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Friday, October 28, 2016

Looking very much like a man who has already decided to make a run for the White House in 2016 despite having no discernible campaign apparatus in place, Kentucky Republican senator Rand Paul blew into Iowa on Friday to attend several conservative events, including coffee with the Iowa Federation of Republican Women and breakfast with the Johnson County Republicans.

Next up in his whirlwind trip is noted hate group The American Family Association’s “Pastors and Pews” event, where he gets to burnish his Christian right bona fides — privately, of course, as no media are allowed. Other invitees include fellow 2016 hopefuls Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and Florida senator Marco Rubio, both of whom trailed Paul significantly in a McKeon and Associates poll of 804 past Iowa Caucus attendees released earlier in the week by pro-gun PAC Freedom to Choose — the Kentucky senator garnered 39 percent support, while his closest rival, Florida’s Rubio, received only 20 percent.

Paul is then scheduled to keynote the Iowa GOP’s annual fundraiser, the Lincoln Day Dinner. Said Iowa GOP co-chair David Fischer, “Sen. Paul has a much broader appeal than Congressman Paul had. It was heightened by the filibuster a few weeks ago. That energized Iowa Republicans to see a national Republican figure standing up for his principles and challenging the president.”

Following his two-day swing through Iowa, Paul is headed for New Hampshire, and he’ll wrap up the month with a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. If he isn’t planning to run for president, he’s doing a great impression of someone who is.

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

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    Rand Paul suffers from delusions of adequacy.

  • Lynda Groom

    Gee shouldn’t he be back in Washington working on the problems facing the nation? You know, like JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS. I guess he is working on the only JOB that concerns him. HIS!

    • cats33

      It’s Sambo that should be working on jobs, he’s the p-resident. Instead he’s still out campaigning all the time

  • John Pigg

    Rand will have no problem picking up nominations in Iowa, and South Carolina. But he will struggle in larger and more diverse states.

    He will also be impaired by his fathers supporters, many of which view him as a sell out and opportunist. But he will trade his fathers 2-3% of moderate and independent voters for right wing evangelical Christians, this has proven to be more useful for acquiring the GOP nomination.

  • Sand_Cat

    He also has no discernible qualifications: educationally, emotionally, or experientially. On top of which, Bill Maher hit the nail on the head when he suggested “Libertarians” such as Paul Ryan and the Pauls are more “selfish pricks” than serious adherents to any political philosophy.

  • adriancrutch

    All I see is a Harpo Marx character. It would be hard to find a republican who doesn’t kneel down for his benefactors instead of helping the people of his state.

  • I dream of a combination of Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann , Rick Scott ticket with two of them as potential Secretaries of State and Defense. It would be nice if at least one was in charge of the prison system and another dealt with insane asylums, from the inside.

    • suddencall

      That is not a dream , That sir is a full blown nightmare with an ax in its hand.

  • howa4x

    This is great news. Once again we have a bona fide right winger who will pull the party in his direction. He will give xenophobic gun totters a person to follow. Now Rubio and Ryan will have to tack to the right to keep pace. Paul will try to kill the immigration reform bill maybe even by filibuster and will undo all of what Rubio and the GOP are trying to accomplish by seeming to be more reasonable. Soon all the crazy things he has said over the years will start seeping out. There is even one that said he got his optometrist license by mail order since he has never said what school he attended. Maybe he was home schooled on that.

    • suddencall

      I believe that all republicans are mentally ill , there fore they should be barred from running for any office in America.THEY ALSO SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE IN ELECTIONS.

      • howa4x

        Republicans are mean spirited people who hide behind a Jesus that they re invented to hate the poor and love the greedy mentally ill 1%. They are there for the destruction of our country by ruining the environment, shipping jobs out and wanting all of us to be serfs to the fiefdom of the super rich

  • suddencall

    Republicans are very dangerous people the are foriegn sympathizers.They also hate Americans.IMHO

    • cats33

      It’s the dems that are against our founding Fathers and their beliefs, not the Republicans. The dems are a dangerous people that hate America and all that has made us good and decent. Progressive=communism

      • gopersareignorant

        cats you are as full of sheidt as your mother was the day she conceived you. That makes you a genetic problem so you are forgiven.

  • charleo1

    Republicans are in their dating stage right now. Looking for that special
    someone, to come along and sweep them off their feet. Rand Paul, named,
    I would guess, for the original Mother of all the I’ve got mine Jack, so to Hell
    with you, let him die, crowd, Ayn Rand. But, don’t get me wrong, here. Rand
    is very cute, indeed. With that little bunch of red curls, always perched just so.
    And that ever present, permanently affixed, wry, yet condescending smirk,
    the Right Wingers, find so irresistible. But, it could be, that this affect is simply
    due to the unusual features of his decidedly koala bearish face. And not due to
    any real condensation, or natural smirky-ness, inside. Which is very important,
    when choosing a front man for the corporate set. But, right now, just dating,
    Nothing serious. There will be plenty of time for all that, later this summer.

  • Run-run-run Rand please do run-run!