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Saturday, March 23, 2019

A picture, the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, we have only about 550 with which to appraise a picture that has raised eyebrows across the country: In it, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is seen wagging her finger in President Obama’s face during his visit to her state last week.

The two were apparently engaged in a discussion of Arizona’s controversial immigration laws and of a 2010 White House meeting that Brewer described at the time as “very cordial.” She has since written a book in which she now claims the president’s demeanor was “condescending.”

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12 responses to “A Pointed Comment On Reagan's Legacy”

  1. freethinker says:

    Nasty bit of writing typical of Pitts, but at least he brought a chuckle as I mentally pictured the President getting maced in an elevator. The elevator was going down.

  2. fordneri says:

    This is what happens when drug addicts and drunks hit bottom. They find religion and turn their lives over to who ever will take them in the name of God and country. Regretably the only people who want them ar religious hucksters and political con men looking to take what ever these miserable souls have left in exchange for some one or group to blame and hate. Enter the new and improved GOP scrap heap for souls.

  3. quietfun127 says:

    Even though I never liked Ronald Reagan, I do give threspect of being a leader!! He knew how to use the people to get done what needed to be done. (For his party and night Buisiness) . The republican party has never been nor will they ever be for the average people in this country. They have systematicly built a house of cards that now is about to fall down. I find it appalling that they keep blaming Basic Obama as the leader of this down economy. After Clinton left office, he left behind balanced budgets ab a surplus. Bush not only gave away the surplus, which would have gone a long way to shore up Medicare, Medicare and social security, ha gave tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. When you take a budget that has enough revinue coming in to pay its bills and cut the revinue source by 40%, you end up with deficit spending. With the free trade agreements allowing companies to go over seas to take advantage of tax and tarrif free trade coming into the USA, the tax cuts, aether you want to believe it or not, funded the building of plants over seas leaving them with all the profit to show wall street how well they have done. Its time toshut the door on companiesias, give tax breaks to manufacturing that comes back to the us. The free ride needs to end.

  4. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    in he presidents face, but they should also be wagging their fingers in the face of all the government employee unions, with their overly high wages, benefits, and cushy retirements. Mexicans are only one of many problems our country has. We have a clown for president who panders in a way he offends as few as possible, deceives as many as possible, and denies the maximum freedoms for all americans while taking as much of their financial futire as possible in a hideous way, undermining the value of the currency. The most major deception will be showing up in real estate in about 3 years. The banks will suddenly get extremely generous again for house values, but a loaf of bread will at that time be close to $3.00 a loaf. Yes, in about 2 years, inflation will roar a real lions growl, and the deception of value will again be foisted on America. It’s the only way the weenies can get out of town without ever admitting to the mass thievery going on with the cost of a bloated government. Our only hope of salvation is Ron Paul. But most americans simply are too queasy about their own financial insecurities that they will happily sacrifice their children’s dreams and futures so they can just sit on their duffs and collect one form or another of entitlement checks to keep themselves, with their lack of willingness to work and sacrifice immediate gratification. Bye- bye america. The government has become so onerous and overbearing, even a casino like wall street is becoming overcome with regulations and potential taxation. The wealthy are now where they want to be….dealing in value of nations’ currency one against the other, so they simply have to deal in currencies, as to who is inflating the worst. What a sorrowful situation we have gotten ourselves into….since there is no escape. Poverty for everyone, nothing but government, government, government….. .

  5. kurt.lorentzen says:

    One thing is consistent with Pitts, he can find racial motives behind absolutely everything. If he were covering the invasion of Brittania by the Vikings he’d find some way to blame it on bigotry toward Blacks. Brewer said Obama began chastising her about the book as soon as she was withing earshot. I believe she said she felt threatened, not “frightened” as Pitts seems to interpret the word in his racially-dominated mindset – there’s a big difference. Some people cower when threatened, others take a defensive posture – that’s what Brewer did. The only reason she spoke up about it at all is because people like Pitts have made such a big deal of it. And when questioned about it, she only explains her state of mind and the reason for it, without going into specifics about the actual language Obama used as his opening lines in their conversation. Omaba tried to bully her and she reacted as any self-respecting individual does when attacked. Nothing racial about it. Get over it.

  6. Beaver23 says:

    A very insightful exposé not only on the current Republican Party but also on the state of affairs in the U.S.

  7. rustacus21 says:

    … are here in this article, as I recount a story from a friend who attends a local (G.R., MI) University, who says he’s noticed a perceptable tension & anxiety among his White college mates. In 1 incident, while waiting for a bus, he didn’t know, but saw a (White) woman approach & wanted to know the time. Excusing himself, her startled reaction was so convulsive & violent (from merely asking the time), it startled him! She calmed once she realized he was only asking the time. An observation of my own, has been a hilariously silly habit I’ve noticed; when a Black man is approaching a White person (male or female), the White person hurries to cross the street, thereby avoiding “contact”. I attribute both to the hysteria whipped up by the Fox network, that has painted President Obama & every other Black male, as a threat & dangerous. The football player for the Detroit Lions (Suh I believe is his name), had a picture in the USA2day, resembling a “mug shot.” As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, Fox has proven millions of images over 4 years has “re-demonized” a complete cultural gender, after the progress made since they (Black people) gained their “legal” human rights in the 1960’s. Proof positive Conservatives are all about “regressing”. Not what America needs EVER again…

  8. rustacus21 says:

    … obviously has been living in a bubble the last 20 + years, if he’s that vacant he didn’t realize America itself is deeply divided by race, but specifically, intentionally by racists. Words mean different things to different people. Bush said his administration, w/its tax cuts, would out-do the prosperity measures of the Clinton administration. He LIED! What’s more damaging, he know back then HE was lying himself!!! Ms. Brewer has told 2 different stories about her ’10 meet w/the President, the latter of which “CONFORMS” to the Fox line on not just the President, but Black people on the whole. The W.H. encounter can only be corroborated by she & the President. The encounter last week was seen by millions, but was not only demeaning & rude, but disrespectful to the office of the President of the United States! Mr. Lorentzen can make excuses, by hiding his head in the sand, but the immaturity of racism is what is at the root of Conservative opposition to President Obama, as they continually make incoherent excuses to why they oppose the President. If we’re in a “crisis,’ at the very least, they could put aside their pettiness, until the nation is back on its feet. This is the the irrationality of racism that Mr. Pitts DID NOT search out, but needs pointing out for Americans who don’t get out much, or have the benefit of interacting w/the rich diversity that is America. U should try it Mr. Lorentzen. It’s a quite refreshing & rewarding – as well as ENLIGHTENING experience…

  9. kurt.lorentzen says:

    I’m living in the same world you are and have no misgivings about the ongoing racial division. I’m also no apoligist for Bush, his cronies, or their lies – please don’t paint me into a corner with that bunch of criminals. Different people see things different ways – absolutely true. But Leonard Pitts never sees any possibility for anyone’s action outside of racial bias any time a white and a black are involved. As far as Brewer’s comments on the matter, perhaps you could point me to the two different stories. I’ve seen/read several interviews/articles where she’s quoted as saying, in so many words, the same thing. From “Today” Magazine: “The President had a tense exchange with Governor Jan Brewer about her book, which characterized Mr. Obama as lecturing her during a 2009 meeting over immigration. Later, Brewer called the president ‘thin-skinned’ and said the encounter left her breathless”. That’s pretty much the story I find as I Google around. But I welcome you to enlighten me in my lack of investigative abilities. There’s a difference between reacting when challenged without warning and pre-meditated disrespect. As an independent free-thinker I’m just as comforatble calling Bush a liar as I am calling Obama a slick talker. I voted for Obama. Find the racism in that (I’ll bet Pitts can!).

  10. jimmyags says:

    A lot of the posters here spent their time and board space attacking the messenger, could that be because they couldn’t find a hole in the message? I will agree that not all people who oppose the president do so because of race,will you guys be honest enough to admit that some of them DO?

  11. sleeprn01 says:

    According to the GOP and the tea party President Obama should be impeached. His only crime is GWB (governing while black). America is certainly not have a post racial society. Especially when a presidential candidate wants to send Obama and his family packing from the white house. Remember, Mr. Romney belongs to the most sexist and racist religions in America.

  12. rustacus21 says:

    … racism & U only have to be “observant”! As sleeprno1 states & CORRECTLY – this post-racial world we’re SUPPOSEDLY in, is a Conservative/corp media fiction! Racism is alive & well, American’s (apologists for IT, such as above) who ignore it are simply “blinded” by White entitlement & until we, as a nation, discuss the unpleasant & ugly reality of what BOTH Jan Brewer & Fox are DOING, we, as a nation, will remained trapped in the ugly, perverse legacy of “pretending” racism doesn’t exist – simply b/c we DON’T see it… That is lame & quite pathetic, for adult American’s to indulge themselves…

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