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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Allan Richardson

    The more evil you have done that CAN be undone, the more room for improvement!

    It reminds me of the sarcastic comment by St. Paul, “let sin abound, that forgiveness may abound.”

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    All hail the Tsar of All Russias, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

  • Dee

    I feel bad for Putin and don’t believe half of all that you hear as we have come to realize every thing we have been told has turned out to be propaganda to suit the cries for war look at whats happening in Russia as of late?Everyone that has kept the middle East in flames are now putting their evileye on Russia why? Because its the only Country who has been strong enough to be able to at least do something other spineless Countries wont. I imagine when 66 million of their Country men and Christians as well as Poles were killed it makes one realize they must do what ever it takes to protect themselfs and callme what ever you willbut I hope that Russia and its Olympic games does well bringing Russia much success.. One last comment just because the US says a Countries is this or that doesn’t make it true as we have all learned truth is not what the people have been getting either about our own Countries evil plans.I feel we cant be always known by our pasts and those leaders of yesteryear are gone let others make their own mistakes and sucsesess and be judged for what they do not that of a President from1940’s…