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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Poll: Nearly Half Of Republicans Think Defunct ACORN Stole 2012 Election

After President Barack Obama decisively won re-election with 332 electoral votes and almost 51 percent of the popular vote, Louisiana governor (and potential 2016 candidate) Bobby Jindal warned his fellow Republicans to “stop being the stupid party.

According to Public Policy Polling’s latest national poll, Jindal’s message hasn’t yet sunk in.

The poll shows that 49 percent of Republican voters believe that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. That’s down from the 52 percent who thought that ACORN stole the 2008 election, although as PPP points out, the decline is “smaller than might have been expected, given that ACORN doesn’t exist anymore.” Indeed, the community organizing NGO shut down in 2010 under relentless pressure from Republicans — suggesting that much of the party is still stuck in a right-wing bubble located far from reality (and that the right needs to come up with some fresher conspiracy theories).

Many Republicans are so angry over the election results that they’d like to break up with the United States — 25 percent say that they would like their state to secede from the union, compared to 56 who oppose secession and 19 percent who aren’t sure.

To be fair, Republicans haven’t cornered the market on uninformed positions. According to the poll, 39 percent of Americans have an opinion on the Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan (23 percent support it, while 16 percent oppose it.) That 39 percent is not much higher than the 25 percent who professed an opinion on the non-existent “Panetta/Burns” plan, which PPP invented to test how many people would claim an opinion on a plan that they know nothing about.

The PPP poll did contain some more serious results. President Obama’s approval rating is now at 50 percent, with 47 percent disapproving; that number is up a net 4 percent from PPP’s final pre-election poll.

Additionally, PPP found that voters trust Obama over congressional Republicans on the issue of Libya by a 48 to 45 percent margin, in the latest piece of evidence that criticizing the administration’s handling of the Benghazi attacks has been a political loser for the party.

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94 Responses to Poll: Nearly Half Of Republicans Think Defunct ACORN Stole 2012 Election

  1. As I said, the tyranny and ignorance of the minority that was suppose to be unleased on the democrats is now coming back to haunt the country. Since the republicans lead by Dick Armey and a few closeted billionaires concinced them that data, economics, science, and the main stream media are vast conspiracies of the Democrats and the governement in DC, it may take some time to alter the path though….

  2. What kind of blithering idiot would give a poll like that and what kind of blithering idiots did he call to collect his data? That would be like getting a mailing list from Franklin Graham and asking people if they believe in the Biblical account of creation.

    • The poll wasn’t two questions, but these were two questions from a larger set. The kind of person who would ask these questions would be anyone interested in trying to parse out what portion of poll responses are from people who actively lie to pollsters, or who hold beliefs completely divorced from reality. Remember, the people who professed a belief in the non-existent plan may also just answer randomly, or untruthfully, to other questions in the poll. If you can detect a distinct correlation between other patterns in the data that you are concerned about and a confirmed willingness to lie to the pollster, it can indicate that the correlated trend in the data may not be true, or may not reflect a genuinely grounded set of beliefs in the American public.

    • can we use nuts and stupid in the same sentence? funny how the rePUBICans blame Obama for the trillion dollar debt, wnen he took office, the country was already trillions in debt!! Some people believe anything Fox News tells them!!

      • When Obama took office we were 10 trillion in debt, less than 4 years later, we are 16 trillion in debt. Half the country is on food stamps and millions, jobless. Things aren’t going to get better, that’s what Obama wants. Watch how much worse things get in the next 4 years!!

          • Obama has half of America brainwashed. I’m sure he’s the best liar that ever was. He HATES America. He was raised and taught communism. Watch and see what happens to my country

          • This statement by Lana has appeared on National Memo numerous times. It is probably a cut and paste job. Lana never mentions what was left by “W”, the right wingers choose to ignore this fact often. Lana doesn’t seem to think that there are more jobs now than 4 years ago, the stock market is flurishing, just check your 401K or IRA, housing market is improving, etc. but why use facts when they don’t support the illogical and nonreality statements of the right.

          • I will point out that Biden said something along the lines of ‘ We have to spend money to save money’. Correct me, please, if I am wrong. There was no reason for an additional 6 trillion dollars of debt in 4 years. And a projected 20 trillion by 2020. THAT is why I am so unhappy with our current President. Stock market rising…….. yeah, get ready. The economic advisers that warned of the housing market bubble (and were ignored) now state that a depression is on its way. Bull markets, they say, precede the crash. Who does one believe? The current government, whose tax on the rich can’t run the country but for less than a week? Or the people who tried to avert the housing collapse in the first place and were ignored? The housing collapse did more to destroy the US than the wars overseas.

          • Omuslim has spent more money than ALL Presidents combined. He KNOWS America can’t afford any more spending, but he keeps spending. Why? Why does he keep spending?

          • Lana ward you don’t answer the question George Bush started with a surplus and left with a big hole. He never even admitted we had a problem. You like your party are so out of touch. You lost and can’t deal, I’m so sorry your that out of touch with your fellow citizens.
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          • By your statement I see you think Obama is a Muslim and you are afraid. But I can see right thru you and you are nothing more than a bigot who is afraid of other people and their customs. You most likely live in the burbs were everyone is just like you.
            Yes but let’s also cut military spending and work on spending on people instead of wars.
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          • omuslim is cutting Military spending. I hope they drop a bomb on him. If he’d quit sending millions to mosques around the world and quit giving the UN BILLIONS, maybe we’d have some money!!

          • Were do you get your info from the National Inquire from your rants I can see you are nothing but a bigot. Read papers from 100 years ago when people thought catholics were going to take over and ruin America. One thing I know about America is once a person moves to this country it takes only one generation until our culture changes the person. I have learned that are differences are this countries greatest strengths. Go ahead and run I see you didn’t answer so you most likely live in a suburb and most of your neighbors are all the same very sad. Lana this country is changing if you don’t change with it get out of the way because you are going to get run over. Or you would love to go back to the 50’s or the 60’s when people knew their place. Get a grip your life have changed it’s never going back.
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      • True, they believe fox news religiously. Fox news has proven to be the mouthpiece of the republican party and when proven wrong by facts foxies will not accept the truth. This was highlighted during the recent presidential election in so many ways.

  3. Far too many folks must watching Faux News. As we all know ACORN does not exist. Nothing more needs to be said on that subject. Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is to the bone.

  4. I always thought Acorns were nuts so the losers need to eat more nuts. It would help their digestive system. This way they wouldn’t be so full of it.

  5. All of them still believe that the world is flat so who cares what they think.

    They need to be kicked very hard while they are down.

  6. Actually, it was Eric Holder running around suing states that were trying to enact Voter ID laws so they could have free and fair elections. He was successful in getting a number of these proposals delayed, and that allowed Obama to steal the election. Especially in Pennsylvania and Florida.

    • That’s very clever: Steal the election by stopping the cheating, bigoted voter ID laws. No wonder the GOP is stumbling around with a big red ‘L’ on it’s collective forehead.

    • How do you call elections designed to disenfranchise minorities, young people and older voters as free and fair.
      You’re probably one of those that believe the premise of this story.

    • No, this was to prevent the Republicans from stealing the election by disenfranchising voters. If the facts don’t suit you, well too bad. Facts are facts.

    • And by the way, it wasn’t just Eric Holder that put down many of some states rediculous voter Id laws, there were a number of states where judges, some right-leaning, that either nullified the laws or said that the GOP hadn’t given the voters enough notice on the draconian rules they’d created for them to be used in the 2012 election. Just like the vast majority of today’s nutjob Republicans, you’re also living in La La Land.

    • Maybe it was because informed voters didn’t believe the plan Romney refused to give them until after he was elected. I sure hope you are not serious.

    • Voter ID Laws give fair and free elections? Really? How about just opening the polls between 2 AM and 7 AM…would that be better? And keeping the doors locked in “Urban” areas for safety. Would that be freer?

    • Obama didn’t steal the election. He won it fair and square by a majority of votes. If any election was ever stolen, it was George W. Bush being elected POTUS by the Supreme Court!

  7. Just being true to the cause I guess. People shut me down when I talk about the danger of the U.S. going fascist. It is about fifty fifty that they will believe that somehow the use of the word socialism means that it is a left wing theory or that they just refuse to accept that the fathers and grandfathers of the hard right were huge moral and financial backers of fascists in the early part of the twentieth century and are still holding a grudge over Franklin Roosevelt’s wide spread citizen reforms like labor laws and social security. It is accepted as holy writ that all government programs that do not benefit the upper class are vile communist plots that only seek to steal what they have already stolen.

    • ….and don’t forget fdr regulations like glass-steagal that the bankers demonized for years until they finally repealed it in 1998, which precipitated the 2008 fallout of the economy.

      • Good point most people do not know what Glass -Steagal is. Regulations that once protected America from events that led to the great depression were gutted over the years by people who stated the government was in the way and prevented progress, etc. These rules and regulations protected our markets and our economy and should be reinstated; it is not magic, it is not unknown, it is part of our history. We need another “New Deal” to put people to work to rebuild America, the works program is needed to rebuild our entire infrastructure,. We need The Congress , the President and the American people to stand as one and fight for all of the people and to give back our rights and freedoms we had prior to 9/11/01 our constitution, our bill of rights, our American way. This also includes treating others as we would like to be treated. We need to be the good example to the world. Protect our environment, protect our people in our finest traditions so that we can be proud, wherever we go to be Americans.

    • Many people are not historians. Using fear to control the population, the patriot act, and other developments highlight your points regarding fascists and fascism. Unfortunately, this is due to an increasingly poor education system and other factors as well. Hatred of foreigners, blaming of certain groups for the failures of society , joblessness, control of the media, contribute to the rise of tyrants who claim they represent the many while their policies favor the ruling class. If you disagree with them they label you a commie or socialist or try to define you in some sort of negative way. We are less free now than we were 9/11/01. These people and their American Exceptionalism make me sick. They would sacrifice our people for the American Empire. You can never spend enough money on the military, right now we spend more than the whole world combined and that is hurting America. Lobbyists are in their own way just as harmful as terrorists. No matter how rich some people are, it is never enough. God forbid we curb the unnecessary waste, fraud , abuse and duplicity in spending in the military and other government agencies, God forbid we take care of America first, protect medicare and social security, no we want to be boss of the world and we wonder why they turn on us and try to hurt us any way they can, we would do they same, if we were in their shoes.

      • And it’s our fault by allowing these closet facist warmongering dictators to rule our lives.. This has happened before and it seems history is trying to repeat itself.. Their halfway there through their propaganda of separating the peoples of this nation.. Soon we may be witnessing goose stepping radacals while our children wait in line to join. Shivers abound just thinking how these monsters are controlling all aspects of freedoms we once trusted and revered.. Education, the media and outlandish laws have created civil zombies and just like rotton apples, this will do nothing but spread into a nation of hated Americans just as it occured in Germany. Get out of the business of other countries.. Keeping them at bay by force is nothing more than slavery on a global level and will in no way prevent them from warring with us nor anyone else.. Fight the invaders, don’t become them.

  8. So what’s new, a bunch of sore losers whom’ll half probably bet their house that Romney would win. They are pissed they lost and are grasping at straws. Truly sad, for them..

    • The Republicans in Congress have held this whole country hostage and from moving forward in the last two years. The American people need to stand up and say NO more get these Tea Party creeps out of here, they have done so much harm to this country trying to take our freedom away.

  9. There is always a percentage of folks in the US whose awareness of issue is highly suspect. There are the conspiracy folk, the ones that think we are going to become a socialist government or fascist as the writer below says. If you ask the American Public should be help people after a hurricane or other natural disaster you will get 98% saying yes and always the 2% undecided? This is almost always divided between north and south and the area with the highest concentration of colleges and universities and the rural areas. This is simply the division between the better educated and the less educated. Not really too difficult.

  10. The photo which accompanies this article is one of the best illustrations of the operation of psychological projection I have ever seen. The only thing that would need to be changed to describe this poor soul is to change “Obama-Backed” to “Obama-Obsessed.” That the rest of the indictment applies is self-evident.

  11. ACORN was a canvassing company hired by the DNC to register prospective voters. Some of its employees committed fraud by claiming registrations of people that did not exist, were dead, or were ineligible to vote. The DNC was taken for a ride. Registering is not the same as voting and unless the Tea Party can show proof of ghosts voting, I think they will be well advised to reflect on what happened and take corrective action or they are likely to become irrelevant. On second thought, I hope they persist in their inquisitorial crusade and become history.

  12. This gives you a hint of what teachers face everyday as they work so hard to help children open their eyes, listen to learn, and speak to communicate. Teachers cannot really change beliefs and the behavior is a manifestation of and shows the apparent failures of poor parenting.

    • failures of poor parenting…….You’ve got that right! If half the people posting on this page have children, those kids then have the most disrespectful and arrogant parents on the planet. How about some open and respectful communication? Nope, didn’t think so.

  13. and it was voter fraud violations by 3 GOP activists that were convicted and sentenced for what ACORN was accused of doing.

  14. The life under the creed Saint Ronald the Reagan” taught them. MY MIND IS MADE UP, DON’T BOTHER ME WITH FACTS. Reinforced by Romney’s campaign statement”We are not going to let facts regulate this debate”.

  15. Well it always has to be something else. It couldn’t be out rightwing philosphy, attacks against single women, college students,the enviornment, tax fairness, Latinos, Afro-Americans, contraception, and gay bashing. Conservatives think because they believe something it is right, sent from god, and if we just can explain it everyone would go along with us. Conservatives always need a boogeyman. How else can you scare people into voting against their own intrest. So now it’s ACORN. The reasoning goes that if ACORN didn’t get poeple out to vote in the urban areas we would have won. They don;’t realize that the country is changing under their noses, so we always need an enemy. For years it was the commies, then the hippies, then Law and order then the enviornmentalists taking jobs, or the femi-nazis taking over the workplace. Afro American are always a right wing nightmare, streaming out of the ghettos and into our lilly white homes. Read the Turner diaries. Now its the Latinos taking our jobs, even though we don’t want them. Or the deficit that our kids will pay my god. Don’t you understand that? Or the tyranny of Obama care. Socialism!! Imagine the government telling us to buy insurance from a profit making company.
    See it’s always something, except reality.

  16. Just another example of the stupidity of the people who continue to vote against their own financial self-interest. Some because they think the Republican party is the party of Jesus (while they violate the principles that Jesus stood for) and others have drunken the kool-aid thinking that they too will be wealthy someday, thereby not wanting to do anything to tax the rich more fairly.

  17. Nearly half of Republicans can’t figure out how a thermos bottle works. They know it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, but what eludes them is how does the thermos know which is which.

    • Well, aren’t you a respectful son-of-a-bi—? You are a great example as to why adults will never come to terms and make things work. You’d rather spout your rhetoric and appear witty than put your mind to good use fixing the problems that face our country. I am neither Democrat nor Republican now. You, sir, a prime example as to why. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

  18. the conservative entertainment media complex keeps their conservative viewers in a bubble apart from reality. as david frum expressed, the cec has been lying to its audience for years.

  19. The ones that really slay me are the ones that say we can’t raise taxes on the rich or they will compensate by firing everyone. Did they pop out and land on their head when born or what?

  20. What this shows is a startling concord to ignorance from the low information set. These are the same people that hurrah with surreal merriment while a Tea Party candidate proclaims privatizing Social Security and Medicare will be our salvation, and display their absurd level of stupidity when shouting, ‘Hands off my government designed and implemented healthcare program!’ They, spew twisted, incoherent blather when a government program is proposed to allow 50 million people access to private insurance, which actually promotes capitalism with an ingredient known as morality affixed to it. We have a weak knee’d market driven media to thank for much of this paranoia, but FOX, Limbaugh and company do their best to breed this mental incapacity, that only leads to confusion driven hatred of the very government that has served these dummys quite well.

    • Obama’s economic advisers have reported that Obamacare can not be funded. Where do you think the money is coming from? There is certainly not enough by taxing the rich. And the doctors……..if you do not understand their situation, then wait until you see the exiting of doctors from their profession. Our local hospital has been buying doctors’ practices so that there would be doctors to staff the hospital. Why would a person want to put their private life on hold for 12 years of school, amass $100,000-$150,000 dollars or more of debt, then go out to work in a workplace where insurance companies dictate how you treat your patients and what tests you can run? Add that to the fact that many doctors will get paid so little that seeing patients (ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ARE ON FREE CARE FROM OUR GOVERNMENT) that they can not make any money even if they cram in 6 patients an hour. These are facts. Talk to the doctors. I am quite surprised that medical schools still have applicants. Being a doctor used to be a respected profession. Now doctors are expected to work long hours for very little reward. I have SO many friends and family in the health care profession. What they tell me scares me to death. So, this is not a matter of Democrat vs Republican – this is a matter of the way it actually is. Say all you want in support of what is to come – it is not going to be pleasant. Those of you who think our healthcare system can take Obama’s plans for it – I hope you’re ready to apply to med school and replace the Doctors that tell you to go to hell for the way they’ve been treated. Because there may not be any (good) doctors left.

      • Inthenameofliberty? Really? The health insurance system we’ve lived under for decades has nothing to do with L-I-B-E-R-T-Y my friend. It’s been a system run by corporations with the mindset of “profit over people”, from day one, causing hundreds of thousands (into the millions) of needless early deaths, due to a person having an illness or condition the corporation wanted nothing to do with. These people had dreams and visions they wanted to realize. Had people in their lives whom loved them and gave them a feeling of value as I’m sure you do. But, because they had a prior health condition : an American business concern determined they had no value at all. Did these people get sick on purpose? Of course not: they got sick because people get sick. A for profit healthcare system that elects not to cater to the afflicted is profoundly morally corrupt. The primary cause of bankruptsy in our country is from the cost of healthcare. How can this be the case if our system was fair and equitable for all citizens? The for profit health insurance system operating in this country is responsible for more death of our citizens than all the U.S. soldiers lost in war, while fighting in the name of “liberty”. If you truly advocate for liberty, one has to presume you would like all citizens to have a choice in how they aquire health insurance? NOT have it decided for them if they are worthy (or) not, by someone with a masters in applied statistics to determine if they get covered, that would be what Sarah Palin coined ” a death panel”. I have known individuals that suffer under demoralizing work conditions ONLY by virtue of receiving health insurance benefits, they have no power to provide for themselves. Also I know people that would love to venture out and begin their own business enterprise but are stuck in limbo because of the juvenile diabetes or luekemia that struck them at age five. Where is their liberty?

        You do realize of course that “Obamacare” is essentially the very plan written by the conservative Heritage Foundation back in the late 80’s, as a viable alternative to Clinton’s ‘single payer proposal’ of 92/93. As for it being affordable, the CBO and GAO both agree that it will save money over the ‘long term’. You should be happy about that! A republican plan that benefits all citizens that will SAVE money. Cuz that don’t happen too often. Case in point: The Medicare Prescription Drug legislation passed by a republican congress and our CEO/MBA Bush administration, sans common sense provision to allow the federal government authority to negotiate discounts. Now there’s some fiscal conservatism for you Inthenameofliberty. The plight of the doctors and other healthcare professionals you mention is not lost on me, they too are victims. But their experiences are part and parcel of a poorly conceived unbalanced system designed for profit at the expense of the sick. Furthermore, administrative costs to run Medicare is a fraction of the insurance corporation. The costs to our nation from this industry will eventually bankrupt us unless we initiate comprehensive change. No Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it’s a beginning toward something grounded in humane and ethical treatment of U.S. citizens. We have to start somewhere. If left to republicans it simply would NEVER happen. Frankly I delight in Obama shoving a right-wing think tank plan down their own throats. That’s called poetic justice.

        • Now THIS is the kind of discussion that needs to occur more on these pages.
          Irish Tap, you make very many good points above. Let’s take it one more step:

          “If you truly advocate for liberty, one has to presume you would like all citizens to have a choice in how they acquire health insurance? NOT have it decided for them if they are worthy (or) not, by someone with a masters in applied statistics to determine if they get covered”. ABSOLUTELY YES.

          “Did these people get sick on purpose? Of course not: they got sick because people get sick. ” SPOT ON.
          Take it one step further: What is different in this country now compared to 100 years ago? The level of obesity, the health concerns that start in our children who are too obese to participate in sports – where is this coming from? Think about it. Break it down.

          Our food supply is corrupt. The bio-identical hormones in genetically modified organisms have been DOCUMENTED to cause havoc in the human body. Around the globe, country after country is banning these harmful substances, from Bovine Growth Hormone to genetically modified wheat and beats…… country at a time.

          “The primary cause of bankruptcy in our country is from the cost of healthcare. How can this be the case if our system was fair and equitable for all citizens?”
          It’s not the health care system that is fundamentally broken. IT IS US. Think about it. There were enough redundant systems in place to take care of most of the poor (not all, of course) when my parents were young (going back 70 years now). Now, we can’t do that anymore. Our health care has become unsustainable because WE ARE A SICKER NATION. Think about it. Seriously, think about it. “We” are what is broken. Fix us and then the system will be made better. Not perfect. But so much better. There are too many sick people. Why doesn’t anybody ask the question ‘WHY”????? Why?? What has changed? You need to look deeper.

          “The costs to our nation from this industry will eventually bankrupt us unless we initiate comprehensive change.” ABSOLUTELY YES!! But, again, dig deeper. WHY, WHY, WHY are WE so sick?

          Most of the people I speak to have no idea what a GMO is. Monsanto will sue anyone that questions them. They spent something like $50 million dollars to lobby in Washington last year. When I voted for Obama in 2008 he PROMISED ME THAT ONE OF HIS TOP PRIORITIES WOULD BE TO LABEL GMO FOODS.

          Oops. I guess he forgot all about that. Because not only have GMO’s NOT been labeled, but Obama appointed a previous high official from Monsanto to head the FDA. [Conflict of interest anyone?] And, Obama has told Monsanto that it is their task to end hunger in Africa. Really? You mean the country that has systematically thrown out Monsanto and whose people are rioting in order to get rid of the corrupt Monsanto company? That Africa?

          Other countries are not fooled. We, the American people, are the dopes. The NUMBER ONE REASON why children under the age of 15 DIE is from CANCER. That is absolutely tragic. And that is not the case around the globe. We are so broken, and so caught up in NOT recognizing the real problem that we bicker about health care when we SHOULD BE fixing why we are broken in the first place.


          “The plight of the doctors and other healthcare professionals you mention is not lost on me, they too are victims. But their experiences are part and parcel of a poorly conceived unbalanced system designed for profit at the expense of the sick. ”

          I really like the part of profiting at the expense of the sick. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. The drug companies don’t want to fix us. They want us dependent on drugs to ‘THINK” that we are being fixed. As far as your comment about the experiences of health care professionals, not only are they ‘part and parcel’ of the ‘unbalanced system’, those experiences are why the health care professionals are LEAVING their profession. Fix the system all you want – BUT if you don’t make it lucrative and rewarding for someone [with the intellect] to want to BE a doctor, then you won’t have any good doctors. The people that have the aptitude for science gravitate towards medical professions. Take away their incentives, and they no longer will. Then you will have a health care system staffed by well-intentioned people who are incapable of truly helping people. Sorry to point out the obvious in case I hurts anyone’s feelings – but not everyone is smart enough to be a doctor. Once we have inferior doctors, how do you make THAT system better?

          Think about this. I am so pleased that you took the time to respond to my post. Thank you.

          • You made excellent points as well. I truly believe that most people that get into medicine do so for the right reasons. I believe capable people are deserving of very good compensation. But you know as well as I do, there are a lot of hacks out there exploiting both the patient and insurance provider, enriching themselves while adding great fiscal stress to an already expensive, convoluted system. In my view, here is where we will find many of the inferior doctors you speak of, that should be culled from the herd. I agree with you that the healthcare system is often “detrimental to one’s well being”, from always treating a symptom rather than eradicating an illness through real cure. This of course is the capitalistic side of transforming patients into customers. Unfortunately “cure” often isn’t the end game. Along with this, we can’t seem to make much headway on the huge revenue creator of cancer. My best friends wife is fighting pancreatic cancer, her monthly meds cost over $8,000.00 per month. Providing she can tough it out over 3 years the drug company is set to bring in 288,000.00 from one person and make her wish she were dead everytime she ingests it. No, I really doubt as to whether the oncology drug manufacturers want to see a cure for cancer, since that would bring to them their own death sentence. Did you know that a poll was taken among physicians, asking them if they would accept for their own cancer diagnoses, the same protocol they assign to patients? I believe the number was near 80% that answered an emphatic no. No doubt much of the healthcare industry is a sham.
            My personal notion for fixing the system is to allow greater access to holistic – natural healing methods to provide some honest competition for the monopolistic approach of the AMA. One would assume that an insurance provider wouldn’t care where or how the cure was attained, so long as it happened, allowing the patient to cease open ended treatment for a malady a busy doctor simply assigns the never ending and costly monthly prescription. I’m sure you are aware of the enmity that exists from the establishment healthcare system (most notably drug manufaturers) toward natural methods? My phylosophy is : if a God created all this, including us. Then he must have put cures for all illnesses in our midst for our use as well. Many people practicing natural medicine are M.D.’s who left the cult to treat (and) actually cure people of illness.
            I agree that Monsanto is a truly evil entity, they build seeds without giving any thought to what the consequences may bring. Bovine growth hormone isn’t allowed in European countries or Canada, I live in Wisconsin, don’t get me started on how these cretins pushed this poison down our throats. When the poor dirt farmer from a third world country says “No thank you”, they will force usage, or, if Monsanto seeds get blown into a natural seed farm, they’ll sue the natural farmer eventually driving them out of business. This is the kind of capitalism the world needs driven from the ends of the earth and jettisoned to another galaxy.
            Well I’m out of time for today Inthenameofliberty. I apologise if I came on too strong before, I think we have more in common than we first realized. Have a nice weekend.

  21. Again, it’s not the 50% who approve or the 48% who trust Obama more than the Republicans we need to worry about. It’s the 47% who disapprove – or rather the likely very high percent of them who disapprove on the basis of fantasies and misinformation – and the 45% who trust the Republicans on anything that bode ill for this nation’s fortunes.

  22. The Con world is forever contradicting their own rhetoric. The 2012 election was stolen by an organization they hounded into bankruptcy in 2010. A UN treaty threatens to take over our children’s education, but the UN is a useless, ineffectual debating club. President Obama is a hapless “community organizer” who singlehanded controls the economy. He is responsible for high unemployment, but government can’t create jobs.

    Cognitive dissonance, thy name is the Republican Party.

  23. Crazy butt people, did they not see that the republican party is being investigated for voter fraud. ACORN been out of business since the 2008. I guess no one has registered since then. They hate to say Obama won because the people resisted that crazy people should not be in office

  24. You failed to mention that when the president took office the United States of America was facing the worst financial crisis since the great depression. You failed to mention the bailout of wall street; the banks, AIG and the automobile industry; two wars; hurricanes; great fires, floods, 750,000 per month job loses; and republicans who blocked most of his efforts every chance they got. Lana Ward did you not notice any of that? Did you not notice the recovery of industry like the automotive industry; did you not notice the recovery of the stock market? Why do you think the United States had to incur so much debt Could it be for the reasons stated above? Things have been getting better. Where were you when this was going on? By the way, in case you did not know the united states congress controls the budget or purse strings; the presidents either signs or vetoes what congress proposes. You must also know that your fellow Americans need to buy American, that will go a long way to help our economy. What kind of car do you drive? If we buy American we save American jobs. We control that!

  25. The worst enemy America has is ignorance and hate. Lana Ward the president is neither a liar nor a communist and he loves America deeply. You truely hate the president. Maybe you do not like democrats, maybe you are ignorant, maybe you do not like people with skin darker than yours and maybe you are ugly and need to get laid ? What i do know is that given the circumstances the president has faced and the results he has achieved , he has done an outstanding job and you could not make a pimple on his half black half white behind!

    • Wow William! What a tribute to the Democratic party you are with you super respectful dialog. If YOU are part of the party that is going to fix out country, then Goddamn it, we are going to fail. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re a jack—. Learn some damn manners. You bigot.

  26. Bravo, they claim the want small government and less government control, but they got their heads up women’s’ varginas and keep your hands off their social security and medicare and yet they want to reform entitlements?

  27. You hit the nail on the head. People want to be better than their peers or people they perceive to be better than, the sad fact is that they are not likely to become rich because if they were intelligent they would not make some of the stupid remarks they do although some are just disingenuous.

  28. You are right. How sad as to what republicans have become in the tea party era. I remember a time when there were good republicans like Davits, Kemp and Rockefeller. Now they got Mitch McConnell old ugly political prostitute and old man McCain (a war hero) still in Saigon and crybaby Bohner, to mention a few.

  29. Enemies are good to have, they keep you on your feet. Otherwise you just hop on that crowded bus to where are we going? I don’t really care. I like the company.

    I helped to fix the country by working to reelect the only adult in the room. I donated money to campaigns around the country, and I am happy to say they all won. Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill, and Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

    I like his philosophy. Detest the Right’s ideology.

    I love making things work, I try in resist gumming up the works with juvenile; holding of one’s breath, or it’s my ball, we play by my rules.

    The demonization of the word compromise is an historic landmark, which illustrates how far some adolescents will go to get their way.

    Spout, I like that. Spout. Reminds me of the teapot song. “I’m a little teapot…”

    • Both omuslim and h. clinton are followers of Saul Alinsky. Read an article on him–at, Discover the Networks, see who the socialist, marxist, communists are

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