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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

By Chris Kahn

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says paying no income tax would make him “smart.” While nearly half of Americans agree with him, more people think it is “selfish,” and “unpatriotic,” according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday.

Some 67 percent of Americans said it is “selfish” for a presidential candidate to pay no taxes, while 61 percent said it is “unpatriotic,” according to the poll, which allowed respondents to pick more than one adjective to describe paying no taxes.

At the same time, the results showed some respect for a candidate who can figure out how to reduce their tax bill. Some 46 percent of Americans, including 35 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Republicans, thought a presidential candidate who pays no taxes is “smart.”

Trump’s taxes have become a big campaign issue after the New York Times released a portion of his 1995 tax returns last week and estimated that Trump likely paid no taxes for a number of years. The celebrity real estate developer, who is the first presidential candidate in decades to refuse to release his full tax returns, didn’t deny the report. He later said that he had “brilliantly used” U.S. tax rules to his advantage.

During the first presidential debate with his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton last month, Trump responded to Clinton’s allegation that he paid no federal taxes by saying that would make him “smart.”

“What is he trying to say: that those of us who pay taxes aren’t intelligent?” said poll respondent Yonna McNerney, 41, of Denver. “I started working at the age of 16, and I’ve always paid taxes,” she said. “Not paying taxes, I don’t think that’s acceptable.”

McNerney, a mother of three who works at a telecommunications company, remains uncommitted in the race and said Trump’s comments about taxes haven’t changed her mind one way or the other.

April St. Aoro, 46, who works for a manufacturing firm near St. Cloud, Minnesota, was more understanding of Trump’s point of view, though she also remains undecided in the race.

“I think all of us are trying to pay as little taxes as possible,” St. Aoro said.

Respondents were slightly less critical when asked to describe a private citizen paying no taxes.

Some 64 percent agreed it was “selfish,” while just over half agreed it was “unpatriotic.” Some 50 percent, including 37 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of Republicans, agreed that it was “smart.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online in English in all 50 states. Respondents were asked what they thought of “a private citizen who has found a way to pay no income taxes,” and given the choice to agree or disagree to the words “smart,” “selfish,” and “unpatriotic.”

They were then asked the same set of questions about a presidential candidate.

The Sept. 28-Oct. 3 poll was part of a larger national tracking poll that tracks public opinion every day. It included 1,948 American adults, including 893 Democrats and 635 Republicans. It has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 3 percentage points for the entire sample, 4 percentage points for Democrats only and 5 percentage points for Republicans.

131 Responses to Poll: Paying No Income Taxes Is ‘Selfish’ And ‘Unpatriotic’ But ‘Smart’

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  2. The problem is not the person, it is OUR System! Unless tRump is in favor of fixing THE System that allowed him to save $$$$$$$$$’s . . . . .well, we know neither candidate is in favor of making their Friends and Allies pay their Fair Share. They might say they want to change the system, but you can be sure, THEY (the 3% or so) will be using every loophole that exists to pay as little as possible, while the army of IRS agents scours the returns of the Little People, wringing every last $ they can out of us.

    • Oh, he is in favor of fixing it, so it further benefits him and folks like him (no, not orange headed mutants, people who pretend they are rich while they are mortgaged up to their ying-yangs). After all, look at his current tax plan. The top 5% (I’m being generous here) will have a massive tax cut that will result in our deficit increasing and our debt doubling before his first term is up.

      • Why do we worry so much about 1 – 5% of the people? Lets try worrying about the other 95%. Lets face it the rich are the ones that hire people, not us poor people. Lets get rid of loopholes in the tax system. I don’t know what a “fair share rate” should be, but that won’t help if the loopholes are still in place. It will just be more of the SOS. This isn’t a Trump problem, he only took advantage of the system as many do. Check on how much Charlie Rangel, Claire McCaskell, Tom Daschle and John Kerry paid. They all took advantage of the system and all are extremely rich. Its not going to change, these people got rich and are not going to change the advantages they used to get rich.

        • It’s funny: every time you get to try your supply-side myth, it fails, completely, but we seem to be unable to learn form experience.

          You’re just the very definition of a religious thinker.

          • Right, because I argue circles around you until you just make statements like that that offer no rebuttal? Seems like you’re already resigned to being what you are: a loser.

          • You can’t argue circles around anything or anyone. You just fall back on the same dumb excuses. You are definitely a loser and a jerk.

          • And you can’t rebut my evidence, so you whine and then call me names because you know I’m right.

            Seriously, justs top being stupid out loud. You’ll still be stupid, but fewer people will know, hahaha.

    • The system is the problem. It allows, even encourages people to get around it. A flat tax with no loopholes is what is needed. Look at the write-offs every business uses every year. The only thing I remember being stopped was the write off for the 3 martini business lunch. Its not a Trump thing or Republican or Democrat thing, its a terrible tax system that allows people to pay on taxes while the little guy pays the bills. Politicians are not going to fix the system. To many donors would stop donating to them. Like it not, that is one way Reps, and Senators, get rich. They get paid hundreds of thousands to get things passed for their donors. Its completely legal for them to accept huge speaking fees for a 20 minute speech. Follow the money trails and you will find things getting passed after politicians giving speeches for money. There should be a law prohibiting all politicians and their families getting paid for speeches when they are in office and for at least 5 years after they leave office.

      • All objective information and experience shows that you;re wrong., Simply believing something doesn’t make it true, sorry, bud.

        I hear people grow out of Libertarianism in their late teens usually; hopefully there’s time for you to grow up.

        • I am not wrong at all. You must work for a corrupt politician or have your head so far up their arse, that you can’t see the truth.

          • Of course you’re wrong.

            I must work for a corrupt politician because I don’t agree with your counter-factual statements? Seems like you’re not only stupid, you’re also apparently prone to paranoiac delusions.

          • Aw, nah, I work in private industry, just bought a house in one of the more upwardly mobile sections of a pretty heavy housing market, and am, no doubt, doing better than you are. It;s funny that you make assumptions because you’ve lost your argument and you’re looking for reasons to demonstrate that you aren’t what you in fact are: a deluded idiot.

          • You don’t know what an “upwardly mobile section” of a city is? Really?

            Wow. You know that saying about opening your mouth and removing all doubt? No? You should look it up.

  3. Trump Corp as well as GE and Apple types minimize their tax liabilities by deducting the pay for the workers/ jobs that they create , which in turn support government largesse . It is typical capitalism supporting Freebees.

    • In the Capitalistic system, everyone gets thrown in the deep end of the pool. Some have life preservers, others have motor boats, and yachts. While some have no legs or arms. But it all works out in the end, mostly for the ones born with motor boats, and yachts. Because in a truly Capitalistic economic system, nobody is required to give a damn about anybody, nor anything but themselves. Not their society, not freedom, or fairness, or paying their fair share, and certainly not about the fate of their fellow man. And GE. Trump, and Apple do a lot more than simply deduct their usual business expenses. They get away with murder in a system they paid a great deal of money to create. Now if we think that makes them smart, then we’re going to need to reconcile ourselves to the fact it also makes us stupid. Do you feel stupid?

      • No I feel smart, do you have a phone, refrigerator , air conditioner? Do you ride an electric subway system, have X-rays , get EKGs, make your own toilet paper , oops cultural thing . Capitalism is American as shooting turkey for Thanksgiving or bartering for goods as you wish if you made any, or go begging for capitalists with excess disposable goods to help you get on your feet, or even being a journalist with truthful articles.

        • You mean we’re lucky compared to Bangladeshi workers? I say, just hold on a few years going like we’re going, and tell me how smart you feel.

          • I work in the big cities but live in a very rural area with minimum services and know how low I can go , been there. Anyone can make it , even in Banladesh, some parts are actually modern, the corrupt parts .

          • Capitalism is the catalyst for inventing phones, refrigerators, etc. Why would anyone spend time and money inventing new technology if there is no reward? Why do you think America got to be number one? Our system encourages work and invention. Socialism and Communism encourages not taking risks, not creating anything, just sit back and let the govt. take care of you and give you a allowance every month.

          • Don’t be a simpleton, then complain because no one seems to be taking you serious. Where was the risk for Wall Street investors in tanking the economy, if their profits were privatized, and their losses were foisted on the backs of taxpayers? Where is the payoff for pubic investment in micro technology, and internet infrastructure, if Apple manufactures its products in the third world? On in public funding of medical research, if big pharma holds Americans over the barrel for its medicines? What we have is not a free market economy. It is a China-isk worker exploitive, top down, centrally controlled oligarchy. And the sooner we get rid of the 1940s flag waving fairy tales the better.

          • Where have I ever advocated Wall Street tanking the economy. There has to be checks and balances built into every system. Allowing any company to steal technology should be dealt with by law enforcement and import laws. Trump has a solution for that. How much of the world’s medical research do we do now. We can fix overcharging. We can get our meds from other sources. Check out prices in other countries. With our system, we can encourage private citizens to organize new companies that make pills. We don’t have a free market economy because we allow every country in the world to steal our technology by buying things like personal computers, taking them apart, making their own computer using our technology and then sell them back to us a lower price because they did not pay for any research and development. Trump says to put a 35% import tax on any company that pulls that crap. You won’t see that happen when they have to pay.

      • Why is it, that citizens, and politicians are in favor of a flat tax with no loopholes, but nothing ever happens to change to that? Check into whose Ox would get gored if that happened. Then we would find the reason we will never see a flat tax with no loopholes.

        • Because for one thing a flat tax is extremely regressive. As those in the lower, and middle spend a far larger percentage of their incomes than the rich. Therefore exposing a far larger percentage of their total income to tax. Make sense? Adding in the local, and state taxes, which fund a lot at the local level, the flat rate would need to be around 25%. And remember, no personal deduction, no child credit, or mortgage interest deductions allowed. The rich can afford to buy their homes cash, their kids are hardly a financial burden. While business expenses would not be taxed as expenditures. And not immediately taxable income like stock options, not now considered taxable until received. Under a flat tax theses types of monies, with the elimination of the inheritance tax, could not be taxed until they were spent by their great great grandchildren. So we had better hope, if we’re not already worth millions, that we never see a flat tax.

          • A flat tax rate would be a tax cut for many Americans. It would be a tax increase for the rich currently using all the loopholes. If you see children as a financial burden, stop having them. How many poor or middle class have stock options? Why should there be a inheritance tax anyway? Trump’s idea of a flat tax is no taxes for anyone making under lower income. He would like the flat tax be determined by how much you make. Some incomes pay nothing while the highest pay (not sure if I am right on amount) something like 35% 40%. Why should I get a deduction because I paid 200,000 to Hillary for a speech? On one hand we call Trump names for using the current system to his advantage, then on the other hand we call him names for trying fix the system that gave him huge sums of money. We can keep the same system and keep bitching about it, or make changes to make things better. If some changes don’t do what we wanted, we fix that. Just look at the health care experiment as a example. If the ACA isn’t fixed, we will be in one heck of a health care crisis. Companies are dropping out of it and rates are going sky high. Should we continue on that same path or try to fix that.

          • A flat tax would be a tax cut for the wealthy, and would bankrupt the country, just like every other tax cut for the wealthy that you ignoramuses have pushed through has, while telling everyone that it would increase revenues.

          • Because in most cases it would cut the capital gains tax to nothing, and that’s where the majority of the income for the wealthy that is taxed comes from?

            You should know these things before taking a stand on something; it’s pretty obvious how little you know about what you’re talking about.

          • Its obvious you haven’t a clue. Do you have any idea how easy it is for them to not pay any capitol gains tax. One little trick is to borrow money to put a addition on their buildings and show a loss. Another think they do is just raise their prices for you and me.

          • You can’t spell “capital” and you’re accusing e of not having a clue? You’ve been wrong in just about every statement you’ve made.

            Of course the wealthy can avoid taxes with loopholes; somehow wanting to close loopholes means that you should be for a flat tax? You really are unambiguously stupid.

          • My having pointed out how you don;t know how to spell the thing you’re arguing about make me a fool? Interesting. <:D

            Seems like you're actually an idiot and don't really have any defense for your own stupidity.

          • Read the polls. It doesn’t matter what the citizens want anyway. Over 60% didn’t want the obama health care tax, but we have it. Politicians couldn’t care less about what the citizens want except for election years. They care about their wallets.

          • I have read the polls. Nobody passes flat tax because nobody that wants the flat tax gets elected. You lose.

            It doesn’t matter what citizens want? Thanks for admitting that you’re anti-democratic, as if we didn’t already know. The vast majority of Americans do believe in representative democracy. You lose.

            A majority elected the party pushing the ACA, so it was implemented. They were re-elected by a large margin. You lose.

            You’ll keep losing, because you’re too delusional not to.

          • You are either wrong again or just a plain liar. Did you see which party won both the Senate and House after the healthcare tax got passed by Democrats only.

          • No, actually I am right. Taxation and revenue a pretty well known issue with a vast trove of historical and empirical study behind it; that you’re ignorant of it isn’t my fault, it’s yours.

            Oh, sure, Republicans gerrymander themselves into safe house seats, and sure, the ACA was pretty unpopular in 2014. it’s not anymore, and you’re not winning any seats this year, so, meh? Your party is dying and you know it, which is why you;re lashing out.

  4. Trump for his part, wants to triple the size of the 12 billion dollar per year border patrol. Rebuild, he says, and increase the size, and budget of the now nearly trillion dollar per year military. Put more police on the streets. Make huge investments in infrastructure. All while further reducing taxes for the mega rich, and corporations. Eliminating inheritance taxes, repatriating overseas corporate profits for pennies on the dollar, and hand out tax credits to reimburse workers for health care premiums, and child care. In other words, to further rig a rigged system that has allowed people of great wealth to wave the flag of patriotism in one hand, while dead beating on their fair share obligations to the Country. Promising more spending, and goodies to the working class, on the disproven premise the tax cuts he advocates will not only pay for themselves, but everything else. And then, has the temerity to call himself smart, and a geniuses even. For the fact people like himself, having been able to buy a political system that sits a Supreme Court that allows this fiduciary insanity, and legalized looting. And Trump while admitting the insanity, admitting that he profited from the rigged system. But asks his supporters to take his word on faith that he’s done with all the thievery, cons, and get rich schemes. And will now put his tremendous Trump brainpower, and business acumen to work for them as President. Which begs the question why didn’t we elect someone like Louie,The Lip,
    Faccio when we had the chance?

  5. Trump for his part, wants to triple the size of the 12 billion dollar per year border patrol. Rebuild, he says, and increase the size, and budget of the now nearly trillion dollar per year military. Put more police on the streets. Make huge investments in infrastructure. All while further reducing taxes for the mega rich, and corporations. Eliminating inheritance taxes, repatriating overseas corporate profits for pennies on the dollar, and hand out tax credits to reimburse workers for health care premiums, and child care. In other words, to further rig a rigged system that has allowed people of great wealth to wave the flag of patriotism in one hand, while dead beating on their fair share obligations to the Country. Promising more spending, and goodies to the working class, on the disproven premise the tax cuts he advocates will not only pay for themselves, but everything else. And then, has the temerity to call himself smart, and a geniuses even. For the fact people like himself, having been able to buy a political system that sits a Supreme Court that allows this fiduciary insanity, and legalized looting. And Trump while admitting the insanity, admitting that he profited from the rigged system. But asks his supporters to take his word on faith that he’s done with all the thievery, cons, and get rich schemes. And will now put his tremendous Trump brainpower, and business acumen to work for them as President.

    • Would the cost of the border patrol be added to the 19 trillion Obama has created? I hear over and over from politicians how we are losing the “middle class”. The policies of Obama are destroying the middle class. The poor are now poorer, and rich are richer. Hillary will give nothing but more of the same. She needs poor people to give welfare to, so she can get them to vote for her. Trump on the other hand wants people to be allowed to work their way out of poverty and the ghetto. How many jobs has Hillary ever created, except maybe for law enforcement hiring more investigators looking into her corruption. Hillary is more dangerous than Capone was. Just follow the trial of bodies of those that challenged her.

      • Obama has not created 19 trillion in debt. The debt is created by deficit.The deficit under Obama has shrunk ever year he was president. See how that works, nitwit?

          • “who have read this to” me? Do you really not realize that you’re a borderline idiot?

          • Interesting. it’s you that keeps saying incorrect things, believing they’re true, then communicating with fifth grade grammar. I know who I’d rather be out of the two of us, hahaha.

          • Please explain where I was factually incorrect, instead of expressing your exasperation at your having been factually incorrect, you blithering nitwit.

          • Well, when you stated that Obama cause 19 trillion dollars of debt, I stated that when he was elected, there was 11 Trillion, and a a deficit that he cut by 2/3. Those are facts. When I stated them, you started crying and called me names instead of rebutting, because you can’t, hahaha.

          • You still haven’t learned that the national debt and the deficit are two different things. You are one that started calling names. Try to learn the difference between the debt and deficit spending before writing and making a bigger fool of yourself.

          • I’ve stated three times now that the debt is caused by deficits. you can actually look at our conversation above and see where I stated that. It seems like it might be you who has the issue with understanding, since, instead of rebutting my argument, you are claiming that the argument, which is very easily seen in our conversation string, simply doesn’t exist.

            I mean, you and I both know you’re an idiot, so at this point, every time you type something, it’s kind of just icing on the cake, right?

      • First it would depend on whether Congress decided to cut something to pay for it, or add to the deficit. Which BTW it is ridiculously embarrassing to try to have a conversation with someone about the debt, who doesn’t realize what debt he is actually talking about. You do need to do some of your own research, instead of listening to these shameless political hacks, and taking everything they tell you as gospel fact. The information is at your fingertips. Google: National debt/History of National debt/total annual debt….

  6. Tim Kaine was very annoying during the debate. I wanted to slap him for
    interrupting so much. He was very rude and the lady should have called
    him on it.

    Need to get off the taxes. Clinton took nearly a million as a loss off of her taxes and she has never created one job. She also donated to charity to her own foundation and then deducted that as a charitable donation off her taxes. It was announced earlier in the campaign that the foundation was paying her $225,00 a year while she campaigned. So she gave money to herself and received a lot back in salary. Also, I would bet that Bill and Chelsea both draw big salaries from the charity. So how does that work? . I would hope the foundation is doing some good work, but I will point out that an article was on the internet that the drugs the foundation was giving for HIV victims were watered down.

    • How does that work? You just come here and repeat a lot of garbage you’ve heard some Right Winger say on Fox. Or have read on some internet rag like infowar. or is usually how it works.

    • Interesting: why has every charity rating/oversight group given the Clinton Foundation glowing reviews? Why is it considered the gold standard for charitable foundations?

      It seems like every time you Trumpoid Republicans levy a charge against her, shockingly, they end up being completely untrue.

      Maybe that’s why you guys are losing, and losing badly, you think?

      • There you go again. The ratings are from the liberals who kiss her feet. She gives to the charity, claims a deduction, and then pays herself back. If that makes sense to you, then you need to go back to school. Course, I don’t think school would help you.

        • No, the rating are from professional groups that rate charities professionally.

          Do you ever stop and wonder that, each and every time reality shows you how wrong you are, that you have to turn around and say “well it’s all just liberal lies!!” that, just maybe, it’s because liberals know reality better than you do? You beleive made up things. You are not smart. You are not informed. You are gullible. You are unintelligent and afraid, because your masters want you to be, in order to use you, and you follow along like the dumb animal you are.

          it would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

        • Her charity releases it’s Tax returns. They are there for all to see. If you ignore the right wing talking points that twist them to look bad they are quite obviously an excellent charity.

          Right Wing Nutter: They only gave 5% to actual charity. Where did all the MONEY GO!!1!1.
          Accountant: 5% went to external charities. 90% overall was spent on External Charities plus internal costs for charity work carried out by their own staff… as is clearly shown by their tax returns.

          A larger question is this:
          Why is a Trump nutter questioning a charity that has released it’s tax returns, when their candidate is too cowardly to release his?

          Got a quick answer for that?

    • What neo-nazi right wing propaganda told you she did anything illegal? The Clinton Foundation, CGI, and Hillary Clinton have been subjected to endless investigations initiated by liars and no wrongdoing was ever found. Trump never even got proper certification for Trump Foundation which would have required it to undergo annual audits. Only the good work of honest reporters has started uncovering the many crimes Trump used his Foundation to commit.

      • Hate to tell you but the Clinton Foundation investigation was dropped after Bill guaranteed the AG of the US a seat on the Supreme Court if Hillary wins. Look it up. He wasn’t waiting in the airport hanger for nothing.

    • A million and a billion are the same thing in your mind? How about losing a billion in a business that is designed to always win?
      Maybe more importantly, how about losing a billon and earning 3.5 million on a billion plus worth of assets? That’s a return of 0.03%, hardly the sign of “a great businessman”, is it?

    • Please do the absolute bare minimum of research before posting.
      You are currently looking like a willfully ignorant Trumpeter.

  7. I wonder how many cities give property tax breaks to get companies to move to their cities, because they know the employees of the company will make up more than the property tax break by paying income, sales taxes, so on?
    I wonder how much the employees of Trump paid in income taxes? Without jobs they can pay nothing.
    Check and see how much income tax was paid by: Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel, Claire McCaskell, Tom Daschle, and John Kerry.

    Look at how Trump made a complete comeback from losing the money. That alone shows how business savvy he is. Hillary talks about the casino business. Check out how many casinos have closed their doors in Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City. Competition is now nation wide, so casino owners need to learn better business practices like owners of other businesses. Remember when you could get a great breakfast for 99 cents in Vegas. Try to find that now. Competition changes everything.

      • Some can only see one side of things or only see what a fantasy world would look like. They don’t understand you can’t have a top without a bottom or inside without a outside.

          • Do you have anything sensible to say. You just keep repeating one the liberal big 5. You either call someone a bigot, racist, hater, or just call names and blame George Bush for all the failures of Obama.

          • It’s almost as if when people catch you guys spouting your racist, sexist, pro-super-rich supply side nonsense, you just whine about getting caught at it, hm?

          • You’re such a child, itsfun. Going back and forth with trite one-liners cements your legacy as a most shallow mind. This is a aberration of the brains of conservatives marked by an atrophy of neurons and an inability to form whole thoughts beyond a few smart-ass repetitive responses, which you’ve been confirming non-stop for over a year now.

          • It is, in fact, pretty easy to state: you are a party full of fearful, bigoted imbeciles.

          • you are easy. all you have is name calling and lying. What a piece of work you are. bye I won’t be reading anything you post again.

          • Nah, the name calling and derision is just the fun that comes after i hand your behind to you in an argument. You know, the ones you have yet to respond to because you know you’re wrong? yeah those.

            Anyway, we both knew you would run off whining about how badly you’re treated, because not only are you stupid, you’re a coward.

          • And on Obama’s record: is the deficit not now a third of what it was at the end of Bush’s term? Answer now.

          • I just stated the difference, you idiot: the debt is cause by the deficit. The Republicans left office with a 1.2 Trillion dollar deficit. Obama decreased it by two thirds. Do you fail to see how this affects the debt, you blithering rube?

          • I know you believe that is only one side to everything. You must be one super control freak. Have you always had inadequate feelings?

          • Well, there are facts, and there are incorrect statements. You choose to think they have equal weight. you’re wrong. That’s not up for debate.

          • It’s not up to you, idiot. Evidence shows what is up for debate and what isn’t. Things with vast troves of empirical evidence behind them aren’t really up for debate.

            I get it; you’re tired of having your behind handed to you, so now you’re going to whine and play the victim because you’ve embarrassed yourself. It’s understandable. You should be ashamed of how vociferously stupid you are. Maybe you’ll learn form your mistakes, but probably not.

          • So you get to decide what I talk about. WRONG. You have not won anything and never will. You make up stories and facts and expect people to believe your BS. You have become a complete waste of my time. You are just to stupid to talk to.

          • No, I don’t decide, empirical evidence does. It’s a pretty simple concept, and one that’s lead us toward rational outcomes since the Enlightenment. You know? The philosophical foundation of our country?

            I’ve quoted solid, accepted fact five times in our conversation. you’ve responded tot hem with rebuttals zero< times. W both know you're wrong, but you can't admit it, because you're a weak person.

          • It seems the guy who withdraws and sulks when someone dares to insult him loves to dish it out. Guess you must be – what was it you call people? – the northern end of a southbound horse. That’s being nice.
            Not to mention a hypocrite.

        • Your statement would lose its odious stench, if the top had not come to mean the astronomical economic imbalance we are seeing today, as represented by our decimated middle class, growing poor, and the consolidation of wealth to the top; a type of reverse Robin Hood phenomenon. This has been exasperated by a tax code that fosters this imbalance of wealth, written by “money for influence” in our corrupted legislature. A broader prosperity is not only fairer, but it’s smart business to increase the sales of products and services; the “demand” side of “supply and demand.” Supply side economics has been a sham perpetrated by the rich so they can keep it ALL.
          Nobody batted an eye when CEOs were raking in 300 times the amount of pay their average workers were making. But now that they’re compensated 900 times, plus the tax avoidance (offshore tax havens, equity swaps, by-passing the capital gains tax, shell trust funds, shell companies offshore, Incorporation, etc.) strategies available to the wealthy and Corporations; is it any wonder why “justice” in this nation is becoming a real issue? Not to mention the national debt. It is becoming apparent that the terms, “Liberty” and “Freedom” frequently used by the GOP and their Tea Party friends, could easily be translated into “Liberty” and “Freedom” from responsibility for the upkeep of the USA they claim to love.

          • I have been saying change the tax laws. I have said tax companies up to 35% import tax when they go offshore then send their products here for a great profit. Justice has become a real issue in this country because of some people being above the law and the corruption in politics. People are allowed to compromise our national security and then run for President. Our FBI gives immunity to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to avoid prosecuting corrupt politicians.

          • That “justice” is the issue here, we agree. And I couldn’t agree more about the import tax or tariff or VAT on offshoring Corporations. But excuse me for being curious, for someone concerned with the injustices in the tax code AND the effects of “Supply Side Economics” otherwise known as “Trickle Down Economics,” you obviously have an axe to grind for Hillary, and the Dems as well, but seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that the GOP has no equal when it comes to favor for the profit margins of every business enterprise from your local Chambers of Commerce, all the way up to the Multi-national Corporations, and Wall Street, as revealed by their voting records on such legislative pieces as S3816, Gramm, Leach, Bliley, NAFTA, and other Free Trade Bills, while throwing our middle class to the wolves…

          • My problems with Hillary are I can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She has lied to the citizens time after time. There are several videos on the net showing her lying about Benghazi, her trip to Bosnia saying she was dodging bullets when she was being given flowers by a little girl. I don’t have the exact addresses of these video, but you will be surprised at how many things she lies about. I think she was a terrible SOS. Traveling miles and miles is just a activity, not getting anything done. I have questions about her activities in Syria. She has not lived in the real world for over 30 years now, and I think it is probably more like 40 years. I have questions about play for pay. Did she sell out our country for personal profit? The email lies and destruction of evidence is another concern about her honesty and credibility. Allowing lawyers that had no security clearance read her emails and decide what could and couldn’t be seen is a concern. She put our national security in a compromising position when she allowed classified (including secret and top secret) documents to be on a unsecured personal server. I just don’t trust her, I think she is a dishonest person who is only after power and money.
            I don’t have any problems with Democrats. I am a notorious ticket splitter when I vote. I hate Socialism and the liberal progressive wings of the Democratic party. I was what you may call a Truman Democrat. I was raised a Democrat. My father was a UAW member for over 30 years and I am still a supporter of unions with the exception of teachers unions, because of the state of our public education system.
            I also do not care for Trump. His honesty is also a question for me. I do believe he will create jobs and fix the economy. He is very good at creating jobs and getting things done. I also believe he will hire the very best people that are experts in their fields. I fear and believe Hillary will only hire political cronies and try to put progressives on the Supreme Court.

          • You asked about huge profit margins. Companies are in business to make profits. If they don’t no more business. Companies have share holders that must be kept happy by making a profit. No profit, no share holders and stock market collapses. I am not defending the huge salaries of the CEO’s, but have to believe they are worth at least as much as a football, baseball, basketball, or any pro athletic. I don’t know, but do the huge profits made by oil companies go straight to the pockets or do they go toward research and development to discover more and better ways to provide energy? How much is given to national and local charities by big companies. Are these types of research and donations reflected in the profit statements or are they just ignored by those that just hate large companies? Most large companies provide excellent health care programs, vision care, dental care, retirement plans also. Are these benefits ever included by those that complain about the wages of the workers? How many small businesses have had to lay of people or make their employees part time because of the terrible healthcare tax law. Insurance companies are pulling out of the program at a alarming rate. Deductions are on the way up along with huge rate increases. People need and should have health care. Maybe making a full time job 41 hours a week would help. I do know from experience that the death panels are not a answer, but just a way for the government to deny care and just give pain pills and let people die.

          • Yea, Corporations are only doing what the laws allow. They write off the benefits they provide (hell, they’re compensated with tax write-offs for expenses incurred in moving their operations offshore). And they’ll exploit every possible avenue to maximize their profit margin. That’s what good businessmen do. Two problems have arisen from this amoral pursuit of profits, in the abdication of the USA Government from their role as a “referee,” or arbiter of justice among competing interests:
            1) A national emphasis on the profit margins of Corporations and Wall Street stocks becomes a liability when we put all of our eggs in this basket. When the USA’s unfathomable capital that, once upon a time, was used to invest in a middle class consumer economy (in the form of discretionary spending or disposable income in the pockets of the masses; aka: decent wages, etc.), and in the maintenance of our national interest in the form of investments in infrastructure and security (thankfully, our defense hasn’t suffered; an issue for another discussion as it applies to the lobbying power of defense contractors, but I digress), and the expansion of the USA economy, is directed almost exclusively into Corporate stocks and the portfolios of investment firms and their clients, national interest goes on a credit card and national debt ensues. This has often been referred to as an unsustainable “bubble.”
            2) When the arbiters of justice (four branches of the USA Government) are primarily responsive to moneyed, special interests in the form of tax policy, trade policy, anti-trust policy, FEC policy, SEC policy, Union busting, “Right to Work” (for less) State policy, etc., and favor that places Corporate profit margins before national interest, you end up with an Oligarchy. Those who’ve been guilty of instituting these corrupt policies through the use of their Legislative power need to conceal their acts of treason against “we the people” by engaging in lies to confuse “we the people.” This comes in the form of false narrative, divisive, disingenuous rhetoric, deceptive, inflammatory political adds, and the use of obfusatory slight of hand tactics that use social issues to anger, confuse, scare, divide and conquer, and ultimately motivate a flummoxed electorate into knee-jerk emotional responses at the poles to vote in favor of their own demise. When the truth becomes lies, we become the Tower of Babel.
            You see nothing wrong with this?

      • See the documentary “Walmart, The High Cost of Low Price.” And tell me how trickle down subsidies and government give-aways to corporate entities work for local economies, and small businesses. We can’t begin to fix the system, if we refuse to look squarely at, and put a pencil to the system.

        • That’s a different issue charleo…..there are laws against monopolies and Walmart is perhaps getting very close to becoming one. Small business is important to our economy and without incentive to build a business and hire employees it makes no sense to put it all on the line

          • It’s funny that you can issue blithering nonsense like that, then accuse others who are smarter than you of having “small minds”.

      • Your small mind and itsfun’s as well, are incapable of following the meaning of these disclosures. Jim, you constantly seek to embarrass yourself by your illogical logic.
        Are you still on a quixotic and futile mission, like itsfun, AgLander, and a few others, to convince us to take a backwards track towards a Stone Age?
        We’re not taking a walk back in time with you—so save your breath, homey. I’m certain there are better ways you can spend your time.
        Maybe you, “itsfun”, “AgLander”, and others can form your own “MICKEY TRUMP CLUB”, complete with Lord Fauntleroy costumes and orange pompadours.

        From Jim in the past in response to someone else here, Jim Samaras wrote:
        In case you haven’t been paying attention the percentage is up to around 20. By the second term it will be up to 80 with the trailing 20% still sucking d^ck for crack hits you idiot of which you are probably one.

        Now, Jim—Given that example of how your mind works, who is it that has the small mind??? Have you mulled that over, Jim? Obviously not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be making a haughty appearance again as you just have.

      • Did you notice all the name calling by those that call their selves smart? Name calling is all they have. The arguments of these smart people is always racism, bigotry, hatred, name calling or blame George Bush for all of the failures of the left. That’s all they got.

      • Obviously you don’t, so no, both you and itsfun are incapable of comprehending much of anything except trying to serve yourselves. Best proof in your case is that you’re supporting Trump; at least your friend has the sense find that uncomfortable (or he did; maybe you’ve won him over).

    • Trump is a proverbial “Snake Oil Salesman”. He is selling a potion that would cure all our nation’s ills. Only fools would buy what he is selling. Only Idiots lose almost billion dollars in a year. Smart business people don’t.

      • He also found a way to get super rich again. It is very common for those in the real estate speculation to lose money.

        • Without a list of assets and liabilities you don’t know whether he’s “super rich”, or upside down in a dozen mortgages.
          After all, while losing $1B is pretty bad, making $3.5million on over a $billion worth of property is also pretty miserable.

          • Nope we don’t know how rich or poor he is. To me making 3.5 million is not miserable. I would love to have the 3.5 million. Somehow though he gets the resources to build things like he just built in D.C. Of course the black lives matter group had to vandalize it though.

  8. “Satan” considered himself “smart” by deceiving Eve and Adam in the Garden, so the wonderful metaphor regarding humans’ constant battle with their ego goes—But was “Satan” smart, or simply creative in being deceitful?

    Hitler convinced himself and his fellow Nazis that they were superior to the Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, and “smartly” came up with the idea of “The Final Solution” to purge the “Aryan” Race of “inferior” fellow human beings—Was he “smart”, or just satanically a genius at putting together a heinous pogrom?

    Trump considers himself “smart” by twisting a system to his personal advantage, using the feeble and unconvincing rube that he avoided taxes in order to help his investors (whom he bilked, took advantage of, and laughed all the way to the bank, whistling a tune about how smart he was)—Was Trump “smart”, or just reprising the role of “Satan” in modern-day garb?

  9. What about the AMT [Alternative Minimum Tax]? How did the Tax Dodger got around that?

    In 1969, Congress noticed that 155 people with high incomes were legally using so many deductions and other tax breaks that they were paying absolutely nothing in federal income taxes. Their nonexistent tax bills were an embarrassment.

    So Congress instituted the AMT with the aim of making the tax system fairer. But because the AMT was never indexed to inflation—as the regular income tax is—each year, more and more middle-income taxpayers are snared by a tax originally targeted at the rich.

    The AMT exemption amounts are now indexed to rise with inflation.

    • I would guess it’s something to do with the complicated ownership model of Trump’s Businesses whose profits and losses reportedly end up in his personal tax return… so theoretically he could be forced to pay the minimum as an individual, but that would then be wiped out by the “Business Losses” in the final total.

      However I’m not an accountant, so it’s just a guess.

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