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Sunday, February 25, 2018

WASHINGTON — As President Obama struggles to deal with the crisis in Iraq, it’s useful to remember who gave the world this cauldron of woe in the first place: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Their decision to launch a foolish and unwarranted invasion in 2003, toppling Saddam Hussein and destroying any vestige of the Iraqi state, is directly responsible for the chaos we see today, including the rapid advance of the well-armed jihadist militia that calls itself the Islamic State.

Bush has maintained a circumspect silence about the legacy his administration’s adventurism bequeathed us. Cheney, however, has been predictably loud and wrong on the subject of, well, just about everything.

“Obama’s failure to provide for a stay-behind force is what created the havoc we see in Iraq today,” Cheney told CNN last month. “When we left, Iraq was a relatively stable place. We defeated al Qaeda, we had a coalition government in place.”

Cheney predicted “the history books will show” that Obama bears much responsibility for squandering the peace and stability that the Bush administration left behind. If so, they will have to be books that don’t go back very far.

Let’s review what actually happened. The U.S. invasion toppled a Sunni dictatorship that had ruled brutally over Iraq’s other major groups — the Shiite majority and the ethnic Kurds — for decades. It seems not to have occurred to anyone planning the invasion that long-suppressed resentments and ambitions would inevitably surface.

The leader of that “coalition government” Cheney mentioned, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, turned out not to be a Jeffersonian democrat. Rather, his regime acted quickly and shamelessly to advance a Shiite sectarian agenda — and to marginalize Sunnis and Kurds.

What followed, predictably, was anger and alienation among the disaffected groups. The Kurds focused largely on fortifying their semi-autonomy in the northeast part of the country. Sunni tribal leaders twice cast their lot with violent Sunni jihadist forces that stood in opposition to the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad — first with al Qaeda in Iraq and now with the Islamic State.

Obama opposed the U.S. invasion and occupation from the beginning. He was nominated and elected president largely because of his pledge to end the war. He withdrew all U.S. troops only after Maliki refused to negotiate a viable agreement to leave a residual force in place.

Could Obama have found a way to keep more of our soldiers in Iraq if he really wanted to? Perhaps. But this would have required trusting Maliki, who has proved himself a far more reliable ally to the terrorist-sponsoring government of Iran than to the United States. And anyway, why would U.S. forces be needed to keep the peace in the “relatively stable” democratic Iraq of Cheney’s hazy recollection?

As I write, Maliki has barricaded himself inside Baghdad’s Green Zone and is refusing to leave office, despite the fact that Iraq’s president has named a new prime minister. The United States has joined with respected Iraqi leaders to try to force Maliki out, but he holds enormous power — he is not only prime minister but also heads the Iraqi armed forces and national police.

Rewind the clock. If there had been no U.S. invasion, Iraqis surely would have suffered grievously under Saddam’s sadistic rule. But at least 110,000 Iraqis — and perhaps several times that many — died violently in the war and its aftermath. Is it likely that even the bloodthirsty Saddam would have matched that toll? Is it conceivable that the Islamic State’s ad hoc army would have even been able to cross the Syria-Iraq border, much less seize huge tracts of territory and threaten religious minorities with genocide?

Even after the invasion, if the U.S. occupation force had worked to reform the Iraqi military rather than disband it, there would have been a professional army in place to repel the Islamic State. If Maliki had truly acted as the leader of the “coalition government” that Cheney describes, and not as a glorified sectarian warlord, Sunnis likely would have fought the Islamic State extremists rather than welcome them.

Why is Obama intervening with airstrikes in Iraq and not in Syria, where the carnage is much worse? My answer would be that the United States has a special responsibility to protect innocent civilians in Iraq — because, ultimately, it was our nation’s irresponsibility that put their lives at risk.

Obama’s cautious approach — ask questions first, shoot later — may or may not work. But thanks to Bush and Cheney, we know that doing things the other way around leads to disaster.

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199 Responses to Paying For The 2003 Invasion

  1. Those two – along with their henchmen and enablers – aren’t in prison yet?
    That’s part of the “payment” that needs to be made.

    • So the henchmen and enablers should include the 58% of democratic Senators including Hillary, Kerry, Reid, Biden, Schumer, Daschle and other Democratic Senate leaders that voted for it. In the House the 82(40%) democrats that voted for it, Right???
      Wait, Wait, but it is still all Bush’s fault. He did all by himself. Right??

          • Well,I would say that it is worth wondering since it has been revealed that whatever intelligence agency was involved,(I assume it was CIA) informed Bush that they could find no actual hard evidence of WMD’s.However,Bush had already decided to move forward with war and promoted the presence of WMD’s as the reason for doing so,hence the lie.
            I contend that Democrats who supported going to war would have had to receive the same intell as Bush to be complicit in the lie.

          • And the IAEA said the same thing. As you say, from the beginning Cheney and Bush wanted the war As I recall that was a report made in a book on the 9-11 tragedy that Junior Bush promptly after the occurrence told his spooks that he wanted Hussein linked to the planning and carrying out of the attack. Cheney and others went to work in attempting to confirm the connection. In Cheney’s appearances on some talk shows, he insisted that there was clear evidence that Atta. the leader of the gang that attacked the NY trade center and the Pentagon had been seen consulting with Iraqui security agents (either in Germany or Hungary…I don’t recall) and not too long afterward this report was proved to be pure fiction.

          • It certainly does, and the culprits are continuing to walk around thanks to the DOJ under Obama and Holder, including the unspeakable Cheney who is busy revising history.

          • Thanks midway.I will check out that website first chance.Those guys are walking around but consider this.They are headed towards the grave at the same speed as the rest of us.Also there are many who want their asses and I would not bet that they will reach their ends unmolested.Even Dahmer in his high security prison was visited by Justice and the trio dares not set foot outside the country or within the state lines of Vermont. I would not be surprised if one of their thoroughly vetted security personnel drops the hammer on them one day.

        • So all these very highly intelligent people could be hoodwinked by this very dumb president. I don’t think so!!!
          Thanks for the chuckle.
          PS: They were all inundated with reports, research, studies by professionals who have spent their lives studying the Middle East and opposed to the war and its consequences.
          Hoodwinked? No!

          • I refer you to my reply to midway54.I suppose that YOU want us all to believe that those who you are trying to condemn had all the same intell that Bush had.Bush sure hoodwinked an awful lot of Americans who refused the idea that Bushy boy wanted to be President for the very purpose of going to war.Hell,there were those of us who knew that would happen even while Bush senior was in office.What we didn’t know were the tactics and subterfuge that would be used to lead us into an unjustified and worthless war.Hoodwinked? Yes,Absolutely,and Without a Doubt.

          • And if they were hoodwinked show me the proof. With the FOIA, any discerning person would expect all the lies would come to the fore.
            How many of the Senators and House have said or can prove they were given lies.

          • The lies did indeed “come to the fore” but not until after the fact.America as a whole was hoodwinked as was congress.We did not know the truth about the non-existence of WMD’s until sometime later. The majority of Americans know and accept that they were lied to by Bush,Cheney,and Rumsfeld but they are not falling for your tripe.You are doing nothing here but flogging a dead horse and trying to lay blame upon those who are blameless while absolving the guilty of their crimes.No one has a responsibility to prove anything to you.The members of congress are not and were not complicit in the lie.

          • “Together, we must also confront the new hazards of chemical and biological weapons, the outlaw states, terrorist, and organized criminals seeking to acquire them. Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation’s wealth not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them.”
            President Clinton Jan 27, 1998

            “Iraq is a long way from here, but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.”
            Madeleine Albright, Feb. 18 1998

            “He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since “1983”
            Sandy Berger, Clinton Nar. Sec. Adviser, Feb. 18, 1998

            “As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, I am keenly aware that the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons is an issue of grave importance to all nations.Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
            Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D,Ca), Dec. 16, 1998

            Shall I go on?? I have many more from Biden, Clinton, Daschle and others all before Bush. Plus all those after 9/11 all saying the same thing.

            So who is lying?? Bush or the Democratic leaders.

          • No need to go on with the BS, Mike. The UN inspectors did their job. Let’s hear where those you quoted said we should invade Iraq.

          • All those I quoted in response to you, forsyth, and several others all voted for the war, except Pres.Clinton, Albright, Berger and Pelosi.

            What you can’t explain is that the intelligence they were receiving was not from Bush. Explain that douche bag.

            What these quotes show is that there were big concerns before Bush. they were receiving intelligence briefings long before Bush.
            But Bush lied!!! Bull Shit.

          • Hey asshole,if you are going to start calling my friends names,then you can damn well go fuck yourself.You provide plenty proof that convoluted thinking not only results in wrong conclusions,but also leads to a dead end.Everyone except you knows that the President gets exclusive first hand information that others are not privy to until such time as the President decides to share it.Bush did not share the info on the non-existence of WMD’s because he had already decided to pursue his cowboy war plan. Too bad for both you and the Bush bastard that the info got out anyway.
            GEE,I wonder who told.Maybe it merely got loose that an Army squad that was sent to search for the WMD’s just to verify the CIA intell that none existed was communicated to news agencies.That info did not get delivered to the public by manifesting from thin air.It came from one of two sources,possibly both.Either Army personnel,or a CIA leak.Having a cousin who is a thirty year CIA employee,I know that this is how it all went down and BUSH LIED ABOUT THE PRESENCE OF WMD’s AFTER HE WAS TOLD BY THE CIA THAT NONE EXISTED.
            Do you get it NOW, DOUCHE BAG???

          • My, My, such an emotional display. Thanks for the chuckle.
            If the info was kept from Congress, why wasn’t he charged.
            I find it interesting in the Kucinich/Wexler impeachment that the Weapons of Mass destruction was never mentioned in the articles of impeachment. I wonder why???

            ” We urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions(including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspected Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the treat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs,”
            Letter to Pres. Clinton and signed by John Kerry, Carl Levin, Tom Daschle Oct 9 1998

            “I will be voting to the President of the United State the authority to use force-if necessary-to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”
            Sen. John Kerry(D,MA), Oct. 9, 2002

            So in 1998 Kerry had information and wanted to attack Saddam and in 2002 was even more concerned about WMD, but Bush is the liar. Pathetic.

          • Only in your mental midget mind.
            But yet in the Kucinch/Wexler articles of impeachment not a word about Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction. Two far left guys and not a word. Where’s the meat???
            First 4 articles are reasons of going to war,but yet, no mention of WMD’s.
            So was the Clinton administration back in the 90’s lying to Congress??? They were concerned and considered him a threat.

          • Show us the “proof” they weren’t, mike. You’re the guy trying to foist the blame for what your guys did off on others: the burden of proof is on you. But then, you and your buddies think your assertions are all the proof needed.

          • Your problem is that you are trying to make a case for the war that Cheney lied about, it doesn’t matter how other people felt, we all feel the same way, but decisions we’re made based on a LIE. END OF STORY!

          • Only in your warped mind is it a story ended.
            “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorist, including al Qaeda members….It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
            Sen. Hillary Clinton(D,NY), Dec. 8, 2002

            So here is a very savvy Senator and wife of Bill Clinton, who has access to all top secret briefings, but both were hoodwinked. Bill Clinton for 8 years seeing the same intelligence and believing Saddam was a danger but yet Bush lied. Baloney!!!

          • Cheney wanted the war way before, he was even elected as vice president, the reason for office was for that particular reason. He lied. You want to blame it on Bush feel free the buck should stop there, but it was Cheney’s doing. END of STORY!

          • So now you are a mind reader!!! LOL!!
            And Cheney, and only Cheney hoodwinked all the
            Congress and American people. Laughable you are!!
            You are definitely deranged!!!

          • You said it. I never said anything about hoodwinked, but obviously you know the truth, your just here trying to twist words. I said Cheney lied. End of story.

          • What a very silly little person you are. LOL!!!!
            Cheney did it!!!!! LOL!!!!
            You are one delusional, deranged, hallucinating, self-deceptive person!! Keep running to MSNBC for their stupid regurgitation of the truth.

          • You absolutely crack me up!!!! LOL!!! You have made my week end even more to look forward to.

            And you are one delusional, uninformed, unintelligent, unenlightened and absolutely unmotivated person to know the truth.

            Ta Ta

          • Stop smoking crack, and you won’t be so cracked up. Just the fact that you think like a republican makes my case. you idiot. You don’t know me well enough to judge me, but that’s the first thing you want to do. You are delusional, Trapped inside a WHITE box.

          • Now you are starting my week off with a bang, giving me even more enjoyment and chuckle.
            You are right, I don’t know you but from your post sure tells me a lot about how little you know or able to express the truth.
            “trapped inside a WHITE box” now that is hilarious.
            You are even more delusional than I thought.

      • mike, you’re really pretty pathetic. You seem to be actually pretty intelligent, but that’s nullified by the right-wing lunatic streak.
        1) They authorized force to prevent development of chemical and nuclear weapons which a certain president you obviously supported flagrantly lied about.
        2) That authorization “encouraged” Hussein to invite the UN inspectors back in, which would have been a worthwhile accomplishment to Bush’s credit had he not rightly feared they would find out what proved to be true: the whole WMDs hokum was a lie to let the little boy play war with other peoples’ lives and try to out-do daddy.
        3) The president’s staff let it be known that the president was “praying we wouldn’t have to go to war”: more lies. He obviously couldn’t wait.
        4) Personally, I think the people you try to foist the blame on were foolish to believe anything Bush – already a proven liar -said, but Congress should be able to trust the president when it comes to issues as serious as war and mass deaths, and probably could have for any other president: maybe even Nixon or Reagan.
        5) There probably was a considerable lack of moral and political courage on the part of the Congress, but that could never come close to the criminal deceptions of Georgie and company, which continued and expanded into criminal abuse of POWs, torture, etc. that in any sane country would have resulted in war crimes trials and convictions for top members of the Executive Branch, but this country is where people like you reside.

        • So did they or did they not vote for the War? Did they or did they not see the same information that was available?
          After all is said, did they or did these democrats express that they had been lied to? Have these democrats said they have been lied to. Have they or have they not started legal proceedings against Bush and Cheney.
          If Bushed had lied or given them false information with the FOIA you would think they would have proof. Where is it?

          After Johnson killed 50,000 wonderful American men and women with a lie, you would think they would be skeptical of any President actions. Oh, wait he was democrat with democratic majorities that voted on a proven lie. 58,000 killed, 300k+ wounded.

          Also, you make them all out to be

          • Everybody knows by now which side of the aisle was pushing this crappy idea the most and it sure as shit wasn’t the Dems.

            You wingnuts are just gonna have to deal with it.

          • I’m a Democrat and my opinion of Lyndon Johnson is that he was a filthy scumbag. But let’s get back to Bush shall we? Your “compassionate conservative” created evidence out of thin air to attack a soverign nation – that had no quarrel with the United States. This was planned in the very early days of the administration. Colin Powel thought the prospect of Iraq being a threat to the U.S. was laughable. Powel later towed the bullshit line for Bush/Cheney when he held up the vile at the U.N. later lamenting it was the biggest regret of his career. You’re right in pointing out Bush received support from Democrats in the House and Senate but: based upon a mountain of phony intell. Let’s remember this Democratic support of this president, in the context of the mood of the country soon after 9/11. Also, you conveniently leave out the fact that anyone who had the guts to voice a contrary opinion to what the administration had in store was soundly denounced in harsh terms as being unpatriotic. The “liberal press” you folks love to castigate, printed four hundred stories and editorials favoring the invasion of Iraq to the three you’d find against it.
            All this makes it necessary to point out a fundamental difference between Democrats and the shister GOP cult you side with mike. In times of perceived national threat, be it war or economic – Democrats will support the president ‘for the good of the country’. Republicans obstruct and blame a Democratic president – whom is likely trying to clean up the Godless, sinister mess created by his GOP predecessor. One last thing – you may want to check out a recent column by staunch conservative columnist George Will. He labled Richard Nixon a traitor for his horrendous meddling in the Paris peace talks to win the election…and Mr. Will is 100% right. You can’t say I never agree with a conservative viewpoint now can you mike?

          • 99% of your post is pure garbage.
            go read my post to Mark Forsyth,”Together, we must…..” and to sand_cat, “One way or the other…….”
            Then tell me it was all made up by Bush!!!!

            How can we support a President that leads from behind and is always finding out the problems of his administration by reading about it in the paper. As to Iraq, we support what he is trying to do even though he doesn’t have a clue how to handle it. Remember when he said ISIS is a JV team. You can put them a lakers uniform or Kobe’s and it doesn’t make them a Kobe.

          • Your wrong mike 100% of what I wrote is accurate. From what I see Mark Forsyth and sand_cat tried to talk some sense into you as well. But hey, ‘you’re the middle east expert here, suppose you explain how to get us out of this enormous hellish blunder the Bush administration caused. C’mon Secretary of State mike – you have the floor. Fix the Iraq civil war.

          • If you did read all the quotes I gave them you would have seen they were all made before Bush. All made in 1998 by the Democratic leadership and Administration of Clinton.
            But Bush lied. LOL!!!

          • The fact that those statements were made in 1998 has nothing to do with the information supplied by the CIA to Bush directly before the war.

          • Only in your Mental Midget mind would you make such a statement.

            “Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime….. He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is consistently prone to miscalculation… And now he is miscalculating America’s response to this continued deceit and consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction…. so threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real….
            Sen. John K Kerry(D,MA) Jan. 23, 2003

            So for 5 years-3 under Clinton and 2 under Bush, Little John was hoodwinked??? Really, that arrogant bastard, hoodwinked??? LoL!!!

          • When did we go to war with Iran? Bush war.
            When did we go to war with Iraq? Bush war
            When did 9/11 happen? Bush watch. Who’s fault? Not President Obama.

          • War with Iran??? Don’t think it’s Bush’s war!!!
            Libya is Obama and its consequences.
            Bush’s watch but not his fault. All the planing and activity was under Clinton.

          • Mike doesn’t know the meaning of the word…..he’d rather just willy nilly believe everything he’s been fed by the GOP and not do the necessary research to find out the real truth…..oh well, let him wallow in his beliefs… one is going to change his little mind!

          • Clinton warned Bush of the bin Laden threat – and Bush did n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Even after 9/11 he did N-O-T-H-I-N-G. The Bush presidency was worse than a failure – on every level. In fact, ‘failure’ is a word the Oxford dictionary should point to the Bush experiment in “governing” as something this lowly group of degenerates should aspire to. Failure would be an improvement from the scheming moral turpitude delivered to the American people, from this patently corrupt bunch.

          • So in less than 7 months in office, setting up new administration it is all his fault. Right???
            Yet, on Sept.10, 2001 Clinton was in Australia telling an audience he could have taken out Bin Laden in Kandahar but was worried about collateral damage so he canceled the missile strike. Go listen to the tape.
            And you think Obama is a success as a leader???LOL!!!
            Don’t waste my time!!!

          • Umm, are you saying Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld and the rest required some job training when the Bush crew came in? They ‘all’ served in prior Republican administrations for God’s sake. “NO FAIR, YOU CAN’T ATTACK US, WE WERENT READY”. I am very much aware of what Clinton said. He presented Bush with the latest intell on bin Laden and “W” ignored it. Even when each warning placed on his desk became more ominent – he did nothing. You almost have to think this corrupt, warmonger favored being hit – to advance his “preconceived war plans”. By the way – Barack Obama sheds more brain cells in his dandruff – than the whole of the GOP has ever possesed.

          • I doubt if you have any idea about Clinton on the 10th.
            You can’t change history for you convenience. What mental midgets like you ignore is the fact the briefings never said when or where, or how it was going to happen. So Bush was suppose to go to high alert with no information other than a possible threat.
            Why not question Clinton motives for not being very specific and why he had not put the country on some level of alert.
            As to Obama’s dandruff, I think he needs it back because he sure has been a might big failure.
            Look at all the negative poll numbers, he is just dragging down the party.

          • I don’t consider history a matter of convenience. It is a record, and the previous administration has the worst to date. Clinton thought better of attempting to hit bin Laden when it would mean killing hundreds of civilians – I have no problem with that, obviously you do. He passed to Bush all intelligence regarding bin Laden and provided lengthy detailed analysis for why he considered him an imminent threat. Bush did nothing. Moving on: assuming for sake of argument Bush is the victim on 9/11, as were the 2900 people who perished. Poor Bush, none of it his responsibility etc, etc .
            Explain, sans right-wing hyperbole if you don’t mind – why did Bush start a war with a country that did not attack us? After all, the hijackers were identified as Saudi’s – not Iraqi. Why suddenly focus on Iraq? Then, inexplicably, only six months after the attack Bush says hunting down bin Laden isn’t a high priority. Well, President Obama thought getting the mastermind behind the attack was important. I feel the overwhelming majority of Americans agreed with him. You Mike? Probably not. Maybe Obama’s poll numbers aren’t great. The public by and large, lacks facts of just how obstructionist the GOP has been to this president. His numbers are still higher than Congress.

          • I would trade a possible 300 afghans lives for the lives of 2900 Americans any day.
            Keep reliving the past as this country goes down the tube.

            Just for the record when and where did Clinton tell Bush when, how and method that we were going to be attacked. You are such an insider this should be easy. Again, so you won’t be confused, how were they going to attack and when exactly would it happen and where. Show me, oh genius.

            Only a partisan like you would really think that Bush had no interest in catching?? Such a silly little brain.

            The polls show the majority of people feel he is untrustworthy, lies, is incompetent, etc.. No they know the facts quite well.

          • mike, you clearly need help. I’m conversing with someone ready to kill hundreds of innocent civilians to get one fugitive. Guess that makes you Tea Party material mike. As for the past? People whom ‘willfully choose to forget the past – are destined to repeat it’. The “W” years were painful enough the first time, and we’re still feeling the effects of that horrible administration.
            During the eleven weeks between election and inauguration, it is common for the sitting president to confer with the president elect, on national security and intelligence matters. It was during this period when Clinton emphasized the importance of ‘killing bin Laden’. Richard Clarke, at the start of the Bush presidency was practically pulling his hair out, in attempt to set up security measures that could thwart an Al Qa’eda attack. Again..Bush did nothing. Wait, wait. That’s not fair – he went to his ranch in Texas for a month of vacation.
            Your hero is a corrupt failure. A war monger. mike your a simple minded follower of evil. You have the gall to label me “partisan”?! What I am – is informed and I’m not about to let some Bush desciple preach the “goodness” of that wretched debacle, and not throw your garbage back at you.

          • I need help???Now that is funny.
            What you need to do is ask the thousands of family members who lost love ones on 9/11 if they would be willing to a kill a few hundred Afghans to have their families back together again. If I have a choice I will do whatever is necessary to protect another American.

            Thwart what??? Did Clarke or Clinton tell Bush how we would be attacked, when we would be attacked, where?? Did he tell Rice exactly how we would, when we would be attacked, where?? Yes or No!! The answer is NO!!!
            Your ignorance or bias is breathtaking. Clarke never talked about how, when, where the attack would happen in the US. His memo on 1-25-01 was about everything but an attack on US. Below is the link to see and read his memos. There is not one mention of a attack on the US. Click on any of the highlighted words and finally let the light in. Started with the second paragraph mental midget.

            You informed?? I don’t think so.

          • mike – you side with the most magnificently corrupt administration in our history. By your willingness to annihilate hundreds of innocent people, I’m forced to question your character. I have no interest in partaking in a ‘battle of wits’ – with an unarmed man. My opinion about Bush and the GOP, is largely based upon writings from long time Republican politicians or operatives whom can no longer stomach the awful perversions of their hijacked party. I call that balanced research. I doubt you have the integrity to do similar scholarly investigation. Doing so would present you with too many awful truths about the Republican Party, you’re ill prepared to handle. Bush “invited the attacks” by ignoring intell he should have heeded. He received a report from Russian Intelligence of “25 terrorist Middle Eastern pilots had been specifically training for suicide missions” in August 2001. Vladamir Putin himself, ordered Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government “in the strongest possible terms” of imminent attacks on ‘airports and government buildings’. Germany sent similar warnings of intent to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American culture (June 2001). Your hero DID NOTHING. Anyone who continues allegiance to these unpatriotic asses of evil is one in the same. If I’m biased, I’ll take that, to being an addled victim of Stockholm syndrome.

          • Wait a minute, you have been ranting and raving about the Bush Administration ignoring all the specific Clarke warnings. and when I prove and show his warning had nothing to so with the US mainland with documentation by the 9/11 commission, so you take off another tangent.
            “Invited the attacks” what an absurd comment. You are not only biased but also delusional.
            Go read the 9/11 commission report, especially chapter 11 specifically read 11.2 and read what Clarke really said about tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands threads from Al Qaeda.Then read the 1999 FAA summary later on the page.
            I find it interesting there is nothing in report about Russia warnings.
            I know you can produce the specific documents from Russia specifically reporting the 25. I know you have solid proof before the fact, Right. Not hearsay after the event but before.
            Stay in the past, ignore what is really happening in the world. If the Bush Bashing helps you get through the day then by all means continue. The rest of us have more important things, like ISIS, Hamas, Russia expansionism. Egypt and UAE, friends of US, ignore telling Obama of their attacks on Libya. Even these countries aren’t worried about Obama and his response. Obama read it in the Newspaper, like all of his other scandals. LOL!!!

          • It is proven that Bush rarely attended National Security meetings. In other words, that committee was left leaderless. Which was pretty par for the course all through the Bush years.

          • And you are still the same old lying dickhead. No surprise there.

            So you post one article that proves my point, and another that is an opinion piece.

            And, for all time, Obama has NOTHING to do with what Bush did. If Obama is not doing his job and another 9/11 happens, you will be screaming for his execution, you fucking faggot racist bastard. Bush failed, we paid, and we paid, and we paid, and we are still paying. If Obama is guilty now, then why don’t you shoot Bush and Cheney? They did worse and cost us trillions and countless lives.

            So, now that we laid bare what you really are, and how ignorant and stupid you are, what was your point again?

          • You are still cracking up, Julia!!!!
            If you had read the 9/11 report even just the first page of what I sent you, you would have seen that the 9/11 commission said he attended all daily briefings.
            No the dickhead is you and your inability to comprehend the facts.

          • No Queenie, the dickhead is still you. It was always you, and the dickhead will always remain you.

            Such a little fairy you are, Queenie.

          • Thanks for agreeing with me. The truth always bores you to sleep. That is why you tell so many lies. . .

            LMAO! at a Kochroach butt sniffer!

          • Still not a functional argument. I can post better than you while I am asleep. Interesting that you do not even have a trusty lie to fall back on.

            Speaking of falling back, . . . shit and fall back in it! Or better still, turn around and take a whiff and fall face down in it.

          • I notice Queenie, that you cannot quit coming back to where you got your face rubbed into the shit. AFTER TWO WEEKS, your posing ass is still at it!

            ROTFL! at a pitiful, inadequate excuse of a man.

          • One: I know that my credibility is intact and complete, unlike your own lie tainted record.

            Two: As I am right where I belong, there is absolutely no worry or concern over my credibility anyway. Unlike your own irretrievable, irreversible lack of credibility.

            Three: I answered credibly, while you give me this total lack of a discussion point in return. I guess that means you agree with what I have said, but you are just too much of a mental midget weakling to admit it openly.

            So, thanks for the support. I don’t need or want your support, but it is good to know that we are of similar minds.

            LMAO, at a total waste of skin and time.

          • Queenie, what I would dearly love is for you to gain some honesty and common decency. Then you would not be so Teaturd partisan.

          • Queenie, Teasodomites do not even know what the real world is. If you even had the remotest of clues, you would not even be here. So, you just painted the bulls-eye on your own back. Schmart! NOT!

          • And little faggot. I just called you what you are. it was very satisfying to do. I finally discovered that the same reason I can call you what you are, is the same reason you have not been banned here. At least, more or less.

          • Laugh all you want, you will still be a liar when you sober up. Your bullshit is from one of your bullshit propagandists. NOT the genuine article. Which makes you a fucking liar, a silly fool, and an ignorant, idiotic asshole.

            NO change there! ROTFL! at a small minded wiper of fat-cat Rethug assholes.

          • Oh, and lying faggot cock-sucker. IT DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ATTENDING MEETINGS. He was briefed . . . that by definition is not attendance, it is by definition “brief,” and this is not even the real report. you fucking son of the most promiscuous whore on skid-row.

          • You can’t even read. Tenet met everyday with Bush to brief him.
            As to the report. It is chapter 8 of the official 9/11 commission.
            Same old byrd, one delusional Julia.



            If you could read, think for yourself, and act like a real human, you really could be dangerous. LOL, not likely!

          • If you could read and if you could comprehend you would be able to understand the words “met with Bush everyday” to give him the “Daily Briefings” by CIA, NSA, etc.. “Met With” is meeting in person, in attendance with Bush.
            Talk about a Dipshit.

          • Queenie, one man “meeting” with Bush is not a briefing with the CIA, etc. It also is not attending briefings. As has already been established.

            In any case, with you wackjobs believing that you can just make the truth up to fit as needed, why would we believe anything that one of Bush aides has to say. He covers Bush’s ass and calls it loyalty, but it also covers his own ass.

            As well, we both know that is not the 9/11 commission report, but an account most likely by a Faux Noise recommended propagandist. In other words, you are too stupid and lazy to find out on your own, so you just take the Flush Rush or Glenn Pecker power enemas. The ones you love, because they put the shit back in under high pressure until the shit pops out of your eyeballs.

          • Rather than repeat the post, I just suggest that you ACTUALLY read it. Very few people here try to prove any of the lies that you tell, so you should not expect any gimmes.

          • No, you just made a ridiculous claim that liars like you know won’t get you ejected from the blog, or run over and squished like the dog shit that you are.

          • And who may I ask put together the 9/11 commission? Of course they’re going to say whatever their boss wants them to say. It’s a proven fact that Bush never attended security briefings and didn’t want to be bothered. He expected Cheney to let him know if there was anything he needed to be doing……Cheney was the puppetmaster and Bush was the dummy (in more ways than one).

          • The 9/11 Commission is as much a work of fiction as the Warren Report.
            FACT: Bush/Cheney obstructed formation of a commission to investigate 9/11.
            FACT: Unable to extinguish efforts to investigate the 9/11 attacks, Bush/Cheney stonewall the commission.
            FACT: White House resisted fully funding the investigation into 9/11.
            FACT: When Chairman Keane requested extension (two months) necessary to finish their work, the Bush administration refused. Finally capitulating after public outcry.
            FACT: White House refused to allow National Security Advisor to testify to 9/11 Commission.
            FACT: White House gives in to Rice testimony but demanded 9/11 Panel not seek additional testimony from other White House aides, in exchange for Rice’s.
            FACT: White House attempts to limit Bush’s testimony to one (1) hour.
            FACT: White House denied request for Presidential Daily Briefs (PDB); received each morning and containing that day’s intelligence. After “months of negotiations” the White House limited access to the PDBs to ‘only four commissioners, who then would brief the full 10 member panel. However, although the four-member team “asked to look at 360 PDBs dating back to [1998]White House counsel Alberto Gonzales permitted them to see just 24.”
            FACT: White House denied access to 9/11 Panel’s “own notes.” It took 15 months after creation of the commission for the Bush administration to release a “seventeen page summary” of the Bush and Clinton administrations related to al Qaeda.
            FACT: Bush administration stops release of 75% of Clinton intelligence records (Clinton gave the 9/11 Commission authorization to use them to gather evidence).
            This information was all reported in major news media during the months after 9/11. When one of these absurd roadblocks were presented to the 9/11 Commission it simply defied logic. Why would anyone attempt to circumvent a detailed analysis to how the attacks came to happen? Indeed – Cheney even threatened members of the commission they could be charged with interfering with the mission against terrorism, if they insisted on pushing for an investigation. This is of course profoundly outrageous. Why on earth would any red blooded American patriot FIGHT an investigation looking into the reasons we were attacked on OUR OWN SOIL? Unless…you had something to hide.
            You claim living in the past serves no good purpose. I don’t live in the past mike. I remember it and I shove it in the face of individuals whom neglect all the awful consequences delivered to a trusting public from a self serving scummy administration. Repercussions that caused death and destruction of property to hundreds of thousands of innocent people and led to formation of ISIS and civil war, in a country we never should have gone to war with.
            The Bush administration opened up a hornets nest in Iraq and we’re only now arriving at the beginning of a very long visit to hell because of it.

          • And you have first hand knowledge of any of this? We know you do not. Reply is you must, but everyone knows it will just be another lie from a troll, and I will just delete it out of hand.

          • Mike, you’re pitiful! As a retired Army officer, you are an embarrassment to every man and woman who went to fight that ridiculous war while those who started it just sat on their butts and did nothing!
            As for when and where Bush was told about the possible threat from Bin Laden, apparently you aren’t aware that his administration was briefed on this after he won the election, but Condoleeza Rice didn’t believe it and just shrugged it off. Plus, Bush didn’t want to hear it anyway! After 9/11, the Bush Administration used fear and lies to get the American people to back a war on a country that had NOTHING to do with the 9/11 attacks…..he also walked around the family ranch holding hands with the Saudi prince while he flew Bin Laden’s family out of the country to protect them. Again, try doing your research because each of your posts just shows how ignorant you really are of the facts.

          • No, his information is NOT garbage, it’s the truth, but apparently you don’t want to believe it because you’ve been drinking the proverbial kool-aid that the
            Republicans have fed to you. Go ahead, continue to be misinformed…..if it works for you!

            By the way, Bush rarely, if ever, read a newspaper, listened to news on the radio, or went to a briefing. He didn’t want to know what was going on and depended on Cheney to let him know if there was anything important he needed to know…..he would rather have been at the ranch (and he spent more than 300+ days there just in the first 4 years of his administration).

            You really need to do some reading and some research because you’re falling into the abyss of lies that are being told by the GOP….it’s sad! If you’re going to be a Republican, at least have the common intelligence to check the facts. You just might surprise yourself!

          • Love the way you ignore the facts and keep asking “did they or did they not.” You sound like Jerry Falwell. Yes, Lyndon Johnson lied about Vietnam, as did Nixon and a lot of other people on both sides, and not many Democrats would defend that action the way you lunatics defend Bush.
            Face it

          • “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.
            President Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

            “It is essential that a dictator like Saddam not be allowed to evade international strictures and wield frightening weapons of mass destruction. As long as UNSCOM is prevented from carrying out its mission, the effort to monitor Iraqi compliance with Resolution 687 becomes a dangerous shell game. Neither the United States nor the global community can afford to allow Saddam Hussein to continue on this path.”

            Sen. Tom Daschle, (D. SD), Feb. 12, 1998

            “We urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and law, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq’s refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs,”
            Letter to Pres. Clinton, signed by Sens. Carl levin, Ton Daschle, John Kerry, and others Oct. 9, 1998

            All that have died or wounded in the serving our country are “Wonderful young men and women”. Shame on you!!!

            So all these Democrats had been lied to by Bush from the Texas state Capital, Right????
            Looks like you have a very short memory!!

          • You ARE a comedian, but I am sure no one would pay good money to see your act. In your case, you do not tell jokes, you are the joke!

          • Unfortunately, Mike, the information that most of the congress and senate saw were bold-faced lies! This was ALL the information that they were given and were not allowed access to anything that would prove the lies to be wrong. As for the FOIA, Bush’s White House was the most secretive of any of the administrations. Bush and Cheney “hid” most of the paperwork that they had, and to this day, it’s still not available. Even Bush’s governorial papers are locked in a drawer and Perry is the only one that has the key. Bush tried to send it all to his father’s library to be locked up, but the Attorney General of Texas told him he couldn’t do that… he gave it to Gov. Perry, who has the only key to the file cabinet. Makes you wonder what is in them that they don’t want anyone to see……hmmmm. Fat chance we’ll see any of those papers, so I’m pretty sure they had their ways of keeping the Iraq war information secretive. Cheney was known for his secretiveness by everyone and his intimidation of anyone who tried to get information that they didn’t want out.

        • Bravo! Well done Sand_Cat! You likely supplied far more information than mike can ‘or’ wants to absorb, but you nailed it nonetheless.

      • YES! His father told him to stay away from Iraq or you will own it. Bush-the-Tush didn’t listen & we are stuck with his MISTAKE, which is costing use lives & billions of $$$$.

      • The axis of evil, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, said Iraq oil will pay for the war. Just another hood-wink by the Bush administration.

      • Ever hear, Victory has a thousand Fathers, defeat is an orphan? JFK. How is this different? If invading Iraq had been the right thing for a President to do, the GOP would be crowing about it, instead of pointing out, well the Dems voted for it too! So it’s ridiculous. The whole defending the premise of invading Iraq, or the attempts at watering down, or sharing the blame. The Democrats didn’t hold majority in Congress. And many, many people were lied to. Including many Democrats, and Republicans in Congress. Who were looking for better information, and were met with, “Don’t let the smoking gun, [you’re looking for,] become a mushroom cloud!” Ostensibly over NY, or LA. The not so subtle message being, trust me, I’m the President, and I have information I can’t share. So we did. We all did. And Bush, and Cheney were about as wrong as any Administration has ever been, in the history of our Republic. So, the manly thing to do, would be to cowboy up, as they say down in TX. And admit the obvious, lies, and all. But, that would take courage. For once
        one lie starts the unraveling, there’s no telling how many lies
        told to cover the first one, are going to follow. And the man
        you’re thinking of impeaching, let the Bush Administration,
        and all the, “stuff,” about Halliburton, and Black Water, and no-bid contracts, and all the human carnage, their actions caused, off the hook. You all ought to be kissing his ass daily, for your very existence. Instead of talking lawsuits, and impeachment. But that’s your heroes for you to defend. And, thank God, not mine.

          • Honest reasoning!!! Now that is funny!!! Have given you quotes from before Bush, who wanted to attack Saddam and yet I have the reasoning problem.
            Stay in your world of denial.
            i bet you still think the meltdown all started with Bush, right?? if so, you are quite delusional.

        • Such horse manure you spew.
          40% of House dems, and 58% of Senate dems voted for it.
          As to not sharing of info. with the different committees is just more rubbish. If he had, after all these years there would be evidence. You don’t think the dems didn’t look at every piece of paper to see if he denied them info. And it he had Washington would have been turned upside down. Where is the evidence he kept secret info from the Congress??
          I have given you, and the other guys 8 different quotes all True from Democratic leaders like Pres. Clinton, Daschle, Kerry, Levin, his cabinet members and NSA back in 1998. Not 2002, 1998.

          SEN. JOE BIDEN, (D,MD) FEB. 12, 1998

          letter to Pres. Clinton signed by Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others. Oct. 9, 1998.

          And yet, Bush lied, when we were hearing the same talk from the Democratic leadership years before.
          I guess for you on the left it sure takes the steam out of your argument that Bush Lied. All these Democratic leaders were being briefed not by the Bush Administration but by the Clinton Administration. So was Clinton lying??? Just an inconvenient truth, wouldn’t you say???

          • Clinton didn’t invade, now did he? He also didn’t spend months pushing the pure baloney we could, or should launch a full scale fucking invasion, that would see Iraqi citizens welcoming U.S. troops as liberators. Or that the entire war could be prosecuted in a matter of weeks, and paid for by Iraqi oil proceeds. What other points of pure horse manure do you see? No, the truth is you are 100% satisfied letting Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld thumb their noses at the Country, and the World, after their lies to Congress, and the American people. And their war crimes committed in all our names. So, another truth about all this, is you’re no better. Proving once again, that those who can be convinced to believe absurdities, can be talked into committing atrocities. Or carrying
            water for those that did.

          • What I do see is more horse manure spewing from a warped mind.
            What you can’t comprehend is Clinton was using the same sources and information gathering that Bush had.
            And what you can’t seem to comprehend is that between all those briefings under the Clinton Administration and 2003 is an attack on 9/11 which had a very sobering and serious effect on this country.
            Democrats still believed Saddam what a danger to the region and the country.
            You on the left just seemed to want to forget the years before Bush and the intelligence reports and believe it was all made up by Bush. There are a volumes of info before Bush.

            “The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October 1998. We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that is seeking nuclear weapons….”
            Sen. Robert Byrd(D, VW) Oct 3, 2002

      • What you don’t realize is that Cheney and his so-called henchmen had intimidated ANYONE who dated to speak against their actions…..people were honestly afraid of him. People would lose their committee memberships, would not be included in White House meetings and parties, etc. It was a scary time. However, I agree, SOMEONE should have stood up to them, but it wasn’t easy… least from what I’m hearing in John Dean’s book…..very interesting reading.

    • The axis of evil, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, said Iraq oil will pay for the war. Just another hood-wink by the Bush administration.

  2. I do not foresee in the near future Iraq to settle and people there live peacefully, even if GOP can draft Cheney for President.

    • Don’t forget how we were all lied into this war over supposedly WMDs that never existed. It was just an excuse by those scoundrels to get us into war. So much for having Congress to have to vote for war.


      • We have witnessed recently those bogged executions. Those who were put to death committed offenses two or more decades ago. Same to those who initiated and voted for Iraq war. It was the dire mistake they did and they must pay. Lives and not one are continuing to be lost since horrible decision they did make.

        • I hope we can rid a big percentage of the ISSL and soon, and put a stop to their rampage, without putting more resources into the action. No boots on the ground. I think the present strategy is a pretty good one. From what I hear on the news, many of those maniacs are falling. Bush started this whole damned mess, and Obama has been having to clean up after the Rs ever since he took office.


          • Target them specifically and bomb them unmercifully.Problem is that just like so many other insurgent groups,they are likely to bury themselves within the local populace eventually.

          • Yes, I agree with you totally. We are walking a tightrope over there; yet we cannot let this horrid bunch go on slaughtering people. What else can we do to stop the carnage without going in with boots on the ground? Any ideas? I cannot think of anything different at the moment.


          • Well, as long as they continue to stay in the open,relatively speaking,I think our bombing strategy is a good one.It seems that they are making many enemies and I have been encouraged by the success that certain Kurdish forces have had in repelling them.Perhaps some covert aid to the Kurds and some other groups would help to resolve things.I do not see these thugees lasting long.

          • I think so too. I think the President has chosen, well the pentagon, actually, has chosen the best option. If we can lose as few Americans as possible, it would be good. It will be interesting where we are there in a month from now. He still says no boots on the ground, and that would be a good thing.


          • Yes indeed,that is a serious sticking point and should be avoided.I see no need to put Americans back in harms way if we are able to give support to those who seem capable of taking the situation in hand.The Kurds are smart and ancient warriors.Not those who you would want as an enemy.

          • Absolutely, and they provided a lot of help to us when we were there under the Bush Regime.
            There certainly seems no reason for boots on the ground at the moment, and I think we are better off with the methods currently in use. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that no more will be needed. Hope we are able to neutralize many, many, of the terrible ISSL terrorists.


  3. It really is amazing they’ve gotten away with all they’ve gotten away with. No accountability for their crimes – crimes of the century. Their “trickle down” ruined the US economy on top of it. But let’s blame Obama for that too. Cheney looks like “Despicable Me” and Bush never knew what he was saying, couldn’t put a straight unscripted sentence together if his life depended on it. George isn’t saying anything because he doesn’t have anyone to tell him what to say anymore. They should both be in orange jumpsuits. Maybe one day they’ll get the same treatment Saddam got in the end.

    • It is amazing indeed. Lets just hope that one day bush and cheney get what they deserve – orange jumpsuits and the rest of their selfish greedy war monger lives behind bars.

      • A noose would be more appropriate. We hanged almost 900 Japanese soldiers after WWII because they used many of the same enhanced interrogation techniques the shrub administration still openly condones and admits to. The precedent is quite strong for capital punishment. I would love to be the lead prosecutor in their case.

    • It’s the same old shit over and over again.Go out and create a catastrophe and then blame the President for it.They must think that the rest of us are as stupid as their knuckle dragging fundamentalist supporters.

  4. It probably goes all the way back to our founding fathers. If they hadn’t fought for this country and wrote a constitution that has lasted for over 200 years, we would not have any of these problems. Obama has screwed up everything he has touched and then blames anyone or anything he can dream up for his failures. If anyone should be in prison its him.

    • Continue to drink the GOP kool-aid and stop watching fox. Bush and Cheney ran this country into the ground and got us into a war over oil. They got rich and we got scammed. Obama had and still has a big greedy republican mess to clean up. If anyone should be in prison its bush and cheney – they are going down as the WORST of the WORST in our great nations history.

      • Obama will go down as the worst president in our nations history. He is the least transparent president of all time. He hides behind his lies. He blames the congress for things not getting done when the House has passed over 350 bills and his Democratic Senate sits on them.

        • itsfun, are your dues for the local KKK branch paid up finally, you racist tool. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Go change your tampon and get a job.

        • No he won’t. Come back when you grow up. Never mind, don’t come back at all.

          All the bills they have tried to pass are full of shit and work against the American People. President Obama is smarter then all those t-party bigots.

        • Well you can deny the facts and history all you want! The majority of common sense people know who caused all this and it wasn’t Obama!! Denial is a good thing. It gets you through the days of agony you have to live in with this President! NOT!!

      • Benedict Arnold has NOTHING on “dumbya” bush and “dead eye dickless” cheney in my personal opinion… You KNOW it’s bad; when hanging them with piano wire, as we have done other traitors and war criminals in the past, is too good for the likes of them…

        • Besides, that would be a blasphemy against music to use piano wire. To a music lover, that is comparable to poisoning someone with a communion wafer.

          • Indeed, Allan.. As a music lover, I concur. But then again, I DID say it was too good for the likes of him, didn’t I?

    • You are SO full of shit … Why don’t you avoid the media and go into hiding with W in Dallas … maybe you could take up painting. ..

    • And the founding Fathers also didn’t want us to go off to other places to fight wars. They thought we should mind our own business, of which we had enough to handle.

  5. The WGBH / PBS documentary series “Frontline” recently ran a program with the title “Losing Iraq.” It is available for viewing on line. IMHO it describes quite well how the current chaos in Iraq came to be. Anyone with questions about who is to blame for the Iraq mess might want to spend an hour viewing “Losing Iraq.” As usual, this Frontline piece contains many on-screen interviews with various people who were involved in, or saw first hand, the pivotal events in this story.

    • It is also the most shamelessly pro war pro cheney piece of yellow journalism I’ve ever seen on Frontline. It is a disgrace and a piece of Koch propaganda. Pure bullshit that lays all the blame on Obama. If I recall, there’s not one liberal POV or interview on this episode. Utter trash.

  6. Everyone knows we should never have gone Into Iraq. We stayed too long. Lost too many of our people.

    Why would we go into countries like Iraq and Afghanistan? They are not civil people. Their culture is bred into them. They are not educated unless its fighting wars. Why push our democracy on someone who will not and cannot change.

    We allow ourselves to stoop to their mentality.

    • We went into Iraq on lies Dick Cheney used to gin up a war. We went into Iraq so he and Halliburton could make a lot of money and hopefully control all the oil in Iraq.

      • People seem to forget that contracts were given “no bid” to Halliburton and their subsidiaries. 6 billion dollars that the American taxpayers sent to Irag – disappeared. Blackwater was getting paid by the mile and thus sent empty trucks on 100 mile round trips. They charged $100/load to wash US Servicemen’s uniforms. They charged six dollars for Coca Cola products that Coca Cola gave free to the servicemen.

  7. It doesn’t matter at this stage of the game whose fault or who is to blame for the US being involved. What does matter is that we understand it was a major mistake and we should try and learn from that.

      • I think it is obvious to most people how we got here. Trying to convince the culprits to accept resonsibility won’t change anything even if they were put in prison, which is where they belong. The exit strategy is up to us.

  8. The British when they left just drew a map of Iraq without caring who lived in it. As such it put three groups who hated each other in it. The only way these groups could be ruled is with a dictator so brutal that no one including an outsider would dare move into Iraq. That’s what Saddam was. When we invaded Iraq and got rid of him, we destroyed any hope of creating a peaceful Iraq. Bush will go down as an incompetent President ruled by the most evil man in the US, Dick Cheney. Nobody cares what Dick Cheney says as he is the most evil man in the US. Although he himself refused to ever serve in the military(six deferments), he had no problem sending other people’s kids to fight and die so he and Halliburton could make a lot of money. The vast majority of the people in this country just wish he would go away and die. Preferably and horrible and painful death.

  9. What gets me most, to this day, is that the GOP and their henchmen still brag that they kept this country safe – never admitting that 9-11 happened on “their watch” – how convenient, and how sickening that the media just went long with it. No one ever challenged them, hey guys, 9-11 happened on YOUR watch, after 9 months of getting warnings from intelligence…..

    • “Kept this country safe”? By leveraging fear into political power? By exploiting our anger over 9/11 for their own profit? By bankrupting our economy through corporate giveaways and fighting two wars off the books?

  10. That entire region is a glaring example of what happens when millions of people get their entire lives screwed up by religious nut cases. It is impossible to talk of humane behavior, cooperation nor toleration with religious extremists responding to bizarre images of what an afterlife might be made of. The best lesson for us to take from this is to keep our own religious crazies on a very short leash.

  11. Bushes fault for Saddam in Iraq and Obama’s fault for Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. What a mess WE have created. We should have left well enough alone. Get over it. It’s been over 6 years. All this international mismangement and the mistreatment of Christians is now on OBAMA:) The blood is on his hands.

    • No he is their savior, after Cheney’s greedy war for oil. Listen to what ISSi’s says, they blame the Bush administration for invading their country and that is the REASON they hate Americans and are out to destroy us. Blame goes to Bush/Cheney.

    • Oh my God! Obama’s mistreating Christians? The dog!! Christians are such an upstanding lot! Whatever!! I’m sure Bush and Cheney are in church every Sunday being the hypocrites that they are!!

  12. Actually, it’s Reagan’s and Bushs’ Fault. If it hadn’t been for his Treasonous Administration, there would be no National Debt and Millions of decent Wage Jobs would still be here in America. OH, almost forgot, the Bush Boyz wouldn’t have made $Million$ out of the S&L Fire Sale.

    And, of course, if GHW Bush hadn’t followed Nixon’s Treasonous Path of Consorting with the Enemy, Carter would have had the Embassy staffers released BEFORE the Election … the Reagan Admin would never have had the opportunity to wreck havoc on America.

    W is too easy a target. But, it is safe to say that the policies of his Admin and the R minions in the past 7 Congresses are either damned wrong, or deliberately wrong. They couldn’t be more wrong for America than if they were working hand in hand with UBL or Vladimir.

  13. What Cheney wants, Cheney must have. Right? Even when it’s WRONG? Cheney masterminded the Iraq War in a deal with Halliburton. I will go to my grave believing that. As such, Cheney had NO business sticky his beak in Iraq’s sectarianism. And the beauty of it was all Herr Cheney had to do was convince Bush ’43 he was getting even with Saddam Hussein for double crossing Bush ’41.

    Oh what tangled webs they weave, when first they practice to deceive.

    In this life, good and bad are atop the axis of justice. In removing Saddam Hussein to get revenge for Bush’ 41, Herr Cheney and his Bush puppet opened a can of worms. Under Saddam Hussein, who himself was not unlike the dictator Cheney, Iraq had relative stability and was prospering on international levels. But, Cheney just had to prove HE is Master of the Universe. Typical profiteering warmonger.

  14. We forget quickly that Regan via Jim Baker armed Saddam to fight a new enemy called Iran. He was our ally when we needed him to be. Once the Iran/Iraq was over we had no use for him anymore. When Bush 1 came to office he became a threat once again. When he accused Kuwait of drilling sideways to get his oil we discounted it. When he invaded we took the side of Kuwait since that oil was destined for Japan and the elder Bush understood the world oil market better, and we could trust Saddam to honor that agreement. After that war Saddam went back to his lair and slaughtered a few thousand Kurds and Shias but they had no value to Bush he elder so we did nothing
    Once Bush the younger, and oil man Cheney took over it was back to the evil Iraq. With accusation flowing out of the white house and nightmare scenarios from the national ghoul Cheney on air everyday, from Bio weapons to nukes. We invaded to get a better deal on oil and because of that we cared little about nation building. We were relying on the old CIA model of depose, consolidate and then get a corporate friendly strong man to run the country. This worked so well in other countries why not here. But we forgot what happened in Yugoslavia when a strong dictator fell and the country descended into religious sectarian war. Same was to happen in Iraq, and because we disbanded the government and sent the army home with their guns we created the witch’s brew of a smoldering cauldron boiling over. We never had enough troops to quell the violence. and why should we. America was there for the oil and that was our main objective,
    and this is what Obama inherited. We as a country were never good at understanding history and we are far too arrogant to realize that other countries are not ready for our model. Add to this a minute by minute press corps so the one in the chair gets to wear the dunce cap. This is why we can’t understand the world in front of us. We fall for jingles and slogans rather taking the time to understand it all, and why history constantly repeats itself. It is easier to blame someone than to figure it all out.

  15. Cheney is/has been so wrong about so many things. But his statement that “we defeated al Qaeda”, is absolutely wrong. All that happened was that they went elsewhere until our soldiers left. One needn’t have been a rocket scientist to see that that was going to happen.

  16. The decision to invade Iraq, a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, the removal of Saddam Hussein from power, the replacement of Sunnis in government jobs with Shias aligned spiritually to Iran, and the cynicism of justifying the invasion by claiming that some of the WMDs that the Reagan administration provided to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war had not been destroyed (IAIA inspectors confirmed they had been destroyed), and demonizing Saddam because he retaliated against the Kurds when the Reagan administration provided him with satellite imagery that suggested collusion between the Kurds and Iranians, destabilized the entire Persian Gulf region and resulted in our credibility being in the dumps.
    It will be a very long time before people in that part of the world forget what we did, and it will be a very long time – if ever – before a semblance of stability is re-established.

  17. THE INCONVENIVENT TRUTH: Senator McCain, with all due respect for your past service as a War Vet, the American people of sick and tired of fighting other people’s civil wars! Humanitarian assistance and temporary force to save innocent civilians is the correct moral decision.
    However, if you and other Senators wish to continue the fight in Iraq or
    anywhere else, fine! Just ask your constituents in Arizona and others to specifically tax themselves to pay for the war and volunteer to serve! No problem! Our new morale focus is to rebuild America!

    • “Our new morale focus is to rebuild America!” That is what should be the focus as long as the equality is there. We don’t have to be a part of a cult or religion to have good morales. The diversity is what make America Special.

  18. It’s nice to tell lies to those who would believe them anyway. The unfolding humanitarian disaster in Iraq is the direct result of the 2011 “Obama bugout”. In 2008 George Bush warned that if we did not leave a fairly substantial force behind to assist the Iraqis then we would see happen exactly what has happened since January, when Obama called ISIS the JV. When George Bush left office, Iraq was a fairly stable place, both politically and militarily. Barack Obama wanted out of Iraq at all costs. His generals pleaded with him for the 23,000 troops recommended by both them and the previous administration. Obama denied them that . Then the generals asked for 10,000, again denied, Obama was willing to leave 3,000 troops in Iraq, an amount that could barely defend themselves, much less help the Iraqis. This was not a force large enough for Maliki to use political capital on to get the status of forces agreement pushed through the Iraqi parliament. Had we left the 23,000, we would not only have had a real fighting force there, but would have been able to have some influence on Maliki to not make the terrible mistakes he made with his military. We left substantial forces in Japan and Germany after WW2 to guarantee a peaceful transition. Why we still have troops there was not completely clear to me until Russia invaded Ukraine.
    Now that the predicted disaster is happening, we owe it to those innocents who are being slaughtered by the force we allowed to happen
    by our leaving Iraq prematurely, to protect and defend them. Or don’t they matter in a liberal mind because most of them are Christian?

    • The pullout of Iraq was settled by Bush. Any attempt to leave troops in the country after that date was dependent on a status of forces agreement with the government of Iraq. Iraq did not want us there. End of discussion. Your “predicted disaster” was predicted before we invaded, the fault lies with Bush and his cabal.

      Your argument is a bit like blaming the samaritan who pulls out the knife from a stabbing victim – “see, it’s their fault”, says the person who committed the stabbing, “I told them to leave the knife in!”

  19. When these war criminal took, and I mean took office there was NO OPPOSITION from anyone in America! They struck fear in the sheep of America, the masses. They still have not paid for war crimes and the ruin of our economy and world standing. So, what is the point of even writing about it now. NO ONE will do anything about what they did illegally. Pre Obama who I voted twice for is part of the sheep. He does nothing, absolutely nothing for anyone. I have yet been able to see ONE thing he has accomplished as President. I will never vote again.

    • Poor you, that you cannot see that if President Obama had not made the decisions that he made we would have gone into a depression. When he stepped into Bush’s shoes it was a deep black hole, no light at the end of the tunnel, but not anymore, we can see light and hope for the future. He has accomplished a lot of what he ran under and that’s despite the fact that he has had more obstruction from the other party then any other president has had to challenge. You should be proud, don’t listen to what the right say. Check your facts, read, look and listen. I know Bush is your hereo, but he let Cheney run the show. That was his mistake.

  20. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars aren’t the only GOP messes President Obama has had to clean up since he got to the White House. The list so long that I won’t detail it here….
    I have to resist the urge to call the President “The Janitor” constantly…

  21. Those two bastards don’t dare to leave the U.S. nor do they dare enter the state of Vermont where a standing order of arrest exists for them.Ever notice that the Shrub seldom wanders far from his Texas compound these days.Bush,Cheney,and Rumsfeld must keep an awful lot of security personnel employed.

  22. My university major in 1962 included studies of Middle Eastern Culture and Religions. I could have told these clowns what a mess they were about to create, at the time they started talk of taking on Iraq. For starts, Iraq was divided into three religous camps somewhat territorially organized, at least two ethnic camps, and some urban culture and some rural, tribal culture.

    I could also have told them Iraq had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, any more than Israelis were supporters of Hitler. Civil governments, least of all one not officially and exclusively supporting Al Qaeda’s one flavor of Islam (which would be hard to do with a non-religious leader), were utter anathema to Al Qaeda — and Al Qaeda was anathema to Saddam.

    I think Cheney was hoping to monopolize the purchase of Iraqi oil, and was oblivious to religious and ethnic concerns.

  23. … I have to watch what I say b/c although I’m speaking in lieu of my First Amendment Rights, I’m still searching for work & just recently found an anemically deficient hold-over job paying $10/hour-weekends, but still looking for better (while STILL under surveillance for my 1st Amendment speech violation ‘RESTRICTIONS’) – so as not to make conservatives any more angry at me, they’re the ones who said the war(s) would pay for it(them)self, or was ‘THAT’ wrong as well? Much history is in the process of being ‘re-told,’ (i.e., “re-written”), so it’s hard to keep it straight, but in the meantime, to get conservatives off the hook – yet again, why don’t we just blame this one on Obama, so that by the time he leaves office, the twisted, time-warped ‘way-back machine’ will be even more screwed up than America is (in it’s PTSD stupor) currently & we won’t have anyone to blame, since we didn’t have anyone responsible in ’03 anyway… That should fix matters for now, then & going aimlessly forward…


  25. Everyone in America is used to and sick of hearing Obama LIE and make Excuses …” It’s all Bush’s fault and you are all racists ” Everyone in America is used to and sick of Liberal Media brainwashing their viewers with the same Lies and Excuses and everyone is used to and sick of Liberals who do the same thing .When Liberals use that tactic it always means they cant debate what you said so they revert to Lies Excuses and the Race Card … And now this is all the Memo has .. Pathetic

  26. Actually it was the first Gulf War that set things in motion. Saddam invaded Kuwait because he claimed they were,drilling horizontally under the border to steal Iraq’s oil and because they had failed to pay Iraq what they had promised to help pay for its war with Iran which had mired Iraq in debt.

    He did not in act until he had gotten strong assurances from us that we would not take sides even though we knew he had massed his troops at Kuwait’s border. Our ambassador, April Glaspie, told this to Saddam in a face to face meeting. The spokesperson for State, Margaret Tutweiller, explicitly said we had no treaty obligating us to defend Kuwait. When Sec Def Cheney said we would defend Kuwait he had to retract his statement. Saddam invaded. Bush suddenly did an about face after a meeting with the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher who told him not to go “wobbly”.

    Saddam was our ally ( and we knew he was a brutal dictator but armed him anyway). We could have easily stepped in to stop him and negotiate a deal. Instead Bush completely reversed his position much to Saddam’s surprise and to the surprise of many in the Bush administration. Funny how this info is completely ignored. I guess winning a war erases the fact that it could have easily been avoided and eventually led to disastrous consequences.

    It was the troops we left in Saudi Arabia after that war that made Bin Laden attack us. We are paying the price for the first invasion of Iraq.

  27. There was NO coalition government in place in Iraq when we pulled our troops out. Is was, like the regime of Hussein, a one-party affair with all others excluded, and minorities persecuted. The Kurds in the north at least had the unity and strength to separate from the rest of the country, and have led the way for what any future permanent solution will look in Iraq. Since the divestment of the region AFTER colonialism, the Middle East has been a hodge-podge of some initially elected democracies that devolved into dictatorships. During the Cold War,both the US and the USSR established (forcibly in most cases) regimes friendly to them, not in the least concerned about the needs or desires of the inhabitants of the region. Today we are paying for a foreign policy that failed over 100 years ago, and has yet to be repaired.

  28. Am currently reading, yes, another book by John Dean, called “Worse than Watergate,” which is all about the Bush/Cheney administration and all that they did. It’s amazing that they got away with so much, especially the illegal things they did that were totally against the Constitution (and the GOP screams about the current president….what a bunch of hypocrites). It’s really a good book, but it’s pretty sad that we let these two get away with the things that they did and no one (not even a Democrat) had the balls to step up to the plate and call them out on it. Of course, those that did ended up getting blackballed from everything by the Bush White House. They were a pretty sad group…..not only was President Bush inept and uninformed most of the time, but Cheney and Rove, and his gang pretty much ran the White House even to the point of controlling the press and what was allowed to be said or not said. Bush had no desire to do it…..his big thing was campaigning, not running things. So, he ended up letting others do the work while he took the glory!! All of them need to be in jail!

    What was really interesting is how Cheney dealt with Halliburton and his stock…..he had insider trading and sold his Halliburton stock before the price went down significantly…..he did this with another company that he was on the Board of…..the SEC tried to go after him, but the judge that was to handle the case was a Bush appointee, so nothing got done! Amazing!!!

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