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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This probably won’t help the Republican Party’s minority outreach plans.

On Wednesday morning, Public Policy Polling tweeted a shocking result from its latest poll of Georgia: Celebrity chef Paula Deen, who was fired from the Food Network for her use of racial slurs, is more popular among Peach State Republicans than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


While Deen has certainly seen a surge of support since her n-bomb-fueled controversy, it’s still shocking to see her favored over America’s most legendary civil rights icon. But then, these are strange times for the Republican Party.

On the day before PPP shared the results of its poll, an anti-Obama protest in Arizona turned ugly, with protesters singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep” at the president, while others shouted “He’s 47 percent Negro!” and “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!” Additionally, on Wednesday morning, District of Columbia Republican Party Senior Vice Chairman Ralph J. Chittams Sr. wrote an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus lamenting the GOP’s ongoing struggles with inclusion — and warning that the GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Project is doomed to failure. After seeing a poll result like this, it’s hard not to agree.

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  • Sand_Cat

    In GEORGIA? You find this strange? IN GEORGIA?
    Obviously, you’ve never been to Georgia, nor listened to the lunacy spoken by its reps.
    I suspect Salmonella and Leprosy are more popular in Georgia than Martin Luther King, at least among white people, and that probably holds for South and North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, at least.

    • charleo1

      Why, what are you talking about? The 98% White Southern Georgian
      Republicans have been deeply hurt by the charges of racism here of
      late. I say, deeply hurt! And, furthermore, vociferously deny any racism
      still exists in their open, and inclusive little hearts, or in the Nation! They
      feel they have been unfairly maligned in their honest criticisms of the
      President. For it is his policies only they object to. And the shouts to,
      “Impeach the half White Muslim, or the 47% Negro, are merely part
      of the famously spirited way Southerners always debate their politics.
      There’s no racist in the South. So every GOP I’ve talked to says.

      • The_Magic_M

        > There’s no racist in the South. So every GOP I’ve talked to says.

        That’s only half true; those guys must’ve added “except for those blacks who hate whites” because that’s the other half of their “no racism” narrative.

        • Sand_Cat

          Seems to me they have pretty good reason to, if you want to get down to it. I love how you wingnut racists always try to excuse your own racism by projecting it on the victims.

          • The_Magic_M

            No offense taken. 🙂

  • Dominick Vila

    I hopefully nobody is naïve enough to be surprised by this. If Paula Deen runs for Governor or Senator in Georgia she will be elected by a landslide, and if she runs for President she will capture the entire South.

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

      Ms. Deen could borrow President Hoover’s slogan “a chicken in every pot for Sunday dinner”

      • idamag

        A couple pounds of fat back in every pot.

  • FT66

    Paula Deen being popular while she has lost a lot of her business. What is her popularity for? I get difficulties to get the logic here!

  • Bill Mohon

    Does anybody REALLY care about this “Diva of Diabetes” and her fat-filled recipes? Her contributions to obesity are as damaging as her racism! Let her fry in her own fat!

    • idamag

      I only watched her show once. I could not stand to listen to her talk. I know people from Georgia who can talk plain, but I haven’t met any from the Deliverance area, so I assume she is ignorant. Oal for oil and pecaans for pecans and “from my house to yers.” And pork fat in everything, probably even ice cream.

  • Nicholas Jacob Underwood

    see, shit like this is why I suppress my southern drawl when I’m visiting my grandma and aunts up north. as a white Georgia liberal I find Paula Dean’s comments and treatment of her employees just as disgusting as anyone else with a brain does. I just hope she does the right thing and sells her restaurants in Savannah to someone else before her racism hurts that beautiful city’s tourism.

  • Allan Richardson

    Paula Deen is George Wallace with a drumstick instead of an axe handle..

  • jointerjohn

    if there is anyone left out there who does not see the institutional racism in the republican party, go take a look at the site for World News Daily, (WND). It is loved by the right wingers and displays some of the most foul and hideous portrayals of minorities, especially blacks. These southern republicans are now in a position where bugling out the N-word in public would likely win them a primary. Sad but true.

  • Johnnie Goode

    30 years ago, I worked in Atlanta and our company owned a helicopter. I used to call it the time machine, because you could take off, fly 30 minutes in any direction into rural Georgia, and it was like you had gone back 50 years. Like Texas and North Carolina, Georgia’s big cities are very progressive, but the rural areas run the state politics, and, as the bumper stickers say. “Hell no, we ain’t forgettin’.”