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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Let’s start at the beginning.

A very good place to start.

Last Sunday, Lady Gaga brought the Oscar crowd to its feet and ignited social media after belting out a medley of songs from The Sound of Music — and without a hint of irony. It was quite a moment, especially for those us who, admittedly unfairly, had never quite moved on from the eye-searing spectacle of Lady Gaga draped in slabs of raw meat for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The following morning, Kristi Capel — morning TV anchor for Cleveland’s Fox affiliate, WJW — gushed on the air over Lady Gaga’s performance, using a word that millions across the country now know she wishes she could take back.

“It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music that she (makes), whatever you want to call it,” Capel said. “Jigaboo,” she said again, laughing. “She has a gorgeous voice. I never knew.”

She has been apologizing for the racist slur ever since.

On Twitter: “I apologize if I offended you, I had no idea it was a word or what it meant. Thank you for watching.”

In an email to the New York Daily News: “I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I truly did not know the meaning of the word, and would never intentionally use such hurtful language. I sincerely apologize.”

On Tuesday morning’s show: “I just want to take a moment to address a comment that I made yesterday that got a lot of attention. It’s important for me to let you know that I deeply regret my insensitive comment. And I truly did not know the meaning of the word and would never intentionally use such hurtful language.”

Capel says she didn’t know the word is racist.

I believe her.

I don’t know Capel, who is 31 and a relative newcomer to Cleveland journalism. I have, however, met her 58-year-old co-anchor, Wayne Dawson, a number of times over the years. Dawson is black and an ordained minister. He is professional and respectful — and nobody’s fool. He was sitting next to Capel when she used the racist word. I looked to him — and to his reaction — for what to make of this.

On-air he was clearly taken aback when Capel said it, but he did not react with anger, nor did he try to embarrass her. As The Plain Dealer’s Mark Dawidziak reported, the next day Dawson supported his colleague on-air.

“You know, it’s just one of those unfortunate things that happen,” he said. “It happens to everybody. I’ve been working with you for three years, so I think I know your heart. And I know you didn’t mean it.

“And I also know your family. You and your whole family came to my ordination. … And you all had a great time. So I know you didn’t mean it. So my thing is that you learn from it, you move on. It’s time to forgive and move on. My prayer is that our viewers forgive and move on because she’s a good girl. She really, really is. And I know you wouldn’t say anything like that knowing, but things happen.”

Like many in my generation, I know the ugly history of that word, and I know never to use it. However, I’ve spent the past two days asking dozens of young adults whether they knew what the word means, and overwhelmingly they have told me they’d never before heard it.

This is not to say that others, particularly people of color, should not be offended. It’s not up to me, a middle-aged white woman, to determine what bothers somebody else, and it’s never OK to use racist language.

Where I draw the line is when strangers who have never met Kristi Capel claim to know the contents of her heart and deem her racist. She made a mistake. Her apology seems sincere. She is suffering the consequences of public shame. We can banish her to the shadows — and my, how we love these momentary grasps at superiority — or we can learn right along with her.

In a statement released Tuesday, WJW’s news director, Andy Fishman, said that the station removed Capel from the anchor desk for the rest of the week and that she had met with a group of black pastors “to begin the process of reflecting on the gravity of this incident.” The pastors are on it. I know from long experience as a journalist in Cleveland the good that can come from that.

I asked to interview Capel, but Fishman said no one is interviewing her right now. I do hope those reins loosen soon. Nobody but Kristi Capel should speak for Kristi Capel. And we should be willing to listen. If we are ever to heal from the racial tensions smoldering in this city, we have got to start believing in the power of second chances.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and an essayist for Parade magazine. She is the author of two books, including “…and His Lovely Wife,” which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz ( and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

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13 responses to “A Racial Slur And Second Chances”

  1. Daniel Jones says:

    Okay, let me clarify why this is plausible.
    Simply put if everyone forgets a word’s meaning, it becomes meaningless. When the woman said that word, it was as unfortunate and as innocent as a small child dropping an F-bomb because said kid heard the sound without any context.
    This is why politically correct terms simply never work, as an aside. After a while, whatever euphemism you’re using becomes the slur or cuss in question. (Remember F-bombing? The word originally was a police form acronym for *For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge*, otherwise known as illicit sex.)

  2. pisces63 says:

    I watched the program, Monday and missed it completely. I knew something was up when after the break she came back red faced and embarrassed and apologizing for what she had said. I wondered, what did I miss. When I found out, I thought about it and wonder if she had wonderful parents. A hateful racist name whites used for us and even Spike Lee pointed that out in School
    Daze. She didn’t know!!! How great it would be if none of the specious names given to different groups were unknown. Wish everyone will forget the one n-word. She did not need to speak to any ministers. I wouldn’t want to speak with them and I am black. Most know nothing and are not ones to help anything or anyone. Why are they always the go to? Really? Let her talk with colleagues of any black friends. That would be better. Kristi, you did nothing wrong. Hold your head up and continue doing a good job. This 66(today) year old black woman thinks you and your family are wonderful.

  3. latebloomingrandma says:

    I haven’t heard that word for over 40 years. Which makes me wonder where she heard it and what she thought it did mean.

  4. annienoel says:

    I don’t buy her apology…the word sounds offensive. Also when will racists stop saying “I’m sorry IF I offended you.” How about “I’m sorry.” You did offend me…no need to qualify it.

    • Michael Anthony Hamilton says:

      Yeah and George Allen never heard of macaca and his mom is from the region where its part of the lexicon

  5. Whatmeworry says:

    Everything offends blacks, terms like “get a job” “get off welfare” “pull up your pants” “speak English not Ebonics” “Your guilty”.
    Time for the colored in this country to grow up

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      IF I wipe my butt with the Stars and Bars…will the KKK be offended? Get real. You are looking for an excuse to allow big mouth CONfederates to try and resurrect the same level of disrespect for minorities as their Mutton Chops Grandpappies did.

      • Whatmeworry says:

        The american flag is a disgrace, and I have no problem seeing it burned every now and then

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Congratulate yourself…I just outed you. NO American would EVER say our Stars and Stripes are a disgrace. So…you want to tell us which foreign country you need to go back?

          I dare you to yell your sentiments on a public street in front of the men your asshat President Bush sent to Iraq who are now maimed vets.

          Dogs like you need to be put down….far far down.

          The only disgrace is you. Now..I’m off to wipe my butt with the Stars and Bars. You can use if for your table napkin when I’m through defecating on it.

  6. Whatmeworry says:

    Everything offends whites, terms like “get a job” “get off welfare”
    “pull up your pants” “speak English not Ebonics” “Your guilty”.
    Time for the white trash in this country to grow up

  7. NJ Progressive Indie says:

    Got to wonder just how cavalier everyone would be had she used a similar derogatory term for Jewish people, and how many would rush to her defense saying she simply made a mistake and knew not what the term meant…

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