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Friday, February 24, 2017

Poll: Americans More Concerned With Job Creation Than Obamacare Woes

capitol hillAccording to a United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll released Monday, an overwhelming majority of Americans want Congress and President Barack Obama to focus on job creation more than any other issue — including health care.

The poll finds that by more than a 3-1 margin, voters would be “very pleased” or “somewhat pleased,” if the president and Congress worked together to create more jobs, as opposed to “very disappointed” or “somewhat disappointed.” Surprisingly, voters expressed very little partisan variation on how they hope the president and lawmakers create more jobs; 75 percent say they would be “pleased” or “very pleased” if jobs were created by reducing taxes and regulation – generally a Republican position – and 77 percent said the same about increasing investment in infrastructure projects, which Democrats tend to favor.

The findings should serve as a wakeup call for congressional Republicans, who have dedicated a great amount of their time to attacking the Affordable Care Act and its troubled rollout, and now say there is little left for them to do anything else.

According to The New York Times, U.S. Representative Reid Ribble (R-WI) even claimed that his constituents would not “want me to be overaggressive in writing new laws.” The new poll suggests that his constituents would disagree.

Besides job creation, other issues important to voters include gun and immigration reforms. According to the poll, 74 percent would be happy if lawmakers approved a proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases; only 22 percent said they would be unhappy if the legislation passed. Support for the issue split among partisan lines with nearly 75 percent of Democrats saying they would be “very pleased” if the measure passed, while only 38 percent of Republicans said the same. Still, a majority of GOP voters, 66 percent, did say they would be “somewhat pleased” by the legislation.

Immigration reform also has a large amount of support from voters: 66 percent would be happy if Congress passed immigration reform, with only 29 percent saying they would “disappointed.” Even a majority of Republicans – 57 percent – “showed a willingness to accept the reform,” as opposed to the 25 percent who said they would feel “very disappointed.”

More alarming for the GOP is that the two least popular issues included reducing the federal deficit and repealing Obamacare – two top priorities for Republicans.

According to the poll, 54 percent of respondents said they would be pleased if the deficit was lowered by a combination of tax increases and spending cuts – the least amount of support expressed by respondents among all the issues – and 41 percent said they would be disappointed. Just 52 percent voiced support for repealing the new health care law, and 40 percent said they would be disappointed.

Still, although the split is narrow, even a small majority of Americans expressing support for repealing Obamacare might serve as a glimmer of hope for Republicans unwilling to let go of their fight against the law.

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37 Responses to Poll: Americans More Concerned With Job Creation Than Obamacare Woes

  1. In spite of the fact that OUR fellow-voters dropped the ball in 2010, for the FIFTH year in a row, jobs are still the number ONE item on the agenda of We the PEOPLE! And who’s listening… (crickets…)… Is now the point we get SERIOUS ABOUT THIS – OUR people Democracy?!?! YOUR family, friends, neighbors & strangers have all been impacted by the over 15 million job losses & liberty losses & command over our elected officials losses & after 12 straight years, when is the time for doing the necessary ‘homework’ DONE (reading up on the Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers), in order to understand what a Progressive/Liberal civic cultural imperative ACTUALLY is & start voting for the Congress that we deserve & that will give this President no excuses for negotiation, bargaining, conferring, or otherwise, making accommodations w/ANY conservatives, who had their way for now, going on 12 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, yielding mayhem after disaster after catastrophe!!! When is a good time for the nations rational, sensible, intelligent, mature citizen majority, to pick up the gauntlet & declare ownership of OUR Liberal/Progressive Democracy? Now would be an ideal moment in the nation’s history…

    • A question, Just where has the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist worked to produce a vibrant economy with lots of good paying jobs? Just asking.

      • I guess the shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as we thought!… and then they just laughed and laughed………Good Times! ….NEXT!!!

        • The President didn’t have a ‘Jobs’ bill. He had a spending bill he euphemistically called a ‘Jobs’ bill. You know, like the ‘Affordable Care Act’ that is anything but. Jobs are not created by government borrowing and spending.

          • montana! of course obama had a jobs bill, it’s right there next to the budgets from the last 5 years..wait! wtf? .. ummmm never mind…… look….SQUIRREL!!!!

          • 😉 these people provide a lot to laugh at ! Their continued defence of this outright deceitful, mind-numbingly inept admin is almost cultish ! Funny and sad at the same time

      • the blind bleating obedience of the left after 5 yrs is mind boggling isn’t it? And yes, you’ll notice dv below in his usual “pander to his fan base” writing style makes good points about how well paying, skilled jobs creation is important and education needing to be redirected into something other than “liberal arts” is necessary. He admits we need more people using their intelligence and hard work, blah blah blah, all true, but as usual two things his posts always consist of , lest his fans on this site get mad at this monkey in the middle who posts what he thinks they want to read instead of how he actually feels. Those two things are 1. It is never ever EVER Obama’s fault, even after 5 long years and 2. he has to add an insult to conservatives, in this case, Romney who apparently is evil for being born into money. I believe the inheritance he received from his father was given to charity. He earned his millions by himself, and to be sure the libs will say he stole it from the mouths of starving children. all too predictable at this point. I think the jig is up though. The obamacare is hitting the fan as we speak..

        • Between you and Montana, I don’t know who has the lesser intelligence! Obviously nothing has effected you in this economy so it’s easy to blast everything and offer NO solutions! No healthcare, no solution, no jobs, no solution, weak economy, no solutions! So typical!!

          • affected……..and btw, i was talking about solutions that one of you lefties posted and said I agreed with them, you just came in in a blinding hate-filled rage and started insulting and blathering away……..your fave word…blathering. So blow your vapid blather out your porthole and go back to your obama worship. You seem to like the taste of his boots, or rather his “light loafers”…….;-)

          • Well you should know all about hate and rage!! Also about blathering and nonsense! You are well versed in both!!

          • no hate here, sometimes disgust at how blindly you sheep keep bleating for obama even as he destroys the country and lies to your face. no hate here, sometimes annoyance at barking sheep who never shut their piehole but say nothing at the same time. it’s sad really. This admin is coming undone and you’re upset and you are misdirecting your anger. I get that. You’ll have to live with it though.

    • Oh for God’s sake! Benghazi is over and done with! Has nothing to do with jobs and nothing to do with this conversation! Get over yourself!!

      • why don’t you get over yourself? you keep bangin’ your head against my comments. you’re like a stupid little dog that keeps barking and baying at the moon. Benghazi is not over for Americans who appreciate all the brave people who serve the country and it sure as hell isn’t over for the parents of the patriotic Americans killed there on obozo’s and Killary’s watch.

          • Bill Clinton, he was too busy putting cigars in someone else’s humidor. He missed the chance to take care of Bin Laden and coincidentally his wife now watches over the killing of Americans………….nice……..

    • do you even have a job or do you troll the internet looking for ways to attack our president and our country? You are despicable.

      • Your concern should be with your blind obedience to obama. I do not attack the country. Despite the president it is still free and the greatest country on Earth even if he does not think so. I attack his incompetence which is obvious. I attack his policies and his inept bumbling buffoonery. He is in way over his head and people are getting killed and lifestyles have changed. We are the laughingstock lf the world thanks to him. He has done squat. He blames all of his many failures on someone else.I won’t say you’re despicable, because like your buddy highonwhatever, you are just spewing misdirected anger that you have as you watch obamaworld in its death throes.. shalom

        • It seems to me that your “blind” obedience to the the party that lost the White House twice, has really set you on your butt!! And to lose to a black man to boot! Don’t bother saying how you are not racist because you scream it from every word you type! Arrogance, bloated ego, and above all, no care as to why you lost so badly! The rest of the world must know something you don’t! Geez, how could that be? You are so God damned smart!!

          • well, i knew you were a dullard with nothing to defend the obozo admin, but to sink to pullin’ the race card? hahahahahaha! That makes you a bigger chump than obama.. the race card is played out.. It proves you got nuttin’ left in the tank. No argument, label or name call. why not just yell SQUIRREL!!!! Obamacare epic failure, benghazi criminal activity, fast & furious, NSA, IRS and all the other crap obozo turns to a pile of steaming crap, is not because he is 50% black, it’s because he is 100% incompetent, inept, in over his head. He was a vote present senator, which is little more than he does now , before that he was a community organizer and hey! when we think of well organized communities with great leaders , we always think of Chicago…. hahahahhaahaha what a dope you are!! And please continue being racist, and oblivious to reality, and keep using the Lord’s (not your Lord, obozo) name in vain. yep! VAPID BLATHER ………shalom, i hope your angry bitter, troubled mind finds peace. It must be scary in your world.;-)

  2. Our priority, on this issue, should go well beyond the creation of jobs. There are plenty of low paying, part time, jobs available for those willing to work. The real problem is that good paying job, with advancement opportunities, are far from plentiful and are often filled by foreign professional entering the USA with a H1b visa.
    Instead of complaining about what the government should do to remedy this situation, or about our corporations moving some of their operations abroad and using foreign help to fill some of the best jobs available in the USA, we should focus on the root causes for this problem, and real solutions.
    One of the most obvious reasons for our inability to fill good paying vacancy is that they are either scarce or because we do not have the skills required to do the job. The current trend to drop out of high school, or pursue liberal arts degrees must change. We need to focus on hard science and find ways to help our young get the skills they will need to overcome the challenges of the 21st century.
    Most importantly, we need more people like Ford, Bell, Edison, Gates and all of those who through their intelligence and hard work transformed an agricultural nation into the greatest industrialized nation in the world. Unfortunately, the creativity of those icons in American history has been replaced by people like Mitt Romney, whose success is limited to inheritance and predatory practices.
    Is our inability to create new products, services, and processes influenced by lack of talent and initiative, or is it caused by barriers erected by special interests determined to preserve the status quo, and a complicit government determined to protect the interests of its benefactors?

  3. Didn’t those Republicans all get elected in 2010 by promising to create jobs? The only jobs I keep hearing about are the ones in Mexico, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc.

    • Yes,china got some real sweet jobs from GE, obozo’s bum buddy Immelt’s workforce or at least 50% of it are in China and he moved the 115-year-old x-ray headquarters from Waukesha, Wisconsin, to Beijing. nice. That is who obama hired as his JOB CZAR for America…………. hahahahaha! or did China hire immelt as their job czar? As Killary would say “what difference does it make? And I loved all the jobs our 1/2 billion dollars we gave Solyndra created….wtf”? they’re gone too? you don’t say….. ;-(

  4. Both parties share in the blame of catering the 1%. From giving them unfair tax advantage to policies designed to enrich them both dems and repubs are guilty. Not once has either party force the wealthy to give back for their bounty. neither party has seriously taxed them. The concept of trickle down economics started by Regan has been a sham. Both parties did nothing as the wealthy set up off shore accounts instead of investing in Jobs. Schumer is just as protective of the big banks as Corker. The only one talking about job creation is Elizabeth Warren. Her populist message will get louder as more people see the greedy rich trying to squeeze them and their children into the work for less no benefit emerging economy. Anyone or party on the wrong side of that message will lose.

  5. There is no doubt that the GOTP is out of step with most Americans. Even those Americans who call themselves Conservative are turning their back on them. It is one thing to have clear values and moral, it is a whole other thing when you try and push them on the rest of society. They do not miss that fact that nothing is being done and did not miss who was responsible for the shut down. They know the difference between pretending you care about minorities, women and LGBTs and what you do and say. They know and they will remember and it will drive them to the voting booths.

  6. Those who preach from collectivism’s altar commonly offer subjective merit as an alternative to the objective utility that determines the value of one’s knowledge and skills in a free country.

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