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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Poll: Obama’s Approval Surges, Voters Back White House On Debt Ceiling

Poll: Obama’s Approval Surges, Voters Back White House On Debt Ceiling

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, President Barack Obama’s approval rating is near an all-time high, and the public is on his side in the upcoming debt ceiling debate.

The poll finds Obama’s approval rating at 55 percent, his highest level since November, 2009 (excluding a brief bump up to 56 percent after the president ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011)… 61 percent view Obama as a strong leader — his highest level in three years — and 53 percent say they’re optimistic about the policies he’ll pursue in his second term.

By contrast, voters intensely dislike Obama’s opponents in the House of Representatives. Congress has just a 19 percent approval rating; 37 percent approve of House Democrats, and 24 percent approve of House Republicans. Additionally, 67 percent believe that Republican leadership is doing too little to give ground in negotiations, compared to 48 percent who say that is true of the president.

That gap is reflected in voters’ opinions on the debt ceiling debate. Obama leads the GOP leadership in trust to handle the debt ceiling by 14 percent. Furthermore, 58 percent of Americans say the debt ceiling should be handled separately from the debate on spending cuts, compared to 36 percent who favor linking the issues. Just 22 percent favor shutting down the government or allowing the country to default on its debt if the White House and Congress can’t agree on budget cuts.

These numbers represent a serious rebuke to House Speaker John Boehner’s assertion that “the American people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending at the same time,” and some Republicans are taking notice. Many prominent conservatives — including former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, and the Koch brothers-backed group Americans for Prosperity — have warned that a debt ceiling fight could be politically disastrous for the party.

Some Republicans are concerned that the debt ceiling issue could even cost the GOP its House majority. Although most Republican congressmen are protected by favorably-drawn districts, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-NY) has said that Democrats have identified “30 districts where the [GOP] incumbent [won by] less than 10 percent and an additional 18 districts that we think can perform better.” Democrats need a net gain of 17 seats to reclaim the majority — a task that would not be impossible if House Republicans continue to thumb their noses at the will of the American people.

As Representative Tom Cole (R-OK) ominously told The Hill, ““Majorities are elected to do things, and if they become dysfunctional, the American people will change what the majority is.”

Photo credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster, File

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169 responses to “Poll: Obama’s Approval Surges, Voters Back White House On Debt Ceiling”

  1. billbear1961 says:

    A sane adult in the White House who actually cares about the whole country vs. psychotic ghouls in the GOP House who care about themselves and Big Money (oh, and about making sure maniacs can mow children down with machine guns)

    This is such a difficult choice!


    • you said it very well Bill!

    • Betta says:

      Psychotic ghouls in the GOP House? You’ve got that all wrong. You’ve got a narcissistic psychopathic LIAR, a most dangerous type, in the white house oval office.

      • Tom says:

        Betta: I am certified psychologist. Your need help

      • Tom says:

        Bretta: Sorry for the mis-spelled word. I’m 80 years old with poor eyesight, but as a professional psychologist I am sure you need help. Obama is not a psychopathic LIAR as you have described. Have a little respect for the President of the United States.

      • Anna Drake says:

        Get help quick and get rid of of any guns, knives and baseball bats in your house. Rand Paul, and the whole gang is coming to visit you and maybe you expecting Prize Patrol???

      • billbear1961 says:

        Mr. Obama’s actions speak for themselves: one of his very FIRST was to sign Dem legislation to give the CHILDREN of the working poor HEALTHCARE insurance. The great “Christian” Bush had vetoed it while introducing HUGE tax cuts for the VAMPIRES at the top, and spending a TRILLION on a war he LIED to get us into.

        DEPRAVED Republicans would make desperate kids BEG for medical help on TELETHONS again if they had their way!

        President Obama worked hard during his first term—and continues to—to prevent a second Great Depression provoked by RUINOUS robber baron GOP policies—and he has received not an IOTA of help from a party that never does anything but KISS RICH ASS and attempt to SABOTAGE any effort to restore the COMMON GOOD and to help ORDINARY PEOPLE.

        Now the GOP are ready to hold the country—and the WORLD ECONOMY—hostage, yet again, in an effort to introduce austerity measures that would KILL THE RECOVERY and plunge us back into RECESSION—all for CHEAP PARTISAN GAIN.

        President Obama is trying to make it impossible to mow kids down with machine guns while the bloodstained GOP eagerly support the greedy and maniacal Merchants of DEATH.

        It is NOT Mr. Obama who’s the SELFISH PSYCHOTIC.

        • joeham1 says:

          Billbear? Are you really Barack? I

          • billbear1961 says:

            I’m a social democrat. Sadly, President Obama isn’t.

            He could do so much more, but he’s still ONE HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than any lying, thieving VAMPIRE in the GOP!

          • joeham1 says:

            The GOP are vampires? Socialism is so much better than Capitalism because there is so much more fairness! Let me guess who your king and queen would be.

        • you drank to much koolaid buddy…..and you got all your facts from you are the low information voter…..remember, when gwb was pres..dems had the house and senate…try again after you graduate high school….no matter what..obama has doomed us…you will feel the effect just like those that already knew barry was a crook…oh and ps…working poor need to not have children…is that everyones fault? or just those fornicating..its madness..and you are the leader

        • Finally one intellectual comment in here in the most truthful way!ALLEZ!TY!Iam so proud of the President of the United States…

      • What did He lie about? remember a President can do only what The Congress allow Him to do.

      • You have told the truth to all but there are many psychotic lame brained idiot leftist liberals that will support this satan spawn to their damnation. It is most difficult to sway the insane toward rational thinking.

      • Where do you get your misguided information about our President?

      • you must be blind and an idiot too!

      • Mulligatonney says:

        Amen to that…

        This is like a group therapy website for educationally and interpretively handicapped liberals who use each other to reassure themselves that the messiah they have elected is only interested in the good of all Americans, even as he removes their liberties and rights from them in bunches from under their very noses.

        After all – what difference does his history make? He’s telling them what they want to hear…

        Debt is progress. Slavery is security.

      • Lord_Reaper says:

        Oh Betta, Betta, Betta You’re delusional!

      • Adam Wu says:

        Yeah, you just keep believing the sad, self-deluding lie about Obama. It was one the main reasons your side lost the election, and the more you continue to believe, the less formidable an opponent your side is and the easier it will be for you to be defeated at the polls in coming years.

        So please, please, keep believing and saying it.

      • Ralph says:

        Betta You are a uneducated misinformed clueless person that likes the Repug lies

    • Bob says:

      well said, thank you sir..

    • joeham1 says:

      Yeah Bill he cares so much! He’s getting all of us healthcare! His balanced approach to the deficit showed the repubs how dumb they are for wanting spending cuts! I believe anything he says. In 4 years when the deficit is 20 trillion I will blame the ghouls! I’m happy we sold the guns to the drug cartel..they need protection too! Who needed to protect the people in Libya, I don’t live there. Who cares if poverty is up 6% under our president. It couldn’t be his fault! I’m glad we didn’t get that dirty pipeline! I ride a bike! I’m so glad that the rich are finally paying their fair share, now things will be swell! If the 447 billion Amercian Jobs act stimulas plan was passed it would work twice as good and the 800 billion dollar one that was passed!

      I know his policies are good because I can compare California ran by the dems to Texas ran by the repubs! Just because the unemployment rate is 3% higher in Callifornia, I’m sure it’s because the repubs prayed for it! Just because Texas created 1 million jobs while California lost 500,000, that doesn’t mean California isn’t better! He was nice enough to give 4 million people free cell phones! Certainly not so they would vote for him!

      Who ever says that our President did something wrong we need to remind them that it’s always the repubs, no matter how it seems! Because Harry Reed and Pelosi along with our President are the sane one’s in Government!

      • billbear1961 says:

        Don’t blame Obama because he HAD to spend billions to avoid economic IMPLOSION, thanks to the ruinous robber baron policies of Bush and the Grand Old Prostitutes, Wall Street’s sleazy whores. You’d prefer Great Depression II to debt??

        After the ESSENTIAL stimulus spending, Mr. Obama’s spending patterns compare favourably with Republican President Eisenhower’s—the most restrained in DECADES. Healthcare reform—especially when it eventually morphs into SINGLE-PAYER—will save HUGE SUMS. The old system left MILLIONS in the lurch and was NOT reliable (they could easily cancel on you for the flimsiest reasons) or sustainable. At least 17,000 working-class kids DIED under Bush without adequate healthcare when the sick BASTARD vetoed their insurance. (You can find the statistics online in more than one article and report!)

        The austerity measures desired by the two-faced Grand Old Psychotics would have results similar to those in EUROPE. Is THAT what you want??

        The rich are STILL not paying their fair share (under Eisenhower, it was 90%!!). The 39.6% should kick in at 250K, not 450K; but it’s FINALLY a step in the right direction.

        California now has a Dem supermajority and they are getting their house in order!!

        Texas has some of the worst statistics in the country for poverty, lack of education, poor health, and divorce rates. Most red states are deadbeats, while blue states contribute more than they take. Look at the statistics, a reason conservatives HATE fact-gathering and try to suppress it.

        The GOP has done NOTHING to make things better and everything to hamper Mr. Obama’s efforts.

        They’ve held on to the House through gerrymandering. They’ve attempted to suppress the vote. Now they’re trying to rig the Electoral vote!

        Romney and Ryan did nothing but LIE during the 2012 campaign, for no one wants GOP policies once they’re out in the open!

        The GOP want to destroy effective government and reduce this nation to a state of ABSOLUTE CORPORATE SLAVERY, the main reason for the traitorous Fascist Five decision on the SCOTUS to give MONEY the rights of the individual citizen.

        They are traitors, bigots, liars and thieves—and care about nothing but themselves and their rich masters.

        The whole Con “Revolution” was a SHAM from the start, an excuse to rob the Common Good and pour our patrimony into the pockets of the rich CRIMINALS at the top.

        But, at long last, Americans are waking up to their filthy tricks!

        Restore the Fairness Doctrine.

        Subdue the Imperial War Machine.

        Tax the rich at 40 and, later, 50%; close all loopholes.

        Reintroduce FDR’s economic and financial safeguards.

        Introduce strict gun-control laws (similar to those enjoyed by our more advanced and progressive democratic allies).

        Embrace the American SOCIAL DEMOCRACY!!

        • joeham1 says:

          The tooth fairy and mother nature agree totally with your communist principals! Obama’s wall Steet buddies aren’t evil, it’s Bushes wall Steet Buddies that are! I realize that socailism has never workied but now that we have this president it will certainly be different. Capitalism doesn’t work because it creates to many evil millionaires!

          The dems have controlled the California legislature for over 30 years and now that they have a super majority it will certainly get better! Tax the evil rich 99% and we will all be OK?

          Oh btw…Michelle. Tell Your hubby Barack good luck today during the inauguration!

          • billbear1961 says:

            You take a look at Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands—to mention but the most glowing examples—and then tell me that democratic socialism doesn’t work!

            These progressive SOCIAL DEMOCRACIES, the most enlightened and advanced societies yet to see the light of day, have produced the HIGHEST LEVEL of CIVILIZATION that the world has ever seen.

            DENMARK is currently rated the single BEST country in the WORLD in which to live, with the highest overall standard of living for the whole of the population–measured in terms of benefits and living conditions, not just salaries or wages. The Common Good is not bled dry for the sake of the vampiric rich in the GLORIOUS Kingdom of Denmark; no, it is not!!

            Tiny ICELAND was and still is one of the wealthiest countries per capita in the world. She learned a bitter lesson when she listened to the robber barons of ruinous Yankee Capitalism; the result: MELTDOWN and NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY!!

            But valiant ICELANDERS were having none of it—into the streets they poured, demanding a return to the SANITY of their SOCIAL DEMOCRACY!!

            Out went their government of CRIMINAL CONSERVATIVES, and into JAIL went the BANKSTERS, now awaiting TRIAL!!

            The PEOPLE were bailed out, NOT THE CROOKED BANKS!!

            Hail ICELAND, an example to us all!!

            Pay attention, America, and LEARN!!

            (The appalling MOB IGNORANCE of Prop 13 ruined CA finances! Now with a Dem supermajority, the GOP cannot stand in the way of recovery and a return to fiscal sanity.)

            (I’m an American living with my Canadian husband in Canada; yes, in a same-sex marriage, since 2005. We’ve been together since 1987. In this country, socialism is NOT a dirty word, and there IS liberty and justice for ALL. They don’t just preach about it HERE!! Canadians have enjoyed universal healthcare since the 1960s, for God’s SAKE, like most of the civilized world!! Canada has done much to open THIS American’s eyes!!)

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Congrats to you and your companion:)

            And to Canada:)

          • billbear1961 says:

            Thanks, Michael!

            They’ve GOT to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and hold liars like Limbaugh and the propagandists on Fox ACCOUNTABLE.

            The non-stop, 24/7 corporate-fascist propaganda has done great HARM to American democracy, jerking the political spectrum so far to the right that HALF the country thinks you’re a communist if you’re even one step to the left of MUSSOLINI!!

            And “Citizens United,” giving MONEY the rights of the individual citizen, MUST be overturned—with a constitutional amendment, if necessary—before the robber barons finish BUYING every politician in the country!

            Frankly, for the TRAITORS in the One Percent and all their ruthless, ass-kissing, SELLOUT lackeys in Congress, the GUILLOTINE isn’t inappropriate.

            I wish the president and his progressive agenda all the luck in the world!!

  2. sleeve says:

    I must say I am very proud of most of my fellow Americans who see through the partisan charade and have correctly outed the GOP for being seriously offtrack and almost irrelevant. House GOP thinks we aren’t watching, but their massive, collective, frequently repeated, whiney histrionics have our full attention, and we are not amused, little boys. Time to strap on a pair and start to act like adults, and raise the debt ceiling NOW. Americans pay their bills, regardless of what the insurrectionists in the South and in the heartlessland have to say about it. They aren’t the ones that put the money in the Treasury anyway, for the most part, just the ones that suck it out; so we are sick of the screeching, kvetching, continual moaning for small government while cashing your gub’mit checks and clutching your assault rifles, looking skyward for the black helicopters.

    • empiremed says:

      As President Obama prepares to be sworn in a second time, it’s a good moment to consider the state of the union during his era.

      As of his first inaugural, 134.379 million Americans were working and unemployment was 7.3%. Four years later, 134.021 million are working and unemployment is 7.8%.

      In January 2009, 32.2 million people were on food stamps and 13.2% of Americans lived in poverty. Now, 47.5 million receive food stamps and the poverty rate is up to 15%.

      When Mr. Obama first took office, Social Security’s trustees forecast it would go broke in 2041. Now the forecast date is 2037. Medicare’s hospital trust fund will be exhausted by 2024, if not earlier.

      On Jan. 20, 2009, the national debt stood at $10.627 trillion—or $34,782 for every man, woman and child. As of Tuesday, it had reached $16.435 trillion, or $52,139 for every American. The public debt was equal to 40.8% of gross domestic product on Jan. 20, 2009. By the end of last year, it had reached 72.8% of GDP and is forecast by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to hit 76.1% this year.

      When Mr. Obama assumed office, median household income was $51,190. In 2011 (the last year for which data is available), median household income was $50,054. Household income declined more during the recovery, which began when the recession officially ended in June 2009, than it did during the recession, a first for America.

      Last year, an average of 153,000 nonfarm jobs were created each month. At that rate, it will take 26 more months to get back to the number of jobs America had when the recession started in December 2007. Meanwhile, the workforce will have expanded by at least 8.6 million new people for whom there are no jobs.

      It’s worse for manufacturing. Last year, an average of 15,000 manufacturing jobs were created each month. At that rate, it will take nearly 10 years to reach the number (13,743,000) of such jobs America had when the recession started.

      Since the recession ended three and half years ago, the economy has grown an average of 0.4% a year. That compares to 1.6% growth per year for the previous decade (which covered two recessions, including the “great” one), 2.6% growth per year for the previous 20 years, and 3.2% on average since World War II.

      To create jobs and growth, Mr. Obama asserts that the federal government has only a revenue problem, not a spending one. But in the last fiscal year before he took office (2008), revenues were $2.524 trillion and outlays $2.983 trillion. This fiscal year, revenues are expected to reach $2.913 trillion—but outlays have jumped to $3.554 trillion.

      It’s those last data points in particular—outlays and spending—that present both challenges and opportunities for Republicans. Why? Because spending cuts in general and the abstract are popular, while spending cuts in the specific and concrete often are not.

      To avoid coming off as just old-fashioned accountants wearing green eyeshades, Republicans will have to make a concerted effort to connect fiscal policy to economic growth and opportunity. Reductions in spending are a means to an end. Too often, Republicans speak as if they’re the end in themselves.

      Fortunately some party leaders understand this. For example, Rep. Paul Ryan recently spoke of “a vision for bringing opportunity into every life—one that promotes strong families, secure livelihoods, and an equal chance for every American.” He credited free enterprise for doing more than anything else “to lift people everywhere out of poverty.” And Sen. Marco Rubio has marveled that, as a son of a hotel bartender, he could aspire to serve in Congress and argued that “only economic growth and a reform of entitlement programs will help control the debt” that threatens the country’s future.

      • lana ward says:

        GREAT POST!!! But the lemmings on this site will call you a liar!!! They are all hypnotized by that thing in the WH

        • Bill says:

          You tell them Lana that Obama is the worst. My 401k and other retirement accounts have gone up ONLY 50% or more. My house is only worth 25% more than when W left office. But I’m with you let’s not be lemmings when we can be ostrichs.

        • Countrybumpkin says:

          When our Representatives are acting in the best interests of this country, as they should, they have no need to pander, distort, fearmonger and out right lie to the people. The right wing media circus wouldn’t exist and the extremists would hold n0 power. “THE LEMMINGS” on this board understand this.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Satan must be so proud of you that he may not be able to wait until it’s ‘your time’. Can’t you feel the flames already?

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          That thing in the White House right now has more support than you will ever have.

          • lana ward says:

            Believe me, that will change

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Do you really believe that?

            His approval ratings have soured, even during his first term.

            All this crap the Republicans have been feeding the “people” is Backfiring.

            In short, Republican Farts speak louder than words.

            As it should!

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslims approval is starting to plummet. He is less popular than the NRA

        • puzzled21 says:

          What thing would that be? Explanation and clarity please.

      • glaziersneed says:

        The president is not responsible for this, The rich, finding every way in the power (including buying the government) to get even richer, are! He does not hold the purse strings, and he has not laid off one single person!

        • empiremed says:

          Keep living in your dream world. ignore the facts. That’s the real reason how we got into the trouble we’re in

          • Paul says:

            The President is no more responsible for the stats on the day he was sworn in in 2009 than he was on the day he was elected in 2008. Make your starting point May 1, 2009, about 100 days after he was in power, and run the numbers again and I might be more interested. I think you have some good points, but you’re cherry picking the date.

          • It’s not just the date, many of his facts are lies and distortions, such as the 7.3% unemployment rate when Obama took office – it wasn’t 7.3%, it was 10.1% in January 2009. And he’s totally ignoring the fact that corporate pirates like Romney were destroying companies and shipping millions of American jobs overseas as fast as Obama’s policies like TARP were able to create them. Romney was involved in destroying companies and shipping jobs to China as late as the week before the 2012 election. He was even involved in destroying 25,000 American jobs in the auto industry during the bailouts and shipping them all to China while leaving all those Americans out of work and thousands with no pensions. And Romney even tried to keep GM and Chrysler from coming out of bankruptcy by refusing to furnish them with the small auto parts that Delphi was the only company making and which they needed to restart production. Fortunately, the judge overseaing the pirated buyout kyboshed that and insisted Delphi had to supply the parts that had always been doing. So if any readers of this have purchased a new car over the past 3 years and have problems with small parts, like the steering mechanisms that now come from China or Mexico, send Romney a thankyou for screwing America just one more time.

          • John says:

            Statistics are for bean counters! He can’t undo in 4 yrs that which it took you 30 yrs to accomplish —- destroy the middle class!

          • Doctor T says:

            Keep living in your make-believe world where “facts” are as worthless as a confederate dollar.

          • Tom says:

            Doctor T: Many of my patients in the V A Hospital called me Dr. Tom. Without facts you have no foundation for debate. Sorry, but I live in the real world.

        • glaziersneed says:

          first off! do the same analysis for the years 2000-2008. Second It took eight years to get that way so it seems logical it will take eight years to come back! do your analyisis again in 2016! Third, He can’t be elected again so I don’t know why you wasted your time…And fourth and last Paul Ryan is worth less than one of President Obamas fingernail clippings! You forget that the republicans have controled the House of Representatives either by filibuster or majority the whole time. I bet those numbers would have been totally different and this reality would be much more a “Dream World” than it is now!

          • MARK says:

            Ever notice that we never hear the gop say anything about “thier” spending? Americans have watched gop strategies for years and it’s always the same load of crap-oppose and block all critical and positive Democrat sponsored proposals to fix the economy,protect financial backers at all costs,when the economy tanks further blame the Democrats for not fixing the economy.While certain business dynamics change and fluctuate over time there is one basic concept that remains ie: You have to spend money to make money and you must pay your bills if you want more money to work with otherwise you get cut off.

          • Tom says:

            GLAZIERNEED: Paul Ryaan must be worth more than a finger nail clipping. I don’t care for his economic philosophy, but have a little respect for the voters that elected him. He’s young and has a lot to learn.

        • RV says:

          I agree with you, Glaziersneed. We can see what is going on?

      • Zeno Ferox says:

        It’s irrelevant, I know, to point out that the economy was still in free-fall when Obama took the oath of office and did not instantly get better the moment Bush was no longer president. It took awhile to get it going in the right direction again (with the assistance of *zero* congressional Republicans). Measuring from January 20, 2009, is a bogus metric.

        • empiremed says:

          In other words….it’s still all Bush’s fault. Give it up!

        • Bill says:

          These right wingers like to forget things like

          1- The stock market being up 75% or more since Obama becam President.
          2- The job market has shown only positive #’s for well over 2 years now.
          3- The housing market is rebounding in the last 2 years
          4- Concumer confidence is up.
          5- President Obama’s approval rating is higher (Remember W’s was about 30% when he left office).
          6- He withdrew the troops from Iraq (on W’s schedule, yes I know but he did it).

          The crazies also love to not remember the job loss at the end of W’s administration was in the 100’sK range, the economy was in the tank as was the stock market and I could go on.

          • Great post Bill – just to clarify, the job loss during Bush’s last year was around 800,000 to 1 million/month and the unemployment rate when Bush left office was 10.1% not the ridiculous 7.3% quoted earlier. And you’re right Zeno, it took Obama about 15 months to get the free fall turned around but it’s been a recovery ever since with more than 35 months of steady job growth. And one of the big reasons it took so long to get the net job growth to be positive, is because companies like Bain, with Romney still having a hand in them, were buying out companies and shipping the jobs to China. Romney is without question a bigger American JOB DESTROYER than he was ever an American job creator.

          • bckrd1 says:

            on item 6 it really was Bush going by what Obama said he would do.

      • Countrybumpkin says:


        • empiremed says:

          Your responce illustrates the kind of people who vote Obama. The facts just make you mad.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Actually, I think it’s fair to say that what people dislike are the lies of the drooling bigots who hold a burning personal hate for Obama even though they don’t know him personally. Why is that? I know the answer, but you may try to explain it yourself if you’d like.

          • empiremed says:

            Listen to yourself,. That’s hate speech for anyone who diagrees with you. I don’t hate Obama. He just has no clue what he’s doing.

          • bckrd1 says:

            “Your responce illustrates the kind of people who vote Republican. The facts just make you mad.

      • Your comment is so full of lies and distortions I didn’t bother reading it after the second paragraph: Just for a couple: When Obama took his oath in office, the unemployment rate was 10.1 percent; NOT 7.3%. And the reason so many people are on food stamps is the fault of the Republican party: so many red states have cut budgets and services so deeply, that one of the big reasons the unemployment rate hasn’t dropped further (from 10.1% to 7.8%) is because millions of Red State Republicans have been thrown onto welfare by their nitwit state legislators.

        More than 70% of those food stamp users are RED STATE REPUBLICANS – and the six states that lead the nation in sucking welfare dollars from Washington are ALL RED STATES IN THE SOUTH.

        All the 8 states that not only pay the most taxes (basically supporting the nation), yet get the least amount of welfare dollars back for the taxes they pay (less than 75 cents on the dollar while many of those six red states suck more than $2 for every dollar they pay) are ALL BLUE STATES.


      • And by the way, although your numbers are nothing by lies and distortions, when you’re pointing out that it took a while to get the net jobs created positive, on of the people you want to blame for that isn’t Obama, it’s Romney. As fast as TARP and other efforts were creating jobs in America, Mitt Romney and his cohorts in the company pirating industry were buying up companies that were floundering in the trashed economy, stripping their assets and shipping American jobs overseas. Let me just give you one example:

        During the autobailout (after Romney had said let the auto industry go bankrupt), Romney and his cohorts bought out Delphi, what was the auto industry’s primary small parts maker, stripped it of it’s assets, including its pension funds, and shipped all its 25,000 jobs to China; leaving of course, 25,000 Americans out of work and thousands of older workers without pensions. And Romney was doing this even while he was running for office; despite his lies to the contrary, he was still involved even a week before the election gutting another company and shipping it’s jobs overseas. Romeny and companies like Bain, were greatly responsible for why the net jobs created didn’t get positive for a couple years after Obama followed through with Tarp and other things to create jobs.

        But that doesn’t change the fact that what Obama did, created more jobs in 4 years than Bush created in 8. Do you realize that the total jobs created during Bush’s disasterous 8 years was a little over 3.1 million. The worst job creation record in the past 60 plus years except for during his Dad’s abysmal record of job creation. And that the economy during those 8 years was the most lack luster, despite Bush giving the rich the biggest tax break they’d seen in decades, in the past 60 years also!!

        And are you aware that Every, and I repeat Every, GOP president but Ike, has governed since the stock market crash of 1929 with significant deficit spending??? And likewise, are you aware that since the 1929 crash, that Every, and I repeat Every, democratic president but JFK has inherited significant defict spending and has worked to reduce it AND HAS!!! And of all those Dem presidents, Obama has actually reduced deficit spending faster than all of them. And he’s even done it for 3 straight years – the last president to reduce spending for 3 straight years was Truman after WWII.

        I could go on and on about positive accomplishments over the past 4 years but my guess is you have too much typical GOP lover tunnel vision to appreciate any of it.

        • bckrd1 says:

          Thank you for your FACT based rebuttal to Empiremed. At least I am assuming it is to his comment. If not I hope they at least read your post to get a re-educated on the real statistics.

        • Betta says:

          “Obama has actually reduced deficit spending faster than all of them.”

          Are you freaking KIDDING me? Our debt AND his spending have INCREASED under this illegal alien. What exactly are you drinking or smoking???

          Obviously, this site is the children of the corn in the twilight zone.

          • glaziersneed says:

            I think the real issue is that it goes against every thing you were taught, when you see a black man that is obviously smarter than you!

          • Tom says:

            glaziersneed: Be nice! Leave the race card out of the debate. It’s really a thing called ignorance!

          • Tom says:

            Betta: You are overlooking the interest being added to the National Debt from the Bush years. Obviously you are just another GOP zealot that doesn’t know what she’s talking about. That’s why the American people reelected Obama. You’re just spitting our sour grapes.

          • Sorry Betta, but spending under Obama has gone down. You have to remember that it was Bush who trashed the economy and because of the disaster he created, had to negoticate the Auto Bailout and TARP BEFORE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE. It was BUSH who passed Obama a 10/1/08 to 9/30/09 budget that included 1.6 trillion in deficit spending. So looking at these numbers alone, Obama’s 10/1/11 to 9/30/12 budget had deficit spending of 1.1 trillion – thats 1/2 a trillion lower spending than what Bush passed him. In 3 budgets, he reduced spending by actually over 1/2 a trillion/year.

            And that’s despite the fact that Bush passed him an economy in freefall: 800,000 to 1 million jobs lost/month; the auto industry in collapse on the verge of bankruptcy, the banking sector on the verge of collapse, the stock market down 50% to 6,600;millions of homeowners losing their houses to foreclosure; hundreds of companies that had been in business for over 100 years going belly up, and the worst consumer confidence on record. A far worse economic disaster than a feeble GOP president name Hoover could deal with in 1929; when he tried the time-worn failure principle of the GOP – whatever the problem is cut taxes and spending and expect the private sector to fix things.

            The downturn in 2008 that led to the Big Depression ,was no worse than the bump in the road Bush experienced at the begining of his 1st term, yet he managed to allow that to fester into a stock market collapse and subsequently a world-wide depression. No there’s true failure for you!! And guess what, he was a big Business Man of his time, just like Romney claimed to be – someone who would have follwed well in his footprints by driving America into another world-wide depression with his fairytale tax cut and jobs plans.

        • glaziersneed says:

          You the man!!

        • glaziersneed says:

          Imagine where we could be today if every Democrat could have had more time to work on other than cleaning up the mess from the Republican before him. We would probably have colonized the Moon and Mars by nowand have discovered a cure for cancer!

          • Tom says:

            Yeah, we could have hung the moon. Ike wasn’t so bad. Nixon was a crook! Reagan only accomplished one thing . He said “Gorbe tear this wall down.”” Yet, the peanut farmer was a bust. The only presidents worth a damn since Truman have been Clinton and Obama. Lets be honest, every congress since World War II has contributed to this National Debt. We currently need a general recall election.

          • Glazier, it is too bad that more Dems haven’t had more time in office: look what Clinton accomplished – he inherited some big deficits from Bush Sr. and ended up governing with there years of surpluses. My guess is that had Gore gotten elected, there may well not have been a 9/11 attack (Bush was flat out warned 7 times by the CIA in the 6 months before the attack that it was coming, all they were looking for was the funding to let them pursue the leads they had more vigorously and Bush refused) and therefore no Afghan war and no Iraq war, so America could well be looking again at surplus budgets instead of 16 trillion in deficits.

      • highpckts says:

        empiremed – what everyone else said and get your facts straight! Ryan and Rubio??? truly?? ROFL!!! You picked out the only sane thing they ever said!!

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        My but you put a lot of effort into your lies!

        Nobody but a lying bigot would attribute the economic mess Obama inherited to his policies, yet that’s exactly what you do. But you aren’t content just to blame Obama for the economic disaster created by Bush — you also have to lie about the numbers.

        The US economy shrank in both 2008 and 2009 as a direct result of Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility, but even if you blame 2009 on Obama (because you hate a black President, of course) your numbers are false. The US economy shrank 3.5% in 2009, grew 3% in 2010, grew 1.7% in 2011, and has grown at a 2.1% rate so far in 2012. So for those who blame Obama for 2009 (bigots), the actual average rate would be 0.825%. If you average 2010-2012 — leaving out the inherited mess of 2009 — it would average 2.27%.

        Next, to address your unemployment rate lie, the unemployment rate in January 2009 was 7.8% — the same rate as now.

        Use your lying tongue to try to address this fact: Obama holds the record for the LOWEST yearly rate of federal spending growth of any President in the last 30 years:

        Reagan, 1982-85: 8.7%, 1986-89: 4.9%.
        Bush I, 1990-93: 5.4%.
        Clinton, 1994-97: 3.2%, 1998-2001: 3.9%.
        Bush II, 2002-05: 7.3%, 2006-09: 8.1%.
        Obama, 2010-13: 1.4%.

        Note that despite the never-ending torrent of whoppers to the contrary, Republican Presidents are hands-down the kings of runaway federal spending. In the last 30 years, ALL Republican Presidents increased spending faster than ALL Democrats.

        If you must blame Obama for President Bush’s mistakes (because you hate a black man in the White House, of course), at least you could stop lying about the numbers. Did you think that nobody would notice?

      • Phillip says:

        You forgot the tea-party.

      • bckrd1 says:

        Empiremed, you act as if Obama inherited a thriving economy and that his policies created the recession. Sorry. It is the cascading effects from the past administration that we are STILL feeling. The effects of bad policy don’t miraculously stop just because a new President is elected. We will likely be feeling the Bush administration debacle for many years to come as it is the “gift” that keeps on giving…..just not to the ones who deserve it.

        “For example, Rep. Paul Ryan recently spoke of “a vision for bringing opportunity into every life—one that promotes strong families, secure livelihoods, and an equal chance for every American.” He credited free enterprise for doing more than anything else “to lift people everywhere out of poverty.”

        And for you to post what Ryan said is nuts. Even he doesn’t believe that because his actions say otherwise. And let’s not forget… he helped build all that debt. He VOTED for ALL of it. He is responsible for it and did not and does not care about deficits then or now or he would not have created it. He is no fiscal wonk. He is tool. And he is trying to dismantle the safety nets of the disabled, elderly and poor. Shame on him and shame on you for even believing someone who did nothing but lie to you during the election.

        • empiremed says:

          In other words….it’s still all Bush’s fault. Give it up!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Everything that Obama has been blamed for has root cause. The Cause is based on race-baiting, simply put.

            Even IF Obama really screws up and the Republicans tell the Truth, which is rare, NO ONE is going to take a Republican’s Word for dam thing eventually.

            In another words, keep throwing this crap at our President, and I’ll guarantee you and others like you, you’ll find yourselves at the bottom of your own home-made sewer pit.

            And, NO ONE else is going to give a rat’s ass about you either. Good luck trying to get a Ladder.

            I won’t have one!

          • glaziersneed says:

            You know it’s funny, the same people that said to me, when I would say anything negative about Bush, “But he’s the President you must support him!” are the one’s now bashing President Obama. You ever notice that on Fox news the always refer to the President as “Obama” but never missed calling Romney “Governor”. Yes I watch Fox just so I can see how warped you guys are adn bet you have never once peeked at MSNBC so who is only seeing things from one side of the story!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            IN all the years Bush 1 and Bush 2 was in office, at no time did they have as much hatred directed at them as Pres. Obama has had.

            Even when Clinton was caught receiving blowjobs on the job, he didn’t even get this much hatred.

            Matter of fact, even when Nixon was nearly impeached, did he receive any hatred towards him.

            No matter what Obama does, he will be wrong. And, the Republicans will do all they can to make sure they paint him as bad as possible at all corners.

            So, to me, this is all about race-baiting in the final conclusion.

            What this country probably needs is a full-scale race riot in every city, every town. And, Whitie will be on the loosing side of their own very, very long shit stick of their own making.

            One of these days, ALL people’s of color are going to get sick and tired of our white asses and overthrow all of us ad hoc.

            And, I’m a white guy saying this.

          • glaziersneed says:

            You’re almost there…

      • Doctor T says:

        Trying to dazzle us with your brilliance or bullshit???

      • Tom says:

        empiremed: Throughout you dissertation on the health of our nation you didn’t mention the Bush tax cuts of 2001 is the real culprit in the destruction of our economy. From a surplus under Clinton to a major recession under Bush seems to have given Obama an impossible task. Two years before he was elected I told a group of my Republican friends in Blanco, Texas it would take the Democrats twenty years to repair the damage of the Bush years. They all laughed knowing I was an Independent voter.

      • Anna Drake says:

        You forgot to add Bush 2 wars on CC, we have to pay, you also did not mention it that Clinton left surpluss and Bush said he have the money and intend to SPEND IT. He did, for his rich friends, Lobbyist and killed thousand of his own and others. You need help and need to learn how Gov. works. President can not blow any money w/o House approval, if he could he would not ask for the debt ceiling funds would he??? He has NO POWER in that matter, He can’t even filibuster as the Republican do it now – NEVER in the history of US any party filibuster including their own. As soon Repukes suggest something and vote on it and pass it, and Obama agrees, they filibuster their own ideas. Please crawl out from your rock and see the world and eductae yourself how USA GOV. WORKS.

      • metrognome3830 says:

        Nice post. Lots of meaningless figures. Unless all that information can be put to some use, they are just numbers, as Dick Cheney says. Paul Ryan spoke of “a vision for bringing opportunity into ever life . . . ” What is it? So far that is just empty rhetoric. Marco Rubio marvels “that as a son of a hotel bartender, he could aspire . . . blah, blah, blah. More empty rhetoric, no reasonable solutions. There are thousands of sons of bartenders, dirt farmers, fork lift operators, who have improved their lot and made their way in the world. I’m sick and tired of hearing of their “remarkable” climb up the power ladder. It’s all a lot of hot air blowing around trying to pick up votes for their next run for office. The only vision they have is to garner more power and win another election by whatever means necessary. If I sound cynical it’s just because I am. I have listened to this crap for too many decades.

      • grammyjill says:

        Just so you know dear, the President doesn’t spend a penny. He asks the House if they will pass a bill to spend money. So, don’t dump the spending on him. And as far as the jobs go, the jobs bill has been in the house for two years and the infrastructure bill for a year. Those two bills would put about eight million back to work. And the president CUT spending by 2 trillion dollars last year. You need better info.

      • grammyjill says:

        You need better info dear. The president doesn’t spend a penny. He asks the house to spend money on things he thinks need to be done for the country, but he can’t spend a cent without their approval. And he CUT spending by 2 trillion dollars last year.
        And as far as jobs go, the jobs bill has been in the house for two years and the infrastructure bill for a year. Those would put about 8 million people back to work. The house GOP will not let them pass.

      • Muriel Schlecht says:

        “Rep. Paul Ryan recently spoke…………”Have you EVER heard a word from his mouth that you could prove to be truth? He says what he thinks his audience WANTS to hear. Look at his record.

        Rubio say that “only economic growth and a reform of entitlement programs will help control the debt”. He’s right except he doesn’t identify which “entitlement” programs. It’s NOT Social Social Security because it has nothing to do with the debt. It’s NOT Medicare because it’s funded by Social Security”. Congress COULD do LOTS to LOWER Medicare costs, as well as
        for those not yet on Medicare, but they WILL NOT “ruffle the feathers” of those who commit fraud and price gouging in the medical profession nor the AMA nor the FDA, nor the USDA, nor MONSANTO who are poisoning us and our environment to a slow death and creating MORE diseases and illness. NONE in our conventional medical institutions will EVER produce a cure for anything because it’s too deeply rooted in big business and Wall Street. We’ll never know about it if they do. They will forever treat symptom, after symptom after symptom. A cure, after all, would put “somebody” out of business. Only you and me are forced to “retrain” or “change professions” or “work at Walmart” when our employer dumps us or “leaves the country”. I don’t want to hear ANYONE in government complain about the rising costs of “sickcare”. They can do something about it, but they won’t. All they’ll EVER do is keep reinventing the wheel and manipulating the same financial columns on a new piece of paper.

        Grammy Jill said the rest of what I was going to add.

    • Robert M says:

      Strap on a pair? Didn’t they ban the strap on ones? Much more dangerous than a machine gun you know. The constitution doesn’t give us a right to balls but it does guns.

  3. sigrid28 says:

    The only silver lining in this situation is the possibility that the imperative to pass legislation with bipartisan support will make our representatives very creative in how they bring bills to the floor and vote for them. Like the filibuster rules in the Senate, the Hastert rule in the house has become the bane of our existence. Harry Reid has said he will take up suggestions for changing the filibuster procedure on January 22nd, making it harder to filibuster and impossible to do so in secret. Likewise, I have faith in the Democratic conference in the House to get legislation around the Hastert rule and make sure voters know exactly how their representatives have voted.

  4. Nick Milks says:

    The problem for the House of Representatives is…………….they’re refusing to pay their own bills.

    They decided to spend the money in the first place. Now it’s time to pay, they want to default?

    That’s the thought process of a deadbeat – not the United States of America

  5. Nick Milks says:

    The House of Reps agreed to spend the money. Now the invoice has turned up, they are refusing to release the money.

  6. kanawah says:

    100% Behind the president.
    The republiSKUNKS only know how to do one thing.

  7. Jesse Fell says:

    One of our major parties is lacking in almost all sense of responsibility, not to mention of reality. We need two parties, and we need both of them to be capable of functioning as adults. This is a serious problem. What happened to the GOP?

  8. Rich Haney says:

    Incumbency is a major weak point of the U. S. democracy. With tools such as earmarks and sell-outs to special interests, incumbents often remain in office for decades although their approval rating may be in single digits over-all. A Congressman from some district in Alaska, Carolina, etc., pampers enough local people to get elected over and over but his work in Congress affects people in every state, so those people too should be able to decide such longevity. Eric Cantor, for example, represents my district and I know of no one who approves of his congressional work but he has the financial support to remain in Congress for decades to come. Is there something wrong with that picture?

    • thebunt says:

      91% of all congressional elections are won by the candidate spending the most money. That highlights a problem. Of course that is our good old (just make that OLD) constitution that says that this is OK. For some reason we are prepared to live with a document, written by the POLITICIANS of the time, that has no relevance to our lives today.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        We need to hold a Constitutional Convention and re-write the entire Document.

        It does not meet our current needs – maybe it never did in the first place.

        First thing I’d gut is the Electoral College. Yea, Obama got in with the electoral votes which was great. But, but rights, our President like any politician should be voted in by popular vote.

        I can think of several hundred other changes as well.

  9. charleo1 says:

    Okay, now we know, if not for rigging the election, 2012 would have looked like ’08.
    So, who are the inhabitants of these super-gerrymanded districts? Statistics might say
    they are White, over 50, earn a comfortable income, are socially conservative, attend
    a Protestant Church regularly, don’t think of themselves as racists, just because they
    would trust a White President more than Obama. Don’t mind if one or two Blacks, or
    Hispanics move into their largely White neighborhoods. But believe, more than that,
    would hurt property values. So, there’s your district. The one that keeps sending back to
    Congress politicians like, Michelle Bachmann, and Louie Gohmert. They also believe
    Obama is a Socialist, that he has expanded the welfare state, and they see that as the
    reason we have big deficits, and debt, with high unemployment. And see Wall Street
    more as the victim of a Liberal ideology, that forced the banks to make bad loans, to
    poor people, to redistribute wealth from the industrious money class, to the slothful.
    They are the reason a hard core group in Washington can threaten to close down the
    government, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, compromise, or even make the debt worse,
    by their own actions, while demanding the government to stop the spending. They do
    these things because they can. And because they believe, in their protected districts,
    they need not be accountable. That they may practice, and promote their anti-government,
    anti-tax, anti-science/and,education, anti-labor, and anti-people agenda, to their hearts
    content. I would like to ask the Republican Party, after a few more years of this. Was it
    worth it?

  10. lana ward says:

    When Americans find out what this traitor is up to, it won’t be

    • What or who gives you the insight to this so called traitor? Rush Limbaugh? Enough said.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        No, it’s actually her father — Satan. Lana has a lakefront estate all ready for her when she’s called back home. On the lake of fire, that is.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      IF there is any Traitor around here, sure seems like to me you have a lot of Traitor-Speak in your comments.

      The FBI should be investigating you by now, if they aren’t already.

      Take heart though, by the time they do come for you, you’ll have no place to run. Just imagine, at least you’ll get 3 square meals a day and all the “playtoys” you’ll ever need.

      By the way, in there, they have lots of Bibles. You’ll need one.

      • lana ward says:

        Omuslim can’t take the oath of office. He will have to swear to protect, defend, and uphold the constitution while he is right now trampling on the 2nd ammendment



  13. highpckts says:

    Well at least half of America isn’t looney tunes!!

  14. highpckts says:

    Oh seriously? When your facts are wrong, you resort to that??

  15. bckrd1 says:

    2014 vote for only Democrats and make sure you VOTE. That is how the Repubs got it in 2010 in the first place. Elections have consequences and NOT voting does too.

  16. peteserb says:

    The article is hogwash. His popularity is due to moochers, homosexuals and racists.

  17. elw says:

    This information would be sending the Radical Right to the doctor with stomach pains and confussion, except for one thing, they will refuse to believe it.

  18. charleo1 says:

    ATTENTION TEA PARTY PEOPLE: With the jobs, and economic report coming out this A.M.
    we are facing some of the most serious, and dire numbers on the economy since we made our
    glorious appearance on the National stage, following the election of the Kenyan as President.
    Unemployment claims are down to a five year low. Housing is threatening to rebound, and the
    debt, which we would powerless without, is as a percentage of the GNP, edging dangerously
    downward, as the shiftless Americans are somehow finding jobs. And our job creators are
    being robbed at a higher rate. Shameful I know. But take heart, all is not lost. We still have
    our cards to play, and we may yet reach our twin goals of chaos, and collapse of the Federal
    Beast, by creating a default, and then shutting down the freedom stealing apparatus altogether!

  19. roberta says:

    I think what we are seeing playout is the final fall of the Cracker mentality that has infected this country since our founding. It has come in many forms but usually in the form of white male privilage. This entitlement mentality , powered by God’s will, solved the native American problem, decreed black slaves as 3/5 human, and that Governing should remain the domain of rich, white male land owners, because.. well they just are better. Don’t expect them to go down quietly.

  20. Betta says:

    His approval surges? BWHAHAHAAAAA! Now, THAT’S really funny. I will never believe that in a million years and neither does anyone else who knows how to use their brain. But what else can you expect from a site full of people who get freebies? None are so blind as those who refuse to see. Good luck when all this falls down around your ears. You’ll need it.

    Let the impeachment proceedings begin!

    • Muriel Schlecht says:

      I’d like you to make a list of those who you think are getting freebies and exactly what those freebies are. Be specific, now and use your brain. However, you’ll have to do some statistical research first, from viable trustworthy sources. Not just what you hear on Fox.

    • You must be confused are you sure you are not talking about the GOP? The “DO NOTHING” Congress. They don’t use their brains, ears or eyes. Just lip service. What have they done lately that has been of any substance? They come in for a paycheck, sit on their @$$’$ and “Do Nothing”. Speaking of freebies.

  21. All we need to retake the House in 2014 is for the GOTP to keep doing what it has been doing for the last two years!

  22. Bob Ridge says:

    This tells us one thing there is more ignorant people in this Country than we all think and any one that thinks this poll is right then you are a moron .

  23. tobewan says:

    House Speaker John Boehner’s assertion that “the American people do not support raising the debt ceiling without reducing government spending at the same time,” – what Boehner says is true, to his view. By “American people” he is referring to the top hardbaked upper crust of 2% – WE the 98% don’t count in his estimations. It’s been that way with the Repubs for decades – they slant everything toward the wealthy – as reverse Robin Hoods – take from the poor and give to the wealthy – and this is a corrupted way of dealing on the backs of the hard-working American labor force.
    Always trying to keep America DIVIDED – yes, they are, & have been the DIVIDERS, trying to keep the “have-nots” from being “haves.”
    Glad to see Obama’s rating go up – more and more people are wising-up to Boehner and his colleagues. Shame on Boehner! He is NO friend of Obama, nor of the rest of us.

  24. Rex Hound says:

    I really like and am proud of my President, but I am also keenly aware that some don’t feel this way. There are some seriously dangerous home grown people floating around in this country…and they are armed to the teeth.

  25. Currently, the Republican leadership inHouse are backing off their insistence about linking spending cuts with raising the debt ceiling. While their proposal will cover only three months, and willdo virtually nothing to advance the talks on debt reduction and spending cuts, it very importantly demonstrates that the Republicans in the House are realizing their backing is eroding. Maybe the House will actually get something done, although I doubt it. The offer was not for a long-term solution, nor was there any suggestion of delinking the debt and spending, which Obama has, reasonably, demanded. As the Republicans in the House have so frequently stated, there has not been a budget passed by the Senate in some years,which means any spending has been enacted solely by the Republicans in the House, the very ones who are, hypocritically, demanding reductions in spending. And it is their reckless spending that has driven both the budget deficit and the national debt. I hope Obama does the right thing and exacts at least a measure of flesh from the Republicans.

  26. grammyjill says:

    He’s been there eight years. Eight years too long!!

  27. grammyjill says:

    Wrong again! The trators are the GOP who are trying their hardest to distroy this country.

  28. sopas612stayout says:

    The GOP needs to be given their KUDOs for refusing to hear the American voter voices and concerns.!!!

  29. USN1944 says:

    WHO is KIdding WHO

  30. LeftRightLef says:

    The only ‘meat’ the GOP has offered the American people is hatred and fear. They have NOTHING else!

  31. obooboys approval rate is in the toilet. All the leftist news media know this and try as best as they can to spin their lies to hide this fact. Other countries are calling for the removal of barecrap bammy. He is not only a threat to the US, he is a threat to the world and leaders of some other countries are calling for his removal from office.

    • Jo Poquette says:

      thank you! keep thinking that way and telling it! tell all your friends!

      this will ensure that support for the gop will continue to plummet.

  32. jazznj says:

    TRUMP is a pure unadulterated ASS – why doesn’t this jerk just go away? Nobody cares!!

  33. Kels says:

    That’s because he’s a good leader and the GOP/TEA people are not. It’s clear who is trying to drag our country down.

  34. chiefauditexecutive says:

    As a Republican for 40 years and a strong supporter of the GOP and contributor, I now find the GOP has lost its direction and focus in serving the middle class, the retirees and the young people. It now has new masters : corporate raiders, big corporations and billionaires. As a senior citizen with a comfortable retirement income, I do not trust these GOP politicians who want to reduce my social security income and cut my Medicare benefits and at the same time they want my financial and political support. Bye Bye, the GOP !

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      At one time, many years ago, I liked the Republican Party. That was, however, 40 years ago.

      Ever since Reagan held office, it’s been down hill. This is especially true since Reagan embraced the Evangelical Movement.

      Even during Nixon’s term, the Republican Party was a better party.

      Yea, if you receive SS and worked most of your life, you paid into it and you deserve to get it back and more including medicare and medicaide if you quality.

      I”m 63 and SS Disabled due to severe arthritis. I’ve never had better medical coverage, even all the years I worked.

      If it were left up to the Republicans, both of us would be at the end of a very long shit stick. Our SS would be privatized and hopefully Wall Street would leave it alone, which we know won’t happen.

  35. DurdyDawg says:

    Well somebody do SOMETHING!! This ‘goofing off’ watching other politicians goof off is getting old.. We’re paying these bimbos salaries, we need to petition a bill into law that will create a mandated quota for these slackers with a six months evaluation and for those who don’t fulfill it each and every time, kick ’em out of office.. Maybe that will get them concentrating on their duties to the american public and the betterment of the nation instead of covering their own failed asses by accusing others of their failures.

  36. owosso says:

    Where did you get this from all the national media polls have him at only 49%. Guess it is your own poll! No I am not a Republican!

  37. With only the issue of increasing taxes to consider its impossible for obama to be at an all time high rating–unless you are marxists/communists/SDS/progressives/fabians–because the idea of taking from the rich to give to the poor, dependency on government, big government, no independent thinking and abolishment of christian ideals appeals to you. National Memo must be a communist front to say obama is surging. Nobody else dare would. You can fool the marxist idiots in here but you didnt fool me.

  38. Andrew says:

    36%……………repukes……22%….teabaggers……………(just because they are not getting their way)………….24%(tea baggers)…….approve of congress……………….But Obama’s approval rating is 55%……..MOST AMERICANS WHO CARE…………………………….Or who count for the people who don’t listen to…Limbaugh,Norquist,Rove(who has more or less disappeared since his beat down in the ELECTION)

  39. bchrista says:

    empiremed, you know like obozomustgo have a suttle way of presenting their presentations, obozo ends his with quotes of famous people and empiremed uses percentages never mind that neither one quotes actual facts just their perceived opinions they wouldn’t the truth if it hit them both in the ass. To start with they both deny that the majority of the deficit was created by Bush by starting two unfunded wars and giving the top 1% of americans outragious tax breaks they refuse to accept that at the present time there are several bills proposed by Obama on ways to improve the work force and improve the economy all rejected by a Congress that swore to make him a one term President, thereby assuring that nothing he proposed would hit the floor of the Senate and they have kept thier word by sitting on their hands and doing nothing refered to as THE DO NOTHING SENATE, When President Obama won the first time he inherited two unfunded wars an economy with a 11 Trillion dollars deficit the country losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 a month, the Stock market in trouble, GM and Chrysler on the verge of bankruptys, Social Security was in trouble only because the greedy Republicans couldn’t keep their slimey hands off the SS funds because they wanted to fund their pet projects. People like Mitt Romney and his friends bankrupting companies and outsourcing them overseas to China, sending the jobs along with the company called Bain Capitol, then turned their attention to a company called Delphi Auto Parts and after taking it apart selling it to the Chinese along with 26,000 jobs in hopes of once Gm and Chrysler went bellyup they could buy it on the market for a cheap price and send them overseas only think wrong with that was that Obama threw a monkey wrench into their Ideas and decided to front them a loan to get them back on their feet, while stopping the down trend of unemployment and starting to add 200,000 new jobs every month end one war and setting a date for the removal of our troups from Afganisthan, killing Osama Bin Ladin along the way something Bush couldn’t do and he accomplished all this while arguing with an obstructionest Senate that had sworn to block his every move, just think what he might have accomplished if he had the backing of both houses of Representatives behind him and you no quoting facts assholes continue to knock him the American people are aware of his accomplishments inspite of all the opposition that is why his rating among the people of the United States Of America is at an all time high and all those Republicans that keep opposing him better watch out because whether they like him or not will remember that he’s trying to do what’s best for the country and 2014 is just around the corner Brother, Watch out.

  40. bchrista says:

    One thing that puzzles me is empiremed in his comments about the harm he perceives Obama is doing to the country he quotes of all people PAUL RYAN, here is a person that along with Mitt Romney had plans for America that would have finished plunging the Dagger into the heart of a struggling country that goes to show how misinformed he is and how much you can rely on his comments as being true and helpful to the American way of life, imagine naming a person (Paul Ryan) a man that his own State and town wouldn’t revote him back to the Congress, I just hope that sensible people that read these remarks see that it’s just bullshit that some people who really don’t know what the hell they are talking about spew out whatever comes to their mind at the time without checking facts. Thank God we have responsible people in the White House that know what they are doing to keep the country functioning. Paul Ryan, the joke of the Century.

  41. bchrista says:

    Hey TOM, you RV and people like empiremed are the reason we find ourselves and the country in the mess we are in you watch too much Fox News and listen to Russ and Beck to much, to start with Paul Ryan was rejected by the people of his own township how is that for a kick in the ass, like I keep saying you people keep making remarks without checking the facts and then you wind up with mud on your face people wake up the rich are not your friends you are only of use to them so long as they can use you and they will drop you when you are no longer of use to them, except when it comes to voting for them back in, in case you haven’t noticed at election time you are the greatest, once it’s over you are persona non grata. They like you so much they live in guarded communities so they don’t have to rub elbows with you, now at electiontime you can find them in your neighborhood in fact they can’t . find enough time to spend there. Fair weather friends I need like a hole in the head.

  42. bchrista says:

    Hey Charles Williams and owosso what boat did you step off from what authority are you quoting that makes you an expert on American economy, to start with the Rich stole their wealth from the backs of the poor, the lame, the cripple and the ignorant they have been doing s for many, many years they have been in position to change the laws to fit them making it legal to rob the less fortunate they have managed to steal property, money and personal possessions by using the one sided judges that favor the Rich you may call the American people all the names the rightwingers taught you but that only makes you look like the slime you really are. To deny the American what is really that is the greatest sin and when the chicken come home to roost then it will be our turn to collect that which is our by birth and pity those that refuse to give it back because it will be judgment time and all you assholes that have been kissing their asses will have to pay your dues don’t get caught on the outside friend there are way to many that have been suffering for way too long.

  43. Rj Young says:

    I believe someone said best when he said what’s the difference between kindergarden and the GOP? Answer: Adult supervision.

  44. So says the puppet media…..the rest of us really know the truth……

  45. National polls mean little for seats filled in local elections. The fear mongering of the far right has worked on the small minded voters of too many districts and states. Only when the far right is thrown conclusively on the trash heap at the local level will our government once again function to benefit us all.

  46. zucccchini says:

    Oh, well heck..yes. Spend that money! Or spend that what they call money, its ok. Our kids can handle it..and their kids and their kids. Go Obama. Give all that stuff away. Oh those bad, bad Republicans. They want dirty water, dirty air, woman barefoot and pregnant, the black man in chains, the Latinos picking strawberries for nothing and Obama is fixing all that. Spend, spend, spend. That is the way everyone fixes their household budget, for sure. Just call the credit card company and raise your limit on the card, what the heck. Someone will eventually pay for it….maybe. Oh well, Obama won’t have to worry about it…he will be long gone on his full security and Presidential retirement, building his library and Michelle’s library. Skies the limit!

  47. When the sequester comes we will see the GOP “true colors” as they wanted all these cuts. Thank you very much for being so ANTIAMERICAN Behner, Cantor, McOnnel,Ryan, Graham, McCain and the rest of the GOP. They also want us to turn into a 3rd World country like Mexico. I know, bec. I was born there. There, the police, the firemen and the soldiers come from low income families, they are usually not educated as they are here. I lived through it and is not good. Just look at what is happening there. Is sad to talk like that about your home country, but now this is my home country as I am now a proud US Citizen and I voted for OBAMA!!! HE IS A GREAT LIDER AND IS TRYING AS MUCH AS HE CAN. I just hope Congress finally gets his act together and grow up and start supporting us the American people. We want higher taxes for the 1%, we want immigration reform, marriage equality,more investment in education and roads, yes we want what we deserve. That is why you are there, not to sell a war with no facts, not to continue trying to be against the great Health Reform, but to enforce it. Not to create gossip on Secretaries to be, or Hillary. not to argue about Bengazi but bring to a military trial the four persons that sent us to an unfunded war: W. Bush, Chenney, Romsfeld and Condolleza. The drones have not killed as many Americans as the Iraq and the Afganistan wars. So, who is the real antiamerican: the GOP and they have been playing these game for too long. It amazes me how hipocrites they talk, they are pro-life, but sent us to all these wars that have cost us billions and more in lifes. They are anti-abortion, but then they do not want to provide services for the mothers of low income that have these babies. You cannot have it both ways. History will tell, but for now, I just love our President, he is a true American and a good man. God Bless him, and my husband and I will continue working as much as possible for our son’s future and the good of our country.

  48. GOP,Republicans,Tea Bag Nutz to the American people!”Damn the polls!We’re doing things our way!Damn the torpedo’s!FULL SPEED AHEAD!REMEMBER THE TITANIC!

  49. fvw50 says:

    That approval rating didn’t last too long, did it?! He had his post-election approval bump up and his much over-hyped sequester scare down tick. He’s a campaigner-in-chief, that’s it. He had 18 months to work out the kinks to sequestration, but chose to do nothing except golf and campaign against it for the last month or so. Then he claimed that he had been working with Congress and, low-and-behold, he never once called the House to try to work out a better methodology than proposed by sequestration.

    This is probably news to a lot of contributors here, but most of the representatives in the House are backed by voters (like me) who would prefer to see the debt ceiling LOWERED (eventually to ZERO).

  50. Robert Jones says:

    The President is doing what he was reelected to do. Deal with it GOP. Had banks, the ultra rich, and corporations been paying taxes at the fair rate, not hiding assets by farming out to foreign sourcing then redirecting profits to shell banks offshore , even with George Bush’s trillions of spending, simply whoring for reelection, we would have a massive surplus.Closing all tax loopholes would solve our debt in 5 years, with a massive surplus in ten. Those are the real numbers. The American people don’t get this tax cut so neither should these thieves. And we should go after the environmental terrorists like the Koch brothers and oil and chemical companies, and make them clean up their mess instead of impeding government on all sides with fraud.

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