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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rachel Maddow Explains How PolitiFact Has Made Fact-Checking Pointless When We Need It The Most

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PolitiFact, you won’t like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow when she’s angry. And Rachel Maddow is definitely angry.


After Jason Collins became the first active male athlete in one of America’s four major sports leagues to come out of the closet, conservatives decided to minimize the effect by claiming that it was no big deal. Collins wasn’t a hero or a modern-day Jackie Robinson. Basically they were like, “OMG, TMI.” (Breitbart‘s Ben Shapiro said Collins coming out was no braver than Shapiro wearing a kippah on national TV. He didn’t not offer statistics about how many kids are kicked out of their homes for wearing kippahs.)

Martina Navratilova — who courageously revealed she was a lesbian against the wishes of the Women’s Tennis Association in 1981 — corrected that perception by pointing out that an employer can fire a person in 29 U.S. states for being gay.

PolitiFact — arguably America’s best-known and least-respected “fact-checking” site rated the tennis star’s comment as only “half true.”

“If you frame this statement in the context of blanket protections by states, she’s correct,” they wrote. And they went on to explain that some workers have protections, which in no way changes the fact that YOU CAN BE FIRED IN 29 U.S. STATES FOR BEING GAY.

You’ve got to see this epic Maddow rant that ends with the words, “You are truly terrible. Fact-checking has to stand for something. And, PolitiFact, you are ruining it for everyone.”

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12 Responses to Rachel Maddow Explains How PolitiFact Has Made Fact-Checking Pointless When We Need It The Most

  1. If I say that my daughter is “into drugs,” but then explain that she is a pharmacist—what will Politifact give me on the truth-o-meter? The fact that “into drugs” is a connotation that conjures up the worst conclusions, the parmacist part may have little traction in tabloid or right wing world.

  2. One of the funniest jokes to come out of the 2008 campaign, since a well-known republican said similar things about his primary opponent in 2004 was:
    Did you know that Barack Obama has fathered two black children?
    Duh, really?

    The level of discourse is almost down to that used by George Smathers against Claude Pepper in Florida in 1950, when he made the “scandalous” accusations that Pepper’s child “matriculated” while in college, the female students had to “show their thesis” to male professors, the drama department had “avowed thespians” and the universities were full of “homo sapiens!” I bet there are still some folks in the Florida Panhandle (aka LA, or Lower Alabama) who would fall for that.

    • Hey Allan, nice post. LOL. Especially “the universities wre full of homo sapiens”! It’s like “We’re all homo if we’re homo sapiens, and being sexual, we’re homo-sexual!” LMAO!

      • You got it! And remember, this ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and what is more shameful, Smathers WON the election with this drivel. Fortunately for the rest of us, Pepper went on to serve many terms in Congress in later years, championing Social Security. I wish we had him back.

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