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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A pair of new polls show that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are now in a national dead heat in the race for the Republican presidential nomination — and President Obama is increasing his lead over both men.

The most recent Gallup daily tracking poll shows Romney leading Santorum by a statistically insignificant 2 point margin, 32 percent to 30 percent. Gingrich is third in the poll at 16 percent, followed by Ron Paul at 8 percent. Santorum’s support in the Gallup poll has surged since his victories in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri; on the day of those contests, Santorum was stuck in third place nationally at 16 percent.

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  • JulesGuidry

    Mitt should just DISAPPEAR! He has made his millions by screwing small businesses, killing jobs that these small business could provide, now he wants us to believe he can create jobs? If he becomes President, say goodbye to social security and medicare as we know it, because this is his way too cut spending. The seniors and poor will suffer if he makes it to the white house. In addition, he would lower minimum wage, lower the tax rate on the rich, get rid of tax brakes for the working people. He wants to run the country as a business and we already his business ethics. So, Mitt, take a walk.

  • StevenBrungard

    Rick Santorum believes that single parents and same sex couples are not capable of parenting. A great wealth of anecdotal and scientific evidence refutes that belief. A great number of social scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists hold views of confidence in the parenting offered by single parents and same sex couples.

    Rick Santorum wants marriage defined as between one male and one female. That definition reduces all of us to be little more than studs and mares. The value of marriage is reduced to the production and parenting of children. Worse yet, Santorum is working for a multinational religion business that wants access to more children. Santorum wants to eliminate abortion and contraception so his studs and mares, by the nature of studs and mares, will produce more children and parent them under the ethics and morals prescribed by that multinational religion business. Other religion businesses see the potential for gaining more customers by the production and parenting of more children that they can access so they too jump on the bandwagon to trumpet no abortion, no birth control and marriage of studs and mares.

    Single parents and same sex parents are not so likely to give religion businesses access to the children they parent and not so likely to increase the birth rate as the studs and mares so the value of supporting single parents and same sex marriage is null. Only studs and mares can offer right parenting. Children have a right to be parented by studs and mares. Females can not make responsible family planning decisions. Females are meant to be submissive to the dominant male. Females are not meant to enjoy sex and they seldom behave responsibly as equally sovereign and sexually active persons so the father must pass responsibility for the female to the waiting stud. Thus the wait till married ideal set by the religion businesses.

    I propose the following defintion of marriage. Marriage is a team of two unique and sovereign individuals, working together to fulfill the lives of two, equal standing persons. By this definition, all the wonderful and socially important values of marriage. The parent would have the responsibility to help a child develop and established its sovereignty. With that soverignty, the newly franchised person would make the decisions which manage their daily activity and determine their future. That newly franchised person would not just be empowered to make those decisions but able to stand responsible for them.

    No abortion means more children. No contraception means many more children. Wait until married to the waiting stud assures more children. Marriage only between one male and one female assures more children. Submissive wives assures more children. Religion businesses present all of these under the banner of their prescribed morality and they defend them under religious liberty. What is actually at stake is a primary revenue stream that religious privilege will help religion businesses maintain and maybe increase.

    Religion has been a good business, even big business in the United States. But business has been losing customers and revenue. The best hope they see is breaking through the constituional wall between religion and state. They have been spending nearly 400 million dollars each year lobbying congress for privileges that poke through that wall. The investment has paid off hansomely in the form of government contracts and favorable regulations and tax breaks and winks and nods from legislators as they violate regulations that prohibit political activity and bar favor to one religion business over another. Almost every privilege they win, at local, state and federal levels of government, breaks down the first amendment and article six and impairs, impedes or even violates the religious liberty of non religious persons and other religion businesses and their customers. Thus the great cries of threats to the liberty of the favored religion business (christian) to shout over and down the rights and liberties of the individuals they have no compunction against violating.

    The christian religion businesses see a champion in Rick Santorum. He seems to prefer pandoring to and spending time with the christian crowd of persons and legislators. He needs to firm up his rhetoric for replies to questions from the pro choice, pro LGBT, single parent, same sex parents, other religion and non religion advocates. But, there just might be enough support from christian businesses and their cistomers to keep him in the race until the convention. Hard wired Gingrich might be there too. It would make a fascinating political drama if Ron Paul’s highly motivated supporters carry him to the convention too.

  • rhyshopkins

    I agree with the main thrust of this article but I might point out to the author that he describes is the religious position of two groups of Christians–the Roman Catholic Church and the conservative church. Our church has an Open and Affirming statement which specifically states that we welcome gays and lesbians to our church. Many provide leadership in the church.
    As I looked at the congregation last Sunday I saw a wonderful gaywoman and her partner and their children plus many others singly or as couples. I saw an organist and a music director and another staff person who are gay. This is the position of an increasing number of Protestant churches–United Church of Christ, Methodist and Disciples of Christ that I am know about. If you write something like this please learn what churches take what position.

    • Alexander Ogudipe

      I admire your church’s glorification of sin. Are u saying God was foolish in destroying Sodom&Gomorrah? Is your church really Christian? Christ came for the sinners[Zacheaus, MaryMagdalene] that they may turn from their sinful ways, not to continue in it. That is the Christian argument. The natural argument is that a Gay relationship will never produce an offspring, the anal tract is also not a sexual organ, the use of dildos by Lesbians underscores the anomaly and stupidity of such perversion. Whether you admit or not, homosexuality is a freak of nature. Rather invest in scientific solutions to it, than scientific justification of it. Yes, I’m CATHOLIC!

  • Euclid

    Romney leads in all polls by 16 points discounting the Obama long dead, dogs, Acorn fake ballots, convicts and disallowed US soldiers being allowed to vote.

    Romney will win against all the fake votes as America is not ready for a socialist world government.

    Houseboy Obama has to jump to George Soros’ orders. Obama seems to ignore that blacks are considered dogs by Islam.

    • Racist! You’re a thing of the past!

    • You are a racist and we need a break from you. Obama is not a flipped over gun control, gay marriage, approval turp, approval on the bank bailouts, and takes to keep jobs in America is jobs overs seas.

    • you are a redneck, joe blog who cheated on his medical exam to get a license. you are disgree to all physicians everywhere. I’m an evangelical christian who disgrace with Romney’s beliefs(cult) and Romney stands for anythings that will make him win. No one can trust him ,I hope Obama wins because Mitt is more likely to be the anti-Christ than Obama. Santorum 2016

      • You must not know how they believe! The mormon’s also believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God just as christians do so what’s your beef….All main christian denominations believe differently too but all believe in Jesus Christ so what is the problem.
        Did you know that Obama is having a day of muslim prayer but refused to allow a christian prayer at the Dem’s convention! Now that is something to be concerned about Mr Christian,Who died and made you God?

  • I think that Mitt Romney is the best US president at hand now. Obama has never succeeded in any main issue of his platform. Obama ruins America, so how can any one trust him?

    • Mitt Romney the best president now. Ha, are you speaking English?

    • prrrt123

      Lincoln would not take that line of thought due Obamacare was passed, Wall street reform passed, the so called cant do without Big banks safety nets law passed, Osama passed. Just sayaing..