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Monday, January 21, 2019

Photo Of The Day — September 17th

costa concordia

The wreck of Italy’s Costa Concordia cruise ship begins to emerge from water on September 16, 2013 near the harbour of Giglio Porto. (AFP Photo/Vincenzo Pinto)

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2 responses to “Photo Of The Day — September 17th”

  1. Robert Haugh says:

    I have to admit that when I heard the method they were going to employ to bring the vessel upright, I was a complete skeptic. Now this morning I see it was successful, and I tip my hat to the engineers, and others who made it all happen.

  2. ObozoMustGo says:

    And now…. The REAL Photo Of The Day!

    Too bad for Obozo that the same engineers can’t stop him from sinking into oblivion..

    Have a nice day!

    “Individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.” ~ Barrack Hussein Obozo in a 1995 interview with a now defunct leftist Chicago journal

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