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Monday, February 18, 2019

Only a Democrat could prevent a Depression, end a war, capture and kill Osama bin Laden, double the Dow — and then hear constantly that he can’t run on his record.

If President John McCain were seeking a second term with these undeniable accomplishments, the GOP would skip the campaign and spend the money on carving his grimace into Mt. Rushmore and onto the dime, while renaming every federal everything in America after the man.

In 2004, after George W. blew the surplus, didn’t prevent 9/11, let bin Laden get away at Tora Bora, and invaded the wrong country, Republicans still proudly ran on that record. Of course, that was before Bush tried to privatize Social Security, gave up on his Orwellian terror alerts, and let New Orleans drown, driving his approval rating down to Nixon-during-Watergate-era levels. Since Herbert Hoover, has any president had a worse tenure? But who said, “George W. Bush can’t run on his record!”

A lot of people did, certainly—just as millions took to the streets to protest the Iraq war. But there wasn’t a liberal machinery to repeat the rallying cry. So Republicans re-elected George W. Bush—barely—claiming: “He kept us safe.”

Can President Obama run on his record?

It’s a question so ridiculous that even asking it shows how the conservative media and their coordinated talking points pollute perceptions.

President Obama’s success began before he was even elected president.

In 2008, Bush adopted his timeline for withdrawal from Iraq. During the financial crisis, his support made the government’s efforts to put a backstop on the crisis possible. As he came into office, he laid out the framework for an unprecedented economic stimulus and managed to get the two Republican votes he needed within weeks—despite an agreement by the GOP to do everything they could to oppose his progress. Even before the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act went into effect, the GOP learned to call it a failure and repeated that ad nauseum.

You know that during his first two years, the president had a majority in the House that included dozens of “Blue Dog” Democrats who were basically moderate Republicans.

Anyone who says that President Obama ever had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate doesn’t know what a Joe Lieberman is. For a few brief weeks, 60 Senators did caucus as Democrats, but that number included Lieberman, along with Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Mary Landrieu (D-AR), conservative Democrats who often voted like Republicans.

Despite those obstacles, President Obama’s legislative wins in that one period can only be compared with the first full term of Lyndon B. Johnson or Franklin D. Roosevelt’s three terms of pure progress for the middle class and working families.

In addition to the stimulus program — which made a massive investment in green energy that thrust us forward by decades — he signed the Lilly Ledbetter act for equal pay, credit card reform, Wall Street reform that created Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan reform that cut profiteering banks out of the process and made sure loan repayments were more affordable, and the mother of all progressive accomplishments — the Affordable Care Act.

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219 responses to “President Obama’s Undeniable Record”

  1. bcarreiro says:

    Romney will need a tissue for his issue…………….Obama/Biden have been re-elected.

  2. Thanks for this fair assessment of Obama’s achievements.

    • JohnRNC says:

      I agree. This is a very good summary, augmented by Dominick’s additions down below.

      However, I disagree with the author’s assertion that the “idealistic liberals” are the reason that his record isn’t properly portrayed. I think it’s the cowardly liberals who think that fiscal conservatives are better at math than they are. So they start trying to act like fiscal conservatives and don’t speak up [when Obama’s record is being maimed in the 2010 election]. Worst of all, they bad-mouth their own president [hoping to create a little political distance just in case…]. It’s about time we saw a little unity amongst the progressive liberals. I just hope it’s not too little too late.

      There is a tremendous article in the current Newsweek written by David Stockman (Reagan’s Budget Director). He takes 7 pages and outlines almost all of Romney’s “accomplishments” that is the supposed basis for his ability to dig us out of the economic hole. Let’s just say that if we don’t get our act together and re-elect the President Obama we’re going to end up with [quoting Stockman]

      “…a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses. ….he spent his 15 years raising debt in prodigious amounts on Wall Street so that Bain could purchase the pots and pans and castoffs of corporate America, leverage them to the hilt, gussy them up as reborn “roll-ups,” and then deliver them back to Wall Street for resale—the faster the better.”

      A used car salesman as Commander-in-Chief

  3. “Mary Landrieu (D-AR)”

    CORRECTION: should be (D-LA)

  4. When President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009 we were standing at the edge of an abyss contemplating the end of the dreams our parents and grandparents passed on to us. The economic and fiscal calamity that existed in those days was confirmed by former President Bush when he admitted in 2008 that the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse, and proposed the Troubled Assets Recovery Plan to save our financial institutions and help preclude the end of capitalism. Foreclosures and bankruptcies were the order of the day, 700,000 were being lost every month, the housing market that fell apart in mid 2007 was on a free fall, the stock market was dropping like a lead balloon, and unemployment was at 7.8% and climbing rapidly.
    President Obama’s policies, including his stimulus package, his decision to save GM and Chrysler from bankruptcy, policies such as tax credits to first time home buyers, cash for clunkers, credit to people who replaced old with energy efficient appliances, tax breaks to small businesses and a payroll tax deduction, and other policies prevented the unthinkable. It took 3.5 long years to overcome the effects of the damage done by his predecessor and Republican policies that are, incredibly, being proposed once again by a man whose priority start and end with himself: Mitt Romney.

    • Canistercook says:

      Trouble is we are still at the edge of a Greek like abyss and the only ones really happy with Obama’s achievements are the unions, government unions and blacks because he is black!
      Of course the Chinese are pretty happy too! The big ‘give away’ has to be paid for and the bill is on the way!

      • Ed says:

        I’ll take that as an admission that the primary motive against Oboma is that he is Black and Loves Unions.

        • Canistercook says:

          He does and most of his campaign money is coming from UNIONS.
          Question is can we continue to compete in this world market with the power these unions have. That is something the voters have to decide.
          Greece had powerful unions to an overpaid government officials.

          • Canister, are you suggesting American workers should accept wages that average $1.80 an hour, work in poorly lit rooms, in unsafe conditions and in cities so polluted people have to walk around wearing masks to breathe?
            Yes, the ROI from overseas investments is high as a result of cheap labor in countries like China, India, and Mexico, but there is more to life than making a few extra bucks. Instead of emulating the working and living conditions in those countries we should be trying to figure out why the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland and other countries can pay their workers salaries similar to ours, offer them excellent benefits, and maintain a standard of living that is comparable or higher than ours and still be competitive.
            Your focus on overseas investment and lowering salaries and benefits in the USA to improve export potential is exactly what Mitt Romney and other elitists like him believe is the key for a better future; many of us believe our goal must be prosperity for ALL, not just the top 2%, and striving for excellence and a better future for our children.

          • Sandra says:

            People like Canister think money over people is what’s important. I agree with you on Europen countries, esp. Scandinavian counties who treat their citizens like human beings and yet are much more successful. This idea that taxes are too high and labour costs are too high is a lie the right have been propagating for decades while they get richer and richer and the middle class declines.
            Americans have lost their buying power because of the low wages they earn while their bosses make millions in profits and perks. Something is wrong with that scenario. America was successful when workers made decent wages that fed and clothe them and their families while permiting them to purchase goods which kept the country moving forward. That has changed since Reagan and the right to work laws that have and continue to have negative effects on consumer spending.

          • Canistercook says:

            On the contrary, I want American workers to enjoy the same kind of pay and benefits for example that workers in Germany and Singapore enjoy. Check out their society and you will find that it depends on a good work ethnic, low single parenting, and pay and retirement benefits equally available to all not just union auto workers and union government workers being grossly overpaid and allowed to retire at 55 while the rest of us work to 67 for a pittance of social security checks. Becoming a welfare state will not bring jobs and prosperity back to America.

          • dtgraham says:

            One of the reasons that their pay and benefits exceed American’s is the extensive unionization of the German workforce, which exceeds most countries; and we’re talking the private sector. Yet, they’ve been the world leader in exports for decades.

            Singapore may have made for a good Bing Crosby/Bob Hope road movie, but you don’t want to take the United States there. It has the highest GINI coefficient in the developed world and has a staggering level of income inequality. Only a 21st century American conservative could look at that kind of Asian economy and excitedly shout, “why can’t we do that?”

          • Canistercook says:

            For your information Singapore is one of most advanced countries in the world – I have been there. Incomes are as high or higher tan ours and all workers earn a good salary.

          • dtgraham says:

            I know that Singapore has received accolades for economic progress. They’re considered a richer country with little debt and political stability but they also have the widest income disparity in the world among developed nations. Some incomes are high but all workers definitely don’t earn a good salary. A surgeon there might earn a monthly wage of S$12750 but someone like a hard working dock worker only gets about S$500 monthly. The dignity of work is not rewarded in such a culture and there’s high levels of poverty in Singapore for a rich country although I understand that they don’t use the kind of cut off poverty income measurements that most countries use. No wonder.

            The PAP party and political culture is overly conservative. They don’t even have a minimum wage or unemployment benefits for god sakes.

            The thing is, that high levels of income inequality = bad outcomes for any society. Egalitarianism is really not a bleeding heart’s wet dream but, rather, the only rational course of action in terms of public policy in my opinion. UN stats show that high levels of income inequality produce higher levels of: infant deaths, mental illness, drug use, high school drop out rates, incarceration, obesity, lack of inter generational social mobility, homicide, and other things. All of those things cost a lot of money, in opportunity costs of lost production if nothing else. Singapore sits at 125 on the inequality scale. Japan is at 2 and South Korea is at 25.

          • Canistercook says:

            Suggest you check wages in Singapore on the Web. They have no minimum wage with government controls but the average wages received by the workers in Singapore is higher than the average wage in the U.S. Compared with U.S. their crime rate is almost non-existant! You can walk the streets in all areas safely at all hours of the night.

          • dtgraham says:

            As far as safety, sure… if you don’t mind flogging laws or cutting off the hand of someone who would steal a loaf of bread. There has to be a better way.

            For years companies have creamed off a larger share of economic gains—larger than those in other developed countries or industrializing economies in Asia.

            As a result, workers get a slice of Singapore’s GDP that is considered unusually small compared with their counterpart’s share in comparative countries. Worker’s wages account for less than half of Singapore’s GDP. In contrast, wages take up more than half of GDP in other developed countries. Basically, Singapore is a first world economy with what is closer to a third world wage structure. Wage levels are absolutely not commensurate with per capita GDP levels in relation to other wealthier countries.

          • Canistercook says:

            Ypu sure don’t know much about Singapore. Suggest you read up on it.

        • Regina M says:

          Wow some more race cards! Yeh, pull them out cuz you have nothing else! I dont give a rats ass about him being black, or black and white,what I do know is he is NOT red. white, and blue!
          Many blacks are voting for him just because he is black, but they want to call racism if a white does not vote for him because of that!
          The man is a muslim socialist democrat bred and raised in the muslim traditions of “death to all infidels” and attended a church for many years that preached “damn America”.
          Ya all better open your eyes and see what is happening, not what Obama and the liberal media want you to believe!

          • There you go again, think it’s about black for black. Sister, listen sometime. Romney says whatever he think you stupid people want to hear. He plan to make middle, and poor people suffer…stop being unintelligence.

          • Betta says:

            Maybe you need to try some intelligence, Angela. As if we’re not suffering already? Get ready to pay the higher taxes your messiah has in store for you.

          • mikecoatl says:

            It’s hilarious that you think Obama will raise taxes. We don’t know if Romney will, since he won’t share any details with the American people.

          • Dmullins84 says:

            Regina, you have absolutely loss your mind. Spouting off with no factual base for your garbage. Scare tactics will get you no where on this site.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Regina is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

          • hootch554 says:

            It is sad that some do not take the time to research things they have been repeating for years. President Obama was not raised in the muslim tradition. The church he attended for 20 years is the same church I have attended for 32 years – the United Church of Christ (the old German Reformed Church). I promise you we are not of the muslim faith but similar in nature to Methodist, Presbyterian, or Lutheran. Rev. Wright was right. God did damn America. Looked what happened since then. That sermon was prior to the great recession/almost depression just to name one. If you go the United Church of Christ website you can read the sermon in its entirety and might understand it more as a sermon as a whole instead of a phrase taken out of context. You can even find mention about the President in the archives,which is where you will find Rev. Wright’s sermon. It is really time after over 4 years that people put aside that old myth. Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of some out there the President had to leave his church to protect it. President Obama was active in his UCC church just as I am in mine. I respect the muslim religion, but the UCC is not muslim. I didn’t vote for him because he was black. I voted for him because he was the best man for the job and he cared for middle class America. I am white. My God does not see black or white. God also has to be a liberal because if He wasn’t some people wouldn’t have a chance at salvation (for the believers out there). Please, educate yourself before you make false claims. It is evident you nothing about the United Church of Christ (not Church of Christ, but United Church of Christ. There is a difference).

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            It IS sad that some people do not take the time to research things!!!!!

          • mikecoatl says:

            It IS sad. Your blather on here is proof enough of that.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Thank YOU Regina!!!!!!

            You need to spread the word about our Socialist—Muslim President!!!!

            He kills the people that really really know him!!

            Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago, according to sources in Chicago’s gay community
            Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —
            the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’
            Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.
            Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
            Young and Bland were brutally MURDERED, execution style, in late 2007.
            Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and
            Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:
            The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.
            Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,
            “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.
            Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

            obama has everyone KILLED THAT REALLY KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!


          • mikecoatl says:

            Keep spouting your lies…it won’t help your reactionary cause one whit.

        • Carol says:

          Replying to bigot Ed/////You have to be ignorant and for Romney, go post on Romney’s site. I think Unions helped my mom who was a seamstress before I was bor, and I am a nurse, kindly note what happens if hospitals find out a nurse is trying to be a union member. Ed go elsewhere, as Obama will win

        • JohnRNC says:

          Frankly, if you listen to the words that come out of the mouths of the candidates and take them in context with the last 30 years of economic policy in this country, there is only one logical choice – President Obama. Romney proposes a return to policies that have demonstrated nothing but failure to produce a stable, growing economy. He says “I can fix that” with conviction, but offers no action steps except for the same, tired “tax-cut-carrot-on-a-stick” rhetoric.

          If you listen to the words, then only remaining reasons for not voting for Obama would be Race and misrepresentations of his faith, his values and his achievements. His actions have been far more consistent with his words than Gov. Romney.

      • wizard says:

        Nine years ago, the Ohio Art Co. closed it’s Etch a Sketch operation in Bryan Ohio and moved the jobs to Shenzhen China. The 100 laid-off American workers weren’t surprised. They had already been training their Chinese replacements, in return for receiving their severance pay. Another victim of Bain Capital, while under Romney. Romney is now bashing China for taking American jobs. His accusations of Chinese “cheating” ring hollow. Bain’s prospectus promoted (IN WRITING) China’s “strong fundamentals”, among them, wages 85% lower than American wages. The prospectus also says “Bain Capital expects to see an increasing array of companies available for investment”. Romney wants us to see him as somebody who “built a business”, but what he really helped to build, is a strong army of lobbyist, who help him pay only 15% on taxes, rather than the top rate of 35%. Additionally, Bains’ offshore holdings are enormous, all with tax-dodgeing and exploitation of US tax rules. Stripped of their jobs, the American workers turned to unemployment and other benefits to survive. Guess that makes them some of the 47% who are “takers”.

        • Canistercook says:

          Romney knew what most sensible people know that for a business to succeed in America today it must compete on the world market. We cannot export our goods unless there is someone out there to buy them. Your pension probably depends on a lot of companies whose products are made overseas.

          • And what is your point? That “Made in America” is a dirty thought? All American workers want is a level playing field, and that means trading partners who follow the same rules rules we do. Unlike Romney, Obama is actually doing something about that, and it doesn’t involve shipping good jobs overseas to people who don’t have the skills and coountries that don’t play by the same rules regarding human rights, safety, environmental protection, that we do.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            What is obama doing about that????

          • TZToronto says:

            Given more of the outsourcing that Romney has engaged in, there won’t be anything left for America to export.

          • Canistercook says:

            Given the government taking our hard earned money and blowing it on things like Solyndra and electric cars that no one wants to buy you are right, our economy will collapse and we will have nothing anyone wants to buy from us.

      • InformedLabor says:

        I am not Black, nor in a Private or Government Union. I am a Former Marine who has more than a decade of experience in the Private Security Industry.

        I make less than 25K a year.

        Because I live in a ‘right to work” anti-union state, because -every- Security Company in the state utilized at-will firing policies, I can be fired & blacklisted for even -mentioning- that I -have- the Right of free association to Unionize, and they don’t have to defend why.

        In states where Unions are encouraged? Someone with my credentials easily pulls in 45-50K, and the Companies still make money.

        I work a contract that pulls in $2M/yr, there are four of us on that site for that contract, and we make $8.50/hr. Their profit margin on that contract, even assuming they have costs doubling what they pay us, is more than 1.5 Million dollars.

        Race to the bottom isn’t a myth, it’s very real. And the only places it doesn’t happen is in states that encourage & support Unions.

        The wealthy & pro-business crowd like to say right-to-work laws benefit workers by giving them the freedom to go to other companies, to force employers to compete for the best workers.

        That may be true in the first few years after the laws are passed.

        But when over time, through attrition, they reduce pay levels. When they refuse cost-of-living increases, & fire workers & rehire lower-paid replacements? They eliminate the financial freedom to move for work, they trap the next generation by keeping them poor.

        I could no more pay the costs associated with moving to a labor-friendly state than I could decide to pay Hundreds of Thousands of dollars for college to make myself more attractive. Low Pay creates a sense of desperation, of living on the edge of insolvency, that precludes efforts to better your situation.

        And in a labor market where they can pick & choose from Hundreds of Thousands of unemployed people who will do anything, at any pay, they have no incentive to increase pay or benefits. They’re not “competing” for anything.

        Desperate workers will stay through the abuse, through the derision, through everything, because the pittance they get is critical, and doing without, even for one paycheck, means homelessness or starvation.

        Yes, the Bill will come due for Government Spending, but history is telling of how to pay for it. When government taxes the wealthy, they go out & aggressively try to expand their business’ to increase their pre-tax income. When they tax breaks & cuts & deductions? They pocket it.

        Under presidents where the wealthy -actually- (even after deductions) paid more than 25% of their income, when Capital Gains were taxed at 20% or more, when You couldn’t weasel your money away off-shore? When you paid your workers what they were worth? Business BOOMED.

        They knew that the way to increase their income was to go after customers, under served markets, and to outperform their competition. They knew that workers paid a living, gainful wage had increased demand for the very products & services their employers provided.

        When it took an effort to make money, they made that effort. When it’s easy to make money, by cutting costs or hiding income, they do. they take the path of least resistance.

        Tax the Wealthy at more reasonable levels, eliminate Government subsidies for Business’ which are already successful, reduce spending on unneeded & unwanted Military programs & equipment, & eliminate the ridiculous mark-up Insurers & Health Care Providers use to grow fat off of Medicare & Medicaid while driving up costs, eliminate the cap on Social Security contributions, & we could be fiscally solvent & pay down the deficit, but, those things are all rigorously defended by Republicans cozy to Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the Health Care lobby, & the Wealthy, who will never have need of Social Security.

        • old_blu says:

          Are you in a blue or red state?

        • Canistercook says:

          I have never been fired from a job. Perhaps that was because I had value to my employer and if you do I doubt you would be fired. Unions had their purpose and did a lot of good but I am old enough to recall when striking auto workers in Detroit were making $18 an hour plus benefits while the workers who needed to buy their cars were making $5 an hour. No wonder the $5 an hour worker was glad to buy a much less expensive foreign car.
          Reason must prevail. Right now many government union workers are set up to retire on fat pensions at 55 while those workers earning $8.50 an hour or our venture capitalists must be taxed to support their high pensions and work until they are 67. Funny thing is China and Russia tried Communism and now are reaching out to people to compete and get rich and prosperous and it looks like sadly we are heading in the other direction. I favor helping the American deserving needy not the undeserving lazy greedy and the Chinese. Since many wealthy pay 50% of each dollar in tax already what do you consider a ‘reasonable level’? One very wealthy Californian has already moved to Singapore and I wonder how many would follow and work to further boost their low taxed rich economy? He is now investing his capital in Singapore and building a factory for workers there. We are discouraging investment in our country with the attitude “If you make it we want to take it”

          • InformedLabor says:

            I’ve never been fired either, but I have seen 3 or four other people fired from my company, good men, who did their jobs well & were highly experienced & qualified.

            Who days before had been spotted having lunch with a pro-labor lawyer from out of state.

            They were given no reason for their dismissal, & no other security contractor hired them, they eventually got jobs in other various non-security industries.

            The value of a few workers productiveness is nothing compared to the value business owners place on their own massive profits.

            When Unions form, those profits shrink as pay & benefits are attained. A profit margin of 20-30% is somehow unacceptable compared to profit margins of 40-50%. And many business operate at better levels than that, at least in my Industry.

            And I’m honestly wondering where your Tax numbers are coming from, seeing as how the top Tax rate is currently 35% for income, and has been since 2003, and Long Term Capital Gains are taxed at 15%.

            Even if you’re talking about Short Term Capital Gains (which are at 35%), two tax rates for two sources of monetary gain, both at or below 35%, will never equal 50% of total monetary gain lost to taxes, that’s simple math.

            And even if it did work out, these assume no deductions. Look at Romney, more than 20 Million, yet paying less than 14%, and that, even, not taking advantage of all deductions he’s qualified for, he could be taxed at less than 12%!

            The idea that the very Wealthy are struggling under some monumental Tax burden is pure fantasy.

            And, honestly, I never espoused Communism, I’m espousing a squeeze on Business that will pressure them to invest & expand to increase their profits rather than an easing which will encourage a languid market. Encouraging a more competitive market is Capitalism, not Communism.

            Eliminating subsidies & insisting business’ WORK for their profits is Capitalism, not Communism.

            Encouraging Business’ to pay a living, gainful wage so that Workers will have the upward mobility to start their own business’ is Capitalism, not Communism.

            This nation came about, partially, because of oppressive taxation. Specifically, Taxation without representation.

            Now, we have an entire class of people, plutocrats, autocrats, & theocrats, who insist that the wealthy must (by money counting as speech) have more representation, while also insisting (by supporting politicians like Romney whose only stated policy is to reduce taxation, even eliminating Capital Gains Tax entirely) that they be taxed as little as possible.

            Representation without Taxation. The Founders would be disgusted.

          • Canistercook says:

            Guess you don’t live in a state like me where on your income you pay 35% Federal Income Tax, 9% State Income Tax, 9% County sales tax, plus 1% State mental health tax, plus school parcel taxes, plus property tax and you don’t have a governor trying to raise your State income tax from 9% to 12%. No wonder some individuals took their money out of the USA and moved to Singapore. It’s getting ridiculous! Meanwhile our hard left socialists and communists scream ‘tax the rich’.

          • InformedLabor says:

            But those numbers aren’t cumulative, it’s not 35% + 9% + 9% +1% = 54%.

            The 35% (minus [Huge] deductions) goes to Federal.
            The 9% (again, minus [Huge] deductions) goes to State.
            The County Sales Tax isn’t taken out at the end of the year at all, it’s SALES tax, so they only pay on what they buy (just like everyone else, Wealthy, Middle Class, & Poor alike).
            And the 1% Mental health Tax? It’s 1%, get over yourself.

            School, Property, all the others, those vary County to County, District to District, and affect affect everyone, not just the Wealthy.

            On average, due to deductions & special treatment of non-payroll, non-income monetary gain (inheritances, Capital Gains, & Derivatives) someone making more than a Million a year will pay a lower percentage of their total Income in Taxes than a Family making 60 Thousand.

            Which, may I say, is f***ing ridiculous.

            A progressive Tax system is designed to hit the Wealthy harder, designed by Democracies of the 19th Century, just like Consumption & Flat Taxes were designed to hit the Poor harder during the Aristocracies of the 18th & 19th Centuries.

            Guess what, that’s called living within an ethical Society.

            Those who, by Labor or Chance, are rewarded with Wealth pay into the system to make it possible for the next generation to flourish as well, through Schools, Roads, healthcare, Safety Nets like Social Security that reward Success more than failure..

            But that system is under attack. They’ve already got lower total taxes than the middle class or the poor, and now they’re looking to increase the burden on the Middle Class & the Poor while cutting Government Services, eviscerating Worker, Environmental, & Financial Protections, AND lowering their Taxes even further.

            The ones you hear about fleeing? They’re self0-centered & greedy. Good riddance. I’d rather they weren’t trying to buy our elections here anyway.

          • Canistercook says:

            You sure are misinformed. The percentages I quote are ‘after’ deductions. Ask a CPA. 1% added to 49% is 50%. I see from your writing how easy it is for Obama to sell his ‘tax the rich’ ideas to people like you who have little if any knowledge of the tax laws and think all the higher income people pay only 14% on their income. I agree risk capital returns and capital gains are taxed at only 15% but most small business people along with earned interest are taxed at federal 35% on their income. You have been and are being misled by Romney’s and Buffet’s tax returns whereas a vast number of people pay much higher rates. Most of those payers don’t have a million or so to put into venture capital companies and hit it lucky and make big capital returns. Sad that we have so many uninformed people in ur country but perhaps that is why we are in so much trouble now.

          • You are so full of shit cookie. I am teetering on the brink of becoming a member of Romney’s middle class. You know what I mean. I fill up my retirement account options and give to causes that support human rights and human dignity and when you put all my payroll deductions together including child support (not cheap that one but it’s mine and I pay it) it’s still only 31% total…. if you are paying %50 it’s because you are a moron. I have worked everyday since 1986…seriously no vacations no time off everyday. Just plain work and no time for whining.

            And even though I can see the writing on the wall I will happily support Obama again!! If I finally make it to the fantasy income level that gets taxed a little more I will pay it and thank God I live in a country where it’s possible.

            Labor is %98 correct this wild ass greed at the top is what is ruining the country not decent wages not workers rights. NOT BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY. You go do the research and stopp blindly quoting FUAX Noise.

            Here’s a place to start check out the average ceo salary compared to the average salary of their workers. In the fifties YOU KNOW THE HALLOWED FIFTIES THAT REPUBS WANT TO BRING know why it’s so easy to tell people how great the fifties were because the CEOs were making 20 times what their workers were making. They invested the rest back into their companies, and the economy grew.

            In fact through the 50s 60s and until 1975 workers wages grew faster than CEOs Now according the that left wing rag FORTUNE today CEOs make 850-1200 times what their workers make and invest overseas….Romney is the poster child for this crap and you think the amswer is to put him in charge…fuck you.

            Read up on what mittens is doing right now in Illinois, Sensata employees made record profits last year but Mitt owns %51 stock so he is working it the same as always forcing HIS AMERICAN WORKERS (the ones he is all about helping) to trian their chinese replacements in order to get their severance pay. The irony of it all is he intends to close the factory and ship it out to China on november 5th …the day befor he loses his bid for president.

            His way of helping out the American worker….so one more FUCK YOU you punkass whiner. Go pedal your bullshit whereever there are idiots dumb enough to believe it.

            BARAK OBAMA is a great American and hey Joe Biden is the only VP in over a decade not to shoot someone in the face. Obama Biden 2012…. Hillary 2016 some other progressive Demo in 2024 the GOP is dead and this is their last chance to lie cheat and steal an election…. It’s over bitch you lose.

          • mikecoatl says:

            Like Singapore’s repressive regime so much? Then move there.

          • Canistercook says:

            I would if I was younger or perhaps to Canada or Australia where more common sense still prevails.

        • lechtenberg says:

          Beautifully stated!
          Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for your thoughtful response to Cannistercook.

        • James says:

          I am a Viet Nam Marine, you need to quit blaming other people for your self made problems. In 1983 I moved from my home state of Kentucky which is not a right to state and moved to Florida which is because the job market in KY was non existint. No body is holding you back but your own self pity. The answer is easy MOVE to another state or find another profession.

          • InformedLabor says:

            I have 5$ in my savings, & less than $2 in my checking. I get paid Friday & the car needs work, plus, you know, the wife & kids need food..

            Up & leaving & hoping against hope that I’ll find work in time is a fantasy of those who did it in better times with more savings & don’t realize times have changed.

      • William Deutschlander says:

        My God but you are IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mdassoc52 says:

        Like most Republicans, you’re simply in this mysterious bubble where you fail to acknowledge 0ne of the worst times in all of history was taking place. You are in denial about all economic indicators which are pointing up, because you want to be. Yes, he’s a “black” face to your disappointment, but he took a job that nobody should have wanted. Stop walking into doors and allowing things to fall on your head. Its beginning to have an effect on your common sense. America is not stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a land-slide victory for the President. Even Republicans didn’t want Romney to start with, so don’t blame us.

        • Canistercook says:

          Sounds like you are more concerned with the color of Obama’s skin than I am. I am concerned only with his lack of Leadership ability, finance knowledge and his efforts to divide our country. Show me someone with Leadership ability, finance knowledge and who wants to unite us as ‘One country with liberty and justice for all’ and seeks to preserve to the degree possible our competitiveness in this changing world economy.
          It is quite a challenge and I’m not absolutely sure anyone is up to it but certainly not Obama regardless of being white or black. As a matter of fact isn’t he half white?

          • Show me a congress who was willing to work with this president and I will show you better results than what we have seen so far. You simply want to ignore that economic indicators prove we are slowly pulling out of the mess that Bushnomics has produced. You are in serious denial that Obama’s actions pulled us out of the brink of the second great depression. If he has failed at any one thing, it has been the fact that, based on the info available, predictions of exactly how bad things really were may have been underestimated on his administrations part. I don’t think even they knew how disastrous the economy truly was.

          • Canistercook says:

            Show me a President that can work with the Congress like Bush, Reagan and Clinton did!
            And you are in denial at what it will cost and if in fact we are Out!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            That’s alll the Libs want to bring up and start up—-Racist!!!!

            Exactly!!!! haaaaa
            Exactly!!!! haaaaa Why do they try to say HE’S BLACK when he is half and half????

          • mikecoatl says:

            Half and half? Didn’t know the president was coffee creamer. After that comment you really should shut up and stop whining when others point out your racism.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


            HE’S NOT EVEN BLACK


      • amarquez647 says:

        please don’t leave me out. I am Puerto Rican and I am overjoyed by Obama’s progress. By the way I am also a retired teacher.

        • Canistercook says:

          I guess you are overjoyed with Obama and so are most teachers and union members who will I am sure vote their pocketbook. I am voting for my grandchildren’s future and the return of manufacturing jobs and hopefully a strong economy for all. I am not voting for printing more money borrowed from China which could make my and perhaps the money in your pocketbook not worth the paper it is printed on. I was living in France when 1000 francs became 1 france! Hopefully it can’t get as bad as Zimbarbwe

          • Dmullins84 says:

            I am becoming more enjoyed everyday. I continue to count votes, and now have mustered 20 for Obama and none for Romney. I realize that this will be a close election and at the age of 83 i still have a little fight left in these ole bones.

    • Canistercook says:

      I suppose by your idea the Republicans also caused the Greek calamity as well as the European crisis!! Did you ever ask yourself why someone had to ‘save’ GM and not Ford!

      • mikecoatl says:

        Well, if Romney wins we won’t have to worry about the National Debt. Not because it won’t be there, but because righties will quit talking about it.

        • Canistercook says:

          And if Obama wins we won’t worry about it either since we will have a lot of worst things to worry about! Terrorists and food riots.

      • InformedLabor says:

        Because Fords said “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.”

        And his company follows that philosophy to this day?

        The exact opposite of philosophy that most of Wall Street had (make the shoddiest possible, with the cheapest labor possible, & charge the highest price possible)?

        Or perhaps it’s “Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets.”


        “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

        ^ Romney & his ilk should do well to remember that one.

        Oh, no, wait, you must be thinking of the real kicker:

        “A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”

        Henry Ford said a great number of things. Very wise things which his family (who still run Ford) still pay heed to.

        None of them were in support of Vulture Capitalism or Autocracy.

    • Walter says:

      Everything that went bad while Bush was in office was directly caused by the socialist democrats. They did their best to destroy america and are still at it but now say that bumbo is doing things right. Leftist lies get spun to make the liars look good.

  5. wesley rasmussen says:

    Notice the Tea Baggers aren’t about to try and say none of this ever happened? I think if they did, their mouths would be locked open when their noses fall in from the sheer weight of their length…

  6. Predicted that president Obama will be elected to a second term.

  7. AlfredSonny says:

    Instead of reviewing Obama’s record, let’s review Republicans’ record since January 20, 2009. How many times have they blocked the Democrats from just discussing jobs? Have they even discussed how to reduce unemployment? Is there any ten-year old kid who would agree that reducing entitlements and taxes for the rich will solve our economy?

    • Canistercook says:

      I keep wondering what entitlements the ‘rich’ receive and why one man is ‘entitled’ to pay and work harder to support the government structure than another.

      • People like Mitt Romney had a sense of entitlement the day were born with a silver spoon stuck down their throats.
        Most Americans admire people who work hard either for someone else or those who start a small business and succeed. That is not what Mitt Romney and other people like him did. Not only has he been an elitist since he was born, he made his fortune investing, providing management advise that more often than not involved plant closings, reductions in force, loss of benefits, and using loopholes and tax shelters to cheat Uncle Sam. We do not need that kind of expertise in the White House.
        Nobody is proposing raising the tax rates of the top 2% back to Eisenhower era levels, or even Reagan era levels, what is being proposed is raising their tax rate by 3% to put it back where it was in the Clinton days when everyone, not just the super rich, prospered, when we created a budget surplus, and when 23 million new jobs were created.
        As for working hard, I am willing to bet that a waitress or a nurse who spend 8 or 10 hours a day on their feet and then go home and take care of her kids work a lot harder in one day than Mitt Romney did in a week when he was at Bain.

        • Canistercook says:

          If you look at Mr. Romney’s background you will find a very strong work ethnic. The same goes for his children. He could have been a playboy but chose to work and contribute to society. Unfortunately it looks like you have bought into the left’s lies and fortunately people are finally seeing the REAL Romney who is not a law school graduate who went through college on scholarships perhaps because he is a minority, whose only real achievement is getting elected to the Senate in a Black district. I do not ‘buy’ the entire Republican platform but I do feel I must select the most qualified man for the job.(or woman if one was running). Without question that is Romney.

          • Cairndance says:

            Romney made 20 MILLION Dollars last year and at one of his rally’s he joked that he was UNEMPLOYED TOO!
            Tell me how hard he worked for that 20 Million!
            It’s called Capital Gains and he pays 15% on it in taxes. Not bad for being unemployed!

          • Canistercook says:

            Like Buffet, Senator Pelosi and a lot of those in D.C. who are rich and pay 15% on the big money they earn from investments Romney has investments. He has never denied that.
            If you save some money and invest it in a new business and make a profit you will pay only 15% on your profit. If you lose on it you will get to take 15% of your loss even though you lost 100%.

          • Canistercook says:

            Problem is so many people don’t understand the tax laws so Obama is using it to incite jealousy. If they are wrong Obama should be changing the law not increasing taxes on those who already pay 35% + 10% to their State taxes.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Maybe you should try it if your soooooo Jealous!!!!!

          • hootch554 says:

            Poor Mit had to sell some of his daddy’s stocks to pay for his education. No student loans. Both Pres. and Mrs. Obama had student loans and they paid off their student loans not long ago. They have been where a lot of us have been. People can identify with them.

          • Canistercook says:

            With legal fees paid from government handouts to outfits like ACORN I have no doubt the Obamas were able to pay off their debts. They have ridden on the platform of the guilt many white’s felt they owed to blacks from the era of slavery along with those who favor ‘tax the rich and give it to me’.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Michelle who earned a SIX-FIGURE SALARY
            for serving as “vice president of community relations” for the University of Chicago Medical Center and
            vacations at
            FIVE-STAR RESORTS on the Spanish Riviera.


          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Maybe you should worry about what’s going on today and NOT years and years ago!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mikecoatl says:

            I’m worried what you nuts are going to do if you are put in charge. Not that you would be there for very long.

          • mikecoatl says:

            If sending jobs overseas is your definition of a ‘strong work ethic’, I feel sorry for whoever you work for.

          • Canistercook says:

            If that strong ethnic still existed the jobs would be here and not gone!

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        We already pay 60% in taxes—–that is CRIMINAL!!!!!!

        Do these people that are crabbing pay 60%???
        Do they pay ANYTHING

        They just have their hands out saying gimmie gimmie gimmie—

        We want the RICH to pay our everything while WE lay around!!!!



      • mikecoatl says:

        Oh, poor rich babies! They’re paying lower taxes than they have in decades, but we need to quit ‘punishing’ the rich!

        Believe me, keep pushing down the middle class and poor, and they will be paying a LOT more!

  8. Someone should ask Romney what jobs does he intend to create. And where.


      obama has NOT created NOTHING!!!!

      obama didn’t build anything,
      start anything or
      make anything NEW

      so how in the world can obama say he created jobs????????

  9. Canistercook says:

    Then why are most of his ads designed as tearing down Romney rather than stressing his questionable ‘achievements’. The military killed Bin Laden, Who knows if we will fall farther into Recession or Depression without printed dollars and Chinese loans, and perhaps people feel they had better put their money anywhere but in the Bank. If Obama’s achievements are so great why not run shouting about them instead of trying to use Big Bird and Bain?

    • hootch554 says:

      My husband and I have a small business. He is a residential contractor and I am a realtor. Needless to say that we have been hit very hard over the last 4 years. Having survived 2 previous recessions we knew this one was very different. We were never down for long in previous recessions, thanks to a great reputation as a builder. Like a lot of people in the business we saw signs of this coming back in 2007, and like most people we were in denial. We were only beginning to experience the beginning of the recession in 2008 but it was starting to unravel fast. When the financial crash happened in the fall of 2008 it was the beginning of the end for a lot of folks in our business. We just did not know at the time how far reaching it would be. We lost a lot, but yet we knew the origin of our financial troubles. We lost our retirement and savings trying to save what we could. We knew when we voted for President Obama that we had to hope he could help turn things around with the help of a proactive congress and house. We did not count on Republican filibusters that would stop s0me of the very legislation that would help us to recover. We did not count on the Congressional and House Republican’s total disregard of the people who they were supposed to be working for. Instead they chose as their prime goal to do all they could to obstruct and restrict President Obama’s term to 4 years. This came from the mouths of their leaders and was publicized many times. They threw all of us under the bus for political gain. The voters surely didn’t count on the congress and house to do all they could to prevent a recovery to make the President look bad. I don’t think the house and congress even realized the extent of the recession until it was too late to actually do anything about it, but they are to blame. No single President can enact legislation without the help of the people on Capital Hill. I am not disappointed in President Obama. We realized that he was obstructed at every turn in his efforts to enact legislation that would help us. He didn’t quit on us though. We have started experiencing the effects of “turning the corner” in the residential construction business and in real estate over the last 6 plus months. Our business is returning and we are able to start paying our debts off. We have started 2 houses. 1 custom home under construction provides jobs for many in the construction industry. I have closed on 5 homes in real estate in the last month, which is a lot for a small town. The economy is turning around and we have seen a sustained change and increase. The last thing we want is to go back to the policies that caused the total collapse and near depression of this country. Why would anybody want to go back to the Bush era policies, which is all Romney has. It doesn’t work. The last 4 plus years tells us it doesn’t work. The erosion of our economy started several years before those 4 years and the free fall continued after the President was elected. Just because someone is elected you cannot turn off or turn around a free fall started in the last administration with a flip of a switch. Why would we want to go back? If it wasn’t for the obstruction we may have well been on our way. The Republicans were counting on the recovery not beginning to show up before election time, but it has. It is here. We are experiencing a sustained recovery and it is improving each week for us. We are one of the last industries to recover in a recession. It is here. Our manufacturing is starting to return. BB&T Bank has just announced they are hiring 1700 people by December in a neighboring town. If Romney is elected we will go backwards because he is looking backwards at the Bush policies that failed us miserably. Please think it over carefully regardless of your affiliation. An economy that is finally moving forward can be stopped dead in its tracks if we go back to the previous policies that got us in the horrendous mess we were in.

      • Canistercook says:

        I’m sorry you are having a bad time, but have you considered Obama had almost 3 years of complete control and the only thing rammed through is Obamacare. Have you considered the effect of another costly entitlement boondoggle on industry in our country? Bush gave a big present to the Drug companies when he put through the expensive Drug program. With Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Drug program, Welfare, Food stamp program and Obamacare a big chunk of our investment capital is no longer available for capital investments. We are desperately in need of a fiscally educated person to re-organize those programs so we can afford them for the truly deserving needy and still have money left over for investment. I disagree with you. If Obama gets another 4 years China will own us. Having been to China I see how she is building up her cities with our money while we are falling apart. A law degree and getting elected to the Senate for two years by a black constituancy district is not qualifications for running a big business and the USA desperately needs more big businesses. Obama is fighting on trying to attack Romney’s character not Obama’s own achievements and I only hope people can see through this nonsense. Neither Bush nor Obama were to blame for the crash in the world economy, there was a lot of blame on others to go around, but we need a very competent individual to steer us through this very troubled time. I personally find Obama has little if any experience in business, finance, leadership and foreign affairs to lead us. Romney has the business, finance and leadership and hopefully can learn quickly to deal with foreign affairs. The terrorists are still out there!

        • Cairndance says:

          Bush had 8 years to ruin the economy and you think Obama can fix it in 3 1/2? Are you nuts?

          Romney will force American workers to train the Chinese that he will give their jobs to, just like Bain is doing today!

          Romney has been on so many different sides of every issua that even Salt Lake City’s major newspaper endorsed Obama!
          I think they said something about his Morman values being in question!

          • Canistercook says:

            That’s the problem – blaming Bush for everything. While there is a lot of blame to go around, including Bush, Barney Frank, Clinton, the Banks, Wall Street etc., none of them was really totally to blame and all bear some blame for not seeing the crash coming. The housing bubble and borrowing began long before Bush became President and was endemic in many countries like Greece, Italy, U.K. Ireland etc. It is an economy that has collapsed world wide and it will not be simple to fix. Whether we will recover or not will not depend entirely on our President or our government but on much of the rest of the world. The US now lives in a world economy and our dollar is a world currency.
            Voters are being used like pawns by both parties unfortunately. The reason I support Romney is I believe of the two he has more experience in financial deals and is better educated in running a business and the USA is BIG BUSINESS and is in real trouble right now. Obama just has a law degree and two years of sitting in the Senate. Romney has had to manage finance and trade. Obama is dividing the country whereas right now we need to be united. This Recession could turn into a Depression and one that could last for years. Bringing jobs back to the country will take becoming competitive again and that is a big challenge for anyone. I am an independent and I do not believe Obama has the skills and ability needed right now. The only thing that has prevented us falling into a Depression is the stimulus money borrowed mostly from China. If our line of credit with China is withdrawn which is threatened we are in deep trouble. My Morman neighbors are fine Americans and their values outstanding and I am happy they are next door. I do not discriminate against anyone based on their religion. Romney, with a big family all of whom are Americans, I can assure you the last thing Romney wants is to give away American jobs. Competing and selling our products worldwide requires an understanding of how commerce works throughout the world. Unfortunately many voters have very little knowledge of commerce. Never in my lifetime have we been in such dire need of strong leadership and for my children and grandchildren I hope the right man is chosen.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            You are right!!!!

            That STUPID Barney Frank, Clinton, the Banks!!!!!

            Giving loans to anybody and everybody and then they couldn’t pay.

            Now, obama is just giving the poor houses—GIVING it to them.

            Let’s PRAISE the NO GOOD LAZY BUMS and give them FREE FOOD
            FREE HOUSING
            FREE PHONES
            FREE GAS
            FREE DAYCARE
            FREE EVERYTHING!!!!!


            and then turn around and PUNISH the wealthy for working hard to get a head and tax them until they are poor.

          • Canistercook says:

            You missed one big freebee! Free medical care because they need it because they go around shooting one another and ‘shooting it up’.

          • mikecoatl says:

            People like you are tearing this country apart. You are a disgrace.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            just work and do your part.
            If you work hard, you get paid more.
            If you don’t work—
            you don’t eat
            you don’t get NOTHING

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        If you are a small business like WE ARE—–
        I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU WANT obama!!!!!!!!!!

        YOU need to research the FACTS and talk to the right people—-
        You are NOT thinking clearly

        If obama get’s in another four years YOU WILL GO BANKRUPT

  10. Ed says:

    God, I miss proof readers. At the beginning of the article the writer credits GW for what Oboma did, and at the end he credits Bill Clinton. How drunk was this guy?

  11. Todd says:

    If 29 million Americans unemployed, don’t forget the 5 million small business owners wholost their busnesses but can’t collect and are not counted as unemployed, Al quaeda on the rise and $5 TRILLION in new debt are so great, why isn’t Obama campaigning on them. All he has done is try to make Romney seem unelectable, not run on his totally failed record. The economy is slower today than it was in 2011, and 2011 was slower than 2010. Remember the Joe Biden “recovery summer”. Yeah, that worked well. After Obama proclaimed he had killed Bin Laden and Al quaeda was on its’ heels during the DNC, Al quaeda decided to show the world Obama was wrong and killed our ambassador to Libya and 4 others in a carefully pre planned attack that lasted 4 hours. Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, and the rest of the administration proclaimed it was because of some 12 minute, obscure, video that caused this, and the entire middle east catching fire. Evidence now shows that the administraton had confirmed it was, indeed, a terrorist attack inside of 24 hours. They all kept, faithfully to the story for almost 2 weeks. This is worse than the Watergate coverup. No one died in Watergate. 4 Americans are dead and the administration has lied and lied and lied.
    Please run on the true Obama record and see if he can get more than 2 votes. Michelle’s only because tshe has already voted.

  12. Todd says:

    The cast offs of corproate America, like Staples and Sports Authority and many other successful corporations that Bain, under Romney, either built or turned profitable. JohnRNC you have no idea what you are talking about

    • Catherine says:

      Maybe he’s talking about GST Steel Cor. and KD Toys which he borrowed money against, put the money in his pocket then put them into backruptcy so he didn’t have to pay it back, bailed on the retirements of workers so the Government had to take over that, bailed on the health insurance we had been promised and put several thousand workers on the street. Romney hid his taxes from the public for a reason. You Obama nay-sayers really should study Romney’s character and business tactics before you make the mistake of voting for him.

      • Cairndance says:

        How did these crazy idiots get on this site?
        They must be getting pretty scared that Obama will be re-elected, to feel the need to post so much hateful garbage!

  13. Obama stated during hs first campaign for Presidant not to expect change overnight! With the exception of the ecnomy; he’s done more than he expected. As far as the economy goes; every time he brings something to Congress as far as the econmy goes; they shoot it down! Why, beause the majorit members of Congress are Republicans and they are threatened because a man of color is their Commander In Chief! Get over it! This is the 21st centruy! The year 2012 going into 2013!

    • Actually, the economy is recovering very nicely. Unemployment is going down, companies are posting profits and hiring, our GDP remains second to none, and the stock market almost doubled since he became President. Don’t believe the gloom and doom we hear from those who will not hesitate to take credit for what President Obama has achieved if they win the election.


      AGAIN—–the Libs are the ones that ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start the Racist!!!!

      Don’t you get it!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!

      It’s what you stand for—-
      It’s what you haven’t done—-
      It’s what you have done that’s wrong——–

      He has the people killed that knows who is REALLY is—-
      He had his GAY Lovers killed—–
      He is on the Terrorist side
      He is a Terrorist—

  14. Bob Williams says:

    It would be easier to defend O.J. or Charlie Manson. The difference between Obama and these two guys is that they didn’t blame George Bush.

  15. gdtm4larry says:

    This president is a TOTAL DISASTER, and definitely, cannot run on his record, HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE… Prevented a depression?????? Any Federal reserve can have money printed and call it STIMULUS…..AND with all that worthless printed money, NO wonder the DOW has doubled….Get real…This is a FAKE recovery, IF you want to call it that….This administration is a total FRAUD…..

  16. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    The Obama Economic Record

    The economy is and was what this election is all about.

    The Obama record is dismal. He did not prevent a depression, there would not have been one. We were in a bad recession that ended in June 2009. What did not happen was a robust recovery. Here is his “Economic Record”.

    Employment Growth: 1.9 million (139.9 million average employed 2009 – 141.8 million average employed 2012)

    23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed

    $4500 Drop in Household Income

    GDP Growth: 2012 1.3% (2009 – -3.53%, 2010 – 3.02%, 2011 – 1.7%)

    $5.5 Trillion of New Debt

    100% Increase in Gas Prices

    Four more years of this? Your kidding run on his record!

    Now look at Foreign Policy – The wheels came off the bus or maybe it is just not “Optimal”.

    • Hillbilly says:

      We were in a depression when Obama took office a fact that Bush 2 admitted before he left office. A fact that all Republicans seem to forget. Gas prices are set by the big oil companies like the one the Koch brothers run not by the President another fact that The Old North Church and others like to forget when bad mouthing the President. If Romney has a foreign policy it will be one of seeing how many American jobs and equipment he can send to China to fatten his wallet. Something he and his partners are doing right now closing a high tech plant in Indiana and sending the two hundred jobs and equipment to China at the end of December. Closing a plant where the American workers had to train the Chinese workers how to do their jobs and where the American Flag wasn’t allowed to be flown while the Chinese were being trained. This is the man that The North Church and others like him thinks is so great, one that wouldn’t allow his Country’s s flag to be flown while American workers trained their Chinese replacements.

      • TheOldNorthChurch says:

        Hillbilly, once again you need to do some studying.

        We were not in a depression. A depression needs to meet two general rules: 1. a decline in real GDP exceeding 10%, or 2. a recession lasting 2 or more years.

        Neither of these events occurred. It may have been depressing for Obama because his policies were flawed and did not lead to a strong recovery. It has been depressing to my brother who lost his home and has had to take two jobs to keep himself and his family healthy. But it was not a depression. It was not as severe as the the 1979 to 1982 recession. The problem is there has not been a recovery!

        There has never been a recovery fueled by Government Spending and expansion. These are the facts and they are undisputed by real history.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


        DO SOME RESEARCH—-You need to do your OWN research instead of listen to other people telling you WHAT TO THINK!!!!

        BUT—-I do think that is what the Libs want—-Someone else to tell them how to think!!!!

        YOU want the Government to tell you every move to make—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you how much soda you can drink—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you what you can or can’t eat—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you what kind of car to drive—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you how much gas you can buy—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you how much water you can use—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you how much electric you are allowed to use—-
        YOU want the Government to tell you how to think —–
        YOU want the Government to take over you——–

        You want to stand in the breadlines—–LET’S MAKE IT EQUAL

        • mikecoatl says:

          I have flagged every one of your comments. Nothing but lies and drivel. My only consolation is that people like you will suffer with the rest of us if Rmoney becomes president.

    • mikecoatl says:

      Almost everything you listed has been refuted by fact-checkers. But the biggest problem is that you want to put the same pigs that got us into this back in charge.

      • TheOldNorthChurch says:

        What fact checkers? These numbers come from the BLS and BEA. The bigs (pigs) are already in charge of the farm. The Government is not the solution it is the problem.

  17. JohnRNC
    You are right. Electing Romney would be the worst thing to happen to this country. Just watch him when he is speaking. He is saying one thing and thinking about what he will do when he becomes President. Think of the Circus Barker. Tell a story to get you to buy a ticket to the show and when you go inside you do not see what he has sold you. Romney would make a good circus barker. Do we need another Hoover? Obama in 2012

    • The biggest problem with Romney is that nobody knows where he stands on any issue. He has flipped flopped on spending reductions, his original tax plan, abortion, their MEDICARE dismantling plan, SS privatization, outsourcing, Romneycare, and just about everything he ever stood for. Not only has he changed course on everything he said at the Rnc and the GOP political platform, he changes his tune when he goes from a rally in one state to a rally in a different state on the same day!


      Why do you like obama?????
      What has he done for the country TRUTHFULLY

  18. Regina M says:

    LOL first of all, Obama did not stop a depression, he merely curbed spending a bit to avoid it. Must have been a troubled effort on his part to stop spending.
    Who says he killed Osama, or that he is even dead? NO proof, NO body, and seals on operation died later!
    The fast and furious= a cover up
    Benghazi= a cover up of major proportions
    Where is that authentic birth certificate? Obama spends time and mouth wanting to see Romneys tax returns, but ALL Obama’s records him!
    His affiliation with the muslim brotherhood and remarks he has made in his book, Audacity of hope that tells us clearly he will side with the muslims if the political winds shift!
    His continual blaming of Bush for everything! If he not man enough to handle the job, we need a bigger man or Obama needs to get a smaller job.
    Obama does not only NOT salute our flag, because he doesnt want to be perceived as “taking sides” (wtf?), he has created his own flag with the 5 stripes of muslim blood symbol and his picture on it!
    Obama is a bastard ( in the biblical sense also)
    He has declared that America is no longer a Christian country!
    Our country is in economic stress and he wants to send 450 million to Afghanistan to help the war effort and rebuild? Not for our troops there, mind you, because he is cutting back on military support for our soldiers.
    He is pandering to every special interest group he can just to get re-elected. The gays, abortionists, indigent blacks and whites (free cell phones and welfare).
    The number of people on welfare has dramatically increased since his inauguration as well as the unemployment!
    Obama has admitted on many occasions that he is a muslim.You people are not listening and hear only what Obama wants you to hear.
    The biased liberal media is not presenting the truth, but a sugar coated version of Obamas making!
    Look at our country! How is detroit doing now? He tell you he bailed them out and it is good,just as he says small business is doing fine! LIES! it is not reality!
    He bailed out Solyndra, and they are doing just as well, huh?
    These two people have spent more of taxpayer money on personal luxury vacations than any other couple. They have had several vacations a year amounting to millions of dollars.
    Obama has signed more bills that have not even been presented to the public than all our presidents combined. Google his bills and tell me they are not all socialist based and designed to steal our freedoms.
    Hillary spent time at the UN to propose a gun ban for America with the UN as oversight manager. The UN is comprised of a majority of Islam nations.
    Obama is dying to make it a crime to say anything offensive about the muslim faith.

    It just goes on and on people…You all need to start respecting this country and not the man that thinks he is the king of America~ You know that arrogant man that chose to go on a talk show as Benghazi was happening to call himself “eye candy” instead of atttending to extreme matters of national security.That man that lied about it saying he called it a terroristic attack the next day! LIES! All he said was
    we will not tolerate terrorism” , but he DID NOT say it was a terroristic attack. LIES! They all blamed it on a 2 bit film that had been around for months. He will throw Hillary under the bus to save his cowardly, arrogant muslim ass!..count on it~!

    • Jim Myers says:


    • 1Courageous says:

      Jesus, so much bullshit.

    • lechtenberg says:

      GO AWAY!
      You are seriously delusional!!
      No one needs to read the kind of crap in your post….what a waste of time.


      obama had NOTHING to do with Bid Laden—REALLY!!!!!!!!!

      Find the FACTS out about Bin Laden—-

      It came from years of work, started before obama even announced he was running for office. He just happened to stumble in after all the work had been done, just in time to take credit for it.
      Bin laden never would have been found if Obama was President when Khalid SHak Muhammed was bing waterboarded.
      Bin Laden was caught after an extensive seven year hunt that started in the Bush administration.
      Give credit to the real people responsible for getting him, the intelligence services and the Navy Seals.
      The best Information is that obama deferred making a decision and that Leon Panetta made the call.
      obama wasn’t too happy about it at the time, but what could he do but try and take credit after the fact?

      Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. Navy SEALs after evading capture for nearly 10 years.
      HE WASN’T TO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      obama likes to act like that the nation’s two wars are ended while planning behind the scenes for a longer-term war against Al Qaeda terrorists, the man who pledged to bring America’s wars to an end has instead laid the basis for an endless battle.

    • mikecoatl says:

      Liar, liar, liar.

  19. deraw says:

    We may feel like we are still at the edge because change takes time and especially when you have to dig deep. It is a long process and a long road to true and honest recovery.

    President Obama is the leader America needs and we as Americans need to increase our level of patience toward recovery and not search for quick fixes from Obama administration. It is a time where we all need to give (in some form)for our country’s different and better future and to tackle the challenges in a changing world.

  20. Andrew Rei says:

    There are several problems the GOP has in trying to take back all the power in DC and across the country. The first and biggest problem they have is their message…I don’t care if Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower had the same extremist, ignorant and idiotic philosophies the GOP does now, they’d have been highly unpopular.
    While the message they’re sending out is bad, their second problem is that the GOP messengers are assholes. How you know this is just simply by listening to them talk. Of course, that now-infamous meeting not far from the Inaugural Ball on President Obama’s inauguration day tells you that their plan was to obstruct him the whole way. The country be damned 🙁 smh
    The third problem is that the messengers and message have been forced Far Wrong by the shift of the Democratic Party. People may remember back in December, on that season’s finale of his show, Bill Maher saying that, “the Democratic Party has moved to the right and the Republican Party has moved right into the insane asylum”. Right after that, he announced a million-dollar donation to President Obama’s Super Pac, Priorities USA. Even the group description of the Republicans for Obama Facebook page admits that President Obama is a good “moderate Republican”.
    The fourth problem the GOP has may actually be their worst problem, depending on its degree: it has been reported that anywhere from 5-25 million GOP moderates have left the party and are voting for Democrats this year. Remember that the Democrats already had 43-35% advantage in raw numbers as of last Fall. If 5 milli0n defected, it makes the GOP’s task that much more difficult. If the true number is 25 million, the Republican Party will die its political death on the night of 6 November, 2012. Think about this: there are about 200 million voting-eligible people that live in the US…25 million is 1/8th of that, or 12.5%. Do you really see a path to legislative domination for the GOP in that scenario? The only reason so many Tea Party Militia members were elected in 2010 was that only 27% of Democrats voted. Now that we’ve seen nearly two years of the TPM-infected GOP rule across the country, do you really think that Democrats are now going to stay home and allow themselves to be subjected to two more years of this BS? Not likely
    If the GOP does die on 6 November, the party will likely split into a pair of parties: Conservative and TPM. The former GOP moderates will be faced with three choices: go independent, become Democrats or infuse themselves into one of the “third parties”, most likely the Progressive Party, which has both Centrist Republicans and Democrats.
    And, if you think the Libertarian Party will gain huge numbers of former GOP moderates, think again: the Bad Libs’ extreme fiscal conservatism and radical social liberalism represent the WORST of both worlds, not the best, as Gary Johnson has been saying for months. The Progressive Party has the best chance to replace the GOP, should the GOP cease to exist.

  21. Have always been behind President Obama and will remain so.



      Anybody and everybody can lay out the FACTS to you
      show you
      explain to you
      and you have your fingers in your ears and say ” I LOVE obama”
      BUT, you have NO REASON why—–What has he done??? NOTHING!!!!!!!

      Research the FACTS!!!!!!!!!!

      • mikecoatl says:

        The president must be doing something right – he sure has YOUR panties in a tight little wad.

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:


          I HATE HIS VOICE
          I HATE WHO HE IS
          I HATE HIS LIES
          I HATE HE GIVES PHONES OUT costing $1.6 billion per year


  22. Betta says:

    “Only a Democrat could prevent a Depression, end a war, capture and kill Osama bin Laden, double the Dow — and then hear constantly that he can’t run on his record.”

    Are you freaking BLIND? Resoundingly NO! He CAN’T run on his record. That’s why he chooses instead to go into attack mode. What is it you don’t see that MANY people are waking up to? Prevented a depression? You are drunk on your messiah’s koolaid. We are headed over a fiscal cliff and you say he prevented a depression? It’s people like you who should not be allowed to vote. You have done NO research and are blind to the issues!

    Ended what war? We got kicked out of Iraq. You call that ending a war? The man, and I use that term VERY loosely, opens his mouth and the lies he tells are abominable. You do know he is known as THE GREAT LIAR, right?

    You do know the SS# he’s using isn’t his, right? This is ID theft, a FELONY.
    You do know that his birth certificate is FRAUDULENT, right?
    You do know he lost his law license because HE LIED on his application, right?
    You do know he is an illegal alien, right?
    You do know he stole BILLIONS from medicare to pay for the obamacare monstrosity, right?
    You do know that your taxes are going up $2,500.00+ the first of the new year BECAUSE of obamacare, right? Oh, you’ll just LOVE that!
    You do know MORE people are on food stamps since he slithered in to town, right?
    You do know that our deficit has TRIPLED since he slithered in to town, right?
    You do know that people are STILL losing their jobs, right?
    You do know that people are STILL losing their homes, right?
    You do know he bows down to muslim rulers, right?
    You do know he is an arrogant, psychopathic sociopathic LIAR, right?
    You do know that he panders to our enemies, right?
    You do know that just like bushboy, he has trampled on our constitution and wiped his stank behind with it, right?

    Ladies and gents, I reveal to you only a small part of BO’s so called record. You know, the one he can’t run on, right? All of the above are documented FACTS. Now if only you guys would pull your heads out, remove the wool from over your eyes and stop drinking his rancid koolaid, we just might be able to save our county from the coming ruination of it.

    • lechtenberg says:

      Did Regina change her name and post as this Betta person? I use the word person cautiously.


      You Forgot:


      Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago, according to sources in Chicago’s gay community
      Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —

      the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’

      Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.
      Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.

      Young and Bland were brutally MURDERED, execution style, in late 2007.
      Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and
      Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:
      The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.
      Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,

      “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.

      Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

      obama has everyone KILLED THAT REALLY KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!

      obama had NOTHING to do with Bid Laden—REALLY!!!!!!!!!

      Find the FACTS out about Bin Laden—-

      It came from years of work, started before obama even announced he was running for office. He just happened to stumble in after all the work had been done, just in time to take credit for it.

      Bin laden never would have been found if Obama was President when Khalid SHak Muhammed was bing waterboarded.

      Bin Laden was caught after an extensive seven year hunt that started in the Bush administration.

      Give credit to the real people responsible for getting him, the intelligence services and the Navy Seals.
      The best Information is that obama deferred making a decision and that Leon Panetta made the call.

      obama wasn’t too happy about it at the time, but what could he do but try and take credit after the fact?

      Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. Navy SEALs after evading capture for nearly 10 years.

      HE WASN’T TO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      obama likes to act like that the nation’s two wars are ended while planning behind the scenes for a longer-term war against Al Qaeda terrorists, the man who pledged to bring America’s wars to an end has instead laid the basis for an endless battle.

  23. irishtap says:

    After reviewing republican administrative economic policies of Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, it is difficult to fathom anyone voting for the GOP. Bush II was so terrible I began to wonder if grand failure was the end game. It was pure executive incompetence that brought us September 11. His economic team labeled the act of putting mustard and pickles on a ground beef, quarter pound patty a manufacturing job. Our MBA president along with his party of fiscal conservatives gave us the Medicare Prescription Drug bill, sans common sense provision to allow the government to negotiate the price of the drugs. After bullying the bill into law the CBO reported the new program would cost nearly double the administrations estimate. Bush/Cheney invaded a sovereign state using made up evidence of impending attack on the United States, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people and I’m just getting started. Don’t forget the tax cuts while putting both wars on the federal credit card.
    How dare these parasites attack this remarkably successful president while ignoring the profound failures of those republican years?! If not for the automatic denial of President Obama’s jobs initiatives, the national unemployment rate would be near the 6% mark. Similar to Pearl Harbor or 911, we must NEVER forget what terrible damage the republicans had delivered to us in the name of fiscal responsibility. I know I won’t.

  24. No he won’t need any tissues when he looses. Corrected, he won’t even remember that he ever ran or lost. Amnesia!

  25. My statement at the next section goes to Romnesia. Unforgetful thoughts Governor!

  26. old_blu, it doesn’t matter what they state these people live in. It is against the law to cheat votes. Romney is headed for trouble if he don’t stop convincing people to threat their employee’s to be fired if they don’t help him win. A 23-year-old male was just arrested for throwing ballots in a dumpster back of a store on Tuesday in Virginia for the Republicians, C/J. Any criminal action, you will be caught and arrested.

    • old_blu says:

      I agree with you I was just curious. Angry much?

      You can reply directly to me I don’t bite, and then you don’t cover the whole forum with your rants.

  27. Canistercook, Romney father had to move overseas to keep the law enforcement from locking him up for marrying 7 wifes.

  28. orangeman65, they did it to keep him from being President for his second-term, but long as God sit on the throne, he will definitely be re-elected because he don’t follow-up wrongfully activity.

  29. I am a 63 year old White woman and I support President Obama 100%. I do not belong to any union—-I work 40 hours a week, live pretty much pay check to pay check–I live within my means have a decent savings and I do not receive any public assistance. I have insurance through my employer who is making a decent profit. I pay my fair share of taxes, don’t take advantage of “the system”, live my life, mind my own business and am as ticked at the next person is about welfare fraud and abuse.
    I believe everyone should pay thier fair share! I think everyone should have a fair chance—and if the republicans take the white house everyone just like me is screwed.
    We are now fortunate enough to have a President that has always worked for the middle class—he truthfully knows what it is like to be middle class.
    Romney is clueless. We are all just peons to him—he has no idea what it’s like to be us. Romney is all about $$$$$—and lots of it. He will kill the middle class for generations.
    so no, it is not all just unions and blacks that are happy with President Obama—-there are many of my friends that feel the same way. He has done pretty darn good with all the adversity he has had from the republicans—who have done everything within their power to make sure he does not succeed!
    And just for thr record, in the first 2 years of his administration he only had a super majority 89 day—–and those were not strung together.

    • docb says:

      Well said, careabout!… They will destroy the nation further than bush/cheney”..because romney is a coward and a liar..BBC reported that the World Leaders are all for President Obama..I have people in many countries and they agree..romney will start more wars and anger more people because he is clueless and does not care about the World or the people!


      Issa and chaffetz dumped classified documents that endanger LIBYAN AND AMERICAN LIES AND OUR REPUTATION in the World!

      At FOREIGN POLICY–the Cable…October surprise and destruction from the dangerous amateurs of romney et al! They hold up the post if I link! Needs to get out!

  30. Steve O’Leary, I am loving your questions. His answers would be, rich people jobs who work in the United States, while sending their money overseas so they are able to hide what they make.

  31. Regina M, you not even respecting the country. Cursing don’t even make you look any better than other people who is telling the facts.

  32. William Deutschlander says:

    President Obama has an exemplary record of acomplishments for 100% of American Citizens.

    Contrast the outstanding Obama RECORD with the DISASTEROUS G W Bush RECORD, then wake up to the FACT that Romney will have more than SEVENTEEN (17) of G W Bush’s advisors in the Romney Administration, DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?

    For God’s sake people, OBAMA has saved our as-ses along with our country and you would return our future to the same Republican Cartel that came within a hair of destroying our country, our DEMOCRACY, and then STADFASTLY REFUSED TO HELP RESTORE, THE GOD AWFUL MESS THEY MADE! INSANITY!

  33. Canistercook, you must be romnesia cousins, because all both of you are going into an amnesia mental stage. they have mental hospitals out there to help the both of you to recover.

  34. are122 says:

    kill Osama bin Laden? What ever happened to the Pakistani doctor that helped him find Osama bin Laden?

  35. montanabill says:

    So why doesn’t he run on his record? If he is really Superman and immune to Kryptonite, why all the attack ads on Romney? Maybe he really does need to follow in Roosevelt’s footsteps to show progress for the middle class, although, WW III might take longer than his second term, but I’m sure he’d be glad to have a third or fourth. How about declaring that we were attacked by either Libya or Iran and, like Johnson, jump into a regional war with tied hands. Oh wait, we are still trying to get out of Afghanistan. That might not work. I got it! Another War On Poverty. That last one worked so well. Oh yeah…it didn’t.
    Maybe he should just run on ‘HOPE’ and “CHANGE’. He’s trying ‘FORWARD”. I don’t know, that last one sounds a little like lemmings. How about, “MORE OF THE SAME”. That’s catchy!

    • ExPAVIC says:


      You knot headed sheep herder, why don’t you take your RoMoney misinformation and go gut a sheep.

      Screw you and Obozo too.

    • neeceoooo says:

      Actually, I really like more of the same. Housing market has improved in the last 6 months, job market has improved to under 7%, healthcare will be available to everyone, banks are under tighter restrictions, the auto industry is thriving, do I need to go on.

      • montanabill says:

        Yeah, you need to look at real numbers. New housing starts are up in some places, but existing home sales are down and falling. The 7.8% jobless number is bogus since another 200,000 simply stopped looking for work. New jobs are mostly temp jobs as companies cut back on full time workers to avoid the financial impact of the healthcare law and while healthcare may be theoretically available to all, many will simply pay the penalty since it is a lot cheaper than actually buying insurance. Couple that with the decrease in healthcare providers and we have a really great situation. The auto industry is not thriving. GM is still sick and its stock will have to somehow double in price before we can even consider getting paid back. They were not forced to make the cuts they needed to make to survive. Propped up Chrysler became a sitting duck for Fiat who will jettison it once the government supplied money is gone. Only Ford has a chance of the original big three. All the foreign manufacturers doing well in the U.S. do so because they don’t have to live with the outrageous hourly rates and ridiculous pension plans of the UAW.
        So, yes, you do need to go on.

  36. nobsartist says:

    President Obama has done a great job, especially when you consider the racism and obstructionism that he has had to deal with.

    the republiCONs that pledged to obstruct EVERY policy that he proposed should be executed.

  37. Can you please explain and defend how your idea of trickle down politics has ever worked? Show me some proof and some researchable links, please. I accept all non-partisan info. But know this-I do know what the history of this failed policy has produced. You know what this boils down, and we can all go off on whatever tangent we care to-is simply this: republicans expect all thinking members of our society to vote for policies that have proven disastrous for all members except that top 1% of americans, are insanely angry that democrats have not fixed their mess quickly enough, and the solution is to let them have control to repeat the same failed behavior. This is simply NOT good sense. Even my 4 yr old grandaughter understands this concept. And Romney’s plan, if you can effectively nail him down to one, are an exact repeat of Bush. How does this make sense to you?

    • mikecoatl says:

      Notice that neither of the ignorant right-wing trolls on here responded to your question. It’s because they have no answers – only slogans, talking points and Faux News drivel.

  38. Not even his own party like the guy, and I do believe in separation of church and state, but this guy being a high priest in the mormon cult is probably the worst of his problems…..

    • Cairndance says:

      Why are we not discussing anything about his religion? It was a major attack when Obama ran for office. Why does it seem to be “hands off” the Morman religious cult?

  39. n says:

    He ran on CHANGE. Kept all the old hacks in place, fed the entire country to the (gag) insurance cabal and is weak and feckeless.

    Change I Can Believe In is a write in vote for the first time in my 53 years.
    System is rotten.

  40. ExPAVIC says:

    Race? What Political Race?

    Come on people, this isn’t a political contest, but rather it is a CLASS STRUGGLE. The common folk, yeah the 47%, are about to inform the rich, old, bigoted white guys they don’t run this country any more.

    So instead of bankers, robber barons, and other white guy jerk offs calling the shots, we are about to see progress once the people take control and get things going towards a common goal for all people and not just the rich country club and special interests crowd.

    So for the past four years we have seen Obama sandbagged by the special interests which isn’t going to take place again with a lame duck president because Obama isn’t going to care about who he pisses off, just so things start getting done for the people.

    Ask the bankers who have been sitting on $2 trillion in deposits and not lending the money out for new business start ups.

  41. TZToronto says:

    The problem is that President Obama’s accomplishments are viewed as failures to follow the Republicans’ regressive policies by conservatives. (Republicans tend to be sore losers. While Democratic losers say that they will try to work with victorious Republicans for the good of all the people, Republican losers pledge only to work against victorious Democrats to return the country to Republican control. Thank you, Mitch McConnell, for being the poster boy for ultra-partisan politics.) While progressives applaud even Obama’s partial accomplishments, Republicans accuse him of being some kind of fascist or socialist or Kenyan or radical Islamist and pledge to dismantle all of the things that will, given time, make America a better place to live for all Americans. Republican policies, if they are implemented under a Romney administration, will serve only to destroy the gains made by ordinary people while enriching those who already have the kind of excessive wealth that 99% of Americans can only dream of–if they want it at all.

  42. TZToronto says:

    Really good reasoning. If it weren’t for unions, there would be no minimum wage (poor as it is). Every business would be a sweat shop forcing people to work 90 hours per week. Paid vacations would be unheard of, and being sick would mean losing your job. Women would be paid 25% of what men are paid (and probably wouldn’t be hired anyway), and most children would be in factories, not in school. The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of association, so unions are completely consistent with the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere does it say that people must believe in an invisible sky friend.

  43. TZToronto says:

    I hope that wealthy Californian is still filing his U.S. tax returns every year, because moving away won’t shield him from U.S. taxation. He also has to report all of his financial accounts if they total more than $10,000. Will he do it? Probably not, unless he still has assets in the U.S. that the IRS can seize. However, I doubt that too many Americans would be sad to see this tax evader go. You sound like you believe that taxes are just money poured down a hole. Taxes are the price of living in the U.S.A. (and elsewhere, like Scandinavia, where people are way happier than Americans are.) As with anything else, you get what you pay for.

  44. TZToronto says:

    Typically, governments leaving office hide the dire condition of the finances they are passing on to their successors, unless that condition happens to be a surplus.

  45. TZToronto says:

    Most of the money owed by the federal government is owed to Americans, not to China. If you are interested in your grandchildren’s future, don’t vote for someone who disrespects teachers–who, by the way, are generally underpaid in the USA. Vote for someone who has pledged to provide for the hiring of 100,000 more math and science teachers, not the one who thinks there are too many–overpaid–teachers already.

  46. I am soooo greatful to God that more and more people are waking up. It is insulting to assume that our problems began with our President. When I use the term “our President” I’m speaking as an intelligent AMERICAN who happens to be BLACK. If you (and I know and respect your rights) are speaking against our President, at least speak from facts not just your opinion. We are being watched very closely by the WORLD that has also been effected by the mistakes of selfish, greedy so called leaders of the Republican belief that the “Very” rich sould be in controle of our ecconomy. They, indeed, are the ones blocking the efforts of the majority who want a FAIR opportunity to be successful. So, stop insulting the majority with the continuous lies. As another strong leader, our Vice President, said “If the Republican congress would just get out of the way”, we can do those things that need to be done. The real opposition to our country’s full recovery happens to be those who had control for TWO terms. What say we give someone who really cares about us, including you “Canistercook”, at least another term to FIX things.


      I am SOOOOOO PROUD of our President!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am sooooo proud of obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, they are life time members of the same GAY bath house in uptown Chicago, according to sources in Chicago’s gay community
      Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, matchmaking service for gay —
      the matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’
      Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a SEXUAL RELATIONS with Obama.
      Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer.
      Young and Bland were brutally MURDERED, execution style, in late 2007.
      Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and
      Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death:
      The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the begining of the presidential campaign.
      Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book,
      “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder.
      Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama.

      obama has everyone KILLED THAT REALLY KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!


      • mikecoatl says:

        Oh, give it a rest, Adolf!

        • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

          give WHAT a rest????

          That alllllllllllllll you IDIOT LIBS wants some GAY to run the County???

          That it’s OK for obama to have the people KILLED that really know him and had a GAY love affair with him.

          That he is a Muslim and he is on the Terrorist side.

  47. Fact is, The so called failed policies, of President Obama has gotten us on the road to financial recovery. We would be much farther along if the Republican Congress would have been more cooperative with the President. The Tea Party Republican Congress only had one thing in mind, trying to make the President look bad, and make him a one term President. An understanding of Foreign policy Mitt Romney does not have, and would have us in another war. With a Romney/Ryan teem in office, we could look forward to another economical and fiscal calamity.

  48. Linda says:

    It was “businessmen” like Romney who helped get us into this economic mess. I don’t see that he has any special skills that would serve the nation well if he were President. And it really frightens me to see the massive propaganda machine he has bought to advance his cause. My vote will go to Obama because he HAS served the nation well as President, and because I want that billion-dollar propaganda machine to see they can’t buy every American’s vote.


      YOU want the Government to tell you every move to make—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you how much soda you can drink—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you what you can or can’t eat—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you what kind of car to drive—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you how much gas you can buy—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you how much water you can use—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you how much electric you are allowed to use—-
      YOU want the Government to tell you how to think —–
      YOU want the Government to take over you——–
      YOU want the Government to think for you so you don’t have to———-

      You want to stand in the breadlines—–LET’S MAKE IT EQUAL

      • mikecoatl says:

        YOU want the government to allow people like Rmoney to ruthlessly exploit workers.

        YOU want the same people to poison the planet.

        YOU have apparently been failed by the education system!

  49. Babe says:

    Great article….but, Landrieu is not from AR…which is Arkansas.

  50. Dude M says:

    “Only a Democrat could prevent EXTEND a Depression…”

    No need to thank me for fixing your opening sentence.

  51. So Obama killed Osama? Really? I thought it was a decade of watching communications and informants. I thought the Navy Seals did it. Obama could barely be pulled away from his golf game to participate. To boast about this is counter productive because there were hundreds if not thousands of people to get it done. You say it took a Democrat to end the depression. Check your history. Even if it was both parties at that time were so close they had a hard time campaigning on the differences. Today the Democrats are mostly Socialists who want big government and spread other peoples money for those who refuse to work. It was said and is true. Socialism never works because sooner or later you run out of other peoples money. Obama is a communist. He was brought up to believe the USA was evil and needed to be beaten from within. He has had a good start.

  52. This is an excellent article. It reminded me of many of Obama’s singular accomplishments, more successfully than any president since LBJ–who had a tame Democratic congress to work with him. Remember, we wouldn’t even have Medicare but for LBJ. The next logical step would have been to extend it to everyone, not just seniors. But the for-profit insurance industry, wanting to continue insuring only the well, bought enough senators and representatives to put paid to that. I doubt that Obama will achieve the cost-effective single-payer program that all other industrialized countries have, but if Romney/Ryan are elected, we are likely to lose Medicare and the protections it affords even for seniors in their 70s, like me. Those under 55 will definitely need to kiss health care goodbye. As ex-congressman Alan Grayson says, the Republican rule is “Don’t get sick. if you do, die quickly.”

  53. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    The Obama Economy
    The economy is and was what this election is all about.
    The Obama record is dismal. He did not prevent a depression; there would not have been one. We were in a bad recession that ended in June 2009. What did not happen was a robust recovery. Here is his “Economic Record”.
    Employment Growth: 1.9 million (139.9 million average employed 2009 – 141.8 million average employed 2012)
    23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed
    $4500 Drop in Household Income
    GDP Growth: 2012 1.3% (2009 – -3.53%, 2010 – 3.02%, 2011 – 1.7%)
    $5.5 Trillion of New Debt
    100% Increase in Gas Prices
    Four more years of this? Your kidding right!

    Now look at Foreign Policy – The wheels came off the bus or maybe it is just not “Optimal”.

    • mikecoatl says:

      Think the “wheels came off the bus?” Wait until thousands – or even tens of thousands – of our boys are dead in the mountains and deserts of Persia. What will you say then? “Stay the course?”

      • TheOldNorthChurch says:

        We do not need to put troops in Persia (Iran). There are more effective solutions. I am not a proponent of the Middle East. If they what freedom let them fight and die for it. If they harm us or an ally, retaliate with unforgiven force and let them pick up the pieces.

  54. ASSSC720 says:

    Vila, Hastings and Wizard;

    First of all, I cannot believe that anyone would look at the Obama record and think that is a record. Secondly as a former Demoract voter of 4 years ago, I have done my reading this time and will not be fooled a second time. As the old saying goes, “crap on me once shame on you, crap on me twice shame on me”. I retired from the Marine Corps two years ago after 23 years of Honorable service and have learned a great deal more of who our current President isn’t. I hate when people associate the capture of Osama Bin Laden with the President. He didn’t do anything, the military did, Obama didn’t advise because he couldn’t, he never served and had no idea what to do, he was told what to do and did exactly that, he wouldn’t make that decision on his own because he doesnt know how to.

    This is your President and not mine any longer. Your President is the one who protected slum Lords in Chicago, s they turned off the heat to his own peopleas they froze just so he could get their monetary support, your President held hands with blacks who cannot stand white people and are proven bigots, even though he is 50% white, he acted all black to fit in, to get their support. Your president now is playing to you all and screwing you all too and you all don’t get it. I got it and it won’t happen again. Why do you think the biggest SOCIALIST in the world “Hugo Chavez” supports Obama, its not his race, it’s his ideas and they are along his metality. Talk with someone from Venezuala, and when they describe what that President has done to their country, it is line with what Obama wants to see this country like…..and another four years we will be a single rated “A” in the financial world of the market and no one will allow us to borrow money and if they do it will come with huge interest. Think about it from a triple “AAA” rating, now a double “AA” rating and by the time Odumb dumb is done, so will our kids future, because it will take another 2-3 decades to climb out of this whole. As for Green Energy, you call 90 billion in wasted investments a good thing….I guess you all have a cush salary.

    No longer a Democrat

    • Paul Kennedy says:

      Of course the President didn’t personally take out bin Laden or make the strategic and tactical decisions that did so. Just like he didn’t draft the details of Obamacare or handle all the negotiations for votes to pass it. Or decide exactly how to spend the stimulus money. No president attempts to do these things themselves. They rely on their staff, their Cabinet, and public servants, including the military, because they have the specific skills.
      But, just as the buck stops with the President, so credit for initiating, supporting, facilitating and condition-setting belong to him too.
      Obama has been a good president: he’s appointed good advisors, has relied on their advice and expertise, and has achieved a good deal, as this article points out. Bush, on the other hand, often overrode the expertise of the military and other professionals and instead imposed his own (or Rumsfeld’s or Cheney’s) views. For instance the decision to invade Iraq, when the experts made told him that doing so would only make harder the fight against terrorism.
      I’ve seen nothing that would indicate Romney would be better than Bush here. On the specific case of targetting bin Laden, Romney said at the time that he wouldn’t take the decision to do so that Obama did. And he continually asserts that he “knows what it takes to fix the economy” without giving any indication of how his proposals would do that. This doesn’t sound like someone who would accept (or even seek) the advice of preofessionals in the field.

    • Well then, get ready to put your boots back on and head off for Iran, or whatever country disses us first….Romney is unfit to run a lemonade stand and you want him as POTUS….I thank you for your service, but, seriously think that you should re-think your choice as Commander in Chief of these United States….

  55. dadofdante says:

    Mary Loretta Landrieu is the Senator from Louisiana (not Arkansas). Other than that all factual and beyond dispute.

  56. Obama’s problem is that he isn’t an adorable white man- otherwise, Mitt Romney would be a shadow. Don’t take this as snark. Not all whites appreciate bigotry even if they bear the same skin tone.

  57. Don Larson says:

    Takes a bit of time to restore the 5 million jobs that the Bush Stock Market Crash and the Recession caused – – don’t you think?! Takes a while to whittle down a Trillion Dollar FY Deficit, that Obama found on the President’s Desk after he was sworn in. Takes longer to get things done; when multiple Job Bills are blocked in Congress, by the, “Party of No!” including one to help Veterans! Takes a bit longer too, when a Republicans make a no tax Pledge to some political Hack in Washington that associates with known Felons . . . rather than Pledging to help the American People.

    Health Care – – now there is everyone’s favorite. Obama Care is far from Perfect. He wanted – – as a large majority of the American People want; is a Single Payer National Health Care Plan. If everyone who wanted health insurance – – put them in Medicare. Seniors love it! And, we could save $400 Billion Dollars a Year! The GOP wouldn’t hear of it; because they just could not bring themselves to strip their Rich Friends in the Health Care Industry, of 30%, plus profits they earn from scamming a over-charging policy holders.

    There are some of us that will fight every bit as hard for the Poor, and Minorities – – as The Rich do in supporting Grand Theft on Wall Street and the Banking Industry; or, Subsidies, and Earmarks; Tax breaks and cuts for the rich; and so many other things. When the Writer’s Complaints are put into Context; one wonders if he realizes just how petty and selfish he sounds? Don’t think so, or he wouldn’t have said it!


  58. Betty Vann says:

    President Obama has proven that he is a president of the people, by the people and for the people. Let’s get out there on election day and put him back into office.

  59. seethroughurlies says:

    Another wake up call for the GOP
    • The largest annual production of natural gas in U.S. history (7.8 percent higher in 2011 than in 2010) due to the advent of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling to efficiently and economically retrieve natural gas from shale formations
    • The lowest level of net natural gas imports since 1992 (25 percent lower in 2011 than in 2010) due to the explosion in domestic production of natural gas
    • The largest annual domestic production of oil since 2003 (3.4 percent higher in 2011 than in 2010) due to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling efficiently and economically producing oil from shale formations
    • The lowest level of net petroleum imports since 1996 (10.6 percent less in 2011 than in 2010) due to the increase in production and the export of petroleum products
    • The largest production of hydroelectric power since 1999 (25 percent higher in 2011 than in 2010) due to a good water year
    • The largest production of non-hydroelectric renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal and biomass) in U.S. history(8.4 percent higher in 2011 than in 2010) due primarily to state renewable mandates requiring increased levels of renewable power to be used for electricity generation and to the federal renewable fuels standard requiring increased levels of biofuels (e.g. ethanol)to be mixed with gasoline and diesel
    • An 8 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from energy combustion from its peak 2007 levels, due to a slow economy and the increased use of natural gas for electricity generation

  60. Walter says:

    The national memo is a socialist rag site that tells the lies that the left love to hear. obamboo is nothing short of the devil. It is time we sent him back to hades.

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