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Friday, October 21, 2016

According to a startling new Public Policy Polling survey, Louisiana Republicans are not sure who was at fault for the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — but a significant portion blame… President Barack Obama.

When asked “Who do you think was more responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina: George W. Bush or Barack Obama?”, 29 percent answered Obama, 28 percent answered Bush, and 44 percent answered “Not sure.”

If this answer strikes you as odd, perhaps it’s because Obama was nowhere near the White House at the time, and had in fact only been in the Senate for less than a year when the storm struck the Gulf Coast in August, 2005.

Most of the country presumably remembers how the Bush administration’s inept handling of the storm’s aftermath came to define its rocky second term. While tens of thousands in New Orleans languished without aid for days after the storm, Bush infamously praised then-FEMA director Michael Brown as having done a “heckuva job” (ironically, Brown resurfaced in 2012 to criticize President Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy too quickly). The bungled response helped push President Bush’s approval ratings into the low 30s, a nosedive from which he would never fully recover during his presidency.

Then again, maybe it’s not so surprising that a state in which taxpayer-funded schools taught lessons such as “the Great Depression was a socialist myth” doesn’t have the strongest institutional memory.

This is the second startling poll result from Public Policy Polling in the past month; earlier in August, a PPP poll found that celebrity chef Paula Deen is more popular than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. among Georgia Republicans.

In a less surprising result, PPP’s Louisiana poll also found that Governor Bobby Jindal’s downward slide in the polls shows no sign of stopping. Just 28 percent approve of his job performance, compared to 59 percent who disappove — making Jindal the least popular Republican governor in the United States.

Correction: This story originally labeled Jindal as the “least popular governor in the United States.” With a 25 percent approval rating, Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) is less popular according to PPP’s polling.

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  • charleo1

    Does it really surprise anyone? This is why the Country is so divided. I counted
    73% that thought it was either Obama’s fault, or wasn’t sure if he, (Obama,) had
    something to do with it. Prior to the last election, a polling of Evangelical Christians
    in Mississippi, found more than half believed he was indeed, a secret Muslim.
    So, besides all the money that’s corrupting the political processes, we have all
    these intentionally misinformed people. The bottom line being, if Obama is
    proposing it, they must surely be aganist it. For after all, who would trust a man
    that goes around and hides his religious affiliation? Now, Louisiana, along with
    Mississippi, and Texas have some of the highest poverty rates in America.
    They also have the greatest numbers of uninsured people, uninsured children.
    So, along comes a program, ACA, that would make their lives healthier, and
    for those who own their home, or have some savings, the financial lives more
    secure. But, some of the poorest people in this Country will not sign up. Why,
    because they’ve been warned their President is planning something terrible for
    the Nation. And ObamaCare, is just the beginning! My opinion, the elected
    officials in these States need to have every bit of their solid gold, health plans
    for life stripped away from them. And then see how they feel about ACA.

    • sigrid28

      One phrase (of many good ones in your post) catches my eye–“intentionally misinformed people,” which can be, delightfully, interpreted two ways. First, teachers can identify with this concept, if you refer to students who just refuse to crack a book or do any work. These students may seem unreachable, yet they cannot be so easily fooled as those who are docile. Three cheers for the autodidact!

      More worrisome by far are “intentionally misinformed people.” In this category, you might include docile students, who open the book and do the work, but read texts that have been filled with lies–and believe them–and complete assignments that simply confirm those lies, like the idea that “the Great Depression was a socialist myth.” It is these impressionable students who are the perfect dupes of the propagandists that have always had a niche in politics.

      • charleo1

        I see what you mean. As in students refusing, for whatever reason
        to learn. I think we have all witnessed this in our primary grades.
        A classmate in elementary school, and good friend of mine was
        doing just terrible with his studies. A very poor family they were, six
        children in all. They eventually found my friend Jimmy was nearly
        deaf, and his sight was so poor, he couldn’t read the blackboard
        from his seat near the back of the room. I thought as an educator
        you would relate. So, we don’t always know why students are
        not learning the material. But, what is so concerning about the
        political Right, is their propensity tell one whopper of a lie, after
        the next. Whether it’s Paiin’s death panels, or John Kyl, asserting
        that 98% of what Planned Parenthood does involves abortion.
        When the number of women visiting PP seeking abortion, is 3%.
        Now, this is important misinformation, considering Rick Perry just
        closed all but a handful of PP Clinics, leaving as many as 300,000
        poor women, particularly in the Rio Grand Valley, and West Texas.
        where the poverty numbers are the highest per capita, in the
        entire Country. So the Christian supporters might have a problem
        with this. Unless they are led to believe their Governor is closing
        down abortion clinics. In that case, it would be welcomed.
        This is just one example of the GOP just flat out lying. And these
        are hugely important issues, that effect the lives of millions,
        So without a doubt their base has been highly propagandized.
        From these Evangelical churches, the T.V. news they watch, to
        these privately run schools the GOP is eagerly promoting.
        First, with public schools, it’s about the unions, who’s members
        are predominately Democrats. And the private schools have no
        minimum standards. So they could teach nothing but the Bible,
        if they chose to do so. Like a Madrasa. The GOP has become a
        Party of ideologues. Where ideology trumps all else. And because
        of that, millions of our fellow Americans are needlessly suffering
        the consequences.

        • sigrid28

          Thank you for this sensitive response. As the parent of a child with a disability, I am a creature of the special education system. Long before my son was born, long after I bet you and I were students in elementary school, I took education courses to qualify for teacher certification. Even then, to earn certification all teachers had to take courses in special education–and none too soon, as the story of your classmate indicates.

          I was not referring to students with disabilities as individuals who refuse to learn. I was referring to neurotypical students, or students with no disability, who actually will not crack a book, come to class, or turn in an assignment. Some, it is true, may have come from a home with another disadvantage–poverty or a parent in prison. Teaching in the Chicago Public Schools, I was supposed to telephone the parent of each student who missed one of my classes without an excused absence–or even just to give the parent a catch-up assignment. I got to know the parents very well, or guardians or “uncles” for one student who was the son of a famous gang leader in prison at the time. The students who just refused education eventually dropped out.

          Finally, I am sure we have all met adults who would not crack a book or watch anything but Fox News if their lives depended on it–they refuse to learn. They prefer to remain “intentionally misinformed,” as you put it so well.

    • Independent1

      Of course Republicans in Louisiana don’t want their residents to learn the truth about how a Republican President (Hoover), who wa suppose to be an astute business person a la Mitt Romeny, parlayed a recession no worse that what Bush encounter at the beginning of his 1st term into a complete stock market crash and then into a full fledge depression that not only created severe hardships for Americans but also for the entire world. And although I’m concerned about what is going on in Louisiana with the way Jindahl is corrupting even the state’s educational system, I’m especially concerned with what Rachel Maddow has brought out over the passed couple of days with respect to the GOP takeover of the election scene in North Carolina. According to Rachel, the NC governor McCrory has taken it upon himself to appoint Republicans to head up election boards across the state which are illegally corrupting the election process with apparently no one yet putting a stop to it. After watching clips of her show I came away with visions of what Germany must have looked like in the 1930s when Hitler was orchestrating takeovers of that country. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s something you really need to watch in order to believe that it can be happening in Amerca. Here’s a link:

  • Budjob

    As I ponder the events of what is happening to our ONCE GREAT democracy,I am filled with apprehension,trepidation,and,FRIGHT!The USA is in free fall and is on the verge of evolving into a fascist state.This situation is very real folks and we better take heed.”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK

    • sigrid28

      Beside the kind of apprehension you feel, I search the news each day for a story to restore hope. On Maddow Blog for yesterday you might appreciate the latest iteration of the North Carolina county election board saga. Students packed the house for a county board meeting where they were to lose a voting site on their campus, and the Republicans backed down. Elsewhere, citizens have started attending council meetings and county board meetings–which are public–and taking into account what is going on. Some radical changes have been “tabled.” In one county, Republicans tried to alter minutes to conceal the fact that the county did NOT save money by eliminating a campus voting site, and a local paper covered the whole story. Democrats are going to have to brush off their going to meeting clothes and make their voices heard to stem this attempt to disenfranchise students and minorities.

  • Sand_Cat

    All I can say is, “What can you expect when these states are run by ignorant idiots who want to assure their citizens are not informed enough to dispute them?”

  • Dan Austin

    I find it interesting that the implications are that it is the conservatives and republicans who are misinformed, implying that democrats and Obama supporters are enlightened and informed.

    But in truth it reflects an uninformed public in general. Not many people search for news and information, which means that what the press covers and puts in daily headlines is about all they get exposed to.

    More important than people trying to recall basically who was president in 2005 (which was a long time ago for younger people) is what they know about what’s happening today. People who don’t pay much attention just go by the ‘surface’ news.

    One such example is the current employment situation. The ‘lightly informed’ voter, if he knows anything at all about it, thinks that the employment situation is slowly improving, and is better than under Bush. However, the media has done a good job keeping these voters misinformed. A little digging past the headlines, which these voters are not inclined to do, would show that about 8 million fewer working age people have jobs now than when Obama took over in 2008. These people never do a simple Google search on ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor Participation Rate’ to quickly go to a government web site that shows that the percentage of the workforce with jobs is lower now than at any time in the last 30 years, and continuing to decline at a faster rate then ever before in the history of the data.

    These ‘lightly informed voters’ also miss other statistics that show these facts to be true for the vast majority of months since 2008:

    1. The number of new jobs created is less each month than the increase in the labor force due to population growth.
    2. The number of first time filings for unemployment (reflecting the number of people who lost their job that month) is greater than the number of new jobs created.
    3. The number of new people defined as ‘no longer looking for work’ each month is bigger than either of these first two numbers. Their ranks have grown by about 8 million since 2008, and is the sole reason that the news media reports that “unemployment is down”.

    This lack of knowledge about the real current unemployment rate, and a complete misunderstanding of the direction of the trend in employment, is more important and more significant than people unable to recall on the spot who was president years ago during Katrina. This misinformation is aided and abetted by news media’s purposeful lack of coverage of the true details.

    “Benghazi who”? A large majority of ‘lightly informed voters’ know almost nothing about Benghazi, again in large part due to little coverage by the media. A large percentage of those who know a little about Benghazi believe it was caused by some anti-Muslim video.

    We do know now, however, by such methods as reading all 12 versions of the CIA talking points and hearing statements by key people involved in Benghazi, that it was clearly known, certainly within a day or two of the Benghazi killings, that it was a preplanned terrorist attack organized by groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, not a spontaneous response to some video.

    This did not, however, deter Hillary Clinton from blaming the video as she made a speech in front of the caskets of the 4 victims of Benghazi. Nor did it deter Obama, about two weeks after Benghazi, from making a speech in front of the UN blaming the video (easily found on YouTube).

    My point is that ignorance and false beliefs occur in a large number of areas more important and more relevant than trying to recall on the spot who was president during Katrina. And contrary to the implications in the article, much of that misinformation occurs in democrats who support Obama, and is aided and abetted by a media interested in painting a positive picture of the Obama administration.

    • mikestage

      While I am a staunch liberal I applaud your post for its facts and evidence. it has made me think. You didn’t have to use hateful words or be mean. You just presented facts and made me think.

  • Ryan Lockwood

    Funny thing is…look at Louisiana’s minority population. See anything that makes this even more hilarious and sad?

  • mo

    The Democrats blame Bush for everything that has happened during while Obama has been in office. Hmmm….now maybe they can se how ridiculous that it.

    • Deeeeeee1

      I love your sweeping generalizations:

      “The Democrats….” All Democrats? Every Democrat?
      “…blame Bush for everything…” For everything?

      Maybe now YOU can see how ridiculous YOU are.

  • Rus

    In reading many of the responses to this article it is refreshing to see that most here are actually having a healthy debate. If only more people were willing to discuss the news like adults as opposed to calling each other “stupid” for having a difference of opinion. There may be hope for us all!

  • Dessa Lewis

    it just goes to show that these people need some serious therapy

  • suerobb

    If you watch Leno interview people at random, you have to wonder about our education system. Voters need not be Democrats or Republicans to be misinformed. I do not think the response to Sandy victims still without homes to return to was any better than Katrina response. The difference? People taking care of business themselves. Nagin and the governor at the time of Katrina deserve as mush blame as anyone including the people who refuse to help themselves( many did try to help themselves…. to other’s belongings.)
    I read news from all outlets to try to get the full picture and find both sides slant to their agenda. As far as Obama being a Muslim… didn’t he write he would stand with his Muslim brothers?
    As far as the ACA is concerned, I do not see how penalizing someone who insures himself as well as he can should be penalized with a tax?Isn’t this keeping himself from being a burden on the taxpayer? And if Obama is concerned about people being a burden, why allow all the illegals in who pay nothing into health care? Why expand Medicaid? Why is Congress exempt for such a good plan? Do you “informed” people ever ask yourself why , if it is so good for us, are they exempt? What has is done to reduce the cost of an Aspirin delivered to a patient n a hospital? Why are unions abandoning support? And why are people taxed for needing a prosthetic or a pacemaker? Why did Dean admit Palin was correct… there are death panels???? Do you just support if because it is Obama’s. Would you have supported it under Bush if only the GOP voted for it? To be fair and informed, you must ask yourself these questions.
    Being uninformed is excusable. People are busy and cannot always read a paper or watch the news. It is believing that your agenda is the only correct one with no compromise that is ridiculous. And just because someone does agree with you does not make them uninformed, just looking at it from a different perspective.

    Kids today graduate from school no knowing how to make change of a dollar, read or write cursive, tell time without LEDs, and cannot find their home states on a map. We have a bigger problem than knowing who was president during Katrina. This isn’t a Republican problem since they generally do not support the NEA or advocate teachers unions.

    • 4sanity4all

      First of all, if Obama ever said he would stand with his Muslim brothers, I am certain that he meant it in a general sense, because he is a practicing Christian. Second, if someone insures himself under Obamacare, he is not taxed. Only those who refuse to insure will be taxed, to encourage everyone to be responsible for their own healthcare, so that the rest of us no longer pay more to help the uninsured. Third, Obama has deported a record number of illegals, so he is doing what he can. Fourth, there are not, and never have been death panels. You think you are informed, but sadly, you are mis-informed. Use this rule of thumb: if it sounds ridiculous, it probably is; look for more accurate information. And remember that the right puts out half truths on purpose, to gain political capital.

      • Richard Bruno

        He is a practicing liar and not a Christian.


          There is nothing based in fact that you can attest your statement to. The man chose his own faith and he chose Christianity and for someone who has people questioning his decisions, faith, lineage and mere thoughts on a daily basis, I think he’s done quite well. How do you think YOU would fare?

    • give thought a chance

      you are completely misinformed, all of the complaints you raise are untrue and intellectually dishonest right wing radio fabrications and misrepresentations. Read 4sanity4all’s reply to you for a nice brief explanation of some of what is wrong in your post. Everything he wrote is completely and verifiably true. the irony is dripping from your post, a completely misinformed person complaining about how uninformed recent HS graduates are.

  • Richard Bruno

    Obama is god and katrina was an act of god….ergo, obama caused katrina. Or at least he thinks so.

    • Joe

      At least that’s what Fox news tells me.

      • Richard Bruno

        If you listen to Fox then you obviously are out of touch. Return to MSNBC where the truth reigns…NOT!

        • Joe

          I’ve never watched MSNBC. I wouldn’t know.

  • Fred Bar
  • craigdonahue

    Even the KKK met with the NAACP recently. But the racist GOP still refuses. Just like the bible says,you’re a liar and the truth is’nt in you!

  • Jjf47

    The work of Rush Limbaugh trying to rewrite history

  • JCDavis

    The problem is Louisiana is it’s full of Republican c*on as*es.

  • Joe

    Good Lord! I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • mridenhour

    These are the same people that believe Jase Robertson makes all the thousands of duck calls by hand, personally, instead of sending them to China. This is a rock-solid picture of what you get when you blend hatred, bigotry, and a large dose of ignorance. These folks need to start with something more simple and closer to home, something like: Who do you blame for your obesity and bad teeth?

  • seveneightnine nineeightsevenb

    hey race is not a factor, the skin of ones color does not determine anything, but the skin of their color