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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Putin Says Gays At Olympics Must ‘Leave Children Alone”

Putin Says Gays At Olympics Must ‘Leave Children Alone”

Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said gays need not fear persecution at the Winter Olympic Games, but stood by a controversial ban on promoting homosexuality to children.

“We don’t have a ban on non-traditional sexual relations between people,” Putin told a group of volunteers who will be working at the Games.

“We have a ban on the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia,” Putin said in televised comments from host city Sochi, with three weeks to go until the event.

“We don’t ban anything and we won’t arrest anyone,” he said. “Therefore you can feel calm, relaxed. But leave children alone please.”

Gay rights activists around the world have called for a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics in protest against a law banning the dissemination of so-called “gay propaganda” to minors.

The president’s comments, reiterating a stance that suggests homosexuals prey on young people, were unlikely to appease critics of the ban.

United States President Barack Obama has pointedly announced he was sending an Olympic delegation that includes several openly gay sports figures, among them tennis legend Billie Jean King.

A senior cleric from the Russian Orthodox Church, which is closely allied to Putin, this month called for a national debate on returning a Soviet-era law repealed in 1993 that criminalized gay sex.

One of the volunteers, set to assist visitors at the Games, commented on their rainbow-colored uniforms and asked if they could be breaching the ban on gay propaganda, the Interfax news agency reported.

“How did it happen that we have a law banning gay propaganda, but the volunteers’ uniform is rainbow colored?” she asked.

Putin answered tersely that he did not design the uniform, the report said.

Photo: Maxim Shipenko via AFP

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  • Bill Thompson


    • leadvillexp

      It would seem Mr Putin is stuck in the past. He would like to bring back the KGB and the CCCP. Real facts don’t matter. Russia needs to get a leader that lives in the 21st century. The Russian people are trying but their leaders are trying to keep them in the 19th and 20th century.

  • Suralin

    This whole thing is complicated by the fact that Slavic languages (including Russian) rarely distinguish between gays and pedophiles, using the same word for both. In the case of Russian, it’s “педераст” (pederast) either way. So there are probably a LOT of people in Russia who still stick with the “gays are pedophiles” stereotype that’s been thoroughly discredited in the West.

    • Allan Richardson

      But as Vladimir Nabokov pointed out, to the amusement (and arousal?) of many readers in his novel “Lolita,” child molesters can also be heterosexual; I would imagine the majority of them are, and do not get caught (in some societies they get ordained). And that could include women, as we have read in the news recently; Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” was, after all, seducing a young man who seemed like a “child” to her.

      So it is not a deficiency in vocabulary, it is a public decision not to USE the vocabulary available; the word “pederast” comes from Greek, and Slavic countries do have many Greek-derived loan words, since their religion mostly came from the Greeks, so surely there is a Russian word, probably already in the dictionary, equivalent to “homoerotic” (from HOMO, meaning the same (not to be confused with the LATIN word HOMO, meaning a human being), and EROS, meaning sexual love or attraction). That word probably just hasn’t been used because it fits the propaganda image to use “pederast” instead.

    • Daniel Jones

      Considering how many times American jackasses keep trying to say homosexuals and pedophiles are the same thing, It may be discredited, but idiots believe it anyway!

  • Bitter Cold

    The utopians’ “progressive” claim that human intellect is now magically ready to centrally plan and direct its own future is at odds with the Darwinian theory of evolution worshiped by those very same utopians.

  • Robert Roberto

    Gays should only attend the Gay Olympics.