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Sunday, October 23, 2016

While Republican primary voters support their governor, more Texans are looking forward to voting against Rick Perry in the 2014 election than for him, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll (PDF).

Only 26 percent of registered voters surveyed are planning to vote for Perry, while 36 percent will vote against him. Of the remaining 38 percent, 33 percent will “wait and see” and 5 percent “don’t know.”

Perry currently leads Texas attorney general Greg Abbott in a potential primary challenge 27-14, with 28 percent not expressing an opinion.

“You can rule out the idea that Perry is just dead,” said Daron Shaw, co-director of the UT/TT Poll and a government professor at the University of Texas at Austin. “You can’t reach that conclusion. But you also can’t say he’s just unbeatable, relative to Abbott.”

Perry is the longest-serving governor in Texas history. If he decides to run in 2014, he’ll be seeking his fifth term as the Lone Star State’s chief executive.

In 2012, Perry led Texas Republicans in cutting $73 million from its family-planning budget to punish the state’s Planned Parenthood for performing abortions, though the organization performs no — zero — abortions. That move will reportedly cost Texas taxpayers $273 million.

Perry’s flop as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president — going from frontrunner to fifth place in the Iowa Caucus in a matter of weeks — also seems to have damaged his brand.

Also notable in the poll is that controversial new Texas senator Ted Cruz’s approval rating is currently 39/28. That’s better than fellow senator John Cornyn’s 32/28, which may help explain why Cornyn seems to be rubber-stamping nearly any vote Cruz takes.

President Obama’s favorable rating in Texas is actually higher than Cruz’s at 40 percent, but his unfavorable rating is 54 percent.

Texas is still extremely conservative when it comes to most issues, but its exploding Latino population gives some Democrats hope that the state could swing blue as soon as 2016.

Rick Perry has called this “the biggest pipedream I have ever heard.”

One encouraging sign for Democrats could be the state’s conflicted view of the Tea Party.

When asked if the Tea Party had a proper amount of influence in the state, 31 percent said they had too much influence compared to 28 percent that said too little, with 18 percent saying their influence is just right.

If the Tea Party were to break off and form a third party, the Democratic Party — with 30 percent of the vote — would be larger than the GOP (17 percent)  and the Tea Party (20 percent).

The 20 percent of Texans who identify more with the Tea Party than the Republican Party seems to closely match the 18 percent of the state that has a very favorable view of Rick Perry.

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  • Perry wants the Texas brand? Heal those irons up and BRAND his lying ass!

  • Poor Texas,Rick Perry in the governors mansion and George Bush as the village idiot.

    • lana ward

      Bush did better in school than Omuslim, so what does that make him? Adouble idiot?

      • roguerunners


      • CPAinNewYork

        Given Dubya’s reputation for stupidity, his admission to the Harvard Business School has to be viewed with deep suspicion. His Yale grades were mediocre, so it appears that Bush money got him in and possibly got him to graduate.


        • lana ward

          Bush got better grades than Omuslim did!!

          • CPAinNewYork

            Yeah, but were they honestly achieved or did Bush money “facilitate” things?

          • lana ward

            Yeah, but, but, but, but. What’s wrong with accepting it. You accept it from Omuslim

          • CPAinNewYork


            One problem that I have is that Bush doesn’t seem to be nearly as smart as Obama, so I’m highly suspicious of anything that smacks of his academic achievement. In fact, I think that Dubya is kind of dumb.

            Another problem that I have is that I think he’s unethical. Here are three examples of his questionable ethics:

            1. The group, which he headed, that bought the Texas Rangers baseball team didn’t want to pay the price demanded by the owners of the land selected for the ballpark, so they seized it under eminent domain and paid less than market value for it. The owners sued and received a large settlement.
            2. He lied about Saddam Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction in justifying the invasion of Iraq.
            3. He intentionally failed to take his Air Force physical so that he couldn’t be activated for service in Viet Nam.

            Do you want some more reasons for my distrust of Dubya?

          • lana ward

            Everything Omuslim has said is a lie, everything! Do you still trust him?

          • TheSkalawag929

            Yep lana I can see by your lack of facts to back up your argument that your are beginning to lose faith in the republican brand. It’s just a mater of time but as you say we’ll see.

          • lana ward

            I won’t give up on America that easily

          • TheSkalawag929

            No one is asking you to.

          • 4. In 8 years as president, he couldn’t learn how to say “nuclear”, and still says “nucular”. I suppose you right-wingers are going to figure out some kind of numbers that will prove that the Queen of all Republicans, Sarah Palin, is smarter than my cocker spaniel.

            Here’s an equation that even republicans can understand–


        • lana ward

          The Saudi Prince payed for Omuslims education , that’s why he won’t unseal his records

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Would that be the same Saudi prince photographed walking and holding hands with Dubya??

          • lana ward


          • Reddiaperbaby

            You really are stupid…why would the same Saudi holding hands with Bush support Pres. Obama?
            Sent from my iPad

          • lana ward

            Cover up, that’s what communists do, stupid

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Cover what up? What Communist? Are you going to be alright? You sound a bit confused…
            Sent from my iPad

          • lana ward

            What’s up with your friend, mike kollmorgen? He flagged me because I called Omuslim a smelly fly face. He has a serious problem, maybe you can help

        • David_of_Texas

          You mean the Dem’s belief in GWB’s stupidity? It’s the same belief (in reverse) that the GOP has for Obama. And let’s compare GWB’s grades with Obama’s… oh, wait, that’s right… we can’t. Obama’s claimed foreign birth got him admission.


    • MsInformed

      Cite your proof?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The sad thing is that what the average Texans want, their Texas government will never consider. In that state, it’s Trickle Up All The Way. Sure…Dallas looks like the perfect vision of wealth, prosperity, glitz and glamor. Then, you go to West Texas and see how hard life for the people there has become.

    Looks like the “Lone” in the “Lone Star State” is anyone who isn’t a TX government political trough feeder.

  • CPAinNewYork

    Sure, he made a fool of himself during the debates, but you’ve got to admit, he does provide some laughs, at his own expense, of course. Now, about his dubious ethics….


    Not everyone in Texas is an idiot–the longer Perry stays in office, the stupider he gets–I never wanted him as gov, and never will. There are actually Repukelicans that are beginning to see the light—just not soon enough.

  • Momzilla11

    That is what Kay Bailey Hutchison thought, when she lost the last run for governor.