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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

POLL: Plurality Believes That Republicans Are Sabotaging Economy

POLL: Plurality Believes That Republicans Are Sabotaging Economy

According to a new Daily Kos/SEIU poll, nearly half of voters believe that Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jump start the economy to ensure that President Barack Obama is not re-elected.

49 percent of respondents to the poll say that Republicans are intentionally stalling the economy, compared to 40 percent who say they are not. 11 percent replied “not sure.” Among independents, 50 percent said that Republicans are stalling the recovery compared to 40 percent who said they are not, and 61 percent of self-described moderates said they are compared to just 40 percent who said they are not.

Although 41 percent of voters believe that last week’s jobs report was bad news for the president (compared to 40 percent who said that it will have no effect on him, and 14 percent who said it was good news,) they seem to be primarily blaming the Republican party for the mess. In addition to the numbers above, only 34 percent have a favorable opinion of the GOP, compared to 55 percent who view the party unfavorably. In comparison, 44 percent view the Democratic party favorably while 45 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

This suggests that President Obama may have an opening to campaign against Congress as well as against Mitt Romney. Obama has recently shown signs of adopting this strategy with his renewed insistence that Congress pass the American Jobs Act.

Overall, the poll is unusually optimistic for Democrats. While it shows Obama leading Romney by a 50 to 42 percent margin, other recent polls tend to show the two candidates tied.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1000 registered voters for this survey, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

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324 Responses to POLL: Plurality Believes That Republicans Are Sabotaging Economy

  1. Does’nt matter.If the economy is bad,or percieved as bad the incumbant will lose.Ask Jimmy Carter(economy bad),and George H.Bush(economy percieved as bad).

    • It doesn’t have to be that way, take your energy and put it to work in some way to insure that a Republican doesn’t get into office. Move on. Org. or just contact your district Democratic office and volunteer. It will give you a sense of trying and when Obama won it gave a sense of amazement to be part of it. Get out there and at least try.

  2. Republicans have been in bed with the oil companies since the time of J.D. Rockefeller and Standard oil, so there is no coincidence that the price of gas in on the rise, it is the plan of the of the Republicans to sabotage Obama and our economy. When it comes to defending this nation “against all enemies foreign and domestic” the Republicans are the domestic foe that our founding fathers warned us about.

        • If you are an example of an informed conservative, I know the Pew people did a stinky job.
          The Muslims weren’t fighting with the Christians until we sent the Crusades over to take the Holy Land away from them. The Christian crusaders were so ignorant that they did not care that it was the Holy Land for the Muslims too. That was abodut 1000 years after Christ. So you are roughly a thousand years off. Besides, Muslims accept Christ as a prophet but consider Mohammed a more important one. They also claim kinship with the Jews because Abraham begat a son, Ismael, with an Egyptian slave woman about 13 years before he begat Isaac with Sarah. The Muslims claim Ismael as their direct ancestor. It’s in the Bible. Look it up. Furthermore, they also believe in the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament prophet Moses. There are many Jews living in security in Iran, a Muslim country. They are not the vicious people, for the most part, we made them out to be.
          The ones our government accused of being hijackers were not at all fanatical believers. They drank, smoked, carroused and generally enjoyed life. They would not even have been able to come here because their paper work was not filled out properly. But, the CIA wanted them here, so they pulled strings to get them here. Why? So they would have scapegoats for 9/11 who were Muslim which would get the US public to go for an attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. This created huge war profits for Bush I and Bush II in companies like the Carlyle Group and Halliburton.
          They couldn’t fly even tiny Cessnas. Flight school instructors where they supposedly went called them “dumb and dumber.” The plane that hit the Pentagon, instead of flying straight and hitting the area where Donald Rumsfeld and the big brass were, made an unbelievable 330 degree turn and hit the opposite side. The area hit was where accountants were looking for $2.3 TRILLION dollars Rumsfeld had announced unaccounted for the day before. Many accountants died and the records were destroyed. Do you think this was just a coincidence?
          I could go on but don’t you think this is enough for you to want to look into it yourself. Remember: “A the mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.”

          • How can mooslims have a holy land?? since when did child molesting become a religion?? Mohammed 1st 2 wives were under 10 so it speaks to what kind of religion” they have …not much.
            Sorry the word mooslim isn’t in the bible so what would I be looking up?? There are many mooslims living in Isreal and the US so your point is just what??
            The CIA wanted the 9/11 terrorists here???? Come on how foolish can you be.
            I agree that they couldn’t fly the planes no different than the Saudi AF, Egyptian AF, The Iranian AF the Iraqi AF etc.
            Did I think it was a coincidence no since it never happened.
            Besides I learned all I needed to about Mooslims on 9/11

    • Barak’s a mooslim who has taken campaign funds from the Saudis. So why aren’t his Mooslim brothers do more to lower gas prices

      • Mooslims ? Barak ? Hogwash Do you even care that Bush family is super close to Saudi royals ? Had them often to TX ranch – OMG Bush even hugged them ! Bush flew Bin laden family out of US right after
        9 / 11 I know Truth is hard to bear

        • You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you right between the eyes. Where did you get you information. Bet you just made it up. Or maybe you were invited also and saw it happen. Enlighten us please

        • Hmm who knelt at the Saudis Kings feet and kissed his ring …that would be Barak. Who’s rules of engagement have set record US casualties every year since he was elected. Why because his rules of engagement place more value on Mooslim lives than our troops. And who has said that he stands with mooslims over his countrymen ..that would be barak.
          I realize that he’s your messiah but its a bad choice

          • President Obama bowed to the Saudi king as a sign of respect. He did not kneel at his feet and kiss his ring. Watch the video instead of listening to Faux News. When GWB held hands with the Saudi king were you outraged? Looked a little suspicious. Was he showing respect or was there a deeper reason?

          • Obviously you never watched the video or the pictures. Barak was in awe of the King since he was a dictator and that’s exactly what barak aspired to be

          • Can you back up such an asinine claim with something substantial besides the ravings of your disturbed mind? Grow a pair and start acting like a man instead of angry little boy. Facts please and keep the fictional analysis to yourself.

          • You mean you don’t recall barak on his knees kissing the saudis ring?? tsk tsk
            If you never watched the video I don’t know what other fact that you could be looking for

          • I watched the video which you obviously did not. Did you watch the video of GWB holding hands with the Saudi king. By your reasoning guess Bush aspired to be a dictator too.

          • if you try you might be able to find the pic i saw online of obama in the oval office bowing to a little kid so the kid could feel his hair. it looked exactly like his bow to the saudi king. the most powerful man on earth bowing to a little kid. hmm. mighty suspicious.

          • The kid was rubbing his head for good luck its an age old tradition. Why was he bowing to the Saudi King and kissing his ring if he was the most powerful man on earth??

          • Bullshit onewong. Obama bowed as a sign of respect, and nothing in the video shows a kiss of the king’s ring. What is your problem? Perhaps you would have been impressed if Obama had kissed him like Bush did? Apparently Obama did not get the memo advising a smack on the cheek as protocol. By all means rant and rave against the President, but at least try and keep it real for a change. Don’t let your fear and distrust cloud your judgement.

          • A sign of respect the King was sitting and barak groveled it was a new low in his presidency . All I’m doing is recapping his actions and if you agree with him so e it he’s not my messiah

      • Learn to spell “Muslim” before you accuse somebody of being one tea-bagger. You and your ilk are traitors to America and a disgrace to humanity.

      • That is President Obama, I am sure he did not give you permission to use his first name. Religion aside ( the President is NOT a Muslim) it is doubtful that citizens of oil producing counties would donate to his re-election. He is far less their friend than “W”: No pictures of President Obama holding hands with them.
        By the way don”t you have spell check? Poor spelling and sentence structure add a lameness factor to your comments.

        • Why would I need permission?? He certainly doesn’t deserve any respect from the taxpayers of this country. No pictures guess you missed the ones of him kneeling and kissing the ring of the Saudi king.
          The FEC is in fact investigating his ties to China and the Middle east where a lion’s share of his $$ came from.
          By the way your arguments show a lack of intellect and really damage your post

          • Watch the video and you can see clearly that Obama bowed, and he did not kiss the king’s ring. Stop pushing bullshit as manna.

          • He crawled on his hands and knees only to happy to kiss the ring of a fellow moooslim

      • Bush greatgrandpa was selling weapons to Hitler Germany. Educate yourself a little. Obama is not a Mooslim )LOL). You must have been the Reagan no child left behind student. Pass them and give them HS diploma if they know something or nothing at all. You are the exception – you know nuthing (pun intended )LOL). Your hate for people of color is so evident that fried your brain to a point of no recovery. Take your hood off and put your torch away.RepubliKKKan party of nothing. I guess your welfare checks stop coming?? Bush had more mooslim connection than Obama ever had.
        Obama or even RepubliKKKans have nothing to do with prices of gas. It’s all speculations with a blessing from RepubliKKKans (did not follow to a letter Frank Dodd). If you can afford to pay $5.00 for 10 oz of Starbucks horrible coffee than gas is cheap at $3.56 a gal. Do your math if you know how???

        • He’s not a Moooslim?? Gee in 1 of his books bought by the State Dept he said that if world order is a risk he stands with mooslims. Doesn’t sound like some one who isn’t 1 now does it.
          W has n=more connections?? Only barak knelt down to the Saudis feet and kissed his ring. As for gas prices that’s all we heard from the state run media when they were going up it was all W’s fault. And now that its happening under barak’s watch its something he has no control over isn’t that special.
          Sorry but your Messiah is responsible for this mess

        • Never heard or read such gibberish. I’ll bet you vote too. But I will say this. You need to get your facts straight. I don’t know if there were any republican in the KKK or not, there probably have been. But you should know this: One of the most highly regarded Democrat Senators that has ever served was from WVA and he was a grand wizard in the KKK at one time. He served in the senate for many years and died just a couple of years ago still serving in the senate. Check it out. You may learn something. Maybe. At least how to write sensibly.

      • Muslims are as much a legitimate Faith as is the Jewish Faith or the
        Evangelicla Christian Faith.

        They are Muslims – not Mooslem.

        You sound like a right wing-nut idiot – Chowderhead.

      • Did you know the Bush’s have much closer friendships with the Muslims than Obama and that Papa Bush was in a meeting with Osama bin Laden’s brother on 9/11? It’s true. The Bush’s arranged a special plane to get the bin Ladens out of the US before any of the rest of us were allowed to fly. They have a lot of close business dealings with Saudi Arabians. Obama doesn’t.

        • Are you aware that Sudan offered up Bin Laden to Clinton but he refused to take him because of the Monica trails. 9/11 would have been completely eliminated if he had acted. A for your original statement its a fabrication of the Kenyans who continue to hide barak’s birth certificate.
          You forget to add that the US has had record casualties every year since Brak put in place his rules of engagement that places more value on moooslims than out troops

    • I concur. A Romney presidency would be akin to a ventriquilist’s act. I believe his power would come from the tea party and everyone else but him. Thus far, Mr. Romney has presented no clear opposing agenda nor platform. Besides name calling with regard to Pres. Obama, the people should be hearing specifics on what Romney is bringing to the plate, not just criticism of the current administration. When he says I know how to create jobs, that comment should be followed by a renumerated plan/agenda/specifics, etc.

      • It is Obama who is the one doing the attack ads , not Romney , and Romney has offered many plans that are far better then any Obama has put forth . Hell the Demoncrats wont even pass a budget out of fear that if they did they would have to show America how badly they have screwed the pooch . When Obama put forth a budget twice it was written in crayon and his own party laughed at him

        • romney has offered a few plans,lets see,get rid of school teachers,cops,fire fighters,,,,said he wasn’t worried about the poor,,,loves automobiles so much he said let auto industry go bankrupt,,,he loves how tall the trees are,,loves to carry his dog on top his vehicle,,,he won’t answer any questions unless he goes on fox ,,,,

          • You are repeating talking points from comedians that havve no basis in fact and only serve to prove what the Pew Research Study found . That would be , that Conservatives are the far better informed group . Romney has never said he would fire any Police or Fire . In fact if you look at most of the Republican States they aren’t doing this . It’s the Socialist model states like Illinois and California where , even with massive tax increases they are laying off teachers . You are dealing in fear tactics that only serve to make you appear what you are . An underinformed lie spreading smearing Liberal ….Go watch Misogynist moron Bill Maher …and if you want talk about STUPID as you are with romney and his dog …Well at least he doesnt eat his dog and he at least know the Private sector isn’t fine

          • Michael, I just have to reply. I think everything that Queen Isabel said was actually stuff that I personally saw come out of Romney’s mouth on some interview or other. As far as the dog issue, lots of cultures eat dogs, especially in Asia. As a child, Obama would not have known to refuse. On the other hand, Romeny is an adult and yet he still put his dog on the top of his car, even when his dog was sick? Would he have put one of his children up there? To me that is the same difference. I would NEVER abuse my dog that way. People who abuse animals abuse people. As far as cops, firefighters and teachers, yes, Romney did say that (I saw that speech repeated several times) and he said that that was the message that came out of Wisconsin and that it was the right thing to do. Walker countered him and said that was not what came out of Wisconsin and the cops, firefighters and teachers should not be let go! Walker said Romney was wrong and wanted to set him straight. What is WRONG with Romney, anyway? He doesn’t even make sense of what he is saying – he just says what he thinks will please the crowd he happens to be in front of. He displays no concept of what it means to run a country.

          • This is totally a RANT over the comments made by Bill Maher. If your only facts or opinions are based int he fact that you don’t like him, you’re just as much of an idiot as I thought.
            Why don’t you just admit it- you’re really worried about what Mitt can and can’t do. You know he’s the biggest flip-flopping politician to come down the pike. Mitt was for and against gay marriage, he was both pro choice and pro life and he’s for tighting gun control and against any gun control. Mitt can’t open his big mouth without losing his silver pacifier and making incredible gaffes. He can’t even be nice to his own supporters! He’s too busy being a pretentious, pompous, arrogant jerk.
            Not only that, Mitt doesn’t exactly have a great record in public office. He won’t even really talk about his time in office in Massachusetts because then he’d have to explain why he, “…ran to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy.” (That’s a direct quote from Mitt himself.) Mitty also doesn’t even bother to admit to his shortcomings as a younger man when he and 4 other friends assaulted a classmate in high school. While the other 4 men vividly remember committing this assault and feel deep regret and remorse for their lack of conscience and character in committing this assault, Mitt conveniently “doesn’t remember the incident.” A man who claims to be a “Godly man,” who cannot freely admit his mistakes and shortcomings is someone who has no conscience nor character. Atleast Obama admits to experimenting with drugs as a younger man and expresses regret going down that road. Mitt should do the same.
            Business isn’t getting done in WA, DC because of the republican vow to undo and reject EVERYTHING that Obama wants to put forward. It’s not conjecture, it’s FACT. Get your head out of your ass!
            So be afraid…Mitt can’t beat Obama in a debate and then his plethera of weaknesses and shortcomings will be exposed for the American public to see. Don’t cry too much in your Cheerios, Mike!

          • This country is not going to elect Mitt Romney.
            We will not elect the robot version of Gordon Getco.
            We will not elect a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
            We will not elect a guy who was born on 3rd base and who will tell you he hit a triple.
            We will not elect someone who evades taxes and keeps his money in Swiss bank accounts and the Caymen Islands.

          • Bush gave a TRILLION to bale out the banks. No complaints from conservatives. Obama helps the automobile industry get back on its feet. Romney derided it at the time and then recently went to Detroit and tried to take credit for their recovery, because he “likes cars.” The Republicans in the Senate blocked grants to states to be able to hire or rehire teachers, police, and firemen who had to be let go when Republican deregulation of the banks led to the financial collapse of 2007. It may be unpleasant for you, but that was when BUSH was president.
            Most of you “conservative” bloggers are very quick to call names, but you generally seem to have very few arguments. I do give you credit for trying to cite a source, the Pew Research. They’re conservative so they naturally claim they are more informed. Informed of what?
            That the wealth in this country has been moving away from the middle class and is more and more concentrated among the wealthy. This is bad for the economy as it is the middle class who buy local products and pay their local real estate taxes supporting local schools whereas the wealthy often tendto live in exclusive communities where their real estate taxes do not go to poor or middle class school. They also tend to travel and buy abroad more and most of their purchases are for luxury items which leaves local business out.

        • Michael, you have got to stop reading or listening to the rights propaganda channels. The President wrote the budget in crayons and hisparty laughed at him ? What an asinine thing to write. There IS a tacit approval that a budget DOES exist, it HAD to otherwise there was NO way they could have approved increasing the National Debt limit and the obstructionist Republicans know this but continue to play the ‘no accepted budget’ routine.

          Why is telling the truth an attack ad ? Romney has done nothing but CLAIM he knows how to create jobs. I know how to create them to, by simply PAYING businesses through massive tax rebates or cuts to create them or PAY businesses to NOT pay taxes they should, it is called tax loopholes. The issue has NOTHING to do with Obama policies since frankly, he has been unable to pass any for two damn years. What we are seeing is REPUBLICAN policies by default since they are blocking anything constructiove that the president wants to pass. This is all happening while America burns. The Republican party is being controlled by the extreme right who are prepared to implement their ideology OR bring the country to its’ knees. This is Democracy run amok.

          • God bless you for saying the truth christo D,some bunches of idiot doesn’t know their left and their right,America is a nation of cowards

        • Tell us Mike….What IS Romney’s plan to elevate our economy?! Please do tell us all in great detail since you seem to know. Go ahead….what’s his master plan? Sell off Mississippii because it’s not making a profit? Do tell!!
          Yeah…that’s right…you CAN’T tell what it is because Mitt hasn’t shared his “plan” with anyone, including you and your gang of right wingnuts.

      • Yes just like Bush, President Bush was the dummy and Cheney was the ventriloquist…. he actually admitted this in the last book that he wrote stating that the invasion of Iraq was not his idea…. here we have the Commander in Chief of the United States getting us into a war that he was reluctant to enter us in…. wow if he is not the worse Commander in Chief that we ever had just name another… in addition to that he wanted to give the Arabs sole determination of our ports as to enters or not 5 months after 9/11. unreal

        • Manuel, you are a pretty smart dude. I have one question for my Republican friends. How can a President of the US be Impeached for letting an adult woman give him BJ’s (as crass as it was)….I know, I know, it was under oath, what a joke….. and another President not even taken to task let alone Impeached for getting us into a war that was totally unjustified because HIS chosen VP cooked the intelligence books ? Another question is why haven’t either of them or Rumsfed been tried for gross negligence, deriliction of duty or war crimes against humanity ? I am not proposing that this be done, I am pointing out the absolute absurdity of the right and their warped sense of what is right and wrong.
          They would rather try to tell us how we should act in the bedroom or when we should and shouldn’t conceive our children or overdramatize homosexuality when they KNOW these folks are God’s children too who deserve all of the rights us hetero’s have. Pathetic.

          • Screw that, ChristoD…I don’t understand why our country didn’t hold these republican criminals accountable for acting on phony intellegence!!! Wouldn’t we, as a nation, hold other countries and their leaders accountable for the same type of actions? How many of our American soldiers gave their lives to W’s personal war??!! It’s literally a crying shame that NO ONE is fighting to charge W, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld…the whole rotten bunch…with war crimes! Our precious soldiers deserve soooo much more!

          • joyscarbo,

            My apologies to you. That barb was directed at Delbert Lambert. I am on your side 100%.

            I’ll be sure and make myself more clear in the future.

            Meanwhile – keep the faith and WE THE PEOPLE will prevail

          • Can understand how you feel Joy but someone has to act like a grown-up in an age where pestulance and thuggery seems to be the way the right wants to act.

          • I feel the price our soldiers paid – both those who lost their lives and those who will be forever affected by injury, disfigurment or disability- is not something I do not take lightly. Why not seek justice for them?

          • To you AND Alpha.. You don’t care that our soldiers were sacrificed based on phony intellegence??? I understand the necessary evil of war…but our leaders had better make damned sure that we have ACTIONABLE intellegence!! It’s FACT that there was no yellowcake being sold to Iraq and there were no WMD’s!!! You’re an ASS!!!

          • They sent James Wilson to Africa to dig up evidence that Iraq had tried to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger. When he reported that they hadn’t, the Bush Administration became very upset and outed Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent. This is a felony. They had Scooter Libby take the fall and Bush immediately pardoned him. Talk about trying to be above the law (and getting away with it.) Already of course, they had gotten away with the false flags of 9/11 and the anthrax letters. I could go on and on but here are two smoking guns: The WTC buildings were exploded. This is proven by the fact that they found fragmented bones and teeth on top of the Deutsche Bank in 2006 as well as video and eye witness documentation. The White House insiders started secretly taking anti-anthrax antibiotics three weeks before any known threat. These meds can have serious side effects and would not be used WITHOUT being involved.

        • Manuel, Cheney signed the Plan for a New American Century (PNAC)statement in 2000 that stated the American public would not go along with military increases “without a cataclysmic or catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor.” In other words, something terrible needed to happen to get the American people to keep the military expanding.
          So, 9/11.
          Cheney was in charge of Secret WAR GAMES going on during 9/11. He was in the White House Bunker when Norman Mineta arrived there at about 9:15. Mineta testified for the 9/11 commission that he saw a young man coming in every few minutes to report that there was a hijacked plane getting closer to Washington. Finally, the young man asked Cheney, “Do the orders still stand?” Cheney whipped his head around and said “Of course, the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?” Soon after the Pentagon was hit. Cheney called for no defenses of evacuations. Mineta’s testimony was NOT included in the Commission’s Report. Instead, the commission said Cheney did not get to the bunker until after the Pentagon attack. This is a LIE and Cheney had already spoken on Meet the Press in September,2001 admitting he WAS in the bunker when the Pentagon was hit. (Mineta’s statement is on You Tube. At least it was the last time I checked. Mineta was the first one to call for all planes to be grounded. There may have been lives saved because of this.
          In other words, Cheney intended for the Pentagon strike to happen. Guess who got killed? Accountants looking for the $2.3 TRILLION Rumsfeld had announced missing just the day before.
          Within a few minutes of the Pentagon hit, the FBI went to confiscate videos which would have shown the moment of impact. They have withheld all these videos except for a couple that are unclear about what actually hit.
          What did Rumsfeld do at the strike? This is in a book about Rumsfeld by Alex Cockburn. Rumsfeld got up, put on his jacket, left his office without a word, and went over to the opposite side where the damage was. There he played the hero for a few minutes by carrying stretchers. Why did he leave his post? He was supposed to mount a defense. How did he know there were no more strikes coming? Are we expected to believe he is somehow presceint?
          He soon wrote for Parade Magazine: “9/11 is a blessing in disguise.”
          For him and the Bushes and Cheney it was. They made huge profits from no-bid war contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan in companies like the Carlyle Group and Halliburton. Halliburton got contracts for Guantanamo and a lot of the FEMA camps also. Cheney invested heavily in Vanguard Inc. This is a company that is involved in privatizing prisons and operating them for profit.

      • I guess you are overly smart a genius in disguise. So I have this great idea as to how something can be done or improve; I’ll let you in on my secret, you’ll just sit on it, Judith will never use it to her advantage. Isn’t that wonderful!!! Question: You would like the people to re-elect Obama to a 2nd term, and we should expect a different result from his first 4 years in office? I thought that was considered insanity, doing something the same way and expect different results. that’s the same concept in reelecting Obama. There is also an ole saying in my country (Africa) “if the market is bad in the morning it will never be good in the after-noon.”

        • If the market is bad in the morning it means you have to clean out the stinky dead fish (Congress). Congress has blocked every good idea Obama has had. Congress has brought this country to a standstill. The House Republicans wants this country to go down or go their way which is not what the tax payers are paying these people to do. The Republican House way is to dissolve the middle class so that we are a country of the very rich and the poor. We can look to Mexico if we want to see our future.

        • Actually Ruby, let me ask you a question. You have one choice and here are your options: Elect Romney and return to the years of the Presidency of Bush policies or stay with the present administration ? Before you answer let me remind you of what each has accomplished/not accomplished. I really want to try and be fair but I am sure if I miss something you will correct me:

          Bush years: unfetted free market bank practices by telling the SEC to let the market free flow, bank implosions, tax decreases for upper income earners, 9/11, Iraq war, Afghan war, Gitmo, housing boom and then collapse, recession, National debt growth astronomical, job losses, US auto industry near collapse,.

          Obama years: SEC back to doing the job it was created to do…regulate the banks, no bank implosions, tax decreases for the upper income earners, no 9/11’s, Iraq war terminated, Afghan war still in existence, Gitmo still there, housing gradually improving, recession in rear view mirror, National debt growth same a s Bush years, 4.5 million new jobs created, US car industry robust and growing.

          Did I miss anything ? Which would you choose Ruby ?

        • Yeah Rudy…Bush was elected twice and look what happened!!! And you really want to repeat that by electing Mitt…Now who is really the insane one Rudy???

    • Obama is reaping deonations from big oil at a 3 to 1 clip over Romney and you say the republicans are in bed with them ? Get your talking points from sources other then Rosie Oddonnell Joy Behar or Misogynist Moron Bill Maher ( all failed COMEDIANS , not pundits )

      • Where is your proof that Obama is getting donations from big oil 3 to 1 over Romney? Most of Romney’s backers are big oil owners like the Koch brothers who have said they are willing to spend a billion dollars to put Romney in the White House and my information doesn”t come from TV but business publications and newspapers. So you need to stop watching Fox so called news casts and do some researching on your own to get the real truth.

      • wrong- Check your facts. By the way Starbucks coffee is almost 10 oz @5.00 and 1 gal is 64 oz. do your math if you know how. Obama’s fault?? He is charging toooo much??? You and some of your ilks are truly MORONS and IGNORANT.
        Ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever.
        I heard that Romney and Tea Party RepubliKKKana will start creating jobs down the south – PLANTATIONS. We are back to 17-18 Century when landowners owned all and you can start slavery ships (US already does human trafficking anyway) from poor African Countries.

    • Where have you been living, in the outback. You certainly have no concept of the condition of the economy and who has done nothing to improve it. Obama has spent almost a trillion dollars and said we would have nothing to worry about so far as unemployment. He had a democrat congress for 2 of the years he has been in office and still did not accomplish anything worthwhile. The only thing he got passed was the monstrosy called obamacare. He should have been working on unemployment and the economy. Get out of the dark and come into the light. The truth will set you free my friend. Open you eyes.

      • Good lord Delbert, Obama did not say that we have nothing to worry about as far as unemployment. Where do you get such obvious shit? He made an inartful comment trying to point out that the economy has grown by over 4 million jobs in the past 27 months while the public sector lost nearly 500,000 jobs. Is that really so hard to understand? Where do you think the country would be if the GOP had not spent that last three years doing all they could to undermine the President. They even came out against their own ideas to keep anything postive from happening. Example, the individual mandate was a republican idea that came about to defeat Hillary’s attempt back in the 90’s to improve health care in America. Have you forgotten history, or the just the parts you wish to ignore? Well at least we won’t have to listen too that tired old canard about personal responsibility from the GOP any longer. They’ve gone whinning to the Supreme’s for relief from their own idea. In doing so they’ve proven that they never actually meant personal responsibility from the get go. Just weazel words to excite the ignorant masses. In your own words: ‘the truth will set you fre my friend. Open you eyes.’ It does work both ways you know.

    • If the republicans were in bed with the oil companies..Where were you?… watching!! Blame Bush for the rise in gas prices. I am wondering why did you people put Obama in the WH if no one is willing to hold him accountable for is lack of knowledge and inexperience performance. Blaming Mr Bush for everything will not cut it, more people in this country are smarter than what we have seen on blog .

    • You my friend need to read more history without the prejudice of a liberal view. The blame is not on just the Republicans. It lands square on the American people who want all sorts of benefits from the government that they should provide for themselves. We should not be looking for goodies from Washington and instead insist that the government get the hell out of way and stop giving benefits and entitlements to every group demanding to be taken care of

      • People of both parties are in bed with big business. But in general, it is the Republicans who refuse to have big business kick in for all the perks they get, like little or no taxes, no-bid war contracts that are exorbitant, oil companies polluting our air, land and water. They keep us over the barrel by blocking the capital that could get renewable energy off the ground. Start up companies have enough trouble without government and lobbyists getting special deals and denying these same deals to the competition.
        Both parties have engaged in false flag operations: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and The Oklahoma City Bombing (Democraps) The Gulf War, 9/11, the anthrax letters, and WMD s for the Republiscams. In general, the Democraps are less vicious and less blatant and also do things to help people other than the one percenters… unlike the Republiscams. So in this election, between Tweedledee and Tweedledumb, I’m for Tweedledee (Obama). Ron Paul needs to step up to the plate and run as a defender of the Constitution, but it looks like he’s backed out.

    • It is not just Republicans in bed with the oil companies, but that oil and virtually all other for-profit ventures are owned and operated by Republicans. More resources for start-up, then more started up. Success is wonderful – but not at the expense of the less successful. The real problem is a capitalism bent on more and more, but rarely about sharing the wealth (unless passing it around to compadres). Now Democrats are indistinguishable from Repoblicans in the never-ending quest for more and more and more. And when all is acquired, then by golly trade it in for a newer and better one! Dad and Mom want to be just like them, and so do we. This green-eyed monster called jealousy is rampant, justifies to each the keep his own and get more (there’s that buzzing word again) and make sure it keeps coming. Really, who can afford to reduce profits to expand when more can be kept than is lost in operations. Why, no sane person! Not in this economy! I’m reminded of a sculpture I gave as a gift to a Repulican who at the time I believed to have been my friend: a long line of elephants, each with their front legs on the back of the one ahead, linked by their tale to the one behind. Only able to see the anus of the one in front, only offering the same to the one behind. Republicans!
      Joseph L. Mabon III

  3. Absolutely right. Boehner gave the House a full week’s vacation this week. Why? Because the Republicans don’t plan on getting anything accomplished. That’s why. The worse the economy, the better their chances to get Romney elected. Election before Country. Nothing new.

        • Onedonewrong,
          You apparently did not read the post you responded to.
          You say you are opposed to Obama, but you respond to a post that is dissing “Bonehead” (Boehner)

        • one donewhosedong? Is that correct? Hmm! Strange name. Get your facts straight before you make such a dumb remark.

          • You have no concept of accuracy. Even your cryptic replies on disqus are inane . Your rhetoric is so pathetic I find myself feeling empathy for you in your miserable convoluted perception of reality.

            And if it is possible – do have a good evening and may God bless you and heal your mind.

            One can never tell – with Divine intervention there may be hope for you yet.

          • I notice that all you post are ad hominems no facts or data…wonder why?? Sorry I don’t believe barak is my messiah that’s your gig

          • My “gig” is Faith. You slurred the Faith ,Islam ,when you referred to it as Mooslem.

            Now- there are moderate members of the Faith that choose to ignore slurs and then there are radical members of the faith that take this as a direct insult to Allah. My advice to you is -when it comes to Religion it would be is wise if you curbed your slanted views.

            I am not a Muslim but they are my brothers..

          • Now Mooslim is a faith based on what?? last I read the founder was a child molester who had 2 wives under 10. hardly a normal religion

          • You areabsolutely too ignorant ot take advice aren’t you. Just swing back over to your far right wing and take your chances with the MUSLIM Brotherhood.

            And – you are not worht another reply from anyone Left or Right.

          • Hey wong
            Would you please enlighten this forum . What is ad hominems? Now we all know what a homonym is – diferent words with the same sound and different menaing – but -what is a hominem and what does it have to do with facts and data?

    • They have passed all but 2 bills. The Senate has yet to pass 1. Sounds like his own party is the problem

      • The garbage the house has passed is worse than a bad joke. None of the trash has a chance of passing the senate, fortunately. If something that would help the nation should get to the senate (fat chance) the republicans would filibuster it to death.

        • That’s the difference 1 party wants to start balancing the budget the House and the other Dem’s and Barak want to continue to add more debt. The $10 Trillion they have added is just not enough for them. Just think the unborn face a $130,000 debt load as soon as they come home from the hospital now that’s what the Dem’s call a family value

  4. The American Taliban Republicans

    Is this to elude that the rich, older, sexist, elitist, overly religious, anti-stem cell research, anti-union, deceptive, anti-evolution, bigoted white guys are bad for this country?

    Someone should tell Mitt Romney.

    • The same ones who want to end deficit spending for over priced union labor, a Justice dept that refuses to enforce our laws, a State dept buying 10,000 Kindles for libraries over seas, an Education Agency that has never educated 1 person, a Commerce Agency that has never generate 1 job… those folks??/

      • The original description is more accurate and less loaded plus it was not advocated by a billionaire who, with his friends, stand to benefit from the manipulation of various policies. Can you say tax breaks for the rich?

        • As opposed to a party that has racked up $10Trillion in new debt since taking office and insuring that 47% of americans don’t pay any federal taxes. And paying out tens of Billions to illegals

          • WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU ON?

            You should try to get sober (straight) or have your facts correct before you question other persons.

            You American Taliban Republicans think everyone else is as dumb as you are to believe this stuff. Who told you this Beck, Hannity, or druggie Limbaugh?

          • i noticed that you posted nothing of value just ad hominems. Pretty much what I’ve come to expect from the left wing nut jobs

  5. If President Obama looses the 2012 General Election, everyone will suffer the ill fate of the Republican policies. America will then take a downward spiral to disaster. Racist Teabaggers, Neocons, Warmonger, Religous fanatic Fascists you will have hell to pay. Hope you will be happy.

    • Imagine an unemployment rate of under 5% a deficit under $200B a year yea those bad old years under W in 2008

      • First off, get your figures right: in 2008 the deficit was 400 billion and unemployment was at 6%. Interestingly, in 2000, when Bush was voted in (after Clinton), there was NO deficit and unemployment was at 4%. Explain that one away.

        • Pretty easy who was in control of congress in 2000 and who was in control in 2008. Not a hard deduction for some one with any brain activity

          • My bad. I forgot the president is responsible for everything when he is a democrat and congress is responsible for everything when the president is a republican.

          • all I have heard for the past 4 years is it was W’s fault. When will the boy wonder start manning up?? Never…he’s always been a quota recipient and never had to stand on his own 2 feet

      • one donewrong,
        Are you on drugs, that stupid, or a paid troll?

        The present unemployment and deficit are totally the result to shrub Bush.

        • HUH?? thanks for the History rewrite. When barak took over the debt was just $200B and unemployment was 5%. There are fewer americans working today than at anytime during W’s second term.
          Sorry the Dem’s have been in charge since 2007 and they made this mess but they don’t want to man up and take credit

      • What kind of crack are you smoking? 2008…the economy imploding, two wars running up the debt, financial institutions failing, home foreclosures, unemployment rising, TARP funds to bail out the banks, health care costs rising. Yeah, those were the good old days. NOT!!!!!

        • and 5% unemployment and a debt of $200B. Turn off the stat run media and read something so you can intelligently converse

  6. Yes, they are sabotaging the economy. Where’s all the money coming from to help Mitt Romney? From the same people sabotaging–they rather buy the Presidency than help the country. Greedy! They don’t want Obama because he’s for the good of the US and not just the wealthy…they rather put their puppet in…We’re not going to let them, no matter how much money they spend trying to stay in power. People wake up! This affects everyone.

      • onedonewrong, George Walker Bush is the one that started the borrowing from China to finance his two unfinanced wars and to keep them out of the budget so the real amount of money he and the Republicans were spending would not show up in the National Debt total. Again where is your proof that China and the Saudis brought President Obama in the 2008 election? Bush started the borrowing from China, was the one that helped the family of Ben odom’s family leave the country after 9-11 and was the one hugging the King of Saudia Arabia, you have got your presidents mixed up. With all the money the Koch brothers and their super pacs are spening to get Romney elected we know who owns him. One more thing, all supporters of Romney should insist to know what his plans are for the country. Back during the Republican primaries Romney was asked what his plans for the Country and his reply to the question was this”If you knew that, you won’t vote for me””.
        Which means to me his plans are the same plans Bush 2 used to put this Country in a depression.

        • Nope Barak is the 1st US president to ever take campaign funds from foreign governments. As for Proof that is 1 of the allegations that the FEC has been investigating for over 2 years. Remember Barak bad mouths Citizen United but has declined to publish all his “online” donations

  7. Well, Well you mean that the middleclass are finally seeing that our grand old party is deliberatly busting our chops and laughtinmg all the way to the bank lets clean out Congress and elect young progressive man and women to change our direction and prosecute the bs that are doing away with our class the middle class new Congress is the answer progressive young democrates or independents we must not lay down and let the rich republicans have the last laugh.

  8. It really is sad to see what our polititions are doing to make each other look bad! If they put half the effort into doing something positive, we could easily sove our problems. I’m older and this is the worst I have ever seen. Congress is doing nothing to help. They work on making each other look bad Well don’t they know that they all look bad already!

  9. There is no secret here. The Republicans have set out to destroy President Obama since the election results and have cared very little about the damage they have done to the economy, the job stats, or the nation as a whole. It is flat out disgraceful! My question to the public is…do you want to put Carl Rove back in the White House? Tread carefully and remember the damage he did from 2000 – 2008, taking us from the surplus Clinton built to the deficit they have used as a hammer against the Dems and the President. Wake up before the middle class is gone, and the oil men own it all.

    • You mean when the State run media called the election in FL and hour before the polls closed or the Dem party that refused to count military absentee ballots that party??

      • You need to do a little reading regarding the military ballot fiasco. Official from both parties admitted that such ballots arriving without postmarks have been discarded in past elections. Standard operation procedure as outline by Florida law. All 67 county canvassing officials tossed out up to 39% of the ballots. They were discarded because of Florida law that clearly states that ballots that arrive in time without postmarks are to be discarded. It was Lieberman, a Democrat at that time, and Bob Graham, also a Democrate that requested on Nov 11, 2000 that the boards reconsider their decision to invalidate the ballots.

        ‘My own point of view, if I was there, I would give the benefit of the doubt to ballots coming in from military personnel, generally’ said Lieberman on Meet the Press. Of the local canvassing boards, he said, ‘If they have the capacity, I’d urge them to go back and take another look, because again, Al Gore and I don’t want to ever be part of anything that would put an extra burden on the military personal abroad.’

        one..I hope you can read English and comprehend the above. Read it and learn something.

        • NOPE never happened in the past in any state. Military ballots with out post marks have always been counted. And it was Al,the internet inventor, who said he wanted to count all votes, just not military ones.
          All of the militay votes whether post marked of not were counted in EVERY county except 3 those that were in Democratic control

  10. i would hate to see the Republicans do what they are doing to tank the economy. but I beleive that is just what they are doing.

  11. Hmmm, I started realizing this some time ago–hope the rest of the country smartens up and figures out that the Republicans will sacrifice our whole country and economy if it means they can put their guy in the White House this election.

    • Val, I am afraid too many of the voters are just too stupid to get it. They just keep voting against their own best interest.

  12. I absolutely believe it. President Obama has asked time and again for the Republicans to cooperate and put party aside.

  13. …wouldn’t they start another revolution??? And the first on their ‘have to go’ list would be the tea party wanna be dictators!

  14. The win in Wisconsin by Governor Scott (Scooter) Walker does not bring forth a good reputation for the GOP. When it takes Millions of dollars from out of state donors to win a governors race, it certainly looks like the GOP is having trouble getting Republicans to not pay attention to the fall out from their own dis-function not to mention the corruption that is coming forward. So it seems they are using money as a tool to bully voters to go for them because they have the most money they must be the best. People from out of state even like Walker but when you look at the donations they are wealthy people not many average joes money in the list,.

  15. We all know where the problem lies, the people who put President Obama in office didn’t show up to vote for the electorial who introduce the laws, thus all these Tea Baggers and Repukes get into office and foul up the whole thing just because they don’t want to report to a black man. Now we have an electorial of we do nothing all day and a pension get free healthcare for the rest of our lives.

  16. I think the Mitt knows and he is willing to play their game if it will put him the oval office….I love you definition!

  17. A poll ? a poll to establish or recognize this travesty was needed ??? anyone with a modest level of intelligence, anyone who can read , watch or listen to the news is aware of this sham , anyone that is not outraged by what the republican party is doing is not worthy of being an American.

  18. which means putting Carl Rove and his Super Pac buddies back in the White House! Good-bye middle class…..

  19. Let’s see, the Republicans aren’t bottling up any measures from the Senate, but Harry Reid won’t even let any of the 34 measures passed by the House, most with bipartisan votes, even be debated in the Senate for fear some Democrat Senators might be a little bipartisan. Really sounds like the Republicans are at fault to me.

  20. It seems like we are falling for everything the Republicans do. Every obstructionist vote should be a vote again them, but it doesn’t appear that people read or listen to objective reporting.

  21. What bunk! Only the Memo could come up with this baloney. This is more of the obama class warfare campaign. This is the only way to convince the moochers that the democrats are the only party to protect them from the evil rich. What B.S.

  22. Repubs don’t have to do anything to stall our economy as long as Obama is in charge. Example: Obama VETOED the Keystone Pipeline, effectively cancelling 10,000 potential construction jobs, and losing 900,000 extra barrels of oil a day, which would have meant a 5% INCREASE in U.S. Oil supplies, lowering prices accordingly…….now WHO is it who is hurting the US economy???

    • You obviously don’t read too much news. The pipeline would have only created about 2,000 TEMPORARY jobs, and NONE of the oil was going to go to the U.S. It was all slated to be exported, which is why it was to go to a refinery on the coast.

      • OK, I won’t argue the NUMBER of job (10,000 or 2,000) but your logic is very questionable: NO jobs are better than 2,000 (or 10K) TEMPORARY jobs??? Typical Democrat thinking….this is why we’re in the mess we are in…you think just like Obama!?

        • Frankly yes, I do think that no jobs are better than 2,000 temporary jobs. The pipeline would cross directly over the Ogallala aquifer, the largest in the U.S., supplying water to Americas farmlands. A leak in the pipeline would be devastating. You’re a typical Republican… always worrying about the oil.

          • My reply focused on JOBS….even 2,000 “temporary” jobs (which could last 1-3 years) is preferable to NO jobs, especially in the construction industry, where unemployment is near 15%……..I guess you think our economy will recover faster if more people collect unemployment instead of paychecks???

          • Yeah, I guess you’re right. After the oil spill and farmers in Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas don’t have any water to feed their crops we can always hire them to clean up the oil!

  23. If all of these polls are showing negative stuff about the Republicans, as I believe tey should, and Mitt the Twit is so out of touch, why are we hearing that the Presidential race is so tight. WTH is going on here ?

    • Because you hear and believe lies!! Get your heads above water and listen to what’s actually going on in the world! While your head is up there ask Harry Reid why we still don’t have a budget. Obama sent 2 of them to Congress and they were voted down with 0 (including Democrats) voting for them because they’re not serious and would totally tank our country if they were passed.

      • Charlie, the LIES are coming from the right far more than the left. You don’t want to go down that road frankly because I’d eat your lunch. Rather than your nonsensical blather about no approved budget, be aware that ‘technically’ there is no budget BUT there is tacit and strongly implied consent on the part of BOTH parties that there is a budget otherwise there would never have been an agreement to raise the National Debt limit. Do your homework, stop the nonsense and get in the mode of trying to rectify the situation NOT exacerbate it

        • You explain to me why these strawman budgets were submitted to congress. Why is the time being wasted to even vote on these non-budgets?

          You can keep your head way down there where there’s no light or air and give me “tacit” as an answer but there is no room for tacit in a “transparent” government. So call it nonsensical if you like, it’s only your opinion, but as much as you’re entitled to your own opinions you are not entitled to your own facts!

          • I tell you what Mr/Ms/Mrs Guest, when the Republicans can convince me, or any other objective thinking person, that they are prepared NOT to tell lie, after lie, after lie and start admitting that they have ONLY one objective and that is to prevent the President from winning again, I feel compelled to stick to my beliefs that the budget BS is EXACTLY that, pure unadulterated BS. My head is exactly where it belongs and ‘get’s it’ a lot better than you appear to. So here is my question for you: WHY are the Republicans believed to be sabotaging the economy by at least half of the American people ? Could it be because they ARE ? How about answering the question rather than trying to cloud the issue with
            a bogus question on the budget.

  24. My understanding of the crash of “29” is that it occurred as a result of too much of the nations
    wealth being concentrated amongst too few of the nations greedy. pretty much like what’s going on now. Whether President Obama prevails in November, or the republicans succeed in buying the white House, I shudder to think of what will happen to this nation over the next four years, at the hands of the republicans. Shame on them all.

  25. Listen folks at some point SOMEONE is going to have to lead us children out of this terrible political morrass. Why not us moderate Democrats ? I suggest we start a ‘clean up’ of one or two key issues that we support on our end. As an example, why not admit that the municipal unions GROSSLY overstepped the boundries of negotiated settlements by bargaining for pension entitlements that are so over the top compared to the likes of other pension programs in the private and some government sectors that they are obscene ? Or, if welfare fraud is such a thorn in the side of Republicans either prove them wrong or tout a program to fix the problem. Just some food for thought. I am absolutely convinced that the right has NO intention of compromising anywhere on anything because they have lost so many fights to the progressive movement (yikes a BLACK President !) that they are commited to a fight to the death….of our country if necessary, to prove their point.

    • Interestingly, although there is a lot of anger about welfare fraud numerous studies have shown that only 2-3% of welfare cases involve fraud. However, Medicade and Medicare fraud have been found to involve 10-15% and this fraud comes from businesses rather than individuals. Either way, both are bad and thoused ands of people are employed to fight both types of fraud. Thing is, the right is supposedly opposed to more regulation but how are we supposed to stop the fraud without regulation?

      • It appears that the Welfare Fraud issue is yet another bogus issue that the right is using to justify their outrageous assault on social programs for the needy. Ryans budget is a direct assault on these programs. DIRECT BULLSEYE ASSAULT may I add. I am all for helping the needy who can help themselves to gainful employment but I am convinced that our righteous indignated brotheren on the right don’t get it or want to.

        Actually the Medicare and Medicaid fraud is being perpetrated by INDIVIDUALS using bogus company names, etc. My understanding is that fraud in the private sector Medical Insurance industry is pretty high also.

        As for the ‘regulation’ issue, if THAT doesn’t cook their bacon, nothing will. They appear to be on the wrong side of every critical issue facing our country today from killing ANY jobs creation legislation offered by the Democrats to unfettered from regulation business practices that got us in this mess in the first place to an austere economy through immediate cuts in spending which is what is creating the economic crisis in Europe to anti-environmental regulations to combat global warming. I have NO idea what they are for other than let business and the rich rule the roost. Pathetic.

        • I agree. What I don’t understand is that so many lower and middle class workers continue to vote Republican. It’s like a herd of cattle voting for the meat packing industry.

  26. yea that’s a great polling group Koz and SIEU the two of them’s total IQ wouldn’t approach 80. How can Republicans be damaging the economy when Barak had 2 yeas with a filibuster majority and 2 years in advance when Dem’s were sewing the seeds for this disaster.
    His great stimulus plan with shovel ready jobs didn’t build 1 road but sure hired lots of union members

  27. I was told by a friend and realtor (both Republicans) while house hunting for a home in Montana a year ago that they thought that the Republicans (those with cash to burn) were not spending their money until Obama was out of office. Find it hard to believe that individuals hate an individual more than our country’s economic stability but then I’m not Republican or wealthy. Just returned from a day volunteering with Habitat with Humanity…guess I chose to change my country for the better!

  28. republicans r 4 the rich always been we need to vote them all out so the middle class and the poor can live good again and not worrie about how to make end meat or have no wear to live or do i pay bills or eat today !!!!!! ged rid of republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will be better off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Also, just cancelled all of my Wells Fargo accounts and refinanced my mortgage…leaving JP Morgan!…..Big banks can strip the wealthy of their cash. I’m finished with them all! Check out your local credit unions!

  30. I have no doubt that the republicans have been tanking the recovery efforts. Rush Limbaugh called out in public for conservatives to do this from day one of the Obama administration. I call it treason. The actions of the republican party directly aid our nations enemies.

  31. Of course the Reps are intentionally stalling; they are fulfilling Mitch McConnell’s proclamation that “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” They have placed this goal of theirs above the interest of our country and millions of people are suffering because of it. President Obama will be reelected because he is the best man for the job, and if people are paying attention to the facts (that means turn OFF Fox Noise!) they will vote out the obstructionist congress that votes down every job creation bill our president has sent to them.

  32. I believe the Republicans are stalling the economy also. And people should look at how the Repulicans are treating the working people who put them in office and vote all the ones out that are causing confusion and not working to help the American people better their lives. Also, if they don’t want the people to get medical care, then they shouldn’t have free medical. Congress & Senate should pay for their own medical. Plus for the 1st two years in poltical office starting in 2013 their income should be no more then poverty level. Walk in real working people shoes and maybe they will stop playing games.

  33. Every time Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham are on Face The Nation-We will do everything in our power to defeat Obama! If my representatives we’re like that the’d be gone!

  34. Republicans finalized their plan the day after the 2008 election, as announced by Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor. So why doesn’t the other half of the country understand this dynamic?

  35. Bagger run GOP even blocks basic road repair bills anything that may help jobs – economy Its a massive GOP coup to over throw Obama at ANY cost to America

    • If they used a random sample of voters, then the poll is valid give or take 3% points. And a sample of 1,000 is a robust number for a survey. I’m a statistician, so I should know.

  36. You don’t need to be Einstein to see what has been happening. The republicans have been stalling the economy’s recovery from the very beginning of Obama’s presidency. They actually had a meeting to plan how they would oppose the president on almost every agenda and cause him to fail. They don’t care that the economy will get worse and we, the middleclass and poor will suffer. They have not passed one jobs bill and have the nerve to blame the president for the unemployment rate. Gross opposition, unlike any in our political history, and all to defeat the first Black president. It is evil, and it will become the GOP’s downfall.

  37. This current economic mess is 100% the responsibility of the REPUBLICANS.
    They (starting with Reagan) have destroyed the regulatory system. What they could not destroy, they put the worst of the worst in charge of running.

    We need massive REREGULATION, and above all, we need a strong DEMOCRATIC congress and Obama reelected.

  38. Forty percent believe the GOPers are doing just fine and eleven percent have no idea what the hell is going on. That means the majority of Americans are incorrect and not paying attention to the doin’s the past three years. Heaven help us come November.

  39. GOP is blocking, stalling everything that may help US GOD help them It May help Obama so screw jobs Screw road repair
    Screw America as long as Obama loses US lived 30 yrs under Reaganomics Bush 1-2 GOP wealth favoring anti middle class policies, long wars, greed – deregulation of the power brokers , massive debt, lies, un paid corp cuts, loopholes, perks
    Now Baggers & lobbyists own Congress
    FACT Bush had GOP congress 6 yrs 2000-2006 who never said NO But When Dems won in Jan 2007 Bush vowed to veto / filibuster any DEM Bill They did and still are Educate yourself please on facts

  40. I’m surprised only half of voters believe this, seeing as the Republicans stated openly that this was what they were going to do right on Day 1. Mitch McConnell said it in plain English into a microphone on national television; does it need to be any more clear than that?

    Romney and the G.O.P. believe we are all stupid because they can still fill an auditorium full of morons who will chant their lies at full volume no matter how blatantly false or completely unreasonable they may be. All the G.O.P. truly has behind its back, however, is an incredibly loud and well organized minority of lunatics.

    They were hardly subtle about the fact that they were Republicans before Americans — that the ambitions of their party were more important to them than the safety and stability of their country.

    So I think the survey is mislabeled. It’s not 49% that believe the Republicans are sabotaging the recovery. It’s 49% who ACKNOWLEDGE that they are sabotaging the recovery.

  41. Apparently you know very little about the economies of foreign countries. China is indeed having problems right now and their rate of growth has dropped off dramatically. Google it and learn.

  42. Really onednewong? Surely you are aware that the national debt went up from about $5 trillion to $10 trillion + under Bush. The recent recession and the job loses started n 2007. The last time I checked Bush was still president in 2007. Get a grip please.

  43. They are defenitly sabotaging any effort that President Obama makes to produce a better economy and create jobs, their blatant philosophy is defeat Obama,even if in the process the American people will suffer more economically.

  44. Obama had a super majority in both the House and senate . Even after 2010 the republicans have given him everything he asked for as far as spending and it has cost us dearly …We need to get this amateur out of here . Send him back to the Private Sector which is doing fine hahahahahah. maybe someone needs an arrogant narcissistic failed community organizer who is an avowed hater of America a racist and Socialist

    • Oh, you are saying Obama was for an extension of the Bush tax breaks? Oh, are you saying that Obama’s decision not to defend DOMA was accepted by the Republicans,ha, they had nothing else to do but to spend more of our tax dollars defending the unconstitutional law! Oh, yes, they were thrilled when Obama want’s to increase taxes for the millionaires…they have fought it continuously, result Obama hasn’t got what he wanted there! If I was a Republican and had just and three years ago, suffered through the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression…I shure would be careful about calling Obama an “amateur”! You need to learn to do some research as to the real facts of the matter!

  45. Remember what Sen. Mitch McConnell [Rep., KY] two years ago: the first goal of Republicans was to see Obama was not re-elected.

  46. We all know the Republicans are bought by big oil and gas and Wall ST. But why blame them The American people are the laziest voters in the world. All they know is what they see on the TV to dam lazy to check the facts never mind that only 4 out of every 6 eligible voters bother to vote. So why blame the GOP for figuring out that they can buy any election just by lying on the TV. I once thought that Wisconsin was going to be our savior,then $30,000,000.00 later we found out they are TV sellouts like the rest of Americans. I may not always have voted for the best or correct politician, but at least I always tried my best to really work to find out who I did vote for whether they be democrat or republican. Take care Americans the GOP no longer hands out $5 dollar bills they just buy TV Ads to keep you entertained

  47. I believe the Republicans are doing everything they can to stall the economy. They don’t ive a rats behind about the working people. that’s why they are raising so much money, if they can get the President ot of office, the rich want have to pay their fair share of the tax. American people better wake up, we’re headed right back to 2001. The rich get richer, while we get poorer. If Mr. Buffet, can agree that he needs to pay more tax, why can’t republicans stop fighting, and pass the Tax bill, and the job bill…….. they’re just not scared enough for their jobs. I think it’s going to be a supprise come November.We need to get Democrats in, and republicans OUT.

  48. mitch mcconell said his only agenda was to make sure that pres.obama is a one term pres.,,the republicans have blocked everything pres. obama has put out their,what part of the economy that Bush didn’t destroy,the repugs have taken it on further down the road to HELL,,,,they think the voters are stupid,i guess thats why Romney wants to cut teachers,cops,fire fighters,,,,leave the voters ignorant so they can screw us more.

  49. I do belive that the Republican are not Sabotaging Economy! The Far Left Dem. are doing the damage!
    I would like to say this: The Far Left Dem. would like to see this go SOCIALIST STATE

  50. That is President Obama to you. Religion aside, (the President is not a Muslim) it is highly unlikely that citizens of oil producing countries would donate to his re-election. They do not like President Obama nearly as much as they did “W”. There are no hand holding pictures of this President.
    Proper spelling and sentence structure would aid somewhat your lame comments.

    Let us not forget that the only reason we need be concerned about foreign monies in our elections is Citizen United. George W. Bush the legacy that just keeps on giving.

  51. One of the biggest threats to our country are the billionaire Koch brothers and Grover Norquist. Norquist requires all republicans to sign a pledge to not raise taxes or he will use all republican resources to defeat them. Koch Industries owns refineries and manufacturing plants that have been fined millions numerous times for violations by the EPA and OSHA. They have poured billions of dollars into Karl Roves super pacs to elect teapublicans. They want legislation saying there is no global warming so they can continue to spew toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and abolish the EPA and OSHA. Google the Kochs and Norquist. If their agenda succeeds they can do more damage to the country than terrorists ever could.

  52. First, thanks to the 60% rule in the Senate, the Democrats couldn’t pass much of anything worthwhile in Obama’s first two years. Now, with the Republicans in control of the House, there’s even less opportunity for saner heads to prevail vis-a-vis the economy. Second, it’s not called Obamacare. That’s what the Republicans and the health care lobby call it. What’s wrong with forcing the insurance companies to cover kids and making them pay even if it’s for a pre-existing condition? Makes a lot of sense to buy health insurance that won’t cover what’s wrong with you, doesn’t it?

  53. That is a believable statement about the Republicans stalling the economy to win votes for Romney and other Republicans. I believe it.

  54. I’m tired of hearing myself say this but I’ll repeat it until I hear other people at least talking about it — the biggest thing we have to watch for and be afraid of is the rethuglicans STEALING the election! Whether they do so by fiddling the voting machines, blocking registered and legal, legitimate voters from voting or by refusing to count ballots for whatever reason or no reason except to be ugly, the THEFT of this election is the worst thing that can happen to this country.
    With the mindset of the repubs and their rabid determination to get rid of President Obama, which is nothing more than racially based, they will stop at nothing short of actually killing him and I’m sure they have considered that as well. Only the fact that too many of us still are asking questions regarding the death of President Kennedy is keeping that at bay.

  55. As a former Republican (Moderate), I just can’t abide this new Republican platform of hate, greed and fear tactics. Everything is based on fear…and greed….and bigotry. Fox news is a great channel to turn on if you want to get depressed and suicidal. I have asked several folks that are still Republican as to specific reasons why they hate Obama so much? They cannot come up with any reasonable explanation – at least one that is rational. How about – Obamacare? What has it done TO you? I know several folks that lost their insurance when they got sick – hopefully with “Obamacare” they might have some chance to get some care. If it were up to this new Republican party…you would be at the mercy of the insurance giants – How many times have you had to fight with them to pay a valid health claim? How many times have you wondered why you bothered to go to the Doctor when your health insurance company is telling you the type of care you will get? That is what you can look forward to under a “new” Republican administration.

    Now as for Obama – He got Osama – yet he gets no credit for it. I agree that some of his policies are naive…but at least he is willing to compromise and work towards the greater good (or at least shows some optimism about the future)? Ask yourself what the Tea Party and Religous right wing have done for you? None of this political rabble really care about you or your problems but at least Obama is giving lip service to the middle class and the economy…..while the Tea Party and their cronies – rake in the money they stripped from you during the economic fiasco….of their creation, while they blame it on Obama (who has hardly been able to do anything with this joke we call congress in session). Meanwhile the zombies that remain in the Republican party parrot every lie and falshood they hear on Fox. Do you fools really think they care about you and your family? Whether you have a job or not? Why are you boarderline poverty stricken morons voting for these idiots that will not give you even the smallest break – Or help this country to get back on it’s feet…where are they when we need them???

    The economy is bad – but it might start improving if the Tea Party and Koch brothers…etc would quit worrying about whether Obama might do a decent job and work with him. Nope, they are more worried that this “gasp” half black man might be able to do a good job running this country. The Republicans seem more concerned that some poor fool might be getting a free health check up – or heaven help us – a woman might get her birth control pills provided for her. Yet when you realize that they got alot more then most of us will see in a lifetime….Why don’t these folks enjoy what they have….and let some of our brothers and sisters have a chance at a better life…This country is heading for disaster of hate and suspicion where everyone will be hiding behind bolted doors, guns loaded – because they have been told to fear and hate anyone that wants a decent living.

    Why can’t we work towards a common good? Stop the hate….stop the foolishness. Let’s take this country BACK – back to the time that neighbors helped neighbors…and folks wanted their brothers and sisters to go as far as they were able. What happened to make these people distrust and hate their fellow countrymen so much?

  56. Torres since you are so smart you should join the fast and fury. I have no time to give you lesson in civic 101.. It will take an act of congress for you to learn or even understand the US Government and the working of Congress To say that fmr President Bush got us in a war that he was relunctant to enter in, is showing your lack of knowledge in the US form of government. I dispised anyone calling our President names, it shows your lack of class and education. Take a note of my posting. I resented Obama handling of the economy I didn’t used words to belittle the President of the USA. Remember, respect and dignity goes hand in hand for yourself and others.

  57. Everybody knows that. But how come they (the Republicans) still have followers in astounding numbers? Obama has caved at any occasion, this is maybe one explanation.

  58. Any body with a lick of sense knows the last couple of years has either been a stall job, or outright sabotage by repugnicans against the Obama administration. Those good ol’ boys can’t have someone of color telling them what to do. The ol’ southern plantation mind set has been demonstrated by congress as well as all of those good ol’ billionaires with all their illegal, almost tax free (thanks to W), billions. mitt money will be another ventriloquist dummy like Torres states!!

  59. We already have a history of what the private enterprise sectors will do to self destruct, up setting the entire US economy, creating the “mess” in the private financial systems’ putting this Republic on the “verge” of another economic great depression. With their “black mailing” of the FED’s and the tax payers to bail them out or suffer the consequences. We can say for certain that this Republic would be into another great depression similar to the 1929 depression if the US Government had not acted to stabilize the 2007 deep recession by spending the tax payers money. There are people who do not want Government interfering or placing any controls on the private sectors, even if another great depression can be prevented from occurring with the proper leadership policies for keeping this Republic in the proper balance. Yet, when the private systems “do themselves in” if the Government “did nothing” and just wait on the private systems to correct themselves, what would happen to this Republic during the indefinite length of time the “correction” took to correct?

  60. alot of people still beleive man did not walk on the moon and it was all shot on a movie stage. the Obama presidency is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the american people.

  61. in several battleground states, no preference or none of the above got 21 to 42 percent of the vote in democratic primaries where the incumbent and no choice or preference where the only choices on the ballot

  62. I cannot understand why the voters’ are not in an outrage and are not speaking out against the people who are telling them all of the negative things they are going to do against the people if they convince the voters to elect them. The elected and “wanta be” elected opponents of President Obama are putting out lies and misinformation as if the voters were as “dumb as rocks” and think that is what the voters want to hear for giving them an excuse to vote against President Obama and the other Democrats, but it does not make what they say, the truth, since they do not have any thing positive to “run on.” We have important elections coming up in August and November 2012 and the voters who should be active and knowing who are on their side to vote for, are silent in their opinions and probably will not show up to vote for their own well being.

    • Daryl L Barber, does pointing out the facts about how desperate the Republicans are and what their objectives are for destroying all of FDR’s “new deal policies” with the balance in favor of the upper one % being in control of the other ninety-nine percent, then you had better check your status of what “rung” you would end be on.

  63. If any local city or county official or Party had lied, as the Republicans have and had deliberately allowed a City or County to get into crisis conditions that were happening in 2007. The officials would have been “run out of town on a rail.” YES, the 2007 deep recession was predictable and the unsustainable financial conditions caused by the global economy (free trade agreements) were predictable in causing the conditions that President Obama has had to deal with, along with having to counter against the Republicans’ planned obstructive actions in preventing any of Obama’s polices from solving or correcting the crisis conditions.

  64. gas and oil prices are dropping like hell now, no thanks to Obama , but im sure he will try to take credit for it. im sure the republicans are driving prices down now to try to get Obama re-elected

  65. Exactly which statements were false? By 2008 the country was in deep s__t caused by a Bush presidency. Facts are facts unless you watch Faux News which loves to twist the facts to suit the teapublican agenda.

  66. Yes i aso be leave that they are also These Republicans will any thing that they top keep President Obama Job bill from passing because they dont wont more jobs. The republicans are a buch of cowards to start with they dont wont a free county they are against the freedum to bear arms and every thing eles that is good about this county. And if you wont to remaine free you had better go vote for President Obama.

  67. Have the voters “become brain dead,” not paying any attention to what is being said by the Republicans just to turn and divide the voters against President Obama? How many of the voters would go along with being; repressed, regressed, oppressed, depressed, digressed or suppressed with new morality laws?
    If these are the conditions the voters do not want plus being in another great depression, then the voters should vote for the Democratic Candidates.

  68. If anyone does not believe this obstructive plan of the Republicans is not occurring, then you have to be one of them and are part of the planned destruction plan of this Republic. Otherwise, why are the people buying into the Republican Party’s objectives, along with the other opponents of President Obama?
    Here is the main question for voters who think they are immune to the Republicans’ plan to maintain their increasing class warfare where everyone from the top down will continue to slide toward the bottom of the “rung.” What or how would the long-term plan eventually end up as, under what the Republicans are telling us what they are trying to do?

    • The Republicans are fighting and condemning President Obama’s plans to get the people put back to work by the private sectors reinvesting here in the US with the help of the Government as a means of stabilizing the 2007 deep recession, while preventing another great depression.
      Why would the voters want the Republicans back in control since they have made it “perfectly clear” to the voters/people that their main objectives are to cause the failure of President Obama in his first term by trying to convince them that they made a mistake of voting for him and that because he has not fixed and gotten all of the unfinished crisis conditions back to normal in the time he has been President, has made him a complete failure.

  69. Since the overwhelming majority of big business and corporations are owned by Pubs, it’s easy to believe a ‘hold’ was ordered by their political allies. That’s why the GOP is running scared today, the businesses said they would hold back for approx. four years but after that they will be forced to kick start the economy else they will begin losing their profitable edge. Their working their skeleton crew to the nub and just barely keeping up with demand and I’m telling you, even in this dire state there is still demand for products. By now, according to the GOP, Obama should be in the lower teens as popularity goes but the hum-drum THEY chose to challenge him is not what the people want so instead of setting up a fool proof scheme that even a cartoon character could win, their flittering from one end of the mud spectrum to the other of past failures but they forgot that most intelligent people could see some of the reasons Obama isn’t in the upper 50%.. They’ve done their worst, now they must re-arrange the etch a sketcher into a dynamic and formidable foe WITHOUT taking bites off the ends of his shoes.. Can he pull it off? I’m betting a half billion dollars will take the sting out of his screw ups. I’ve heard the rats are beginning to leave the DEM’s boat.. They were probably Pub moles anyway.

  70. Although the Republicans have admitted to the 2007 deep recession, in 2008 and the affects it had on our increase in unemployment and putting this Republic on the verge of another economic great depression, what are they wanting to do to get this Republic’s economy back in a proper balance?
    After President Obama was elected they started a “planned attack” of the “Party of NO, with obstructionism to prevent his policies from succeeding and continued trying to convince the voters that everything he did and the direction he is taking to stabilize the conditions.
    It will be up to the voters in November 2012 to either believe or not believe all of the lies and misinformation being falsely put out against Obama

  71. Well people don’t be angry at Mitt, the Republicans told you over and over again, they only care about getting Obama out of the Whitehouse. He has all the money he needs rto live a good happy, wealthy life. He wants to keep it coming, he told you, wake up, VOTE!!

  72. It’s good to see that the public is aware of what has been going on. It is something else to get people to realize they can’t vote Republicans into office and expect they will do right by the average citizen or the country as a whole. To deliberately set out to destroy our economy and our government is treason and that is exactly what they’ve been openly and honestly doing for the past 3 going on 4 years. If we refuse to vote for anti-American radical extremists then the Republican party will clean house or go the way of the dinosaur.

  73. Regardless of what the Republicans are doing to sabotage the Economy and trying to make President Obama fail, it will not work. Their tactics and acts are vile and evil and totally against the progress of the American people.

    We still have a Government of the People, by the People and for the People! People it is time to rise up and totally reject being thrown under the bus!

    Furthermore, there is a God of Justice who is above all, and holds the world in the palm of his hand and will have the last say in this election!

    Money will not buy this election, the USA will not be sold to the highest Ad buyers, the middle-class will rise again, the Economy is improving and will bounce back, there is no way no one can stop the FORWARD move for the People!


    WE ARE STILL #l and our worst days are better than three-fourths of the world’s population! Be of Good Cheer!

  74. Republicans have been crying since Obama was elected. They remind me of a pouting Paris Hilton . They are the most UN professional people I have even seen. And American’s are not fooled

  75. If only these poll results were reality. I would love to attribute basic powers of observation and deductive reasoning ability to the U.S. public at large. For now, I am reporting in as hopeful, but taking the poll conclusions with a big grain of salt.

  76. I also agree, republicans need to give it up. They want win this way , We the people see everything . No more stuck on stupid!

  77. You are a person with a lot of repressed anger. I bet you were bullied as a child and I am very sorry for that. But you should try to get over it in some other way than getting your kicks from on blogging. This isn’t the healthiest way for you.

  78. The interesting thing that is not discussed too much is that Romney was only a ONE TERM governor, because people did not like the fact that he made cuts in education, especially – indicating as I most recently heard, that we dont need any more teachers! Also, Romney is not rrepresentative of the average citizen, and he cannot relate to the middle and lower classed citizens who are suffering from his attitude, and those of his fellow republicans. This article is very timely, and proves what I have been telling so many – the Republicans are working so hard to sabotage President Obama, at the expense of their reputations – but when we should not be surprised, as this has been the way they have always handled things – and they are hoping to get Romney in so they can continue to do things as they always have – leading us to maybe the worst depression ever.

    Their goal is not to find way to get America back on its feet, but to do what they can to keep Obama from a second term because they know what they will be in for WHEN he does win – – the best thing is for people to remember to expand their short-term memories and remember how we got into this bad situation in the first place – and let Republicans learn it when they are not re-elected this year, and in the next 2 years mid-term elections. We need to show they that we are tired of their antics – and need to get some leaders to push for TERM LIMITS – so we can get fresh blood in now and then, and not have to deal with the career politicians who are in to see how much more money they can get for themselves. Do some research and see how much in assets they had when they first started serving and what they have amassed now!

  79. What we need is a democratic majority again. This time, hopefully, no “blue dogs”. We can turn this country around, get people working and tell the rich folks either put up or shut up.
    It is time to get off the trillions of dollars you are hoarding and hire some people in this country for a change. We don’t need Mitt Romney, Grover Norquist’s puppet, in the White House. We need people who care about teachers, firefighters and policeman. We need America back, not Nazi Germany!

  80. sorry Ruby i disagree with you,if market is bad in the monring,it could be better in 20 mins to the closing of the market.Bush was the cause of what Americans are suffering today,he wasted billions of dollars on war in Iraq,he sent thousands of US soldiers to their early grave,I hope Americans will be smart enough not to chose Mitt Romney as US next president,if not they will cry x2 of what they are crying now

  81. Don’t mind fools,Obama is a very humble man,he bowed to the saudi king as a sign of respect and nothing more but a lot of folks critizised him for doing that,Every proud nation shall be brought down and every proud mouth shall be cut off

  82. When you consider each and every piece of legislation has utilized pork barrel earmarks that benefit businesses in pork barrel states more than the people of this country, you see what the Republican back room agenda is. They try desperately to make it appear that “government” is bad. What would they replace it with? Private contractors from some of the US’s biggest Madoffing thieves? If we cave to their insistence on “smaller government” without addressing who they’d replace government workers with, we are asking for padded bills stacked higher than the Rockies over which we’d have zero voice or control.

    Look at what pieces of legislation Republicans have sabotaged in just the last 3 years…and then, look at the list of “Windfalls” they voted for in that same time span.

    Once you get the idea that the Republicans see tax dollars as a way to pay down debts of their crony corporations as an exchange for their billions in campaign funding to keep them in office, you see how they are using taxpayers as a Big Business safety net via tax revenues. The percentage of taxes that are now subsidizing Big Business far outpaces the cost of the programs people in this country pay for and want…SS, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Note though how a Republican always resorts to that “government interference” when it comes to giving back to taxpayers what they have every right to…their tax dollars and then when it’s time to hand billions to the 1% and corporations, their angst over “government interference” goes out the window? This is the same stunt they are pulling to help corporations stall for time to amass more obscene profits so they don’t have to reciprocate and hire American workers.

  83. Ask yourselves how all of these Republican billionaires can afford to plop $500 million each into RoMONEY’s election and then cry poverty until they get their taxes down to zip? When they don’t pay, you do. Someone has to pull up the slack for the billionaire slackers who only love stuffing their pockets with your hard earned tax dollars.

    They have hundreds of millions to put into a campaign but they can’t afford to hire? Seems like the only manufacturing being done by these wealthy slugs is cow dung.

    • Ummm….”Billionaire slackers stuffing their pockets with YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS”.

      Huh…if you change the words around you fit exactly what the democrats are trying to do “Slackers stuffing their pockets with billionaires tax dollars”.

      When will we realize as a nation that we cannot babysit everyone who doesn’t want to work? People need to take personal responsibility for their actions, not blame the government because they aren’t getting enough of the “American Dream” in their welfare check and their ADC.
      They can’t afford to hire because their isn’t enough DEMAND for production.
      Keeping unnecessary labor will cause more businesses to close…creating MORE people without jobs. Vicious circle, etc.

      What we need to keep in mind…even in the two years where Democrats controlled the Presidency, the Senate, AND the House…they never passed a budget…and had the largest spending deficits in the history of the US.

      Because the Republican have majority in one of the three, it does not make it their fault the economy is persistingly bad just because they won’t roll over and allow the limitless spending to continue.

  84. I listened to Chris Hayes and another commentator on one of cable channels. There is no doubt, even without their objective coverage of this issue, that they are. It shows in everything they say and do. The republicans are appearing more and more desparate by the day. I will never vote for any of them presently seeking office. I used to always vote rep., but am alarmed about their fanaticism and weird presidential candidates. What a mess.

    • I have always been a Democrat,but would vote Republican if there was an honest one running ! I will not hold my breath. I wish the Electoral College would go BYE BYE !

  85. The Republican GOP of NO cares not one c*** about the American people, womens rights, the middle class, or anything else of it. I voted GOP up until Nixon pulled his own criminality, then had the good sense to switch to Indie and never looked back. The Tea Party is puppeteering the entire GOP into mind control of the voters using TV ad blitzkrieg and continually keeps coming back time and time again with its same bills to kill taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals and then take it out of the hides of the middle class, seniors, retirees, union members, and others of us who don’t own million dollar yachts and jets. And the Supreme Court is packed with GOP appointees who do the same thing. Just look at the “Citizen’s ” decision by the justices that set up the insane amount of money corporations can give to politicians under the guise that a corporation is a “person”. That is the most absurd piece of logic, and I would expect to hear it from a stand-up comic instead of the Supreme Court of this country. IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS. NOW. AT THE POLLS… BEFORE THINGS GET REALLY UGLY.

    • It will probably get VERY ugly before it gets better. The greedy have so much control, the will fight hard to keep it! ! ! Do you have friends that have switched parties,because of this mess ?

  86. what great campaign slogans: GOP sabotaging economy! GOP stalling recovery! and everybody knows it’s true, even those who told pollsters it’s false. they know it’s true because mitch mcconnell as good as said so.

  87. As far as I’m concerned, the Republican Congress should be thrown out along with some of the Democrats. Don’t wait for an election. They get paid a lot of money to sell our country down the river. Do your job or get out! You take our money from taxes to get paid and you are treason bound against America!

    John D. Taylor

  88. That’s absurd! The liberals will do or say anything to look legitimate. Remember the republicans have just recently took over the house. BEfore that, the Demon-crats had control of the house, senate, and white house. Who was blocking the economy then? Only a nut would says such and thing and onely a nutter would believe it. Get real!

  89. We need to start electing our Presidents. We vote for them , but the Electoral College elects them. At least we could say that the people were responsible for this mess, and not so much, the Government .

  90. Given the amount of cash that corporations are sitting on, and in particular the banking sector has money to lend but is not lending. I have had two clients who have applied for loans and are jumping through hoops. These are clients who can afford upper six-digit and low seven-digit priced homes, but are given the run around on mortgage applications.

    With wages being paid below marginal productivity it is no wonder that we are still in depression. Any hopes of a stimulus to get the economy off the rocks of depression has been ruined by the Republicans who instead of working together give us a temper tantrum about national debt. Where were they when the Bush Administration ran up the debt on a war we did not need? Is the debt problem of a 4-trillion dollar war and more trillions in tax cuts that were not needed as well? So causing the problem they want to dump their mess on the current administration?

    It would be nice to refresh the public’s memory on what happened in the past to create the current circumstances since the public’s memory is roughly six-weeks.

    If the objective of business is to lower wages, then wouldn’t destroying the main asset of the middle class their homes make it easier to lower wages? The valuation of the home creates a wealth effect as economists will tell you. Destroy the wealth it is easier to create a sense of fear and panic and this fear and panic is what will enable business to lower wages.

    What business forgets, is that this middle class is the main component of demand and without demand for their products businesses will not grow and may even contract (this means layoffs).

    What the objective then is is to depress the economy until after the election and then take credit for the recovery by using the hoard of cash. Then labor will look to them as saving the economy and keep them in power. The outcome will be that real wages will decrease and the middle class will be worse off then before and easier to control since the last vestiges of collective bargaining will be gone, so they will be able to dictate what you will earn. The middle class will become corporate serfs.

    Nice outcome?

  91. Right on!!!!!!!!! Ditto. I call it “mutiny”. Both parties are guilty. Repub’s more so. This behavior is bringing down this country!

  92. How dose it feel to be played like a fiddle my most noble family. In the devaluation laid against the “Quality of Life”! This is no great surprise! No great revelation. No even a thing of Divine Providence! But might it be? A great act of the “cowardly”! That is too say, the non-intervention of Our Supreme Court. in not defending “We the People”. Not seeking the well-being of the common good and honest living carried into the proclivity of sabotaged today. Through the PAC we can call a Minority! As we witness the “passive attribute” of the Democratic Party. As it all digs a gravesite for the love and devotion of Our Forefathers. As we see the Legalization of Overt. In what Thorstein Veblen, refer to as the limitation of output by businessmen to enhance profits by maintaining scarcity of goods. While in wartime it connotes nonmilitary enemy activity, by either foreign agents or native sympathizers, especially the physical damage of vital industries.
    But how should we look at this? Through the deregulation of the stock market and the Banks! The Chamber of Commerce we call ALEC and the Tea Party! The manipulating of Buying, Out Sourcing and Profiteering! Through Production in the out sourcing of Quantity! As we see the manipulating and exploitation of pricing today. As people lose their jobs, thrown from their homes. In the proclivity, that manufactured, a Great Recession and Housing Collapse. But it’s just an accident! Right? In a “big bubble” that went “boom”!
    Just what is buying a statesman for an Act of Self-serving justification, all about as a “Minority”? It truly is what Our Forefathers feared the most. In the loss of “republicanism” and “Classical Liberalism”. As we see the agenda of Paul Ryan, Mitch Macconnell and John Boehner. In a Supreme Court that looks the other way in a passive attribute.
    Here are some references for Sabotage.
    saboteur – someone who commits sabotage or deliberately causes wrecks
    diversionist, wrecker, ruiner, uprooter, waster, destroyer, undoer
    social unit – an organization regarded as part of a larger social group

  93. Tell me something I don’t know. The Republicans have a pact of sorts that they will not raise taxes, by this I mean that they don’t want to raise taxes for the rich. Even the rich themselves have said that it would be ok to do so. As I see it the republicans are all that is evel. The democrates have a big job ahead of them and I as a Texas Veteran who loves my country will always be a democrate. If anyone of you know someone that doesn’t vote, do what you can to change that.

  94. Obama and his gang will be in the blame game even after the November election. “Its Bushs fault” It is the Republicans fault” and it is the White Race out to get me” Obama is a very poor leader and a serious threat to our nation. We need a leader who finds solutions and who can get opposing parties together. Who in their right mind would work with a man like Obama?

    • we have a leader in Obama, when you have an obstructionist do nothing congress, there is not much any president can do. the repuds said they would do anything to keep Obama from 2 terms! It’s on record.they are a bunch of racist bastards that have tanked the economy.

  95. The Republicans are so committed to making President Barack Obama a one term President, until they will tank the economy, and wreck the country and constantly ignore FACTS, however, in SPITE of their obstruction and lies, the economy is GROWING. What would it be if the 1 Million JOBS BILL that would have kept the TEACHERS, COPS & FIREMEN WORKING, even the CBO would have reduced the UNEMPLOYMENT rate, by at least 1%. Just think what the UNemployment rate would be if the TRANSPORTATION BILL would be passed that would create a minimum of 3 MILLION CONSTRUCTION jobs, and YET the REPUBLICANS have NOT MOVED TO PASS, YET THEY pass non meaningful bills and take VACATION EVERY OTHER WEEK. MY recommendations IS THAT NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT, BUT EACH DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATOR, TELL their constituents of how MANY JOBS their states ARE NOT GETTING BECAUSE OF THE REPUBLICAN GRIDLOCK.

  96. You have to have blinder’s on, not to notice that the republicans are hurting Obama’s chance’s to be elected! At least their trying really hard! But I Think President Obama has been holding himself up, Pretty good by himself, with no help from Congress at all! The Supreme court should be held accountable, for allowing all this big money in to the election in the first place! It sure is helping the republicans, Wouldn’t you think?It kind of remind’s me of the year Bush and Gore were running for President! It seemed very unfair to me than!I feel like its all happening again! Alot of State’s ,Mostly The one’s with Republican Governor’s! Their passing bills that make it more difficult to vote! Now I hear though the news, Their already having problems about the voting in Florida! How can they get away with doing things that aren’t right, why isn’t the law stepping in?….Just would like to know!…

  97. They have twarted every effort to help America because they hate the President more than they Love the country.Like Hitler they tell the same lies over and over until people believe it.The systems been bought by them.Democracy as we know it is over

  98. Oh please! What has Odumma done to get this country back on it’s feet? NOTHING. But his wife can spend $600.00, yes, SIX HUNDRED, on a pair of sneakers, I’m luck I make that some months, I WORK. So please, get off the “conspiracy theory” that the Repubs are not allowing President Hussein Obama to get the economy back to where it should be. Maybe he should have all of the ILLEGALS, who suck the system dry, DEPORTED, do the job he was elected to do and stop whining about Republicans, nothing more than a smoke screen.

  99. If the Republicans could, they would claim everybody against them were traitors and then would have them shot. Remember Bush’s, If you’re not with me, then that means you’re against me, and you’re a traitor to your country. This was because people questioned his rush to the Iraq war. The Republicans supported everything this man did, no matter how bad it was or how many people it hurt. Obama can’t get anything done, because the Republicans will support the wealthiest in this country, at the expense of the poor and middle class.

  100. I can’t believe you actually believe we believe your BULLSHIT! The idea that your Socialist, Marxcist, and Commumist agenda is not obvious to all Americans after 3 plus years of Barak “I Don’t Have A Clue” O-BUM-A” and his Nazi regime, is arogant and shows your true ignorance to whats happening now and in November. “We the People” are fullyaware of this Prick In The White Houses agenda and nothing you print is going to change the “REAL CHANGE” America wants and needs come November. The economy, 5 trillion dollars of new debt in just “3yrs”, 40% more people on food stamps, 15% more dependant on some kind of Government assistance, the lowest job growth in American history, highest gas prices in American history, ect ect ect, all belongs to this Mindless fool at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! His address can’t change soon enough. And now, with nearly 14mil Americans out of work, he says that allowing 800,000 (which we know is a few million) temporary citizenship and the right to work is GOOD FOR AMERICA. What a mouron. A complete and utter mouron. Thats like saying We can’t afford to support our family of four so we’ll adopt 10 more and that will be good for our situation. Stupidity has been running rampant the last 3yrs in Washington with Erkel behind the wheel. That car WILL crash in November.

  101. Republicans have been in bed with fossil fuel producers and want to block renewable energy. They have been in bed with armaments manufacturers (The Carlyle Group, George Bush I and Halliburton, George Bush II are two examples) and they profit greatly from war. If Romney is elected, Iran will be in their sights. They block grants to states for teachres, firemen and policemen but appropriated $63 BILLION for domestic drones to be used on all us at home. All they have to do is say we’re terrorists. The definition is up to them since they have conveniently decided it’s unnecessary to have a trial and can let us enjoy “prolonged detention.” So much for their rhetoric about “fighting for our freedom.”

  102. Yes, the Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the American economy. Mitch McConnell gave them their mandate the day Obama became President. You could tell from the footage, the expressions on the faces of Republicans like Eric Cantor and John Boehner, that Republicans were up to no good. At this point, I must applaud Richard Nixon. Though Nixon lost a number of elections, he never stuped to the current level of Republican childishness. He went back to the drawing board, reorganized, and tried again. The tragedy of the Republicans is that they think they are fooling somebody. They don’t realize that everyone sees through their lies, half-truths, and party-spin. They would have us believe that the COLLAPSE never happened, or that, somehow it is all Obama’s fault. George Bush owes the American people an apology. He destroyed all that Americans had saved for, and it was his LIES that got us into war, squandering trillions of dollars. All the money spent since Bush left office was spent in an effort to salvage the country. Republicans want to DENY this simple fact. So of course most Americans believe the Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy, and they will be held accountable. They can’t LIE their way back into office. Romney may be a gifted LIAR, but he isn’t that good. By the way, it was Tom Stemberg and Leo Kahn who founded, created, and built STAPLES, INC., not Mitt Romney. Read the book: “STAPLES.”

  103. Do people really doubt this? It’s been a repub priority since Obama won. Everyone knows their motto is ” Screw the people who elected us”.

  104. What is wrong here ????
    Get laid-off an you still pay taxes….
    become a billionaire….and pay no taxes…hmmm
    Oh yeah…..bridges and roads are falling apart while Congress/Senate investigates wether an athlete has taken steroids and lied about it…..spending millions in the process. WTF ????

  105. Oh yeah….some people say : Why doesn’t the government create jobs….but…yet we should cut government workers jobs and benefits….hmmm maybe those people sho have crused the economy…you know….bankers and investors….should create jobs instead of crushing working men and women when they buy a company and break it down into little pieces that they sell it out from under us because it is more profitable to tear it down than to save it….oh yeah … no taxes paid on that profit either.
    I have to stop now before I throw-up.

  106. Yes, I agree with some of the other comments that republicans are purposely sabotaging the economy. When it comes to re-electing some of these so-called Tea Partiers, they will be a thing of the past and will be looking for a new job. Alot of the republicans bow to the whims of the tea partiers because they don’t have any balls including the speaker of the house. I hope Mitch McConnell is voted out of office soon he is as worthless as tits on a bull. If Romney wins the American people will lose and the power brokers will win. The middle class will continue to struggle through Romney’s presidency. All you folks out there, republican and democrat, you need to make sure Romney doesn’t win because if he does he will definitely run this country in the groung. I am a republican but I vote for who actually is the best and right now President Obama is the best that we have. Please vote to keep him in office and he will turn this country around. Write your senator or congressman/woman to pass those bills to start up the economy again. If they know that their job is on the line they will pass those bills.

  107. The Pubs will do anything to harm Obama. I have an idea. Lets give the South to the Repubs , and we will take the North. Give them everything they want. George W can be their president. They hate regulation. so they can stop it in the South. They can have all the dirty air, dirty water, spoiled food, no healthcare,no social security, no medicare, no foodstamps, and no welfare. They want to drill for oil. They can have all the oil soaked beaches they want. They want to kill the Dept of Education, Dept. of Commerce. They want to stop the post office, firemen and police . And then there is gun issue. We should let them have all the guns they want, then all we have to do is sit back and watch them kill each other. Everyone wins!

  108. If anyone votes republican, they are truly voting against their own best interest. The only reason they are doing this, is to bring PBO down. But they are truly messing up the whole economy, just to make him a 1 term president. So if you can vote please prove them wrong and let your voice be heard. If you think that the republicans are going to create jobs, then your in for a big let down. The only jobs they will create, is out of our country. If everybody will come together, we can get rid of the do nothing congress and let the real people do the job.Anyone who will vote for taking women’s rights, will never get my vote. So ladies let’s make liars out of them. That’s all they have been doing since they took over in 2008. Think about that, then cast your vote.

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