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Monday, October 24, 2016

A woman jogs along Bayshore Boulevanrd in between squalls blowing across the bay in Tampa, Fla., Monday, Aug. 27, 2012. The Republican National Convention has delayed it’s start because of the approaching tropical storm Isaac which is churning it’s way across the Gulf of Mexico. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

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  • 1TexasHoney27

    Evidently Mother Nature is a Democrat n doesn’t care to hear lies, watch flip-flopping in it’s finest hour, experience greed first hand. Those Republi-pricks tried to Fool Mother Nature so she turned the tides on them….. To bad Romney n Ryan weren’t caught in a cross wind n blown out to sea & end up on some deserted island… Truely that would be poetic justice.

  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. the REAL cartoon of the day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “You can only aim at equality by giving some people the right to take things from others. What ultimately happens when you aim for equality is that A and B decide what C shall do for D; except that they take a little bit of a commission off on the way.” – Milton Friedman

  • 1TexasHoney27

    Darn shame we all don’t have time to sit around looking up phrases that other people thought of so ignorant asses like Bozo can use. If that’s the best you can do Bozo then I’m forced to inform you that just like all the Republi-pricks you slipping…. MoBama 2012……..