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Monday, October 23, 2017


A  CNN/ORC poll released Monday finds that the public’s confidence in President Barack Obama is dipping.

According to the poll, only 40 percent of Americans surveyed believe the president can manage the government effectively – significantly lower than the 52 percent that said the same in June. An overwhelming 56 percent say that he is not a person they “admire,” nor does he agree with them on important issues.

The poll reveals that a majority of Americans – 53 percent – believe President Obama is “not honest and trustworthy.” Furthermore, an equal 53 percent say that he is not a “strong and decisive leader.”

The lack of trust in the president and his abilities to govern come after several tough months for the administration that involved deep partisan feuding, the 16-day government shutdown, and the troubled Affordable Care Act website launch.

CNN polling director Keating Holland specifically points to the “controversy over Obamacare” as a reason for Americans’ distrust of the president over the past few weeks.

According to Holland, the botched rollout “has had a bigger impact on his status as an effective manager of the government, and that may be what is really driving the drop in Obama’s approval rating this fall.”

With a majority of Americans doubting Obama, it is hardly shocking that the poll also finds that 56 percent of Americans do not feel he inspires confidence. This may prove to be a problem in the future when the president seeks public support on implementing his platform.

Still, the poll finds that 6 in 10 Americans continue to believe that the president has a vision for the country’s future, and 7 in 10 find him “likable” – his best attribute, according to the poll, and perhaps the best tool he has to regain the public’s trust.

The poll, conducted November 18 through November 20, surveyed 843 adult Americans and has a margin of error +/- 3.5 percent.

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27 Responses to Poll: Public Losing Trust In President Obama

  1. I could ask how accurate could these polls of 800 or so random people be? Who still have land lines, by the way. Which don’t help. But, what has really changed since June? The healthcare roll out has put the natives in a foul mood. That’s what. And, that makes perfect sense. But, I wonder what percentage of those same people would say they would trust Congress to manage the fried butter, and corn dog stand at the Iowa State Fair? I’ll just take a wild guess, and say not many. Well, the Presidency is a meat grinder. The thing about Washington, and the Federal Government is, things get screwed up when good people are actually trying to do their best. But, if a bunch like the T-Party comes to town. With the philosophy that government can’t work. Then sets about proving themselves right, by making sure they do everything they can, to make sure it doesn’t. Well, that’s something else altogether. But does the President have to accept most of the blame for it?
    The short answer is yes. A longer more accurate answer would be, it’s not always fair. But the answer is still yes. It’s how we look at our Presidents. There was
    a guy yelling at him today about immigration, for deporting too many people. How
    many Americans do we suppose are out there, that believe he doesn’t deport anyone? In fact, every election day, his idea of getting out the vote is sending hundreds of busses across the border to Mexico. Then, setting everyone up on
    food stamps, until he can make them all legal by executive edict! Seriously, how
    many Americans? So with this government, in this political climate, 40% is an amazing number, if one thinks about it!

  2. These are the same people who, when they were polled over a decade ago, supported President Bush’s claims of Iraq WMDs, saw nothing wrong with granting MVN status to the homeland of the people that planned, financed, and carried out the 9/11 attack. These are the same people who don’t remember what President Reagan said after 241 Marines were slaughtered near the Beirut airport and the subsequent cut and run. They are the same ones who believed an obscure Lt. Colonel was responsible for foreign policy decision in the Reagan era. The same ones who believe the S&L debacle and the near collapse of Wall Street, and subsequent 2007-10 were caused by the man who inherited the mess in 2009.
    Honestly, their opinion is not surprising. Instead, it is a manifestation of our intellectual limitations, the influence of money in America, the power of a well crafted demonization campaign, and the way questions are asked.
    In any case, I am proud to be among the 40% who supports the President and his agenda.

    • Actually, the media has done its best to cover for Obama for 5 years now. You can only cover for a terrible President for so long. The media HATED GW Bush, and it took how long for his approval rating to get down to the 30’s? Obama’s is in the 30’s now and this is with the media doing everything it can to help him out. Perhaps the 39% or so who approves of Obama represent a thinning heard of blind sheep.

      • “Herd” not “heard,” you idiot! At least we’re the ones who can still spell. In a nation where the public acts like adolescents, what surprise is it that many of them do not like the adult in the room.

        Let me amend that, the adults in the room. The far right fantasy is this: here is President Obama, staff in hand, herding his sheeple, all by himself, one day printing and signing Social Security checks; the next, working on the nation’s tax returns; then on holidays, dressing up (from his usual shepherd’s garb) to lay a wreath at one place or another of the nation’s many cemeteries; next day, in uniform as Commander-in-chief, stationed in Kabul, telling the soldiers in Afghanistan what to do, hour-by-hour; the next day, he’s in his hoodie, trying his darned-est to unsnarl the ACA website; uh-oh, now he’s flying to Europe or Asia and has to dress up again, this time to participate in overseas summits–ALL BY HIMSELF.

        The Republicans would LIKE this president to work all by himself, that’s why they have blocked his appointments to the courts and nominees needed to run the government. The president is not and cannot preside over his presidency all by himself, no matter how badly some Republicans would like him to (they’d tie one hand behind his back if they could–his left, the one he writes with). That’s why Harry Reid led the Senate in finally doing away with Republican abuse of the filibuster. No president has or ever will be–or was meant to be–working alone! So why all this hand-wringing about his popularity?

        The more he tries to do during his administration, the more risks he takes and the more he is bound to offend someone. As for me–having taught among adolescents for a third of my life (thought it felt like a hundred years)–I would be suspect if he was liked too much, or if he gave a hoot about what an uninformed public or his avowed enemies–all Republicans of every stripe–thought of him. He lives and functions among experts–those are the opinions he cares about at this point in his presidency: which is more than a stupid popularity contest, everybody.

          • I am working. What are you doing? I imagine you have much more time on your hands than us who work. Enjoy typing in a liberal rag.

          • I produce while you sponge. Typing comments in a liberal rag isn’t producing. Big difference. Bye.

          • If you ARE at work, which I certainly commend, you are cheating by writing on this comment thread, unless you are a paid troll–which is a possibility. In that case, you are both “producing” and typing comments on the Internet. Are you a paid troll or cheating on your employer?

          • Yeah, all you’ve got is the moronic wing-nut trope that everyone who disagrees with them must be a freeloader. If you want to see dishonesty, ignorance, and stupidity, try looking in the mirror. Well, I guess at least you “work,” or can we even believe you in that?

          • This president has accomplished more in 5 years than any president since Teddy Roosevelt including probably FDR.
            Sit back and try to list for me ten significant things that you can think of that any president between Teddy Roosevelt and Obama have done that has really benefitted America.

            I’d be interested to see you come with with 10 significant accomplishments of one president you choose.
            You seem to think Obama hasn’t accomplished much, let’s hear all those wonderful things especially the idiot GOP presidents have done over the past 110 years!!! Put up or shut up!!!

  3. One column here suggests what is going on in the real world and you have only 2 blind liberal sheep who even bother trying to argue.

      • Most people know this website is a liberal rag (if they even know it exists) and nobody but blind liberal sheep take it seriously. You are the ones making fools of yourselves. I hope you seriously don’t think you are contributing anything to society by commenting here.

        • If you believe what we say is inconsequential, then why would you be posting on this comment thread, while at work–the boss OK with that? Cheating–the immediate recourse of Republicans who cannot face a challenge.

          • Because he’s a pathetic, insecure twirp who thinks he can enlarge his penis by acting superior to others.

          • That sounds like a good way to earn some extra money, so where can I apply for a job to become a Paid Troll.

  4. The public is always losing something or other, usually its mind.
    H. L. Meinken said “No one ever lost money by underestimating the public taste,” and if you substitute “intelligence” for “taste” you have a statement that is often closer to true than the original, though of course the two go hand in hand.
    The public seems to drift with the wind, or with god knows what.

    • Very apt & startlingly accurate!!! Could this ‘low intelligence’ (which is what we’re actually referring to) quotient be due to the fact that no one reads? REAL books? There’s science behind the holding of, marking, writing in, touching the pages of ‘real’ (vs. a kindel) books, that enhances cognition. & it shows, as U’r only the 3rd person (that I’m aware of) that referenced Meinken here on the NM blog…

  5. Lets be clear – the blame doesn’t belong to President Obama. Ok, ok, maybe partially, but who left him at the mercy of those thugish, savage T-baggers? After the hellish years of the conservative WH regime of 2001-2009, it’s not like we didn’t understand what needed to be done, as well as who we needed to do it, as to our votes for the 2010 MidTerms, was it? Of course there’s a trust issue NOW, w/big money interests having him & Congress pinned in the corner so much so, nothing can OR will get done, w/out their say-so. W/more Liberal/Progressives in Congress, can we realistically believe there would have been the ‘non-response’ from Dem’s & Independents all, following Citizens United? Who are we kidding?! We vote or don’t! & we get what we deserve! In 1992 we voted for President Clinton & got the best economy & job market & peaceful planet in well over a century!!! We didn’t vote intelligently in 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2010 & the nation went over the cliff & eventually crashed (’08, w/no recovery YET!!!), so whose responsibility was it, We the People, or those who made things better/worse (in turn)? Think people, THINK!!!

  6. While democratic processes attach value to each individual, collectivism reduces each of us to a vessel for the will of pernicious quacks and their utopian delusions.

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