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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

According to a new Southern Media & Opinion Research poll, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s approval rating has plummeted 13 percent over the past five months, leaving Jindal less popular than President Barack Obama in the deep-red state.

The poll finds Jindal’s approval rating at 38 percent, down from 51 percent in October. 60 percent disapprove of Jindal’s job performance. Furthermore, when asked what letter grade they would give Jindal, 49 percent said they would give him a D or F.

There’s little mystery as to the reason for Jindal’s declining popularity: Voters are overwhelmingly rejecting his right-wing policies.

—63 percent of respondents opposed Jindal’s plan to eliminate state income taxes and increase sales taxes — a popular idea on the right which would cut taxes for the top 1 percent of Louisianans, while raising taxes on the bottom 80 percent.

—60 percent oppose the privatization of state-run public hospitals — which has been a priority of the Jindal administration — and 75 percent said he has made little or no progress on improving public health.

—60 percent said Jindal has cut the state budget enough, and 47 percent said his previous budget cuts have had a negative impact on them or their families.

Finally, 58 percent said conditions in the Pelican State are getting worse, compared to just 20 percent who said they’re getting better, and 30 percent who said they’re about the same. In other words, now that Louisianans have been confronted with the realities of Tea Party government, they seem to have developed buyers’ remorse.

Perhaps most damning for Jindal is his standing compared to President Barack Obama. Obama’s approval rating in Louisiana currently sits at 43 percent — five points higher than Jindal’s. Considering that Mitt Romney trounced Obama 58 to 41 percent in Louisiana in the 2012 election, those numbers should be a glaring warning sign for Jindal.

Overall, the poll suggests that Jindal — who is widely suspected of harboring presidential aspirations — has a fragile political future. Before he can worry about the 2016 presidential election, he will likely face an uphill fight to keep his current job in November, 2015. Maybe Donald Trump was right when he blasted Jindal as “stupid” for trying to jump into national politics.

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9 responses to “Poll: Jindal’s Approval Rating Craters In Louisiana”

  1. When Gov. Jindal and other center-right Republicans cautioned the GOP about the post election strategy they embraced after their defeat in 2012, they signed their death sentence insofar as their political careers is concerned. The GOP relies on greed, ignorance, intolerance and hatred to win Congressional, Gubernatorial, and state legislative seats; and they are still convinced that the way to win the White House is to follow the same path. Add to that the dismal performance of so many Republican governors, including their determination to block the MEDICAID expansion to make ACA benefits accessible to their constituents, and their political demise is anything but surprising.

  2. Add to his “improvements” a program to allow local reimbursement of property tax revenue that would have gone to public schools for those parents who opt to send their children to private schools to offset the cost of private education. This denigrates the school systems, in that the amount of education lost to that money far outstrips what that money is worth. One teacher would be able to teach four times the amont of children that that money saves to send ONE child to a private school. And, since this includes parochial schools, that could be taken to the Supreme Court as the state “sponsoring” church functions at the expense of the public good.

  3. ORAXX says:

    Bobby Jindal, minus the pander, leaves a small bag of hot air.

  4. atc333 says:

    Why doesn’t the GOP draft Trump as their 2016 Candidate? Just think, they could have a “do over” of the Romney Campaign, right down to running a race with an obscenely rich old white guy who is clueless as to the issues the American people, the 98% face, thanks to 25 years plus of failed GOP Trickle Down Economics inflicted upon this Nation, Just think, how many Political Parties can claim the unique distinction of “Redistributing” over 36% of all of America’s wealth to the struggling top 2%, then topping it all off with the Bush II economic meltdown.

    Now the Right Wing of the GOP want to do it all over again!

    Trump/Rand 2016, What a ticket!!!!

  5. JDavidS says:

    About the only thing ole Bobby ever got right was calling the GOP “the stupid party”.

  6. elw says:

    The things that are killing the Gop are policies that protect the very rich at the expense of everyone else and their complete lack of concern for all women and anyone else who does not look and/or think exactly like themselves.

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