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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mitt Romney’s decision to pick Paul Ryan as his running mate may not have given him a boost in national polls, but it is paying dividends in Ryan’s native Wisconsin. According to a new Public Policy Polling survey, Romney now leads President Barack Obama in Wisconsin by a 48 to 47 percent margin, representing a seven point shift from PPP’s last poll in July (which showed Obama leading 50-44.)

Although Wisconsin voters have a mixed opinion of Ryan — 49 percent view him favorably compared to 45 percent who view him negatively — the congressman is still more popular in the state than Romney (who has a 45/48 favorability rating,) Obama (46/50,) or Vice President Joe Biden (41/48.)

Ryan’s most tangible impact appears to be uniting Republicans behind Romney. In PPP’s last poll, Republicans supported Romney by and 87 to 9 percent margin; that lead is now up to 93 to 5 percent.

Obama is still ahead among independents, but his 47 to 43 percent lead significantly down from the 53 to 39 percent lead that he held six weeks ago.

Although Wisconsin has been a blue state in every presidential election since 1984, there is good reason to believe that it will be a swing state in 2012. The new PPP survey finds an electorate that’s 34 percent Republican and 32 percent Democratic; this represents a dramatic shift from 2008, when the electorate was 39 percent Democratic and 33 percent Republican. Furthermore, the state GOP is well organized and energized after successfully fighting off a recall challenge against Governor Scott Walker in June.

The Badger State would be a crucial pickup for Romney and the Republicans, as the state’s 10 electoral votes would help make up for potential losses in Western states like Nevada and Colorado, where Romney is expected to struggle among Latino voters.

Romney may not ultimately be able to turn Wisconsin red, but with Ryan on the ticket it seems clear that the state will truly be in play for the first time in years.

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  • boooo… Im voting Ron Paul. He’s the only candidate that is qualified.

  • This is a very sad story indeed. What could those people in Wisconsin be thinking, if they’re thinking at all.

    • johninPCFL

      Voting for the native son. Doesn’t have to make sense.

    • Cognitive dissonance misses the point, stupidity or naivete are better terms to describe what is happening in Wisconsin and Missouri. I would not be surprise if Wisconsin rejects the Romney-Ryan agenda, I doubt Missouri will.

  • The fact that Romney only got a small bounce in Ryan’s home state, where he now leads by only one point, suggest that people in that state remain unsure and that there is a good chance they will change their minds between now and November. I am not holding my breat, however, all we have to do is look at what is happening in Missouri where Senatorial candidate Todd Akin, a man who deserves only scorn, is leading in the polls. Hopefully enough Democrats will vote and offset the energy that is evident among Tea Party Republicans, especially the so called evangelicals, who in my book are nothing less than disciples of the anti-Christ.

  • riobob111

    Mitt Romney can damage us further and His running mate Ryan is no better.Wake up Wisconsin

  • riobob111

    Dominick, I couldn’t agree more. Americans wake up. Support OBAMA and get a good working Congress

  • Fools!

  • RodgerMitchell

    Apparently, the less affluent people in Wisconsin are happy to have their Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid reduced, and their taxes increased, just as the wealthy people want for them. Once a servant, always a servant.

    Ultimately, we all get the government we deserve.

  • pasiekamichael

    Americans, wake up??? Are you kidding me? Congress is not working now! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. This country is going bankrupt and we want to give Obama 4 more years???????????? Come on now. It is insane to re-elect Obama. He is in over his head. Go Romney.

  • commiedeke

    i love MITT!!!

    • your problem

      • You Got That Right!! Cause If He’s Not Rich Mitt Don’t Love Him!!! Mitt Love To Get His Vote After That He’s SCREWED!!!

    • shonti

      ICK and YUK

  • WhutHeSaid

    Just give it a bit of time, and some knuckle-dragging cretin of a Republican will spew out more hate for women/Blacks/Hispanics/youth/seniors. They just can’t help themselves.

    • Your Got That Right Same As The Idiots That Come And Troll Behind Others Here Got The Same Foot in Mouth Problems, They Are A Bunch Of Koch Brothers Butt Kissing LIARS And SOCIOPATHS!!

  • You know Wisconsin I do not understand why Romney would be leading in your state particularly since he selected Ryan for his VP. Home state or not look at the facts. You have already experienced the republican party action in your state, Ryan has signed the amendment that incest or rape victims cannot get abortions, you know he will alter Medicade and Medicare, you know that the middle class in Wisconsin will disappear due to increased tax hikes, while the rich get richer due to lower taxes. you know women will be taken back to the 50s,60s, do as I say not as you a women may want to do. Come on don’t be a badger by hiding your head in a hole and ignoring the republican signs of change. Sure the economy is not that great, but why isn’t it. President Obama tried to have jobs plan passed, but your statesperson Ryan along with other repubs once agin said no. Be dammed to the people. we as republicans will not surrender and say Yes instead of no. Our only goal for the last 4 years has been to to make President Obama a one term president. We Republican do not care if you loose jobs, houses money is scarce,education system is failing, schools closing, rights being lost We promise you as Republicans we do not care, we will not leave our one term plan for Obama. Well if you vote republican I am sure the Koch brothers will send you all a nice thank you note and do as they please to the state of Wisconsin.

    • onedonewong

      Yep and 60% of the electorate like walker and Ryan only the union THUGS dislike them

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        you are still an Idiot, Mr. Onehungwrong!

        • ClydeMcWhorter

          mr onehungwrong.

        • onedonewong

          still got nothing why do you even post??

      • To onedonewong: How are you doing financially? Don’t blame Obama because history teaches us that it takes time, sometimes years, for legislation to take its full effect on the economy. Reagan left in the late 80’s and it took only a few years for the economy to tank. Bush left in 2008 and the economy began tanking just before he left. This is due to his policies being too far right and too irresponsible. He lied to get us into the Iraq war at a cost of 4,000+ American soldiers and trillions in unpaid debt. Halliburton made billions, Americans (99%) paid for it. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac execs made tens of millions, Americans (99%) paid for it. Lehman Brothers execs lined their pockets until the company went bankrupt. Bank of America, Countrywide, other financial institutions did the same, Americans (99%) continue to pay for it. Now, these execs continue to reap millions in pay and bonuses while Americans (99%) continue to pay their debt. Their is so much corruption in DC, the financial institutions, stock market and corporations top management that Americans (99%) no longer care! That much is clearly obvious if the 99% can continually be screwed, lied to, and robbed and any kind of poll calls this race close.
        The Republican party who openly stated their goal was to “make Obama a one-termer” have done everything they could to sabotage our recovery from the onslaught of corruption unleashed while Bush was in office. I firmly believe the entire Republican party should be indicted on treason charges. While I believe BOTH parties are pathetic, the Republican one is clearly a “mafia” type organization!!!!! FYI I calculated MY tax rate over the past 10 years and found that my effective tax rate ranged from 23% to 29% while Ole’ Mitt pays only 13%. Now, Mitty and his sidekick Pauly want to reduce that to near 0%. That’s OK though because when the 99% have nothing left to lose, “others” will.

        • that’s what i been trying to tell people, but you said it better than i could, and the women i do not understand why they would go for the abortion ban, if mittens get the white house and abortion is banned then i do hope karma will step in and show these women what it will be like to be raped by a family member and have to carry that baby, also i hope that one finds out that having that baby will kill her and she can not get an abortion, i call upon Karma to take full power to show these women when they lose daughters and grand daughters to mittens new laws, i am not worried for me and my daughter, but am worried for my grand daughters when time comes, our rights will go one by one, this will be a communist country, where the poor and disabled will die for no medical coverage, they will start new wars, that will again drive up prices, they will do away with our programs that sustain our life, Republicans lie, cheat and steal to get the white house, and the senate, if they do we are so screwed!!! Obama may not be all that great, but he could be if the right people was behind him, the republicans did all they could to keep him from doing all that he tried to do,

        • onedonewong

          Worse under obama, everyone is doing worse the only ones doing better are China, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Syria and Iran. The economy tanked under Obama, W inherited a Recession, Reagan inherited a depression.
          Clinton decimated the CIA so that we had ZERO intelligence on the middle east he also turned down Sudan;s offer to turn over Bin Laden.
          The economy started to tank under W when the Dem’s took over the Congress in 2oo7.
          As for troop loses, we have had RECORD losses under Barak’s rules of engagement 4 years running over 1/2 of all our casualties are due to barak valuing moooslim lives over our own troops.
          The only MAFIA I see is baraks Chicago thuggery and the fact that he TOOK $$$ from the Mafia Mr Ruzuka

    • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

      You got it soooooooo right! Let them have their way, then when the WHOLE country is in financial shambles like it was in the 1930’s, then the Democrats will have a smooth time getting elected. The only bad thing about it is, all the rest of us have to live with the shit. The only reason that nothing has happened thus far is that enough people are not hurting yet. If you go to a mall (any mall) you have to ask “…is there really a recession?” or roll down the interstate and look at all the Audis, BMWs, Jags, etc. and ask the same question. I realize the 1930’s it isn’t, but it could very well get that way if the attitudes don’t change and the republicans get into office… I can hear the bitching and complaing already…

    • Gammaanya

      Because Romney bought them and served them cheap ham and cheese sandwiches, and that’s what it takes these days to buy votes and vote against itself. More and more Wisconsinites coming to Ill for jobs since Walker new no bids contracts were given to his buddies who donated their money for his defense. Oh the power of greed, money , lies, distortions and stupid voters. R/R wil win the Presidency – I predicted that Romney will pick Ryan, both a power hungry but the diff. is Ryan know the middle class better and can play the I am one of you (yeah right) better than Romney, who have no clue. After all it’s their turn – yeah for what?? Romney destroyed, stripped and shipped enough jobs to last a life time for some. Well Some of us will survive R/R but not the current generation. I predict SS/Medicare will be thing of the past and only, only in the books if we still have Public Ed. That too will be a history, we might not be here in 10 yrs or so, pollution of air and water will finish us off – fast. Hmmm Koch Bros will not be around to sniff it or breath it nor they will take their money with them. LOL

  • Hate is a strong motivator, it will turn you against your best interest and against your country.
    hate will and have many voters politically suicidal, how do I know this because when they had
    the republican debates the constant changes of opinion of the eventual nominee and the lies the
    other candidates were able to show to the World how plastic the Candidate is.

  • Wisconsin seen the 6 Billion is debt from Liberal Gov. Doyle, so elected Walker to solve the problem without raising taxes, laying off teachers, firefighters, police or other government workers, while creating jobs. He was sucessful in doing all of this and was re-elected in a completely, political recall that was a farce because Walker had done exactly what he promised. These Democrats & union leaders, (from around the nation) didn’t like the results of a fair election and rammed a recall that cost $18 Million.

    Wisconsin had elected a Conservitive Republican Senator Ron Johnson to replace Liberal Feingold, as well as many more to turn Wisconsin Red after decadeds of deficit spending to buy votes. We have seen the complete failed policies of Obama after 4 years, and the last recession “officially” ended in June 2009, so enough of the BLAME GAME already. Face it, BO’s policies are drowning our citizens in debt, taxes, Illegal Amnesty (bypassing the will of American voters and Congress) and he wants to do more of the same.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      dear cindypaulie, are you stupid or just an Idiot?? Walker never told the voters that he was going to bust the unions in Wisconson. He never said publicly that he was going to bust the public sector then use “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” to destroy the rest of the workers protection working coditions, job security or any other benefit That would not be possible without unions.

      Walker lost more jobs than he created, laid off teachers, firefighters, andcops, and public sector workers. And never created any jobs. Paul Rant voted for all of Jr Bushes wars, tax cuts and voted for everything that caused this recession that we are still in. Paul Rant has voted against every thing that Obama has tryed to do to get things turned around. Pauk Rant beliefs came from a Russian Athiest. And he has been condemed by his own church for his budget proposals. Get a life, but don’t take the rest of us down with you!!

    • Gammaanya

      Did he bought you with his ham and cheese sandwich??? LOL U R CHEAP. NO Walker di d not created any jobs, he lost more and loosing more. Drive to Silver Lake off 173 in ILL to Hwy Z, WI and count the houses that up for sale since Walker took office (not to mention his shennigans in Milwaukee) or some already abandoned because no buyers. If you have money you can buy now one house on the lake for about 100K that worth about 300-350K few years ago. All these are on the market the last 2 yrs. I travel this way a lot 1 of my businesses is in Wisc). It’s sad to see all these because people lost their jobs or earn not enough. Most are firefighters and cops. I talked with some and they are blaming Walker, because now it’s no bid contracts and ONLY his donors doing the work on your dime on inflated prices. Learn economics and don’t let you hate for your country or other party blind you to the facts. Facts can not be denied. His conversation over the phone with so called Koch Bros should be enough of evidence that HE IS CORRUPTED to the bone. You approve of this methods of Governing then you are guilty of the same crime by association – CORRUPTION. Enjoy your h/c sandwich – soon you will not afford peanut butter and jelly. Get a small tin can, you will be begging on the streets – rightfully so.
      If you love your country and respect the fact that some died for your right to vote, a democracy that Republican’s do not respect that fact or Constitutional right to vote, you are part of the problem not a soultions and U R racist. Vote on issues not parties. Parties come and go, your country is here. I vote on issues, on both parties but before I cast my vote – do RESEARCH how they VOTED on issues important to me and my family and my adopted COUNTRY. I don’t care if they blk, wht, green pink or from Timbuktu, I care that they will vote for the well being of my country and my fellow citizens. They work for me on my dime and thet have no right to violate my right to say who work for me and my country or should be replaced. SAD for your ignorance.

    • shonti

      You need to stop watching that three letter word television channel. We have had no Congress for almost 4 years. That donothing congress has wasted 170,000 each. Times that by the number of Republicans in Congress and that will show you where waste really is. Of course, most of them are on the way out tho I still think that they should have to pay back the American people. One hundred and seventy thousand dollars is a lot of money for staying home. Boehner is first on the list.

    • shonti

      Walker? A total loser. I was a Republican until Palen was chosen as a VP running mate. The Republican party that I supported for a lifetime has moved too far to the right. They have become dictators. That is not the American way. No birth control? We will make China look childless in ten years. Our population will be so huge that we will starve. Think, use your brain, we will have people everywhere with no food, no housing and no education if Ryan, Romney are voted in. You will note that I put Ryan first. If Romney adopts Ryans plan then who is the Alpha of that team?

  • a vote for this idiot is nothing but a vote for slavory, war and institionalised biggotry. he and his buddy should br run out of town.

  • allright . This coupled with Stepahnie Cutters and Harry Reids accusations based on phome calls from Pluton News Week Boston Herald all positive

  • onedonewong

    Romney has taken the lead in 45 states and is ahead nationally by 5 points

    • WhutHeSaid

      You need to learn to count, OneDingDong – President Obama is ahead and his lead (especially among women) is growing.

      Even with so many ding dongs like you running around in this country, America will not elect Mr. Roboto and his woman-hating sidekick — so you’d better prepare yourself now.

      • onedonewong

        Just so you know that its TOTAL votes that win a State unless Dem’s do their normal voter suppression of military votes. Every poll outside of the State Run Media has show Romney ahead since June.
        America will not reelect a Socialist who’s beefs are in tune with Hitlers and a racist VP

        • WhutHeSaid

          Stop lying, DingDong. Everyone knows that only the GOP is interested in suppressing votes. Why? Because they believe it may be their only chance to win.

          Here is a list of polls from August:

          Real Clear Politics, Obama 47%, Romney 45.5%
          Associated Press/GfK, Obama 47%, Romney 46%
          NBC News/Wall St Jnl, Obama 48%, Romney 44%
          Rasmussen, Obama 44%, Romney 46%
          Gallup, Obama 45%, Romney 47%
          Monmouth/SurveyUSA, Obama 46%, Romney 45%
          CNN/Opinion Research, Obama 52%, Romney 45%
          Politico/GWU, Obama 48%, Romney 47%
          Fox News, Obama 49%, Romney 40%
          IBD/CSM/TIPP, Obama 46%, Romney 39%
          Reuters/IPSOS, Obama 49%, Romney 42%

          Only 2 polls had Romney leading, and those were both within the margin of error. Even Fox News showed Obama with a 9 point lead. Obama’s lead is only going to grow with all of the foolishness of the GOP popping up in the news every day, and Paul Ryan’s hate for women getting more exposure. So stop trying to sell us your whoppers, knucklehead.

    • shonti

      You need to watch a different TV channel. That 3 letter word seems to be trying to brain wash the followers. Romney has not taken the lead anywhere. Maybe for 5 minutes he might. People are a lot smarter than that, I hope. Obama will move us forward, not back into the 50s.

      • onedonewong

        Both Rasmussen and Gallup,a left wing poller, both have Romney pulling away

  • It’s no surprise. Wisconsin is full of crackpots and crazies that are religionists, tea partiers, right to lifers, and generally don’t know which end is up! If they are falling for Ryan’s crap then they are dumber than I first thought. No sane person that understands the facts on any of the issues they love to harp on can possibly support a Romney/Ryan ticket so I have to conclude that they are just nuts!

  • When The Catholic Church Ripped Paul Ryan A New Butt Hole About His IMMORAL Budget Bill What Makes Romney Thing The Rest Of The US Would Embrace Paul Ryan??

  • ClydeMcWhorter

    When I Lived In Eau Claire Wisconson, in 1973, There were A lot of manufacturing jobs, and all were Union. most everyone had good paying jobs!! What happened?? Now it sounds like there are no good paying jobs. Me Thinks that Mit Romney set the pace on sending all the jobs to China.

  • Wisconsin, whjat do thy know thy let walker stay there . there pretty much brain dead poor place 🙁

  • Hopefully when people vote in these United States, will not vote for a person whom does not
    know the truth if it bit him in the neck. That is Romney. But it up to the people when comes
    to election time whom they vote for.

  • Johnny Thomas

    I believe that Wisconsin is mostly a union run state which is a few that have good medical benefits paid for by their employer’s and are blinded by that alone not seeing what the rest of America has to go through with pay and they seem to support Ryan who is in favor of stopping abortion for rape and incest on women and children and he is one of their state’s men that stop any work bill that Obama try’s to put through mostly non union job’s are blocked .Just wait until the union need’s job’s they say then we will allow a work bill to go through .I am not against union’s as long as we all have them and until we do get equal treatment then I believe that we don’t need any we all should be equal in skilled labor pay and benefit’s .All this is life or death rite now in America cut it out Republican’s and pay your fare share of taxes now.

  • This continuing “BAN ABORTION” is a total wast of time. It doesn’t matter HOW they try do it, it violates the Constitution. of The United States.
    The United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal. AND a Constitutional right.
    Look up Doe v. Bolton.

    Article VI, Clause 2
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

    “AND the laws”, not “ARE’ the laws”
    If a judge bans abortion, they’re violating the Constitution of the United States. They should be thrown out on the street.

    They can try kind of B# they want. Does that mean it’s legal? NO
    In this kind of situation, as for as it being in a States Constitution?, it’s still illegal.
    There are two and only two ways to change it. The Supreme Court, or an amendment.

    Have a problem with it? does some research before your post your next comment.

    Economy? unemployment disaster? What are those, the only things that matters to the future of this country are abortion rights, and gay marriage.
    Do we really need any more proof of why this country is so screwed up?

  • Wisconsin went full retard back in 2010. Been downhill from there ever since.

  • Bump in Wisconsin actually looks bad for Romney. If news has only given him a 1 point lead, the next 2 months of discovering the truth about Romney and Ryan will not help his cause. As the weeks unfold Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan will have a very tough time explaining themselves. People should listen to what they are NOT saying, such as they will not say “No cuts in Medicare”,”No cuts in Social Security”,”No cuts in student aid”,”No cuts in unemployment, food stamps, and on and on.” Any across the board tax cuts (they support) will not help the middle class. Going to a 25% tax rate will actually cost me more because of itemized deductions which will be eliminated. Thus, I will pay nearly $2k more a year in taxes on my lower middle-class salary. Meanwhile, Ole’ Mitt will pay nothing on his $20mil capital gains! Yes, they propose a 0% capital gains tax rate!

    Middle-Class Americans really need to do their homework BEFORE entering the voting booth. If Romney gets elected we are in serious trouble, more than now!

  • Wisconson you let me down in not impeaching walker, you people must see what the republicans are doing to children starving them, and the number of white kids is higher then i thought, and i’m a white man saying is this what we want to do? If it is what you want then you become murderous just like you accuse woman of abortion. This is commen sense if you put romney a head you will also lose democracy.

  • Eventually, people will wake up in Wisconsin and President Obama will win Wisconsin…people forgot that, outside of his Congressional district, people HATE Eddie Munster…and, even if putting Munster gives Mittens Wisconsin, the fact that he’ll cost him other states more than dwarfs picking up Wisconsin.

  • ridemybroom

    a theif and an atheist….what a country …and people will vote for them…love the republican party…only the stupid and the ignorant would vote for these 2…what a country !!

  • yep, lie cheat and steal, just like Bush did, fasten your American seat belts people we are going to be going on a ride of terror for the middle class, the poor and disabled, we are going to be so screwed!!!

    • shonti

      Mare, have a little faith in the American people. Obama is fighting for us and he doesn’t have to buy our votes the way the Romney people are doing. Start watching the local elections. One by one the Republican candidates are coming up short on the votes. The Akins of this world are being shown for what they are. Women haters.

      • i sure hope so shonti, the republicans belly ached and swore they would make Obama a one term president, it is hard to keep up the faith when the republican states, like fla, cheated to get Bush in and now i fear they may do it by denying voting to most of Obama’s supporters, i am voting all democrat this time i am not even going to vote for my cousin who is Ohio’s republican rep. i can not even trust him now. i believe Mr. Hottinger forgot where he came from.

  • shonti

    I have great faith in the people of Wisconsin. They might be temporarly taken in by the advertisements that the Republican party is throwing at them; but when push comes to shove they will back the Democratic party because they know that the women will be pushed with their noses to the grindstone with no pay increases. The farmers will have no money because Ryan and Romney voted against the farmers. You newlyweds will have no birth control except turning over each night and going to sleep. Of course, Grandma will probably be living with you because she will have used up all of her vouchers. There will be no insurance to cover you should you get pregnant anyway because Do Do Romney says in the first week he would do away with your health care. He wants to make healthcare private so good luck on your finances unless you are like Romney and have all of your money out of the United States so that you don’t have to pay your fare share of Taxes. Or are you good people and pay your share. Oh yes, he is so honest that he won’t even hand in more than 1 and 1half year of taxes. Really Romney, from cutting of a young mans hair, stopping cars with a policemans uniform on, tying your dog in his crate to the top of your vehicle, and all of the pranks and mean things that you have done, I don’t think that President Obama has too much to worry about. Wisconsin people are intelligent to accept you as a temp. in the long run,say for 4 years? They will will stand in that booth and that X will be in the correct spot. Forward for Obama.

  • Seems to be a lot of hate out there today. I think that for every voter you scare into voting for Obama, you turn off someone else. Plus the obvious Democrates poising as Republicans is patheticly laughable.

  • Simpleisbetter2

    Every time I hear “middle class” I think of folks like me who moved BACK to Wisconsin with no job, after putting myself through school, and owing more than what I owned was worth. I also noticed that the RICH Democrats didn’t lift one finger to help. Make no mistake about it.. Obama and his group of thieves are very much the rich and powerful who do not give a darn about all of you. Funny how after working 28 years, and busting my hump 60 hours a week I’m now not considered middle class. Funny how I don’t hear any of that woman bashing stuff in the state from the PEOPLE, since we define what is right and wrong. Not the politicians. This is where Obama has it wrong. He doesn’t need to make decisions for me, nor do the other politicians. My spouse and I can run our lives just fine on our own without Obama’s help, or should I say interference. Oh.. and by the way.. Shhhhh don’t tell the rich folks.. but my wife makes more than I do per hour so my guess is no one is holding her back. We did great under Republicans, and I don’t need anyone to take what I worked hard to earn and give it to someone else. I can determine what charities I give my money to all by my self.


  • There are millions of people in Wusconsin, and I don’t think they were all polled. There’s a reason Wisconsin is a blue State. They’re probably torn between a home-town boy like Ryan, you know, like one of us has done good kind of things. But wait until they see what they’re boy has been doing since he’s been away. It’s going to get ugly. This is just the tip of the iceberg

  • redhousejailer

    i,know two people in wisconsin! and they are as stupid as rommeyand his selection is as dum as rommey.i would not vote him for dog catcher only vote for the county line if he would not come back.

  • redhousejailer

    has any-one wondered why medicare and mediciad and the rest of goverment things are broken and can’t be fixed?well one thing they keep killing all the babies they can’t go up and work ,they give all the help to people that are not united states citizen’s. what did all our solider’s go and fight for FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.but do we have any freedom ?no we do not ,we are taxed to death no,jobs, so in the h—-!can we pay taxes if we can’t work if every thing was not sent over seas wemight just might find a job, but we don’t have companies that we can sell and make million’s or billion’s like rommey did to china and send all the work over there and so on and so forth that is how they all get rich and then they want to tax us poor people that make less then 12000,00per year they want to tax us pooor people to death the middle class is the one that is catching all the dirt!!!!! we need to put a GOD! fearing president in the house, and fire every one in congress and hire all the people that has been out of work for years and then let the rommey’s rayn’s and the rest of them live like we have to . all they do is sit up there and spend all day and figure out lie’s to tell us and theytink we are DUMBwell guess what we are !we let them lie to us time after time!you can look at rommey and tell he is not telling us the truth.they should have to come and live with us poor people 2years before they could run for president,and eat what we have to eat, and the clothes our hildren have to wear to school,it is no wonder we are in the shape we are in they don’t care .we have lost thousands of good men for our freedom if they could only see and know now how things are they would turn over in their graves, people it is time we all wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD IS COMING BACK AFTER HIS OWN .WELL THERE IS ONE THING ABOUT ALL THIS MESS THE ONE’S THAT BELIEVE IN GOD WE WILL BE GONE AND THE LIAR’S AND THE THEIFS WILLLBE HERE AND I DO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM WAKE UP PUT GOD BACK IN OUR SCHOOL’S AND IN OUR GOVERMENT THE WAY THE UNITED STATES WAS BUILD ONTHE WOR OF OUR FATHER GOD! what does the flage mean to a lot of you it is our freedom it stands for all the good men we have lostand our freedom.

  • NotRepubAndDangProudOfIt

    When are the middle class republican voters going to open their eyes? If you vote republican you’re only voting to cut YOUR throat, your middle class parents throats, and your childrens throats. Wake the heck up and use something called the World Wide Web to access legislative information. It will show you exactly how your elected officials…repubs and dems vote on bills that directly or indirectly affect you and your families. THEN, hopefully you may be able to figure out exactly who gives a damn about the above mentioned YOU and YOUR Family. I assure you, it is NOT the REPUBLICANS !