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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Silly Season

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Obama, The All-Powerful

The campaign is in a bit of a silly season. Speaker Boehner’s office is blasting the President for not taking personal responsibility for the drought! Expect them to blame him for the dramatic cooling that takes place in autumn and the sudden falling of leaves from trees. A reporter from Business Insider made the mistake of taking a fundraising email seriously. And there’s a rumor going around that Paul Ryan profited from insider trading in 2008 that was quickly debunked. Polls don’t seem to show any major shift in favor of either side since the Ryan announcement, but since Obama was riding high, we expect them to tighten some more.

Missouri in Play?

A new poll shows Mitt Romney only up by one in Missouri, which is rather surprising because the same poll shows Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill losing by 11 percent. Missouri used to be a bellwether, but as the only swing state that went for John McCain, the Show-Me state lost that status.

Ryan Helps in Wisconsin

You know that Paul Ryan isn’t particularly popular beyond the GOP base today. And he isn’t getting great press in Florida. But I suppose this is good news for the Romney campaign: Wisconsin is a little more in play with Ryan on the ticket. One advantage Ryan has over Romney is that he actual has only one home state he could lose. Romney has as many as four — Massachusetts, Michigan, California and New Hampshire (not to mention Utah).

Debates Announced

The presidential debates and moderators have been announced. Two of the moderators are female, answering the plea of these teenage girls. Right-wing firebrand Michelle Malkin quickly called the moderators “left-erators, no doubt because none of them has a Fox News contact or an AM radio show. It’s actually a little toned down for Malkin. How about COMMIE-tators!

 VERDICT: We’re assuming Romney never wanted to hear the words “less popular than Palin” in his life. But so far that’s what Paul Ryan appears to be. The day goes to the President.

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  • It will not be long before the GOP blames Barack Obama for the avian flu and the common cold, but in all honesty that’s the way presidential campaigns are conducted in the USA. Hopefully the electorate is mature enough to differentiate between political rhetoric and reality.
    Romney’s decision to pick Ryan’s as his running mate highlights the level of desperation they feel. Not only have they lost the Independent vote, they were actually losing the conservative vote as well. Ryan’s selection addresses the latter. What Romney and the GOP strategists don’t seem to understand is that what a plurality of the electorate is rejecting is not Romney, but what the Tea Party is proposing for America. The GOP overreached and they are now paying a heavy price where it counts.

    • highpckts

      Judging from the people that I’ve talked to, don’t count on the electorate being “mature” enough to tell the difference!!

      • I know, I had similar experiences. Some of the statements are hear are so bizarre you can’t help but wonder if you are talking to rational, educated, people or an illiterate peasant from a banana republic. Issues such as charisma, eloquence, looks, and a good retort are often more important than the intellectual acumen, record, and vision of a candidate.

        • CPANY

          The white seniors’ statements do tend to be bizarre, but that’s because they don’t want to admit to being racist, a label that has acquired some opprobrium. So, instead of saying they don’t want to vote for a black, they fish around for cockamamie reasons to justify their intended vote for two guys whose philosophy is definitely inimical to the seniors’ financial interests.

          It seems to not make sense, but if one looks at it from a purely racial point of view, it’s rational. The problem is that the white seniors are letting their emotions overrule their common sense. This is something that the Democratic Party should be pounding away on: encouraging the white seniors’ to overcome their racial prejudice and vote their economic interest in November. I’m surprised that thec Demonratic leadership hasn’t already done this.

          • I am a white female senior (69) and I wouldn’t vote for Romney if he lied till he turned blue, brought on board the Momon equivalent of the Pope, or one he feels is a “senior woman winner”, and he was the last candidate on the earth. I do understand what is going on, as I believe most of us ‘seniors’ do with the ‘race baiting’ and I really wish it would stop. I don’t and never have had a problem with race, creed, color, ethnicity, or any other thing that you seem to be accusing senior whites of. I voted for Obama the first time, believe he has done all he can (considering what he started with and the of so helpful Repugs in office), and will vote for him again because I believe if we can get the dirt in office out from under our fingernails, President Obama can and will accomplish much, if not all, of what he has tried to provide for Americans. No, not the junk so many Tea Partiers and Republicans try to convice us of, but real, tangible, helpful work. You talk about emotions, you just hit mine by insinuating that as a ‘white senior person’ I must be racially prejudiced and stupid. Think again, and get over yourself!

          • CPANY

            I’m older than you, male and white. I didn’t say all white seniors were going to vote for Romney, but according to some poll results, a lot of them are. My comment addresses what I think is the cause of their loyalty to Romney and his stooge Ryan: racial prejudice.

            If you disagree, or if you think that the poll results don’t indicate that white seniors are going for Romney, then say so, instead of getting mad at non-existent slights.

          • I am a middle aged black man. I read your comments and was truly touched and inspired. I know that there is no way that anyone can become President without a significant number of white voters, after all, they make up the majority of the electorate. But what inspires me most, is the fact that you support this President for the same reasons I do. He gave us hope in 08 as a candidate and he has given us his all as our President. Though we know that we aren’t “there” yet, we also know, that turning around and going back to the Top-Down policies that started this mess, is not the way we should go. Romney and Ryan, plan to take us there on steroids. That would not be good for any American of any persuasion.
            “Out of many, ONE”. Watchin&#39… have my respect and admiration, along with an apology for the idiot that insinuated that you must be prejudiced. Obviously the only thing you are prejudiced against is “ignorance”. I join YOU.

          • Dianes4babies

            Well, you certainly just opened up my eyes! Great post and kudos to you for expressing how you feel!

  • joujou228

    My daughter has a great idea, President Obama should endorse breathing for air, the republicans will all choke themselves. lol!

  • and if you ask any conseatives they think that mitt romney and paul ryan are god this is only in their mine’s don’t most of you konw that the GOP has played right into obama and binden hand’s this is what these’s too wanted you dum-ass consevatives give obama every-thing he has wanted thought-out this election you ass-hole’s don’t get it. you have given him all he could ask for and more he has play’you guy’s like paw’s on a chess broad and dose it very well. chack mate.

    • Yvette – don’t mean to be too picky, but I believe if your spelling had been a little better and your writing more coherent, your comment would have made a bigger impact.


    More and more, I think that Paul Ryan definitely resembles “Puggsly,” the kid in the Addams Family television sitcom. The convincers for me are the relatively low front hairline, the downward arrow in the front hairline and the clueless but nasty facial expression.

    I keep looking for the puppeteer’s strings emerging from the back of the Paul Ryan ventriloquist dummy.

  • tranz2deep

    Boehner can suck it, Obama has never denied global warming, which puts him one up on the entire Republican consortium, er, Party.

  • onedonewong

    what a joke these polls are. these are the same ones who predicted Walker would fall in his recall vote. All 3 of the VP’s that were picked by the republicans stood head and shoulders over Biteeme, crooked edwards, brain dead gore

    • Are you one, done wrong or is your non de plume a homage to the small portion of your anatomy you seem to think with? Normally, I do not resort to name calling or personal attacks but you, sir offend me.

      • onedonewong

        Don’t like folks posts truths about your Messiah?? Thanks a shame but at least your as consistent as your messiah he has thin skin as well

  • 13observer

    Here is the deal; Much like 2010…Obama has railed against the people as “Obamacare” is a tax increase to everyone but the poor…which presents a problem for him. He gave “amnesty” to 1.3 million illegal aliens which presents a problem for him as a majority of our population disapproves of. His administration and other democrats are playing the “let’s blame the law abiding gun owners” CARD… So…I predict another “SWEEP” similar to the one in 2010….apparently the democratic party forgot about it……..the voters won’t.

  • No matter how well Obama is doing in the Polls, I can’t help he might be toast in the Nov. election. The Voter Suppression and the tricky Electoral College might do him in. 2000 keeps on coming back in mind.

  • Strange how the word mature is used in these comments. I believe obama said that the government made business and then biden said that Romney would put y’all back in chains. Had it been Romney or Ryan making those types of comments the mainstream media would have gone ballistic. I do not agree with either side 100% but the democratic president wants the USA to be like Greece or France. Cannot support that.

  • We must maintain our president Mr. Obama so we can keep the few jobs that are left.
    Otherwise the other fellow all he wants is to do what Mr. Bush left us.
    Manuel Badea

  • ByzantineIrish

    Im a independent who votes with the Repubs 55% of the time but even me is noticing the media bias with the so called old mainstream media of New York Socialst times-MSNLSD,NBC Provda,and even ABC(will leave out CBS,PBS,even the Huffington Post has been a little more balanced. I like how ABC cuts off a latino female govenor in there coverage and goes to a latino talkng head to talk about how the Repubs dont have enough diversity, lol…. Mia Love and Congressman Davis both Black get knocked off the air on the pretext of the hurrican coverage which was barely talking about on their network all day long and didnt amount to a whole lot compared to what they were expecting out of it… It really makes me skin crawl and alot of people of independent mindframe due take note of this.. IT is just idoits who never watch the news but accidently have it on who will be brainwashed. and of course when it is the Dems turn they Times,ABC and NBC-MSNLSD will be fawning and falling over themselves and there probably already getting set to type on their laptops what a great convention the Dems held and hasnt even started yet. Obama can split a baby in half and they will weep with joy and worship the ground he walks on… And just to show you Im not a right wing talking point, fox does the same thing only the opposite and Im actually voting Democrat in the state Senate race.. But I’m sure I will get hate post for the “Bitter Left” who think if you criticize Obama you hate the poor and are a racist and hate women and school children, etc etc… Dont really care what the haters say, let me say that in Advance…

  • President Obama told NASA administrator Charles Bolden that his highest priority should be “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”
    Hey, how do you explain this to the jews?

  • FCS1

    The National Memo and it’s readers define the term “self-licking ice cream cone.”