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Friday, October 21, 2016

On the final day of the presidential campaign, both national and state polls suggest that President Barack Obama is on track to win the 2012 presidential election.

The latest national polls suggest that the president has seized the momentum in the race. While most tracking polls showed Mitt Romney leading President Obama by a narrow margin last week, the president is now tied or slightly ahead in most surveys released today:

American Research Group: Obama 49 percent, Romney 49 percent

Democracy Corps: Obama 49 percent, Romney 45 percent (Stan Greenberg explains these numbers in the new video from The Carville-Greenberg Memo.)

Gallup: Romney 49 percent, Obama 48 percent

Monmouth: Obama 48 percent, Romney 48 percent

Public Policy Polling: Obama 50 percent, Romney 48 percent

Rasmussen: Romney 49 percent, Obama 48 percent

UPI/CVoter: Obama 49 percent, Romney 47 percent

Washington Post-ABC: Obama 50 percent, Romney 47 percent


In the swing states, President Obama’s lead is more pronounced. Of the 22 swing state polls released today, Romney leads in just four.


Public Policy Polling: Obama 52 percent, Romney 46 percent


InsiderAdvantage: Romney 52 percent, Obama 47 percent

Public Policy Polling: Obama 50 percent, Romney 49 percent

Pulse Opinion Research: Romney 50 percent, Obama 48 percent

Zogby: Obama 50 percent, Romney 45 percent

UNF: Obama 49 percent, Romney 45 percent


American Research Group: Romney 49 percent, Obama 48 percent

New Hampshire:

WMUR: Obama 51 percent, Romney 48 percent

American Research Group: Obama 49 percent, Romney 49 percent

New England College: Obama 50 percent, Romney 46 percent

North Carolina:

Public Policy Polling: Obama 49 percent, Romney 49 percent


Pulse Opinion Research: Obama 48 percent, Romney 46 percent

Zogby: Obama 50 percent, Romney 44 percent

University of Cincinnati: Obama 50 percent, Romney 49 percent

Rasmussen: Obama 49 percent, Romney 49 percent

SurveyUSA: Obama 49 percent, Romney 44 percent


Pulse Opinion Research: Obama 49 percent, Romney 46 percent


NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist: Obama 48 percent, Romney 47 percent

Pulse Opinion Research: Obama 49 percent, Romney 48 percent

Rasmussen: Romney 50 percent, Obama 48 percent

Zogby: Obama 52 percent, Romney 44 percent


Pulse Opinion Research: Obama 49 percent, Romney 48 percent


Political betting markets also favor President Obama for re-election. Betfair says that Obama has a roughly 79 percent chance of winning re-election, while Intrade has Obama’s chances at 67.3 percent.

Hat tip to Political Wire and Talking Points Memo


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  • nobsartist

    President Obama will be re-elected by a landslide.

    Now it will be his turn to have “capital”.

    Good luck obstructionists.

    • 4BusinessOnly

      We will know on Wednesday, but I would not count my eggs before they hatch. Good luck..

      • David L. Allison

        That sound you hear over your own weak voice is eggs hatching even as we share our opinions here at National Memo.

      • sexi511

        Romrods!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

      • ace

        If cheating and lying and corruption will get you a win then Obama wins all the lower class will cheat with him when it comes to class the only class Obama has ever had was in school he sure does not have any now .

        • Tommi Clemes

          What he has is 4 MORE YEAR!!!

    • TuckerpFudpucker

      FIRE Obama 11/6/2012

      • Obama is the best president ever just because he got of out of 2 wars started by republicans. 1 on a outright lie and repubs focus on Bengazi… Obama 2012 with 300 electoral college votes.

        • ace

          Where do all you ignorant heathens come from .

      • sexi511


    • Not a landslide but enough to keep the RR team at bay and sent home.

    • GREAT CAUSE WE DON”T NEED NO LIAR, SHAPE SHIFTER< SOCIOPATH, WAR MONGER RUNNING THIS COUNTRY IN THE GROUND AGAIN!!! ROMNEY IS BUSH ON STEROIDS!!! And He Still Hiding Those Back Taxes Which Contains More Gutting Out America And Ruining American People Lives By More Shipping Jobs Overseas To China Sweatshops!!!

      • lee050

        Don’t forget, want to start five more wars. Of course like himself, his kid won’t fight.



    Hang it up American Taliban Republicans.

    You really expected to win with the clown list your offered as candidates?

    The Old GOP was much more realistic, this new GOP is out to lunch and so were their candidates. Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and RoMoney are the best the GOP had to offer? Scary stuff.

    • 4BusinessOnly

      Are you referring to your man in office that had nothing but is now worth around 12.1 million and is so far out of touch with real life that it is not even funny. Has to hang around and promote his campaign with movie stars because he doesn’t have a record to run on or even a full one page resume. Totally unqualified. Really sad you guys think he cares about you.

      • Really really sad you think you are better off with Romney/Ryan.
        I am small business.

        • 4BusinessOnly

          I am also a small business for 50 years and this President doesn’t have a clue about business and real people and what it takes to get people back to work. Only interested in power and moving FORWARD his social policies which keeps everyone down. You guys need to open your eyes and see what has been going on verses voting for a rock star.

          • romney was a business man his business was destroying people lives he could care less even u he doesnt give a damm if ur a small business owner he will still destroy u in 1 heart beat dont b an idiot or a fool andn believe all his lies

          • TuckerpFudpucker

            He cut jobs so the balance could keep there jobs. The people that do not perform got cut.
            If you want a job then help the boss make money.

          • I have been in business 32 years. And this world is made up of various types of people with different status quo. We need a president that can preside over all of us, not just some of us. Romney can’t do that, he is not qualified. President Obama is and if you work with him, things will get better for all of us.

          • 4BusinessOnly

            BHO is so against business he can’t think straight. I don’t know what kind of business you are in but my business has had numerous OSHA visits and EPA regulations that has kept me from adding more employees. Give me a president that has met payroll and understands how business works verses a man with a socialistic agenda. Romney might not be the best but he is a lot better choice than the policies that have not worked for the last 4 years.

          • johninPCFL

            Really? So your business hurts employees (OSHA regulations keep employees from being hurt on the job) or poisons its neighbors(EPA regulations keep businesses from creating the next Bhopal)?

          • 4BusinessOnly

            My plant manager has safety meetings every week with our staff and I could give you example after example of a inspectors coming in and having to find something just to write us up for to meet his quota, you guys don’t have a clue, it is like someone needs to shake you guys and wake you up so you understand. I will not even start about the EPA.

          • johninPCFL

            I’ve been in the electronics manufacturing business for 35 years. We solder at high temperatures with lead alloys. We use alcohols. We wash down fluxes and have to clean up our wastewater. All of thse things require equipment and cost money, and every one can be avoided by just not giving a damn. That would certainly make my business cheaper.

            It also sets up employee injuries and wastewater toxicity. I have regs I am happy follow so that my local city doesn’t look like an East German site. I have NEVER been writen up “just to meet his quota”, and I’m absolutely wide awake.

            Of course, we treat the inspectors nicely. With the attitde you’ve evidenced here, you may just have to look in the mirror to identify your biggest problem.

          • 4BusinessOnly

            Have you ever had a OSHA fine?

          • OSHA has been around alot longer than President has been in office. You want to blame him!

          • 4BusinessOnly

            Our inspections have increased and as I have said I will not even start on the EPA. It has gotten a lot worse in the last 4 years.

          • johninPCFL

            No. The equipment is up to date, procedures are followed, and we get along with the inspectors.

          • idamag

            Johnin, you are the type of person I would work for and be loyal to.

          • elw

            The EPA does not have a Quota requirement. I work in Health and Safety for a very large Company, we never felt that the EPA was out to get us. But then the company I worked for really wanted to keep a safe environment for its worker and didn’t wine and cry about following regulations.

          • That IDIOT 4business only sounds like a pretender and the closest to management he has ever been is the parking lot. Someone from the KKK (FOX) network gave him some talking points.

          • elw

            I would guess you are correct. I mostly have stopped responding to people like 4bus, they hardly ever make one ounce of sense and right now just over the top. I think we see a lot of very mentally disturbed Conservative on Wednesday. Be prepared for many attacks on the election if the President prevails, as it looks like he will.

          • 101strac

            You say he wrote you up just to make his quota. Did he or did he not find a violation? If he didn’t find a violation, and you paid a fine, then you’re a fool. If he did find a violation, then you’re crying now because you got caught.

          • I think you are a Polluter and you want the Government to look the other way while you posions the environment in order to make money. You are too cheap to maintain a safe work place so you endanger workers and complain when you are called out for it. You are a scum bag and the country will be better of when business like yours are closed. Obama/ Biden 2012.

          • idamag

            Johnin, they want to do away with anything that might cost them a little. They want to do away with minimum wage, OSHA, and EPA. They hate the National Labor Relations Board. 4bus probably doesn’t provide benefits for his employees.

          • DurdyDawg

            Are you referring to the policies that Romney wants to keep secret until AFTER he becomes head clown? How do you know the flip flops he’s been spewing since he began this farce will not flop-flip if he does? No one can answer that question because no one knows where this Mittenhead stands except for his hatred for Obama, women and his disdain for 47% of us..
            So, yet ANOTHER idiot.. When did OSHA begin? Who enacted the EPA?.. Get up off you’re ass and demand change in these over-seers, I’m certain Obama will at least listen to you’re argument.. That is, unless you’re committing border line criminal activities like the big corps do which in that case I under stand why you want the rat man as he would eliminate both OSHA, EPA and any other industry watcher so that you could drain off you’re waste in the air and water system with no concern of the effects on the community just so you’re profit margin can grow enough to go public then sell out to the highest bidder.

          • 101strac

            I was a construction worker all my working life. The only people I ever knew to be upset when OSHA came on the job site, were business owners, or contracters running unsafe job sites, putting their employee’s in jeopardy. If it costs you money, when OSHA or the EPA show up at your business, it’s because you are being fined for running an unsafe, unhealthy business. You really believe that all it takes to be president is to know how to make payroll? Are you for real?

          • TuckerpFudpucker

            SOME OSHA rules are common sense things. Some and most workers know what safe and unsafe is. I Google what you said on OSHA, it was never talked about.
            EPA: yes it was talked about and Rommey said he would look at the new laws that Obama put in to knock down cold ,Gas and Oil and that is good, Obama made up rules to put them out of business, that is one thing that put the gas prices to over $4.00 in some states and heating oil to $4.46 in some states it ok for some people to pay this price as long as you do not.
            Its ok fore Obama to spent 890,000,000.00 on green entergy and all is out of business today.

          • Stop watching FOX. Check your facts, you are totaly wrong. I assume that you own the computer that you are using so use it to research the issues. stop looking STUPID, stupid.

        • TuckerpFudpucker

          Must be very small
          We would be better off with a dog then Obama, the dog would not do anything that would run up the 16,000,000,000.00 and if Obama wins and keep his hand out of the money and stop giving food stamps to people that donot want to work it would save us another 1,002,000,000.00 . Some people need the foof stamps the OLD and Sick but there need to be a time for it to stop on the other. I know some one is going to comje back and say there is no work and that is ok for you to say that but there is jobs just need to go and ask for one , it may not be the job you would like or at the pay you would like but its a job. If you can not feed your wife and kids, you are the lowest form of a person there is. I know you are not going to like that last statement but you need to stop an think about it for. If there is no jobs where you live ask your self WHY, just maybe it the person in the white house that set the policy that cost all of the jobs. I did like Obama 4 years ago, now he true colors. Now Romney/Ryan is the men

          • Reply, yes it’s small, but in thirty years. I have helped the economy, society and unemployment.

          • If Romney really “loves teachers” then the real truth of Romney’s love for teachers and public education would not have been revealed as follows:

            Open Letter to Educators on Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney:
            Dear Fellow NEA Member:
            In the third presidential debate Mitt Romney proclaimed twice, “I love teachers!” As a middle school teacher in Massachusetts while he was governor and now president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association I can assure you that we never felt Romney’s “love.” Our former governor never once met with the MTA to find out our views on education issues. He listened to business leaders and ideologues, not to classroom teachers, support staff or public higher education faculty and staff.
            We roll our eyes when Romney tries to take credit for our high-performing students. Massachusetts is a relatively affluent state that has always had good schools. Those schools were made even better as a result of a major education overhaul and increased funding for low-income districts adopted in 1993, 10 years before Romney took office. No major education initiatives were enacted while he was governor. In fact, Massachusetts cut funding for public schools by a higher percentage than any other state during his tenure.
            Romney’s boast that top-scoring students can attend any public college or university in Massachusetts “tuition-free” as a result of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship he sponsored also elicits groans from educators, parents and students alike. In Massachusetts, our public higher education campuses charge very low tuition and very high fees, so the break these students get is way less than meets the eye. For example, this year tuition, fees, room and board at the University of Massachusetts comes to $23,436. Of that, only $1,714 is tuition, so the Adams Scholarship winner still has to pay $21,722 to attend. In addition, fees rose by $3,000 under Romney, more than swallowing up any small benefit from the scholarship.
            Romney was a frequent critic of those of us who call for smaller class sizes. He claimed that there is no correlation between class size and student performance even while he sent his own sons to the Belmont Hill School – an exclusive prep school that costs $37,000 a year and that touts “class size averaging 12 students per section” as one of its selling points. Truly, Mitt Romney is out of touch with the needs of low- and middle-income students.
            Mitt Romney has never liked unions. He especially dislikes teacher unions. While governor, he once told The Boston Globe, “We should put together all the stakeholders at the table, but not the unions. Individual teachers, yes, but not the unions.” It’s no surprise that today he believes that teacher unions should be barred from making political contributions. Not oil companies. Not tobacco companies. Just teachers and other educators.
            As with so much in this election, it’s important to get information from people close to the source to cut through the spin. This much we know. Mitt Romney is going to lose by a landslide in Massachusetts, the state where he served as governor until he got Potomac fever mid-way through his term and started roaming the countryside bad-mouthing our state and bad-mouthing teachers’ unions, even while proclaiming his “love” for teachers. Whatever he’s selling now, we’re not buying it. Take it from those of us who know.

          • DurdyDawg

            Thus ANOTHER A-hole statement.. Before Obama took office, the numbers from Dubya’s tenure was heading toward eleven trillion dollars NOW it’s sixteen.. Do the math Dumbo. Of course now you’ll whine that 5T in four years is even worse but I say, when you (personally) find yourself in debt way over you’re head, how long and how much money do YOU have to invest in the continued normal debts of the household AND the slow depletion of the on-going debt? Like every rich man says, “You can’t make money without spending money”.. Do you think that’s an urban legend? As far as welfare, in times of prosperity these same people were contributing into the future of this nation.. We were helping each other to progress and no one turned to his/her fellow neighbors to pat them on the back for a job well done.. Because it was our civic duty. Now that a so-called regression/depression has hit and the famine has effected these once productive citizens, you want to slap them in their face and call them names.. I agree that there are frauds and corruption within the system but its not the fault of these ‘moochers’.. If you for instance were offered a substantial raise at you’re job and you knew (A) you didn’t deserve it and (B) it would eventually place a burden on you’re employer, would you tell him/her, “I appreciate the gesture and I could use the extra money but I really don’t deserve a raise” or would you simply accept the offer? Do not blame the moocher, blame the g’ment for not-doing they’re duties.. A simple policy restructure (that’s fair) and the follow-up process to insure the policy is being adhered to is all it takes.. CONGRESS is this culprit, NOT the president.. NOT one man but many men. Obama didn’t pay off every single official that he met on his way up the political ladder to ignore doing a background check on him without having one single whistle blower come out and accuse him of covering up his personal data and he’s not the one who tells the house and senate that he’s going to put everyone on welfare/food stamps and unemployment.. Hell, if he were THAT powerful then in a wink all corporate welfare would have been eliminated four years ago. You’re dream is to make rational people believe you’re fantasies but all you accomplish is more fantasy, somewhat like enhancing a lie in order to maintain the lie . Finally, I guess small b’ness is relative to you, just like you’re hero Mittens.. His idea of small b’ness is anything above two-hundred fifty grand to five million dollars, those under are hardly worth mentioning.. Look, Bobbo @personal liberty digest is looking for a troll like you, go there.. I’m certain you’re fantasy’s will be applauded among the neo-con nut job community. Bye! Bye!

          • TuckerpFudpucker

            YOU DID GOOD, But on the money you invest in any business is based on what that money is going to do fo you, (how much money are you going to get back for that investment) the normal debts for the household is always based no the money you are bring in to the household, you can not used your credit card to pay the bills if you do it can put YOU, WIFE and kids under the bridge and its the same for our country, it will distroy our $ and we all will be under the bridge.
            WELFARE: yes there is times everyone may need some help it get started and to help them to get ou and find a job and I know not everyone has that abilty but after 4 or 5 months that should be time to get it together. I am ont willing to give money to baby fact– or to dope-heads, its time to get a life.
            FIRE Obama.

          • Del WS

            Yes, policies in the White House and Congress in PRE-Obama years set up the policies that sent jobs overseas. Find people here willing to work for the poverty wages and horrible conditions that workers in other countries are willing to endure. You won’t find them and they shouldn’t have to. Maybe you can get the power and gas companies, the grocery stores, etc. to drop their bills down to a level that would fit slave wages? Be realistic. What’s happened has been years and multiple administrations in the making. I’m sorry if you weren’t tuned in enough to see it coming.

          • See what I mean. You need help; that hate is going to make you sick. First, you need to go back to school and get your GED and next you need to find a good church. Before you post again have your comments checked first. I see why you donn’t have a job; you are DUMB.

        • Unless He A Millionaire He Going To get SCREWED TOO!!! ROMNEY IS ONLY GOING TO LOOK OUT FOR THE 1%!!

      • Here we go! Another Martian!

      • In reality, the Stars would not support Obama if they didn’t like him and prefer him. Afterall, they make a lot of money and will be paying a bit more in taxes with him as President and they still like him.
        Romney would have a far better chance (though it might be close) if he only was believeable and did keep changing what he says all the time. He got 1.5billion from the government to help save the Olympics so he also depends on the government to help out when necessary.
        There’s a lot that could be changed but it’s both parties that need to change and start working FOR the citizens rather than their own pocket books.

        • 4BusinessOnly

          I agree with both parties need to change because they (the government) is not working for the people they are in it for themselves and that has to change. As far as the Stars I am sure they probably got a break in taxes being they took the stage with BHO. Again he has no record so he has to put people next to him that will draw a crowd as he can’t.

          • TZToronto

            I hate to break it to you, but Obama doesn’t have the ability to decide that an individual’s taxes will go up or down. Springsteen won’t pay less in taxes just because he’s campaigned for Obama.

          • 4BusinessOnly

            You don’t understand dirty politics, you guys need to google Tony Rezko and Obama past real estate deals and understand more about corruption which I am sure BHO will pardon him when he soon leaves office.

          • I’m really more bothered, if Romney becomes President he will pardon wall street crooks Maloff and others. They have the nation where it’s at.

          • idamag

            4bus, you don’t understand politics, clean or dirty.

        • Romney Wasn’t No Good Governor He Was 47th In Job Creation Hell It’s Only 50 States!!! All The People I Have Talked To Said They Was Glad To Get Rid Of Him!!!

      • Locotito

        Do you think Romney has a record to run on besides his personal interests? Wake up !!!

        • 4BusinessOnly

          Being he is business minded and has actually ran a business, yes. He has signed pay checks, and it was on the back side.

          • Locotito

            Signing pay checks it is not a qualification nor a record to run on.

          • 4BusinessOnly

            Better than just voting present the two years you were in public office before you became president.

          • johninPCFL

            Business minded? His business model was take over a company using stock purchase. He’d buy 2% with his money and another 8-20% with other investors’ money and get control of the board. Once in control, he put Bain in as management, paid his money back immediately by raiding the retirement funds, then borrowed heavily against corporate assets to pay his partners. If the corporation recovered from the assault, Bain received millions in “management fees”. If not, his money was already repaid, so he’d lost nothing.

            I’m not sure that model really works for the federal government. Do you?

          • 4BusinessOnly

            The only sector that keeps growing is government and with BHO policies it will keep spending trillions and us paying social security and all the tax burdens will have no return. Spending and over taxation have to stop.

          • johninPCFL

            Fedgov is smaller today than it was at its peak under GWB. Local govs are also smaller, about 500,000 jobs smaller in a study published a year ago. The government loss was enough to offset most of the private sector growth for the first years of BHOs presidency.

      • i know for a sure thing that romnuts doesnt care about any of us he is a wicked evil man he is worth billions but he got think by buying plants closing them up and destroying people lives he romney is a tru idiot and a numnuts also

        • idamag

          Nancy, his latest attack on Obama’s religion shows how evil he is.

      • cconoboy

        I don’t understand how you say Mittens is qualified. Yes, he ran a business, but is was to leverage companies and make money for investors, not hire people and get them working.

        • 4BusinessOnly

          So starting Staples didn’t employee people? Really a sign of how much you just don’t understand.

          • idamag

            4bus, did you research how he got the money to put into Staples? How many business went under to accomplish that? Look up Ampad for one.

        • Romney Made A Lot Of His Money Gutting Out America And Ruining American People Lives For A Living !! Romney Still Shipping American Jobs To China Thru A Company Called Sensata Here In Freeport, Illinois !!! Blind Trust My Ass!!! Romney Knows Damn Well Where His Money Is Coming From Plus Romney Is In Bed With Iran Thru A Company Called CNOOK!!!! Romney Has Done More Damages Than He Helped!!!

      • Where have you been for the last four years? Talk about out of touch; you obviously know nothing that has gone on since Obama became president! He and Biden are the only ones that really care about the American people. Romney and Paul care only about money and power. They’ve told so many lies in this campaign that I’m not sure they even remember what they stand for ; if anything. Wake up and smell the coffee!

        • 4BusinessOnly

          Biden doesn’t even know what state he is in half the time and if you think the man BHO cares about the american people then just listen to the people still without power and gas in New Jersey with there home flooded and no heat, and where was BHO when our embassy was attacked by terrorist that he tried to spin and make it look like a video, he was headed to a fund raiser in LA with all the other big wigs. I am sorry Norma but being I am a business owner and care about my employees I do keep up and it is time to take out of office what is not working and get a new direction.

          • DurdyDawg

            Well then YOU are looking in the wrong direction. With Mitt8 it will be retro Dubya.. Do you have ANY idea who the Mittwit’s advisors and staff are? Go back in time about four to twelve years ago.. Same old cronies, same old warmongers. Dubya enlisted these fools and look where they took us. YOU are the fool to even think that Mittens will save you’re ass.. He has a slew of corporate vultures behind the scenes ready and willing to make this the United Corporations of America. Remember, the GOP convinced SCOTUS that corporations were people, nothing of the sort was implied concerning the nation’s citizens.. (as Willard loves to contemplate).. Long Live the Serfs..!!

          • LOL Biden Handed Ryan The Lying King Ass Back To Him On A Silver Platter!! Biden Mopped The Floor With Ryan Lying Butt!!!LOL

          • David L. Allison

            Biden understands, is known by and is respected and beloved by the working people of this country. Obama responded quickly and well and the Governors and mayors of the cities and states hammered by Sandy have uniformly praised his response and his commitment to protecting and restoring the region. Your calumny about the attack has been fact checked and refuted. Mr. Business owner: are you paying more than the minimum wage? Do you provide full life and health insurance for your employees? Do you provide bonuses for outstanding work, opportunities for advancing their education at your expense? Do you offer jobs for returning veterans? Did you allow them to keep their kids on their health insurance and insure them for pre-existing conditions before Obamacare forced you to?

            Stop you preaching about stuff that you know is not true and buckle down and build your business that you can now build because Obama policies got us out of one war, is bringing us out of a second way, saved the U.S. economy by keeping companies across America from bankruptcy and supported our military forces in taking out Osama. Get a grip and stop whining.

          • Kansan

            Reagan had us in Lebanon in 1983. In April, the embassy was bombed and 67 killed, mostly CIA. In October, he had sentries with unloaded weapons at the poorly protected gate and marine barracks compound when another truck bomber drove through and killed 241.

            His response was to invade a Caribbean resort, Grenada, less than two days later.

            On 9/11, after ignoring warnings about Osama bin Laden and an impending attack for eight months, including specific warnings from a dozen countries, and just a few years after al Qaida tried to take over planes from the Philippines, we lost 3,000 at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

            What’s your take on those, monkey biz?

          • northroader1775

            The biggest storm of the century hits and you are bitching about clean up less than a week later??? As a business owner you should know that your customers are middle class and if they are extinct so are you…don’t give me any of your bullshit. Romney has given not a single hint of what he stands for so you are voting for the complete unknown over a decent effective president that has battled for every scrap of legislation that has passed.

            When half the team is plotting for failure it’s very difficult to make a recovery happen…but we are still doing better than any other country in the world with half a team fighting tooth and nail to keep us down so they can claim that they’re responsible for the recovery. Economists are almost unanimus in their conclusion that there will be 12 million jobs created in the next decade if noone does anything, based solely on the strength of the reforme that Obama already has in place. Romney is riding a wave of hate all the way to election day. Unfortunately hate won’t carry the day, also fear motivation is the worst possible way to make decisions.

          • Damn, you really are STUPID.

      • Geno2013

        Go away buddy!!! And you think RoMoney cares!!! What 47 % are you????

      • Donahue Johnson

        and Romney cares about you… dude you aren’t even in the 47%… probably someone where less…. lol…..if you look at the struggle this guy had then u know he cares about people.. born to white woman from Kansas and an african from Kenya.. come on…. my mother was white and American indian and my father was dark american of african descent and I know i had a struggle born in 63.. this guy was in 61.. come on.. He did build that… and he reached back.. this Barack Obama is an american hero…..and one day your grandchildren will come to realize that…… even if you don’t…..

      • elw

        I guess from your comment that it is OK for Romney to be worth millions, but not that black guy in the White House? If I remember correctly the big draw at the Republican Convention was Clint Eastwood, that big time star that choose to talk to an empty chair. A chair as empty as the flip-flopping policies offered by Romney.

        • 4BusinessOnly

          Same as it is for BHO to be worth millions, and I wonder what foreign companies are in BHO’s portfolio that employee foreign workers?

          • 4BusinessOnly

            Oh, BHO is 50 % white & 50% black so lets keep race out of it. Really sad that always has to be thrown in there.

          • idamag

            4bus, instead of wondering, research and find out if there are any and then bring your findings back. Make sure your facts are substantiated by reliable sources.

        • idamag

          elw, and you know what was so disgusting about the senile old frt talking to an empty chair? It was the dirty rhetoric he tried to assign to Obama. I have never heard President Obama be rude to anyone.

          • elw

            I was more shocked by the cheers and laughter from the audience than by what Eastwood said. He was disgusting and the audience was worse. At least he could be excused by his age, he is clearly not the man he use to be. He should have been booed off the stage. The Republicans have little to be proud of as far as the Romney campaign is concerned or from what has happened to their Party.

        • TuckerpFudpucker

          Yes its ok for a white man to be worth millions, and its ok for a Black to be worth millions.
          I know where the white man got his, I just do not know where the blackman got his.
          I wonder where the $500,000,000.00 is that got lost. I thank the federal reserve should be checked.
          I know some one is going to come back saying Obama did no take it. Just to say it now, I DID NOT SAY OBAMA did anything.

          The senile old frt talking to an empty chair. I thank it was good

          All of the people that works for my co. if Obama makes it back in I’ll cut 44 jobs and put the balance on part time.
          Have a gooooooood Day
          From the BLACK MAN and in control

          • Wow! I can tell that you are ONE sharp Business man, lol. You are going to operate a PART TIME COMPANY. You are really a #$@%^ dumb AZZ. You cann’t even spell Company. You Talipublicans should hold hands (group thinking) while you come up with these dumb azz posts. The logic expressed in your post explains why the Talipublican Party is so screwed up & out-dated.

            You go and take your meds. and stop watching FOX. For the sake of the future I encourage you and your family members to stop having sex with one another. Your existance justifys the need for legalized abortions.


      • amedeo11

        You are one of those hate mongers who is oblivious to the good Obama has done and cheers on the obstructionists and Romney who pulls every dirty trick to get a vote. People like you are so gullible to the Republican lies. People like you help to bring down our country. You are too blind to see who will work harder for you. You are either one of the 1% or a very illiterate and unintelligent creep. PATHETIC!!!

        • 4BusinessOnly

          Amazing that it comes to a calling of names. That is why you can’t see past you ideology. Same as BHO, no record to run on so he just slanders his opponent with lies and propaganda

          • See you on November 7, 2012. I forgot that you Talipublicans go underground after a azz kicking, at least the ones that donn’t leave the country and hang themselves. That blind hate is going to be hard to live with over the next four years of President Obama’s Adminstration. Shed the hate & join the rest of the world.

      • Kansan

        You’re lying of course. Obama’s worth maybe half that, after giving away his $1.4 million for the Nobel Prize. Where do you get your numbers?

        Oh, never mind. I can smell where.

      • ExPAVIC

        Wait A Minute

        Ask Osama bin laden, Gadhafi, and 2,400 dead al Gaeda about the job Obama has done. Much better record that G.W. Bush. Oh, don’t forget about the auto workers now employed.

    • yorve455

      I think Herman Cain will win in a landslide. OOPs; He is not running. They got rid of him.
      They allowed Gingrich who hd been divorced three times and asked his wife for a open marriage, but they got rid of the black dude who had screwed around with some ugly woman twenty years ago. What a joke. Family values my ass.

    • More Like Lunatics That Escaped From The Nut House!!!! All Of These Are More Like Lunatics Than Clowns!!!

  • Nobody knows untill every one vote.Poll can be wrong!! God bless the usa!!!

  • notafoxfan

    i do not believe in the so called “polls”,even gallup, as i have never been asked my opinion and i have voted for over 40 years..counting your chickens before they are hatched is not a good idea as one person here suggested..i am more of an optimist however, and i did vote early for obama/biden,so i hope my count of unhatched chickens with an ultrasound is correct, as i am afraid romney ryan will be the fox in the henhouse if elected!!!

    • idamag

      Not, I saw a cartoon. It showed a grandmotherly chicken and a fox with a widow’s peak and puppy dog eyes. At the top it said, “Chicken Little’s Granmother is worried about her Medicare and Social Security.” The fox is saying, “Trust me.”

  • chipper69

    The Republican Gong show will be in full view once again on election day. For all the dog whistles, name calling, lies and falsehoods, stretching the truth, and just plain crap slinging, the American public has seen through the rhetoric. To balance the budget on the backs of the poor, disabled and the working class has proven to be their undoing. Unless the GOP begins to not only understand, but embrace the common folks of our society, they will continue to loose again, and again and again. Romney’s and Ryan’s policies have been rejected. Keep voting people like your life depends on it, because it really does!

  • B4Real2012

    The polls should be 99 to 1 in favor of the President. Even before all of the EXTRA lies that RoNutts and his obstructing chump-change buddies have told and continue to tell. One of the other frightening things to me is having to witness how the Repubs have BLANTANTLY tried to stop people from voting and still get on TV with a straight face talking about how they are trying to make sure everyone votes. Yeah everyone that votes Repub and that’s it. However, all it did was piss people off, so they are REALLY getting out to vote. Guess we can thank them for this part :0)
    The next thing is to get rid of all of the partisan governors people over our voting, and show them how it feels when they violate the people’s trust, lie and (try) to steal our elections. We must get our voting Nationalized on some level to keep these crocks from resurfacing again. Now, we will see the whinny cry babies continue their (pre) excuses that their lying candidate did n’t win and has to go back to his gold rock and car elevator. Because, no matter what, WE will SHOW THEM THAT THEIR BAT-CRAP-STUPID-BLOVIATING AND HATEFUL WAYS DON’T COUNT, BUT OUR VOTE SURE DOES.

    • sexi511

      How did this shit even happen! This is a darn shame! How did the voting system “problem” even get to this point? This is bullshit all over again, stemmed from GWB, brother who was the Govenor in Florida when the votes were tampered with then. Wow! This shit continues to happen? OMG! Im watching the lines on TV and this is so UNFAIR! So fucking unreal! SOOOO unbelieveable! And now you really think these votes are gonna be counted correctly? OmWow!!!!

      Rebups have come to some REAL bullshit!

      • idamag

        Sex, This is disturbing and every real American should be upset. I plan on either generating a petition or writing my representatives about the vote being a sacred right and not to be tampered with. If they really wanted to eliminate voter fraud, they would have did their checking three years ago instead of during an election.

  • We want president Obama to win, we need him 4 more years. Obama is going to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy**

    • 4BusinessOnly

      Good Luck…

  • heres hoping and praying for obana that is i just couldnt live or want to live if that lying crooked whatamacallit wins he would destroy all of us and our country he doesnt care about any of because we r only the poor and middleclass

    • Die, die , die………………………………………………….

    • This is why Morris Berman is contrarian enough to say he loves Romney. Berman predicts doom for the U.S., and a Romney administration would get it over with in a jiffy. He was so disappointed when Sarah Palin didn’t get the nomination: a candidate who could have gotten the job done even faster.

      Trouble is, Berman is too much of an optimist. He sees a light at the end of the tunnel. The U.S. as we know it would be succeeded by something more humane and sustainable.
      I fear a bloodbath instead and can’t look forward to it, especially considering that homo sapiens has exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet by at least 3-4 times. I never expected Obama to do the impossible and restore our fortunes. When you’re in a plane as badly damaged as this country is now, you don’t expect the pilot to take you back into the stratosphere. You only pray that he will eke out a soft landing if at all possible.

  • The main reason that Romney is even doing as well as he is is because Obama and other Democrats basically conceded the economic arguments to the Republicans, instead of stressing that the Republicans were united in trying to obstruct everything the Democrats tried to do to recover from the tremendous hole that Bush left our country in. And much of Obama’s problems such as the deficit and unemployment and increased poverty and use of food stamps were a carry over from Bush’s policies.

    Please help spread this message widely. Thanks.

    • 4BusinessOnly

      Richard, BHO had the House and Senate majority for two years, no smart person believes this BS, but blame it on Bush. You guys are funny because you have nothing. Wake up and pay attention.

      • sexi511

        Its true! It’s all true. this crisis stemmed from GWB, and I too believe if Obama and his team, would just remind the American ppl of what really happened, and the huge task of trying to turn all this bullshit around, and tell the American ppl that he has actually had fight the idots in the House to make these changes, Rimrods votes would be less. They sure would!

        • marelbert

          We know ,the people remember!

      • idamag

        4bus, Maybe you should find out what filibuster is, what it was orignially for and how many times compared to the past, it was used during President Obama’s first two years.

  • This might be a good time to make a list of the polling groups with their predictions and keep it for the next election. Some groups are flat better than others.

  • filamerican1

    Romney is a spoiled Bastard. I know he is Bull Shitter along with his” Boy Wonder Ryan”.
    I hope to see them both on a slab in front of their piers! They both need a good ass kicking and are about to sustain a loss they were not counting on. And if they steal this election thru trikerry and voter subpression. There wil be blood in the streets and a few of their kind will be in JAIL!or DEAD! So lets see what they are wlling to stoop to? the low road? the gutter politics they have created!!….I would love to ge a piece of the GOP’s ass!!!!! So bring it on Mo– Focers!!
    Either way you both will loose!!

  • The polls have a wider gab that they are showing, the media is trying to keep it interesting……

  • sexi511

    Obama is the man! We love you Obama, now maybe you can get a fair shot at trying to fix this bullshit that was created YEARS ago. And thanks to Joe, and Clinton! Wow what a team! What a team!

    • I was at the Obama – Clinton Rally in Concord New Hanpshire yesterday. What a thrill to see these two Presidents on the same platform. Clinton is a great speaker. He had the crowd eating out of his hand. He spoke with clarity and force of vision. Obama was more subdued, but extremely convincing. These two men have done more to hold this country together in my lifetime with exception of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

      • idamag

        William, list Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln with the good guys.

      • And Where Was Bush in The Cayman Islands Where Romney Got His Money Hid Giving A Speech On Offshore Investments!! More Gutting Out America!!!

  • B4Real2012

    You are the one that is sad and wide-eyedly following in behind an Idiot and Inveterate liar. You’ve got your nerves. I guess you think that RoNutts and his buddies care about you. What a joke! If you lie then you will TRY to steal too and if you can in all good conscience, follow and defend this lying jerk, and his lack of a character or even a plan, feel free to do so, but he certainly does NOT deserve to be the President of THESE United States on any level. You really need to find a therapist ASAP. RomNutts doesn’t qualify to be a local dog-catchers, although he is very good at using “silent and not-so-silent” dog whistles. Get real and wake up.

  • B4Real2012

    You are the one that is sad and wide-eyedly following in behind an Idiot and Inveterate liar. You’ve got your nerves. I guess you think that RoNutts and his buddies care about you. What a joke! If you lie then you will TRY to steal too and if you can in all good conscience, follow and defend this lying jerk, and his lack of a character or even a plan, feel free to do so, but he certainly does NOT deserve to be the President of THESE United States on any level. You really need to find a therapist ASAP. RomNutts doesn’t qualify to be a local dog-catchers, although he is very good at using “silent and not-so-silent” dog whistles. Get real and wake up.

    • amedeo11

      You are another bigotted creep. Haven’t you read a list of all the things Obama accomplished for ungrateful people like you despite the Republican obstructionists who was so bent on giving him only one term that they did not care how they hurt people like you. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!! But then your level of ignorance is hard to convince. Wow!!!

    • When it’s over it will be Romney being on the wrong side of the save the auto industry, that defeats him. This lead to fallout like the lie about Jeep moving jobs to China. Certainly there were other absurd positions on womens’ right, abortion, et al.
      That smokey smell on election night will be – Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

  • Open note to Mitt Romney and Others
    From: Paul Colas

    Words of Honor from a enthusiast Democrat

    Dear Mr Romney,

    All of your beautiful speeches sound nice but it is time to prove to
    the American people your true nationalism. It is never too late to
    disclose at least five years of your income tax returns. Then you
    might get my vote.

    By refusing to do so, it shows us you are hiding the facts. Therefore
    you aren’t qualified to win the presendency for which you are

    The United States of America cannot afford to accept bluffers, liars,
    exploiters and chameleons.

    The world is changing rapidly. The old Soviet Union, now Russia, and
    China have moved away from their old tradions.

    It is time for the United States to change the old policy in order to
    compete in the world and regain once and for all the leadership as
    producer as it was in the 1950s and 1960s.

    It would be wise and intelligent to renounce the past and adopt a new
    path which will drive us towards a better tomorrow. This is a more
    plausible direction for a country of the magnitude of our great

  • If you be of GOD, GOD will be with you, trust him and you will be the chosen one to lead his people into the promised land. Stay foucused Mr. President and stick to your princibles. JUST DO YOU In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. It won’nt take money to win a vote, the vote is GOD’S choice, the man that he can trust with his people.

    • 4BusinessOnly

      Good Luck with those numbers.

    • You are right on Lasbrey, pending the outcome in FL. Congrats! I missed by conceding VA to MR. I still have FL in the President’s column.

  • I’m a white guy and just wonder what the differance might have been if Obama was white? Just a question, do not attach a meaning!

    • D.Forrest

      Man, he is half Irish…how much whiter could one be?

    • marelbert


  • This is a hair’s breadth lead. Obama needs the vote of every single supporter. Don’t be complacent, even in the relatively safe States. Some working people who would dearly love to support the President will not be able to get away from work to vote. Others have been thwarted by various tactics, including more limited advance-voting opportunities, long queues at the polling places, and red tape around picture-ID requirements. Republican administrations are becoming ever more shameless in their intentions effectively to disenfranchise as many as possible who are unlikely to vote for them.

    Think also of the difficulties faced by those in the blue states of Delaware, Pennsylvania (namely, the Philadelphia area, which is the part that makes it blue) , New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and even Massachusetts due to hurricane Sandy. While this threatens the electoral-college outcome only in Pennsylvania, it would not be good if Obama were to win the electoral vote while losing the popular vote. There are also the “down-ticket” candidates to consider.

  • dtgraham

    I saw Dick Morris give his final prediction today. He is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Romney will win in an “absolute landslide” with at least 330 electoral college votes…or more. He has him winning states like Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—and he’s positive of it. He’s pretty much staking his reputation on it as a consultant and analyst. This is completely in the bag according to him.

    Alternatively, Nate Silver’s final numbers give the President an 87% chance of winning and he’s had him at extremely high odds of winning for a number of months now. He also has just released a best selling book explaining why some predictions fail and why others don’t.

    All of which leads me to conclude one thing. After tomorrow one of these two guys is going to have to disappear from public sight and hide out in the jungles of Borneo or something to live this down.

    • You have to realize that Dick Morris is one of the biggest IDIOTS on the Planet. he is never right about anything & only exist to lick Hannity’s boots. If not for FOX this guy would be non-existant. Since being fired by Bill Clinton, he will say anything that he thinks will hurt or embrass a Democrat. Morris is not in the same class with SILVERS.

  • sexi511

    We don’t need the landslide, we just need the win! Obama is the man! Thanks to Joe and Clinton for the icing on the cake. Redvelvet to be exact! Hahahahaha! Obama and Michelle 2012!!!

  • sexi511

    Oh yea, and im countin eggs, chickens, geese, hens, turkeys, ducks you name it. Seems as though that’s what we must do, since you RRs have tried once again to sabotage the voting system.

  • Obama we Love you

  • ChristoD

    Listen folks, lets’ be real about this. If Obama wins, NOTHING will change at least as it pertains to the so called ‘loyal opposition’. There is something called RESPECT and LEGITIMACY that the Republicans refuse to give him. There is no legitimate reason for them to have chosen this course other than he had a ‘D’ beside his name. Forget the fact that he kicked McCain’s ass, it didn’t matter what the will of the people was. They started this DELEGITIMIZING process right after the election via the so called NEW OUTRAGED Americans called Tea Partiers which became an obvious front for the extreme right of the GOP. They have tried to delegitimize him, just like they did with Clinton for 8 years. Obama won hands down in 2008 (53 – 47 % in the popular vote and he blew McCain out in the Electoral Vote with well over 300 EV). What did he get for this ? An absolute disaster of an economy and a $12 trillion deficit created mostly under Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II all created as a result of Republican policies. THEY created the problems and they decided to help Obama via COMPLETE and UNBENDING OBSTRUCTION for 4 years from the LOYAL OPPOSITION. The only policies he was able to implement was when Democrats controlled both the house the Senate. So what do the Republicans do ? They blamed him for EVERYTHING that went wrong from the recession to the additional $4 Trillion in National Debt MOSTLY a result of programs left over when he took office ! The only signicant one year bump in the National Debt that he caused was via his Stimulous Program which saved millions of jobs.

    There is no question in my mind that the Republicans will continue to OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT simply because if he wins it will be by a slight majority and Republicans will use that to validate their OBSTRUCTIONISM. Their attitude is that if things aren’t done thier way they will bring down the Republic. So much for the loyal opposition.

    Simply put, they have become totalitarians and are hell bent on driving our country to the right, the American ‘will’ be damned. Let’s not forget that old saying that ‘the only way for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing’. It is time to dig in our heals to prevent this evil undemocratic process from succeeding.


    • Did you mean go to hell tea party?

      • he meant evactly what he said.

    • Tea Party / KKK/ Republican/ Talipublican are all the same. Hey Harry This election will signal the beginning of your demise. The American people are fed up with you lies and hate. I forgot to mention that you are also a bunch of stinking COWARDS.

  • Your name suits you TuckerFudpucker!

  • Renata5585

    Go Obama.!!!!!!!!!!! One of the greatest presidents since FDR and Truman and Kennedy and Johnson. There have been over 5.5 million jobs created during this administration. George W lost 4 million or more jobs. While Reagan and George W doubled their deficits he only added .25. He killed Bin Laden, brought the boys back from Iraq. He got us out of the depression mess created by the Republicans, he got rid of “Don’t ask don’t tell” and encouraged Marriage Equality. He created lower cost student loans and gave grants to college students who needed them. He created Patient protection and Affordable Health care act which will save 75 million by lowering costs of hospitals, drugs and medical testing. He got rid of the insurance laws which made it impossible to get insurance with “pre-existing conditions”. He made it possible to insure children of adult age to age 26. Over 35 million people will be insured who are not now. He created the “Dream Act” allowing people who were brought here as infants to stay in the country. He made it possible for veterans to go back to school on a GI Bill. He created the Lilly Ledbetter Act ………equal pay for equal work which is intended to help women who are in the work force. The whole free world is rooting for him being re-elected. They are disgusted by the lying and cheating and insulting ways of Romney and don’t trust him for anything. Romney is drooling to attack one of his new Axis of Evil countries Iran. That will raise the stock price of Haliburton again.

    There were no great Republican presidents since Eisenhower. Reagan had Alzheimers and Nancy’s astrologer led the country. He created deficits with his tax cuts and we had a market crash because of that in October 1987. He didn’t really help the economy. The fed chairman Paul Volker lowered the high interes rates in 1982 and the economy exploded upward because of that. Reagan also gave Iran weapons as a trade for hostages. No wonder the Republicans think Iran is getting close to a nuclear weapon. Reagan started them off with weapons. Get lost Bullying sociopathic marauding pathological liar with Romnesia. Self deport to Yemen………….push those people around.

  • giliwaya

    Go Obama Im with you all the way

  • Kansan

    “D”s should take 52-54 seats in the Senate as well. House stays in the toilet.

  • joujou228

    forget polls at this point vote and get a few people to vote with you. I voted for the President and got 22 others in south florida. Let’s win this and defeat obtructionism once for all in this country.

  • marciano3rd

    Good Luck to both candidates!! God knows what is best for America and the world. God bless America!!

  • Sand_Cat

    Two important points:
    1) NEVER underestimate the power of stupidity, greed, and selfishness, not to mention racism
    2) The fact that a non-stop liar and parasite-capitalist (i.e., he got his money looting companies other people worked and sacrificed to build) with no qualifications, class, or anything else going for him is within 50 points of Obama with all his shortcomings shows this country is REALLY in trouble.

  • Sand_Cat

    Yeah, I bet you care about your employees, as in “Wow, I could make a lot more if I could pay them a lot less.”

  • My fellow americans I didn’t vote for Obama the last time and Im very dissapointed in how the republicans totally refused to try anything the last 4 years the president suggested. They have only wanted to see he doesn’t get re-elected, the hell with those that are suffering. Maybe if they had tried some of obamas ideas we would have areal idea if they could have worked. Then we could vote him out of office if they didn’t work . THAT is OUR job as americans!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please let the president finish the job he was voted to do

  • I would like to comment/question on Romeny saying he is going to give everyone a good job that don’t have one, have he given those people any kind of job that he fired from those three planets that he and his boy closed some years ago, pocketed money and sent the jobs to China or somewhere?

  • Were has GW Bush been, are the republicans that afraid we will see how much Mitt Bush sounds like george. Do we need another war recession.

  • I would like to comment/question on Mr. Momney saying he is going to give everyone a good job that don’t have one. Have he given those people any kind of job that he fired from those three plants, that he and his boys closed some years ago, pocketed the money and sent the jobs to China or somewhere.

  • Oh the smell of the morning flowers as we walk away the hours, we gonna do it again, do it again, do it again! EXERCISE YOUR DEMOCRACY! YOU HAVE THE POWER IN YOUR HAND! MOVE AMERICA FORWARD! LER’S DO IT AGAIN! VOTE!!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

  • northroader1775

    As for the no record bullshit…this is just what I remember off the top of my head. And remember this is with half the team fighting against progress the whiole time.

    • Could it be that they hate him because he has been able to do what they failed to do:
    1. Affordable Care Act
    2. $789B economic stimulus package
    3. U.S. auto industry bail out (GM and Chrysler)
    4. Cash for clunkers
    5. Incentives for buyers of hybrid automobiles
    6. Housing rescue plan and incentives for first time home buyers
    7. Credits for purchasers of energy efficient appliances
    8. Equal pay for women
    9. $716B MEDICARE savings over next 10 years to keep program solvent
    10. Lower drug costs for seniors and elimination of donut hole
    11. Ended policy forbidding Medicare from negotiating for cheaper drugs.
    12. Limited lobbyist’s access to the White House
    13. Ended the war in Iraq
    14. Closed secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and ended renditions
    15. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell and biomedical research
    16. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
    17. Funded high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
    18. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
    19. Expanded Pell grant program and implemented easier loan repayment policy
    20. Phased out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems
    21. The Guantanamo prison camp is being phased out
    22. Torture banned. U.S. now in compliance with the Geneva Convention
    23. Better body armor provided to our troops
    24. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear inspection talks
    25. Increased pay and benefits for military personnel
    26. Improved housing for military personnel and veterans benefits
    27. Proposed a Veterans Jobs Act (filibustered by the GOP 3 weeks ago)
    28. Ended no-bid defense contract policy
    29. Closed offshore tax havens (sorry Mitt)
    30. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to allow US government access to records of tax evaders and criminals
    31. Ended tax benefits to corporations that outsource American jobs
    32. Championed credit card consumer protection legislation
    33. Expanded loans and tax credits to small businesses
    34. Appointed the first Latina to the Supreme Court
    35. Limited salaries of senior White House aides to $100,000
    36. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
    •37. Pegged student loan repayment to actual income
    •38. Supported the arab spring without sending in more troops. (and yes it’s a good thing)•
    39. Actually worked with both sides of the aisle to put together important legislation…although one side of the aisle just clammed up and quit when they elected a bunch of teabagging D-bags.
    Ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and authorized drone strikes against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries

  • We need to vote all the Repubs out so we can get things done in this nation.

  • northroader1775

    I agree about food stamp abuse.

    But I have to tell you republican administrations over the past 32 years have run up fully 12.5 trillion of the 16 trill you quote and if you count interest they own about 13.8 trillion..the Obama administration has increased govt spending by 1.4% the lowest increase in history…I really don’t think you have your numbers correct…if you are getting info from fox news you are being lied to.

    • my mom and dad are getting food stamps . They are 82 and 86. They get$16 dollars a month. Their income is below poverty level. They can’t pay their property tax anymore because Allegheny County reassessed and now it’s out of reach for them. I think if anyone has food stamps they need them desperately. Oh, and fox news sucks!

  • northroader1775

    Then answer me this…tell me one positive plan Romney has…he says I’ll create jobs but when he was govenor he was 47th out of 50 in rich well educated MASS he was 47th out of 50

    He says he’ll get us out of debt…doesn’t say how..just trust him he’ll do it he’s done it before. REALLY??? lets check…oh wait he made most of his money loading helpless companies with debt and then stealing everything to send it to china…Ask the 25000 delphi employees who lost their jobs so he could outsource them to china.

    He says he pro women but won’t answer a straight question on whether he will support the Lilly ledbetter act…he says he pro women but but he endorsed the tea party rape posse..his mourdock support ads are still running.

    He says he would have bailed out the auto industry after they filed bankrupcy. But the banks weren’t loaning money to anyone at the time and his real objective in letting the banks have the auto industry was to eliminate the UAW thousands of good paying middle class jobs. Obama saved the auto industry and I must say they are doing waaaaaay better then I thought they would.

    Now if you can tell me one real reason and back it up with any verifiable fact as to why you like romney …I’m all ears… But if your only reason for voting romney is you hate Obama STFU you no brain punk.

  • northroader1775

    He only had a filibuster proof majority for 71 days…not the two years you again pulled out of your ass. Ever known anything to get done in washington in 71 days???

  • We are going to win it tomorrow.

  • northroader1775

    really…that’s your message of hope??

  • northroader1775

    no HEIL is german as in Heil Hitler

  • Looks like I won’t be needing to vote tomorrow, Obama will win BIG!!! Now I can sleep in.

  • If Obama is re elected, as I expect he shall , it shall be result of the trust which people have in him, that despite the state of the jobs market he shall do better and he is a friend in the white house. If Romney looses it shall be because Obama had the advantage of incumbency, and Romney has been forced by the conservatives in his party to retract his former moderate positions , to flop flop, to deny his previous positions all of which made him suffer from Romnesia! In addition to that he is secretly an arrogant rich boy, comtemptuos of the poor and the 47% who pay no income tax, he is a man very ready to work for his rich class. The Kennedys were also rich but Ted Kennedy and his brothers, despite womanising and boozing spent their lives standing up for the little guy.

  • Good luck Obama , We the hispanics need you and the United States of America will be
    every day mre strong and certain sure, every body know what you did with Osama .B.
    Laden and how you help this country with the end of war on Irack.

  • Go ahead Hispannics vote tomorrow by Obama

  • Beccahall

    Obama will win, but I’m still looking for the GOP to cheat like they in 2000 and 2004.

  • Go ahead hispanic vote tomorrow by Obama

  • That loud swirling sound you hear on election night will be Romney’s campaign going down the drain.

  • It takes a good mop to properly clean a floor. On 11/6 the Obama MOP (Michigan, Ohio, Pennsyl.) will clean Romney’s floor.

  • Zogby aye you got it right

  • Zogby aye! you got it right

  • All the best my President

  • I hope these numbers are correct. As for myself I will do my part. I will vote to re-elect the president. My birthday will be in 3 days. What a wonderful birthday present.

  • ace

    LORD if you will please help enough decent people to get out to vote and get us a leader now all we have is a Dictator that has pulled the wool over all the ignorant people in this Country please save America .

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    The only words necessary is
    ” Mo-Obama “. ” Re-elected ” ” Winner “…….

  • I hope everyone understands that who ever wins, they will serve there financial contributors over and above everyone else.

  • Not To Worry! The President will win this with electoral votes to spare. Look at early returns from N.H., VA, N.Car. States won by Obama in 2008. If takes 2 of 3, the game is pobably over for Romney. Later on, Ohio for Obama ends it. Florida only matters if MR is picking up some battleground states. MR probably needs to run the table in the b.g. states.He will not. Original written 11/6. Not posted until 11/7.