist, that’s so dated. We also have a black man running at the top whom we love. Someone you call an Uncle Tom. I guess what’s good for you isn’t good enough for us. What a hypocrite.

          • Of all the words in the English lexicon, you choose “Mulatto” to describe the leader of the free world? I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed in you, David. That’s an archaic word – no longer used because of its association with slavery and other forms of racial oppression. In other words, it’s a slur. The contemporary term for someone who is of mixed ancestry is “biracial”.

            But, then again, yours is NOT the side of tolerance and political correctness, is it? Yours is the side that promotes disrespect, disregard and disparity. Yours is the side that thrives on demagoguery, hyperbole, hypocrisy and vitriol.

            Otherwise, you’d be more respectful – and refer to Mister Obama as “President”.

          • Hmmm….First, good morning! Second, the term, “mulatto” is an old Spanish word. It is still recognized by Oxford and Merriam-Webster. Third, disrespect, disregard, disparity, demagoguery, hyperbole, and hypocrisy are not solely confined to the “Repugnician” party, agree? Fourth, how are things in Utah?

          • 1. Good morning.

            2. Yes, indeed. “Mulatto” is an old word; that is what archaic means, isn’t it?

            3. The words “n!gger’, “sp!c”, “gu!nea” and “k!ke” are also “recognized by Oxford and Merriam-Webster” – as terms of racial or ethnic aspersion. In other words, they’re insults – slurs which are no longer used in polite conversation. Just like “mulatto”.

            4. Disrespect, disregard, disparity, demagoguery, hyperbole, and hypocrisy are certainly not “solely confined” to the Repugnican Party, but they are their hallmarks – their stocks in trade. They are what your party is known for around the globe these days. And I’m sorry, Squire, but you’re guilty by association.

            5. Utah’s nice – except for the overabundance of Repugnicans.

          • Not cowardice. Observation. I see what it has done in Europe. It’s a takeover not a living together in peace. Why are you people so stupid.

          • Sorry loser. I have no problem with most countries bringing people in. Only I want them to come in LEGALLY like my parents did, and I believe we should reinstate the quota because it makes it fair for everyone. It is the global agenda of the left that perplexes me. You believe it is up to the US to take care of everyone when we don’t even take care of our own. You believe Climate change solutions should be all American, however; you refuse to realize that there are bigger pollution problems in China and Russia. You believe we need to bring Muslims here whether we know if they are radical or not. You have fought so hard for Women’s rights and Gay rights when Islam disregards both of them. In my opinion, liberals make no sense at all and are aliens in their own country.

        • You are speaking of the radicals. Muslim is a religious cult, just like christianity. Evil people use religion as a way to hurt others with no shame.

          • Well, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Europe and the U.S. don’t need these people at the moment. Their influx into Europe came right after the wall came down. Europeans are very upset about what has happened. They don’t want them there. I believe a civil war is eminent.

          • Thanks, Bob! Makes no sense? Liberals are always playing grammar police. They usually start cussing or resorting to grammatical errors when they have no retort.

          • No thanks! If my memory serves me correctly, you people wanted to be JUST like Europe. Well, why not head on over. LOL

            Former radical Muslim extremist, Morten Storm, stated today, that Muslims following the Koran will fight until the last man is standing and, remember, this is coming from someone who was a former Islamist.

  6. I lived in a Muslim country for a year and a half back in the 80s and never, in all that time, did I meet one I didn’t like. To a man, woman and child, I found them to be warm, welcoming and generous. Even those who were politically “anti-Westerner” treated me with respectful accommodation.

    The bottom line, from my perspective is this: if you have no first-hand knowledge or experience with an Islamic culture (or with any topic under discussion, for that matter), you should either change the subject or STFU!

    • Has not served Europe well. It’s chaos. I have family there. So I speak from the perspective of family who is living it. Not the media! You can try to pacify it all you want. Religions just don’t mix. We aren’t that civilized. Especially Muslims. I guess you want suppression of women, children and the death of gays. You know the rights that you fought so hard to attain. What an oxymoron.

      • I’m sure you meant “oppression of women….and the death of gays.” But never mind – I make allowances for your lack of intelligence. You’re like the Norm Crosby of wingnuts – very comical, indeed.

        That said, I find it ironic that any Turd Party acolyte (such as yourself) would deride someone else for oppressing women and advocating for the “death of gays”.

        • How very arrogant of you Cranky. Now you are sounding like Paul. I didn’t realize America had class distinction. Shame, and here you are always preaching tolerance. You are not very tolerant of the Right. Idiots and illegals, yes. Your own countrymen, no. In that case, I hope you don’t mind, if I look down at you.

          • Let me unpack your nonsense one whiney piece at a time – and as succinctly as I possibly can:

            OK. I’m arrogant. And I’ve got Fred Flintstone feet. Woe is me!

            I don’t know which “Paul” you’re referring to, but I’m guessing it’s not Saint Paul.

            Any one percenter (and most wannabees) will tell you that there is, most assuredly, a distinction to be made between classes in this country. I’m confident my pal Mitt Romney will back me up on that.

            I only preach two things: (1) Always, always, always shoot for perfection; and (2) Never, never, ever vote Repugnican.

            You’re right, I’m not very “tolerant of the Right”. I guess I just don’t suffer fools very well. So sue me.

            I don’t mind in the least if you look down on me. My estimation of my self is not a reflection of yours. It would be different if I respected your opinion, but I’ve read too many of your posts for that.

  7. Realistically this is not a war between religions even though many of those on both sides would have us believe so. The label “a holy war” is duplicitous It is, in my opinion, an attempt by those who feel disenfranchised from the power and wealth controlling them to gain their place in society. It is the powerful and wealthy class that shamelessly hides behind and promotes this idea of a holy war. The sooner we grasp this, the sooner we can work toward solution,.

    • Calling it a holy war, especially one that pits Christianity against Islam, immediately mobilizes large parts of the population in favor of military action and brings out xenophobia in the extreme. This is not much different from the Crusades when the Crusaders, who had no clear idea of what their foe looked like, would kill anyone who resembled the image they had in their minds. As a result, many Christians and Jews were mistakenly killed on the way to the Holy Land (not that killing the Muslims was any better). So those who invoke the “holy war” may know exactly what they’re doing.

  8. ISIS attacks Paris and according to Clinton shill Conason it’s Republicans fault. I get the sense that Conason wishes America had laws restricting speech like France does.

    • LOL, no thanks! The road to mecca is paved with innocent blood. If you want to be one of the innocents subdued go for it. As for me, I’ll keep my distance.

  9. The author of this article is right! Let’s not blame Islam just because the terrorists were yelling, “Allahu Akhbar” as they murdered innocent civilians. After all, their holy book tells them to kill the infidel. They just need to be reasoned with.

    • It’s funny that people point out that their holy book OK’s the killing of non believers but don’t point out that the Bible calls for the same thing. Exodus 22:20. True Islam no more wants people killed then true Christians do. ISIS in spite of the name is no a religious movement. It’s all about power and wealth.

      • Just like Judaism?

        Reasoned with? Reasoned with until we are all DEAD! No thanks!

        Christians and Jews are peaceful, they solve their differences without resorting to the sword. But not all religions are such. Until Muslims become peace loving, there is no reason to trust. Mecca will not take us to the promise land. It will only lead to innocent deaths.

        • Really? Jews are peaceful? Have your checked the map of Palestine since 1946? It is not limited to 2 tiny scraps of land the Israeli commandos call “spoils of war.” Have you checked the number of dead Palestinians compared to the number of Israelis? Almost as many Palestinians dead as the entire population of Israel. As for Christians, those KKK Klan lynch mobs were practicing what religion then?

  10. Trolls like Joey Schmoey, David, Bucko and Louis were born without eyes and ears. So they make up a world of their own where they rule like kings and make all of their “subjects” obey …like ISIS does. They sneer, snarl and try to demonize anyone who disagrees with their cockeyed ideology…just as ISIS twerps do.

    Not to worry. Men went to battle in WWI and WWII with tens of thousands of enemies at their backs. A handful of nasty, barbaric fanatics pose no real problem. The same men on these threads with all the answers will inevitably find one more bitch and another and another. After all, they can’t get their jollies being peaceful, can they?

    Isn’t it funny how all of these trolls don’t want you to know who they really are? Look up some of their source links…some are paid trolls.

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