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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Though the House of Representatives isn’t scheduled to return to session until the new year, on Wednesday President Obama  cut his vacation in Hawaii short to return to Washington D.C.

Insiders report there hasn’t been any progress in the negotiations to avert the combination of automatic spending cuts and tax cuts expiring known as the “fiscal cliff” since Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B” failed last week. On Friday, the president called for steps to be taken to guarantee that 98 percent of Americans won’t see a tax increase in 2013, when the Bush tax cuts are set to expired.

Now that he’s proven that he cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on anyone with Democratic support, Speaker Boehner is calling on the president to resolve the crisis with Democrats in the Senate. Senate Democrats passed a bill that would extend the Bush tax breaks on all incomes under $250,000. But Boehner has been unwilling to take up the bill, which he says cannot proceed because it’s a tax bill that originated in the Senate. The Constitution says legislation related to taxation must originate in the House.

Speaker Boehner has told his members to be ready to return to Washington D.C. within 48 hours in case they need to vote on a deal.

Americans support the president in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations over Speaker Boehner and congressional Republicans by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, according to Gallup:

Gallup also recently tracked the president’s approval rating at 57 percent, a level he has not reached since the death of Osama bin Laden.

Nearly any deal to resolve the “fiscal cliff” will likely affect the economy negatively.

But with housing prices showing steady improvement and the job market slowly improving, the end of tax breaks for the rich would likely create a small negative ripple in the economy, while the automatic cuts in the sequester and threat of a debt default could easy threaten a new recession.

Some hope that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might be able to broker a last-minute deal, as he did during the debt limit debate in 2011. But McConnell is running for re-election in 2014 and his greatest threat is opposition from the wing of the Republican Party that nixed “Plan B.”

The stock market diving provided much of the impetus for the debt limit deal in 2011. Thus far, Wall Street hasn’t overreacted to the deadlock in Washington D.C. And Members of Congress do not seem eager to offer any optimism.

“We’re now in a bad spot,” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “I hope we don’t go over the cliff, but I think we are.”


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157 responses to “President Obama Returns to D.C For ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Negotiations”

  1. So get to work, Christmas is over!

  2. Karen Frederick says:

    Republicans—what a bunch of punks!

    • Canistercook says:

      Guess you think almost half of Americans are ‘punks’ but those ‘punks’ are made up of a majority of Americans that pay most of the taxes.

      • MRD1056 says:

        No I believe that under half the country is uneducated people that vote against there best interests because they list to FOX news or some other Right wing pundit and don’t know the real truth, we call them Republicans. And I believe that the majority of Americans pay taxes unless you are ultra rich or a corporation and then you can get out of paying taxes all together. (Mitt ROBmoney, GE Electric, etc. just to name a couple)

        • Canistercook says:

          A typical response of a socialist! Mitt Romney paid 15% tax and Obama on about $3,000,000 paid around 24%, and G.E. income goes to the staff and all the shareholders like government pension funds. About 50% of the country now pay little or no income taxes and those people just about all voted Democratic. Greece here we come!

          • dadhoover says:

            by all means C—-K since the republican efforts of ‘trickle down’ economics has transfered most the real wealth up into the hands of just a few and succeeded in creating our current mess from two unpaid for wars and an unpaid Medicare part D and the foolish move of lowering taxes, they’ve succeeded in nearly ruining the Middle class to the point of as you say 50% are too poor to pay taxes. Maybe you republicans should keep doubling down on your failed policies and aim for 75% too poor to pay taxes.

            Why is it the republicans can’t figure out that the “JOB CREATORS” are the spending of the Middle and lower income masses, which creates orders for jobs and services when they spend on things they need. The dumb republicans somehow ignore that no amount of additional wealth in the hands of the top 2% will create jobs, these rich people aren’t stupid enough to hire more people (create jobs) to produce goods and services that there is no demand for. Keep choking the money upwards from the Middle and lower income groups and the elderly and disabled, thereby cutting down demand even more and you have a recipe for continued recession. AHHH BUT FOX NEWS BLOND BABES, LIMPBALLS, BECK, INGRAHAM, PALIN AND COMPANY KEEP THE REPUBLICAN SHEEPLE FOOLED INTO VOTING FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE TOP 2% AND AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS, HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU BUDDY ? NOT SO GOOD BY THE LOOKS OF IT, BUT KEEP LYING TO YOURSELF.

          • Canistercook says:

            Guess you have bought into the ‘brainwash’. Just what is the Middle Class. Perhaps if so Many Americans were not ‘pill’ takers we would not have ‘unpaid part D. Taxes have to be raised before they can be lowered! Job creators are people like Hewlett Packard and Steve Jobs who invested their time and money and efforts into something and became ‘rich’. It’s not the 2% that Obama is talking about taxing it is what I guess you would call the ‘upper middle class’ that strove to make it there by hard work and effort. He is not talking about closing his own or Buffet or Romney’s loopholes, he is not talking about taxing all the tax free benefits many of the middle class get while others pay tax on them, he is not talking about anything ‘fair’ he is just using the ‘rich’ and Wall Street in the same manner Hitler used the Jews and the Bankers to obtain ‘power’. Certainly nothing he has done so far has created jobs other than government jobs and I believe another 4 years of Obama’s socialism will be a disaster for our country. Guess you are happy though as long as you think those Republican ‘sheep’ are paying most of the countries bills. I wonder why?

          • dadhoover says:

            Facts have it, that creative people can create all the tech and etc. products imaginable, but unless the middle and lower range income brackets among the masses have the money to buy them, those creations will not take off if the masses don’t have the money to spend on them. No wealthy creative person will hire and produce products that there is no demand for. Unions in the 40’s and 50’s created the living wages that created demand, ever since the Republicans have sought to make policy and pass legislation to choke the middle class wages off and promote wealth going upwards to the few our economy has gotten worse and worse. Think about it. NO DEMAND NO JOB CREATION.

          • Susan says:

            You are absolutely right. Republicans don’t seem to understand the “demand” part of “supply and demand.” And if lower taxes for the rich created jobs, we would have full employment now. Where are the jobs that were created by these tax cuts?

          • Canistercook says:

            As a member of the Middle Class I never felt choked by anyone. I feel that as someone who made it the hard way through hard work I am now being told it is not ‘fair’ if I don’t support the idle, irresponsible, obese people and provide their income and health care. Obviously there is ‘demand’ out there so the farmer gets up at 5 am and plants his crops and milks his cows. Many Republicans create jobs for the masses.

          • FRED says:

            You might try a little fact checking–of course looking & reading won’t help if you don’t open your eyes/mind. You have 2 very articulate & factual explanations available right here.

          • ralphkr says:

            Well, Canistercook, I must say that your canister is full to brimming with BS. GE paid less than 3% Fed tax and your statement that GE income goes to staff (which is tax deductible) and shareholders and thereby inferring that GE should not pay taxes would only make sense if you also feel that any business should not pay any taxes because all of the income goes to employees and owners. By the way, the majority of those who pay little or no taxes, pensioners and the uber-rich, usually vote Republican. The uber-rich vote Republican because that is the party they own while the pensioners vote Republican because they swallow the Kool-Ade put out by people like Faux News and don’t seem to realize that they are voting against themselves.

          • Not Kool-Aid But Venom Sold To Me By The GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salemen!! Not Only Are They Brainwashed But Brain Dead!!!

          • Canistercook says:

            Wonder how those taxpayers became uber-rich, perhaps like me they worked VERY hard and saved and invested in our country! Don’t think that Jones group that drank Kool-Aide were members of the uber-rich! Most high income earners in California pay 50% of an earned dollar to Federal and State governments which goes to support both the needy and the idlers.

          • ralphkr says:

            Well, Canistercook, if you are one of the uber-rich you know that 90% of the uber-rich got that way by scamming the system with a crew of accountants and lawyers while being paid from 100 to 1,000 (or more) times as much as the people doing the actual work and making it possible for you to join the elite. The majority of the uber-rich pay far lower percentage in taxes than the the “undeserving poor” (the 47%) working people struggling to get by on SS or minimum wage jobs and definitely far lower percentage in taxes than any of their workers.

          • Canistercook says:

            Bet I worked a het of a lot harder than you did. That’s the problem so many of the socialists don’t understand what it takes to work hard and succeed! If one is living on SSS or minimum wage and not elderly then that party did not work very hard even in school!

          • ralphkr says:

            Typical response by the unthinking dullards who swig the Republican lies and buy the BS that the only reason someone is not rich is because he or she did not work hard enough. I bet you also believe that it is God’s punishment when someone gets sick and loses their job and home because they weren’t able to get insurance. I must say that the hardest working people I have met have been those just scraping by while the richer the person is the lazier he is. Of course, the wealthy think that they are busting their hump because they have to ask their Executive Assistant (fancy name for a go-fer) to go get their latte and pick up the dry cleaning. I am sure you have been working somewhat harder than me the last 20 years (unless you are one of the top earners) because I have not worked at all and my investments plus modest pension are giving me from 3 to 6 times what my base pay was when I was a wage slave. No, I don’t get SS or Medicare because of too many years in exempt jobs but I am happy to donate what I paid in because my pension would be reduced by over $2 for every $1 of SS I could draw (What a deal!!)

            My first job in town was unloading & loading box cars and semis for a grocery terminal (that is where I acquired my abiding hatred of 100 pound sacks of potatoes) the summer that I was 13. I would drive into town in dad’s ancient Buick pickup, work for 4 hours, and earn fifty cents. Yep, $0.125 an hour. It did not take me long to figure out that I could make more money with a lot less effort by delivering 3 paper routes a day (5 routes on Sunday). After I mustered out of the military I pushed mud until the contractor got a job 50 miles away. $1 an hour wheeling 400+ pound wheelbarrows of mud or spending back breaking hours picking up and pounding down a metal plate to compact the gravel base before pouring the mud. No mud pumps, mechanical compactors or trowels because the owner figured if it was good enough for his dad in the 1800s then it was good enough for him now and he did not hire any wusses. $1 an hour doesn’t sound like much but it was more per month than I had been earning as a sergeant. The next 10 months I drove a taxi 12 hours a night ($0.50 an hour), go home to shower & shave and change clothes then do a shift as a deputy sheriff. In my spare time I sometimes did a short pickup & delivery run with my 10 wheel GMC. Yep, for 10 months the only sleep I got was on the sofa in the taxi dispatch office. But I am sure you always worked a lot harder than I ever did.

          • Canistercook says:

            When you wake up you will find how many people have learned to live off the sweat of others and have done nothing much in life except drink, smoke and steal from society and that number is growing fast.

          • ralphkr says:

            Actually, Canistercook, the group of which you are speaking (those who have learned to live off the sweat of others & steal from society) is NOT growing in numbers but is growing in power. What IS growing fast is the gap between that group (the uber-rich) and the rest of us. All you have to do is check out the figures and you shall see that the uber-rich (who live off the sweat of others) have immensely increased their wealth while those who have to do the actual work have taken a considerable dive in their holdings and, considering inflation, in income. If nothing is done we shall become a TEAparty vision: A nation divided between the uber-rich (Koch brothers, etc.) and everyone else who subsist by going through the garbage dumps of the uber-rich.

          • Canistercook says:

            I find it disappointing that so many like you think that the ‘rich’ do not work hard. The majority of ‘rich’ work very hard and like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Hewlett Packard, Henry Ford, Kaiser, etc., etc., continued to work hard until too old to work. They also created good work places for many that provided gyms, cafeterias and good benefits for people like you and me. Many of our so called ‘poor’ today are those who failed to even use the benefits the ‘rich’ have provided for us. Few countries except Europe and North America provided free education to age 18 but we have many that do not appreciate it and take advantage of it. We have a generous amount of college scholarships available, low cost student loans all available. But when one drops out of school at 15, begets a child at 16 or younger and has little or no skills or work ethnic one does enter the world of welfare and dependency.Those that are fortunate enough to get a government union job or work for the UAW union even without a lot of education get excellent salaries and benefits. The group that is dropping behind is the uneducated who either become a parent very young or get into the drug and rap culture. I have watched the children who grew up in my neighborhood. Those that went to school regularly, went on to Junior College or College have done well. Those that fooled around, dropped out of school, got into drugs or got pregnant have not.

          • ralphkr says:

            Yes, Canistercook, I have known some of the truly rich who actually work but the majority of them think that they are working hard because their driver drops them off at 9 AM and doesn’t pick them up until after 7 PM. They consider that they are working hard during their 3 hour lunches and while they are working out with their personal trainer, or on the tennis court, or the golf course. Face it, the truly wealthy get their money by sitting back and letting their employees do all the work. As for your statement that those with college education have done well… how do you explain all those people with graduate degrees in business or engineering who had jobs paying well over $200,000 when Clinton was president who are currently unemployed and either homeless or about to become homeless? Some of those highly educated people complain that they can not even get a minimum wage job at Walmart or flipping burgers because they are too highly educated and employers know that they will disappear the minute a real job shows up. I think you are confusing the work ethics of small business owners (who generally do work far harder than any of their employees) and the truly rich who, as a class, have the lifestyle of feudal nobles. The group that you claim as the only one dropping behind is actually holding its own because once you hit bottom that is as far as it goes (unless the Republicans start digging a hole under you). The group that has been going downhill rapidly is the middle class in both net worth and in true income.

          • Canistercook says:

            You sure have sucked up all that left wing brain washing. I thought I was middle class and my neighbors were middle class who mow their own lawns and clean their own houses. Most of them seem to be doing quite well. One or two have lost their jobs and one is working part time for an agency and one has taken a Christmas temporary job in a dept store. One has started a baby sitting program til things pick up if they ever do! I took my son and his wife to the Olive Gardens Restaurant for dinner last night and had to wait 40 minutes for a table. The customers in there looked pretty ‘middle class’ to me. One thing Obama is good at is dividing us and encouraging ‘class warfare’ and it looks like with you and many others he has succeeded. Hitler and Stalin used similar methods to come to power. Hitler the Jews and the Bankers, Stalin the Upper crust and the artisans. Obama’s scapegoats are the ‘rich and Wall Street’. History does repeat itself in slightly altered manner. If one has an Engineering, accounting degree or some type of technical degree you are doing well, but if you have a degree in social sciences you do not have a useful degree so are probably unemployed. I have worked with and for some of those ‘truly wealthy’ you describe and if they took a 3 hour lunch one day they probably worked Saturday or Sundays – I know because on occasion they asked me to come in and help them prepare for example Stockholders’ meetings. Obama is not talking about taxing the upper upper class really rich like his friend Buffet or Dianne Feinstein, he is asking to tax the hell out of the hard working small business owners and those who have earned and saved all their lives just because they saved and invested. I am still hopeful that the masses that voted for Obama will realize that they have been sold a bag of very left wing socialism which is why he has not attempted to control the irresponsible spending that cannot continue. Like an old neighbor said to me as she maxed out her credit card at Macy’s, ‘I am going to declare bankruptcy and the Government will take care of me’. The Government did with Section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare, etc. Guess she became one of the suffering ‘middle class’.

          • ralphkr says:

            I too live in a middle class neighborhood and the man living across the street from me who was making over $100K (a very successful construction contractor & richest man on the street) went bankrupt and lost his house when construction dried up. He is now head of maintenance in a National Park in Arizona. In the 9 houses in my neighborhood 1 man is a claims adjuster for a major insurance company, 1 mows lawns for a living (makes good money judging by the great vehicles & 4 John Deere tractors he owns), 2 of us are retired, 2 are subcontractors, 1 owns a store, the new people across the street have 3 good jobs, and my next door neighbor & wife have two jobs.

            Your definition of small business owner is far different than mine. Evidently your definition of small business is a company with over 300 employees and revenues in the millions. I can think of only one small business owner who possibly would have to pay more taxes because of Obama and he is a doctor who owns some clinics (1 is 3 stories with a 4 story parking garage) and employs 75+ doctors. Come to think of it, the only reason he makes more than $250K is because he has been selling some property that he bought in the 1950s. He was complaining bitterly to my wife that he had sold one piece to the teachers pension fund for $1 million (he had paid $10K for it) and they turned around and sold a third of the property for a new shopping center for $5 million 4 months later and are building a few hundred houses on the rest of the land. Well, there is one other small business man that I know who might be taking home over $250K (he has new car dealerships for 6 brands including Toyota, Honda, & Chrysler)but I think the majority of his money is actually in commercial and ranch land.

            Admittedly, I have not been around the truly rich for a few decades and the richest of them were people like some of the DuPonts and some movie stars who used to fly in to hunt pheasants. I remember one of them who bought a Constellation (that was that beautiful airliner with 3 rudders and his had a fantastic interior) when he mustered out of the army air force (today that would be like buying a 747). Another would fly in with his Grumman amphibian (I don’t recall if it was a Widgeon or a Goose) and another friend of my father had a customized P-38 with RR engines (his company customized Catalinas for civilian use) that he would fly in every hunting season. Those people were the truly wealthy at that time but not one of them was getting even 100 times as much as the average employee of their companies let alone a million times as much. It used to be that when a CEO drove the value of the company shares down by over 50% they were denigrated and fired but now they are given multimillion dollar bonuses (in some cases to get them to go away) and praised for their astute business acumen.

            For myself, well I am definitely lower middle class, As a wage slave I never made over $35K and $10K of that was from working holidays, premium hours, Sundays, and overtime. Since my pension was based on my $25K base pay it amounts to very little of my income. Well, very little when a Democrat is president but much greater percentage of my income when a Republican is president since my pension is stable but my investment income follows historical trends and hit around $130K with Democratic administration and dropped to as low as $50K with that boy wonder Bush as president. With the Republicans doing all they can to destroy the US economy Obama has been unable to do much to live up to the the Democratic history of good to great economy with a Democratic president although my income did finally go up by over $11K in 2011. I have always been fascinated that the Republican (everything for business) party always has much worse economy than when the Democrats are in the oval office.

            You sound to me like people who were our neighbors where I grew up with your opinion that Obama is a leftist. My neighbors would definitely agree with you but they also considered Goldwater a pinko commie sympathizer. Actually, I feel that in the current US political spectrum Obama is slightly to the right of center. I am also sick and tired of Obama kowtowing to the Republicans all the time and negotiating against himself.

          • Canistercook says:

            Appreciate your reply but if a small business does not make a heck of a lot more than $450,000 a year it is a very small business. Most would call up to 35 employees a small business and an income of $5 mil to $35 mil a year. Money begets and earns money. Singapore is an example. Low taxes and no capital gains or estate tax but full employment and a great economy because they have so much investment there. People are flocking there and they are importing workers because there are very few workers available. One of the ‘rich’ Apple executives just moved there. Communism was based on taxing the rich and redistributing their wealth and property and it did little for Russians. We are moving in the same direction. I recall in 1937 Hitler used the Jews and the Bankers to seize power and Obama is using the Rich and Wall Street. Unfortunately jealousy is a powerful tool and most of us are jealous of those that get more then we do. But it is also a dangerous thing and can destroy. I think Obama’s new taxes on high incomes will lead to less investment and more unemployment unfortunately.

          • ralphkr says:

            Hate to burst your bubble again, Canistercook, but less than 5% of small business owners in the US make more than $400K. You seem to have confused revenues with profit. It is very possible for a business to have $100 million in revenue and still post a net loss in income. By the way, I was working back in the days when the top Fed tax rate was over 90% and guess what…there was no lack of money available for investments but there was a shortage of workers because the unemployment rate was about 3%. You are mistaken about Communism taxing only the rich. True Communism (just like true Christianity) takes everything away from everybody and spreads the proceeds evenly to people as needed. Of course, with Communism in actual practice those in most need are the bosses (just like a Republican dream world).

          • Canistercook says:

            They were not very good at business or engineering if they are now unemployed. Technical companies in my area are trying to import people in these fields because there are not enough workers available. If they were paid $200,000 during the Clinton era seems they could have a lot of savings now if they did not buy more house than they could afford! The ones flipping hamburgers got degrees in ‘social studies’, ‘Black studies’, ‘Hispanic studies’ etc., and wasted a lot of time in college playing around!

          • ralphkr says:

            Interesting that you automatically judge those people who used have good jobs in business or engineering as poor workers just because their bosses decided to take advantage of tax breaks and move the business overseas. It really doesn’t matter if you are making $25K or $500K you budget expecting to keep on making that amount and everything goes down the tube when you suddenly don’t have any income. I agree about the value of the degrees you described but I know of one man with an advanced degree in physics (he truly was a rocket scientist) who is currently making a living mowing lawns because no company will hire him in an entry level job because he has to high an education and they know he will leave immediately upon finding a decent job.

          • Canistercook says:

            Most of the jobs moved overseas have been low tech. You sure know a weirdo as if he stressed he was willing to take lesser job most companies would jump at the opportunity. You are an example of our voters today – grossly misinformed. That is why we have too many overpaid government workers and fewer producers today. We also have an awful lot of ‘unemployables’ who are either too stupid, too lazy, or too dishonest to employ and they are growing in numbers rapidly. Do wonder what has become of the productive America of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s as the Unions have driven out our steel industry, auto industry, clothing industry, shoe making industry and even the Ho Ho’s. Guess it’s a good thing we still have government, schools, service and subsidized industries like the UAW run but I wonder for how long!

          • ralphkr says:

            As with most conservatives, Canistercook, your ignorance of the real world is overwhelming. No sensible businessman will hire a highly trained skilled worker, such as an engineer, for a low paying job because we do not wish to break in a new employee knowing that he shall jump ship anytime a much higher paying job that reflects his skill level is available. Additionally, although I am definitely anti-union I must take your exception to your blaming unions for all the industries leaving the US when in most cases it is a combination of poor management and our tax system which gives breaks to companies who go overseas. The latest example that you mention ‘Ho Ho’ was definitely the fault of management. The bakery went into bankruptcy and was bought by a a Bain Capital type company at fire sale price. When they came out of bankruptcy they were further in debt than when they went into bankruptcy. The union employees took an average cut in pay of over $6K while the brass took up to 80% pay raise plus bonuses. The new owners spent the company’s money (including the money in the retirement fund) on excessive management fees & paying unwarranted debt incurred by their buying the company. They refused to modernize machinery or product as desired by both the unions and lower management. The company’s own economic adviser stated that even if the unions accepted a further pay cut that the company would be out of business within 2 years. Our current tax code is what makes it so profitable to do a hostile take over of a company and then shut it down and/or transfer operations overseas. By the way, it has been shown over and over again that when the Feds transfer work from federal employees to hiring private companies to do the same work that the cost goes up by from 20% to over a 1,000% (the latter referring to private companies to replaced armed forces in war zones).

          • Canistercook says:

            Your facts and statistics are truly amazing! Many companies hire temporary help and know they won’t stay for ever. Makes me realize how much misinformation there is out there!

          • ralphkr says:

            Yes, indeed, Canistercook, many companies DO hire temporary help and the most interesting thing that I have noticed is that the temps get paid more per hour than the regular help because the temps do not have any benefits. For instance: 2 of hospitals where I used to live paid the temp RNs $2+ an hour more than the permanent staff and over two thirds of the staff in those 2 hospitals are temps (the smaller hospital, less than 200 beds, was over 80% temps). However, the majority of small businesses do not hire temps except for extreme staffing emergencies such as Christmas and attempt to fill extra staffing needs with part time workers. No one that I have ever met truly enjoyed having to train new workers (I know I always considered it a real pain and just that much more unpaid work for me) although some business pay so little and have such marginal working conditions that their entire staff should be considered temporary as they shall leave with absolutely no hesitation for even a marginally better job. Yes there is an immense amount of misinformation out there and you seemed to have tapped into and taken as gospel a virtual well spring of Conservative lies.

          • Bill says:

            You can see Romney’s tax returns for 2010 and 2o11 on the internet. Hiis effctive tax rate for 2010 was 13.9% on $21+ million and 14.1 on $17+ million. This is because most of his income (over 95%) comes from interest payments, dividendss and capital gains, all of which are taxed at 15%. In 2010 with deductions of over $3 million (over $1mm went to the Mormon Church) his effective tax rate was 13.9%.

            As for those paying little or no FEDERAL taxes you are incorrect about just about all of them voting Democratic. A good number of them are living on Social Security, minimum wage or other low paying jobs. They pay state taxes, sale taxes and local taxes. A large number of these people live in a few southern states so they are hardly Democratic voters.

            GE income to staff and shareholders is haardly like gov’t pensions. You could lose your job at GE and your pay stops and common stock shareholders are not guarranteed any dividends. They are the last in line to get money from companies, debt holders and preferred stock shareholders go before them.

            Know what you write and be able to prove it. Fox not really the News isn’t a relaible source

          • Canistercook says:

            Guess you feel you read the only true facts! I am not so stupid as to believe that which is why I read all sides.

          • Then if you are not stupid, then why are you not understanding. Do you make over $250,000 a year?

          • Canistercook says:

            Perhaps you are the brainwashed socialist. Yes I do and I earned it the old fashioned way work hard, save and invest.

          • whatlol says:

            You lose all credibility when you prove you have no idea what a socialist even is.

          • Canistercook says:

            Socialists are those that think someone else should support them regardless of why they are poorer.

          • whatlol says:

            So, Reagan was a socialist?

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Well. Just as a reminder. Mitt Romney does not pay 24% on his taxes because he does not have a job. His 15% is the interest rate set by the government on his dividends. Correct me if I am wrong on this.
            Mitt Romney is so rich that he has worked for free for years and years and years. He does not have to work – he donates his time when he could be sitting on his ass doing nothing.

            Like many of our American brother and sisters do where I live. Why work when you can get free housing, food stamps, free health care and baby sitting and lunches for your kids paid to you by the American government?

            No matter how Romney achieved the ‘American Dream’ I keep hearing people shout about how he did it. I am not looking to rip him to shreds about the ‘hows’ of his being rich.
            I am merely trying to point out that the screaming and yelling about his 15% tax rate by Democrats is unfair.

            I wonder why they did not discuss this point more? Perhaps because the Debates are a scripted lie set up to make the American Public think the candidates are actually discussing real points of interest?

            The Debates were a disgrace. And the majority of the people think we have ‘Free’ elections.

            How sad is that?

        • MRD1056… uh, Mitt Romney has paid out 60 million in taxes, created jobs, which created taxes, and created billions added to the economy. He’s just ONE example that you can relate to. Yes, there are companies that pay 0 in taxes, but you really blame them? How about blaming the Gov. There are lots of people that pay for more than thier fair share, while alot of average people pay 0 or next to it and….. they get Earned Income Credit after their child deductions. The top 25% pay 85% of taxes, which leaves the 75% paying 15%. To someone wealthy, this would hardly seem fair. One CEO was saying he already pays 45% to taxes, and with the taxes due to expire he will end up paying over 50%. So your compfortable letting other people pay such a large protion of their earning, while you pay so little? ( I’m betting ) YOU need to become better informed, and quit being so jealous of others hard work.

          • stcroixcarp says:

            So who is this CEO who is paying 45% in taxes? If the Bush tax rates expire he will pay 50%, a raise of 5%. Terrible, Terrible.About the child deductions. Don’t you conservatives want people to have all the babies they can? Maybe we should give deductions for the unborn, but drop the credit for children once they are born. Then these fertile folks will pay their fair share. Poor people have a lot less left over at tax time than the 50% CEO. In some no income tax states like TN, the sales tax is 10%. That hurts the poor more than the rich.

          • William says:

            Mitt & friends bought Delfi for 60 cents a share, then said they wouldn’t supply GM or Chrysler with parts if they didn’t get bailout money. After receiving 4 billion in bailout money they robbed the pension, laid off all American workers, and sent Delfi to China. If that makes Mitt your hero you are a complete IDIOT !!!!

          • You Got That Right !! These People Think Romney Worked Hard For His Money LOL What A Joke His Father Gave Him 50 Million Dollars To Start His Gutting And Selling Out America Companies And Shipping American Jobs Overseas To China Sweatshops Plus His Hides His Money In The Cayman Islands!! If A Few Jobs Was Created Along The Way Great But He Destroyed Way More Than He Created!!!

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I will need to investigate more about this. Was Romney personally responsible, or were those decisions made by people above his head?
            Just asking.

          • And how did Romeny did that, by closing plants and business and then reopen them and take a profit which he sends in off shore accounts. He was CEO of Bain wasn’t he. I know that he did not have anything to do with Freemont Illinois or maybe he did. They had to train the Chinesse on tech stuff they were making and could not even fly the American flag while they were here and not the plant is close. That is what the Republican do to jobs.

          • Bill says:

            Most of Mitt Romney’s income comes from dividends, interest payments and capital gains so he pays 15% minus any deductions he uses. Where your $60 million amount comes from I can only guess (do you really pull it out of your butt)

            Who is this stupid CEO that doesn’t arrange his compensation to be in the form of capital gains or carried interest? I don’t believe he exists, you are just making him up.

            As for the top 25% what is the % of the total income that they earn, it’s higher than the 85% of the taxes they pay. The real wealthy can take advantage of the tax rates on dividends, interest and capital gains that currently exist while the 75% are happy to get through the year without incurring a lot debt.

            I pay around 20% Federal taxes every year and I make less than 1% of what Romney makes. What do you pay?

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          I think you may be off the mark. And until both sides can realize that they are both wrong, we will not move forward. And that is the reason why I wish there were a stronger third party in this country. To keep the other two lying, conniving parties in check. As to your last line about not paying taxes if you are ultrarich – I am so sad that you, as a supposedly educated individual in this country, could actually believe that to be true. What websites have you been reading lately????

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Interesting point I’d say.
        Shame that we can’t just all get along instead of finger pointing, isn’t it? When emotion sets in then all common sense goes out the door.
        Problem is that politicians are just politicians with little to no business sense. Mayhap we should get some real business people in office. What do you think?

        • Canistercook says:

          Sure would be nice to have some good old hard working people running our government with high levels of integrity instead of a bunch of politicians and law school graduates who have done nothing but sell themselves to voters to get a lifetime super paid job! Trouble is the Media tears them apart and finds fault with them.

      • Fubom says:

        Try this stat. Most of the money spent on the social programs in this country are used by folks in the red states. Don’t believe it? Look it up. It is a fact, and we know how much you all love facts.

      • only the ones who are in public office

      • Fred says:

        Make that a third of Americans. The other 2 thirds also pay taxes. Turn off Fox.

        • Canistercook says:

          Mostly only Payroll that they hope to get back in kind and some sales taxes! Some are just ‘takers’ of tax monies!

      • whatlol says:

        Republicans don’t pay “most of the taxes.”

        Your gullibility to FOX is showing.

      • amarquez647 says:

        A majority? I think not. If your party keeps up it’s insanity, in 2014you will lose the house. Open your eyes and do not just hear listlen.

        • Canistercook says:

          Don’t know about you but I use my eyes to read and my ears to listen and I don’t like what socialistic nonsense I am hearing!

  3. manfred says:

    What is going on? Since when is the hired help refusing to do their job? Tell your Congress person to get in line or be fired! Not showing up for work? Christmas parties are over, folks! Find another job if you can’t handle it!

    • Canistercook says:

      They are not exactly hired help they are almost half the country made up of a majority of taxpayers with very few on government entitlements!!

      • InsideEye says:

        The Workers of us help both the Entitiled – Non-working and the and the Wealthy that supply jobs for the middle to help the Entitiled. It is time for all of the 47 % to get off their duffs and to pay up. There is going to be an uprising but it will be the workers agains the Entitled. There should only be a very few needing hand-outs. S.Sec is used too freeely by non-payers- in. the entitled are the SS workers that should be entitled to their benfits since they worked for it . Then Congress raids the funds. It must be replaced and supplpemented instead of supplementing other non workiers and nations. They come here, the Wretched onto our shores to make themselves better. but of late ….they come and get hand-outs. The US is founded on freedom to pursue dreams and successes not to take and bring down this country to lower levels. Our grandparents did not come here to take. They gave work for compensation . hard as it was….they paved the path. they would kick ass if they saw what some have become….leaches. lets admit it.

        • Canistercook says:

          Trouble is they are for the most part paying 50 cents out of every dollar already and between Obama and Brown in California they want 55 cents and the taxpayers say NO! Those that pay none or very little income tax of course are happy to have their hand in someone else’s pocket! Isn’t Democracy great!

      • FRED says:

        Come out of your Bubble!! Come out of your Bubble!!

  4. Canistercook says:

    Guess a lot of people like the idea of their hand in someone else’s pocket! Our new form of democracy!

    • Canistercook,
      You just don’t understand. You must have had an easy life, where everything you ever needed was supplied to you by a family member. We are not asking for free handouts. We are asking for the rich to pay their fare share. They send our jobs overseas, pay low wages, and make huge profits. They are also selling off our country. American citizens, can’t afford to pay for land, but foreigner can and they do. And guess what it’s not the poor selling. You are right the new form of democracy is what the rich and the Tea party are doing to this country. They are destroying it, under falsehood of christianity. Everybody that has ever been employed by non-crooks has always paid into it, it is not an entitlement, but a means of retirement supplement. It should not be touched and the age should not be raised. Let’s put our efforts into the real culprits of disfunction. Insurance companies, wall street, banks, oil barons, legal attorneys that right the laws to benefit only the huge corporations. Six years ago, my company started a downward spiral, we couldn’t keep up with inflation that the oil companies were creating. While small companies were shutting down the oil companies were having billions of dollars in profits, and there was nothing we could do about it, because wall street, caused a panick on oil shortage, when in reality there wasn’t one.

      • Canistercook says:

        For your information I left school and home at 14 years of age and worked hard and saved hard and invested. I have NEVER had a cent of welfare or support from anyone since then I did not earn through working! At 14 I worked 6 days a week, 8 hours a day!

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        You make some good points Mary.
        Too bad you can’t seem to realize that many of the millionaires in this country worked their asses off to get there.
        They do not deserve your scorn.
        If I was one of them, I could care less what you think.
        Don’t be angry with them if they made business decisions that led to wealth and you could not.
        You should feel badly about your opening comment. Making Assumptions? You know where THAT leads to, don’t you?

        Rich paying their share?

        Ok. Fine. Hope that happens. Since that will run the country for 8 days, what do you propose to do after that? Hmmm????????

    • whatlol says:

      So then get your hand out.

      • Canistercook says:

        I don’t have it in anyone’s pocket. I am self supporting!

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Yes. that is SUCH a good idea!
        What is wrong with you people?
        How old are you?

        Why is it ok that we all turn into disrespectful assess? If we can not get along, then I say we are all hypocrites to expect our elected leaders to get along and work for us.

  5. larryincamden says:

    Thats classic announce you are leaving the negotiations leave the city, and when everyone else leaves come back and claim that you are now ready … simple political gamesmanship.

  6. William Deutschlander says:

    The 21st century Republican Cartel does not know how to govern, nor do they understand that they were elected by, for and of the people to govern in the interest of the MAJORITY of, by and for the people.
    The Republican Cartel is a disservice and a disgrace for our majority rule Democracy.

    • Annemb says:

      Amen to that!!!

      No the Repubs don’t know how to govern – and they don’t give a damn about our country, the people they were elected to represent — those who pay their salary.

      Blessings…be upon you and your family during this season and in the new year.

      • Al h says:

        They do not care about working Americans.

        • Annemb says:

          Thanks for the important addition. You are absolutely right.

          Blessings be upon you and your family during this season and in the new year.

          • Blessing To All, Let’s Stay United From Now On, Come 2014 And Beyond Let’s Make It Our Mission To Vote All GOP/Tea Party Members Out Of Office!!

          • Annemb says:

            I’m in total agreement!

          • But it is all side, both republican and democrats that do not really look out for the working class. They make an attempt to look good before and sometimes right after an election. On another note about the fiscal cliff, it is an inevitability. With the way our fiscal system works now that we have no backing for our money, we our borrowing prosperity from our future and have been since Nixon took us completely off the gold standard. But the amount of prosperity we can borrow is quickly coming to an end. So we either go over the fiscal cliff now or extend and raise the platform we go off of later. look at Iceland, they had no way to borrow any more prosperity, along with the faulty loans, the had to go off their cliff, and now after a number of tough years for them they are one of the strongest growing economies. the best thing for our future is to go off the cliff now and work on resetting the economy that has been hurt by republicans and democrats. shrink the government and get rid of the fed, let congress do one of the jobs it handed off to someone else, congress the the government body that is supposed to make the money, not pay some company (the FED) to make money for them.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Why can’t their be more people on this site like you?

          • Joel Wakayima says:

            I am seriously considering you proposal to kick them out come 2014.

          • onedonewong says:

            Your agenda is to keep your guberment checks coming the heck with this country and the unborn. As long as you get yours that’s pretty much the colored agenda

          • Your Mother Was The First In Line For The Food Stamps Quit Playing Bitch!!!

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Oh! I see you are back. You write so eloquently.

          • onedonewong says:

            your mother turned you out when you were 3

        • ..Solve the single mother problem first: MANHOOD101. COM

        • onedonewong says:

          No they care about TAX PAYING americans and barak and the dems don’t

    • You Got That Right My Friend, Now If This Don’t Wake Up All The People Of The USA Up I Like To Know What Will???? These American Taliban Members Don’t Give A Damn About America Or The American People, Their Only In Office For Themselves And Their Money And Any Money They Can Get For Themselves!!! 🙁

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Will you please start writing in proper English? It kills me to read your posts but I just can not help myself – I love to see what will come out of your mouth next. But your grammar is horrific. You need an editor.

    • You fail to realize that the republicans are elected by a majority and govern in the interest of the people who elected them, not everybody agrees with the democrats. Don’t forget Pres. obama did not get 100 % of the vote, and that was for a reason. You think all democrats are correct, they are not. Look at the deficit, something must be done whether you like it or not.

    • onedonewong says:

      They consider their mandate to do what’s best for the taxpayers of this country. While the dem’s keep sending out ever larger presents to those who do nothing for society

  7. docb says:

    The repub bagger cabal is sitting home on their flat arses pushing the country over the cliff they caused ! Disgraceful incompetent, immature little white guys and their stepford wife types…

    Call them out 1.866.220.0044 or 1866.311.3405

  8. greghilbert says:

    This circus is about the jockeying of the respective politicians of both parties to maintain or increase their power. They have already agreed that the deal will continue the steady impoverishment of the vast majority overall, but they have not yet hit upon a recipe giving each party something they can use to claim otherwise.

    Few realize that Obama wants only repeal of the Bush high-income tax cuts, which repeal preserves TWO THIRDS of the huge cuts the wealthy got under Reagan. Like I said, Repub and Dem leaders are already agreed on the overall continuation of the impoverishment of the vast majority.
    Leaders of both parties are delivering side-shows of straw dogs for the 99% to cheer for and howl against.
    It is a huckstering circus staged by masters of manipulation. It conceals agreement to attempt a deal with tragic consequences for millions, atop the tragic consequences already visited upon scores of millions by the greed of an increasingly wealthy, powerful, and cunningly self-serving elite.

  9. If the House Of Representatives are suppose to have the bill approved before the Senate, i think that it pretty much tells everyone that there is a lot of posturing and egos instead getting this done. I say see what the Senate passed and then copy the bill in the House, approve it and then send it back to the Senate, go to the President and boom! no cliff to worry about. House; you need to grow up and do your job what the voters sent you to capital hill to do!!!

  10. jnsgraphic says:

    The Bush tax cuts end either way… Boehner is putting up a good fight, trying to save face protecting the rich with an increase of taxes to everyone; the President will then propose tax cuts for everyone making under $250,000 that both sides of the House will agree on. This will also give more time to see where cuts can be made in ‘entitlement programs’ without sacrificing Social Security or Medicare. It’s a ‘Win-Win’ for the President either way! Boehner is going to hang himself, the American people will hang the remaining GOP House in 2014; and the “my way or the highway” Grand Obstructionist Party will have lost its power with no chance in 2016… Let’s just go over the cliff already!

    • There’s A Conflict Of Interest Boehner Also Trying To Save Himself Some Money He’s Rich!!!

      • jnsgraphic says:

        Boehners a unapologetic beneficiary of corporate money, he consistently supports the interests of big business over the public interest and party before people. Corporations and their lobbyists are responsible for financing his political operations and dictating his policies… he’s just another Republican Puppet leading the right-wing, pro-corporate agenda and failed leadership. Greedy Corporate America is running the show here… party first, people last, nothing is more important than money; and the only real people, are corporations.

  11. Sure alot of people like ole Obama, he’s going to give it to those mean ole Republicans that have money, create jobs, and yes, take their tax deductions. And 97% of black women voted for Obama because they think he’s doing the right thing? HA, HA, HA. Can you say racist

    • lechtenberg says:

      If the ‘mean ole Republicans’ are the job creators as you suggest, where the hell have they been, and what have they been doing, for the last 10 years??? Jobs were lost every year, since the Bush tax cuts went into effect, until Obama was elected. The slow, upward surge of the jobs recovery started then.
      The Republicans have been touting the ‘job creators’ for so long, without any facts to show that they have created ANY jobs since the stupid tax cuts went into effect.

  12. President Obama and Speaker Boehner should pull a Bush while the Tea Party zealots are vacationing at home, put a bill out for a vote, pass it, and sign it. After that we can send missives to the guys on AWOL telling them don’t bother to come back.

  13. jointerjohn says:

    The delusional people of the now hideously distorted brand of right wing politics in our country are the ones who created this so-called “cliff” in the first place! It is an extortion crime that has now gone terribly bad for them, but they don’t realize it’s time to give it up. They bungled this hold-up and can’t even admit it, lay down their guns and come out with their hands up. Truly great former republicans like Lowell Weicher, Henry Cabot Lodge, Everett Dirksen and Dwight Eisenhower must be spinning in their graves over what this current Apple Dumpling Gang has done to their once honorable political party.

  14. Instead of moderating their message after their defeat on 11/6, Tea Party ideologues seem more determined than ever to commit political hara kiri. Heck, they even rejected their own party’s plan!

  15. will-it-not-new-they-make-us-wait-why-slow-govern-keep-a-interest-they-see-it-as-america-problem.but-a-very-old-congress-dieing-out-elected-to-do-the-job-get-it-done?

  16. royce says:

    Repubo’s dont care about the middle class here people, because they can make up thier losses in other growing and developing countries around the world. They dont need us anymore. The traitorous shift has been in motion since the free trade agreements. Soon everyone with money is going to be vested in places like China, who will replace us as the new middle class. We are no longer needed. Besides, they are sick and tired of us demanding more money all the time. Suck America dry and move on to bigger and better things!

  17. Charvi3 says:

    I love seeing the majority Democrats in Congress outweigh the republicans in Congress and the President’s approval rating has gone up and it will continue to go up..believe me…we are on the way to seeing all positive things happen…the Republicans…don’t stand a chance..let’s all keep praying for positive things to happen…I am using the same recipe of psalms that I used to get the elections over in a hurry…because I believe in the man in the White House…with all of my heart…

  18. Ricky Kendall says:

    It’s too bad we have to wait until 2014 to get anything done. I can guarantee you, the Democrats will gain a huge majority in both the House and the Senate in the next elections. The obstructionists will then have to just sit by and watch things get done. The Republicans lost their chance to be part of the negotiations by their constant need to be in absolute control. It is obvious, to anybody with intelligence,
    that they have refused to negotiate.

  19. I get the uneasy feeling that both party’s are looking for a way to screw us without committing political suicide.They will generate revenue the way they always have,on the backs of the working class.

  20. S-3 says:

    It’s times like this that I feel revolt against the Repugs is the only way left!

  21. bchrista says:

    Deutschlander is correctthe Repubs don’t know how to govern but they do understand why they were elected, to start with in order to get elected they told their electors what they wanted to hear, how they would pass laws to help them with their various projects and provide good paying jobs for them better health programs, better education for their children and anything they thought their constiuents wanted to hear so they would be voted in, they just wanted to get their foot in the door once in the hell with the constiuents they could start making deals to line their pockets because they were on sale to the highest bidder and to hell with the people ,by the people and for the people, however, they are smart enough to know that in order to keep their position, when election time comes around the start buttering the voters up so that they will get elected again and the public stupid that they vote them back in, Oh the devious tricks they use and the public gobbles it up. that they are a disgrace and a disservice to our Democracy is no question to it but they got the public believing what ever they tell them and you can’t convince the people any difference meanwhile the conning and the stealing goes on and the public gets poorer and they get richer because their aim in life isto make this country a two party system the Royality and the Serfs only then will they be happy.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      ARGH! We are not a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.
      Thank goodness.
      All democracies have failed in the modern world.
      We may fail as well. Especially with the hate that you are spewing.

  22. bchrista says:

    And our elected Offiials are loyal to the people who pay, the millionaires because the average person cannot match the amount of gratiuty they get from the upper 2% so don’t fool yourselves once tou put them in Office you can’t control them the only recourse is to vote them out and hope you can find some honest ones if you can, and the ones who usually run for the positions are mostly lawyers whose business are usually not doing so good and they have seen other lawyers milking the sestem and they want a piece of the action.

  23. bchrista says:

    You know I like how people like cannistercook and his ilk that take these postings and turn them around to suit themselves, but thats what happens when you have a lot of money and can thumb your nose at the working class always defending the rich and back stabbing the working class. People like them saying how they are investing their money to make things better for others , however, they fail to tell you that their iinvestments are largely over season jobs that they out sourced so they don’t have to pay the amount they would have to pay if they hadn’t stolen an election so Old Bushy Boy could lower the tax rates so they would pay next to nothing. If one compares the rates the working class pays compared to what the 2% pays it’s outragious by the time the rich claim all the deductions they are allowed youll fine the rich are living off the backs of the middle class amazing and this is the very people they are trying to destroy, you tell me.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      But I thought that the upper class paid 85% of the taxes in this country?

      Who, exactly, is stopping people from bettering themselves? Who is stopping someone from applying for student loans, going to school, and making a better life for themselves?

      Maybe because people have not been taught a better way?

      I see you twisting facts around to suit yourself as well. And you appear to be another person who is bitter and jealous of someone else working to be rich.

      Why don’t you better yourself by going back to school on a government loan, then open your own business so that you can have all those deductions that you are screaming about and keep your money that you worked via school and starting your business to achieve?

      Oops – guess you don’t want to do that. Do you?

      Put your money where your mouth is. Explain to me why you can not achieve success the way others do? Fear? Laziness? A lack of desire to put your personal life on hold while you study and work hard to go through school while you are also working a job to pay for that part of school tuition that is not covered by the loans you have taken out? What – don’t you think you have the internal fortitude to do that.

      I DID IT – so can you. I see people doing it everyday. I am proud to be part of the shrinking middle class.

      I worked VERY HARD to get here, and no one is going to take that away from me.

      Get a grip. YOU have the power to make something of yourself instead of blaming others for ‘destroying’ you.

      Only YOU have the power to destroy yourself.

      Congrats. Seems to me that you have the mindset to continue to do that.

  24. bchrista says:

    Someone ask cannister, cook how about the millions upon millions of dollars that Mitt Romney and his wife deposited over seas in a special account so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes on and like Mitt there are quite a few other millionaires that do the same thing so they don’t get taxed on all their dealings but one must not mention these underhanded deals because it upsets cannistercook I mean these up standing (scumbags) I mean citizens worked so hard to earn every dime they have, not to mention they inherited their fortunes or worked some shady deal to get started either way I doubt very serously any of them sweated a drop if they did it was playing golf and at that they had a cart to ride. You are absolutetly correct they don’t care one bit about the working except what they can take from them.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      I have an idea – why don’t you go and work really hard and become a multi-millionaire?

      Then I would be interested to hear whay you have to say about the matter.

      Most of the millionaires in this country worked to get there. This illusion you carry of inherited fortunes is annoying.

      Not everyone is corrupt. Why do you hate people who have worked hard and made money? Jealous?

      Knock it off.

      I am not rich. I am in the shriking middle class.

      Difference between you and me is that I am not bitter that I am not rich. And I do not expect someone to pay my way. And I do not expect someone to give up all their money to fix a problem that someone else made.

      DO YOU???????????

  25. The President and the Speaker of the House have a unique opportunity to pass legislation designed to avert the so called fiscal cliff while the Tea Party radicals are in recess. Bush did it and got away with it.

  26. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Think back to the days of the Robber Barons. Fast forward to their progeny of the 1920’s…big time speculators to the end. Pitching their buy, buy, buy even as banks began to slam their doors shut. Remind you of the Republican party?

    You do have to wonder how they figure they are actually working in the best interests of ALL Americans when they behave like out of control speculators willing to risk the very backbone of the US economy with their fever pitch dominance and unwillingness to see reason.

    House Republicans are doing exactly what those old time speculators did…hedging their bets it will some how, some way work to the advantage of those who profit most from endless recession. This is the Republican legacy. There’s no other way to view their obstruction.

  27. Carolyn says:

    i think that president should b4 able to wheel and deal more than he does he ought to go to the repuilicans and brokrer s deal i am very diss apointed in him

  28. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    To show the absolute, unmitigated absurdity of today’s GOP, the equation is to cut jobs, reduce American wages and tah dah….brilliance of brilliances….jack prices. With what utter stupidity does the GOP figure people with no jobs, no hope for the future and endless price increases that only serve 1% of the population is going to maintain the US as a superpower?

    Everywhere you look in business today, consumers are getting skanked. We don’t get what we paid for. All of the money we spend on necessities goes into salaries for the guys at the top. Then, these skankolas figure they’ll rely on taxpayers to provide the funds to pay their corporate bills. Wake up and smell the coffee…If you pay for it, you have a right to get what you paid for…anything less is corporate extortion. If these honchos had to pay bills out of their incoming revenues, those salaries wouldn’t be the cause of this recession.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      The increased prices, my dear, are a direct result of inflation being caused by Bernake printing money out of thin air. Simple economics. Ron Paul and many econimic advisors that are being interviewed in the media (and the internet media) agree that this is so.
      Where have you been? Thank Bernake. Oh, yes, that is right……he’s Obama’s man. Did you forget that? Go thank The Fed for your increased prices. And start putting the blame on your wonderful Democratic friends. They are just as guilty as the Republicans you hate.
      When are people going to wake up and realize the the Powers That Be that control the strings of our ‘Behind the Scenes Government’ have given you two political parties to make you THINK that you have a choice?
      Wow. Sad. Educate yourselves folks. And get ready for a wild ride. Hope you make it to the other side.

  29. nan2216 says:

    It is obvious that the Republicans are not cooperative, maybe they should look for other jobs if they cannot fulfill their duties.

  30. dalnb says:

    The idea that ANY elected official in our federal government should take time off during the critical days of this crisis is absurd. They take off more time than any other normal and acceptable occupation in our country.

    It is no reason why we get nothing done in Washington. We have a congress full of gutless representatives pushed into office by high financing backers and elected by people influenced by costly media campaigns; elected officials lacking the fortitude to do the job they were elected to do. We have a Congress made up of men and women who have no leadership skills, care more about getting elected and remaining in office than in doing the job we sent them to do. We have a house full of representatives who follow the dollar while standing in front of TV cameras and falsely portraying loyalty to our nation and a concern for the American people!

    Those who have failed to “do their best” as they swore in their oath of office should be recalled and removed from office. IT IS TIME ELECTED OFFFICALS start worrying about being removed from office by the voters more than working so hard to have their BIG MONEY backers pay to get them back in office; not at election time but NOW!

    The American people need to retake the process; retake America – get the lazy and financially intimidated followers out of office! It is time the American people force our elected representatives to put America before party and far above their financial backers!

  31. dalnb says:

    The idea that ANY elected official in our federal government should take time off during the critical days of this crisis is absurd. They take off more time than any other normal and acceptable occupation in our country.

    It is no reason why we get nothing done in Washington. We have a congress full of gutless representatives pushed into office by high financing backers and elected by people influenced by costly media campaigns; elected officials lacking the fortitude to do the job they were elected to do. We have a Congress made up of men and women who have no leadership skills, care more about getting elected and remaining in office than in doing the job we sent them to do. We have a house full of representatives who follow the dollar while standing in front of TV cameras and falsely portraying loyalty to our nation and a concern for the American people!

    Those who have failed to “do their best” as they swore in their oath of office should be recalled and removed from office. IT IS TIME ELECTED OFFFICALS start worrying about being removed from office by the voters more than working so hard to have their BIG MONEY backers pay to get them back in office; not at election time but NOW!

    The American people need to retake the process; retake America – get the lazy and financially intimidated followers out of office! It is time the American people force our elected representatives to put America before party and far above their financial backers!

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      I can not understand why you generalize like this. ALL Republicans fall into this category? Wow, perhaps I should start making generalizations about ALL Democrats and ALL Libertarians and see if I can be just like you.

  32. Why did voters flock to Obama last election? DUH!

  33. Angel says:

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: So let’s go “Over their Cliff” that all of politicians agreed to set up a few months ago! Cut everything since most of it has benefited a few special interests, not Middle Class Americans taxpayer that paid for most of it! So Boehner where are the JOBS as you asked during the Romney campaign? It is the responsibility of our National Press News to accurately on this “political hostage” issue? FACTCHECK who is conducting the republican clown show in House of Reps.? Publicly name each clown! Everyone is entitled to its own opinions but its own facts! But our Free Press and News needs to responsibly remind everyone including Boehner and his republican clowns of the results of this election. So where are the negotiations on the election issue of Government stimulus funding to facilitate more American new jobs growth for the middle class? THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The republican’s election issue of 10 years of the continued Bush tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires that significantly contributed to our national debt and created new jobs in Communist China lost! Fiscal Responsible Debt Reduction is secondary. The Ryan Plan was defeated- No voucher or cuts for Medicare and leave Social Security alone for now! This is not rocket science! That’s it! The National Press stop trying to be politically correct, but responsibly call out the republicans that their “hostage taking obstruction” to undermine our economy and intransigence’s on their unacceptable defeated policies will put them out of the political business! America’s middle Class is fed up with you irresponsible idiots with their years of class war on the American Middle Class! The majority of Americans have spoken so deal with the new reality! So where are the jobs?

  34. Who is making money here. The threat to go off the cliff drives down the stock market. The politicans are the ones that control that so them and their friends know when to invest and when to sell while the poor working stiff leaves his money in his (or her’s ) 401k/retirment fund and watches it dwindle away. What a racket.

  35. Fiscal cliff?
    Democrat lawmakers are wearing parasails.
    Republican lawmakers are wearing anchors.

  36. Alyvian says:

    silly but, i wonder if certain people even know what a “socialist” is. Then again, i know the answer to that already, shame they unlikely ever will.

    as for the cliff, unless republicans (generally speaking) over there grow a brain, i reccon the lot of ya gonna have to grow wings.

  37. Korvaze says:

    Listen up all you left and right wing morons. The Gov is crooked and so is wallstreet. You are all to blame for the decline that is besieging us. You are all to blame because you kept voting these idiots into office. These people need to be in prison. They have comitted crimes worse than anybody in prison, including mass genocide overseas. Wait they have the money and the power and will never be charged. They control the news you hear everyday and continue to brainwash you. Wake up, although its probably too late now. Thanks for the decline you have all contributed too.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Korvaze – you are fantastic! Thank you for calling a spade a spade.
      I am just as guilty as the others you are accusing. I did not wake up until the beginning of 2012.
      But where do we go from here?

  38. bob says:

    Politicians today think that their first job is to get re-elected. Hence they go where the money is for their re-election campaign. This process starts day one of their taking office. They are basically for sale to the highest bidder! This is complicated in the republican party where in addition to the need for money the candidate fears a primary fight from the tea party if he does not fall into line.
    Election reform would handle the first problem and testicular fortitude the second. The system is broken. It is not representative democracy but rather government by haves influenced by folks who have a one trick pony….

  39. Solve the single mother problem first: MANHOOD101. COM

  40. alumahead says:

    It’s time to Baker Act the House GOP. They are a danger to themselves and the rest of the country. Shame on those Americans who continue to think these people are on their side.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Shame on you, alumahead.
      We have a system of checks and balances in this country for a reason.
      We need Government to slash spending.
      It’s time to stop spending more than we take in.

      Why do so many people think that the 8 days we’d have [of money to run the country] gotten on the increased taxes on the rich are the be-all and end-all of our problems?

      The government can not keep spending the way they are. He’s had 4 years to stop the madness.

      I don’t care WHO got us here. I want SOMEONE to stop the madness. So far, I have not seen anyone step up and have an answer.

      • alumahead says:

        Shame on me? That is rich. House Republicans have stood in the way of every single thing offered to bring the country out of the ditch they put us in. They even vote against their own bills! They were sent to Washington to govern. No is not governing. Compromise and negotiation are off the table. I don’t like the blame game any more than anyone else, but I will call a spade a spade when I see one.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Very few of our elected leaders are doing their job. Obama spent the last two years campaigning and making sure not to do anything stupid that would loose him votes instead of governing. Hey – look at that – his plan worked. Guess he lied to the American public fewer times than Romney. Or perhaps he was just better at getting people to hate his oponent. Even I will admit that Obama was an amazing strategist. What better way to get votes then to turn your opponent into a monster! Yep, he was good at that. Class warfare at its best. Afterall, what better way to get people on your side than to give them every reason to hate a rich man? People are small minded and jealous. Obama was brilliant at being very nasty.
          I await with baited breath to see just how he is going to save us from ourselves.
          Some of the Repubs that you hate so much do want to compromise. But they also want to see Obama spend less money. [He promised to do that. OOPS – another lie.[
          But he does NOT want to do that. After all, how we he pay for his drone wars overseas and the current drones FLYING OVER THE USA if he spends less money?
          He is just as bad as Bush, just as much of a war monger as Bush. He’s wasting just as much money as Bush.
          He was supposed to balance the budget by creating bipartisanship with his winning leadership style. Well, that failed. He has no plans to creat an atmosphere to bring people to the table. He’s just going to keep saying that taxing the rich will fix the problems of our country.
          What a crock of shit.
          ‘Spade a spade’ – sounds good. I will agree that both political parties are being led by assholes who want to advance their own agendas without a care about the American people who need their help.
          That is what I will agree on.

  41. dalnb says:

    It is one thing too spend our time in forums like this to voice our opinions but far more important is personal efforts to get these messages out to as many people as possible,

    It is important that we make our elected officials aware that we are no longer content to sit back and allow them to draw a pay check as a representative and expect to still be in office to run again. WE NEED to make them aware that we are NOW READY to remove them from office: NOW – not in a reelection run! If They Are Not Ready, Willing And Able to Take Care Of Americas Needs NOW – then it is time for them to go. WE WILL NOT SIT AROUND LIKE A CONGRESSMAN DOING NOTHING – WE WILL RECALL THEM NOW!

  42. craig says:

    since the gop is going to jack everyone around, we might as well go over the fiscal slope, have everything take place, and each problem area in january.

  43. onedonewong says:

    As usual old harry doesn’t understand how congress works. All appropriations bills must originate in the House. The House approved a bipartisan tax bill back in Aug and Harry has refused to bring it up for a vote. claiming that barak will veto it. OK let barak veto it but do something, there is NO way barak is going to get all he wants.
    The House should approve the tax increase barak wants and then let him figure out where the $$ comes from since they won’t raise the debt ceiling

  44. Tpacissp says:

    Ever think it might be because of the way his media portrays him?

  45. Tpacissp says:

    Obama wants to take us over the cliff, he has nothing to lose

  46. Inthenameofliberty says:

    I am in the middle class. I was a Democrat for years. I am surprised at just how simplistic the arguments are on this website. The problems are so much more complex. Our government is causing inflation because they are printing money out of thin air – THANKS Bernake. Our government is increasing social welfare programs that make people more dependent on doing nothing – that is a crime. Why work when it is better for you to stay home and be bought and paid for?
    I don’t know of anywhen that would deny a family in need of help. But I do know of HUNDREDS of people who are working the system to take more than their fair share of government aid where I live. As one of those ‘middle class’ taxpayers, I am SICK AND TIRED of MY MONEY being used to pay someone who sits on their ass and does nothing.
    No demand???? Why pay for a cell phone when you can get it for free?? Why pay for housing when you can get it for free? Why pay for FOOD when you can get it for free?

    Stop blaming the parties and START BLAMING the lazy ass-ed Americans that have led us to this discord in the first place.

  47. Inthenameofliberty says:

    FINALLY someone GETS IT about why Romney pays the above rates. I have wondered why more people do not understand this?
    But, hey, then Obama and the Democrats would not have been able to demonize Romney.

    I will go back to saying that both parties lie and we need a third, viable political party in this country.

  48. Inthenameofliberty says:

    Well said Carolyn.

  49. Inthenameofliberty says:

    He’s not in a bubbly.
    Mayhap, you are?????

  50. Inthenameofliberty says:

    I live and pray that Libertarians make an uprising. This two party system is such a waste.

  51. Inthenameofliberty says:

    @ Charvi3. How interesting that you believe in ‘the man’. He has lied just as much as Bush. I know. I voted for ‘the man’ in 2008.
    Let me review some of his promises to me:

    Transparency – Little to NONE. Lie.
    Backroom Deals Ended – NOPE.
    GMO foods labeled – NOPE.
    Decreasing costs of health care for Americans – NOPE.
    Encouraging a balanced budget, or ANY budget for that matter, to be passed – NOPE.
    Ending war – NOPE. Don’t you just LOVE ‘the man’s’ drone strikes that are killing innocent civilians and children? Aren’t they JUST THE BEST.
    Ending/discouraging lobbyist activities – NO and NO.

    I don’t feel like going on. He was SUPPOSED to be different. Hope and Change MY ASS.

    He has lied. All of you on this site that HATE REPUBLICANS – wake up. you keep giving free passes to a man who has done MANY of the same things as Bush.

    You are such hypocrites.

    But that is ok. I guess your hate gets you through the day. Congrats! Why try to do something positive and go forward when you can blame someone else and stay stagnant right where you are?

    Me – I will be voting for any third party candidate that I can find and I am doing my best to network and get the work out that our current two party system is a big failure. Problem is that folks such as yourself are stuck in a rut and just want to place blame instead of opening up your minds and hearts and reaching across the isle and actually make a difference by BEING different.

    Ok. Rant over. Thanks.

  52. Inthenameofliberty says:

    He gave away all his inheritance. Have you?

  53. Inthenameofliberty says:

    The media has its own agenda to follow – doesn’t it? The people that own the media set the agenda. And they certainly don’t care about the average American. Why should they? The average American is not smart enough to realize they are being taken for a ride.

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