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Monday, May 22, 2017

I am so tired of the media tap dance around Donald Trump.

Earlier this week in Iowa, Univision journalist Jorge Ramos — regularly acknowledged by mainstream media as the Walter Cronkite of Latino America — was first ejected from a Trump news conference and then allowed to return to continue a heated exchange with Trump over immigration.

Ramos was trying to get Trump to explain how he would deport 11 million immigrants and build a wall along 1,900 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. Ramos was insistent. He was not waiting his turn. You could even say he was rude, an accusation that veteran journalists brag about as a badge of honor, particularly when it comes from politicians.

Trump offered no policy details beyond bragging that if he can build a 94-story building, he surely can build a fence. He told Ramos to “go back to Univision” and assured him, “I have a bigger heart than you do.”

May I just remind everyone that this man thinks he should be our president?

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the hosts and panel of journalists declared Ramos rude and grandstanding. They accused other journalists who covered the encounter as overreacting and overreaching.

Not one word of criticism for Trump. Now why would that be?

I offer this recent observation from Adweek‘s Mark Joyella:

“Fortunately for Morning Joe, talk of Donald Trump and the intensifying presidential campaign has helped the show hit a ratings milestone. A review of Nielsen ratings data shows for the first time in 2015, Morning Joe beat CNN’s New Day in the critical 25-54 demo for five consecutive weekdays.”


Here’s a secret most newspapers won’t tell you: The page views on their websites are skyrocketing because of Trump. This would be great, I guess, if print journalism had figured out how to monetize Web traffic. Oh well.

Trump is entertaining if you can ignore that he wants to be leader of the free world. He’s funny if you think racism and misogyny are great punchlines. If you’re not on board with that, you may think Trump deserves the toughest of questions, the ones Ramos wants to ask.

“He has to explain how he wants to deport 11 million people,” Ramos told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos after his Trump kerfuffle. “Can you imagine? How’s he going to do that? Is he going to put people in stadiums? We have to denounce that he wants to deny citizenship to children being born here. They’re citizens just like his, and it is impossible to build a 1,900-mile wall between Mexico and the United States, so that’s the kind of questions that I was asking Mr. Trump, and obviously he didn’t give any answers.”

The nerve of this man.

Also this week, Trump offered this explanation for why he wants to end birthright citizenship for children born to immigrant mothers who are here illegally:

“A woman’s getting ready to have a baby. She crosses the border for one day (and) has the baby. All of a sudden, for the next 80 years, we have to take care of” the child.


At the moment when most women (let’s call them white) can barely move and are bracing for the physical trauma of childbirth, Trump thinks Mexican women will undertake long treks fraught with danger so they can wobble across the U.S. border to drop babies — who will then spend their entire lives on the dole.

That there is a twofer.

His depiction of Mexican mothers as conniving women is a continuation of the misogyny he’s been directing at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly ever since she dared to ask him why he calls women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

His statement also echoes the racism he has displayed throughout his campaign, starting in June when he described Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers.

For this, Washington Post fact finder Michelle Ye Hee Lee awarded him four Pinocchios:

Trump’s repeated statements about immigrants and crime underscore a common public perception that crime is correlated with immigration, especially illegal immigration. But that is a misperception; no solid data support it, and the data that do exist negate it. Trump can defend himself all he wants, but the facts just are not there.

Trump also claimed this week — my, his mouth has been busy — that gangs of immigrants who are here illegally are taking over St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri, as well as Baltimore and Chicago.

Modeling for journalists far and wide, Ferguson mayor James Knowles called him out on the lie.

“I’m assuming that Donald Trump’s saying that from his extensive experience here in St. Louis or in Ferguson,” he told KTVI-TV. “He’s never been here, as far as I know, and I’ve never seen any roving bands of illegal immigrants or gangs in Ferguson. I think he’s just trying to find headlines, and we just gave him one.”

Why, Mr. Mayor, how incredibly rude.

Connie Schultz is a a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and an essayist for Parade magazine. She is the author of two books, including …and His Lovely Wife, which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz ([email protected]) and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

Photo: Jorge Ramos, via Facebook.

20 Responses to Ramos 1, Trump Zee-ro

  1. … & then we have the associative discussion of Trumps ‘bullying’ behaviors, if it’s relevant, etc… So here it is, FINALLY, an article hitting both Trump & the enabling media, which does its best to hype Trump in all his ‘patriarchal’ glory, when it’s plain to see this guy, no matter which way it’s stacked, diced or cut, is in NO WAYS ready or able for the rigors of hi/low/remote public office. The job of a public official in a Democracy such as ours is clearly & Constitutionally articulated (here – – for instance). Consideration of not just the ‘majority,’ the ‘minority,’ or even the ‘privileged’ is job #ONE of an elected public official. So, is this why Trump is so favored by conservative voters? That ‘privilege,’ the secret obsession which is actually the true foundation, heart & soul of conservative, right-wing politics (as was evident w/Nixon, Reagan & the Bush’s), is what makes Trump (& to the same extant – Jeb) so attractive? Why else is such boorish behaviors ok in dealing down on such a accomplished professional as Jorge Ramos – or relatively, w/his ‘ilk’ such as Mario Molina (Nobel Peace prize winner & U. of CA professor), actress Rita Moreno or even Placido Domingo, of whom Mr. Trump ‘SHOULD’ be familiar with – being as sophisticated & refined as his acquisition of wealth & property imply… The bottom line here is, as Ms. Schultz accurately articulates, is a man who cares nothing about anyone but himself – & knowing that his opinion is gotten across – more often & at the expense everyone else. It should be troubling to ALL American’s having this type of ‘leadership’ even remotely close to the office of the American Presidency – conservative, moderate or whatever…

    • Jorge Ramos isn’t accomplished, he reads BS off a teleprompter. His employer if pro-illegal immigration because it helps its bottom line,.

  2. While it is entertaining to have Trump dump on the GOP it is as well true that Trump is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the GOP: full of hostility and hatred, arrogant, self seeking, self righteous, lacking compassion for common everyday people, and absolutely at a loss for a single workable policy idea that would build a strong America supportive of the mythical American Dream.

    We don’t want Trump and we don’t need the GOP!!!

  3. The latest incident involving Donald Trump’s candidacy is neither unprecedented nor surprising. What should be evident to every person capable of rational thinking and basic analytical skills is that a segment of our population has moved, intellectually and ideologically, well beyond what most civilized people would consider rational or logical. Attributes such as knowledge, relevant experienced, ability to articulate ideas, and civility are now regarded as examples of appeasement, of evil political correctness, and more often than not, manifestations of evil socialism and liberalism. The rise of Donald Trump to the top in the age of selfies, when narcissism, arrogance, and rudeness are considered virtues to behold, was almost inevitable.
    In this rarefied climate, journalists like Jorge Ramos and Megyn Kelly quickly become bleeding monsters determined to destroy a hero when they dare to ask him to amplify on his own proposals. Against all logic, millions of Americans demand apologies from the rude journalists who had the audacity of asking their idol questions and challenging the logic, and evil, of his pronouncements. The fact that Donald Trump has insulted and threatened entire cultures, American born kids, and ignored the Constitution, is of little concern for those whose fears and goals are nothing more than tools to pursue goals that are often inhumane, or evidence of the worst convictions a civilized person can have.
    I hope the social phenomena we are witnessing is not as widespread as some think. The last thing we, and the world, need is a Donald Trump as the leader of the Free World.

  4. Everyone soon tires of a clown. This one will soon be clutching Dumbo’s tail, the little elephant with the painted face and big ears (what the racist rethug GOP crime syndicate has devolved into BTW) and they will both wobble off into oblivion.

  5. ame over. Trump just totally blew his candidacy out of the water, and along with it, ANY possibility of a GOP victory. I watched the full presser, and Trump was . . . well, just embarrassing. And shallow. I didn’t hear him say anything substantive about policy, it was just your basic Trumpapalooza. “Look at me. Did you see what the polls said, huh, huh, huh? I’m winning, right? Did you all see that? I am just SO great!” My god, the man utterly personifies ‘narcissism. And then . . . to pick a fight with Jorge Ramos. And throw him out. Sweet Jesus, this man is running for PRESIDENT?!?

    Jorge Ramos isn’t JUST a Univision / Fusion ‘reporter’, he’s the anchor. He has what
    is possibly the single most-watched news show on the planet. To the hispanics, this would be like Nixon having Walter Cronkite physically removed for daring to ask him a question. I guarantee you that the clip of Ramos being physically removed has been on a continual loop ever since it happened. You think his image (and by extension, that of the republicans) was bad before? They may have to invent new numbers to
    describe Trump’s unfavorables after this.

    The latinos regarded him as a joke before. Now they don’t. And you can bet that this is going to motivate EVERY latino who is eligible to register and then vote against
    the party that insults, despises, belittles, and hates them. As I said, game over. Well done, Donny! Good bye, Texas!

    So, let’s see – in one day. he’s attacked the hispanics, the media, and women. Every time I think “wow, it just can’t get any better than this!’, it just gets better. Carry on, my dear fellow, please DO carry on.

  6. A funny question asked by the writer of this article whether Trump can be our President. The answer is: YES, if people will vote for him. The votes is what count and not perceptions of the few on a candidate.

    • Actually who counts the votes is what matters. That’s how Bush was elected. But could Trump get elected? Sure he could there are a lot of stupid people in this country so it is possible.

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