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Saturday, May 26, 2018

#DumpTrump has a whole new meaning.

After the Republican candidate gave a speech on Monday at the Alumisourse Building in Monessen, Pa., right in front of a giant wall of trash, the internet reveled in the irony of his backdrop.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump delivers speech in Monessen, Pennsylvania

On Twitter, curious commentators wondered if Trump was speaking inside a giant trash compactor or what the candidate’s advance team (if he even has one) thought about the site for a speech. They joked about their disappointment with his grand plans for a wall and proposed he tap fellow trash-dweller Oscar the Grouch as a VP.

Since the speech drew him so much publicity, we figured that Trump might want to continue campaigning at landfills, junkyards and trash dumps all around the country. Below, we’ve pictured him at some other attractive locations he may want to consider for his next speech in pursuit of the presidency.








Donald trump trash

First photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech at the Alumisourse Building in Monessen, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 28, 2016. REUTERS/Louis Ruediger

Other photos: Buckhorn Mesa landfill via Alan Levine / Changes madeOntario landfill via Michelle Arseneault / Changes madeMexico trash dump via Genghis Khanhg / Changes madeZabbaleen donkey via Matthias Feilhauer / Changes madeSenegal dump via Alweaver2 / Changes made

12 Responses to This Garbage Pile Is The Trump Metaphor You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. What more fitting venue could you find for a guy that’s running what is nothing more than a garbage campaign but to have a garbage dump backdrop as he spews his garbage rhetoric!! .

  2. Replace the trash with huge mounds of money and smiling Arab oil sheiks standing arm-in-arm with Bill waving a Clinton Foundation flag and you have the perfect backdrop for Hillary Clinton standing at that podium.

    • You actually came up with that scenario after years of, and multiple Republicans bending over to the Saudi’s, Chinese and anyone else waving cash at them? Once again you prove yourself a lying dog.

    • “The Clintons are hooked on cash and show no signs of reducing their lust for money” Maybe so but do you really think Trump is not at least as greedy? Everything he has ever done screams greed.

      • Have you ever had a job or took a basic business course? If you did you would have been able to identify the difference between a businessman (Trump) engaged in lawful commerce and selling a product like real estate or a service like a hotel accommodation in fair exchange to a customer as compared to the Clintons who offer no product or service but are engaged in the covert and illegal activity of selling themselves (“pay to play” influence peddling) to a series of shady nations and bad actors who have the anticipation of receiving favored status through the Clintons using their positions in government to sell off America to them for their self enrichment. You don’t grow your net worth to 200 million as the Clintons have through “public service”…..the math simply doesn’t add up!

        • Re Trump. Don’t forget his fraudulent “university”. I won’t try to defend the Clintons money making except that they didn’t start out with the millions that Trump did from his slumlord daddy.

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